Impact Wrestling Results (12/26/13) - Jeff Hardy: "This Is My Last Match In TNA"


Impact Wrestling Results - 12/26/2013
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package. It shows Jeff Hardy vs. Magnus in the Dixie Land match. Dixie is looking for the right champion. As Jeff goes for the gold, he isn't the champion she wants. Spud comes out and pushes the ladder over. Magnus takes advantage as he climbs and wins the belt. Magnus is TNA World Champion and Dixie and Spud are happy. Magnus is Dixie's champion. This is the Magnus era!

The camera shows the Impact Zone. The crowd is on their feet. Mike Tenay runs down the line-up for this week's show. The arena is filled and the people are ready for some action. Just then, music hits and here comes Rockstar Spud. Spud marches his way down the ramp and gets in the ring as the fans boo. He fixes his bow tie and grabs a mic. The crowd chants, "You suck, you suck!" Spud introduces the woman responsible for all of this... she is equal to Lady Gaga and Santa Claus! She is the President of TNA Wrestling. Here is Dixie Carter! Dixie's music plays and she walks down the ramp. The crowd boos as she gets in the ring also. Spud opens the ropes for her. He hands over the mic and kisses her on each cheek. Dixie thanks everyone and says that introduction is all true. Dixie says TNA Wrestling made history with Magnus as TNA World Champion. She knows everyone wanted Santa Claus to give Jeff the title, but the better man won. She says everyone looks up to Magnus as a role model. Everyone in her company looks up to Magnus as a role model. Dixie says Magnus is the top man in Dixie Land! Dixie says she has a big announcement as she has been hyping it up all week. Just then, Jeff Hardy's music plays and he comes through the curtain. Dixie is annoyed but the crowd cheers. Jeff walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Dixie says no one wants to hear from Jeff. Jeff lost and is a loser. He is not champion. She needs to make a major announcement. Jeff says he doesn't care about the title. We all seen what Magnus did. He then says it will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Jeff goes on to talk but Spud interrupts and says no one should come out and interrupt Dixie. She is the queen! Jeff says it will only take a minute. Spud yells at Jeff and tells him that his minute is up. He tells Jeff to take his creatures and put them up his rear and leave and maybe Spud will let him talk next week. Jeff grabs Spud by the throat and puts him in the corner. Jeff says it will only take a minute and walks back to Dixie, but Ethan Carter III comes out and hits Jeff from behind. Jeff goes through the ropes and to the outside. Dixie says she is okay and goes to say her announcement, but Sting's music plays and he comes to the ring. Ethan and Spud leave. Sting says he is tired of these entitled people getting what they want all the time. He has a statement more than an announcement. He says he wants EC3 and he will not leave till he gets it. He then tells the little shrimp, Rockstar Spud, that he came to TNA to wrestle so Sting tells Dixie to make him team with Ethan and have them face him (Sting) and Jeff Hardy. The crowd wants it. Dixie says she doesn't care as this is her time. Sting says he should care what THE FANS want. Dixie says they are her fans and it is all about what she wants. She wants EC3 and Spud to shut Sting and Jeff up. It will be a tag team match. Jeff and Sting go to each other and leave the ring. Dixie yells for her music to shut off as it starts to play but it doesn't. Ethan and Spud come in and start talking to Dixie.


Dixie is in the ring and she says she is so proud tonight to announce something very special for the company. Just then, Gunner's music hits and he walks down the ramp. Dixie is furious. Gunner makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic. Dixie asks what he is doing out there. Gunner understands that Dixie is trying to say is important but what Gunner wants to say is even more important. Gunner says he has the briefcase for the TNA World Title shot. He is not about patience and waiting. He puts the briefcase down and says he wants the title shot now. Dixie denies him as she says Magnus is across the pond celebrating with millions and billions of his fans. Dixie wants to move on. Gunner takes her mic down from her face and tells Dixie to let Magnus know whether it will be next week or the following week. It will happen. Dixie says okay and wants to make her announcement. James Storm comes out now and gets in the ring. He takes the mic from Dixie and says sorry to interrupt.

James says he heard from someone about not getting something what they deserve. Now it is time to get what he should get. James brings up his match with Bobby Roode where Gunner threw in the towel for Storm. Gunner says he did as James almost went through barbwire and he almost got hurt in a bar fight the day earlier. Gunner says he was looking out for Storm because he is his friend. James asks how Roode knew he was in that bar. Someone had to tell him. Gunner asks if he thinks he told him. That's crazy talk. Storm says he thinks he did tell Roode. That wasn't his first bar fight and it won't be his last. He wants a match with Gunner right now with the briefcase on the line. Dixie gets in the middle and says this should benefit her. It will be Storm vs. Gunner for the briefcase and that is what Gunner gets for interrupting her. Dixie goes to make her announcement but says she won't make it now as everyone kept interrupting her. We will have to wait till later tonight. Dixie's music plays and she walks out of the ring.


James Storm vs. Gunner for the World Championship Briefcase

The bell sounds and both look at each other and then start pushing. They lock-up and Gunner puts Storm in the corner. Gunner backs up. They lock up again and Gunner pushes Storm in the ropes but Storm stops. They lock-up again and Gunner goes in the ropes and knocks Storm down. Storm gets up and he applies a headlock to Gunner. Gunner pushes him off. They go back and forth with reversals but Gunner elbows Storm in the face. Storm goes to the corner. Gunner runs to him but James kicks him and then hits a neck breaker. He covers but Gunner kicks out. Both get up and Gunner punches him multiple times. He goes to whip him but James reverses it. He puts Gunner in the corner. James runs to him but Gunner lifts him up and James lands on the apron. James kicks Gunner in the back of the head. He gets in the ring and Gunner comes back with knife edge chops. He has Storm in the corner and punches and does more chops. James comes back with a chop and a snapmare takedown. He drops a knee and covers. Gunner kicks out. Both get up and Gunner comes back. He takes Storm out and covers but Storm kicks out. Gunner applies a headlock. James gets up but Gunner puts Storm in the corner and punches his face. James does a huge right hand back. Gunner punches. It is back and forth now. Gunner gets a series of punches as Storm backs up. Gunner spears Storm through the ropes and they both land on the outside. Both get up and Storm smashes Gunner's head into the steel steps. Just then, the referee rings the bell. Double Countout

James yells but goes back to fight Gunner. Gunner fights back. They punch back and forth and then fall on the floor. Referees come out and try to break them up but they continue to fight up the ramp. James takes Gunner down and punches him.

Bully Ray is backstage with a hood on and sunglasses. Brooke comes around the corner and asks Ray where he has been. She has been texting, calling, and emailing him. What is wrong with him? Brooke asks if he really wants "this" anymore? Ray doesn't speak. Brooke says she will reveal all of his dirty secretes to the world tonight. Brooke begins to walk away but Ray calls for her. She goes to him and he says (after taking off his sunglasses), "That is not a good idea." Brooke walks away.


A video plays showcasing the new TNA World Champion Magnus. Magnus says people think he is a young punk but he really had a huge transition in the company for 5 years. He went from gladiator to a tag team guy with The British Invasion but then teamed up with Joe because both were angry. Magnus says people were talking about him being the future but he wasn't there yet "brother". 2012 comes along and he got attacked by Aces & 8s. Magnus says that was his wake-up call.

Brooke's music plays and she walks down the ramp. She gets in the ring. She grabs a mic. She said it has been weeks since she seen or talked to Bully Ray. She knows why he is upset because she threw the hammer but she refuses to take blame for this. She wants Ray to come out here and tell the truth. Bully Ray slowly walks down the ramp. He has a hooded sweatshirt on with sunglasses over his eyes. He slowly climbs the steps and stands there. He then gets in the ring. He stares at Brooke. Brooke calls him baby and asks what is wrong with him. She has been trying to talk to him, but he doesn't talk. It is neither of their faults about Aces & 8s. Brooke goes to grab his hand but he pulls away and looks the other way. Brooke says she is done being the dog. Ray told her to throw the hammer. She is tired of watching him destroy everything from Aces to his family to his brother. She says he was her gateway to getting the money and the fame. She says Bully is like that kid in high school who doesn't talk and no one wants to talk to because they are so strange. Ray walks around the ring not looking at her. She yells at him to look at her. Ray finally turns. Brooke says she is not anyone's procession. She is done. Brooke goes to walk away but Ray grabs her by the arm and says she is done when he is done with her. He doesn't blame her about Aces or the hammer or anything else because... just look at her. She doesn't have the brains. He didn't keep her because of her brains but for other usage. She didn't preform in those roles. When he closes his eyes sometimes he wishes he would be back with Brooke #1. He would stick her head between his legs and piledrive her ugly face. The dark music begins to play. Ray says he will use her for one more thing and that is to spread his message. He wants her to tell everyone that is is going to be a lot worse. Ray takes his sunglasses off and tells her to leave. Brooke gets out of the ring like a scared puppy and walks up the ramp.

Joseph Park is backstage. He is sitting looking at barbwire. He doesn't understand their usage. He throws the barbwire. He takes out a tack and says they are just too sharp. What did he get himself into?


Another video plays showcasing Magnus. He says 2013 was his year. He came back to the UK and he got a tremendous ovation. He goes on to talk about joining the Main Event Mafia. Sting called him and didn't understand why. It was a different Mafia. Magnus knew if other stars believed in him (Kurt, Sting, Joe) then he believed him himself. Magnus actually says they were threatened by him. He proved that in the BFG Series.

Dixie Carter is watching a monitor in her room. EC3 and Spud run to her and asks if she is serious. Dixie is serious. Ethan says he isn't ready and Spud is so small. Dixie says Magnus did it. Ethan says Dixie helped him so she should be in her gear tonight too then. Dixie doesn't like her tone. She reminds Ethan that they are The Carter's and the world needs them. She regains Ethan's confidence and he leaves with Spud.

A video package plays showcasing Joseph Park and Bad Influence. Daniels and Kaz know about Park. Eric Young also knows and tells Bad Influence they are knowing on the devil's door. With Monster's Ball, will Abyss finally come home? Will it be Park or will Abyss shine through him?

Eric Young and Park are backstage. Eric says Park is ready and to be himself. Young yells for his music. Abyss' music plays. Park says that isn't his music but he goes through the curtain. Park comes down with Janice (plank of wood with nails) and walks down to the end of the ramp. He sees more weapons and looks at them.


Jeff Hardy and Sting are backstage. Sting says he is pumped up about this. He wants EC3 and get him back for the past couple of weeks and Spud for going after Jeff. Sting sits down and says he is going to mark out because he always wanted to team with Jeff. Jeff says he didn't come to wrestle tonight. Sting says Dixie won't listen to him. He needs him out there. Jeff says it is a plan.

Bad Influence comes out on the stage and dance their way down the ramp.

Joseph Park vs. Bad Influence (Kaz and Daniels) in a Monster's Ball Match

Daniels is in the ring with a crutch and Kaz has a kendo stick. The bell sounds and Park starts to swing Janice around. Daniels and Kaz go in the corner and start to talk. They move around again. Park starts to swing but Daniels hits Park and he drops Janice. They hit Janice out of the ring and they go after Park. Park falls to the mat and they hit him in the knee and then Daniels smashes the crutch in the gut. Kaz chokes Park with the kendo stick and then hits him on the back with it. They both get Park on his knees and double team up with kicks and a closeline and elbow drop. Kaz and Daniels leave the ring and they start tossing in weapons of all sorts. They get back in the ring. Daniels goes to Park in the corner and stomps on him. Kaz brings the crutch over and hits him in the gut and then chokes him. Daniels hits Park with a trashcan lid. Daniels gets Park up and chokes him with tape. Kaz grabs a chair and goes to hit him in the head but Daniels stops him. They don't want him bleeding. Kaz puts the chair in the corner. Park gets up and hits Daniels and then Kaz. He does a hip toss to Daniels and goes after Kaz. He picks up the kendo stick but Kaz grabs a trashcan and hits Park ion the back with it. They get Park up and take him out of the ring. They get him up and smash him shoulder first in the steel steps. Daniels looks and there's no blood. They are good.

Daniels and Kaz stomp on Park and then brings him back in the ring. They put him in the corner. Kaz whips Daniels in the corner where Park is but Park lifts him up and Daniels goes to the outside. Kaz runs but Park moves and Kaz goes face first into the chair that was in the corner. Kaz falls. Park puts the trash can lid on Kaz's gut and Park does a splash. He then does a boston crab on Kaz. Daniels gets in with a crutch and hits it over the back of Park. Kaz leaves the ring and picks up Janice. Daniels turns a trashcan over and sits on it. Park rolls out of the ring as Kaz comes in. Eric Young comes out and goes to Park and tells him to "come on" and "you can do it". Park tells Young that he needs his help. Young goes to punch Park in the head to make him bleed but Influence comes out and attack Young. They throw him in the steel post and then bring him in the ring. Park gets in the ring too. Both get up at the same time. Kaz swings the kendo stick but Young ducks and he hits Park. They go after Young and toss him out of the ring. Park gets up as he is bleeding from that shot. He makes the sign and Daniels hits him with a stick to the face and Kaz hits him with a chair in the back. No effect.

Abyss punches Daniels down and then punches the chair of Kaz. Park picks up the kendo stick and hits Daniels and then Kaz. He does a big splash to Kaz in the corner. He picks him up and hits Shock Treatment. He grabs Daniels and hits the Black Hole Slam. He covers and wins. Winner: Joseph Park

Young smiles and gets in the ring. Park makes the Abyss sign and then turns around. He goes and picks up Janice. Park looks at Young and then raises Janice.

Lei'D Tapa and Gail Kim are walking backstage. We then see ODB in another shot. They fight next.

Jeff Hardy is backstage. He is on the phone. Jeff says he has been thinking about this for a couple of weeks and it is something he has to do. He will call later. "I love you." Jeff hangs up.


Another video of Magnus plays. He says the BFG Series is where he broke out of the pack. He was in the lead the entire time. He faced AJ and got robbed. Magnus doesn't want to feel that feeling ever again. He was disappointed to be that close. He will not take the back seat to anyone. It then goes to him vs. Sting. He faced and beat Sting. He wanted to be the top since day one. No one is going to get him to where she wants to be... only him will get him where he wants to be.

Lei'D Tapa and Gail Kim walk down the ramp as their music plays. They get in the ring and Gail grabs a mic and then hands her title to Tapa. Gail says her former friend humiliated her last week on national television. Gail asks Tapa how that happens. Tapa doesn't answer. Gail says that is right. It was a fluke. If you stick your nose in Gail's business then they stick it in Tapa's business. Come out here! ODB's music plays and she comes to the ring.

Lei'D Tapa vs. ODB

Both go face to face. They are nose to nose. Tapa pushes ODB back but ODB pushes Tapa. They go after each other. Tapa puts ODB in the corner. She runs to him but ODB rolls out of the way and then goes after Tapa in the ring with huge chops to the chest. ODB runs in the ropes and tries to knock down Tapa but she isn't moving. ODB tries another but nope. She goes in the ropes again but ODB ducks the closeline. ODB comes back to attack Tapa. She tries to lift her up but she can't. Tapa puts ODB in the corner and attacks her. She then tosses her down to the mat. Tapa drags ODB to the ropes and chokes her on the middle one. Tapa then lifts ODB up on her shoulders but ODB slides behind her and pushes Tapa in the corner. ODB runs to her multiple times for smashes. She does again but Tapa kicks her right in the face. ODB falls instantly. Tapa goes to the middle turnbuckle and jumps but ODB rolls out of the way. ODB gets up as her mouth is bleeding. She goes right to Tapa with huge chops. She runs in the ropes to knock Tapa down. She can't. The tries a couple of times and then a dropkick. ODB whips Tapa in the corner and then runs. She does a huge splash. Gail slides the title in the ring. The referee takes it out. ODB lifts Tapa up but Gail pulls ODB's hair and ODB falls. Tapa lifts ODB up on her shoulders and spins her around. She drops her on her chin and gets the cover. Winner: Lei'D Tapa

Gail grabs a mic and gets in the ring. She wants this to be a lesson to Madison Rayne and says when you put your nose in Gail's business then you are in Tapa's business. That is not the business you want to be in.

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky are backstage. Sky thanks Chris for the gifts for Christmas. Sabin then says he wants their relationship to grow and Sky agrees. That is one of her New Year's Resolutions. Sabin says his has a rematch with Austin Aries for the X-Division Title next week. He wants Sky to help him and do whatever he says. Sky can't be in his match... it is his match. Sabin says if she won't support him then he will find another girl that will. Sabin leaves.

Jeff Hardy and Sting are backstage. Sting tells Jeff that he needs him out there. Leave whatever is in his head back and let's go and have this match. Jeff and Sting walk away.


A video plays showcasing Magnus. Dixie was looking at a magazine with AJ Styles on the cover. She flips through it and sees Magnus. She calls him up and asks if he wants to be in TNA. Magnus then talks about his match last week. They tossed Jeff down from the ladder. He realized that he is Dixie's guy. This partnership will last for years and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Music hits and here comes Jeff Hardy! Jeff limps dan the ramp and interacts with the fans. Sting's music plays and the crowd continues to roar. He comes down and gets in the ring. The lights go out and here comes Ethan Carter III. Ethan turns and Rockstar Spud is right there behind him. Both walk to the ring. Spud is scared and is hiding behind Ethan. Both get in the ring.

Dixie Carter is on the titan tron. She says she is ready to tell everyone what she wanted to tell all night. She is going to have a celebration for Magnus next week for becoming TNA World Champion. That is next week, but this week we will now see a handicap match. The TNA Tag Team Champions will now team with Ethan and Spud. The BroMans come out (Jessie and Robbie E) come out and Zema Ion introduces them. They get in the ring as the crowd boos.


Jeff Hardy and Sting vs. Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, and The BroMans

Sting starts the match with Ethan. They lock eyes and stare at each other. ethan backs up and tags Spud. Spud enters. Ethan laughs. Spud backs up and goes to Sting. Spud runs and tags Jessie. Jessie walks around and he locks-up with Sting. He pushes Sting in the ropes and then works on the arm. Sting whips Jessie in the ropes and does a hip toss. Ion grabs Sting's leg. Jessie does a suplex on Sting and then tags Robbie E. Robbie goes after Sting but Sting fights back. Ethan comes in and Sting knocks down both of them. Sting tags Hardy. Hardy goes after Robbie. Robbie whips Jeff in the corner and runs to him but Jeff kicks him in the face, climbs the corner, and then does a splash. Both get up and Robbie runs to him but Jeff does a back body drop and Robbie goes to the outside. Jessie grabs Jeff on the apron. Ethan gets in and runs, but Jeff moves and Ethan spears Jessie. They fall to the outside. Spud goes over to them. Sting gets in the ring and gets on his hands and knees. Jeff runs and jumps on Sting and flies over the ropes. He lands on all the men. Jeff gets in the ring and Robie E follows. They continue to fight but Robbie takes control. He tosses Jeff outside and Jessie and Spud and Ethan attack him. They bring Jeff back in and Robbie stomps on him.


Jeff and Jessie are in the ring. Jessie whips Jeff in the ropes and Jessie knees him right in the gut. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Jessie now works on the arm but Jess gets up and punches out of it. Jeff runs in the ropes and Jessie does a huge scoop powerslam. He tags in Ethan. Ethan enters and does a suplex. Ethan taunts Sting and then goes after Jeff with other members coming in and stomping away. Ethan tags Jessie. Jessie works on the leg of Jeff and then tags Robbie. Jeff gets up and goes after Robbie. Robbie whips Jeff in the corner hard and he falls out from it. Robbie covers but Jeff kicks out. Robbie puts Jeff in the corner and his team attack Jeff with kicks and chokes. Robbie tags Jessie and he applies a half boston crab. Jeff goes for the ropes but Robbie kicks Jeff's hand and Jeff tries to go a different route. Just then, Robbie runs in and goes after Sting. Sting comes in and the referee is distracted with Sting as the others come in and attack Jeff. They leave and Jessie covers but Jeff kicks out.

He tags Ethan. Ethan gets Jeff up and does a back suplex. He whips Jeff in the corner. Ethan mocks Sting and goes for the Stinger Splash, but Jeff moves out of the way. Jeff attacks Ethan and he falls in the corner. Jeff goes to Sting but Ethan stops him. Jeff gets away and tags Sting. He enters and goes after Ethan. He then goes after Robbie and Jessie as they come in. Spud comes in and jumps on the back of Sting. Sting uses him to nock Robbie and Jessie down. He drops him and Spud runs out of the ring in fear. Sting then does a Stinger Splash on Robbie and then Jessie in different corners. Ethan comes in and does a roll-up and gets the win. Winners: Ethan Carter III, The BroMans, and Rockstar Spud

The team lifts Ethan up on their shoulders as they slowly walk up the ramp. They go in the back as Jeff gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Jeff tells Sting that he is sorry for last week and this week. Everyone asks him why he wanted to be a professional wrestler and Jeff said because of the likes of Sting. Without Sting, Jeff and others wouldn't be there. In the past 6 months Dixie's actions makes Jeff sick. It hurts his heart and he needs his heart. Jeff lost last week. He gave it his all and lost. Dixie doesn't own him. She now owns Magnus. He is sick of the politics. The crowd chants, "Hardy, Hardy, Hardy." Sting tells him to listen. Sting tells Jeff to hold on and do not say what he thinks he is going to say. Jeff backs up and says he wants to stay and fight but the fight is all gone. It's not here anymore. The fans chant, "No, no, no, no!" Jeff states that this is his last match in TNA. Jeff says he is leaving this arena and will not return on this dark kingdom. Creatures! Jeff takes his shirt off and then his armbands. He shakes Sting's hand and gives some words. Sting is shocked. Jeff gets out of the ring and slowly walks up the ramp. Sting is stunned as he looks on. Jeff goes to the back as the show fades.

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