Impact Wrestling Results (12/19/13) - Magnus Takes The Train To Dixie Land


Impact Wrestling/Final Resolution Results - 12/19/2013
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Final Resolution starts off with a video package looking at AJ Styles and Dixie Carter. It shows the heel turn of Dixie when she bashed AJ and everything he stood for. AJ took the TNA World Championship and drove off to the sunset. Dixie is now looking for a new champion and she set up a tournament to determine one. Tonight is Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus in Dixie Land! Who will win the championship? Will Hardy be back on top or will Magnus win his first TNA World Championship? The video switches to the Feast or Fired match. Four stars have briefcases. Three get title shots while one gets fired.

The camera shows Magnus walking backstage. He goes up to an official. He asks if Dixie or Hardy came yet. The guy states that they haven't. Magnus tells him to let them know that he is going to say something to get everyone's attention. Magnus walks away.

Mike Tenay runs down the lineup for tonight's show. As he does, music plays and here comes Magnus! Magnus walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Magnus wants to start off by saying that he loves this business. That is why, just like everyone in the back, busted their butts to get where they are at. They do it because they love the business. Magnus can't change where he is from, but he is proud of the fact that made a living and has a career in the United States of America. There was some adjusting to do. The first thing he realized was the power of money. Money talks. It's not about that for Magnus though. He doesn't care about the cars, houses, or women. It is about dignity, honor, and respect. He wonders if the same can be said about his opponent Jeff Hardy. The crowd chants, "Hardy, Hardy, Hardy." Magnus is a fan of Jeff. Jeff overcame his demons and killed them too. However, one thing that can be coming from inside him is greed. Magnus saw the footage of Jeff having drinks with Dixie Carter. Magnus thinks Jeff owes everyone an explanation. This is the most important match in Magnus' life. He can't be fooled. He also doesn't want anyone else fooled. Just then, Jeff Hardy's music plays. He walks through the curtain and down the ramp. He gets in the ring.

Jeff grabs a mic. Jeff says Magnus jumps to conclusions but Magnus doesn't know Jeff. You can't judge him. Magnus retaliates and says Jeff needs to explanation himself. Magnus doesn't forget the past. Magnus doesn't forget 10/10/10. Jeff says that was a different time and place. Magnus says it was not a different place. It was in the ring. Hardy took the money and ran with the TNA World Title. Jeff could be doing it again. Jeff starts to hold his head and walk around the ring. Magnus says he forgave Hardy and everyone else did, but what would they think when he sellout again? The crowd chants, "We don't care." Jeff says to worry about Magnus' life... not about his. Jeff drops the mic and walks out of the ring. His music plays.

Christy Hemme is backstage with Kurt Angle. Hemme announces that Kurt is fighting Roode in 2 out of 3 falls tonight. Kurt says a lot has happened since Bound for Glory. He lost to Roode, declined his Hall of Fame opportunity, lost the TNA World Title Tournament, but now he is going to beat Roode not once but twice. This is not the end of Kurt Angle, but only the beginning.

A video package plays showcasing the rivalry of Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode within the past two months. Roode states he is better than Angle but Angle wants to really see. They brawl countless times. Roode announces 2 out of 3 falls for Final Resolution.

Christy Hemme is in the ring and she announces the first match. Kurt Angle's music plays and he comes out. He walks down the ramp.


Jeremy Borash is backstage. He is in front of a door that says "conference room". The room will be where the Feast or Fired briefcases are revealed. Chavo Guerrero comes into the picture and hopes he has some title shot. Ion comes into play and says he hopes for a major turnout. Chavo tells Ion that there dis a 25% that he will be gone. Ion makes his BERP noses and Chavo says he will punch him if he does that again. Both walk away.

Roode and Angle are in the ring.

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match

The match starts and Roode applies a headlock. Kurt sends him into the ropes but Roode comes back and knocks Kurt down with a shoulder block. Both get up. Both lock-up and Kurt sends Roode in the ropes and knocks him down this time. He goes in the ropes and Roode gets up, but Kurt takes him down and goes for the Ankle Lock. Roode crawls to the ropes quickly. The fans chant, "Bobby sucks." They go to lock-up again and Roode goes behind Kurt, but Kurt slides behind Roode, lifts him up and takes him down. He has his arms around Roode's chest. Roode elbows Kurt in the face. He goes in the ropes but Kurt locks him and hits a belly to belly suplex. Roode rolls out of the ring. Kurt follows and punches Roode in the face. He does another and Roode falls. Kurt stomps on him. Angle gets him up but Roode hits him in the gut, but Kurt comes back and smashes Roode face first into the steel guard rail. Kurt breaks the referee count and then gets Roode in the ring. Roode goes in the corner. Kurt runs to him but Roode elbows him in the face. Roode runs to him but Kurt ducks and hits a german suplex. He then hits another. He hits the third one.

Kurt gets up and waits. Roode stands. Kurt goes for the Angle Slam, but Roode does an arm drag. He runs behind the referee and then shoves him out of the way. Roode kicks Kurt via low blow. He then lifts Kurt up on his shoulders and spins him down for a huge neck breaker. He covers and gets the three. Winner of first fall: Bobby Roode


Roode has Kurt in a headlock but Kurt elbows his way out of it. He runs in the ropes but Roode elbows him in the face. Roode gets him up and then does a huge snap suplex. Roode stands and waits. He then jumps and goes for a knee drop but Kurt moves out of the way. Both get up. Kurt punches Roode in the face but Roode whips Kurt in the ropes. Angle comes and knocks him down with several closelines. He then does a belly to belly suplex. Roode gets up in the corner. Angle runs to him but Roode moves and Kurt goes into the steel post shoulder first. Roode grabs him and tries for the crossface, but Angle gets out and does the Angle Slam. He covers and gets it. Winner of second fall: Kurt Angle

Roode goes to the outside and walks up the ramp. Kurt runs out and gets him. He drags Roode back in the ring. Both get up and Kurt locks his arms and hits a german suplex. He hits another. Roode elbows the grip and the head of Angle. He unlocks. Roode then applies the crossface. He has Kurt in the middle of the ring. Kurt slides out and does a cover but Roode reverses it for another fall but Kurt kicks out. Both get up and Roode goes for a back roll, but Kurt breaks it and Roode applies the cross face again. Kurt slides out and does another cover but Roode reverses it again. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Roode slides out and does an arm drag and then quickly locks in the crossface. Kurt then grabs the ankle of Roode and locks it in! What a counter! Roode goes to tap! He then crawls but Kurt pulls him back and then applies a cross face. Roode gets up and lifts on his shoulders, but Kurt slides out and hits an Angle Slam. He covers but Roode kicks out.

Roode rolls to the outside. Kurt follows him. He pounds on the back of Roode and he falls. Kurt brings Bobby back in. Roode starts to crawl away but Kurt locks in the Ankle Lock again. Roode is going to tap, but he rolls through and has Kurt's shoulders down. He grabs the leg of Roode as well as the ropes as the shoulders are down. 1-2-3! Winner: Bobby Roode

Roode celebrates as he walks up the ramp while Kurt stands in the middle of the ring astonished.

Jeremy Borash is backstage in front of the conference room. He hypes up the Feast or Fired reveals. Gunner and James Storm come into the picture. Borash states that there was controversy behind how Gunner got the case. Gunner says everyone knows the stakes and Storm would have done the same thing. James states he wants to see what is in store for Gunner. Gunner asks what that means. James says Gunner may be fired. Gunner says he may no be. Gunner turns and goes in the room and Storm follows.


As the show returns we see a video package showcasing the major moments in Kurt vs. Roode.

Kurt Angle is backstage. The camera man asks him what happened. Kurt states he didn't outwrestle him but outsmarted him since they wrestled at Bound for Glory. Kurt has never been outsmarted him. He couldn't get the job done. The camera man says Roode said he has Kurt's number. Kurt says it is scary to think about it. He doesn't know what to do. The holidays are coming up and he has to make the right move. He just doesn't know anymore.

A video package showcases Madison Rayne and Gail Kim and their great relationship in the past. They were former TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions. However, it fell apart. Gail is now with Lei'D Tapa but Madison is back and is coming for the Knockouts Title.

Borash is backstage in front of a conference room. Ethan Carter III comes into play and says Borash still owes him a match. Borash talks about pink slips but Ethan knows pink slips when it deals with cars. Just then his phone rings. It is his entrance music. He takes the call and it is from Dixie Carter. Dixie says she doesn't know what is in his briefcase. The lawyers did all they could do but it is random. He could be fired. Ethan went from happy to depressed.

Eric Young is backstage and he states his process with his friend continues. He has a gift for Park and it is something old time that will bring back memories. He has it wrapped and will reveal it.


Eric Young's music plays and he comes out on the stage. As he makes his way to the ring, video plays showing Bad Influence and Joseph Park rivalry. They had a tag team match (Bad Influence vs. Park/Young). Young needed to turn Park into that monster. He made Park bleed from the head and Park turned into The Monster "Abyss". Eric states Park is Abyss. Park doesn't believe it.

Young is in the ring with a mic and with a table and a couple of gifts on the table. He says he dropped a bombshell for Park last week but wants his friend out here. Park comes out and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Young states that he doesn't know how to say it, but "You are Abyss." Park says Eric has been a great friend and lead him in a great direction but everyone is telling him things and his head is a blur. His name is Joseph Park. Young says he is a scientist and did an experiment. He used his fist, punched Park and he bled and Abyss came. Park knows as he watched the video but doesn't know what happened. Young made a match for next week and it is Kazarian and Daniels vs. Joseph Park in a Monster's Ball match. Park says Young is nuts as that is his brother's match. He won't do it. Young knew he would say that. Young says he got some gifts for some visual aid. He hands it to Park and he opens the one gift and it is a chair. Young hands him another. Park opens the next gift and it is a box with a bag in it. He opens the bag and it thumbtacks. Young hands him the last box. Park unwraps the package and it is barbwire. Park gets back on the mic.

Park appreciates all of it but it doesn't do anything for him. He still says no as he won't be part of the match. Young says he is a showman and one of the most entertaining guys in wrestling. He says he has one more git and says it is under the ring. He tells Park to check. Park goes out of the ring and looks underneath. He looks and it is Janice... the two by four with nails in it! It had a bow on it. Park gets on the mic and says... he will do it. Park continues to hold the wood and walks away.

Jeremy Borash is in the conference room with the four stars (and James Storm) and states that they will reveal the briefcases next.


A video plays from earlier showing Magnus confront Jeff Hardy in the ring.

The camera shows Jeff Hardy backstage. Samoa Joe comes to Hardy and says no one should look lie that unless what Magnus said it is true. Hardy starts to flip out on Joe but Samoa tells him to relax. Joe understands his position and this business but he didn't think Jeff would take that route. Jeff says he is not going to give an explanation. No one will get one. Jeff walks away and Joe glares at him.

Borash is in the conference room with Ethan Carter III, Chavo Guerrero, Gunner (Storm behind him), and Zema Ion. Three hold titles while one will be fired. Jeremy introduces Dixie Carter. Carter comes in as the stars stand. Dixie sits as Ethan helps her with her chair. Dixie states she came up with this concept (Feast or Fired) as well as the Wheel of Dixie. She is a visionary, she states. Borash states Ion is the first one to open his case as it was selected. Ion says he could be going home... with gold around his waist... BERMMM! He opens the case and it is for the X-Division Title! Ion pops up and says he is keeping the case. Borash asks if Gunner will pick James if he got the tag title shot. Of course he would, he said. Gunner opens the case and it is for the World Championship. Gunner stands and he stares at Storm. Storm stares back. Gunner walks away. Guerrero says he is confident that he has a tag team title shot. Whatever happens he will keep his name. Ethan says he will not lose and he will not be fired. He is a Carter.

Just then, Sting comes in and interrupts Ethan. Carter says he isn't needed but Sting says legacy and Ethan in the same sentence makes him sick. Sting asks Chavo if he ever got handed something. Chavo says he had to work twice as hard as he was a Guerrero. Sting says it is sick to see Ethan compared to Chavo. Sting says he will take whatever is in the case if Ethan fights Sting in a match. Ethan says he will keep the case. Both open the case at the same time. Ethan jumps up and got the Tag Tag Title shot. Ethan and Dixie celebrate as they hug. Chavo puts his hands on his face. Sting tells Chavo that he is a Guerrero and he can do whatever he wants to. Sting turns and yells at Dixie and Ethan and tells them that they make him sick. Sting leaves. Dixie and Ethan leave next to celebrate. Chavo is left sitting.


Magnus is getting ready for the match. The camera man asks him about the match before the confrontation tonight and after. Magnus states that it is the same and he is ready to fight Hardy. He then states that all of the questions will be answered tonight.

Music plays and here comes Gail Kim (Knockout Champion) and Lei'D Tapa. They make their way to the ring. ODB is next. She comes down and gets in the ring. Next is Madison Rayne. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring as the crowd pops.

Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa vs. ODB and Madison Rayne

Tapa and Rayne start. Rayne runs to Tapa but Tapa grabs her by the throat and tosses her down. Rayne stands and Tapa throws her down again. Madison gets up and rolls away from Tapa and tags ODB. She enters. They lock-up. Tapa pushes ODB into the corner. Tapa backs up and goes for a closeline but ODB ducks and hits Tapa several times. She goes to whip Tapa, but Tapa kicks her and then lifts her up and hits a huge powerslam. Tapa tags Gail. Gail kicks ODB in the gut and then puts her face first into the turnbuckle. Gail runs and goes right into the gut. Gail goes to the apron and whips ODB down to the mat. Gail enters but ODB fights back. Gail whips ODB in the corner. She runs but ODB runs out and closelines her. She then whips Gail in the corner and smashes her. She then goes after Tapa and ODB hits her. Gail runs and does a dropkick to her. ODB is down. She tags Tapa. Tapa enters and lifts ODB up on her shoulders. She does a huge backbreaker. Tapa stomps on ODB's back and then chokes her on the middle rope. Tapa grabs ODB but ODB punches her gut and runs in the ropes. Tapa kicks her in the face. She tags Gail and Gail covers. ODB kicks out.

Gail gets her up and does a huge uppercut. ODB goes to the corner. She chokes ODB with her boot and then whips her in the opposing corner. Gail runs but ODB moves. ODB hits Gail and then does a flapjack style move. ODB crawls and tags Madison. She enters and goes right after Gail. She whips her by her hair and then does a back body drop. She runs in the ropes and takes Gail down. She pounds her head into the mat but Tapa enters and takes Rayne off of her. ODB gets in and goes after Tapa. She jumps on the back but Tapa takes ODB out over the ropes. Tapa goes to the outside and continues to beat up ODB. Gail has Madison in the ring. She continues to attack Rayne and goes for the Eat Defeat, but Rayne does a backslide and gets the win. Winners: Madison Rayne and ODB

Madison Rayne and ODB celebrate on the ramp.

Jeff Hardy is walking around the locker room. Sting enters. Jeff asks if he is going to lecture him. Sting isn't. Sting says he has been in this business long like Jeff... actually longer. Sting tells Hardy that Joe or Magnus don't need an explanation. Jeff says Sting doesn't understand, but Sting says he does. Sting walks away.


An #Impact365 video plays. It shows Rockstar Spud meeting with Dixie Carter. Carter is upset while Spud says he went to Georgia to get the title. Dixie says she doesn't have a championship to present to the winner. She needs one and tells Spud to find someone to make a championship before the match. Spud is on it.

The camera shows the steel cage setup around the ring. It also shows a TNA World Championship hanging above the stage. A video then plays showcasing the TNA World Championship tournament. It goes through each match while being picked by Wheel of Dixie. It ends with the finals - Magnus vs. Jeff Hardy. The winner will be the top guy in the company. Dixie says she will wait to see if anyone wants to talk - and that is where Hardy met with Carter to have a drink.

Jeff Hardy's music plays. He comes out and walks down the ramp. He looks at the steel cage and then enters it. Jeff grabs a mic. He states he made a lot of mistakes and he can't fix it, but everyone makes mistakes. Jeff says Magnus talked about taking shortcuts. 10/10/10 was a time but we know how that ended... Victory Road 2011. That will not be repeated. Jeff states that he did meet with Dixie last week as he thought about the present but also the future. He thought about his wife and daughter. He loves to entertain the creatures in the ring. "Hardy, Hardy, Hardy" - the crowd chants. Hardy states Dixie promised him with big money and huge contracts but Dixie would own Hardy... no one owns Hardy and no one owns the creatures. Jeff told Dixie to take her money and "stick it". Like AJ Styles, Jeff will win the championship and represent the company. All of a sudden, music plays and here comes Dixie Carter. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

She has a mic and states that Jeff wants to compare himself with AJ... that's fine, but let's compare. Dixie says everything Jeff has is owes to her. Everything his family owns is owed to her. Dixie stood beside him. Jeff begins to talk, but Dixie tells him to stop talking. Dixie states no one else was beside him but she was. She is why he still has a job. He shouldn't care about his wife or daughter as Jeff should focus on Dixie. She says she can easily take Jeff away from TNA and take his job away. Jeff needs Dixie more than Dixie needs Jeff. Jeff wouldn't be able to sell his merchandise or his music. Dixie tells Jeff to make the right choice. Dixie says she will stay out here because this is a big match. She walks away.


Magnus comes out and walks pass Dixie Carter as she stands on the stage. Magnus gets right in the ring and taunts in the corner. Jeremy Borash is in the ring and he introduces each star before the bell sounds.

Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus in Dixie Land for the TNA World Championship

The bell rings and the match starts. The referee locks the door of the steel cage. Magnus goes to Jeff and Jeff starts punching him. Magnus punches back and puts Jef fin the corner. He continues to attack and then puts Jeff in another corner. He does a huge uppercut. He gets Jeff up and whips him in the opposing corner, but Jeff pops up as Magnus runs to him. Jeff does a hurricanrona. Magnus gets up in the corner and Jeff runs and smashes right into him. He then does 10 punches to the face and then a double boot kick to Magnus' chest. Jeff continues to attack Magnus in another corner, but Magnus whips Jeff in the ropes. Jeff kicks Magnus in the chest but Magnus closelines him down. Magnus climbs the corner and jumps for the elbow drop, but Jeff moves. Jeff stands. He goes to the corner and climbs. He goes to escape the cage but Magnus goes to him. Both are standing on the top rope. They are punching back and forth. Jeff elbows Magnus and smashes his head in the cage and Magnus falls. Jeff jumps and does a Swanton Bomb, but Magnus rolls out of the way.

Magnus is crawling to the corner. Magnus starts to climb the cage. Jeff gets up and climbs to where Magnus is. He and Magnus fight. Just then, Ethan Carter III comes out and meets with Dixie on the stage. Jeff and Magnus fall back as a side russian legsweep is preformed. Both are down.


Jeff goes to the corner and there is a hole in the cage for the camera. Jeff goes through the hole. Magnus grabs Jeff by the ankle and pulls him back while Jeff was half way through. Jeff gets up and kicks Magnus in the face/chest. He then does the double leg drop between Magnus' legs and then a low dropkick to the face. Jeff has Magnus down and he climbs the cage. Magnus gets up and holds Jeff's ankle. Jeff fights him off but bounces back and does a huge splash on Magnus. Both are down. Jeff gets up. Magnus stands next. Jeff hits the Twist of Fate but Magnus bounces back in the corner. Jeff goes for another Twist of Fate, but Magnus pushes him back and ten does a chop block. Magnus grabs Jeff and locks in the Cloverleaf. Jeff is tapping but it doesn't matter. Magnus goes to the corner and starts climbing. Jeff stands and goes to the corner. He fights back as he pulls Magnus down. Magnus lands throat first on the top rope. Jeff goes for a punch but Magnus ducks, grabs Hardy and does a huge suplex. Magnus climbs the corner and does a hug elbow drop. Both are down.

Magnus stands and gets Jeff up. He whips him to the corner and runs to him but Jeff elbows him and then hits Whisper in the Wind. Jeff gets up and climbs the corner. He starts climbing the cage. He is on top. Magnus stands. Jeff stands on the top of the cage and does a huge Whisper in the Wind from the top!!! Both are down! Jeff rolls to the corner. He stands slowly. Jeff climbs the corner. He climbs the cage. Magnus climbs another corner and then the cage. Both are equal. Just then, Ethan Carter III comes down the ramp and climbs the cage to go after Magnus. Magnus fights him off. Magnus falls to the floor. Jeff is on the other side and walks around the ring. Ethan continues to go after Magnus, but Jeff attacks Ethan and hits him with Twist of Fate. Jeff points to the title and then goes after Magnus. Magnus fights back and knocks Jeff down. Magnus walks up the ramp. Jeff comes to him. He turns him around and hits the Twist of Fate on the ramp! Both are down again. Jeff stands and goes to the ladder. Dixie meets up with him. She starts talking to him. "Over my dead body" Dixie says. Jeff then spits in her face. Jeff climbs ladder. He throws his shirt at Dixie. Just then, Rockstar Spud runs out and pushes the ladder over. Jeff falls on his side and his face on the ramp. He is down. Magnus slowly gets up and looks at Jeff. Spud sets the ladder up and then Magnus marches over. He slowly climbs up Magnus reaches for the title and grabs it! The referee calls for the bell. Dixie and Spud celebrate on the stage. Winner and New TNA World Champion: Magnus

Magnus stays on top of the ladder and holds the TNA World Championship high above his head. He celebrates with it as Jeff is not moving. A video plays showcasing the major points in this match.

Magnus celebrates on the stage with Ethan Carter III, Dixie Carter, and Rockstar Spud. They are all happy. They are all glad. The crowd boos but Magnus yells at them as he is the champion! The show fades.

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