Impact Wrestling Results (10/22/14) - Contract Signed With A Special Stipulation


Impact Wrestling Results - 10/22/2014
From the Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package showing Bobby Roode. He says this is his chance. This is his shot. We see in the video Lashley beating Roode in their last match against each other. Roode became the Number 1 Contender for the TNA World Championship last week. He will go on and face Lashley one more time. The only thing in his sights is Lashley and the TNA World Championship. The video switches to The Wolves as they talk about the Tag Team Tournament. They are calling for anyone to be part of the 8 team tournament. The hunt is on!

The camera switches to the arena as we see the crowd on their feet. Music hits and here comes Matt Hardy. Matt walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He says it probably is a big mystery on who he will pick as a tag team partner. However, this guy is the person who brought him back in TNA Wrestling with open arms. This guy is his brother, the Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy! Jeff comes down the ramp as his music plays. He gets in the ring. Music hits and here comes DJ Z. He comes on the stage with a mic and makes his BERP, BERP, BERP noise. He introduces himself and does more berping. He introduces his tag team partner, Jessie Godderz. Jessie comes out on the stage and does some taunting. They come down the ramp together as they fist pound it.

The Hardys vs. DJ Z and Jessie Godderz in the Tag Team Tournament

DJ Z starts the match for his team while Matt starts for his. They meet up face to face and DJ does some trash talking. He backs up and does some more trash talking. They lock-up and DJ goes for a headlock. Matt tries to get out of it and he does and turns it into a headlock of his own. DJ gets out but Matt grabs his hair and then does another headlock. DJ gets out and he grabs DJ's hair again but DJ kicks him in the gut. Matt takes DJ down and rams his face into the matt. Jessie gets in the ring and goes after Matt but Jeff enters and goes after Jessie. They double team on Jessie and then on DJ. DJ falls and Matt goes for a cover as Jeff goes to the apron. DJ kick sour. Matt tags Jeff.

They whip DJ in the ropes and do a double elbow hit to the face. They grab DJ on the mat and do a double suplex. Jeff gets DJ up but DJ goes and tags Jessie. Jessie enters and attacks Jeff but Jeff does a chin drop and then a kick to the face. He tags Matt. He enters and whip Jessie chest first in the corner and then hits a back double suplex. Matt covers Jessie but he kicks out. Jessie gets up but Matt kicks him in the face and goes for the Twist of Fate. DJ enters and goes after Matt but then goes through the ropes. Jessie takes advantage as he attacks Matt. He takes him to his corner and tags DJ.

DJ enters and punches Matt in the gut. DJ does a snapmare and then applies a wrist lock. Matt gets up and punches DJ in the gut and face but DJ punch back to the face. They go back and forth. Matt then hits the Side Effect. Both are down. DJ tags Jessie and Matt tags Jeff. They both enter and Jeff goes after Jessie with kicks. Jessie sends Jeff in the corner but Jeff comes back with a forearm shot, an atomic drop, and then a double leg drop between Jessie's legs. Jeff gets him up and does a front suplex. He covers but DJ enters and attacks Jeff. DJ puts Jeff in the corner but Jeff goes up the corner and hits Whisper in the Wind. DJ is out. He now goes after Jessie and then tags Matt. Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Jessie and Jeff climbs for the Swanton Bomb. Matt covers and wins. Winners: The Hardys


Bram's music plays and he comes down the ramp and to the ring. Bram grabs a mic. He says there is a sound that really gets him. That sound is when a body gets smashed. That sound is when something goes into a person's body to cause pain. He enjoys that. That is what happened to Abyss. He heard that noise. Bram states he is the King of Hardcore. He has a new victim. That is Devon. Bram knows he is a TNA Hall of Famer. He knows he is a decorated star and a legend. It doesn't matter. He will do whatever it takes. He will kick his head in. Everyone will know who he is. Everyone will know his name and they will fear it. "I... AM... BRAM!" Music plays and here comes Devon! Devon marches his way down the ramp.

Devon walks up the steps and gets in the ring. He goes right to Bram and punches him in the face. Bram falls and Devon gets on top of him and punches his face in. Bram turns it around and goes on top of Devon and punches his face. Devon pushes him away. He stands but Bram gets up and puts Devon in the corner and continues the punches. Devon punches back and tosses Bram through the ropes. He exits and continues to go after Bram. He tosses him into the guard rail and then puts him back in the ring. Bram stands and punches Devon in the face and puts him in the corner. Devon fights back with punches and knife edge chops. Bram falls and Devon gets on top of him and smashes his head into the mat several times. Now he chokes him. Referees and security come out and separate the two. As they do, Kurt Angle's music plays. They go at it again. The security and referees separate them again. Kurt says if Bram wants to be remembered, then Devon can do whatever he wants to do with Bram as he will book the match between the two in a Hardcore match tonight.

Brittany is walking backstage and goes up to Samuel Shaw. She asks if he will do what they talked about. He doesn't know. Brittany states she will really like it if he did. They lock eyes and she walks away.


Low Ki comes out and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. The crowd chants, "Low Ki, Low Ki, Low Ki." He says before he entered this tournament, he needs someone who will go into war with him. He says he can partner with this guy but he also wants something this guy has. However, he knows he can be the TNA Tag Team Champion and his partner is Samoa Joe! Joe comes out with the X-Division Championship over his shoulder. He walks out and gets in the ring. Music hits and here comes Samuel Shaw. He walks down the ramp. He grabs a mic. He wonders who his tag team partner will be. Well, he says that is an easy one. This person is someone who he looks up to like a brother and that is Gunner! Gunner walks down the ramp. He meets up with Shaw and grabs a mic. He says to never leave a man behind! Gunner wants to prove that they are friends and a team!

Samoa Joe and Low Ki vs. Samuel Shaw and Gunner in the Tag Team Tournament

Shaw and Joe start. They walk around and lock-up. Joe puts Shaw in the corner and punches him multiple times in the chest. Joe whips him i the corner and then does an elbow smash and then the pele kick. Shaw falls and Joe covers. Samuel kick sour. Joe tags Low. He enters and they do a double whip. Low kicks and then Joe kicks and then Low does a springboard kick to the face. Shaw stands and knees Low in the gut and tags Gunner. Gunner enters and punches Low in the face. He continues the attack but Low does a knife edge chop and does several more. Gunner fights back and puts Low in the corner. He whips Low in the corner and runs to him but Ki kicks him in the face. He runs out but Gunner does a full blown cross body. He covers but Low kicks out.

Brittany comes out and walks down the ramp quickly. She starts talking to Shaw on the outside. Gunner does a headlock on Low but he stomps on Gunner's foot and then erodes several knife edge chops. He goes in the ropes but Gunner closelines him down. He tags Shaw. Shaw enters and does a leg drop. He covers but Ki kicks out. He tags Gunner. Gunner enters and does a huge suplex on Ki. He climbs the corner but Brittany starts to point to him. Gunner tells her to leave. Gunner jumps but Low kicks him in the face. He tags Joe. Joe enters and Gunner tries to fight but Joe hits him with several knees and then whips him in the ropes and hits the scoop powerslam. He whips Gunner in the ropes again and does a leg lariat. He covers but Gunner kicks out.

Joe gets Gunner up and puts him on the corner. He goes for the Muscle Buster but Gunner drops him down and knees him in the face. Ki enters. Gunner goes in the ropes but Brittany grabs Gunner's leg. He turns and tries to get out of the hold but he turns back and Ki kicks him in the face. Joe does a Rear Naked Choke and Gunner taps. Winners: Low Ki and Samoa Joe

Brittany enters the ring as well as Shaw. Gunner tells Brittany to leave him alone. He gets in her face but Shaw grabs a chair form the outside and hits Gunner right in the back. Gunner falls. Shaw continues as he smashes Gunner's back like a piñata. He starts to scream and jump. He stops and Brittany jumps on Shaw. He holds her and then falls over and they roll around on the mat as they have a tremendous make-out session. Brittany gets up and is loving this. Samuel stands and grabs Brittany up and does some more kissing as his music plays.

Ethan Carter III is behind Tyrus. Ethan asks if we can feel it. There is a Tag Team Tournament and he just so happened to grab a tag team partner. He asks Tyrus if they should enter. Tyrus says they should. Ethan says he heard Rockstar Spud is in the building. He should grab a partner and enter the tournament, but he probably won't because he is afraid... He is always afraid!


The camera man asks Lashley about tonight's contract signing. MVP is there beside him and answers that Lashley beat Roode before and he will beat him again. He will destroy him. King is beside MVP and says they should be in the Tag Team Tournament. They can all dominate. MVP likes it.

Rebel comes out and quickly gets in the ring after doing a split on the ropes. Havok's music plays and she comes down the ramp. She gets in the ring and knocks Rebel out. She then bounces off the ropes and does a leg drop. Brittany slowly tries to get up but Havok grabs her by the throat and does a chokeslam. She does some taunting but music hits and here comes Gail Kim! Gail runs down the ramp and slides in the ring. She goes for multiple punches and then jumps on Havok's front but Havok pushes her down. Havok runs after her but Gail holds down the rope and Havok goes through. Gail exits and continues the attack but Havok grabs her and does a hip toss onto the ramp. She continues the attack but Gail knocks Havok down and gets on top of her to punch like a mad lady. Referees and security come out and separate the two. Gail gets loose and goes after Havok but the security try to separate them again.


A video package plays showing Bobby Roode and how he has rose to the main event level and how he wants to be TNA World Champion again. It also shows Lashley as is one of the most dominate forces in company history.

Kurt Angle is walking backstage and the camera man asks him about tonight's contract signing. Kurt says it is more than just a contract signing. It is something that will raise the stakes of both men and the TNA World Championship hunt.

Bram comes down the ramp with a kendo stick in one hand and a trashcan in the other. He gets in the ring. Music hits and here comes Devon He walks down the ramp. Bram holds a turnbuckle piece in his hands. Bram slides out of the ring and meets Devon on the ramp but Devon fights back.

Bram vs. Devon in a Hardcore match

He grabs the turnbuckle piece and hits Bram in the back with it. He rolls Bram in the ring. He continues the fight. He takes Bram out of the ring again as he continues the offensive attack. He rams Bram in the guard rail and punches him in the head. He then rams Bram in the guard rail again. He goes to the other side of the guard rail and smashes him in it and then hits Devon with a water bottle. He then smashes Bram head first into the steel steps. Devon looks under the ring and tosses a trashcan in the ring as well as a steel chair and then another. Devon goes after Bram and punches him in the throat. He rams him face first into the steel post. Devon brings Bram in the ring.

He grabs a trashcan lid and smashes it right to the head of Bram. He then puts Bram's head on a steel chair. He puts a trashcan lid on top of his head and then smashes his head like a pancake with a huge chair shot. Bram goes in the corner and Devon punches him several times. He stands and Devon hits him with a trashcan to the back and to the head. He grabs the lid and tosses Bram in the ropes. He drops the lid as Bram ducks and grabs the lid and hits Devon in the head with it. He then hits him with a trashcan head first. Bram puts the trashcan in the corner but hits Devon in the head with the lid. Bram grabs Devon's face and starts yelling at him but Devon hits him with a low blow. Devon smashes Bram's head into the trashcan in the corner. He takes Bram down and then smashes Bram's groin with a trashcan. He climbs the corner but Magnus hits Devon with a kendo stick from behind. He falls. Devon slowly stands and Bram hits Devon in the face with that turnbuckle piece. He covers. Winner: Bram

Magnus enters and celebrates with Bram.

Chris Melendez is walking backstage. Mr. Anderson meets up with him backstage and asks him about the Tag Team Tournament. He knows about it. Anderson says he is in it but needs a partner as he is fighting MVP and Kenny King. Chris wants them!! He will team up with Ken. Ken tells him that the match is next! They scream as they are ready.


Mr. Anderson comes out and introduces himself with the fallen mic from the rafters. He then introduces Chris Melendez. They meet together on the stage and then walk down the ramp. They get in the ramp and are ready. Kenny King and MVP come out next. They make their way to the ring. They get in. Ken goes after them. They exit.

Mr. Anderson and Chris Melendez vs. Kenny King and MVP in the Tag Team Tournament

Ken starts the match with a fired up King. They lock-up but Ken applies a headlock. King whips him in the ropes but he knocks King down and then goes in the ropes again and does a hip toss as he reverses the one from King. Ken goes in the ropes but MVP holds the leg of Anderson. King hits Ken in the head and he falls. He covers as the referee was distracted by Chris. Ken kick sour. King puts Ken in the corner and tags MVP. MVP enters and punches King and then knocks him down as he pretends to have Ken reach out to Chris. He stomps on Ken and then does another pretend hand extension. He stomps on Ken again and then applies an armlock. Ken gets up and elbows his way out. He goes in the ropes but MVP punches him in the gut and then kicks him in the head.

He covers but Anderson kicks out. MVP holds Ken's arm as he tries to reach Chris. MVP stomps him as he knees him in the chest. MVP goes to the second rope, jumps, but Ken puts his leg up but MVP blocks and tries to drop an elbow but Ken moves. Both get up and they hit a double closeline. Both are down. They slowly crawl and MVP tags King and Ken tags Chris. Both get in and Chris hits great closelines and then hits a huge fisherman suplex with a bridge. King kicks out. Chris picks King up but MVP and attacks him but Ken enters. MVP puts Ken in the corner and goes to run to him but Chris stops him. MVP falls and rolls out. King does a quick roll-up on Chris and gets the three! Winners: MVP and Kenny King

Rockstar Spud is sitting on a couch. Eric Young walks up to him and says this is a Tag Team Tournament and they have to go out there and fight. Spud doesn't know about this as he really shouldn't even be here... He doesn't even work there. Eric says slapping Ethan was the best thing he ever done. Rockstar doesn't feel it and just wants to get this over with. He walks away while Eric says if he doesn't see it he will have to show him himself.


The Wolves are backstage. They state they are the best tag team in the world and they are ready for their next challenge. Their promo ends and Davey and Eddie go their separate directions. The camera follows Davey. We see James Storm leaning against a ladder. He tells Davey about his Revolution and about the truth. He wants Manik to talk to Davey. Manik and The Great Sanada walk up. Manik goes to Davey while James and Sanada walk away.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus come out and get in the ring. Eric Young comes out on the stage. He as a mic. He says they have this whole Tag Team Tournament and since the pink pants and his boyfriend is a team, he has someone in mind. This guy reminds him of himself long ago. He made people laugh. Now he is a former World Champion and he sees himself through the fans. He is bringing out his partner... Rockstar Spud. Spud's music plays but he isn't coming out. Ethan grabs a mic and starts laughing. Ethan states Spud isn't coming. People see themselves in Spud. The fans chant, "You can't wrestle," but Ethan talks to them saying he can, he's very good, and they wish they could. Spud says Ethan snuck his way into this company by wining some reality show British Bootcamp. The villains always win. Rockstar Spud fears everything... Just like the people in the arena. They, and Spud, are losers. Just then, music plays and here comes Spud! Spud takes off his shirt and meets up with Eric on the ramp. He then walks in front of Eric and continues to the ring.


Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs. Eric Young and Rockstar Spud in the Tag Team Tournament

Eric starts the match with Ethan. Eric turns and Spud wants in. He tags him. Spud enters and looks around. He goes up to Ethan. They meet face to face... Nose to nose. Ethan starts to laugh and back up. He tags Tyrus. He enters and goes up to Spud. The size difference is huge!! Spud turns and goes to tag Eric but Spud tells him to fight. Spud turns and starts yelling at Tyrus. He then does an uppercut and then runs behind Tyrus. He turns and Spud kicks him in the legs and then in the gut. He runs in the ropes but Tyrus hits him with a headbutt in the gut. He gets Spud on his feet and punches him right in the chest. He takes him to the corner and chokes him. Spud tries to fight back but Tyrus pounds on his back. Tyrus picks Spud up but Spud slides behind Tyrus and does a sleeper hold. Tyrus grabs him and drops him down chest and face first!

He grabs Spud and squeezes his head. He picks Spud up and does a huge belly to back suplex. Spud slowly gets up in the corner. Tyrus waits. He runs and goes for a splash but Spud moves. He tries to go for a tag but Tyrus knocks Eric down off of the apron. He turns to Rockstar but Spud kicks him in the legs several times. Tyrus picks him up and just slams him down. He tags Ethan. Ethan enters as Tyrus steps on the hand of Spud. Tyrus exits. Ethan goes up to Spud and slaps him in the face once... twice... and three times! Spud gets more and more fired up each time and after the third Spud slams Ethan. Ethan falls and Spud crawls over and tags Eric. He enters and goes after Ethan and then knocks Tyrus off of the apron with a dropkick. He continues to go after Ethan as he hits the body slam and then does a top rope elbow drop. He goes for a cover but Ethan rolls out and goes to the outside. Tyrus aids him but Eric does a suicide dive on both men. Eric gets both up and Spud climbs the corner and does a huge summersault in mid-air and takes both men down. Tyrus rolls in the ring. Spud climbs the corner. Ethan knocks Eric down as he does pushes him into the ring apron. Spud jumps but Tyrus grabs him by the throat and slams him down. He continues the choke. Ethan gets in and covers. Winners: Ethan Carter III and Tyrus

Kurt Angle is walking backstage. He looks at the contract in his hand and then continues to walk.


Kurt Angle walks out as the crowd pops. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He states that the TNA World Championship match will happen next week as it is a month in the making. He also added a special stipulation in the contract that neither side knows about yet. He first welcomes Bobby Roode to the ring. Roode's music plays and he comes out, walks down the ramp, and gets in the ring. Kurt now introduces Lashley. He comes out with a suit and the TNA World Championship around his waist. MVP and Kenny King walk down the ramp beside him. They enter the ring.

MVP grabs a mic. Kurt says he glad he came, but MVP stops him and says Kurt didn't give him a proper introduction. He thought Kurt was better than that. MVP is looking out for Lashley's best interests. Kurt asks if either side has anything to say. Roode takes the mic. He says he has to admit that Lashley was the better man in their last match together, but Roode was so close in beating him. And for the first time, he will walk into the ring next week to defend the belt with doubt in his mind. Outside of his family, Roode's priority is wrestling. He loves it. Where is Lashley's priority? Is it wrestling or is it MMA? Roode can say as he is standing in the six sided ring is that wrestling is what his love... the belt is what he desires. Lashley may be bigger and faster, but Roode will fight him next week with heart and passion and fight him with determination to take the TNA World Championship and put it around his waist. He goes on to tell Lashley that MVP is holding him down. MVP tells him to hold on. Roode says he will prove to the entire world that Lashley is not a destroyer but just a man. MVP interrupts and says he is not a man.

MVP says Lashley is a destroyer as some scientist drew him up. It doesn't matter if it is in an MMA cage or in the wrestling ring... Lashley will destroy. When MVP's knee was injured, he told Lashley to take the charge and that is what he did. MVP goes on to say that anyone Lashley faces he will destroy. Kurt gets in the middle and tells MVP and King to listen. He says King and MVP will be involved in this match so there will be a Special Guest Referee. MVP says he hasn't been involved in any of Lashley's Title matches as he doesn't need to be. MVP says he probably got Eric Young as the referee. He is so predictable. Kurt states the Special Guest Referee will be himself!!! Kurt signs the contract. Roode signs it. MVP tells Lashley to leave. They pull him away, but Lashley walks back and signs the contract. He and Roode meet face to face. The show fades.

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