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Impact Wrestling Results (2/13/15) - The Angle/Lashley Stare Down

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Impact Wrestling Results - 2/13/2015
From The SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package showing The Beat Down Clan dominating the show. It then shows Kurt Angle coming back to wrestle after resigning as Director of Wrestling Operations. Kurt is in search for a team to fight The BDC. He tried to get Lashley but Lashley didn't want to pick sides. However, in Lethal Lockdown Lashley came out and was going to join MVP, but turned on him and helped Team Angle get the win.

A video shows a van driving up to the Hydro Arena. MVP gets out first and then the rest of The BDC, including Eric Young. He says what happened last week is behind them and they need to show everyone what they are about... They are The Beat Down Clan. Joe names the members of Team Angle and says they will take them out.

The camera shows inside the Hydro Arena as the crowd is on their feet. They are hyped up. Music hits and here comes Kurt Angle. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

The crowd is going crazy as Kurt grabs the mic. He begins to speak. He says he has always been drawn to success from Olympics to the Hall of Fame. There are times where he has to thank partners and that is where he thanks Gunner and Austin Aries in helping defeat The BDC. They want to control the TNA World Championship, but the 'Best Wrestler in the World' should control the title. Kurt invites Lashley to come out. His music plays and he comes down the ramp and into the ring. Kurt says Lashley said no in joining him, but he changed his mind. He is a target for The BDC as he has the belt, but he wants to thank Lashley for helping defeat them. Kurt extends his hand and Lashley shakes it. Lashley grabs a mic and tells Kurt to not make any mistakes. He didn't come out to help but to get his hands on that trash MVP. Kurt says he didn't just bring him out here to thank him. It is now time for Kurt to be World Champion again.

Kurt continues as he says he wants what everyone else wants and that is Kurt vs. Lashley for the TNA World Championship! "What do you say?" Before Lashley could speak, music hits and here comes The BDC. Low Ki comes out and then MVP, Samoa Joe, and Kenny King. MVP grabs a mic as they stop on the ramp. Just one week from Lockdown the winners want to fight each other. Before they fight it out... Or make out... MVP wants to stress that Team Angle did not defeat The BDC as Lashley wasn't suppose to be in that match. Lashley did not pin MVP. MVP says Kurt is right though and that means The BDC will do whatever they want to whoever they want to. The BDC stand united as they will beat him down. Kurt will learn a painful lesson while Lashley, a trading coward, will soon see his belt be taken as it belongs to them. Who wants to get the beating first? Lashley says he is willing to fight any two of them in a tag team match and his partner... Kurt Angle.

A video plays showing the horrible Jeff Hardy bump that he took from the top of the Steel Cage onto the steel steps.

The camera shows Bobby Roode walking backstage. Austin Aries pops up behind him. He says they have a lot of history together as it goes back two years. Last year they were on the same page but now they aren't. Roode brings up the TNA World Title and says they aren't on the same team, but let's leave it all out there tonight. Roode walks away as Aries holds up his briefcase.


A video plays showing Tyrus vs. Rockstar Spud and Mandrews last week. Tyrus won and Ethan Carter III was going to shave Spud's hair but Jeremy cut the cord to the clippers.

Ethan and Tyrus are coming down a stair of steps as the camera man stops him. He talks about patience, but Ethan says he wants to destroy Spud. He is asking one match... A handicap match... Spud, Mandrews, and Jeremy Borash vs. Ethan and Tyrus. Ethan has the best bodyguard and he will get what he wants tonight. Ethan then motions the shaving of Spud's hair.

Austin Aries' comes out as his music plays. He walks down the ramp with his Feast or Fired briefcase. He gets in the ring. Bobby Roode's music plays and he comes out next. He makes his way to the ring.

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

Roode and Aries walk around the ring. They go to lock-up and they finally do. Roode is able to work on the arm of Aries. Aries rolls through and then works on the arm of Roode. Roode reverses it and then applies a headlock. Aries sends him in the ropes and then hits a hip toss. Roode then applies a head scissors but Aries gets out. Both stand and Aries hits an arm drag and then the Last Chancellory. Roode grabs the robs and both get up. Roode tries to go for the Roode Bomb but Aries slides out. He runs to Roode but Roode does a back body drop but Aries lands on the apron over the ropes. He shoulder blocks Roode and then rolls over the ropes and lands back first on his gut. Roode rolls out of the ring. Aries climbs the corner and jumps. He knocks Roode down. He then rolls him back in. He climbs the corner and goes for a missile dropkick but Roode hits him instead.

Roode covers but Aries kicks out. Roode knees Aries in the back and then lifts him up and hits a front suplex. Roode grabs Aries and puts him in the corner and does several shoulder blocks. He takes him out and goes for a body slam but Aries slides out and forearm hits Roode in the face. He bounces off the ropes but Roode hits the spine buster. He covers but Aries kicks out. Roode now applies a rear gut wrench and then turns it into a pump handle submission. He pounds on Aries' gut. Aries goes to the ropes and punches Roode back but Roode hits him. He puts him in the corner and shoulder blocks Aries in the gut. He whips him in the opposing corner, runs to him, but Aries elbows him in the face. He punches him in the face multiple times. He then puts him in the corner, climbs, and punches him some more, but Roode pushes him back. Roode climbs to the second rope and does a flying neck breaker. He covers but Aries kicks out.

Roode stands and waits. Aries stands and Roode lifts him for the Roode Bomb but Aries elbows him in the head. Roode drops Aries on the top rope. Aries hits Roode but Roode does a huge knife edge chop. He climbs the corner but Aries punches him in the gut. He then nails him in the back and in the head. Roode falls back onto the mat. Aries jumps and hits the missile dropkick. Aries goes for the Brain Buster but Roode gets out and lifts him up for the Roode Bomb. Aries slides out and pushes Roode in the ropes and Aries hits the disc forearm. Roode goes through the ropes. Aries bounces off of them and goes for the suicide dive but Roode moves and Aries goes right into the steel guard rail.

Roode brings Aries back in the ring. He covers but Aries kicks out at 2. Roode stands and waits. Roode isn't going to wait anymore and lifts Aries up, but Aries slides through and goes for a roll-up but Roode kicks out. Roode turns it into a crossface. Aries rolls through but Roode has the crossface still locked in. Aries has to tap. Winner: Bobby Roode

Bobby grabs a mic and thanks Aries for the opportunity and is glad that he can wrestle one of the best. Roode extends his hand and Aries shakes. He exits and grabs his briefcase. Roode continues on the mic as he says that he knows he can beat one of the best in the world, so now he can get back his TNA World Championship. Roode states Roode vs. Lashley 3 never happened. He deserves a rematch. He doesn't care when or where... But mark his words, that belt is coming back to the It Factor Bobby Roode.

All of a sudden, Eric Young comes from behind and hits Roode. He falls. Eric grabs Bobby and does a piledriver. He starts yelling like a crazed man.


Bobby is sitting on the apron as referees and two "officials" are beside him. The referees hold Roode up on each side as he walks up the ramp. Young comes out and knocks Roode right down. He then shoves the "officials" away. Eric grabs Roode and hits him with another piledriver but this time on the stage. Roode is motionless. Eric scares the referees and "officials" away. Young taunts as the crowd boos.

We see Taz and Josh Mathews in their booth questioning how long Roode may be out.

Al Snow is in the ring. He has a mic in hand. Al introduces himself and says he travelled all over the world for so many years. He wrestled, but he also trains some of the best and brightest newcomers and that is very important for him. Everyone at home thinks they can do it, but they can't as he is in the ring and they are just watching. There is one person who thinks like that and his name is Grado. Al is giving him one chance to apologize before he can kick his @ss all over. Al yells for Grado. Grado comes out and marches right into the ring. He goes right up to Al. Al says he doesn't think Grado has the heart or passion. Al doesn't respect him as he doesn't think Grado respects him or anyone in the business. Grado grabs the mic from Al and tells him to shut it.

Grado states he doesn't think Al doesn't know where he is at. They are n Glasgow. Al rips the mic from Grado's hand and says he doesn't care where they are at. Al states he is probably in front of all of his friends and family. He asks where is mom is. She is in the front row. Al exits the ring and walks up to her. Snow says she should be ashamed of her son. Her husband is holding her back, but she comes over and starts slapping Al. Grade exits and goes right after Al. He starts taking jabs but Al walks up the ramp. He is fired up. He tried to give him a chance, but Al says he will fight him next. He knows Grado, or anyone in the audience, can't beat him. Grado walks back to his parents.

A video plays showing Jeff Hady taking that horrible bump last week.


Crazzy Steve comes to the ring with a horn and a clapping stuffed monkey. Bram's music plays and he comes down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Crazzy Steve vs. Bram

Bram charges to Steve but he rolls away just at the right time. Both stand and Steve tries to get around Bram, but Bram backs him up in the corner. He tries to climb it, but Bram trips him and he falls neck first into the top turnbuckle. Bram punches Steve multiple times in the face. He then rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic. He calls for Magnus. He wants him. He can wait all day. Bram enters the ring and stomps on Steve multiple times. He still has a mic in hand. He talks again and says he knows Magnus likes a fight. "Come on, Mangus!" Bram gets Steve to his feet and goes to hit him, but Steve ducks and punches Bram and then bites his face. He runs in the ropes but Bram knocks him down and the hits the Impaler DDT. He covers and wins. Winner: Bram

Bram grabs a mic and still wants Mangus.

Mandrews and Jeremy Borash are backstage. Rockstar Spud walk up to them and asks what is wrong. Jeremy takes off his hood and says he can't wrestle. Spud says it doesn't matter - He shaved your head. Spud says they are going out there and fighting. He tells them not to worry as he has back-up. Borash is confused, but he says to not worry about it. They all walk away.


Kurt Angle is gearing up for his match later tonight. Gunner makes his way into the room and sits beside Kurt. He wants to talk to him about something. He says Kurt chose him to be part of Team Angle in Lethal Lockdown last week and he thanks him for that, but he wonders if it is a good idea for Kurt to tag with Lashley. Kurt thinks Gunner will be close if/when The BDC are around, but as for Lashley, Kurt wants him at his very best and he wants him for the belt. He thanks Gunner for coming by as Kurt stands and walks away.

Music plays and here comes Ethan Carter III and Tyrus. Ethan is all hyped up as he has clippers in hand. They get in the ring. Music hits and here comes Rockstar Spud (with his briefcase), Mandrews, and Jeremy Borash. They enter the ring. Spud throws his coat right at Tyrus but the referee stands in between them as Tyrus wants to fight.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs. Rockstar Spud, Mandrews, and Jeremy Borash

Ethan starts the match for his team while Spud stays in and stares right in the face of Ethan. They are chest to chest but Ethan backs up and tags Tyrus. He enters and looks down on Spud. Spud starts to punch Tyrus but he tosses Spud down after doing a spike to the throat. Mandrews tags in and goes right to Tyrus but he grabs Mandrews and does a belly to back suplex. Borash tags in. He enters and he stares at Tyrus. Tyrus backs up and tags Ethan. Ethan enter with a brace type of sleeve on his left shoulder on account of his surgery he had a few months ago. Borash goes right to Ethan as he throws punches, but Ethan fights back and puts Borash in the corner.

Ethan backs up and runs to him for a splash but Borash moves and Ethan goes right into the corner. Mandrews tags himself in and he does a springboard dropkick. Ethan gets up and he is able to take Mandrews to the corner. Tyrus tags himself in. He enters and pounds on the back of Mark. Tyrus then hits a suplex. He tags Ethan. Ethan enters and stomps on the arm of Mandrews. Spud enters but the referee holds him back. Ethan puts Mandrews in the corner as Tyrus chokes him. Ethan grabs him as he slides down the corner. Ethan snaps his head forward and then smashes his face into the mat. Ethan applies the camel clutch. Mandrews is coming back as he stands and elbows Ethan's gut but Ethan pounds on Mark's back. Mandrews slides away from Ethan but Ethan stops him. He hits an enzuigiri and then tags Spud.

Rockstar goes right to Ethan and attacks him as he goes in the corner. Spud is going nonstop. Tyrus enters and tries to pop Spud's head. He then tosses him to Ethan, as he is in the corner. Tyrus runs to him, but Spud moves and Tyrus smashes Ethan. Spud tells Jeremy to get in. He does and climbs the corner. He jumps to Tyrus on the outside! Both go down. Ethan, stands, attacks Spud from behind. He then hits him with the 1%-er. He covers. Winner: Ethan Carter III and Tyrus

Ethan grabs clippers and goes to shave Spud's hair, but the lights go out. They come back on and Mr. Anderson is beside both of them with Spud lying on the apron. Anderson greets them and then pokes the eyes of Tyrus, punches Ethan, low blows Tyrus, and then goes after Carter with punches and knife edge chops. He whips him in the ropes but Ethan slides out. He and Tyrus walk up the ramp.

Gunner is backstage. He says it was about last year where he was so close at becoming the TNA World Champion, but he can be next week for the Gauntlet match. He went after The BDC... Just then, Kenny King and Low Ki walk up to him. King says everyone is mentioning their name like they are the candy man. They, quickly, attack Gunner before he can even fight back. They toss him into a production box. He sits there to recover as Low and King walk through a doorway to leave.


Madison Rayne's music plays and she comes out on stage, walks down the ramp, and gets in the ring. She grabs a mic. She says she wants to make something perfectly clear - She is the Queen of the Knockouts division. As Madison talks, "bumps" are played in part of Awesome Kong's music. Rayne says she is one reign away from being the most decorated Knockout in company history. There isn't one Knockout who can beat her in the ring. Kong's music finally plays fully and she walks down the ramp. Madison tries to hide behind Earl Hebner, but it isn't working.

Madison Rayne vs. Awesome Kong

Kong goes right after Rayne as she knocks her down. She then whips her in the corner and runs to her. Madison falls. Kong goes for a splash, but Rayne moves and Kong misses. Madison quickly stands and kicks her, but Kong comes back and is able to take Rayne down. She then gets her up on her feet. She sets it up and hits the Implant Buster. She covers and wins. Winner: Awesome Kong


The camera shows Austin Aries is sitting in a chair. Kurt Angle walks into the picture and tells Aries that he is sitting in his (Kurt's) chair. Aries says he doesn't see Angle's name on it, but he will move instead of fighting. Kurt tells Aries he heard he tapped out to Roode, but Austin says it is called "fighting another day". Aries says he has his ticket of the World Title in the briefcase, Roode wants it, as well as Kurt. If Kurt becomes champion, that means he will have a bullseye on his back. Kurt is fine with that as that is what champions are about. Aries says he was champion before and he will be it again.

A video plays showing a recap of The Revolution vs. The Hardys in the Steel Cage last week. It then shows Jeff Hardy falling from the top of the cage back first onto the steel steps. He is motionless as officials check on him.

Music hits inside the arena and here comes Matt Hardy. He enters the ring as the crowd cheers. He grabs a mic. He thanks the crowd for being there, as it is great to be there, but he wishes Jeff could be there as well to share the moment with him. Matt says Jeff Hardy loves this business and has done stuff to make us remember something forever. Every time Jeff is down, he would always show a sign to Matt that he is fine whether that was a thumbs up or saying some words. Last week, though, was the first time he witnessed a broken Jeff Hardy as Jeff didn't give a thumbs up or Matt didn't see one ounce of shine in his soul. He congratulates James Storm, but whistles whistle and the music stars as here comes The Revolution. James walks down the ramp with the cowbell rope around his neck. He enters the ring and grabs a mic. James says Matt knows James is right... what Edge/Christian, Team 3-D, Kurt Angle, Lashley, or even The Undertaker couldn't do what he (Storm) did. He took away the people's creature. He took away the hero. In Storm's story book, heroes never win.

James will give Matt to options. He can either join The Revolution or they can set him up with a bed right beside Jeff in the hospital. Matt stands and ponders. James waits. Matt reveals that Jeff has a pretty nice hospital bed. He punches James in the face and he falls back. Khoya, Abyss, Manik, and The Great Sanada enter the ring and attack Matt. They stomp on him constantly. Manik works on the arm of Matt as he yanks it back. James tells them to get Matt up. They do, but The Wolves' music hits and they both come out. They double team Sanada. The Revolution are on the ramp and Sanada slowly joins them. Matt stands and stands with The Wolves in the ring.

There is a split screen as we see Lashley walking backstage on the left and Kurt Angle walking backstage on the right.


Austin Aries is backstage. The camera man asks Aries if he has a time table of when he will cash in his Feast or Fired briefcase. Aries says he will cash it in between the monkey's @ss and half past the monkey's balls. He says that is such a stupid question. Just then, Kenny King comes around the corner and asks what is up. Aries looks above his head. He then punches King in the face, but Samoa Joe and MVP come to and attack Aries. They beat him up and then toss him through a door to the outside. MVP grabs his briefcase and chucks it out with him.

Kurt Angle comes out as the crowd roars. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Lashley comes out next as he has the TNA World Championship around his waist. He gets in the ring. The Beat Down Clan (MVP, Samoa Joe, Low Ki, and Kenny King) come through the curtain and walk dow the ramp. MVP and Joe are fighting in the match.


Kurt Angle and Lashley vs. MVP and Samoa Joe

Kurt and Joe start the match. They move around the ring and then lock-up. Kurt works on the arm of Joe, but Joe turns it around and works on Kurt's arm. Kurt is able to twist around and works on Joe's arm. Joe elbows Kurt in the face and goes into the ropes but Kurt does an arm drag takedown. Joe stands but Kurt pulls him to the corner and Lashley tags in. He enters and punches Joe in the face multiple times. Joe is able to punch back with several jabs. He goes to whip him, but Lashley reverses it. Joe goes in the corner. Lashley hits him with a shoulder block. Joe pushes Lashley back and does a knife edge chop and then runs in the ropes. Lashley does a leapfrog over Joe and then knocks him down. Joe stands and Joe pushes him back MVP hits Lashley in the back. Lashley turns but Joe capitalizes as he punches Lashley several times. He tags MVP. MVP enters and continues the attack.

He punches and then knees Lashley in the gut. He does a snapmare and then kicks Lashley in the back and then in the head. He covers but Lashley kicks out. MVP gets him up and Joe tags in. Joe punches Lashley in the gut and then puts him in the corner for a knife edge chop. He whips him in the corner and then runs for a smash and then the pele kick. Joe gets Lashley up and tags MVP. MVP hits Lashley on the back several times but Lashley fights back with punches of his own. MVP fights back though. He puts him on the middle rope and chokes him. Low Ki comes over and chokes Lashley behind the referee's back. MVP gets him and covers but Lashley kicks out. MVP applies a headlock. MVP breaks it as Lashley grabs the ropes. He tags Joe. Joe does an uppercut to Lashley as he is standing in the corner.

Joe brings him out and does a headbutt. Lashley is able to whip Joe in the corner. He runs but Joe tries to grab him with one arm for a slam, but Lashley blocks and turns it into a neck breaker. He tags Kurt. Kurt enters and does a german suplex to Joe and then one to MVP as he enters. Kurt hits the Angle Slam on Joe and covers but MVP stops the count. He rolls out. Kurt and Joe stand but Joe rakes Kurt's eyes and tags MVP. MVP enters and knees Kurt several times in the gut and slams him in the corner shoulder first into the steel post. Kurt slowly stands and punches MVP, but MVP punches back and hits a closeline. MVP covers but Kurt kicks out. MVP continues as he punches Kurt in the face and then chokes him with his knee. MVP distracts the referee as Low Ki chokes Kurt on the bottom rope. MVP turns back and drags Kurt to the middle of the ring for a cover but he kicks out.

MVP tags Joe. Joe hits Angle in the ribs and then a headbutt as Kurt falls. Joe applies a version of the camel clutch, but Kurt gets to his knees and then to his feet. He punches Joe in the gut and hits him in the face, but Joe headbutts him. Joe sends Kurt in the corner and runs to him, but Kurt hits him, climbs to the second rope and hits a slight missile dropkick. He crawls and tags Lashley. He enters as Joe tags MVP. He takes MVP down and then hits him with with a shoulder block. He does a huge vertical slam. MVP stands as he gets in the corner. Lashley runs to him but MVP elbows him. MVP runs to him but Lashley hits him with a spine buster. He covers but Joe interferes as he breaks the count. Kurt enters and attacks Joe. Joe fights back. He stands and Lashley goes to spear him, but Kurt trips him for an Ankle Lock. Joe rolls through. Kurt goes into the corner as Lashley has to sidestep, otherwise he was going right for him. MVP does a quick roll-up to Lashley and gets the pin. Winners: MVP and Samoa Joe

MVP and Joe exit the ring as they celebrate on the outside with the other members of The Beat Down Clan. Kurt and Lashley are left in the ring to talk about it. Is Lashley blaming this on Kurt? The show fades.

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