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Impact Wrestling Results (2/13/14) - MVP Is Finding His Groove

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Impact Wrestling Results - 2/13/2014
From Manchester, England
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package showcasing MVP and his debut in TNA. He is the new investor and will be changing the company from what Dixie Carter has transitioned it into. MVP is going to be very hands on. He tells Dixie that the party will soon be over.

The camera shows the arena and there are thousands and thousands in attendance in Manchester tonight. Mike Tenay goes over the line-up for tonight's show. Magnus' music plays and he comes out as well as Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, and Dixie Carter. They all get in the ring. Dixie grabs a mic and says she looks amazing tonight as she didn't lose any sleep. She says she isn't scared or worried about MVP. MVP doing anything to her company is like her having a bad hair day. It's not going to happen. She says she has something he doesn't and that is the TNA World Champion. Ethan gets on the mic and tells Dixie that she also has a great nephew who "ended the career" of Kurt Angle. Magnus then grabs the mic and he tells everyone that the champion is speaking. The fans boo him. Magnus says it is so good to be back in Manchester. It is good because he knows it will be one full year until he will be back there with lazy slobs. He tells them that people like them make him ashamed that he is British. He says he is not from the north. And he is not a paper champion. Magnus says he is a man who recognizes opportunity. There is no opportunity in Manchester... unless you want to get smacked in the mouth by the World Champion. Magnus turns to Dixie and says she is all about capitalism and about opportunity. She was looking through a magazine and saw Magnus in it. He says she flew across the pond to sign him to a deal. The fans chant, "Boring." Magnus goes on to address the new investor... MVP. Magnus doesn't know who he is or care what jail cell he came from. Here is the order... the World Champion, the President of the company, people nipping at his heals, and then him. Magnus is the only champion and will stay as champion and he did not sell-out. The lights go out and music plays. MVP comes out on the stage with Samoa Joe by his side.

MVP asks Magnus if he said if he didn't get bought because he must have bought Dixie and then got tremendous wear and tear. He introduces Samoa Joe and says Magnus will defend the TNA World Championship against Joe at Lockdown. Just then music plays and here comes Gunner. Gunner comes on the stage with the briefcase and mic in hand. He apologizes to MVP for the interruption. He focuses on Magnus and says he is a paper champion and it seems like Magnus is sick of working. Gunner says he is tired of carrying the briefcase around. However, he will give Magnus some time. He is going to cash the briefcase in 7 days and the winner will fight Samoa Joe. Dixie Carter gets on the mic and says Gunner has a match tonight against EC3 and the briefcase will be up for grabs. MVP says we have to make it fair here. MVP can play this game. EC3 also has a briefcase for the TNA World Tag Team Championships. He says Gunner probably wants to be tag champion with Storm. So, let's hang the briefcase above the rafters, get some ladders and have a "Winner Take All" match. Dixie agrees. MVP says he will be watching backstage and if anything goes down he will make it an even playing field. MVP's music plays and he walks to the back with Joe.


Gunner vs. Ethan Carter III in a Winner Takes All Briefcase Ladder Match

The match starts and Ethan goes to the outside. Gunner follows and then EC3 gets back in the ring. Gunner gets in and goes right after him. He whips Ethan in the ropes. Ethan tries to come back as he attacks Gunner. He goes in the ropes again and jumps to Gunner but Gunner catches him and tosses him down on the mat. Gunner goes to the outside and grabs a ladder. Ethan goes on the apron, jumps, and hits the ladder right into Gunner via dropkick. Ethan grabs the ladder and brings it in the ring. Gunner gets in and goes after Ethan. He takes him to the corners head first. He grabs the ladder and rams it right into the ribs of EC3. Gunner leans the ladder in the corner. He whips Ethan and he goes right into the ladder back first. Gunner goes back to him. He goes to whip Ethan again but Ethan stops and moves as Gunner runs to him and he goes face first into the ladder. Ethan grabs the ladder and sets it up. He climbs but Gunner grabs him and does a huge power bomb. Gunner climbs the ladder now. Just then, Magnus comes out and pushes the ladder over. He goes right after Gunner with stomps to the face and gut. James Storm runs down and gets in the ring. He tosses Ethan over the ropes and then goes after Magnus. He goes for the Last Call Superkick. Magnus moves and leaves the ring. Just then, MVP comes out and says he is not playing. He is now making this a tag team Winner Take All match. He calls for the bell.


Magnus and Ethan Carter III vs. Gunner and James Storm in a Winner Take All Ladder Match

Gunner and James grab a ladder in the ring and each have one side of it. They run Magnus over with it and then do the same to Ethan. Gunner sets the ladder up in the middle and starts climbing the ladder but Magnus enters and goes after him. Ethan attacks James on the outside. Magnus grabs the ladder and hits Gunner with it onto his gut and then his back. Ethan gets in the ring and goes after Gunner too. Magnus attacks Storm as he goes on the apron. Magnus grabs one side of the ladder as the other is propping up on the middle rope. Ethan climbs the corner and jumps and lands right on Gunner who is on that ladder. Ethan grabs Gunner and smashes him on the ladder. Magnus then does the same thing. Magnus grabs the ladder and smashes Gunner face first with it. Ethan knocks Storm down off the apron. Magnus attacks Gunner and then Ethan follows with another move. They toss Gunner out of the ring. Ethan grabs the ladder and starts to climb but Magnus pulls him down. Magnus goes to climb but Ethan pulls him down. they talk to each there and Magnus pushes Ethan but Ethan pushes back. James gets in and goes after Magnus and then Ethan. Gunner gets in. They put the ladder on the mat and do a double hip toss to Ethan onto the ladder. Gunner lifts Ethan up on his shoulders but Magnus comes in and hits Gunner and tosses him out of the ring. James goes after him and he closelines Magnus out of the ring and he goes as well. Ethan sets up the ladder.

Gunner gets on the apron. Ethan goes to him but Gunner slams him down. Gunner then climbs the corner and does a splash. He climbs the ladder quickly, grabs the briefcases and jumps down. He unhooks it and wins! Winners: James Storm and Gunner

Mr. Anderson is backstage. The camera man asks him what this night is all about. Anderson says it is not about a biker group or World Championship. It is about one thing that he has and Ray doesn't... and that is family. He looks at his phone and finds a picture. He shows it to the camera and it shows his two new babies.


The BroMans are backstage (with Zema Ion) and they enter the room. Rockstar Spud is there rearranging the room for Dixie. Jessie asks Spud about the briefcase situation. He said they had an agreement with Ethan to not to cash it in for awhile. Now Gunner and Storm have it. The agreement is off. MVP enters the picture and says he is here to play fair. Spud says he can go after him with lawyers but MVP says no one wants to see lawyers they want to see wrestlers wrestle. He says he could strip The BroMans of the tag titles but he will just put them in a match tonight against The Wolves and a mystery partner. He tells them to wait as they guess it is him. They leave to head to the ring. MVP has a huge smile on his face.

The BroMans and Zema Ion come out. They comes to the ring and wait. The Wolves come out next. They make their way down the ramp and get in the ring.


Samoa Joe's music plays and he runs down the ramp. He gets right in the ring and the bell sounds.

The BroMans and Zema Ion vs. The Wolves and Samoa Joe

They go right after BroMans and Ion. They take Robbie and Ion out. Richards starts off against Jessie as he does a spinning heel kick. He tags Edwards and he grabs Jessie and rams his head right into Richards. He tags Richards and they ram Jessie's head into Joe's head. He tags Edwards again. He comes in and Jessie tires to come back. He tags Robbie. Edwards does knife edge chops to Robbie and then a kick to the gut and then face. He covers but Robbie kicks out. He tags Richards. They double whip him in the ropes. Richards does an atomic drop and then Edwards slaps Robbie in the chest. Richards goes in the ropes but Ion knees him in the back. Richards grabs Ion and knocks him off the apron. Ion and Jessie go after Richards in the corner as the referee looks the other way. Robbie tags Ion. Ion goes after him but Richards fights back. Ion counters and whips him in the corner. He smashes his face right into the corner and then drives his knee to the back.

He tags Jessie. He gets in and lifts Richards up. Robbie tags himself in. Jessie does a military press and Robbie flies off the top rope for a splash. He applies a headlock. Richards gets to his feet and elbows his way out. He runs in the ropes but Robbie elbows him in the face. He covers but Richards kicks out. He goes after Edwards and then Jessie gets in. They double whip Richards but Richards comes back and goes after each one. He then knocks both down with kicks. He goes to his corner and tags Joe. Ion gets in via tag but Joe just demolishes him. He continues to go after him with an atomic drop then strikes and then a sitting denton. He does a huge scoop powerslam and goes for the pin but The BroMans go after Joe. Wolves enter and toss them over the ropes. They run and do a suicide dive on both of them. Ion goes after Joe in the ring but Joe quickly turns it around and applies the Rear Naked Choke. Ion quickly taps. Winners: Samoa Joe and The Wolves

Abyss is walking backstage. He comes up to a producer who is walking in the opposite direction. He grabs him by the throat and asks, "What are you looking at?" The guy slowly says nothing. Abyss let's go and continues walking.


Dixie Carter is backstage on her iPad and she yells, "Even your typing annoys me." Spud looks at her. MVP is on the other side of the room with tape on the floor separating them. Velvet Sky comes in and talks to Dixie about this upcoming match she has. Dixie says she is glad to help build the Knockouts. However, she says her partner says everyone should go and fight so that is what she will do. MVP doesn't understand why she wants a guy facing a girl. Dixie says he brought this on himself and she wished he had his gear so someone could put him through a table. MVP says he is too busy cleaning up her mess. Spud starts mocking MVP but MVP crosses the line on the floor and says a good wrestler always has his gear so he is going to the production truck to make sure they are ready for him. He wants Spud tonight. Spud goes crazy and Dixie tells him that he brought this on himself. She tells him to put his gear on.

A video package plays showcasing the relationship between Abyss and Eric Young. They fought in a Monster's Ball Match last week where Abyss won but Eric took the mask off. Abyss is Joseph Park. Joseph Park is Abyss. How is he going to react?

Abyss' music plays and he comes out. He slowly comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He says to keep the lights dim. He says he is sorry. He didn't want this to happen this way. However, his good buddy Eric Young... Eric Young wanted to prove that Park and Abyss were one in the same. Well, come down here and see what you've done. Music plays and here comes Eric Young. Young gets on the stage and looks around at the fans. Young slowly walks down the ramp. He stops at the end of the ramp as he has a mic. He says he was just trying to help. Abyss asks what is the matter. Why aren't you getting closer? Are you afraid? EY gets right in the ring and goes to Abyss. EY says he proved last week in the Monster's Ball that he isn't afraid of anything. He doesn't get it though. Park asks for EY's help to find his brother Abyss. Abyss pulls out the mask from his pocket and says that is the reality to what he's done last week. He gets right in the face of Young. Abyss pulls off the hood he has on and says he proved he is Abyss. EY says he proved that he is his friend. He loves Abyss like the people love Abyss. Abyss and Park are the same person. He showed Park exactly who he was. Park asks who he is? Who is he? Park ask EY who he is? Who is Eric? Unless EY's been there or done what he has done. Park takes off his jacket and says he carved his body to bits. He destroyed people's lives. He destroyed careers. He left carnage wherever he goes. Look at the scars on his arms! They tell the story!

Park brings up the tacks and barbwire! Park says he can't be Abyss anymore. He can't do what he did anymore. The violence and blood... he can't be him anymore. What he needs... he needs help! EY says they came this far, so let's finish this together. He can help Park. Park pushes Young and says he doesn't need help. He doesn't want help. He and Eric are done. What he needs to do is to go away. He needs to fix Eric's mistake. He needs to find somebody who truly understands him. He is going to fix this. Park drops the mic and picks up the mask and then drops it. Park stares at Eric and then turns away. He exits the ring.

MVP is walking backstage in his gear.


Christy Hemme is backstage. She has her bags and is going into a car. Samuel Shaw comes up to her and tries to help her but she wouldn't allow it. Shaw says he was thinking what she said last week and he says he will keep it professional. He extends the hand and Christy slowly reaches out and shakes it. Shaw gently does a handshake and then slowly walks away as he smells his hand.

Rockstar Spud is in the ring. MVP's music hits and he comes out as the crowd pops. He gets in the ring. Spud leaves the ring and doesn't want to enter. He wants MVP to back up. Spud slowly comes in but exits. He goes again but MVP goes after him and Spud slides out. He gets in after MVP goes outside. MVP enters and the bell sounds.

Rockstar Spud vs. MVP

Spud quickly applies a headlock to MVP and then goes after him with strikes to the face and chest. He slaps MVP across the face as he yells at him. He goes in the ropes but MVP lives him up and slams him down oh his face and chest. He then drops Spud again and bounces off the ropes. He does a couple steps and then the "Ballin" sign and lands an elbow drop. Spud gets to his knees. MVP does a huge kick/knee to the face like The Shinning Wizard. He covers and wins. Winner: MVP

Bobby Roode is backstage. He slams open double doors. He goes to each room yelling for Dixie Carter. He is on a mission!


A very creepy video plays showing Willow. He is coming!

Dixie Carter is on the phone. She says he is driving her crazy. She can't stand it anymore. Bobby Roode meets up to Dixie and says he wants a World Championship shot. Dixie says he had his chance against Joe and he lost. She is sensing a sore loser. Roode starts to yell and he throws a trashcan across the hall. Dixie says it is alright as people almost come to the aid. Roode gets real close to Dixie and says he wants his World Championshp shot that she promised him as he helped her and she needs to help him. He tells her that she better not get on his bad side and have him against her. Roode leaves and Dixie's face comes across as scared and nervous!

Velvet Sky comes out and as she does they show a video of the confrontation between her and Chris Sabin last week. Chris Sabin comes out next and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic and starts talking to Sky. He tells her everyone's eyes can be on her as that is what she always wanted. Chris leans in for a kiss. She didn't. Sabin then says she always has been a skunk. Just then, Sky kicks Sabin in the knee. He asks her why she did that. She then kicks him via low blow but he says has has come prepared and pulls out his cup. He turns around and shows the audience but she goes and does another low blow from behind. He falls and she goes on top of him and starts punching him. Just then, a lady comes out and grabs Sky. She then attacks her. She tosses her across the ring and then applies a headlock from behind. She leaves Sky motionless. Sabin pins her and this new amazon lady counts: 1-2-3.

Bully Ray is walking backstage. He goes through a door to someone's dressing room. It is Mr. Anderson's. He looks at his bag and then at his passport. He then sees his phone and his wife is on the screen. He goes and calls his wife. He asks her if she knows who he is and then says that this is the call she never wanted to hear. He will soon put her husband in a coffin and then he tells her to tell the twins that daddy says goodbye.


Bobby Roode is backstage. The camera man asks about what just happened. Roode says he lost it and he needs to think about it. He says it is over. Roode has his coat in hand with his suitcase at his side. He says he needs to figure something out for next week. Just then security comes and says he needs to go via Dixie's orders. He knows. Roode stands and takes his coat and suitcase with him out of the room.

A video plays from earlier tonight showing the opening segment and then the ladder match.

Another video plays showcasing Bully Ray and how he ran Aces & 8s, however, Mr. Anderson took that away from him. They battled since then. Here comes the Casket Match.

Bully Ray's music plays. He comes out on the stage with a chain in his hand. He gets in the ring. Mr. Anderson comes out next. He goes to the casket at ringside. He then gets in the ring.

Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson in a Casket Match

Ray stands in the corner. Anderson stands in the opposite corner as he looks around. Ray takes off his sunglasses and then slowly unzips his jacket. He reveals a shirt from Manchester's rival football team Liverpoll. They go after each other now and Anderson has the full offense. He takes down Ray and then goes after him again with a swinging neck breaker. He takes off the shirt and then chokes Ray with it. Ray goes to the corner and Anderson does a huge hip toss to him. He then grabs the shirt again and stomps on it and the crowd cheers. Ray rolls out of the ring. Ken follows him and attacks him. He takes off his shirt and goes to throw it to the crowd but Ray attacks him from behind. He then smashes his face against the steel steps.


Ray is in the corner. Anderson has a chair and runs to Ray but Ray does a big boot to the chair right into the head of Ken. Ray grabs another chair and goes to swing but Ken swings his and both drop the chairs. Ken then knocks Ray down. Ken goes to the outside and grabs a table. He slides it in the ring and then gets in. He sets it up and turns to Ray but Ray hits him with a big boot. Ken is now cut open. Ray smashes Ken's face in with punches and then rubs the blood down his face and onto his (Ray's) face. Ray does several more punches and moves the table. He then takes the casket and brings it in the ring. Anderson goes to the apron and climbs the corner. Ray turns and hits the ropes and Ken falls. He then smashes Ken's chair with a chair. He turns and goes right after Earl Hebner in the corner with some huge yelling. He turns and goes to Anderson. He does a huge superplex. He puts Anderson in the casket and lifts the top. He goes to put it on the casket but Anderson blocks it. He then holds it as Ray tries to push down while Ken pushes up. Ray then smashes the top right into Ken's face. He then grabs a chair. He lifts the chair but Ken does a huge fist right into no man land. Ken gets up from the casket but Ray has the chair and hits Ken in the gut with it. He lifts him up and power bombs him right through the table. Ray sets up the casket and then grabs Anderson. He puts Ken in the casket as he stands in it. He goes for a piledriver, but Ken slides away and steps out of the casket. He grabs Ray and hits the Mic Check in the casket. Ken puts Ray's shirt in with him and then closes the lid. Winner: Mr. Anderson

MVP is backstage. He is sitting on a couch drinking water. Just then, Dixie Carter comes in. She sits down and MVP says he had fun with Spud and asks if he is better yet. Dixie says to stop the crap and says MVP wants to play games, but she wants to buy his portion. She says she knows that wrestlers don't know business, but she hoped that he would have been better. Dixie hands him the paper and says he just has to sign and the money will be wired to him in the morning. He looks at the paper and says that is the most amount of money he has ever seen. However, he says he is here to make TNA better. Dixie tells him he is crazy. MVP crinkles the paper and says he hasn't scratched the surface yet. She wants his shares though. He mentions Lethal Lockdown... his team vs. Team Dixie and the winner will get complete operational control of TNA. She says that is not going to happen. He asks if she wants his shares then that is the only way. She says he will be sorry that he ever put her in this position. MVP says he wants to run the wrestling. She wants the shares. Who is going to overcome it? MVP hands her back the folder and moves the flowers on the table so he had 2 flowers and she had 1. He got up and she throws the folder at him and moves the flowers so she had two on her side. She puts her hand on her face as she's frustrated. The show fades.

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