Impact Wrestling Results (10/31/13) - AJ Styles Is Like A Little Boy Carrying Around A Fake Title

Halloween Impact

Impact Wrestling Results - 10/31/2013
From Salt Lake City, Utah
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package showing Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode. Kurt was going to be taken out on a stretcher but he walked away instead. These two continue to battle tonight. It switches to Bully Ray and AJ Styles. They fought at Bound for Glory and last week as well. Ray lost both times. Mr. Anderson is back and cost Ray the match last week. It shows Dixie Carter where he tried to sign AJ Styles to a contract but he refused. He drove the car away Dixie was going to give him.

The camera shows the arena as people are on their feet cheering. They are ready to go this week. Mike Tenay and Taz run down the line-up for the show.

Music hits and here comes Dixie Carter. She walks down the ramp with a red shirt and black and brown skirt. She gets in the ring. She thanks everyone and they boo. She said AJ Styles showed his lack of vision last week. She served AJ the world and he threw it right in her face. No one walks out on Dixie Carter! The crowd boos more. From here on out, AJ doesn't exist to her. He is no longer the World Champion. AJ can steal the title and car. Dixie doesn't want them. That is her little treat. He can go trick and treating and tell everyone in the trailer park he is champion, but he isn't. He is just the same like every other little boy with fake titles tonight. It's just a costume. She needs a real World Champion. They need the skills to make this company bigger. Dixie announces an 8 man tournament. They are all former World Champions. She announces seven of them. James Storm. A video plays showing how James won his first title. Samoa Joe. A video plays showing Samoa Joe and how he won his first TNA World Title. Kurt Angle. A video shows him holding title after title in TNA. Jeff Hardy. A video plays showing Jeff Hardy being a three time World Champion. Austin Aries. A video plays showing him win his title as he beat Bobby Roode. Bobby Roode. A video plays showing the It Factor. He is the longest reigning World Champion of all-time. Chris Sabin. A video plays showing Chris win countless X-Division Titles and then when he won the World Title against Bully.

Dixie says they are missing one man and... just then music hits and here comes Bully Ray with Brooke. Ray comes out and looks at the 7 stars. He walks down and Dixie says she will steal a line from Ray: Shut the music off. Ray tries to stop her but Dixie announces a Gauntlet Match tonight to determine the 8th person. Ray asks how he is going to win the title if he isn't in this tournament?! Ray says Dixie is smart but he has to ask... Do you know who I am? Dixie says she does as he is the man who lost twice to AJ Styles. He is the one who caused all of this. Ray says he is not to blame. The first time was Earl Hebner. The second time was Mr. Anderson. Just then, the lights go out and Mr. Anderson's music hits. He runs down the ramp and slides in the ring. Dixie leaves and Ken and Ray square off punch by punch. Ken backs Ray in the corner and then starts kicking and stomping on him. A guard comes in to try to push Ken away.


Video plays showing what just occurred minutes ago between Ray and Anderson.

A camera is backstage showing Brooke talking to Anderson as Anderson is being held by guards. Brooke tells Ken that he should never have came back and that Ray is going to kill him. Ray comes from behind and smashes him in the back of the head. He then hits Ken with the chain and Ray says he is worthless to him. Ray hits Ken again with the chain. Ray stands over him and calls him stupid and to "stay away". Ray and Brooke walk away together.

Garett Bischoff is walking backstage and the camera man asks him about Bully Ray. Garett says there is a lot going on and it's club business. He states that Ray piledrived Ken on the entrance ramp. Knux comes and asks him why he is talking to the camera man. Knux needs Garett tonight. They walk away.

Christy Hemme is shown dressed up for Halloween as she introduces the first match. James Storm and Gunner come out and get in the ring. BroMans come out come to the ring.

Gunner and James meet BroMans on the ramp and start beating them up. James whips Jesse into the steel steps. Gunner brings Jesse in the ring.

Gunner and James Storm vs. BroMans (Jesse Godderz and Robbie E (Champs) for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Gunner puts Robbie in the corner and continues the attack. He does a slingshot suplex and covers but Robbie kicks out. Gunner tags James and he takes Robbie down and drops a knee and covers but Robbie kicks out. Robbie gets up and tags Jesse. They go after James but James double closelines them. James takes Jesse in the corner and does a huge knife edge chop. He tags Gunner and they double team with a russian leg sweep. Gunner covers and Jesse kicks out. Gunner puts Jesse in the corner and kicks him and stomps on him. He is going crazy. Jesse gets up and knees Gunner in the gut and goes in the ropes but Gunner elbows him in the face and covers. Jesse kicks out and Gunner tags James. James lifts Jesse up and goes for the Eye of the Storm. He hits it. He covers. Robbie breaks the count. He gets James up but James goes to whip him but Robbie turns it in a neck breaker. Gunner gets in and takes Robbie to the corner. Jesse hits Gunner from behind and now they are double teaming him. The whip him in the opposing corner and he flips to the outside. Robbie goes outside and closelines him. Storm, in the ring, does a double knee to the face of Jesse. He sets up for The Last Call, but Robbie pulls Jesse out of the ring. Jesse gets on the apron and James grabs him for a duplex. Robbie holds the leg of Storm and he falls. Jesse covers while Robbie holds the leg and they win. Winner and Still TNA World Tag Team Champions: BroMans

Sting is walking backstage and goes into Dixie Carter's office. Dixie is on the phone and has to end it. She hangs up and appreciates Sting's time. He sits down. Dixie asks him if he heard about the Gauntlet Match and said she is tired of hearing everyone saying he is banned to fight for the World Title. She says she will lift it and have him run the gauntlet first. Sting says he has never had anything handed to him and he doesn't feel entitled. He walks up and leaves. Dixie doesn't know what he means and rolls her eyes.


A video shows the recap of Bound for Glory where it was a tag team gauntlet match and then the segment with Bad Influence. It shows Abyss making his return during the segment.

Bad Influence is backstage with detective gear. They both are examining a producer guy backstage. Daniels says they are on the case of the on and off again Abyss. Kaz also states the Television Title. They will find out the answers tonight!

The lights go out and video plays. Here comes EC3... Ethan Carter III! Ethan comes out in the spotlights. He comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. Music plays and here comes Norv Fernum.

Ethan Carter vs. Norv Furnum

Norv gives the referee his coat and Ethan comes right along and knocks Nerv down. He gets him up and takes him to the corner face first into the turnbuckle. He does a huge knife edge chop and then takes him to another corner face first. Ethan does another huge knife edge chop. Norv goes to another corner and Ethan pounds on his back multiple times. He whips him in the corner and then does a huge t-bone duplex. Ethan gets him up and does a huge full nelson headlock. Norv punches out and runs in the ropes. He does a shoulder tackle but Ethan doesn't go down. He does it again and then goes again. Ethan lifts him up but Norv slides out and does a dropkick. Ethan goes to the corner. Nerv climbs the corner as Ethan backs up and Norv does a cross body. Both get up and Nerv runs in the ropes. Ethan lifts him up and Norv goes down for a huge splat on his face and chest. Ethan gets him up and rams his head right into the mat. Norv looks like a nail going into a piece of wood. Winner: Ethan Carter III

Ethan grabs a mic. He stays he is EC3. He is a Carter... the world needs us! The crowd boos.

Bobby Roode is backstage with Dr. Scott. He has a tablet showing Scott where Kurt hurt his knee in their Bound for Glory match and then shows when Kurt is knocked out. Roode says it has only been a little more than a week. He wants to see if Kurt is medically clear to make sure he is okay to compete.

Sting is walking backstage. He is heading to the ring.


ODB is backstage. She says she is getting a rematch for the title tonight against Gail Kim. Gail never pinned ODB. She would take both Gail and her beast on in a three way! BOOM!

Bad Influence comes into the shot and asks ODB about Eric Young and Joseph Park's relationship with Abyss. ODB knows they beat Influence at Bound for Glory. Eric Young comes and scares Influence and tells them Park isn't here tonight but this is the monster's holiday so you never know.

Sting's music plays and here comes The Icon! Sting gets in the ring. Kazarian comes out in his jacket and shakes it to the ring.

Gauntlet Match to Determine the 8th Participant in the World Title Tournament

Sting and Kaz walk around the ring. Kaz starts talking some trash. Sting does his "Wooo" and the crowd follows. Kaz runs and attacks him with punches and takes him to the corner and smashes his face on the top turnbuckle. He whips him in the corner and smashes him. Kaz dances and turns around and Sting closelines him. Sting continues the attack. He gets Kaz up and smashes his face into the top turnbuckle. He does a whip into the corner. Kaz comes out and Sting does a back body drop. Sting kicks him and then does a suplex. Kaz gets up and kicks Sting in the gut. He puts him in the corner and tries to lift him up over the ropes. Sting elbows him in the face and then closelines him down. The countdown clock ends and here comes: Knux.


Eric Young comes down the ramp and goes to the ring. He shoulder blocks Kaz and then does a belly to belly duplex. Eric goes after Knux now and punches him ten times in the head in the corner. He goes to Kaz and puts him in the corner and punches I'm ten times in the head. He then knocks him down with a soccer type punch. Knux and Sting go at it. Sting puts Knux in the corner and goes for the Stinger Splash, but Knux moves. Sting falls and Knux stomps on him. Kaz tries to lift Eric up over the ropes. Knux comes over to help but Kaz leaves and goes to Sting. Eric knocks Knux away. Eric goes to Kaz now. The clock ticks down. Christopher Daniels

Daniels comes down the ramp and Eric tosses Kaz over the ropes. Daniels catches him. Young grabs Daniel's head but Daniels rakes the eyes of Young and gets in the ring. He takes him to the corner. He holds Eric from behind and Kaz punches him in the gut. Sting tries to get Knux over the ropes but Daniels hits Sting and knocks him down. Knux goes after Young and stomps on him and chokes him. Bad Influence try for a double suplex on Sting but Sting suplexes them. Both get up and Sting fights each one off one at a time. Eric has Knux in the corner fighting.


The clock is ticking. Manik runs down the ramp and climbs the corner. He sails and does a cross body to Kaz. He then goes after Daniels and then goes back to Kaz. Kaz whips Manik to Daniels but Manik moves and climbs the corner and does a double dropkick to Bad Influence. Manik puts Daniels in the corner and tries to eliminate him while Knux has Young in another trying to take him over the ropes. Kaz comes over and attacks Manik. Daniels walks away and goes after Young as Young fought Knux off. Eric now has Daniels in the corner and attacks him. Kaz goes over and tries to take Manik out but Manik holds onto the ropes and snaps back in. He takes Kaz out in the process. Magnus!

Magnus gets in the ring and goes right after Bad Influence and he knocks both of them down. They get up and whip him in the ropes but he double closelines them down. Magnus goes after Knux now with punches. He whips Knux in the ropes but Knux does a huge cross body to take Magnus out. Knux goes to Manik in the corner. Manik tries to fight him, but Knux goes for a pump handle slam. Manik slides out and climbs the corner. He jumps and does a hurricanrona to Knux and he goes over the ropes. Elimination: Knux

Kaz goes after Manik by the ropes and tosses him out. Elimination: Manik. Eric Young climbs the corner but Daniels knocks him off and he falls on the top steel frame. Kaz kicks him in the head and Eric goes over. Elimination: Eric Young. Magnus goes after Kaz while Sting goes after Daniels. They work both of them with a variation of moves. Sting hits Kaz with a Stinger Splash. Magnus closelines Daniels over the ropes. Elimination: Daniels. Sting goes to eliminate Kaz, but Magnus goes and takes Sting and Daniels out. Winner: Magnus

Sting looks surprised as he walks backwards up the ramp. Magnus taunts in the ring as the crowd cheers.

Dr. Scott is backstage looking at Kurt Angle. After he is finished, Kurt gets up and walks away. The camera man asks Kurt if he is cleared. Kurt said the doctor said it would be best not to fight, but he is cleared and is going to beat Roode's @ss.

ODB is shown walking backstage drinking her flask.

Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa are walking backstage as they head to the ring.


Dixie Carter is walking backstage. The camera man asks her about Magnus being involved in the tournament. She says good for him and wants to see how he fairs with the former champions. She can't wait to announce the brackets and a little thing called "The Wheel of Dixie". She laughs and walks away.

ODB comes out to her music and gets in the ring. Gail Kim walks down the ramp with Lei'D Tapa by her side. Gail has the Knockouts Title over her shoulder. She taunts with it on the apron.

ODB vs. Gail Kim (Champ) for the Knockouts Title

ODB goes right after Gail and knocks her down and punches her in the face multiple times. ODB takes Gail in the corner and smashes her face on the top turnbuckle. She then whips her in another corner hard and Gail falls. ODB whips Gail in another corner and then does a huge splash. Gail falls. ODB goes to run for the bronco busier but Gail slide sour of the ring and recovers. ODB slides out and goes right after Gail as she walks up the ramp. ODB brings her back in. Gail slides out and walks around the ring. ODB follows her but Gail kicks her in the gut. ODB lifts Gail up and does a huge fallaway slam! Both are down. ODB gets Gail up and slides her in the ring. Tapa comes around. ODB pounds on her breasts to hulk up, but Gail does a baseball slide and ODB goes into the commentator's desk. ODB crawls around the ring as the referee coins to 8. Gail slides out as ODB gets in. Gail puts ODB's legs around the corner and does a figure four leg lock. She doesn't let go but the referee makes her. Gail gets in the ring and covers. ODB kicks out. ODB fights back with punches to the gut. ODB runs in the ropes but Gail closelines her. She covers but ODB kicks out. Gail smashes ODB's face right into the mat and then applies a head scissors. ODB gets to her knees and then stands up while Gail still has the scissors locked in. ODB breaks it and then turns it into a single leg boston crab. Gail tries to crawl and finally reaches the ropes. ODB breaks it.

Gail kicks ODB as she walks towards her. ODB goes to the corner. Gail gets up and goes for a dropkick but ODB moves. Gail misses hard. Both get up. Both run and ODB does several shoulder tackles and then a body slam. ODB goes to the corner. She jumps and lands right on Gail, but Gail kicks out. ODB gets Gail up and places her on the top turnbuckle. She grabs her and does a huge front suplex. She covers but Tapa gets on the apron and distracts the referee. ODB gets up to fix the situation, but Gail rolls ODB up and the referee counts. Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Bad Influence walk backstage. Kaz is fine that the gauntlet match didn't go their way. Daniels states they will tell everyone how they solved the mystery of Abyss. They will put on their gear and tell the world.


Bad Influence are in the ring. Kaz starts to talk in his accent. He lifts the magnifying glass and says a lady in the crowd looks like she has a really big butt. Daniels brings the glass down and Kaz states that she really does have a big butt. Daniels grabs the mic and says they have found the answer about the mystery of Abyss. They used all of their powers to look for the guy. It's hard to do that in Utah! Daniels then states that they have to look under the ring. Daniels lifts the apron up and grabs a pumpkin. He holds it tight and brings it in the ring. Daniels says he is round like Abyss and heavy like Abyss. Actually, this is just a talentless vegetable. Kaz states that pumpkin has more brains than the entire Knockouts locker room and the crowd tonight. Music plays and here comes Eric Young! He is dressed like Joseph Park! He enters the ring and grabs a mic.

Eric says he is a scientist and there is no scientific prove that Halloween is a real holiday. However, Halloween is the big man's favorite holiday and everyone is having a great time. He got ahold of him and says the guy wanted to give Influence a message. Young punches Kaz right in the face and Influence go right on the attack. They attack Young to the mat. Music hits and here comes Abyss! Abyss gets on the apron and Influence try to start early but Abyss takes them down. He gets in and knocks both of them down. Kaz stands and Abyss hits him with the Black Hole Slam. Daniels enters and tries to get away. He ducks Abyss's closeline and goes in the ropes. Abyss grabs him and does a the Black Hole Slam. Abyss taunts and then goes to Young who is in the corner. Abyss extends his hand. Eric looks around and then shakes Abyss' hand. Abyss gets him up and they stand together.

Kurt is walking backstage. The camera then shows Bobby Roode walking. They fight next.


The tournament brackets are shown. We will have the brackets on

Dixie, Jeff, and Sabin are backstage. She spins the Wheel of Dixie and it lands on Full Metal Mayhem. She tells Jeff she he has this. Sabin asks about him and she blows him off. She says they will blow the roof off. They walk away and Dixie looks at her wheel.

A video plays recapping the recent story and confrontation between Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode. Roode went into the EGO Hall of Fame while Kurt Angle declined his TNA Hall of Fame opportunity. They fought at Bound for Glory and Kurt lost. They fight tonight.

Bobby Roode's music plays and he comes out with his long robe. He slowly walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Kurt Angle's music hits and here comes the Olympic Gold Medalist. Kurt walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers.

Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle

Both move around the ring. They lock-up. Kurt pushes Roode back but Roode puts Kurt in the corner but Kurt changes it and then Roode changes it and then Kurt changes it again. Kurt backs up as Roode is in the corner. They lock-up again. Roode goes behind Kurt and locks his arms. Kurt does the same thing and takes Roode down. Roode slides around and tries to apply a crossfire. Both get up and Kurt takes Roode down and goes for the Ankle Lock. Roode gets to the ropes and gets out of the ring. He slides back in and both move around. They lock-up but Roode knees Kurt in the gut real quick and then punches him. Roode punches Kurt in the face and then does a huge knife edge chop to the chest. He punches him in the face again. Kurt whips Roode in the ropes and he elbows him. He then hits a belly to belly suplex. He closelines him and Roode slides out of the ring. Kurt slides out and goes after Roode, but Roode punches Kurt in the face. Kurt grabs Bobby and goes for a belly to belly, but Roode rakes his eyes and rams him back first into the apron.


Roode takes Kurt down and drives his knee into the body. He covers but Kurt kicks out. Roode applies a reverse gut wrench, but Kurt gets up and Roode grabs Kurt's arm and yanks it back to bend the back and stomach of Kurt. Kurt is able to reverse out of it and hit a german duplex. He hits two more and still has the grip in. Kurt goes for another, but Roode elbows him in the face. Kurt let's go but then locks it in again and hits three more german suplexes. Kurt covers but Roode kicks out. Kurt goes for the Angle Slam, but Roode gets out and does an arm drag. Both get up and Roode hits the spine buster. Roode gets Kurt up, but Kurt takes Roode down and locks the Ankle Lock. Roode twists out of it. Both stand and Kurt runs, but Roode grabs Kurt's arm and does the crossface. Kurt grabs the ankle of Roode and gets out of the crossface. He has the Ankle Lock in. Roode twists out of it and quickly locks in the crossface.

Kurt goes back for a cover but Roode moves to the side to have Kurt's shoulders down. Kurt kicks out. Both get up and Roode applies the crossface again. Kurt slides out and turns it into an Angle Slam. He covers but Roode kicks out. Kurt gets up and takes his singlet down. He grabs Roode's ankle and locks it again. Roode twists through and does a cover but Kurt kicks out. Roode lifts Kurt up to his shoulder and drops him down for a huge neck breaker. He covers but Angle kicks out. Both are down. Roode gets to his feet and goes to Kurt but Kurt does a single leg takedown and locks the Ankle Lock in. Roode tries to push Kurt back but Angle has it locked in. Kurt drops down and keeps it in. Roode crawls and reaches the ropes.

Kurt gets up as the fans chant "TNA, TNA" and then grabs Roode up and places him on the top rope. He climbs the corner and grabs Roode. Roode punches and headbutts Angle and he falls down. Roode stays on the corner. Kurt pops up and runs up the corner and does a huge belly to belly suplex. Both are down. Kurt slowly crawls. He covers with one arm but Roode kicks out at the last second. Both stay down. The referee counts and Roode is slowly getting up while Kurt is just shaking on the mat. The referee counts to 7 while Kurt is still on the mat. He calls for the bell. Winner: Bobby Roode

Kurt slowly turns over and he continues to shake. Another referee comes out and check on Angle. Roode looks on in a worried fashion. He walks up the ramp backwards while they still check on Kurt. Kurt can barely move as the show fades.

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