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Impact Wrestling Results (10/8/14) - Match Of The Year Candidate

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Impact Wrestling Results - 10/8/2014
From the Sands Bethlehem Event Center in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package about the Triple Threat Tag Team Series. Team 3D won the first match. The Hardys won the second match. The Wolves won the third match. There will be one more match. It will be Full Metal Mayhem and that will happen tonight. The video switches to the Bobby Roode vs. Lashley story. Lashley beat Roode several weeks ago. The two went face to face last week as Roode wants one more match. MVP stepped in and pulled Lashley away.

Bobby Roode is walking down the ramp. He gets in the ring and grabs the mic. He says he wants to make something perfectly clear. He will not give up his dream of becoming TNA World Champion again. He stood in the ring last week and asked Lashley for one more match. Instead of getting an answer from the Champion, he got an answer from MVP. So, Roode will stand in the ring till Lashley comes out and gives him HIS answer. Music plays and here comes MVP. Kenny King is behind him. They walk down the ramp side by side. MVP has a mic in hand. MVP states that he was under the impression that they spoke English in Canada. Maybe he is just too stupid to understand. Roode states maybe MVP is too stupid as he called out Lashley. MVP and King gets in the ring now. MVp states Roode wants a lot of things these days. Roode lost just like Hardy, Eric Young, Austin Aries... Roode has his chance and he lost. So, a rematch is not an answer. Roode asks MVP how the ride was to the arena. Roode asks who was driving. They took Lashley's car. However, both of them are with Lashley just to be with him. They aren't good enough. Roode also states that he will do whatever it takes to be Champion again. MVP states Roode can't break the group up. King states Roode hasn't had a big enough @ss beating. King then states Roode stated he will do anything. MVP says Roode has to beat him and King and if he does at the same time then he will give him to Lashley. MVP goes on to state that when he loses this match against them two, he will NEVER again get a shot at the TNA World Championship. Roode asks if he is willing to take the chance. Roode states, "You're on." Roode leaves the ring and walks up the ramp. MVP is confused. He talks to King as they walk up the ramp now.

A video package plays showing the Gail Kim vs. Havok story from last week. Havok attacked Gail before the match and nearly broke Gail's arm. Gail still wanted the match. They wrestled in the main event as the Knockouts Championship was on the line. Havok won at the end and is the new Knockouts Champion.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky come out together and get in the ring. Taryn Terrell comes out next. She makes her way down the ramp. She gets in the ring.


Madison Rayne's music hits and she comes down the ramp. As she does, The Beautiful People attack Taryn in the ring. Rayne slides in and Sky is tossed outside.

Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Madison Rayne to determine the #1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship

Madison and Love battle it out in the middle of the ring. Rayne whips Love in the corner and runs to her but Love elbows her in the face and takes her down. Love walks over to the apron as Taryn gets on but she shoulder blocks Love. She enters and continues the attack. Rayne gets up and they do a double suplex on Love. Each go for a cover but stop each other. Rayne and Terrell question each other. Love gets up and goes to attack them but they knock her down and then go after each other. Each go for covers but each kick out. Rayne goes for a backslide but Love breaks it up. Love taunts but Rayne and Taryn attack her with punches back and forth. Rayne runs in the ropes, but Sky trips her up. Rayne rolls to the outside. Love attacks Taryn as she plants her down on the mat and punches her head several times. She then pulls her hair back. She gets Taryn on her feet and does a dropkick. She covers but Taryn kicks out.

Taryn gets up in the corner. Love runs to her but Taryn moves and Love goes shoulder first into the ring post. Taryn hits two closelines and then takes Love down for a cover. Madison enters and breaks it. Taryn and Madison fight back and forth now. Taryn has the upper hand as she does a suplex. She climbs the corner. Love and Rayne stand and Taryn hits the flying cross body on both Knockouts. Taryn goes after Madison but Madison pushes her away. Love goes for a kick but Taryn takes her down. Madison quickly goes for a roll-up using the tights. She wins! Winner and #1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne

Music plays and here comes Havok! Havok walks down the ramp holding the Knockouts Championship. Taryn and Madison stand in the middle of the ring. Havok enters the ring. Taryn goes after her but Havok closelines her down. Madison exits the ring. Havok life Taryn up by choking her with both hands. She drops Taryn down. She then grabs her by the throat and hits a huge chokeslam! Madison is on the stage as she looks at Havok. Havok taunts and Rayne quickly goes backstage.


MVP and Kenny King are in their room. MVP states it was a great idea. Lashley walks into the picture and grabs the TNA World Championship. MVP says they have this and he shouldn't have to worry. King reiterates what MVP stated and then said he will be telling them thank you. They leave. Lashley mutters, "Thank you."

A video package plays showing the story of James Storm and The Great Sanada and how he turned on The Great Muta.

James Storm and The Great Sanada vs. Low Ki and Tigre Uno

The stars are already in the ring. Low and Storm start the match but Storm backs up and tags Sanada in. He enters. They lock-up but the go down but Low Ki goes to work on the arm of Sanada but Sanada reverses it. They get up. Sanada attacks Low as he whips him in the corner but Low pops up and kicks Sanada in the chest. Low goes for a cover but Sanada kicks out. He tags Uno. Uno enters and does a knife edge chop to Sanada. Sanada whips him in the ropes but Uno comes back with a dropkick. He goes for a cover but Sanada kicks out. Manik, who is at ringside, quickly enters and does a neck breaker as the referee was talking to James Storm. Sanada tags in Storm. He enters and goes after Uno. He gets Uno up and does a huge slap in the face and then steps on his hands. He tags Sanada. Sanada climbs the corner and does a forearm shot to Uno's arm as Storm holds it. Sanada applies a choke hold but Uno elbows his way out of it. Sanada whips Uno in the corner. He runs to him but Tigre moves out of the way. Uno puts Sanada on his knees and kicks him in the back of the head.

He tags Low and he enters as Sanada tags Storm. They both enter and Low takes it to Storm on so many levels. He knocks him down many times and does several kicks to the gut, back, and head. He puts Storm in the corner and punches his head but Storm takes him out of the corner, but Low goes for a roll-up and then does a foot stomp to the chest. He covers but James kicks out. Low gets up and is distracted by Manik on the outside. Storm does a backbreaker and covers but Low kicks out. He lifts Low up on his shoulders but Uno does a blind tag. Low slides out and puts Storm in the corner. Uno enters and runs to Storm. He goes up on his shoulders and does a hurricanrona. He hooks the leg but Sanada breaks it up. Low goes after him but Manik gets involved as they go to the outside. Storm does the Last Call Superkick to Uno and covers. Winners: James Storm and the Great Sanada

Gunner and Samuel Shaw are backstage. Gunner asks if he is capable of handling Bram tonight. Shaw says he asked for this. Gunner states this will be Bram's match as it is filled with weapons. Shaw takes off his shirt and shows his tattoos on his arms as he wants to look like Gunner. Gunner tells him he should think about just being himself. Shaw tells Gunner that he should be more supportive. Shaw walks away.


Samuel Shaw comes out from backstage. He walks down the ramp holding several weapons. He tosses them in the ring and then slides in. Bram's music plays and he walks out with a wrench.

Bram walks down the ramp but Shaw goes to the outside. Bram goes to swing the wrench but Shaw ducks and hits Bram in the head with a trashcan lid.

Samuel Shaw vs. Bram in a No Disqualification Match

Shaw brings Bram in the ring. Bram grabs a trashcan but Shaw does a dropkick. Shaw continues the attack. He puts a chair in the corner. Shaw takes Bram outside of the ring but Bram fights back as he smashes Shaw into the guard rail. He grabs his wrench and goes to swing it but Shaw ducks and Bram hits the steel post. Shaw fights back as he smashes Bram face first into the steel post. He looks under the ring and grabs a chair. He hits Bram in the gut with it and then straight to the back!!

Shaw slides the chair in and then puts another chair on top of that chair. He then gets two chairs from under the ring and puts it on top of those other two chairs. Shaw slides in as Bram crawls in. Shaw turns around and Bram hits him on the top of the head with the kendo stick. Shaw falls in the corner. Bram gets Shaw up on the top rope. He punches him and does an uppercut. Bram climbs. He goes for a superplex but Samuel blocks. He pounds on Bram's back. He flips over and does a huge sunset flip powerbomb onto the pile of chairs!!

Shaw stands and waits. Bram slowly gets up and turns. Shaw goes for the choke hold but Bram elbows his way out of it and then smashes Shaw's head into the chair he put in the corner. Shaw stands and turns and Bram hits him with the wrench!! He covers! Winner: Bram

Bram leaves the scene as a replay is shown. Brittany walks down the ramp and enters the ring. She grabs Shaw's head and looks around. She pushes his hair back.

Bobby Roode is backstage and the camera man asks him about the TNA World Championship. Roode states that title means more to him than anything else in the world. MVP is trying to stop Roode to getting the title match but Roode will kick the door down!


Team 3D are backstage. Bully Ray states he doesn't know if The Wolves are crazy or not. He says they have to be crazy to make tonight's match a Full Metal Mayhem match. Just then, The Wolves enter the picture. Eddie states a famous person said, "To be the man you have to beat the man." Well, in order to be the team you have to beat the tim. Davey states he and Eddie are crazy but they have a reason to make the match that type. They will see them out there later tonight.

Bobby Roode walks down the ramp as his music plays. He gets in the ring. MVP and Kenny King are already on the outside.

Bobby Roode vs. MVP and Kenny King - If Roode wins he will get a shot at the TNA World Championship; If he loses he will never get a TNA World Championship shot again

MVP and King enter the ring. MVP holds down the rope to tell Roode to leave before the match starts. Roode goes after King. King fights back and MVP joins in. They both attack him. MVP does a huge kick to the gut of Roode. He gets him up and they double whip him in the ropes and club him with a double elbow. MVP goes for an one finger cover but Roode quickly kicks out. He gets up but King does a spin kick to Roode. He covers but Roode kicks out. They whip Roode in the ropes but he hits them with a double closeline. He goes after King by knocking him down and then hits MVP with several knees in the gut and then a side Russian leg sweep. He covers but King beaks it up. They go back on attach. They toss him out of the ring.

MVP drives his heal of his boot to Roode's back. They get him up on his feet and whip him in the steel steps. King and MVP roll in the ring to break the count and then roll back out. MVP mocks Roode. He punches him several times in the face. He rolls him back in the ring. Roode gets up but MVP holds his arms behind him. King goes for a punch but Roode misses and hits MVP in the face. Roode punches King several times. King whips Roode in the ropes but Roode hits a closeline. MVP goes to him and attacks him. He whips him in the corner. King runs but Roode lifts him up and he goes over the ropes. MVP goes to Roode and hits the Fisherman suplex. He hooks the leg but Roode kicks out. MVP goes for the drive by kick but Roode ducks and does a roll-up! Elimination: MVP

King goes after Roode and attacks him with kicks and punches. Roode gets to his feet and punches back. He kicks King in the gut but King whips him in the ropes. MVP trips him. Roode turns and King does a suplex. He covers but Roode kicks out. Both get up. Roode does a knife edge chop but King punches. They go back and forth meanwhile the referee tells MVP to leave ringside. In the ring, Roode hits a closeline and climbs the corner. He jumps and takes King down. He covers but Kenny kicks out. Both stand but King does a chin breaker and then snaps Roode's head on the top rope. Kenny gets on the apron and goes for a springboard but Roode grabs him and hits the Roode Bomb! He covers but Lashley comes into the ring and ruins the count. The bell sounds! Winner: Bobby Roode

Lashley takes off his hat and wait. Roode stands and turns. Lashley runs and hits the huge spear!

Ethan Carter III is backstage. Ethan states he is a Carter and business overrules friendship. He is willing to give Rockstar Spud a chance, but if it doesn't work out then the future doesn't look bright.


Ethan Carter III is in the ring with a mic. He says he has been in TNA Wrestling for around a year and he is undefeated. He has won every match by victory by victory by victory by victory, etc, etc, etc, etc!! He goes on to talk about the people he fought with during his time here but he also brings up that he can make amends tonight with someone. He calls out Rockstar Spud. Spud walks down the ramp in his purple suit. He gets in the ring. Ethan says Spud has failed him but he is giving him the opportunity to redeem himself. Spud grabs a mic and says he said he is sorry for what has happened to him and for madam. He says he is best friend. Ethan tells Spud to prove that he is his best friend. Spud says Ethan's favorite color is green (because of money) and says he tells the maid to set his hotel room thermostat no lower than 71 degrees. Rockstar says Ethan doesn't like it when the fans chant, "You can't wrestle." Spud defends Ethan as the crowd chants it. Ethan states Spud's mistakes made Dixie go through the table. He can't forgive him and he is just like the 99% of people - they are all losers.

Spud says he is not a loser. He is Rockstar Spud. Ethan smirks. Ethan states he is a loser. Spud says he is not a loser... he is Rockstar Spud! Ethan says he is a Carter and Spud is a failure. Ethan pushes Spud down. He gets up. Ethan slaps Spud several times and tells him he is a loser. Spud had enough and SLAPS Ethan in the face. He takes off his coat and yells, "Come on!!!!" Ethan says Spud has a heart and that makes it so much sweeter! "Rockstar Spud, you're fired!"

A video package plays hyping up the Triple Threat Tag Team Full Metal Mayhem match.


Mike Tenay and Taz run through the Bound for Glory line-up. You can find the entire line-up for Bound for Glory right here on!

Kenny King, MVP, and Lashley are in their room. MVP states they are good to go as Roode didn't pin or make Kenny King submit. They are fine. Kurt Angle walks in and tells MVP he can't make the matches and has no authority. He states Lashley will defend that title again and it will be against the winner of a Number 1 Contender match, in which Bobby Roode will be part of. He tells MVP to be far away from that match.

Matt and Jeff Hardy walk out from the back. They walk down the ramp and interact with the fans around the ring. Team 3D come out next. They walk down the ramp. They stay on the outside of the ring. The Wolves come out next. The TNA Tag Team Championships are hanging above the ring. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring. Team 3D are also in.


The Hardys vs. Team 3D vs. The Wolves (c) for the TNA World Tag Team Championships in a Full Metal Mayhem match in the Tag Team Series Finals

Everyone stands where they are at looking at each other. Then the action starts. Bully goes after Jeff and they go to the outside. Eddie is going after Matt while Devon is going after Davey. Davey and Devon are on the outside while Matt and Eddie are in the ring. Ray goes around and tosses Davey in the steel post. Bully and Devon look under the ring and set up tables across the ring on the outside. Matt and Davey are on the apron and Matt does a huge Side Effect to Davey on the apron. He then brings out a ladder. He brings it in the ring and stets it up and climbs. Ray enters and pulls Matt down and then does a huge powerslam type move.

Ray goes up the ladder but Davey stops Bully as he pulls his leg down. He does a DDT and now Davey climbs. Jeff stops him. He does a chin breaker and he quickly climbs the ladder. Devon pulls him down and smashes his head into the ladder. Devon climbs the ladder now. Matt takes him down and does a closeline. Eddie brings a chair in the ring but Matt grabs it and hits Eddie in the gut and then unfolds it and drops Eddie's face on it. He sets up another chair beside it. Eddie does a kick to Matt's face and Davey doe a german suplex onto the two unfolded chairs.

Matt rolls out of the ring. Ray starts punching him several times. The Wolves grab Jeff. Eddie headbutts him. They double whip him in the ropes. Ray enters and attacks Davey. Eddie lifts Jeff up but Ray does a cutter to him. Ray stands and he goes after Eddie with knife edge chops. Eddie does the same. Matt gets involved and drops both of them. He takes Eddie to the corner and punches him in the face. Ray comes over and puts Matt on his shoulders. Devon climbs the corner but Eddie kicks him in the face. He climbs that corner but Matt grabs him and Ray does a powerbomb while Matt does the superplex.

Devon slides out of the ring and grabs Davey. He smashes his face in the apron and rolls him in the ring. Ray grabs Matt as he was sliding in and punches him in the face. Devon turns the steel steps over on its side and then takes a guard rail section from under the ring. He puts one side on the steps and the other side on the ring apron. Devon grabs Davey and goes for a suplex on that guard rail. Davey blocks. He does a headbutt and Devon falls on the guard rail. Davey climbs the corner. He does a "Woooo" but Ray does a huge slap to his back and then grabs him up on his shoulders. He goes for a powerbomb. Davey slides behind him. He is on the mat and Ray tries to sit down on him but Davey moves. He runs in the ropes but Ray stands and hits the back elbow. He lifts Davey up for the powerbomb and SMASHES Davey onto the guard rail via powerbomb!!! Davey's eyes are dazed while Ray has that transform look in his eyes!


Bully Ray is in the corner. The ladder is leaning on Ray. Matt is on his hands and knees. Jeff jumps from him to the ladder as it goes into Ray. They do the same thing for Eddie but Eddie pushes the ladder into Jeff. He goes down. Devon enters with a chair and smashes Eddie, Jeff, and Matt with it. Devon climbs the ladder in the middle of the ring but Eddie hits Devon in the back with the ladder. Matt has a chair and they take turns hitting Devon on the back. Now Eddie and Matt go after each other. They go down. Jeff gets up and hits Whisper in the Wind on Ray and then hits the Swanton Bomb.

Jeff rolls to the apron. He goes to the outside and takes the guard rail off of the apron and steps. Ray slides to the outside. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate to Ray on the outside. He takes a table out from under the ring. Jeff has the table upside down as he has the legs up and he puts one side on the steel steps and the other side on the apron. He smashes Ray's face off of the steel steps. Ray is leaning across the table. Jeff climbs the corner and goes for a leg drop but Ray moves and Jeff goes right through the table!! The table is smashed into a hundred pieces.

Ray enters the ring and sets the ladder up. He goes and climbs. Davey sets up another ladder beside Ray. He hits Ray and goes to climb. Matt brings in another ladder. He climbs Ray's ladder. All three are up hitting each other. They go after Davey as they lift him up for a huge hip toss on the top of the ladder to the mat. Matt and Ray grab the titles but they make it swing. Ray and Matt push each other back and Ray falls on the mat while Matt hits the ladder behind him. Davey comes back and climbs the ladder. Matt stands and takes Davey down off the ladder and hits the Twist of Fate. Matt grabs a table and sets it up in the ring. He grabs Davey. Davey fights back with punches to the gut but slides out of the ring. Matt goes to the outside and hits Davey in the head against the steel post. He puts him on a table on the outside. Matt climbs a ladder and does a huge leg drop on Davey through the table!!!

Devon is in the ring and grabs a ladder. Eddie gets in the ring and Devon hits Eddie with the ladder three times. Ray slides a huge orange ladder in the ring. Devon sets that ladder up in the ring. He climbs. Eddie grabs him from behind and pulls him down. Devon punches Eddie several times in the face. Ray enters and does a body slam to Eddie. Devon climbs the corner as they go for the "What's Up!!!!" Before Devon sails, Jeff gets on the apron and pushes Devon off the corner and Devon goes through two tables on the outside!!

Jeff stands on the apron but Ray punches him down. Eddie climbs the tall ladder. He is almost there but Ray pushes the ladder over and Eddie goes shoulder first into the guard rail on the outside. Jeff gets in the ring and throws it to Ray. Ray tries to swing at him but Jeff kicks him in the face and then grabs the chair and smashes it in Ray's face. Ray falls and rolls to the outside. Matt punches Ray's face and puts him on two tables side by side. Matt climbs the corner but Davey trips Matt up and he falls. Jeff climbs the tall ladder in the ring but Davey pushes the ladder and Jeff goes sailing... down onto Ray... THROUGH TWO TABLES!!!

Davey sets up the huge ladder in the middle of the ring. He climbs it. Matt enters frame and climbs the other side of the ladder. They are near the top and are punching back and forth. Matt continues with the punches. He grabs the titles but Eddie comes from behind and pounds on Matt's back. He grabs Matt, puts him on his shoulders and does a huge powerbomb through a table in the ring. Davey goes and grabs one title and unhooks it, gives it to Eddie, and then unhooks the other! Winner and Still TNA Tag Team Champions: The Wolves

The Wolves celebrate in the ring as the show fades. A video package hypes Bound for Glory.

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