Impact Wrestling Results (1/7/15) - New Champions And A Swerve Ending


Impact Wrestling Results - 1/7/2015
From the Manhattan Center in New York City
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package showing someone picking up a piece of paper that was slid under their door of their hotel room. It says a limo will pick them up later for Impact Wrestling. The video then goes on to show stars like Gail Kim and Ethan Carter III. It shows them getting ready and then leaving their room. They head onto a bus and go around New York City. It shows James Storm talking to his group and that is is the year of The Revolution. It then shows Bobby Roode doing a pep talk to the other members of the roster. He is proud that he is here and they have to show why they are the best wrestling company in the world. The get off of the bus and it is separated between the heels and the faces. Out stand Roode and Lashley. Just then, an all out brawl comes our way. They fight outside the arena, inside the arena, and now right where the crowd is at! They are fighting on the stage and down the ramp. Joe is even fighting Abyss in the crowd. They are going crazy. It's chaos! Stars are everywhere!

Rockstar Spud is attacking Robbie E in the balcony while Abyss chokes Joe by the security guard rail. Even the Knockouts are fighting. The crowd chants, "This is awesome!" Mahabali Shera is going after Matt Hardy at ringside. Roode is on the ramp as Kenny King fights him. Music hits and here comes Kurt Angle out to the stage. He has a mic and yells for security. He asks what they are doing. He asks if they know where they are. "This is New York City! This is the Manhattan Center. This is Impact Wrestling!!" Kurt walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He asks if the fans if they want this fight to continue. They do a huge pop. Kurt calls for Low Ki. He says he will defend his title tonight. He looks for Taryn Terrell and says she will defend her title tonight. He looks for Storm and Abyss and they will defend their TNA Tag Team Championships tonight. Every belt will be on the line tonight. That also means Roode vs. Lashley 3! Kurt expects that to be match of the year!

MVP grabs a mic and gets in the ring. He asks Kurt if he is going to explain his position as Director of Wrestling Operations and how he attacked MVP. The crowd chants, "Shut the f%ck up!" MVP turns his back and wants Kurt to attack him, but Kurt doesn't. MVP turns around and starts to mock Kurt of how he has a wife and family and doesn't want to be fired because he hit MVP. He calls Kurt a shadow of a man. He remembers Kurt when he knocked people out and made them tap out. Kurt right now is a suit and tie guy without any balls. He's done. MVP smirks. Kurt says he stepped down as Director of Wrestling Operations. He then says he made his final matches tonight, but as of 15 minutes ago he became an active wrestler on the roster. The final match he wants to make is MVP vs. Kurt Angle in a Street Fight! That match starts now!

MVP vs. Kurt Angle in a Street Fight

Kurt attacks MVP right then and there with punches to the face. He closelines MVP over the ropes. Kurt takes off his suit jacket.


Kurt has MVP in the corner pounding his head in. MVP pushes Kurt back, stands, and hits him with a big boot. MVP gets Kurt up and closelines him down. Kurt gets on his knees. MVP grabs him and punches him in the face. He goes for another closeline, but Kurt ducks and does a german suplex, but MVP gets out of it. Kurt goes for a roll-up but MVP kicks out. Both stand and Kurt does a german suplex. He goes for another but MVP grabs his arm and applies a submission. Kurt switches it into a head scissors. MVP gets out of it and goes for a closeline but Kurt ducks and hits a german suplex. He then hits another german suplex. He hits the third one in a row. Kurt waits. He goes for an Angle Slam, but MVP rolls him through for a knee bar.

The crowd chants for Kurt as he gets to the ropes. MVP releases the hold and takes off his shirt as the crowd boos at him. MVP grabs his leg and smashes it on the ring post as he is on the outside. Kurt is lying on the mat. MVP smashes the knee against the post again. He brings Kurt out to the ring and puts him on the steel steps. He grabs a steel chair and smashes Kurt's knee with it. Kurt falls off the steps as he holds his leg. MVP stomps on it. MVP grabs Kurt and gets him up. He rolls him in the ring.

MVP covers Kurt three times but Kurt kicks out each time. MVP goes for a piledriver but Kurt does a back body drop and then applies the Ankle Lock out of nowhere! Will MVP tap? MVP reverses it and applies a side choke submission. Kurt tries to turn it over. He punches his way out and then applies the Ankle Lock again. MVP rolls through and Kurt goes face first into the middle turnbuckle. Both stand. MVP runs but Kurt moves and MVP misses the big boot. Kurt hits the Angle Slam. He covers and wins! Winner: Kurt Angle

Kurt taunts on the ramp as the crowd chants, "You still got it." Kurt shakes the hands of the crowd as he walks up the ramp.

Low Ki is shown in the back. We then see The Revolution. Then Taryn Terrell. And then Bobby Roode. We are seeing them prepare for their matches tonight.


MVP is backstage. He meets up with Kenny King and starts yelling at him as he wasn't out there. King says Kurt has one leg. MVP isn't happy one bit and is now looking for Lashley.

We see Taz and Josh Matthews in the balcony of the Manhattan Center.

A camera shows the backstage area to the gorilla position as John Gaburick and Al Snow sit there.

Crazzy Steve is backstage honking his horn. Ethan Carter III and Tyrus come to the scene. Ethan starts talking about how he is the The Hardcore American Icon. Tyrus pushes Crazzy Steve away. Ethan talks about New Years Resolutions and how most people probably broke them... Fatties! He then says someone is going to get a new hairdo tonight.

Josh Matthews and Taz are shown again. Josh talks about how thankful he is. We then go to Mike Tenay in the back as he hypes up Impact Wresting: Unlocked. A video plays showing Mike interviewing James Storm, which happened earlier today. Mike didn't see Storm doing this. James laughs and says he is glad he fooled The Professor. Tenay asks why he is doing this and James says it is management as he knocked it out of the park every time he did something, but they never lived up to their deal. Mike goes on to discuss the members of The Revolution. James says they know he is the one. Tenay goes on to talk about Feast or Fired and how great James used that briefcase. He wants to talk about long-term though. James says he is not going to talk long-term to him. Why should he? They want blood. He asks if Mike believes in God. He should have warned him about Storm. James whistles as he walks away. The video ends.

James Storm and Abyss walk out as music plays. James has the TNA Tag Team Championships over his shoulders. Manik and The Great Sanada come out too. They get in the ring. The Wolves come out next as the crowd pops. Just then, music hits and here comes The Hardys. They walk down the ramp.


James Storm and Abyss (c) vs. The Wolves for the TNA Tag Team Championships

James Storm starts off against Davey. Abyss gets on the apron and Davey goes after him but he jumps down and Storm attacks him. Eddie gets in the ring and goes after Storm. They toss him to the outside. The Wolves go and hit a double suicide dive. They then do another double suicide dive. They hit it one more time. And... 4 double suicide dives! They get James in the ring. Davey runs ad hits Storm in the corner. Eddie then does the same. Davey covers but Storm kicks out. Davey goes into the ropes but Abyss grabs him from the outside. He chokeslams him on the apron. Storm tosses Eddie out of the ring. James grabs Davey and puts him in the corner. He slaps him. He puts him in the corner. He runs to him but Davey elbows him. He runs to Storm as he backs up, but Storm lifts him up on his shoulders. Davey rolls through and gets up and tags Eddie.

He gets in and picks apart James and Abyss, but when Eddie went into the ropes, Abyss hit him in the back. Abyss enters and continues the attack. Storm goes after him now. Storm goes to the top rope, but Eddie grabs him and does a chin breaker type move. Davey enters the ring. They go after Abyss. He goes for a double chokeslam, but they get out of it and double team attack him. Now they go after James. They have him in the corner. Davey jumps from the top rope with a foot stomp. Eddie covers but James kicks out. Davey climbs the corner but James knocks I'm down. Abyss and Storm work on Eddie. James covers him but he kicks out.

Davey comes back in and goes after James and Abyss. He runs in the ropes for a summersault type flip but Abyss catches him. He hits him with the torture rack. Eddie attacks Abyss. Just then, Manik and The Great Sanada enter the ring, but The Hardys also come in and attack Sanada and Manik. Abyss goes to grab the rope that James brought to the ring, but Jeff goes to Abyss and grabs the rope. They do a tug-of-war. Jeff falls back into Eddie. James then hits him with a Last Call Superkick and gets the pin. Winners and Still TNA Tag Team Champions: James Storm and Abyss

The Hardys are walking up the ramp in disappointment while The Revolution all celebrate in the ring.

A video package plays showing the September 17th show of Roode vs. Lashley 1. It was a back and forth battle, but Lashley won that bout that night.

The camera shows Ethan Carter III backstage. He says he has unfinished business and tells the camera man to follow him.


A video package plays showing the recap of the huge brawl that opened the show and then the Kurt Angle vs. MVP Street Fight match.

MVP is in Lashley's room. Kenny King is there too. MVP is yelling at Lashley. Lashley has his back to MVP. MVP says he made Lashley what he is. He cared for him while management in Nashville and Kurt Angle didn't. Lashley turns and pushes MVP into the wall. He says it is about him, not MVP, and about him getting his title back. Lashley backs up and MVP questions if he really put his hands on him. He tells King to follow him and MVP wishes him luck in his match tonight.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring as the crowd roars. He says he has stood in that ring on day 1 and now he is standing here for their transition to Destination America. He is about to introduce someone very special, but Ethan Carter III's music plays. He walks out with a mic. He introduces himself. Ethan says, "When I say I am very good... (fact)... When I have been undefeated for 15 months... (fact)... And when I say I will become TNA World Champion in 2015... Oh God baby... That is also a fact." The crowd starts to chant profanity while someone next to Ethan chants, "You can't wrestle." Ethan gets in the ring.

He says he is sorry to his family as he slapped him. Half of the crowd chants, "You can't wrestle," while the other half chants, "Yes he can." Ethan wants Rockstar Spud to come out so he can finish him off. He wants to end Spud now. Ethan waits. He says he can get Spud out there with a simple snap of his fingers. Ethan snaps his fingers and here comes Spud! Actually, he is crawling out on the stage. Tyrus is there from behind. He lifts Spud up by his waist belt and then drops him. Spud pops up and hits Tyrus in the chest, but he lifts Rockstar up and does a body slam! Tyrus grabs Spud and tosses him in the ring. Ethan says he cut off some of his hair before, but he has to finish it. "Time for the scalping to begin!!!" Jeremy Borash stands in front of Ethan and asks if he has done enough. Ethan tells him to stand down. Jeremy Borash, quickly, slaps Ethan across the face. Tyrus grabs JB by the neck and tosses him in the corner. Tyrus then runs and does a body slam. Ethan tells Tyrus there is a change of plans.

Tyrus holds Spud while Ethan grabs JB and starts the clippers. He starts cutting Jeremy's hair. Tyrus let's Spud go while Ethan steps back. Spud checks on Jeremy while Ethan taunts. He and Tyrus exit the ring.

Kenny King and MVP are backstage. Kenny King is going crazy because Lashley put his hands on MVP. MVP says he tried to do business with him, but it didn't work out. MVP continues to talk about the whole situation and Kenny agrees.


A video plays showing what happened moments ago between Ethan Carter III/Tyrus/Rockstar Spud/Jeremy Borash.

A video plays showing the Roode vs. Lashley 2 match. Roode became TNA World Champion that night. Tonight is the third one.

Low Ki's music plays and he comes out on the stage. As he does, a video package plays telling the story of the X-Division. It says the X-Division made TNA different. It made them standout. It is what separated TNA. It became the foundation of TNA. The video ends and music hits. Here comes Austin Aries. He comes down the ramp with his cape on his back.

Low Ki (c) vs. Austin Aries for the X-Division Championship

Low and Austin stare at each other across the ring and then look around the arena. They walk around the ring. They go to lock-up but Low goes for a kick and Aries moves out of the way. Low tries to take Austin down but Aries moves quick. They finally lock-up and they toss and turn to who should go in the corner. They break up the lock. They walk around the ring and go to lock-up again but Aries works on the arm. Low falls to the mat but kicks Aries and gets out of the armlock. He stands. They lock-up again but Low works on Aries' arm this time. Aries gets out of it and applies a headlock.

Low sends Aries in the ropes, but Aries is able to come back and take Low down. Both get up and Low does several knife edge chops. Austin now does several of his. He whips Low in the corner but Low jumps up and kicks Aries in the chest. He covers but Aries kicks out. Low kicks Aries in the chest and then runs to him but Aries does a back body drop. Low stands on the apron but Aries kicks him and Low falls to the ground. Aries goes for a suicide dive but Low kicks him in the head. Low enters the ring and covers. Aries kicks out.

Both stand and Aries does a head butt. Low comes back and kicks Aries right in the head. He covers but Aries kicks out. Low kicks him in the chest as Austin is on his knees. He falls back. Low jumps on the ropes and jumps back but Aries ducks. Low goes to the outside. Austin comes and hits a huge suicide dive. Aries grabs him and rolls him in the ring. Aries climbs the corner. He hits the missile dropkick. Low gets up in the corner. Aries hits him with a flying dropkick. Aries goes for the Brain Buster but Low reverses it into The Bite of the Dragon. Aries falls but he is able to grab the ropes. Low gets Aries up and puts him on the top rope.

Low climbs. Aries fights Low back. Low falls down to the mat. Aries gets to the top rope but Ki stands and kicks Aries in the head. Low gets to the top and goes for a suplex but Aries blocks. Low kicks him in the chest and Aries falls. Ki stands on the top but Austin does a dropkick to him and he falls. Aries grabs him and hits the Brain Buster. He covers and wins! Winner and New X-Division Champion: Austin Aries

The camera is backstage and we see various Knockouts stretching as they are getting ready for the Knockouts Battle Royal.


The Beautiful People come out. DJ Z and Jessie Godderz are behind them. DJ Z has a mic and starts his, "BOOOM BOOM, BOOM!" They get in the ring. DJ Z says we have a celebrity reality star in the building. This guy is returning to TNA after one amazing race (wink, wink). Put your hands together (even you Havok) for Robbie E! Robbie comes out and gets in the ring. He hugs Sky. He grabs a mic and says, "I'm back!" Robbie says he didn't win a million dollars, but he still looks like a million dollars! It wasn't his fault... It was his ex-girlfriend's fault. That was the amazing loser Brooke. He has something worth more... Just then, music plays and here comes Taryn Terrell.

Battle Royal for the Knockout Championship

Everyone goes after Taryn as soon as the bell starts. Gail goes right after Havok though. Havok pushes her back. Madison grabs Gail and chokes her on the ropes. Rebel goes after both Beautiful People. They toss her in the corner. Sky flips her over the ropes and Love hits her with The Botox Injection. Elimination: Rebel

Madison Rayne stands and sees that Havok is right there in her face. She goes for a chop but Havok grabs her and tosses her over the ropes. Rayne lands on the apron and waves as she is surviving but Havok pushes her down. Elimination: Madison Rayne

Gail is going after Sky while Taryn is fighting Love. Havok grabs Gail and puts her in the corner. She does a shoulder block and then tries to lift Gail over, but Gail fights her off. Taryn attacks Love by the ropes. She flips her over. Love lands on the apron. Jessie Godderz tries to save her, but Taryn hits Love and she falls down. Elimination: Angelina Love.

Havok comes to and fights Gail and Taryn at the same time. She has both of them by the hair. She tosses them through the ropes. They are on the apron. Havok goes to hit them, but they hit her back. They climb the corner and hit a double missile dropkick to Havok and she falls. Sky stands and closelines Gail and Sky. Just then, Brooke comes out of the crowd and attacks Robbie E. As she does, Velvet Sky is knocked out of the ring. Elimination: Velvet Sky

Brooke chases Robbie E up the ramp and DJ Z and The Beautiful People follow. Havok, Gail, and Taryn are fighting in the ring. They are all fighting it out by the ropes, but Taryn is able to survive as Havok and Gail go over the ropes. Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Taryn Terrell

Havok gets back in the ring and attacks Taryn Terrell senseless. She stomps on her multiple times. She beats her up. All of a sudden, the lights go out. They come back on and here is Awesome Kong!! She is face to face with Havok. They stand toe to toe. Referees come in-between them. Havok backs up and leaves. The referee talks to Kong, but she grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him.

Bobby Roode is walking backstage as his match is next.


Lashley's music plays and he comes out from backstage, down the ramp, and into the ring. Bobby Roode's music plays next. He takes off his robe as he has the TNA World Championship around his shoulder. He runs in the ring and the bell sounds.

Lashley vs. Bobby Roode (c) for the TNA World Championship

They punch back and forth. Lashley is able to knee Roode in the gut and then pound his face in. He puts him in the corner and elbows him in the face. Lashley puts him in another corner and then takes him out to lift him for a delay vertical suplex. Lashley covers but Roode kicks out. Lashley stands and goes for a huge kick but Roode duds. He stands and applies a side headlock. Lashley sends him in the ropes. but Roode jumps over him and then is able to hit a hip toss. Lashley stands but Roode grabs him for the crossface. Lashley grabs the ropes. Roode let's go. Lashley runs to him but Roode applies a crossface this time. Lashley is able to grab the ropes in a slower fashion. He rolls out of the ring. Roode waits for Lashley. He jumps on the apron and Roode goes right to him. He punches him and Lashley falls off of the apron. Roode then does a slingshot cross body onto Lashley. He stands and gets Lashley up. He tosses him into the security guard rail. Lashley rolls back in the ring.

He goes to the other side and rolls back out. Roode follows him. He does a knife edge chop but Lashley kicks Roode in the gut and then in the back. He whips Roode in the guard rail, but Roode comes out and hits a running closeline. Roode brings Lashley in the ropes. As he does, a video plays in the corner showing MVP and Kenny King bringing people with masks in the arena. The security says they can't bring them in. Just then, they beat the security up. They continue on through the arena.


Lashley has Roode on the outside. He is now the man in charge. He rolls Roode in the ring. He starts to trash talk Roode, but Roode pops up and does several knife edge chops. He runs in the ropes but Lashley lifts him up and let's him fall chest first. Lashley grabs him and does multiple shoulder blocks in the corner. He backs up and runs for another huge shoulder block. Roode falls. Lashley hits Roode with an elbow on the back of this head. He then applies a headlock. Lashley changes it into a bear hug. Roode starts to elbow Lashley in the head but Lashley dumps down and applies a gut wrench key lock. Roode's shoulders are down but he kicks out. Roode slowly gets to his feet and elbows Lashley in the head. He gets out of the bear hug. He runs into the ropes for a closeline but Lashley didn't budge. Roode tries it again but Lashley is going nowhere. He tells Roode to hit him. Roode goes into the ropes one more time for a closeline but Lashley ducks. Roode comes back and this time leaves his feet and hits Lashley with a closeline and he falls. Roode climbs the corner and hits a flying neck breaker.

He covers but Lashley kicks out at two. Both stand and Roode hits a knife edge chop and then a spine buster. He covers but Lashley kicks out again. Roode goes for the Roode Bomb but Lashley gets out of it. He lifts Roode up and hits him with a powerslam. He covers but Roode kicks out. Lashley puts Roode on the top rope. He climbs the corner. Roode fights back as he hits him in the ribs. Roode sets up for the sunset flip powerbomb. Lashley finally let's go of the ropes and Roode does a sit-down powerbomb. He covers but Lashley kicks out.

Roode stands. He turns but Lashley lifts him up and hits his version of the Roode Bomb. He covers but Roode kicks out. He sets up and waits. Roode slowly get up and turns. Lashley runs but Roode misses and hits the corner. Roode runs and hits the spear on Lashley. He covers but Lashley kicks out. Just then, MVP is leading a group of people. Kenny King is behind him. Then the two people in masks are behind them. In the ring, Roode is able to apply the cross face. Lashley breaks out of it but Roode grabs him and hits the Roode Bomb. He covers but Lashley kicks out. Roode applies the cross face one more time.

Lashley is fading. The referee checks on him as his arm goes down twice. As he goes for the third, King pulls the referee out of the ring. MVP hits him. Just then, Kurt Angle runs down the ramp and attacks MVP but the people in masks attack Kurt. They get on the apron. One pulls off the mask and it is Low Ki. The other is Samoa Joe. Just then, Eric Young runs out with a steel chair. Joe and Ki jump off of the apron. Eric turns and hits Roode in the gut with the chair and then slams it on his back. He screams and leaves the ring. Roode slowly stands and Lashley runs and hits a huge spear! He covers. Winner and New TNA World Champion: Lashley

Samoa Joe stands on the ring steps and motions for money. The show fades.

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