Impact Wrestling Results (1/23/15) - Feast Or Fired!!


Impact Wrestling Results - 1/23/2015
From the Manhattan Center in New York City
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with the camera shows the fans around the ring. They are ready for the show! We then see the briefcases held up by the poles by the ring posts. A video package plays telling what Feast or Fired is all about. One briefcase has an X-Division Title shot, Tag Team Title shot, a TNA World Title shot, and a Fired pink slip.

Gunner comes on the stage and down the ramp to enter the ring with the other stars already inside the 6 sides. The Wolves come out next and enter the ring. Magnus and Bram come out after them. Austin Aries comes out next as his cape is around his neck flying behind him. He enters the ring.

Feast or Fired: Jessie Godderz, DJ Z, Samuel Shaw, Robbie E, Crazzy Steve, Bram, Gunner, Rockstar Spud, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Magnus, and Austin Aries

We see a split screen with Taz and Josh Mathews at their desk watching this match while the other side shows the match itself. We go back to a full screen where Robbie E is trying to secure a briefcase but Crazzy Steve pulls him down. Steve goes up the corner but Velvet Sky gets on the apron and distracts him. He doesn't care and continues. Shy climbs the corner now and blows him a kiss. Robbie grabs Steve from behind and throws him back. Sky climbs the corner and grabs a briefcase as Robbie is behind her. She gives it to him. They walk up the ramp but then run as Crazzy Steve chases him.

Rockstar Spud is climbing another corner and goes to reach for it but Jessie Godderz hits him from behind and Spud falls down. Jessie whips him into the corner. He runs but Spud kicks him in the face. He climbs the corner but can't reach the case. Jessie grabs him and drops him down face first onto the top turnbuckle. Spud gets up and hits Jessie right in the face. He runs to him but Spud moves and Jessie goes shoulder first into the ring post. DJ Z runs to him but he hits him with a back body drop and DJ Z goes outside of the ring. The Wolves run to him but Spud pushes the ropes down and they fall over. Magnus grabs Spud and Bram goes to punch him but Spud moves and he hits Magnus. Both exit the ring. Spud goes to climb a corner but Samuel Shaw crawls up behind him and attacks Spud. He tosses him across the ring and then climbs a corner. Gunner enters and knocks Shaw off the top rope. Ausitn Aries attacks Gunner and tosses him outside of the ring. Spud gets up and climbs the corner, jumps on top of Shaw and grabs a briefcase. He leaves and is ecstatic! He runs to the back.

DJ Z climbs a corner for a briefcase but Aries knocks him down. Aries climbs but Jessie knocks him down. He falls to the outside. Angelina Love stands on the apron and gives him a kiss. He turns and The Wolves are there. They lift him up and Eddie kicks him in the chest. He rolls out of the ring. They go for a double suicide dive but Love gets on the apron and distracts them. DJ Z enters behind them but they grab him and toss him to the outside onto the other participants. Austin Aries enters the ring and goes for a suicide dive, but he turns and climbs the corner and takes a briefcase. He then goes and hits a suicide dive on the participants, grabs his case, and runs away.

Bram and Gunner enter the ring and go at it. Gunner hits a huge elbow to Bram and he falls. Gunner climbs the corner but Bram stops him. Gunner falls. Bram climbs the corner but Gunner grabs him as he climbs the corner and starts head butting him. Gunner grabs Bram on the top but Magnus comes from behind and hits him with a powerbomb while Gunner hit Bram with a fallaway slam! Magnus climbs the corner and grabs the last briefcase!

Magnus holds the briefcase outside of the ring while Bram watches on as he isn't happy at all. That was his.

A camera is backstage. It shows Lashley climbing some steps. The camera man asks Lashley what he is going to do about MVP taking his belt. Lashley says he is going to the ring to get it back.


A relay shows who won the briefcases of Feast or Fired.

A camera man is backstage with Magnus. Magnus is happy. He says he is great under high pressure situations. Just then, Bram comes from behind and turns Magnus around and says he stole that briefcase from him. Magnus tells him to grow up as he was the one who got him a job here. It is every man for himself. Bram starts to blow up and pushes Magnus, but officials come and hold Bram back. Magnus smirks.

Lashley's music plays and he comes out and gets in the ring. As he does, a video plays showing The Beat Down Clan from last week and how they formed two weeks ago. MVP says the TNA World Championship belongs to The BDC, but Lashley isn't about that. MVP didn't want to leave on hostile terms, so he gave Lashley a hug and a kiss, but The BDC attacked Lashley at the end and took the belt.

We see Lashley in the ring with a mic in hand. "Bring me my title... Now." Lashley stares and waits. Music plays and here comes Kenny King. He has a mic in hand. "Lashley, Lashley, Lashley..." Kenny goes on to say that Lashley is ungrateful and an ugly guy to be in The BDC. They don't need him anymore. He isn't family, while The BDC is family. He states that he (Kenny King) would be a better TNA World Champion than Lashley, even though the fans won't agree. Lashley wants his belt. King says if he wants to fight, then let's get a referee and have a match. Lashley tells him to fight. King doesn't want to fight in front of people who don't appreciate it, so he invites The BDC down. MVP, Samoa Joe, and Low Ki come down. MVP has the TNA World Championship in his hands.

Lashley vs. Kenny King

King runs to Lashley but Lashley hits him with an elbow. King stands and goes right after Lashley. He hits him with a dropkick and then puts him in the corner and punches him as he uses lashley's shirt to cover his face. King grabs Lashley and goes for an irish whip but Lashley reverses it and King goes in the corner. Lashley runs to him but King kicks him in the face. He climbs the corner, but Lashley grabs him and tosses him outside and he falls on The BDC. Lashley exits and gets King back in the ring. He goes in the corner. Lashley runs and does a huge shoulder block in the corner. Lashley then hits a tremendous vertical suplex. Lashley grabs King and smashes his face into the top turnbuckle. He then tosses him across the ring. King holds is back in pain.

Lashley goes after King, but King does a chop block and then chokes Lashley on the top rope. King does a springboard but Lashley moves out of the way. King turns as Lashley runs into the ropes and hits a spear!! He covers but The BDC enters and attacks Lashley. They assault him as MVP grabs a mic. Joe and King lean Lashley up. MVP says if he wants his belt, he will have to take it from him and he has to do it on the streets. MVP will be waiting for him.

A replay shows the Feast or Fired match.

We see Havok in the back.


A replay shows The BDC attack Lashley just moments ago.

A video package plays showing what Awesome Kong is all about. They show her toughness and her talent. She is easily one of the most destructible Knockouts in TNA history... If not the most.

Havok's music plays and she comes out. She walks down the ramp and goes to the ring. Music hits and here comes Gail Kim! She walks down the ramp but Havok meets her as she runs up the ramp for a closeline but Gail ducks. They turn to each other and Gail kicks her in the chest and Havok falls off the ramp. She hits into the guard rail and then walks to the ring. Gail goes her to continue the attack. Havok gets in the ring and Gail climbs the corner.

Havok vs. Gail Kim

Gail jumps for a flying cross body and hits Havok. She covers but Havok kicks out. Both stand and Havok grabs Gail and hits a back breaker. Gail crawls to the corner. Havok chokes her with her boot. Havok backs up. Gail stands and Havok kicks her in the gut. Gail falls back into the corner. Havok runs to her and smashes her. She then chokes her on the second rope. Havok grabs her cape that she wore to the ring and chokes Gail with it. The referee grabs it and gets rid of it. Gail stands and they exchange kicks. Havok grabs Gail for a bear hug and then drives her down to the mat. She covers but Kim kicks out. Havok puts Gail in the corner and continues the attack. However, Gail gets out of the corner and hits forearm shots to Havok's head. Havok backs up in the ropes, comes forward, and hits Gail right in the face with her knee. It was a huge running knee!

Gail is on the apron holding her face in pain. Havok goes to grab Gail, but she kicks Havok in the face. Havok exits the ring and goes right after Gail on the apron with constant punches. Havok turns and goes to grab the ring bell, but the referee stops her. She had enough and pushes the referee down. He calls for the bell. Winner by DQ: Gail Kim

Havok grabs Gail Kim on her shoulders and drops her down FACE FIRST onto the ring bell. Havok grabs her and rolls Kim back in the ring. The referee tries to stop her but she chases him away. Havok enters the ring. She grabs Gail by the throat, but the lights go out. Music hits. The lights come back on and Awesome Kong is in the middle of the ring. Here they go... A staredown! Havok punches Kong in the face but she pounds her chest. Havok runs into her but Havok stumbles back to the ropes. Kong runs and closelines Havok over the ropes. Havok walks up the ramp as she is furious. Kong watches from the ring.


A video plays from last week showing Ethan Carter III and Tyrus in the gorilla position as he (Ethan) wants to fight Jeremy Borash. Borash accepts. They fight later tonight.

Tigre Uno comes out and quickly gets in the ring. Whistles blow and here comes Khoya! The Revolution (James Storm, Manik, Abyss, and The Great Sanada) are with him. They walk down the ramp. James gets Khoya in the mindset. He enters the ring.

Tigre Uno vs. Khoya

They move around the ring. Khoya goes to lock-up but Tigre ducks and kicks him in the legs. Khoya goes after him again but Tigre kicks him some more but it doesn't fade him. James gets on the apron and slaps Khoya in the face. It fires him up. He turns and Uno jumps to him but he catches Uno and does a fallaway slam but Uno almost tries to land on his feet. Uno gets up in the corner and Khoya runs to him but Uno moves out of the way. He runs in the ropes, but Khoa lifts him up and hits a sit-down powerslam. He covers and wins. Winner: Khoya

The Revolution enters the ring. James Storm grabs a mic. He says Matt Hardy conquered his personal demons in his life, but when he steps in the ring with James he will not be able to conquer him. James is going to be the worst drink you can drink... The worst pill you can have. You can't overcome James Storm. He exits the ring and his followers follow him.

Bobby Roode is walking backstage. He walks up to Kurt angle who is sitting down. Roode sits down beside him. Kurt asks him if he wants to talk about the match, but Roode says he doesn't. He doesn't care about this tag match. He just wants Eric Young. Kurt says he came back to fight for the TNA World Championship. He says Roode will get his chance. They can either team up and take on both of them or not. Kurt gets up and walks away.


Josh Mathews is in the announcer's room. He says Taz is working on his notes for the tag team match. As the match is about to come, Josh goes over what has happened between Roode and Eric Young in the past two weeks... As we see the footage of it as well. He then goes over the footage of Feast or Fired match that just happened earlier tonight.

Rockstar Spud is walking backstage. The camera man walks up to him and gets his thoughts. Spud says when he first came into the company he did everything he could for The Carters. He won British Boot Camp, but now he could have a Title shot... Or be fired! This could be the biggest moment of his life or the end of his career.

Christy Hemme is shown in the room with four other chairs that are empty. She is waiting for the reveal of Feast or Fired briefcases later.

Music hits and here comes Eric Young and the X-Division Champion Low Ki. They walk down the ramp. Kurt Angle's music plays and he walks down the ramp. He gets on the apron and then in the ring. Roode comes out next as his music plays. He gets in the ring.

Eric Young and Low Ki vs. Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle

Kurt and Low Ki start the match. They move around the ring. They lock-up, but Kurt goes behind Low but Low hits him in the face with an elbow. He runs in the ropes but Kurt knocks him down as he comes back. Kurt punches Low and tags Roode. He enters and they double team Low. Roode hits Ki with a suplex and covers but Low kicks out. Roode stands and stares at EY. He turns and Low knees him in the gut and then does a knife edge chop. He tags Eric. He enters and Roode does a hip toss to him. Eric goes to the corner. Roode attacks him and then whips him in the opposing corner. He comes out and Roode hits a back body drop. Roode lifts EY up on his shoulders but Low enters and kicks Roode in the gut. EY hits him with a huge DDT and tags Low.

Low enters and kicks Roode in the gut and then does a knife edge chop as Roode is in the corner. He hits him several times in the head and then takes him down for a cover. Roode kicks out at 2. Low backs up as he holds Roode's head and EY tags in. He pounds on Roode's back and then takes him face first into the top turnbuckle. He punches him in the face. EY lifts him up and hits a body slam. EY pounds on his elbow as he goes to the corner and climbs. EY gets to the top but Roode stands and hits EY in the face. He climbs the corner and does a superplex! Both are down! EY goes and tags Low and then Roode tags Kurt. Both enter!

Kurt hits Low with two closelines and then hits EY with a german suplex and then a german suplex on Low. He tosses EY out of the ring. Kurt hits Low with an Angle Slam and then goes for an Ankle Lock but EY comes in and attacks Kurt from behind. Roode enters and goes afar EY. EY exits the ring. Roode turns and applies the cross face to Low. EY grabs a chair from ringside and gets on the apron, but Kurt attacks him. Kurt grabs the chair but The BDC come out on the ramp. Kurt goes up to him to stop them. EY grabs another chair and hits Roode with it as Low was in the cross face. Low covers Roode and wins. Winners: Eric Young and Low Ki


MVP is outside of the Manhattan Center. He is waiting for Lashley. He wants to fight on the streets. It is about 10 degrees outside. He doesn't mind the cold. He says his boys won't be involved. Just them two. "Let's go!"

A video package plays showing Rockstar Spud and how he would do anything for The Carters. Ethan Carter III is holding him responsible for what happened to Dixie Carter as Bully Ray put her through a table. We see throughout the months Ethan Carter III humiliate Spud countless times. Jeremy Borash got involved when he told Ethan Carter that he had enough. Ethan is not going to let Borash go without doing something about it.

Ethan Carter III comes out on the ramp. Tyrus is behind him. He comes to ringside and gets in the ring. Ethan Carter III grabs a mic and introduces himself as there is no one else to do it... Since Jeremy Borash is backstage. Ethan puts himself over. He then introduces Jeremy Borash as a baldie bean. Borash walks out to the ring with Rockstar Spud behind him. He has a hood on as he looks like Mike Tyson.

Ethan Carter III vs. Jeremy Borash

Ethan still has the mic and says he will do the commentating as well. He starts talking in his commentating voice. Borash stops him as he grabs a mic and says that these people don't think he can wrestle, but he is a horrible announcer. Borash hits him in the head with the microphone. Ethan backs up in the corner and Borash attacks him with knees and fists. He goes all out. Ethan pushes him down though and rubs his hands all over his face. Ethan stands and spits at Spud. Spud enters and goes right after Ethan, but Tyrus enters and attacks Spud. Matt Andrews enters, who is at ringside and attacks Tyrus. He hits him with a dropkick from behind. Matt throws his shirt at Ethan's face. Tyrus enters but Ethan and Spud attack him with a double dropkick. Spud attacks Tyrus as he jumps on him from the outside on the top rope. Matt then hits Tyrus with a Shooting Star Press! Matt, Spud, and Borash get back in the ring as Ethan and Tyrus walk up the ramp.

We see Taz and Mathews from their commentator's room. They talk about Lashley and MVP and then Feast or Fired.


Robbie E, Austin Aries, Rockstar Spud, and Magnus are walking backstage with their briefcase.

James Storm's music hits and he comes out. He gets in the ring and waits. Music plays and here comes Matt Hardy! Matt gets in the ring.

James Storm vs. Matt Hardy

Matt and James walk around the ring. They lock-up. James puts Matt in the corner and goes to punch him but Matt ducks. He punches James in the face and then takes him to another corner and punches him in the face again. He whips him into the corner and does several running closelines to him. Matt kicks him in the gut and goes for the Twist of Fate, but James pushes him away and exits the ring. Matt runs and does a baseball slide to him. Matt goes to James as he is on the apron. He does a hip toss. Matt taunts. Matt rolls James back in the ring, but James rolls himself out. Matt follows and smashes James' head into the steel steps about 5 times. Matt gets on the apron and hits his elbow right to Storm's head. He brings him back in the ring and covers but James kicks out at 2.

Matt applies a side headlock to James. James lifts Matt up and puts Matt in the corner, stomach first. He then does a back cracker. James stands and he stomps on Matt. He puts his legs around the bottom rope and smashes it. Matt stands and gets in the corner. James hits him in the face. Matt tries to fight back but James hits him in the face with a knee. Matt then does a Side Effect. He covers but Storm kicks out. Matt grabs James but James punches him in the face. They punch back and forth now. Matt kicks James in the gut but James slides away as Matt tries to lift him up. James hits a sort of backbreaker. He waits and then goes for The Last Call, but Matt ducks. Storm goes for the Eye of the Storm, but Matt slides out and does an inside cradle for the win. Winner: Matt Hardy

Matt stands and extends his hand for Matt to shake it. He bows down. Matt taunts with his own sign. Just then, Abyss comes out and attacks Matt. He lifts Matt up and holds him by the arms. James hits The Last Call Superkick on Matt. James tells him to exit the ring. Abyss does and goes under the ring. He grabs Janice! Abyss gets in the ring with her, but music hits and here comes Jeff Hardy! He has a chair. He gets in the ring and smashes the chair into Janice. Abyss drops her. Jeff hits Abyss with a Twist of Fate. Abyss rolls out of the ring. Jeff grabs a mic and says that he and Abyss need to dance one more time in Monster's Ball! The Hardys are in the ring while James and Abyss are at ringside.

Christy Hemme is backstage with the four Feast or Fired briefcase winners. She tells them to take a seat as we will find out who has what very soon.


MVP is pacing back and forth outside. Samoa Joe comes up to MVP and asks him what he is doing. He wants to get this guy now. MVP says he made Lashley and he wants to take care of it. He wants Joe to leave as he will do it. Joe leaves.

Christy Hemme is in a room. She is in front of Magnus, Robbie E (With Velvet Sky), Rockstar Spud, and Austin Aries. Robbie E stops everyone before they open the case. He says someone will get fired as he is getting a shot at some belt. He has all of the luck... All of the lady luck! He is holding a pole with his phone at the end as he is recording this moment. He sings to it... To Velvet Sky! Christy says they will start with briefcase 4. Rockstar Spud doesn't want to start. He has to. He opens the case and... It is an X-Division Championship Shot!

Spud is ecstatic! He is so happy! He was a lap dog but now he is a master of his own destiny. Next is Magnus... Case number 3. Magnus opens his case and... It's for a Tag Team Title Shot. Magnus is happy and is glad to be back in the tag team division.

It's Robbie's turn. He starts to panic. He doesn't think he can be fired. He doesn't get it. "Why would I be fired?"

We see a split screen. It shows MVP outside and Lashley is walking down a set of steps.


Christy Hemme is shown in the room. We see Austin Aries and Robbie E. Robbie is so stressed while Austin is as cool as a cucumber. Robbie E says he feels so stupid in grabbing this briefcase. He didn't grab the briefcase... Velvet Sky grabbed it! Sky said he told her to. Robbie has Sky sit down at the table. He tells her to open it. Sky opens it. Her mouth drops.... Sky is fired.

Robbie starts to party! He takes a picture of him and her. He gets on the desk and dances. Robbie says Brooke made him lose The Amazing Race and he wasn't going to allow Sky to make him lose his job. Christy tells Sky, "Sorry." Aries opens his case and reveals a TNA World Championship Shot. He smirks.

We see Taz and Josh talk about what just went down. Sky is fired but Robbie may be a genius.

Lashley exits the Manhattan Center. He walks up to MVP and here we go! They go to exchange punches but Lashley takes MVP down and punches him several times. Lashley takes off his coat. MVP comes back and punches MVP several times. He then grabs a trash can and smashes it over Lashley's head. He continues to hit him with punches. He knees him in the gut several times. Lashley opens the door and goes inside the Manhattan Center. MVP follows. He throws Lashley against a set of doors. Lashley comes back and attacks MVP. He knocks him down. Lashley grabs guard rails and pushes it against MVP. Just then, Low Ki jumps out of nowhere and attacks Lashley. Eric Young and Kenny King come out. They go back outside. Samoa Joe comes out as well. They attack Lashley like a mugging. All of a sudden, here comes Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle. The Beat Down Clan run away. Roode turns, walks over, and picks up the TNA World Championship. He stares at it. Lashley stands. They stare at each other. The show fades.

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