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Impact Wrestling Results (1/5/17) Orlando, FL

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Impact Wrestling Pop

Welcome to the first episode of Impact Wrestling of 2017. We’re semi-live from the Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida:

Impact Wrestling Results

Season 15, Episode One
Thursday, Jan 5, 2017
From Universal Studios in Orlando, FL
Report by : Jason Brown of

* The ring apron as an Anthem logo on it.

* A video package airs showing Eddie Edwards and his journey to the TNA World Championship. The company highlights his recent defenses against Bobby Lashley and Ethan Carter III.

* Josh Mathews and The Pope welcome in the audience and put over Anthem as the new owners of the company. Everyone is excited about the new direction.

* TNA World Champion Eddie Edwards came out and cut a promo about the main event. Bobby Lashley came out first and then Ethan Carter III. It's announced they'll face off in a triple threat later in the night and Edwards has a surprise.

1) Moose (c) beat Mike Bennett by split to retain the Impact Grand Championship. Bennett won Round On but Moos won Rounds Two and Three.

* Backstage, Swoggle sees Vanguard One perched on one of the production crates. Broken Matt and Brother Nero tell him hello. Matt thanked him for for Total Nonstop Deletion and asked if his dastardly father Meek Mahonn sent him. Swoggle informed Matt he's not really his son. When the Hardys walked off, Swoggle told Vanguard One they were the only normal ones around here.

2) Swoggle beat Rockstar Spud in a quick comedy match. Spud blew a gasket in the ring afterwards and 'quit' the company. The fans chanted 'DELETE' at him.

* Eli Drake is shown backstage with cue cards. He'll speak next.

* Eli Drake hosted his 'Fact of Life' talk show. He introduced The Broken Hardys and Reby Sky played the piano with King Maxel attached to her. Drake complained about not being invited to Total Nonstop Deletion. Broken Matt suggested Drake was afraid like Meek-Mahon's "Day of New." Brother Nero got involved and Eli told him if he continued to talk to him like he was, he would end up in The Hardy Hospital. They went back and forth and finally he challenged The Hardys to a tag title match at the One Night Only pay-per-view tomorrow night. Drake said he would choose his own partner. Matt promised to delete him. Drake tried for a cheapshot but Matt stopped him.

* Backstage, TNA World Champion Eddie Edwards said he wants to prove his is a great champion. Lashley interrupted and demanded he just give him the title to avoid a beating. Edwards refused.

3) The Decay (Abyss & Crazzy Steve) w/Rosemary beat The Helms Dynasty (Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett) w/ Shane Helms. Abyss covered Everett to get the victory. After the match The DCC's countdown clock hit and the lights went out. When they came back on, The DCC were behind The Decay and attacked them with beer bottles. James Storm, Bram and Eddie Kingston unmasked and celebrated.

* Backstage, Allie is shown with Maria. They're watching highlights of Allie's win over Laurel Van Ness. Maria mocked Allie for thinking she's a wrestler.

* After commercial, Maria Kanellis Bennett was in the ring with Laurel Van Ness and Sienna. Maria credited her husband for saving TNA and called Allie to the ring. Maria challenged her to wrestle Sienna and she accepted.

4) Sienna w/Maria & Laurel Van Ness beat Allie with Madison Rayne on commentary. Laurel wrapped herself all over Braxton Sutter at ringside, which distracted Allie and allowed Sienne to hit The Silencer and pin her. After the match, Maria, Laurel and Sienna celebrated. Braxton tried to get in the ring but the other women pushed him away and back up the ramp.

5) Eddie Edwards beat Bobby Lashley vs. Ethan Carter III in a triple threat match for the TNA World Championship. Lashley tried to use the title as a weapon but Davey Richards returned and pulled the title away from him. This allowed Edwards to hit him with the Boston Knee Party and get the win. The Wolves reunited in the ring to close the show.


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