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Impact Wrestling Turning Point Special Results (11/21/13) - Aces & 8s (Dead Man's Hand) Is Officially Dead

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Impact Wrestling Turning Point Special Results - 11/21/2013
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with the camera showing Mike Tenay and Taz. They announce that James Storm was attacked in a bar last night. Video plays in part of their "Impact365" concept. It shows Bobby Roode entering the bar and going right after James Storm. Roode throws James into the wood wall and then hits him with a trashcan. He then attacks Storm with a pool stick. He trash talks him and punches him in the face. Roode takes out some money and says, "This one is on me." He says good-bye to everyone and leaves.

Tenay and Taz say they are going to stay on top of it. Another video plays showcasing tonight's special... Turning Point. As the world continues to turn, so does TNA. AJ Styles left the company and now Dixie is looking for her World Champion. She makes a tournament where Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle won their matches. The tournament continues tonight. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode in a Bull Rope Match. Samoa Joe vs. Magnus in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. "History is written by the victors." The video switches to Bully Ray vs. Anderson. Will Aces & 8s split tonight or will Mr. Anderson be leaving TNA Wrestling? The stakes never been higher. Tonight is Turning Point!

Samoa Joe is backstage. Just then, Dixie Carter walks up to him. She says she watched her segment last week. She watches it over and over to be the best. However, she realized Joe didn't show his best. She says if Joe does want AJ, he can go and fight in Third World countries for pesos. IF Joe does win, then he won't fight against AJ as AJ won't be back in her company. Now, the fans want to see her rather than Joe, so she has to go.

Music hits and here comes TNA President Dixie Carter. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. She grabs a mic. She thanks all of the people in attendance. She knows everyone is glad that she is back in Universal. She then plugs an article about her from Sports Illustrated. She wants everyone to check it out. She then addresses AJ Styles. Everyone is mad that AJ is talking trash about her. He didn't hop on the train and now look... he is wrestling for little money. Oh well. Dixie is feeling distain (or ticked off in trailer talk). He took her property and that stops today. She has lawyers and will be stopping him. AJ better watch out as they are coming from him. Just then, James Storm's music plays and he comes out. A beer is in one hand and a bull rope is in another. He gets in the ring as the fans roar. James grabs a mic.

James asks about these consequences. He is sure Dixie saw what happened to him last night in the bar. Bobby wants to cost James the chance in this tournament. James shows Dixie the bull rope as the Wheel of Dixie picked it. He states that the rope isn't enough. He is going to use it but he wants to use chairs, tables, barbwire, a false leg or dentures from a lady in the crowd if he can get it out of her mouth. He wants a Florida Death Match! Dixie tells him no. She doesn't care about his bar fight as that was on his time, not hers. She won't change it. James said the police asked him last night if he wanted to press charges on Roode. He said no because that is what ordinary people do. He wants to do his own thing and have that match. If not, then he will call the police. He says Dixie will have egg all over her face and she won't get the match, Roode or James. Dixie says she isn't going to take that tone and she isn't going to be backed in the corner. James starts yelling to get the fans pumped. Dixie says she doesn't like the tone. James understands that's not how you talk to a lady. He then asks Dixie politely to have this match that everyone wants and so the cops won't come. Dixie says that since he asked nicely and that he can tell the police that there isn't a problem on her show. He has the match! James leaves the ring as his music plays. He smiles from ear to ear.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown again as they run down the line-up for tonight's show.

Magnus' music hits. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Samoa Joe comes out next to his music. He doesn't come out though. He is then shown backstage. He has a mic and says he isn't here to talk. He wants to fight so he calls Magnus to the back. Magnus leaves the ring and walks up the ramp. The bell sounds.


Magnus vs. Samoa Joe in a Falls Count Anywhere Match in the TNA World Title Tournament

Joe has Magnus in his hand and rams him right into the wall backstage. Joe does a huge knife edge chop to Magnus' chest. A video plays showing what happened during break. We come back and see Magnus and Joe on the stage. Magnus has Joe down and covers him. Joe kicks out. Magnus rakes the eyes of Joe. Magnus gets him up and knees him in the face. Joe punches back with rights and lefts. Magnus punches back to the face of Joe. Joe walks down the ramp. Magnus follows and rakes his back. Joe does a knife edge chop. Magnus fights back but Joe does several punches. Magnus grabs Joe and rolls him in the ring. He gets him up and Joe whips Magnus in the corner. He goes to Magnus but he kicks Joe in the face. Magnus climbs the corner and jumps but Joe does an atomic drop, a kick to the chest and then a back splash on Magnus. He gets Magnus up and does a huge slam and covers. Magnus kicks out. He gets up in the corner. Joe runs to him but Magnus moves. He picks Joe up and does a huge sit-down body slam. He hooks the leg but Joe kicks out. Magnus grabs Joe and gets him up. Magnus does a suplex. He then climbs the corner. Joe does a knife edge chop as he climbs the corner too. Magnus fights him off and gets off the corner. He knees Joe in the face and Joe falls back. Magnus climbs the corner again and does an elbow drop. He covers but Joe kicks out.

Magnus grabs Joe's leg and goes for the Cloverleaf but Joe pushes him away. Joe gets up in the corner. Magnus runs to him but Joe lifts him up with one arm and smashes him down. Magnus rolls out of the ring. Joe waits. He then runs in the ropes ands does a huge suicide dive! Both are down on the outside. Joe crawls over and covers but Magnus kicks out. Magnus gets up and walks around the ring. He looks under the ring but didn't grab anything. He goes around and grabs a chair from underneath. He places the chair between the bottom and middle rope in the corner. He goes to Joe and does an uppercut. He goes to whip him in the chair, but Joe reverses and does a rear naked choke hold. Magnus is fading. Magnus comes back and pushes Joe back first into the apron. Magnus goes in front of the chair. Joe runs to him, but Mangus moves and Joe goes face first into the chair. He falls. Magnus covers and wins! Winner: Magnus

Joseph Park is walking backstage. He says he can't believe it. He is going to do it. Him vs. Abyss one on one! Let's see what happens.


Bad Influence (Kaz and Christopher Daniels) dance their way down the ramp and in the ring. Kaz grabs a mic. He introduces himself and Daniels and says it is time for everyone's pleasure of the night (meaning them). He then says they will watch Abyss vs. Park from ringside and it is time for us to worship them! They get out of the ring as Joseph Park's music plays. He comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic and says he warned both of them (Bad Influence). He then tells them to sit down and shut up. He has been searching for Abyss for 18 months and now here we are. Abyss vs. Park. This will quiet all of the rumors going around. He is doing this for himself. He will prove that he is not a loser. He doesn't care if he gets beat. It could be called his turning point then. He then wants Christy Hemme to announce. She announces The Monster Abyss! His music plays and we wait. He isn't coming out though. She introduces him again. We continue to wait. Kaz gets on the mic and ramp and asks where he is. He and Daniels get in the ring and calls Park fatty and he better do some entertaining. Daniels grabs a mic and says that a guy like him to is old and who trains and shortly becomes on the roster is an inspiration, but that is not Park. He is a water bed. He wrestles in a cheap track suit. The fans boo him because he is a loser. He is a failure. The reason why his family isn't here is because he is an embarrassment to them. Daniels asks if Park is going to cry?

Daniels continue to talk and says he wants Park to hit him in the face. Is he? Or do they need blood? Kaz then dumps some red liquid on Park. He dumps a whole bucket full. Daniels asks where Abyss is. Daniels says Park is a waste of space and wasting air that others could be breathing. He yells at Park to get out of his ring. Park slowly walks out of the ring and slowly walks up the ramp. Daniels tells him to get out of here. Kaz says that is not ketchup and to clean himself up and to get out of his business.


Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa are in the ring. Gail has the Knockouts Title on her shoulder and a mic in her hand. This is the second week for her Open Challenge, so she invites anyone who isn't part of the Knockouts division to fight her. Candice Larea runs down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Gail Kim vs. Candice Larea

Candice goes right after Gail with punch after punch, but Gail quickly fights back and knocks Candice down. She gets up and Gail puts her in the corner and continues the attack. Gail whips her in another corner. Gail runs to her, but Candice jumps up and does a hurricanrona. Gail gets up in the corner and Candice runs to her but Gail moves. They come out of the corner and Candice fights back. Candice goes for a kick, but Gail lifts Candice up and does a huge sit-down power bomb. Candice kicks out. Both get up and Gail does the Eat Defeat and gets the win. Winner: Gail Kim

Tapa gets in the ring and celebrates with Gail in the ring.

James Storm is walking backstage. He grabs whatever he can find from stretches to a hammer to a kendo stick to a trashcan lid. His match is next.


A video plays that is sponsored by the "Friends of AJ". It shows AJ Styles in Japan. He takes pictures with fans over there and then it showcases his match he had while in the country. He takes shots at Dixie.

Jeremy Borash is backstage. Mr. Anderson comes up to him and Borash says this could be his last match in Impact Wrestling. Ken says that is not going to happen. He has a family to look after. He says Bully Ray and Aces are going to be done. DONE, DONE, DONE, DONE! It should have been done a long time ago.

James Storm is backstage gathering weapons. Gunner walks up to him and asks if he is fine. He then sees if he is cleared. James is cleared. Gunner says James doesn't need the weapons. James says he doesn't need it but he wants it. He then thanks Gunner for being his friend, unlike Roode. Gunner and James shake hands.

A video plays showcasing the history of the relationship between James Storm and Bobby Roode. They were friends for 4 years but Roode turned on him to win the TNA World Title. It was the ultimate betrayal.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces this match. James Storm comes out to the ring first. He carries a trash can that is full of weapons. He makes his way to the ring.


Roode's music plays and he comes out on the stage, but Storm runs up the ramp and smashes Roode right in the gut with the kendo stick. Roode falls instantly.

James Storm vs. Bully Ray in a Florida Death Match in the TNA World Title Tournament

Roode rolls down the ramp and James follows him. He takes off Roode's cape and then smashes him into the steel barricade. He then punches him in the face. Roode goes down. Roode gets up and Storm hits him with a closeline. Storm gets him up but Roode pushes Storm face first into the steel ring post. James falls and he starts bleeding from the forehead. Roode gets him up and punches him. James grabs Roode and whips him in the steel steps. Roode flips over it and lands back first on the other side. James gets him up and rolls him in the ring. James brings his trash cans of weapons in the ring. He gets in and grabs a crutch. Roode is in the corner. Storm drives the crutch right into the gut. He then whips him into a corner. James runs to him but Roode lifts him up but Storm lands on the apron and kicks him in the back of the head. He gets in the ring and runs in the ropes, but Roode grabs a trash can lid and smashes James right in the head with it. Storm gets up and Roode gets the crutch and hits Storm in the gut and then chokes him with it.

Storm slowly gets up in the corner. Roode does a knife edge chop and then a punch. He grabs the crutch and hits Storm in the gut again. He goes to whip him but Storm reverses him, kicks him in the gut, and then punches him in the face. Roode falls down in the corner. James places the trash can in between Roode's legs and then grabs a kendo stick and swings at the can. Roode screams in pain! James grabs a trash can lid and smashes Roode in the back of the head with it. Roode slowly starts to get up again. James climbs the corner and grabs Roode from behind. Roode fights out of it and backs up. Storm does a sunset flip, but Roode rolls through and stomps on the gut of Storm. Roode goes to catapult Storm in the corner where a trashcan is set-up, but Storm stops at the last second. Storm grabs the trash can and throws it to Roode's head. It misses but Roode falls. Roode slowly gets up and James smashes the trash can right in the head and it connects this time. The referee starts counting to 10 but Roode gets up. Storm goes in the ropes, but Roode lifts him up and does a huge spine buster to James on the trash can.

James gets up and Roode grabs a lid. He hits James right in the head of it. James grabs a lit and hits Storm with it. They go back and forth this time. Bam, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM! Both fall after multiple shots to the head. The referee counts. Both get up before the 10 count. Roode grabs a crutch and runs to Storm, but Storm hits him with The Last Call Superkick. Roode falls. The referee counts. Roode rolls out of the ring and grabs a beer bottle that is under the ring. Storm goes to reach for Roode as he goes to stand, but Roode smashes the beer bottle right in the head. Storm goes down instantly. Roode gets back in the ring. The referee counts but Storm gets up. Roode runs and closelines Storm as he turns around. Roode goes to the outside and brings two chairs in the ring. Roode unfolds them and sets them up in the middle of the ring. Roode grabs Storm and lifts him up o his shoulders. He takes him over and Storm lands on the seats of the steel chairs back/rib first. Roode stands and waits. The referee counts. Storm gets up at 8 or 9.

Roode grabs a crutch and smashes it into Storm's gut and then kidneys. Storm falls in the corner. Roode goes to the outside and looks under the ring. He finds a piece of wood with barbwire on it. He brings it in the ring. He grabs Storm by the hair. He drabs Storm. He then puts Storm on his shoulders. Just then, Gunner comes down the ramp and jumps on the apron. He throws in a white towel and the referee calls for the bell. The referee raises Roode's hand. Winner: Bobby Roode

Gunner and Roode stare at each other. Roode drops Storm and walks slowly out of the ring. Gunner gets in the ring and checks on Storm.


James Storm is finally getting to his feet and Gunner checks on him. Storm flips out. He pushes Gunner in the chest and starts yelling at him. He then kicks and throws weapons in the ring. He exits the ring and squats down. Gunner tries to confront him but James doesn't want him around. He pushes him and asks why he is looking out for him. Gunner says because he cares. Storm walks up the ramp and Gunner follows behind.

We see an updated brackets for the TNA World Title Tournament. Hardy vs. Roode and Magnus vs. Angle.

A video plays showing Christy Hemme and Sam Shaw. He wants to be called Samuel Shaw though. He talks about going to pro-wrestling school and then talks about going to art school. He shows his artwork to Christy and some of the paintings are shown on the screen. Hemme tells him "cool place" and ends the video. The camera keeps rolling though. Samuel tells her about a new restaurant and if she is up for it. She is and gives him her number. They hug and she leaves. He walks over and stares at her number.

Dewey Barnes and Nerv Fernum are backstage. Ethan Carter III comes into the ring and is surprised to see these two in this room. He sits down with them and says he flew them down to the arena and says they "suck". That is what he wanted to say to them. He has to move on. He says he has a match with a legend who built this company. He then calls them "losers" and leaves.

Jeremy Borash introduces Aces & 8s as it is a big night for them. Knux comes into the picture and pushes Borash away. Bully Ray and Brooke come into the picture. Brooke takes the mic and puts it into Bully's face. Bully says they brought Anderson back a year ago to join the group. Now he will be the one to take him out. He will piledrive him through the stage. He will be the one who will also take care of Ken's pregnant wife.


Kurt Angle is backstage. He says Magnus is one of the best wrestlers today. Just look how much he is improving. Kurt says Magnus is a threat. A guy interrupts Kurt and says Dixie Carter wants to see him right now. He means now! Kurt goes to walk away and then says he is really looking forward to fighting Magnus.

The lights go out and Ethan Carter III comes out. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. The fans boo as he showcases his body. He then grabs a mic. He says it is time to raise his level of competition. Tonight he is facing a returning legend of TNA Wrestling. Ladies and gentlemen, stand up to praise his opponent! Here comes Shark Boy! He comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. Shark goes to the corners and taunts. He then goes to Ethan but Ethan punches him right in the face and Shark falls.

Ethan Carter III vs. Shark Boy

Ethan gets him up but Shark punches him right in the face. He takes off his vest and continues to punch Ethan. He then whips Ethan in the ropes but Carter ducks down and slides out. Shark gets out and goes after him. Both get back in the ring and Ethan goes for an elbow drop but Shark moves out of the way. Shark whips Ethan in the corner and does punches to the face. Ethan come sour of the corner and Shark kicks him in the gut. Ethan fights back and lifts Shark up and smashes him face and chest first into the mat. He then gets him up and hits the 1%er. He covers and wins. Winner: Ethan Carter III

Ethan grabs a mic again. He states that he is EC3. He is a Carter... The world needs us! Ethan goes and taunts again.

A video plays showing Aces & 8s unfold starting when Mr. Anderson become VP of the group. Bully Ray is so glad Ken is VP. Ray then lost to Chris Sabin. He asks about Ken. Ken says they are trying but no one is above the group. Ray says he is above Ken. Ken turns on Bully but Bully took Ken out with a huge piledriver on the stage. Months later, Ken comes back and made Ray lose to AJ Styles. Ken wants a match with him.

A split screen is shown. Ken is on the right and Bully Ray is on the right. Both are walking to the ring.


Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode are backstage. Dixie Carter goes right in between them. They continue to stare at each other as Dixie talks. She yells at them twice to look at her. She says they will have the "Dixie Carter Thanksgiving Day Impact Wrestling" show. Both will lead a team of 4 and it will be an 8 man elimination match. She tells them to show her how thankful they are by delivering her a great main event!

Aces & 8s music plays. Bully Ray and Brooke walk down the ramp. Brooke and Ray meet at the end of the ramp and share some close touching. They then continue as Ray climbs the corner and taunts. The lights go out and here comes Mr. Anderson. His music plays as he walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Music hits and Gunner, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Daniels, Kazarian, and others come out on the stage to watch this match.

Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson in a No DQ Match - If Bully Ray loses, Aces & 8s disban; If Mr. Anderson loses, he has to leave TNA Wrestling

Ken runs to Ray and spears him down. It knocks Borash off his feet and he quickly leaves the ring. Ken grabs the mic and introduces himself and low blows Ken. He introduces himself again and then closelines Ray down. Ray rolls out of the ring and holds his groin. Brooke goes to check on him as Taz says, "She is excellent in that area." Ken gets out of the ring and Ray grabs Brooke to use him as a shield. He then pushes her into Ken and then he runs after him. Ray picks Brooke up and then goes after Ken. He pounds on his back and then face first into the steel steps. Ken turns and punches back but Ray rakes the eyes of Anderson. Ray then smashes Ken's hand and wrist onto the steel steps. He punches Ken in the head some more. Ray looks under the ring and grabs a table. He brings it in the ring.


Sorry everyone but the site kicked me off at the end of the show and didn't save my ending write-up of the show.

Winner: Mr. Anderson after Brooke grabbed the ball peen hammer from Taz and throw it in the ring but threw it too far and Mr. Anderson caught it. Ray turned around and Ken smashed the hammer to his face and then hit the Mic Check.

Bully Ray took the vest off of Bully Ray and the stars on the ramp made Taz take his off. He handed it to Kurt. Ken raised Ray's and Knux's vest as the Aces & 8s are finally over.

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