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Impact Wrestling Results (1/9/14) - Magnus Vs. AJ Styles - Winner Takes All

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Impact Wrestling Results - 1/9/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package about Dixie Land and how it is a place where dreams come true. It shows Dixie presenting the TNA World Champion Magnus to the world. Magnus states that the fans turned their backs on him. He will never take a back seat to anyone in this business. AJ Styles returned last week with the real TNA World Championship. AJ tells him Magnus isn't the best until he beats the champion. Magnus wants to face AJ and if he doesn't then he will walk away. Magnus vs. AJ - Winner takes all!

Dixie Carter's music plays and she walks down the ramp. She has a mean look o her face as she gets in the ring with a clipboard. She grabs a mic as the fans boo. Dixie says she is not going to waste anymore time talking about AJ Styles. She has a contract in her hand for AJ and she wants him to come out and sign it so she can put this nightmare behind him. Music hits and AJ Styles walks out. He has the leather jacket on with the hood over his head. He has the TNA World Title over his shoulder. He walks down to the No One theme. It then changes to the Phenomenal One song. AJ takes off the hood and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Dixie tells him to not say a word. She wants him to sign the contract right now. Dixie says AJ's lawyers went through that contract all week but Dixie states they don't know what is in it. It is for one match only. It is for a match against Magnus. It is for the Unified TNA World Championship. She is giving AJ a lot. She is also giving Magnus a lot. She says she is making this a No DQ match. She wants this match so bad because she doesn't want to see him again. The last picture that she sees of him is him being bloody and bruised. Dixie shoves the contract in his chest. He pushes it back. He tells her that she isn't scary and using some strong words. He says she is really confident in her paper champion but Dixie has never learned. Once AJ wins, he will be the Undisputed TNA World Heavyweight Champion. AJ tells her to give him a contract. Before he signs he states that if her boys (ECIII and Spud) come out then there are a lot of people in the back who hate her like he does. Dixie says she gave him everything. Did those boys in the back give him money? Did they sign him his contracts? She gave him food and toys for his redneck kids. She says no one is going to come out to help him because he owns them. She made AJ and she can't wait to break him. AJ laughs and says she has no idea about wrestling. She doesn't get it. He says the champion he has received more publicity and acknowledgment because he took it around the world. He says that Magnus needs to take his paper championship out from under Dixie's skirt. Magnus' music plays and he fumes out. He gets in the ring with a mic and has his TNA World Title over his shoulder.

Magnus tells Dixie to leave the ring because it is about him and AJ. Dixie does leave. Magnus says this is the last time AJ will call him a paper champion. The crowd boos. Magnus states that AJ's time is up. His time is over. AJ wants his time to be about running away with the belt but he is back and won't run with it anymore. All good things come to an end and Magnus will end AJ. One man will stand out and that one man is going to be Magnus! He raises the title up. AJ applies a smirk on his face. Dixie tells Magnus to come. Magnus gets out of the ring. AJ tells them to hold on and he signs the contract. He throws it to them. AJ says he didn't take shortcuts. He worked 11 years to get to that championship. It is from his blood, sweat, and tears. He is walking out those doors with respect and dignity and as the TNA World Champion. What is Dixie going to do then? AJ tells Magnus to get his lips off of her and ask! AJ's music plays and he raises the title. Dixie pulls Magnus back up the ramp.


Dixie Carter is backstage with Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa. Dixie wants her to know the importance of this. Gail understands. Dixie wants Tapa to know. She leaves to take care of some business. Gail turns to Tapa and asks her if she knows what she has to do.

Christy Hemme is shown as she introduces Joseph Park and Eric Young. Both come down the ramp and in the ring.

Dixie is in the back with The BroMans. Dixie asks them about the importance of this. Robbie E states that this could be difficult. Dixie starts to get upset and says that she is counting on them. Jessie and Robbie understand. Dixie leaves.

Zema Ion is behind the DJ booth at the end of the ramp as he introduces The BroMans! Robbie E and Jessie Godderz come out. They both walk down the ramp.

Joseph Park and Eric Young vs. The BroMans

Eric and Robbie start the match. Eric goes and locks-up with the referee by mistake. Robbie walls over and Eric changes gear and goes after Robbie. He throws him in the ropes and does a toss. Jessie enters and Eric does a belly to belly suplex. He tags in Park. Park goes in and attacks Robbie. Eric goes and climbs the corner. Park goes to tag him but we see Tapa on the screen attacking ODB in the back. Tapa beats ODB up and starts to choke her. Eric Young jumps off the corner and runs to the back. Jessie and Robbie go and attack Park. Jessie goes to the corner as Robbie continues to beat Park up. He covers him but Park kicks out. Robbie punches him in the face multiple times and then tags Jessie. He enters and gets Park up. He punches him in the face and puts him in the corner to knee him in the gut. He takes him out and tags Robbie. Both double whip Park in a corner. Robbie whips Jessie into him but Park elbows him and then closelines Robbie. He goes after each one more time but Robbie hits him. Park tosses him in the ropes and Robbie goes for a cross body but Robbie falls as he hits into Park. Robbie does a chop block and then gets Park up. Jessie and Robbie do a double team move with a spine buster and neck breaker at the same time. Robbie covers and they win. Winners: The BroMans

Jessie and Robbie go out by the ramp and take a piece of the steel guard rail off. They slide it in the ring. They lift Park up and do the same double team move to finish the match right on the guard rail. Robbie and Jessie celebrate at the end.

Dixie Carter is backstage on the computer. Samoa Joe comes into Dixie's office and tells her about AJ what AJ said in regards to having a locker room full of friends. Dixie stands and asks if this is a threat. Joe laughs and says if she wants to do something with more than Magnus tonight against AJ then she has to go through him. Dixie says she made him and she can break him. She also said he has to focus on his match against his nephew, Ethan Carter III. Joe laughs and says the blood is not on his hands but on hers! Joe walks away.


The show returns and they replay the attack on Park. We then see Park being helped by some people in the back which was during commercial. The camera changes to Eric Young carrying ODB. Sting walks by him as he enters the building. He asks what this is about. Eric doesn't know and found ODB unconscious. He has to take her to the hospital. Eric leaves the building. Sting replies, "Dixie."

James Storm is out in the ring and wants Gunner to come out. Gunner does come out and brings his briefcase with him. He gets in the ring. James said he has been part of the best tag teams in TNA history. To be involved in a tag team you need to realize where your ego stands. James says his ego might be big and when the fans chant, "Cowboy," he has a huge ego. James says Gunner's ego changed when he got that briefcase. Gunner says he walked over Storm to get that briefcase because that was what the match was about. James super kicked him because of his anger. Gunner says James can keep his ego and Gunner will keep his briefcase. James says he doesn't like referees and Gunner doesn't. James wants one more. Hang the briefcase up. He doesn't think Gunner can do it again. "What do you say?" James extends his hand. Gunner puts the briefcase on the mat and shakes James' hand. James' music plays and he leaves the ring. Gunner holds up the briefcase as James walks backwards up the ramp.

Samoa Joe is walking backstage. EC3 runs up behind him and hits him in the back. Joe goes down. Ethan says, "Sorry." He keeps pounding on his back as he is friends with AJ. Joe gets up and starts to fight back.


Ethan and Joe are on the ramp. Ethan is throwing punches but Joe punches back rapidly. He keeps punching Ethan as he walks and stumbles down the ramp. Joe rolls Ethan in the ring and the bell sounds. Joe gets in the ring and Ethan pounds on his back.

Ethan Carter III vs. Samoa Joe

Ethan grabs Joe's face and smashes it in the mat multiple times. He then applies a headlock type of hold. Joe gets to his feet and elbows his way out. He then goes to whip Ethan in the ropes but Ethan reverses it. Joe comes back as Ethan jumps up but Joe grabs him and does an atomic drop and then a big boot. He gets Ethan in the corner and does some chops. He whips Ethan in the opposing corner and then runs and smashes him and then does a huge pele kick in the face. Joe stands and Ethan runs out and does a dropkick to the knee. Ethan now works on the leg pounding it in the mat. Ethan climbs the corner. Joe stands and knocks Ethan off. Joe does some chops and then sets up the Muscle Buster but Rockstar Spud runs out and holds on the leg of Joe. Joe let's go and looks at Spud. Spud runs back but he falls. Joe goes outside and grabs Ethan. He picks him up but Ethan runs out and attacks Joe from behind. He grabs a wrench and hits Joe with it. The match is done. Winner: Samoa Joe

Ethan and Spud walk up the ramp.

Jeremy Borash is in the back. He hypes up the main event but then calls for Kurt Angle. Kurt enters the camera and says he is getting ready for the biggest match of his career against Bobby Roode at Genesis. He has a Steel Cage challenge tonight but it doesn't matter who he faces as he will look across the ring and see Bobby Roode.


AJ Styles is shown in the back. He is reflecting on his match tonight. He is getting in the mindset.

A replay shows Tapa going after ODB in the back as Gail was calling the shots and Park being attacked by The BroMans.

Samoa Joe is in the back. A doctor is looking at his knee. Joe is screaming in pain but said he had worse. The doctor said he has to go now. Joe is furious.

Sting is walking in the back. James Storm and Gunner are laid out with shattered bottles beside them. Sting walks away and sees Dixie Carter. Sting asks if this is what this is turning into... a big attack. Sting tells her about Joe, Park, ODB, Gunner, and Storm. Dixie says the wrestling business is a tough one. Sting asks when this wills top. Dixie says it will stop when AJ leaves. Sting asks what has she turned into. Dixie asks Sting if he is Dr. Phil now. Dixie says Sting might as well have a match then. Dixie says she is done with him and leaves. Sting says she isn't done with him but he is done with her.

The steel cage is shown around the ring. Kurt Angle's music plays and he walks down the ramp. He looks at the cage.


Kurt Angle is inside the steel cage. Music hits and here comes Bobby Roode! Roode comes out with his robe. Roode stands on the top of the stage and then grabs a mic. Roode states that in 7 days he and Kurt will be locked inside the cage. He will prove in 7 days that he is better than Kurt. When Roode beats Kurt next week, his TNA Hall of Fame induction will be gone forever. As for tonight... he has an Open Challenge. Regardless who the opponent is, Kurt said he will only see Roode. Well Kurt, take a good look because here's Roode. Does everyone want to see Roode in the cage tonight? Does Kurt want him tonight? Roode goes to take off his robe but says that would be plain stupid. Kurt will have to wait till next week. He found somebody that hates him just as much as he does... in fact, he found two guys! They are Kazarian and Christopher Daniels! Their music plays and they meet with Roode and then walk down the ramp.

Kazarian climbs the cage while Daniels goes in through the door. Kurt beats up Daniels as he tries to get in but then goes to Kaz on the top.

Kurt Angle vs. Bad Influence in a Steel Cage Match

Daniels gets in and takes Kurt down as he is standing on the ropes. Kurt lands right on the ropes between his legs. Daniels then sends Kurt head first into the cage. Kaz comes into the ring and they both work on Kurt. They lifts him up and take him back first into the steel. One covers him but Kurt kicks out. Daniels goes and works on Kurt as Kaz tants. Kurt changes and applies the Ankle Lock. Kaz stops it. They continue to beat up Kurt. They place him in the corner. They double whip him back into the corner as Daniels runs in the ropes and does a smash in the corner. They take Kurt down and Daniels covers him. Kurt kicks out. They get him up as they continue the attack. The whip him in the ropes but Kurt comes back and kicks Daniels in the chest and then punches Kaz. He does a back body drop to Kaz and then does a small package to Daniels. Kaz holds onto the referee so he can't see the cover. The referee gets away and goes to count but Daniels gets out. Kurt gets up and Kaz closelines him down. They put Angle in the corner and choke him. The take him out and Daniels does a body slam and then Kaz does a springboard leg drop. He covers but Kurt kicks out.

Daniels gets Kurt up and elbows Kurt's neck. He runs in the ropes but Kurt rolls out as Kaz was about to trip him. Kurt goes after both with closelines and then a belly to belly suplex on Kaz and then a german suplex on Daniels. He then does a german suplex on Kaz. He does two. They get up and Daniels grabs Kaz. Kaz elbows Kurt in the head and backs up. Daniels runs and Kurt does a belly to belly on Daniels and then a german suplex on Kurt. Kurt goes for the Angle Slam on Daniels but Kaz does a chop block. They double whip him in the corner. Daniels goes to him but he moves and Daniels goes in the cage. Kurt runs to Kaz but Kaz kicks him in the face. He starts to climb but Kurt climbs with him. Kurt does a suplex and Kaz flips inside out and then lands on Daniels. Kurt gets Daniels and shoots him shoulder first into the steel cage. Kurt grabs Kaz and does an Angle Slam. He covers and wins. Winner: Kurt Angle

Dixie Carter is on her phone. She says, "Leave the cage up." She asks if the person speaks english and then states to leave it up. Bobby Roode walks in to Dixie's room. Dixie asks if he is ready for Roode's cage match tonight. Roode questions her and then says that he is ready for Kurt's match next week and that he can beat him. Dixie asks him about tonight's match. He doesn't understand. She tells him he as a cage match against Sting. Roode starts to freak out but Dixie yells at him to calm down. She says he needs to be a team player right now. She needs him to do this and tells him that she has him covered. "You do?" Dixie tells him again. Roode holds his head as he walks away.


Kurt Angle is on the outside. He is taking pictures with fans. Just then a car pulls up and it is Al Snow. Snow gets out and tells Kurt to come with him as it is an emergency. Kurt says bye to the fans and gets in the car. Al drives away.

Bobby Roode's music plays and he slowly walks down the ramp. He looks at the cage and then gets in. Sting's music hits and the crowd roars. He walks down the ramp and interacts with fans around the ramp. He gets in the ring and goes to the corner.

Bobby Roode vs. Sting in a Steel Cage Match

Roode and Sting walk around the ring. They lock-up and Sting pushes Roode in the ropes and then to the corner. Sting backs up and Roode goes to lock-up again. Sting whips Roode in the ropes but Roode knocks Sting down. He runs but Sting gets up and does a hip toss. Roode gets up and goes after Sting. He goes to hit Sting face first into the cage but Sting blocks and does it to Roode but Roode blocks. Sting gets Roode and whips him in the corner. Sting runs but Roode kicks him right in the chest and then attacks him on the mat. Roode whips Sting in the ropes and then elbows him. He covers but Sting kicks out. Roode gets Sting up and does a suplex. He covers but Sting kicks out. Roode pounds on the head of Sting. Roode opens the door and goes to walk out but Sting gets up and stops him. Roode takes Sting into the corner face first and then punches him in the gut. Roode takes Sting to another corner face first. He whips him in the opposing corner and runs to smash him. He goes and does it again but Sting elbows him. Roode goes to do it again but Sting kicks him. Sting comes out but Roode hits him with a spine buster. He covers but Sting kicks out.

Roode gets up and starts to climb the corner. He goes to the cage now. He is almost at the top but Sting grabs Roode's leg. Roode knocks Sting down and climbs again. Sting gets back up and hits Roode in the gut multiple times. He gets down and tosses Roode across the ring. Roode gets up and Sting hits him with multiple closelines. He then hits Roode face first into the steel. He does it again. Roode falls back. The crowd starts to get alive. Sting does it one more time and Roode bounces back. Roode gets up in the corner and Sting does the Stinger Splash. He goes and does it one more time. Sting kicks Roode's leg from behind and then goes for the Scorpion Death Lock but Roode rakes the eyes of Sting. He gets up and lifts Sting on his shoulders but Sting slide sour and hits the Scorpion Death Drop. He then applies the lock. Roode may tap! Just then Ethan and Spud run down the ramp. Ethan climbs the cage while Spud goes around the ring and tosses Roode a weapon in the ring. Ethan gets down as he has Sting and the referee's attention. Sting turns around and Roode hits him with the baton in the gut and then the back. Roode opens the cage door and slowly walks down the steps to have his feet touch the floor. Winner: Bobby Roode

A video plays from earlier today. It shows Mr. Anderson. If Bully Ray wants to lay him to rest then Anderson will follow through with it. Anderson goes into a funeral home.


A video plays showcasing last week where Bully Ray dumped lighter fluid on Joseph Park. Anderson runs down the ramp and in the ring and Ray sprays him with it too.

We see Mr. Anderson in the funeral. He comes into the room and snaps his fingers. He turns and we see Bully Ray sitting in the corner. Anderson says that if he wants it then let's do it. Let's finish it. Ray says he knew he was there. They were brothers. If he wanted to finish it then he would have done it last week. Ray lights a flame with his lighter. Anderson walks closer and Ray tells him if he gets any closer he will see what is in his other hand. It may smell. Ray says Anderson really doesn't know what damage he actually did to him. Next week is Genesis and that means "the beginning". For Anderson, it will be the end. Anderson raped the colors off of Ray and put them in the coffin. Ray tells Anderson to look in the coffin to see what he put in there for Ken. Ken walks over to the coffin and looks inside it. He grabs something and then turns around. Bully Ray is gone. Ken looks down and it is two baby blankets.

A video plays showing the damage throughout the night and who has been taken out.

Dixie Carter is backstage on her phone. Sting comes into the room and asks if that really would have stopped him. If didn't. Sting says she can't put him down... he will be there beside AJ. Dixie asks Sting if he knows what time of the year it is. It is contract season. Dixie says she usually re-signs it quickly. They were close but she brings up AJ and his contract. Sting has an important decision to make. Dixie has to go.

A video plays showing AJ Styles winning the TNA World Championship at bound for Glory. It then shows him driving off with the title. Magnus won the new TNA World Championship against Jeff Hardy in the Dixieland match. AJ returns and says that he will fight Magnus for the winner take all match.

We see AJ Styles walking in the back. We then see Magnus walking in the back. Their match is next.


AJ Styles' No One music plays. He walks out with the TNA World Championship on his shoulder. He has the leather jacket and hood on. He takes off the hood as his music changes. AJ comes down the ramp and gets the crowd pumped. He gets in the ring and lays the title on the mat. Magnus' music hits and he walks down the ramp. He has the TNA World Championship on his shoulder. He comes to the ring. Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he introduces each person.

AJ Styles vs. Magnus in a No DQ Match for the Unified TNA World Championship

Both move around the ring. Magnus exits the ring and looks at the fans. He slowly walks around and then gets in the ring. They move around the ring again and then Magnus exits the ring again. He starts to hop. He may have hurt his knee. He then walks around and then tells Earl Hebner (the referee) about his knee. Magnus slowly gets in the ring. Both move around the ring again. Just then Ethan Carer III and Spud run out and get in the ring. They start attacking AJ. They put him in the corner and then whip him in the ropes. Ethan kicks them in the gut and knocks both of them down. He tosses Spud to the outside and then turns to Magnus and kicks him in the gut. He goes to do the Styles Clash but Ethan knocks AJ down. Spud enters and they attack him. Ethan holds AJ from behind and Ethan punches him in the face. Just then, Sting runs down the ramp and goes after Spud and Ethan. He knocks Spud out of the ring and then Sting goes after Ethan and tosses him out. Sting exits. Magnus enters and AJ goes after him. He hits him multiple times and Magnus exits the ring. Spud and Ethan meet up with Magnus as Sting comes in to AJ.


AJ and Magnus are in the ring. Just then, The BroMans run out and attack Sting from behind. Zema Ion is with them. They attack Sting and then move to AJ. Zema pops in and does a huge tornado DDT on AJ. Magnus enters and covers. He kicks out as Earl slowly counts. The BroMans do their double team move on AJ and Magnus covers again. Earl slowly counts and AJ kicks out. The BroMans and Ion continue to attack AJ. They put him in the corner and kicks him and chokes him. Sting comes back and gets in the ring. He goes after Ion and The BroMans. AJ has Robbie E up on his shoulders and takes him down across his knee with a huge backbreaker. Magnus enters and AJ goes after him. He goes for the Styles Clash but Bad Influence un out. Daniels climbs the corner and takes down AJ with a huge flying forearm. Kaz and Daniels grab AJ and take him up and slam him down. Magnus goes to cover him but Earl isn't counting anymore. He is done. He yells at Magnus and Bad Influence and gets out of the ring. Spud goes to him and Earl but Earl pushes him down. Earl walks up the ramp and Dixie Carter comes out with Brian Hebner. Earl yells at Dixie and tells him Brian doesn't belong here right now and then says that he quits. Brian gets in the ring and goes to count as Magnus has a cover but AJ kicks out. Sting is attacking The BroMand as he does a huge Scorpion Death Drop on both of them.

Ion goes after Sting now. Bad Influence is in the ring and they go after AJ but AJ fights back. Sting comes in the ring and goes after Daniels. AJ has Kaz in the corner. He whips Kaz in the corner into Daniels and thens ors a huge splash. Sting goes after them. He gets out of the ring. Ion gets in and goes after AJ but AJ lifts him up and Ion goes sailing through the air to the outside. Magnus enters but AJ grabs his leg and does a calf killer. Brian is about to call for the bell but Bad Influence attack Brian from behind. They send him out of the ring and into the guard rail. AJ comes back and beats up Influence and then hits the Styles Clash on Magnus. He covers and Earl runs down the ramp and gets in the ring. He counts but Influence pulls Earl out of the ring. AJ runs and hops over the ropes onto Kaz and Daniels. AJ goes and climbs the corner but Bobby Roode runs down and pushes AJ off the corner and AJ lands throat first on the top rope. Roode grabs him up and smashes him chest and face first into the mat. He does it again. Magnus gets up and is calling the shots. Roode picks AJ up again and does a huge neck breaker. Magnus gets down to his knees and covers. Dixie brings down another referee and tells him to count. The referee doesn't at first but then decides to and it is 1-2-3. Winner and the Unified TNA World Champion: Magnus

A video replays showcasing the highlights of this match.

Magnus celebrates in the ring as he is the one and true champion. The show fades.

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