Impact Wrestling Results (12/5/13) - "Dixie, You're Not Liked Much Around Here"


Impact Wrestling Results - 12/5/2013
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package showing different graphics about an apocalypse and showing some robots all standing together as they watch what a screen that is going on in front of them. The screen shows the hype of Magnus vs. Angle and Roode vs. Hardy for tonight. It is the TNA World Title Tournament. Only two will advice tonight. Who will win the tournament and take the gold?

The camera shows the Impact Zone and the fans are on their feet. They are cheering and are ready to go! Mike Tenay runs down the major matches for tonight.

Kurt Angle's music plays. He comes out on the stage as the crowd roars. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Kurt grabs a mic. He states that Thanksgiving was last week where it is time to be thankful for your families and blessings. Kurt is thankful for his health and the support from all of the fans for his quest for the TNA Hall of Fame. Kurt states the World Title Tournament is his path to prove himself. He went to war with Austin Aries. He gave him the fight of his life. However, his next opponent is much more closer to him. He calls Magnus out. Magnus' music hits and he walks down the ramp. The fans clap and cheer for him. Magnus gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

Kurt asks Magnus what happened last week. Magnus left him high and dry against 4 wrestlers. Magnus states he has more respect for Angle than anyone else in this business. Magnus went into a war of his own. He got beat up in a Falls Count Anywhere match with Samoa Joe. He still decided to fight beside Kurt in the match. He hurt his knee last week. It buckled several times. He had to make a decision on what to do. Kurt knows how that goes. Kurt says champions fight through pain and injuries. Kurt's knee is bad and he is fighting. Kurt asks Magnus if he has a heart of a champion. Magnus says he has heart and hunger... hunger to be the best and to be number 1. He has hunger to be World Heavyweight Champion for the first time and he will prove it tonight. Kurt says they are friends. Magnus was part of the Mafia. Magnus is in the way of his destiny. So is Roode and Hardy. If Magnus wants to be World Champion, he has to go through Kurt. All of a sudden, Bobby Roode's music plays and he comes out on the stage. Roode has a mic in hand.

Roode says he gets it. He understands that you need a heart and to be hungry to be World Champion. He had that but didn't get the job done. You also need killer instinct. He (Roode) processes it. Roode smashed a beer bottle of his best friend's head... he has the instinct. He has his match next and what he already did to James Storm in their match, just imagine what he will do to Hardy. Kurt knows what Roode is like, but Magnus will never ever be World Champion. Magnus wants to go after him, but Kurt holds him back. Just then, Jeff Hardy's music plays and he comes out. He gets the crowd pumped and then grabs a table on the stage. He drags it down the ramp. He grabs a mic. He tells Roode that he has to go through him and all of the creatures first. All he has to do to move to the finals is to put Roode through a table! He gets the crowd more hyped as he runs around the ring to high five them.


Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy in the TNA World Title Tournament in a Tables Match

Both stars move around the ring. Jeff goes after Roode but Roode punches Jeff and backs him up in the corner. He continues with the punches and backs up. Jeff comes out and punches back. Roode whips Jeff in the ropes but Jeff closelines him down. He gets up and Jeff takes the legs out from under him and then drops both legs between Roode's and then does a low dropkick to the face. Both get up. Roode whips Jeff in the corner, but Jeff pops up. Roode goes in the corner. Jeff hits him with a dropkick in the corner. Jeff rolls out of the ring and grabs a table. He puts it on the apron, but Roode does a baseball slide and the table smashes right into Jeff's face. He goes right into the guard rail behind him. Roode goes outside and grabs Jeff and bashes him face first on the apron. He rolls him in the ring and then grabs another table. He brings it in the ring. He gets in the ring and stomps on Jeff. He then sets the table up in the corner.

Roode slowly walks back and picks Jeff up to his feet. He puts him in the corner and does a knife edge chop. He then goes to hip toss him on the table, but Jeff reverses and flips around but Roode closelines him down. Roode gets him up but Jeff punches back and then kicks him in the gut. Roode whips Jeff in the corner and runs to him but Jeff elbows him and goes for a Whisper in the Wind but Roode moves. Jeff almost went through the table! Roode gets Jeff up. He puts him on his shoulders, but Jeff fights back. Jeff goes over the ropes and lands on the apron. Roode gets on the apron too. They fight back and forth with punches. There is a table right under them. Both continue to punch. Roode grabs Jeff's head, but Jeff kicks the rope that Roode is holding onto and both fall back... going through the table! The referee looks on. He doesn't know what to do.


Roode has Jeff by the hair and pushes him back in the ring. We then see a video of what happened during commercial break. Two referees came out. One was Earl Hebner, senior referee, and he made the decision to have the match continue. The video ends and we see Roode set the table in the ring in the corner. He gets Jeff up and Jeff fights and runs in the corner. Roode hits him with a spine buster. Roode takes the table and sets it on the mat but close to a corner. He turns to Jeff and yells at him to get up. Jeff is on his hands and knees and he stomps on Jeff. Roode gets Jeff up and puts him on his shoulders. Jeff slides behind him and then hits him with the Twist of Fate. Roode goes back and lands on the table. Jeff takes his shirt off and climbs the corner. Roode slides off the table. Jeff still jumps and does the Swanton Bomb on Roode. He gets Roode up and puts him on the top rope. Jeff sets the table up on the mat by their corner. He climbs the corner and goes for a superplex but Roode holds on and blocks it. Roode tries to do a front suplex but Jeff lands on the top rope between his legs! Roode gets down. He goes on the apron and tries to suplex Jeff over the rope to land on the table on the outside. Jeff knees him in the face and then goes to kick him, but Roode blocks it. Jeff does a twist kick and Roode falls back and goes through the table. Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jeff celebrates in the ring! He moves to the finals, which is Final Resolution, but who will he face?

An #Impact365 video airs showing Ethan Carter III. Someone is putting some make-up on his face as he yells at them. He says he will face a legend tonight and will make history. He then allows the make-up artist to continue.


Ethan Carter III vs. Earl Hebner

Earl was made to lay down by Ethan Carter III with Brian Hebner as the referee. Ethan point his pointer finger on Earl's chest and Brian slowly counted: 1-2-3. Winner: Ethan Carter III


A video shows Samuel Shaw and Christy Hemme on a date. Christy gets up and goes to the bathroom and Shaw writes something on the check. He then confronts the waiter and tells him that he saw her looking at Hemme and if does again, he will rip his eyes out. Christy comes back and they leave.

Dixie Carter is shown backstage on the phone. Someone interrupts her to tell her a package came. They bring her flowers. It is from a fan. She doesn't want to be disturbed with any package until they realize it is the TNA World Title.


Dixie Carter has the roster backstage. She tells them she is in a great mood and she knows how great the Wheel of Dixie is. She pulls the canvas off the table and reveals 4 briefcases. Three of them have title opportunities while one has a pink slip. That goes on next week. Dixie leaves the scene.

Bad Influence come out and dance their way to the ring. They get in and Daniels grabs a mic. The crowd boos. Daniels talks about Joseph Park being dumped with blood and says everyone is getting their ovaries in a bunch! He then goes to say that he has some stuff to reveal about him. Just then, music hits and here comes Joseph Park. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Park grabs a mic. He says that they need to stop, all kidding aside. Park is in a serious tone. The crowd chants, "Joseph, Joseph, Joseph." Park tells them that they accomplished everything they wanted. Maybe they were right when they said Park shouldn't have been in Impact Wrestling. Maybe he should have just been an attorney. Kazarian laughs and states they have some stuff about that in the envelope. Park grabs the envelope and rips it up. Kaz and Daniels laugh and say that he proves to everyone he can rip up an envelope. He gave what was in the envelope to the people backstage. A video plays showing Bad Influence at the Park and Park Attorney offices. They go on the search for him. They meet with some secretary and they ask her where this room number is. She points in the room. They go in and the room is empty. They go back and ask the lady. She says that was Dr. Pretzels and he moved out a month ago. Daniels give her the business card and she looks it up. She realizes that the Park & Park offices closed 13 years ago. Bad Influence leaves. The camera goes back to the ring.

Daniels asks Park what he has been doing for 13 years? He had to be doing something. Park asks them as human beings to leave him alone. He says please. Park goes to leave the ring but Daniels stops him. Kaz calls him names and spits in Park's face. He says they can call him a liar. Daniels hits him right in the gut. Kaz then stomps on Park while Daniels joins. Just then, Eric Young runs down the ramp and slides in the ring. Bad Influence gets out of the ring and laugh on the ramp. Eric grabs a mic. He says this has gone on long enough. He is tired of the bullying. Eric tells them that if they keep knocking on the devil's door... eventually the devil will answer. Next week will be Bad Influence vs. Joseph Park and Eric Young. Park gets up and tries to tell Young that he doesn't want to be part of it.

Sting is backstage with Magnus. Sting tells Magnus that he seen him rise up and it is incredible. Magnus talks to Sting like he did to Kurt as to being respected and helping him. Sting asks Magnus about entitlement but Magnus says it is just how it goes in this business. Sting can't wait to see this match and says he is a bit jealous. He walks out of the room.


Rockstar Spud is on his tablet with some guy beside him. He says the package is here and tells the guy to get it.

Zema Ion is behind a DJ desk by the ring. He introduces Jessie Godderz and Robbie E.. The BroMans come out and get carried away down the ramp. Zema Ion makes some crazy noises on his DJ booth. BroMans get in the ring. Music hits and here comes James Storm and Gunner. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring.

The BroMans vs. James Storm and Gunner

Storm and Jessie start off. Storm applies a headlock but Jessie sends him in the ropes. Storm is able to reverse a hip toss with his own. He tags Gunner. They put Jessie in the corner and Gunner smashes him and then Storm takes him and does a bulldog. Jesse gets up and hits Gunner in the gut and then tags Robbie. Robbie gets in and slaps Gunner in the face. Ion makes the buzz sound with his DJ set. Gunner goes after Jesse on the apron. Robbie gets in the ring and tags Jesse. Gunner grabs him and puts him in the corner and pounds his face in. Gunner backs up and Robbie pulls on the air of Gunner. Gunner gets up and goes after Robbie. Robbie gets in the ring and Jesse hits Gunner as he slides in and it is now a two on one. Jesse has Gunner in the corner and stomps on him. Gunner comes back with punches but Jesse knees him and punches him in the face. He elbows him in the face. Jesse then chokes him. Gunner reverses a closeline and hits a fallaway slam. Gunner hits his head to get momentum and tags Storm. Storm closelines Jesse several times and then goes in the ropes and hits Jesse with a flying forearm. He goes in the ropes and does a neck breaker. Robbie comes in and James sends him out of the ring. James hits the double knee to the face on Jesse. He goes to set up The Last Call. He hits it. Robbie comes in and spits beer in the face of Gunner. Gunner grabs Robbie and takes him down and punches him over and over. James is covering Robbie. The referee is focusing on Gunner. Gunner pushes the referee down and he calls for the bell. Storm can't believe it. He leaves the ring without Gunner. Winners: The Bro Mans

Sting goes to Kurt Angle's locker room but Rockstar Spud slides between him and the door. He asks Sting about his relationship with Kurt and why he wants to talk to him. Spud is the chief of operations. Sting just wants to talk. Spud didn't recognize him with the make-up and then says he couldn't be in the tournament because he lost. He tells Sting that Dixie wants him to leave. Sting plays with Spud's height and then Spud gets the call that the package as arrived. He leaves. Sting yells, "What is going on around here?" Sting leaves.

An #Impact365 video plays showing Gail Kim with her husband Robert Irvine. She tells the camera guy that this better be good. He asks her about her Open Challenge. She says the challengers have been a joke. Robert gets involved and says that when you waste Gail's time you waste his. Gail says she will wait till Thursday to see who her joke of a challenger is. Her and Robert leave.


An #Impact365 video airs showing Chris Sabin in front of a mirror with Velvet Sky behind him. Chris talks about losing the TNA World Title and then to Jeff Hardy in the TNA World Title Tournament. Sabin then states that he has the help and will beat Austin Aries next week. He then picks up the X-Division Title and puts it on his shoulder as Sky states, "How do I look?" Sabin says, "How do we look?"

Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa come out and get in the ring. Gail shows off her Knockout Title. Music hits and here comes Laura Dennis. She gets in the ring.

Gail Kim vs. Laura Dennis

Gail runs right into Dennis as she is in the corner waving to the crowd. Gail takes her to another corner and pounds her head in. Gail gets her up and does a neck breaker. She covers but Gail pulls her shoulders up at 2. Gail punches Dennis in the face and she goes back in the corner. Gail runs to her and smashes her. Dennis falls. Gail stomps on her. She gets Dennis up and pounds on her back. Laura falls down. Gail gets her up and smashes her face on the top turnbuckle and then chokes her with her boot. She kicks Dennis in the gut and then throws her whole body into her. Gail goes to the apron and then gets back in. She mocks Dennis. Just then, Dennis slaps Gail in the face and then punches back. She closelines Gail and then runs in the ropes for a shoulder block. She covers but Gail kicks out. Dennis gets up and runs to Gail as she is in the corner. Gail kicks her in the chest. Gail gets her up and hits the Eat Defeat. Winner: Gail Kim

Lei'D Tapa gets in the ring and celebrates with Gail. Tapa gets Dennis up and Gail hits her with another Eat Defeat. She yells at Dennis about being the best. Just then, Tapa picks up Dennis and puts her on her shoulders. Just then, ODB's music comes out and runs to the ring. She goes after Tapa as Tapa tosses Dennis down. ODB closelines Gail and Gail rolls out of the ring. ODB continues to attack Tapa and closelines her out of the ring. Tapa stands on the outside and grabs ODB by the throat. Gail stops Tapa and they back up. ODB still wants to fight.

We see Kurt Angle walking backstage. We then see Magnus walking backstage. Their match is next.


Dixie Carter is on the phone in her dressing room. She is on the phone with Spud and she gets all excited. She tells him to hurry up and come to her. She gets on the phone and says, "Yes!"

Music hits and here comes Magnus! He gets in the ring. Next is Kurt Angle! He comes out on the stage and walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring.

Magnus vs. Kurt Angle in the TNA World Title Tournament in a Last Man Standing Match

They both walk around the ring. They lock-up and Magnus pushes Kurt back in the corner. Both move around the ring again. They lock-up and Kurt goes behind Magnus and takes him down. Magnus slides out. Both get up. Kurt goes after Magnus' leg and takes him down. Magnus pushes Kurt away. Both get up and Magnus works on the arm of Kurt but Kurt reverses it and twists Magnus'. Magnus reverses it and takes Kurt down in a submission hold. Kurt gets out of it and goes for the Ankle Lock, but Magnus gets away. Both lock-up but Magnus applies a headlock. Kurt goes to whip him but Magnus holds on. Kurt goes for a back suplex to break the headlock but Magnus holds on. Kurt gets up and whips Magnus in the ropes but Magnus knocks Kurt down. He bets up as Magnus runs in the ropes but Kurt hits a belly to belly suplex. Both get up and Magnus hits him and Kurt runs in the ropes but Magnus knees him in the gut. Kurt runs in the ropes as well as Magnus. Kurt turns around and Magnus closelines him. Both get up and Kurt goes in the corner. Magnus punches him and then does an uppercut. Magnus goes for a body slam, but Kurt slides out behind him and goes in the ropes. Both hit each other with a closeline. Both get up as the referee counts. Magnus hits Kurt with a closeline again. Kurt gets up around 5. Magnus hits Kurt in the gut and then in the face. Kurt gets to his feet and punches back. It is a back and forth battle.


Rockstar Spud meets with Dixie Carter in the back. He brings her the box. She tells him that this is a lesson and she is so excited!

The camera shows Magnus and Kurt Angle back in the ring. Magnus goes after Kurt, but Kurt ducks behind Magnus and hits 3 german suplexes on Magnus. He then hits a fourth. He still has his arms around Magnus. They get up. He hits the fifth one. They get up and he hits the sixth one. Kurt gets up while Magnus is on the mat. Kurt walks around. Magnus slowly gets to his feet. Kurt runs to him and does a spear like move to Magnus and they go through the middle rope. They go to the outside and Kurt holds his head. The referee is up to 7 and Magnus gets on the apron. Kurt stands and gets on the apron. He tries for a german suplex but Magnus elbows Kurt in the head and Kurt falls back. Magnus goes to get in the ring, but he stops and runs on the ramp, flies, and elbows Kurt right in the chest. The referee starts to count. He is up at 8 when Magnus stands and 9 when Kurt stands. Magnus brings Kurt in the ring. Magnus climbs the corner, but Kurt runs up the corner and does a huge hip toss on him. Magnus is down. The referee counts. He is at 7-8-9 and Magnus stands. Kurt kicks him right in the chest and does a huge snap suplex. He climbs the corner. He goes to the top and does a huge moonsault but Magnus moves out of the way. Kurt holds his chest in pain. Both stand at the same time. Magnus takes Kurt up and slams him down. He climbs the corner. He flies and does a huge elbow drop. He tells the referee to count. He does and is up at 4-5-6-7-8-9- and Kurt stands. Magnus runs to him, but Kurt sidesteps and hits the referee. Kurt hits the Angle Slam on Magnus. He tells the referee to get up but then turns to Magnus. Just then, Bobby Roode gets in the ring and closelines Kurt from behind. He then lifts him up and slams him down on his neck and chest. Roode hits the referee and he moves and starts counting.

The referee counts: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-Magnus stands-10. Magnus falls. Roode laughs from the stage. Winner: Magnus

Roode runs in the ring and starts pounding on Kurt. Just then, music hits and here comes Jeff Hardy. Jeff runs in and fights Roode. Roode goes through the ropes and leaves. Magnus stands and Jeff turns. They are face to face. Jeff extends his hand and Magnus shakes it.

Dixie Carter is backstage with Rockstar Spud and says she couldn't have picked better people in the finals. She then says she is excited to get this package and says Spud will learn a lot from her. She will teach her a lot. She tells him to open it. Spud cuts the box open and she looks in it. She sees a toy Knocout Tag Team Championship. She asks what is this and then says he is making her look like a fool. "Game on!"

A video plays from "The Video from the friends of AJ". AJ Styles is shown as he says that he sees she got his package. That may not be the title she wants but now she can build her paper champion with the title he sent her. He then says that if she wants his World Championship, she will have to come to his town and get it from him, but she better watch her back as she isn't liked much around there. The show fades.

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