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Impact Wrestling Results (12/12/13) - Jeff Hardy Going To Ride The Dixie Train?

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Feast or Fired 2013

Impact Wrestling Results - 12/12/2013
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

A video package starts the show off showing AJ Styles as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He takes the title and drives away. It then shows AJ going to Mexico with the title and fighting with it. Dixie Carter isn't happy. She wants her title back but AJ sends a little toy one. AJ tells her to come to his hometown and get it.

Rockstar Spud is shown driving a car as he is going to Gainesville, Georgia. He is leaving a message for Dixie saying he will find AJ soon. He hangs up and says, "I'm so lost."

Jeremy Borash is in the ring with a little spin wheel and four cases on a table. One has an X-Division Title shot, World Title shot, tag team title shot, and a pink slip. It is the return of Feast or Fired. Borash then turns to the right to the Wheel of Dixie. He spins to reveal the stipulation for the World Title tournament final match. Before he spins it, music plays and here comes Kurt Angle! Kurt walks down the ramp and gets right in the ring. He grabs the mic from Borash and yells at him to get out. Borash gets out and then Kurt flips the table over with the briefcases and then tackles the Wheel of Dixie. Kurt tells Roode to get out here because he cost him the shot to be in the finals. Bobby Roode's music plays and he comes out. Roode says he is not going to fight him. He is not going to wrestle Kurt. Since Kurt declined his Hall of Fame offer, Roode physically and mentally broke Kurt down. Roode can beat Angle any day of the week. He owns Kurt. He is better than Angle. Kurt gets back on the mic and tells him he will never beat him again. Kurt says he is so sure, he will beat him twice in one night. Roode laughs and says he is full of it. Kurt tells him to prove that he can't do it. Roode runs down the ramp and Kurt exits the ring. Roode goes to Kurt but Kurt takes Roode to the steel steps and then brings him in the ring. Both get up and Kurt takes Roode down and punches hiim in the face.

Security and referees come out and tear each other apart. They go to opposite sides of the ring. They can't hold Kurt as he goes to Roode. They pull him back. Roode runs to Kurt and does a low blow right to him. Kurt goes down. Roode grabs a mic and goes down to Kurt. Angle thinks he can beat Roode twice, well next week, Final Resolution, will be Kurt Angle vs. Roode in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Roode's music plays and Roode walks away.

A video plays showing Bad Influence pouring blood on Joseph Park. Bad Influence then goes to the doors of Park, Park, and Park and find out that the offices closed 13 years ago. This week will be Bad Influence vs. Park and Eric Young.

Joseph Park is walking back and forth. Eric Young asks him if he is ready. Young says Influence has been messing up his life, so is he ready to go out there? Park says he didn't do anything like that to Young. He doesn't want to go out. Young asks if he trusts him. Park does. Eric tells him to move. They leave the scene.


Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the stars for the first match. Bad Influence (Kazarian and Christopher Daniels) come out on the stage and dance their way down the ramp. They get in the move and do the strut as they meet each other in the middle of the ring. Music hits and here comes Joseph Park and Eric Young. They get in the ring and Influence exits.

Bad Influence vs. Joseph Park vs. Eric Young

Young starts the match off against Daniels. They move around the ring. They go to lock-up, but Daniels punches Young in the gut and does a headlock. Young pushes him in the ropes and eventually does a dropkick. He works on the arm of Daniels and tags Park. Park gets in and goes to work on the arm, but Daniels pushes Park in the corner. Daniels backs up but Park goes right after him and then tags Eric. Eric gets in and Daniels goes and tags Kazarian. He enters and Young does a back body drop. He then places Kaz in the corner and punches him in the head 10 times. He tags Park. Park goes for a suplex, but Kaz breaks it up and pushes Park in the corner. He knees him and punches him in the face. He takes Park over and tags Daniels. Both are in and take Park down. They kick him, closeline him, and Kaz jumps up and falls right down on Park's back. Daniels now works on him with stomps to the chest and back. He tags Kaz. Kaz enters and kicks Park right in the chest. Kaz then taunts Park as the crowd boos. Kaz goes over and knocks Young down off the apron. Daniels enters and Kaz slaps Park in the face back and forth. Just then, EY comes in and goes after both. He takes Daniels out and then tosses Kaz over the ropes. Kaz lands on Daniels. Young tells Park to get up and "Come on"! Park looks around and then shakes his head. Young gets Park up and puts him in a headlock. He then punches Park in the face multiple times. Just then, Park starts to bleed from his forehead. He sees the blood and starts to hulk-up!

Just then, Influence comes in the ring. Daniels pounds on Park's back but Park turns and they see the trouble. Park double closelines them and then does a chokeslam on Kaz and then smashes Daniels in the corner as he was standing there. Park takes him and does the torture rack. Daniels rolls out. Kaz gets in and runs, but Park grabs him for the Black Hole Slam. He covers and wins! Winners: Joseph Park and Eric Young

Young is in the ring with a mic. He says that was crazy. 18 months ago Park was looking for his brother Abyss. He knows why he can't find his brother Abyss is because he (Park) is Abyss. Park shakes his head and says, "No way." Young pats him on the back and leaves. Park looks around the arena as the crowd chants, "You are Abyss, you are Abyss."

An #Impact365 video plays. It shows Ethan Carter III getting a massage. He says there are probably people backstage who are jealous of him. He took out a legend last week. This week he will have social media blow up. He then tells Helga (the massage therapist) to get in deeper because he will need it.


Music plays and here comes Ethan Carter III! He walks down the ramp and walks up the steel steps. He gets in the ring and taunts to the crowd. They boo him. He grabs a mic. He turns to Brian Hebner (the referee) and tells him not to worry as he is save today. The crowd chants, "Shut your mouth." Ethan pauses. He then talks again and says that he gave Earl Hebner the shining moment of his career. His hand picked opponent is going to blow social media up. Tonight, he will face TNA Wrestling's social media guru Jeremy Borash! Borash is sitting at ringside and is shaking his head no. Ethan says he is a Carter so get in the ring now! Just then, Sting's music plays! Sting walks down the ramp. Ethan has a serious look on his face. Sting gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Sting can't believe he is in the ring with such greatness. Can he just shake Ethan's hand? He extends his hand and Ethan shakes it. Sting says Ethan is just shooting up to the top. Sting should just hold onto Ethan's belt loop and go for the ride. Sting then says that Ethan has done absolutely nothing. Sting says he has a spoon in his mouth and it's only because he has a last name that gives him all these doors wide open but they shouldn't be open. Sting says there are people tonight who are going to fight and risk in Feast or Fired tonight. Risk and fighting is something that Ethan hasn't done. Sting tells Ethan to own up and be in the match OR he can fight Sting right now. Ethan looks at Sting right in the eyes. They are face to face. Ethan then looks at the crowd side to side. He states, "So, this is The Icon Sting." He goes on to say that Sting wants him to do something memorable. "You...Are...On!: Ethan backs up and goes to fight. He moves around the ring and then gets on the mic and says, "Tonight I will compete in Feast or Fired." Ethan leaves the ring. He looks back, smiles, and walks away as his music plays.

Rockstar Spud is shown driving in a car. He is looking at a map. He pulls in a gas station. The guy tells him that the station is closed. Spud gets out of the car and tells the guy he is lost and needs help. He asks if he knows AJ Styles. The guy does and says he knows his friends. They usually drink at a bar a mile down. Spud grabs the guy and the guy goes in defense. Spud apologizes and says he is british. He thanks the guy and gets back in the car and drives off.


Gail Kim is on the apron while Lei'D Tapa is on the mat in front of her. Both get on the ring. Tapa holds the Knockouts Title. Gail says it is another installment of the Gail Kim Open Challenge. Gail says the open challenges have been disappointing. Tapa agrees. Gail can't wait for the next person. Just then, ODB's music plays. She comes out and Gail laughs. ODB gets in the ring with her flask and drinks from it. Gail says, "No" and says that ODB didn't get the memo as she is looking for better competition. Gail tells her to get out. ODB grabs the mic. ODB states Gail isn't out there to kick her butt. She's out there to kick hers! She then pounds the mic into Tapa's head. She takes Tapa into the corner and then closelines Gail down. ODB whips Tapa in the opposing corner and ODB runs to her. She lifts her up but Gail takes the legs out from under ODB and she falls. Tapa and Gail start to beat up ODB. Tapa stomps on ODB while someone comes in and tackles Gail. It is Madison Rayne! Gail rolls out of the ring. Tapa turns and goes after Rayne, but ODB gets up and goes after Tapa. They both closeline Tapa over the ropes. ODB's music plays and she and Rayne celebrate.

Rockstar Spud enters the bar and sees what America is really like. He sees a band playing in the bar and then he sits down on a stool. He calls a girl over and asks her about "Allen Jones". She sells beer not information. Spud hands her money and wants a little lady drink. If she sells him beer, she may get information. She hands him a beer with a little lemon on top. Spud says that doesn't look like the drink in the United Kingdom! Plus, he wants that information!


Rockstar Spud is shown in the video in the bar. He grabs a mic. He asks if anyone knows of Allen Jones, aka AJ Styles. Someone says that mic is for singing. He needs this information though. He does say he is a singer though. He takes off his coat. They start to play. Spud sings! "God saved the queen! Do you know what I mean? Do you know what I mean?" Spud starts to climb on the band's equipment and starts taking down lights. He keeps on singing, but someone grabs him and tells him to get out. Someone takes him out through the door.

A video plays hyping up the Feast or Fired match that will happen late tonight.

James Storm and Gunner are backstage. Gunner says he is sorry. He says things have been getting under his skin. James says there is a lot that has happened between them with the whole towel incident to interfering in the match. James says they can get all of the gold. Gunner says, "Or someone can be fired." James states, "Then sorry about your damn luck." James pats on Gunner's back and leaves. Gunner smirks and says, "Okay."


Rockstar Spud is shown in his car. He says AJ Styles' house is three doors down. Spud gets out of the car, turns his little flashlight on that is on top of a pen. He then starts running.

Dixie Carter's music plays. She comes out and gets in the ring. She grabs a mic. She says Kurt Angle took out the Wheel of Dixie. That was going to be featured in a artist museum, but now Kurt took it down because of some redemption. They don't make the matches around here... she does! However, their match will happen, but the big match is the finals to determine the next TNA World Champion. It will be for her gold... for her title. She wants to introduce the two stars. Magnus' music plays and he comes out from backstage and walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring and taunts from the corner. Music hits and here comes Jeff Hardy! Jeff walks out and interacts with the fans around the ring. He gets in the ring as the crowd does a huge pop for him. Dixie gets back on the mic. She states either one of you would make an outstanding World Champion for her and her company. With their match one week away, she asks if they had any final words for each other. Jeff grabs a mic. He states that he won the Bound for Glory Series last year. He won the World Champion at Bound for Glory 2012. All he did this year was defeat purpose. Next week, we, the creatures, win the TNA World Championship again. "Hardy, Hardy, Hardy!" Magnus grabs the mic. Magnus says he may be young... he may be the youngest guy in the tournament, but he isn't stupid, blind or deaf. He knows these are his fans. He appreciates Jeff in this business and helping Jeff put food on Magnus' table. However, Jeff is only his final obstacle for that championship. Jeff is that number one guy. It means that Magnus has to beat him and he will. Dixie says that the Wheel of Dixie has been destroyed, but there was one more match on the wheel. That match is called "Dixie Land". A video plays.

It shows Magnus and Jeff though their careers. Dixie Land starts in a steel cage. First they have to escape the cage over the top. They then have to run up the ramp and go to the stage. They have to climb the ladder to reach for the gold. It's two obstacles that they need to do before they reach the gold. Whoever wins will travel the world on her jet. The champion will represent the company with her. It will be long days and rough nights, but it is worth it. The doors will be open. Dixie states that the VP door will be open tonight for either one of them who wants to pop in and have a little drink with her. Dixie's music plays and she leaves.

The 4 briefcases are shown backstage. The camera shows Velvet Sky. She is straightening her dress. Chris Sabin comes to her and says he looks great and his hair looks great and the title looks great on him. She agrees. He asks if she changed her hair and she said no. Sabin turns, makes a face, and pulls Sky with him.

Rockstar Spud is shown in the video. He goes to a house and tries to breka in. He goes to a door and plucks his way in but the door was unlocked. He enters and checks a closet. He then turns and runs into an animal with horns and then hits a guitar. He isn't sly. He then sits on a couch and puts his feet up. His feet hit something hard. He looks and it is something in a case. He opens it and it is the TNA World Championship in the case. Just then, AJ Styles walks down the steps. He says he was expecting him because he got calls form people saying a little british guy was looking for him. That is why he left the door unlocked. Spud gets up and goes to take the title, but AJ holds onto the title and says he can leave without it or call the police. Spud panics and let's go of the title and runs out of the house. AJ looks at the title and then shuts the door.


Mr. Anderson is walking backstage. He talks about the past with Aces & 8s, but now it is time to move forward and talk about the opportunity of getting a shot at the TNA World Championship.

Christy Hemme is shown as she introduces the next match. Austin Aries walks down the ramp and gets in the ring with his cape. He goes to the corner and taunts. Chris Sabin's music hits. He has the X-Division Title around his waist and Velvet Sky is beside him. He dips her and kisses. They walk down the ramp and he gets in the ring.

Austin Aries vs. Chris Sabin (c) for the X-Division Championship

The bell sounds and both move around the ring. They lock-up. Aries goes behind Sabin and then applies a headlock. Sabin backs Aries up in the corner and then pushes is chest. Aries does a huge knife edge chop, but Sabin does a headlock. Aries pushes him in the ropes. He runs the ropes as Aries ducks down. Sabin stops and goes for an elbow drop, but Aries moves and Sabin exits the ring. Aries rests on the top rope. Sabin enters and runs to him, but Aries flips over the ropes and urns around the ring. Sabin goes chest first in the corner. Aries stops and looks at Sky. Sabin goes for the baseball slide, but Aries slides in the ring and runs. He hits a suicide dive on Chris. Aries climbs the corner and goes to jump, but Sabin holds onto Sky. Aries goes on the apron and runs, but Sabin trips him up and Aries falls right on his face. Sabin brings Aries in the ring and takes him o the corner. Aries fights back as he chokes Chris on the ropes and then climbs the corner. He goes for the missile dropkick, but Sabin moves out of the way. Sabin picks Aries up from behind and then spins him around to take him down chest first on his knee. Sabin covers but Aries kicks out. He gets Aries up and applies an abdominal stretch. He then releases it and does a front suplex as Aries lands gut first on the top rope. Sabin covers him but Aries kicks out.

Both get up and Sabin goes for a suplex, but Aries blocks it and he does a front suplex on Sabin and he falls gut first on the top rope. Aries then does clapping of the ears several times and then some punches. He runs into the ropes and comes back for the disc closeline. Sabin falls back and is down. Aries climbs the corner as Sabin gets back up. He jumps for a double sledgehammer shot. He takes Sabin back in the ring and climbs the corner. Sabin gets up and Aries hits him with the missile dropkick. Sabin goes in the corner. Aries goes to him, but Sabin tries to fight back. Sabin gets out of the corner and runs to Austin but Aries does a hip toss and it sends Sabin right into the corner. Aries grabs Sabin but Sabin fights back. Aries pushes Sabin in the ropes. Sky gets on the apron though. Sabin stops in his tracks so he doesn't hit Sky. He turns and Aries kicks him in the gut, lifts him up, and does the Brain Buster. He covers and wins! Winner and New X-Division Champion: Austin Aries

Sabin leaves the ring and Sky checks up on him.


Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky are backstage. He wipes his face with a towel and says that this isn't his fault. He then turns and sees Austin Aries walking. He confront Aries and states that Aries put Sky in danger and then he states that he will enter Feast or Fired and get a briefcase for the X-Division Title or for the World Title and pass him up. Aries states that he will also enter Feast or Fired. Sabin doesn't get it. He says he is stealing his idea... is he going to steal his girl next? Aries likes the idea. He leaves.

Magnus is backstage. He says he can't be concerned what Dixie Land is or about cocktails. He needs to focus on the title match. Just then he gets a call and needs to take it.

A video plays showcasing the TNA World Championship tournament and where we are at today. It also shows the hype of Roode vs. Angle. The video ends showcasing the matches for Final Resolution - which will air next week.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the stars for Feast or Fired. Mr. Anderson comes out first as the lights go out. Ken raises his arm and the mic falls from above. "Aces & 8s... gone! Now I am hunger and hungry for gold. The next TNA World Heavyweight Champion from Green Bay, Wisconsin... Mr. Anderson.. An.." Just then, a guy in a hood comes out. Bully Ray is there! He beats up Ken from behind. He then grabs Ken, lifts him up and does a piledriver on the stage. Ken is down and out. Ray grabs the mic that is hanging. He goes over Ken and begins to speak. He talks about the good and how is is spread. However, evil is more powerful and filled all over the world. Evil has spread over the cities and over the people. Nothing can change the past but the future can be affected. Ken has raped Ray's future and now Ray will rape his future kids of their future.


A video shows the beat down from Bully Ray on Mr. Anderson. It then shows officials checking on Anderson during commercial.

There are several participants in the ring already. Samoa Joe comes out and makes his way to the ring. James Storm and Gunner come out next and get in the ring. Austin Aries makes his way next. He walks around the ring and gets in. The lights go out and music hits. Here comes Ethan Carter III. Ethan stops at the end of the ramp. He then walks up the steel steps. He gets in the ring.

Samoa Joe, Norv Furnum, Dewey Barnes, James Storm, Chris Sabin, Gunner, James Storm, Curry Man, Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, Austin Aries, Zema Ion, Ethan Carter III in Feast or Fired

The bell rings and Curry Man exits the ring. There's no way he is going on in this match from past experience. He walks away. Chris Sabin goes after Dewey and Norv. They are on the outside. Aries jumps over and takes down all three people. Zema Ion does a baseball slide to Aries. Now Ion, Aries, and Sabin sand. Hernandez runs in the ropes and jumps over. He lands on all three. Hernandez gets up, as well as the others. James Storm and Gunner go out of the ring and into the mix. Dewey and Norv go next on the crowd. Finally, Samoa Joe does a suicide dive on the stars. Ethan goes to run, but he turns and climbs the corner and grabs case number three. Chavo Guerrero goes to him, but Ethan takes it down. The others continue to battle. Ethan grabs case 3


Most of the stars are in the ring now. They are battling it out. Samoa Joe takes out several stars via closeline. Chavo goes after Joe and puts him in the corner. Hernandez runs to him. Joe takes Chavo over the ropes while Hernandez runs to Joe, but Joe moves and kicks him in the head. Joe closelines Gunner of the ropes. Joe does an atomic drop on Dewey and then kicks him in the chest. He then does a power bomb on Norv landing right on Dewey. Sabin climbs the corner and Joe does a huge chop to the chest. He then takes Sabin up and drops him down on the mat. Ion gets on the apron and Joe goes after him but Dewey and Norv take Joe out of the ring. They go and climb the corner but that is the post Ethan climbed. They switch to case 2, but Ion comes in and pushes both off the corner. Ion climbs and grabs it. Zema Ion grabs case 2.

The stars enter the ring again. Aries goes after Hernandez and then Chavo and then whips Storm in the corner and then whips Gunner in the same corner. He puts Hernandez in the corner which Chavo. Aries does a running dropkick to both James and Gunner, then to Hernandez and Chavo and then to James Storm and then to Chavo. Aries goes to climb the corner for a case, but Dewey and Norv enter and fight him. He puts them in the corner and runs. They lifts him up and he lands on the apron. He chokes them on the top and then climbs the corner. He does a huge 450 splash on both of them! Aries goes over and climbs the opposing corner. However, Sabin grabs Aries' foot and takes him down. He then whips Aries in the steps, but Aries reverses and Sabin goes into it. Joe gets in the ring and goes after Chavo. He punches him multiple times. Joe whips Chavo in the opposing corner but Hernandez is there and lifts him up to the top rope. Chavo grabs the case and gets it. Chavo grabs case 4

James Storm and Gunner get in the ring and take out Joe and then go after Hernandez. Hernandez fights back and climbs the corner. Gunner climbs the corner to but Hernandez knocks him down. Dewey and Norv climbs the corner and try for a double superplex, but Gunner grabs both of them and does a power bomb on both of them while doing the double superplex. James Storm gets up in the corner. Samoa Joe climbs the apron and James does The Last Call Superkick. Joe falls down. James goes to grab the briefcase, but Gunner knocks Gunner off the top. Gunner climbs the corner and grabs the case as Samoa Joe gets back on the apron. Gunner grabs case 1

Gunner takes the case with him as he walks up the ramp. He looks on at the ring as Storm stares at him with pain in his face.

A camera shows Dixie Carter in her VP room. She sits there sipping some wine. In walks Jeff Hardy. Dixie says he wasn't expecting him to come in, but she wants him to join her. She asks if he wants a class of wine and he would. She goes and gets it for him. The show fades.

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