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Impact Wrestling Results (10/29/14) - The New TNA World Champion!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 10/29/2014
From the Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video from earlier today as it shows Bobby Roode entering the building. It then shows Lashley arriving at the building.

A video package plays showcasing the feud between Bobby Roode vs. Lashley. Roode was so close the last time they faced. Roode has one more chance and that chance is tonight. He will face Lashley for the TNA World Championship.

The camera shows the arena as the fans are on their feet. Mike Tenay and Tazz go over the line-up. MVP and Kenny King are already in the ring. Low Ki and Samoa Joe walk out together and get in the ring.

MVP and Kenny King vs. Low Ki and Samoa Joe in the Tag Team Tournament

King and Low Ki start the match. They move around the ring. They go to lock-up but King keeps moving back. They go to lock-up but Low does a drop step and goes behind King but King is able to apply a headlock. Low gets up but King puts him in the corner. The referee counts to 4 and King backs up. They walk around the ring again. They go to lock-up. They do but Low goes behind King and puts him in the corner. He does a knife edge chop and King gets away as his chest hurts. They go to lock-up one more time but King goes behind Ki this time and locks his arms around the waist. Low unlocks the arms and works on the arm but King works on the arm of Low. Low twists out of it and kicks King in the chest. He goes in the corner and Low goes after him but King moves out of the way.

He tags MVP. MVP enters and Ki tags Joe. Joe and MVP go face to face. They move around the ring and go to lock-up but Joe takes MVP down and tries for a headlock but MVP gets out of it and they go back and forth exchanging holds. They get up to their feet and continues the holds. MVP grabs the arm of Joe and applies the arm bar. Joe reaches the ropes and MVP gets up. Joe stands and walks around. Joe kicks MVP right in the side and then in the leg and then takes MVP down with a leg bar. MVP reaches the ropes. Joe tags Ki. Ki enters and kicks MVP in the leg. Ki does a snapmare and then an elbow drop. MVP gets up and takes Ki to his corner and tags King. King enters and does several shoulder blocks to the gut and then does a body slam. He does a springboard leg drop and covers but Ki kicks out. King applies a headlock. Low stands and elbows his way out. He does a knife edge chop but King whips Low in the corner. Low jumps over King and does a knife edge chop again and then the snapmare. He covers King but he kicks out. Low does an uppercut as King stands and then tags Joe. Joe enters and does many punches to King and then whips him and elbows him in the face. He whips him in the ropes but MVP pulls King outside of the ring. Joe goes to grab King but he kicks him in the face. Low Ki runs in and jumps over on both MVP and King. He gets back in the corner and Joe tags him.

Ki brings Kenny in the ring. He does an uppercut and then a huge kick to the chest. He covers but Kenny kicks out. Ki whips King in the ropes, kicks him in the gut, and then in the back. MVP runs in and attacks Ki. Kenny gets up and tags MVP. MVP gets in and goes after Ki in an assault format.


MVP has Low Ki in the ring as he continues the offense for his team. He takes Low down and tries for a cover but Ki kicks out. He tags Kenny. Kenny continues the assault and goes for the cover but Joe enters and ruins the count. King works on the arms of Low but Low stands and tries to get out of the hold but King takes him down head first into the mat. He tags MVP. MVP enters and hits Ki. He slaps him across the face again. He whips Low in the ropes but Low comes back with a springboard kick to the face. He goes to Joe for a tag but MVP pulls Ki and tags King. King enters and does an elbow drop and then another. He covers but Low kicks out. He covers again but still got a two count. King works on the arms again and then tags MVP. He enters and they have Ki in the corner. They double whip him into the corner. King runs to him but kicks him in the face and then kicks MVP. He gets out of the way and tags Joe. Joe enters and goes after both MVP and King. He does a scoop powerslam to King and covers but MVP stops it.

MVP goes to the corner but Joe hits him and he falls. He turns and King is running to him but Joe applies the Rear Naked Choke. He does and MVP enters and stops the submission. Joe tries to fight him but Low Ki enters and goes after MVP. King kicks Joe in the head and covers but Ki stops the count and then takes MVP out of the ring. He does a springboard kick to him on the outside. Ki enters the ring again and kicks King in the head and Joe applies the Rear Naked Choke to Kenny and he taps. Winners: Samoa Joe and Low Ki

Video package plays showing Devon vs. Bram in a Hardcore match last week. Magnus interfered and Bram won the match.

Devon is backstage and the camera man asks him about Bram. He says he doesn't know what the problem is with Bram. First he attacks him from behind and then Devon beats him up in a match, but then sends Magnus his way. He doesn't know what he is trying to do but if he doesn't think Devon has stuff up his sleeve then he's wrong. Just then, Devon gets a phone call. He answers and asks the person if they are here. They are. Devon says, "Testify," hangs up and walks away.


A video package plays showcasing what Bobby Roode and Lashley are all about. It then goes to show their first match they had. It was a great battle but Lashley came out on top at the end.

Bram comes out as his music plays. He gets on the apron of the ring as he has a mic in hand. He says he changes history. He will clearly change the face of hardcore. He is going to do it. He will do it. He wants to call out his brother... Magnus! Magnus' music plays and he comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. Magnus grabs a mic. He says they don't see eye to eye all the time and it may be true that they don't have to agree all the time... And it may be true that they aren't blood brothers but brothers where blood was spilt. Magnus goes on to say they spilt blood for this business. They did it all. He tells us to look in his eyes as he says he doesn't care if you are a veteran or some hot shot right now... He is still the young Brit who made history. He says they are going to be dominate. Bram grabs a mic and tells Magnus to imagine what he could have been like if he was as destructive now then when he was TNA World Champion. Bram goes on to say they will take out all of the dinosaurs. It is their time now. Just then, Devon's music plays.

Devon has a mic in hand as he comes out on the ramp. He says no one is believing what they are saying except for them. He states he has a good friend who will partner up with him for this hardcore rivalry. He is the Innovator of Violence... Tommy Dreamer! Dreamer comes out and walks down the ramp, but Magnus and Bram exit the ring and go after them. It is a back and forth battle down the ramp and around the ring. They get in the ring as Devon is after Magnus and Bram attacks Dreamer. Devon has the upper hand and then leaves to get two chairs from under the ring. He brings them in and Magnus and Bram exit the ring. Dreamer grabs a chair as Devon has the other. Bram and Magnus walk up the ramp as they stare at them in the ramp.

Taryn Terrell is backstage putting make-up on. Madison Rayne walks up to her and says, "Hey girl." Taryn doesn't say anything. Madison knows Taryn is mad from their match several weeks ago. However, it was competition and she needed to do it. Taryn says they should focus on their match tonight against The Beautiful People and focus on that problem later. Madison agrees. Taryn leaves the room and Rayne says, "Sooner than later." Rayne smiles and fixes her hair in the mirror.


Shark Boy is backstage. He is eating a hotdog at a table signing autographs. He tells the kid to hold his hotdog so he can sign the paper. The kid says he got ketchup on it and then he states, "Well here's some mustard." An order lady asks if he can take a picture with the kids. He doesn't want to but fine. He does. He sits back down after being so rude. He continues eating. A producer comes up to him and says that autograph signing was horrible. He is getting fat and feeding his face. He asks if Sharkboy can swim up stream for this second chance. Sharkboy says, "Shell yeah!" Shark leaves the scene and the camera man asks the producer if he thinks he can comeback. The producer says, "Not a chance."

The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Angelina Love) come out together and get in the ring. Madison Rayne comes out from the back and gets in the ring. Taryn Terrell comes out next. She gets in the ring.

The Beautiful People vs. Taryn Terrell and Madison Rayne

Madison and Love start the match. They walk around the ring and lock-up. Madison goes behind Love and does a quick roll-up but Love kicks out. Madison does another roll-up but Love kicks out again. Madison does a hip toss and then a drop toe hold to Velvet as she enters the ring. She rolls out quickly. Madison pins Love against the ropes with an arm lock. She looks at Taryn as she wants in. She tags her. Taryn enters and kicks and punches Love multiple times. She does a swinging neck breaker and covers but Love kicks out. Taryn does a drop toe hold to Love and then another one to Sky as she enters the ring again. Terrell does a double dropkick to both of them and they fall through the ropes to the outside. Taryn does a baseball slide to both of them and they fall again. Taryn goes to cover Madison but Madison leaves the apron and rolls Love back in the ring. Love stands and fights back. She whips Taryn in the ropes but Sky trips her in front of Madison. She doesn't do anything about it. Love goes after Taryn but tags Sky. They double team on Taryn but she hits a double closeline. She goes and tries to tag Madison but Madison leaves the apron as she grabs Love on the outside and pushes her to her side of the ring.

Sky fights back as she takes Taryn down. She continues the assault as she tags Love. They double whip her into the corner. Love runs but Taryn kicks her in the face and then kicks Sky in the face as she runs to her. Terrell climbs the corner and does a double cross body on both of them. Taryn goes to tag Madison but Madison slowly gets in the ring and takes Love and Sky down, turns and then kicks Taryn right in the face. Taryn slowly stands but Madison grabs her and slams her down. She exits the ring and Love covers. Winners: The Beautiful People

Taryn shrugs her shoulders as she stands on the ramp.


A video package showcases how impressive Lashley really is. His TNA World Championship reign has been nothing but amazing.

Kurt Angle is backstage. The camera man asks him about being the Special Guest Referee. Kurt made himself the referee and says this match between Roode and Lashley should be called down the middle and if MVP and King want to interfere, then it is going to get real... Damn real!

Music hits and here come Ethan Carter III. He turns around on the stage and points. Here comes Tyrus! He walks behind Ethan as they come down the ramp. Matt and Jeff Hardy come out next as their music plays. They walk down the ramp and interact with the fans around the ring.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs. The Hardys in the Tag Team Tournament

Matt and Ethan start the match. They start talking back and forth. Matt puts his hand in Ethan's face but Ethan is not going to stand for that and puts Matt in the corner and punches him. Matt turns it around and punches Ethan multiple times. Ethan kicks Matt in the gut and whips him in the corner but Matt bounces out and hits Ethan. He tags Jeff. Matt does a suplex and Jeff does a splash from the corner. He covers but Ethan kicks out. Both stand and Ethan goes after Jeff's eyes and then attacks him in the corner. Ethan whips him but Jeff does a hurricanrona. He tags Matt. Matt enters and they put Ethan in the corner. Jeff jumps on Matt's back as he is on his hands and knees and goes into Ethan. Ethan comes out of the corner and Matt does Side Effect. Ethan tries to get away as he goes to his corner. Matt continues the offense but he tags Tyrus. He enters and goes right after Matt. Matt is hanging on the middle rope and Ethan punches him in the face.

Tyrus chokes Matt with his foot and then stomps on his chest. He tags Ethan. He enters and he punches Matt in the face. Ethan then plants Matt's face into the mat several times. Ethan steps over Matt and tags Tyrus. He enters and chops Matt's shoulder and applies a nerve hold. Matt stands and punches his way out of it but Tyrus grabs him, tags Ethan and hits a body slam. Ethan enters. Ethan jumps over Matt and plants his face into the mat. He covers but Matt kicks out. Ethan now applies a headlock. Matt stands and punches his way out of it but Ethan slams Matt's head back into the mat. Matt stands in the corner. Ethan runs to him for a splash but Matt moves out of the way and the hits a neck breaker type move. Matt goes to tag Jeff and he does! Jeff enters and goes right after Ethan. He jumps off the ropes and knocks him down. He takes Ethan down with an atomic drop and then a double leg drop between the legs. Both get up as Jeff hits Whisper in the Wind. He covers but Ethan kicks out. He tags Matt. Matt enters and splashes into Ethan in the corner. Jeff then hits Twist of Fate. Ethan falls back and tags Tyrus. He enters and hits Matt and Jeff with a closeline. He drags The Hardys by the corner. He climbs and jumps for a splash but they both move. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate and Matt hits one as well. Jeff climbs the corner and hits the Swanton Bomb. He rolls away as Matt covers. Winners: The Hardys

Ethan is yelling at Tyrus on the outside.

James Storm is in the back with The Great Sanada and Manik. He tells them that their Revolution is about to expand a little bit.


Lashley is shown in his room getting ready for his match tonight.

James Storm, Manik, and The Great Sanada are in the ring. James has a mic and states there is a storm coming. How does he know? Well there is a calm before the storm and here is the calm. He tells TNA to watch out. James says he took weak people and changed them. The Great Sanada had to turn against The Great Muta and now Manik is reading James' gospel. He goes and slaps Sanada and Sanada bows. James goes on to talk about extending the Revolution and he wants to extend the offer. He calls out Davey Richards. Davey comes out as his music plays. He gets in the ring.

James gets back on the mic and says he hopes he thought about his offer he gave him. He knows he is part of a great tag team. James was part of great tag teams, but his partners held him back. He doesn't want Davey to go through with the same experience. He wants Davey to pledge into this revolution. Just then, here comes Eddie Edwards. Eddie comes out with a mic and tells them to hold on. He gets in the ring and tells Storm enough is enough. He wants Davey to tell him that he is not getting to him. Eddie tells James he is out of his mind. There's something wrong with the three of them. There's no way Davey would give anything up for the three of them. Davey quickly grabs the mic. Davey says he can speak for himself. Eddie asks where his head is at... Talk to him! What are you thinking? James says this is Davey's awakening. Eddie says this isn't anything like that and since they are in the ring, why don't they fight here in PA! Eddie slaps James in the face. Davey can't believe it. James holds Manik and Sanada back. They exit as a referee comes out. The match starts!


James Storm vs. Eddie Edwards

James and Eddie are well underway in the match as the commercial break ends. Eddie hits James with a shining wizard and goes for the cover but James kicks out. Manik tells Davey to come closer, on the outside, as he wants to talk to him. Eddie slides out and gets in-between them. He gets on the apron and James attacks him. He kicks him in the head and Eddie falls. James grabs him and continues the offense in the ring. He goes after his leg as he stomps on it and then chokes Eddie with the ring apron. Eddie stands and does several knife edge chops but James puts him in the corner and punches him several times. He grabs Eddie from the corner and goes for a back suplex but Eddie lands on his feet. James kicks him in the gut and goes in the ropes but Eddie knocks him down with a forearm shot and then continues the attack with many knife edge chops. He gets James up but James takes him in the corner. Eddie attacks him back and puts James on the top rope, grabs him and does a huge chin breaker. He covers but James kicks out. Eddie goes in the corner but James comes back as he hits a huge DDT. James now sits in the corner. He slowly stands and walks around. The Great Sanada gets on the apron and distracts the referee as James grabs a mic. He goes to hit Eddie with it but Eddie ducks and pushes James into Sanada. James falls through the ropes. Eddie continues the attack as he knocks James down. Manik now goes up to Davey and starts whispering him in his ear. Eddie gets in the ring and does a baseball slide to Manik. He falls. Eddie starts talking to Davey as Davey gets on the apron. James gets in the ring and waits. Davey slowly gets down and Eddie turns into the Last Call Superkick. He covers. Winner: James Storm

Davey gets in the ring and checks on Eddie. Davey stares at the Revolution as they walk up the ramp.

Roode is shown walking backstage. We also see Lashley walking backstage. The match is next.


Music plays and here comes the Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle! He walks out with the referee shirt on. He gets in the ring. Bobby Roode comes out next with his robe on. He gets in the ring as he is focused and ready to go. Lashley comes out next as he holds the TNA World Championship in his hand. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He is built to be champion! Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he introduces the participants for this match.

Bobby Roode vs. Lashley (c) for the TNA World Championship with Special Guest Referee Kurt Angle

They lock-up in the middle of the ring and they push back and forth. Lashley puts Roode in the corner. He goes to back up but Roode ducks and pushes Lashley in the chest. Lashley pushes back. They go to lock-up again but Lashley goes behind Roode, lifts him up, and takes him down. He rolls over him and then puts him in the corner. He does several shoulder blocks in the gut. Roode falls to the mat. Lashley gets him up but Roode fights back with several punches to the face. lushly whips him in the ropes but Roode does a forearm shot to the face. He runs to Lashley as he gets up and he hits a closeline. Roode tells him to come on! Lashley stands and they lock-up. Lashley works on the arm of Roode and then hits a suplex. He does several punches to the face. Lashley does a quick taunt. He gets Roode back on his feet and punches him down to the mat.

Lashley gets Roode to his feet again but Roode does several knife edge chops and then runs in the ropes. Lashley jumps over him but Roode grabs his arm and does a Crossface! Lashley moves and grabs the bottom rope. Roode releases and Lashley rolls out of the ring. Lashley grabs Roode's legs and pulls him out of the ring. Roode fights back though with punches and then slams Lashley in the steel guard rail.


Lashley as Roode down on the mat as he has a reverse bear hug locked in. Roode slowly gets up and elbows Lashley in the head and he releases the hold. Roode hits an atomic drop and punches him in the head. He hits another atomic drop and does a knife edge chop. He does a third atomic drop and hits a knee to the gut. He goes for a closeline but Lashley ducks. Roode kicks Lashley in the face. He climbs the corner and hits a neck breaker. He covers but Kurt kicks out. Lashley gets up in the corner. Roode runs to him but Lashley hits him. Roode comes back with a spine buster. He covers but Lashley kicks out. Roode applies a front face lock and then pounds on the back. He runs in the ropes but Lashley picks him up and hits a spine buster type move. He covers but Roode kicks out. Lashley waits for Roode to stand. He stands and Lashley picks him up on his shoulder but Roode slides out. Lashley turns and goes for a closeline but Roode ducks and hits Kurt. Roode goes for the Roode Bomb but Lashley slides out and hits the spear! He covers and Kurt comes to but Roode kicks out. Lashley is waiting to hit the spear again. Roode stand and turns and Lashley goes for the spear but Roode ducks. He hits the turnbuckle. Lashley turns and goes for the spear again but Roode moves again and he hits Kurt with the spear. Kurt falls down and rolls to the outside.

Roode hits Lashley with an enzuigiri and then a closeline. He goes to the outside. Roode exits and continues the attack. Roode goes to run to Lashley but he moves and Roode stops before hitting a production official. Roode turn and Lashley goes for the spear but Roode moves and he hits that production official! Roode grabs Lashley, walks up the ramp, and hits the Roode Bomb on Lashley on the ramp! Roode slowly gets Lashley up on his feet as he drags him down the ramp. He rolls him in the ring and goes for a cover but Kurt is still out. A new referee comes in, Brian Hebner, but Lashley kicks out at two.

Lashley gets up on his knees. Roode goes to him and Lashley hits a low blow as the referee didn't see it. Lashley exits the ring and grabs the TNA belt. He brings it in the ring but the referee tells him to not to use it. Lashley closelines him inside out. He grabs the title as he dropped it and hits Roode between the eyes. Kurt stands and Lashley tells him to get in. Kurt rolls in and slowly counts as Lashley covers but Roode kicks out! Lashley waits as Roode slowly stands. He grabs Roode and takes him up on his shoulders but Roode elbows him in the head. He slides out and puts Lashley on his shoulders. Lashley grabs the ropes and slides on the apron. He snaps the head of Roode on the top rope. Lashley goes to climb the top rope but Roode grabs him to try for the Roode Bomb. Lashley slides behind for a roll-up but Roode reverses the roll-up and locks the leg! 1-2-3!! Winner and New TNA World Champion: Bobby Roode

Lashley rolls out of the ring as he is dumbfounded. Kurt gives the belt to Roode and Roode hugs it close to his chest. He can't believe it. The crowd is going crazy for this moment! Roode celebrates in the ring. He exits the ring as he raises the TNA World Championship high above his head! The show fades.

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