Impact Wrestling Results (2/20/15) - MVP Will Finally Get His Shot


Impact Wrestling Results - 2/20/2015
From The SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package hyping up the 20 Man Gauntlet Battle Royal match. The Top 5 Ranking list... 5. Ethan Carter III, 4. Samoa Joe, 3. Low Ki, 2. MVP, and 1. Kurt Angle all enter the Battle Royal in the last 5 spots. Who will emerge victorious and have a TNA World Championship shot?

Kurt Angle's music plays and he comes out on the stage with a mic. He quickly talks. He says he came back for one reason and one reason only... To win the TNA World Championship. 20 men will enter the ring tonight, but no one will beat him. He will become the #1 contender. Kurt leaves the stage immediately.

Lashley exits his locker room and the camera man asks him about Kurt Angle. He says Kurt is a lot of talk. So with that being said, he is going to have a little talk. Lashley walks away.

We see Taz and Josh Mathews in the commentator's booth as they run down the 20 Men Gauntlet Battle Royal match.

The camera shows the arena as the crowd is standing. Music hits and here comes Matt Hardy. Matt walks down the ramp and enters the ring. The Wolves come out next. They enter the ring and the crowd pops. Whistles are heard and here comes The Revolution. James Storm leads the group as Khoya, The Great Sanada, Manik, and Abyss are behind him. They move forward and The Wolves and Matt exit the ring to quickly fight.

Matt Hardy and The Wolves vs. The Revolution

Eddie is going after James Storm while Matt brings Manik in the ring. The Wolves enter the ring and whip Matt in the corner right into Manik. Matt gets on his hands and knees as Eddie jumps on his back and smashes Manik in the corner. The Wolves continue to do double teaming as Matt joins in. Wolves go to the apron as Matt climbs to the second corner and hits Manik on the back with his elbow. Matt punches Manik in the face as he tries to stand. Matt whips him but Manik stops on the ropes. Matt runs to him but Manik moves and Matt goes through the ropes. James grabs Matt and smashes him in the steel steps. He brings Matt in the ring. Manik beats him up and then tags Abyss.

Abyss enters and punches Matt right in the face. He whips Matt in the corner. Abyss runs and does a huge smash. Matt falls. He tags James. Storm enters and climbs to the second rope. He jumps and punches Matt right in the gut. He taunts toward Wolves. He turns and continues the assault on Matt in the corner. He rams his face in the top turnbuckle. he then distracts the referee as Abyss hits Matt in the corner. James tags Manik. He enters and he hits a suplex on Matt and then a back suplex. Manik applies a head lock but Matt gets out of it. Both stand and Matt hits the Side Effect. Matt tries to go for a cover but James enters and grabs his legs. Matt pushes him away and tags both Wolves. They enter and they attack James at the same time with chops and kicks. Eddie whips Davey in the corner as he hits James with a knee. They double team against Manik, but Abyss enters and goes to work on Wolves, but they slow him down. James enters and they plant James into the side of Abyss and then kick Abyss and he falls hitting a DDT on Storm. They roll out of the ring. The Wolves hit a suicide dive on all of The Revolution. Matt enters with Eddie. They double team on Manik and then Davey hits the Double Foot Stomp on Manik and gets the win. Winners: The Wolves and Matt Hardy

The Revolution enter and go after The Wolves and Matt. They dissect each one of them... Last being Matt being The Last Call Superkicked from James. They get Manik up as he his worn out. Just then, Abyss grabs Manik and hits him with The Black Home Slam. Their music plays and they slide Manik out of the ring.


Ethan Carter III's music plays and he marches his way down the ramp. Tyrus is behind him. They enter the ring. Ethan grabs a mic. He states he is not in a good mood. Last week somebody interrupted his scalping of Rockstar Spud. Someone ruined his day! Ethan is furious. Ethan wanted a hair party... But somebody ruined it! Ethan starts jumping up and down. He stops and tries to calm down. He is issuing a public warning. The lights go out and music plays! Mr. Anderson! The spotlight is shining down as the mic lowers. Ken grabs it. Ken pretends to cry as the somebody has a name... That somebody is a human being. That somebody is Mr. Anderson.... Anderson! "See, they (the crowd) knows." Ken says Ethan shaved poor J.B's head and now tries to shave Spud's head. What if he took Ethan's hair? Ethan starts to chuckle. Ethan says no one will take his dignity and no one will ever beat him. Ken says he wasn't talking about his dignity. He pulls out hair clippers from behind and makes it vibrate on the microphone (Don't get excited). He says he wants to get rid of that horrible hairstyle on his head. He thinks he's going to do it right now. Anderson walks down the ramp but Ethan says his answer is... Tyrus!

Tyrus exits the ring and meets Ken on the ramp. Ken grabs a mic from behind and says he is a big fella. Just then, Rockstar Spud and Mandrews enter the ring behind Ethan. Ken says Tyrus is in his way but not in their way. Spud and Mandrews attack Ethan as Ken attacks Tyrus. Ken enters the ring and goes to shave Ethan's head but Tyrus enters and hits Ken and tosses Spud and Mandrews across the ring. Tyrus slowly pushes Ken in the corner. Spud is getting mad as he is lying on the mat. Anderson, out of nowhere, grabs Tyrus and hits him with the Mic Check. He calls Spud and Mandews over. They pull him to the ropes and duct tape his arms to the bottom rope. Spud grabs the clippers and shaves Tyrus' mohawk. Ethan looks very upset. Spud grabs the mic.

He states Tyrus was a fast customer in the Rockstar Spud barber shop and now Ethan is next. Time for the scalping to begin!!

Kenny King and Low Ki are sitting on steps while MVP is lower than them, sitting on the steps. Joe is standing. MVP asks each person if they can stop Kurt Angle. They said they all can. MVP likes the sound of it.


The camera man is outside. We see Mickie James walking outside. The camera man runs up to her. She says she is here to talk about Magnus' condition, so stay tuned.

Al Snow is in the ring. He has a sour look on his face. Grado comes out next and the crowd is roaring. Grado dances his way down the ramp. He interacts with the fans around the ring and then enters.

Al Snow vs. Grado

Snow goes right after Grado as soon as the bell sounds. He whips him in the ropes and Al elbows him in the face. Al stomps on him. Grado stands and tries to fight back, but Snow closelines him down. He then uses wrist tape to choke Grado. Grado pops up and pushes Al in the corner. He punches nonstop but Al pushes him back and takes him down on the mat. He stomps on him. He gets him up on his feet. Snow lifts him up and does the Snow Plow. He goes to cover but hesitates. He then covers but Grado kicks out at two. Snow gets him up and punches him in the face. Grado slaps Al in the face, but Al lifts him up and hits a body slam. He then stomps on Grado's face. Al motions the cut throat taunt. He climbs the corner and does a moonsault! He covers but Grado kicks out at two. Al climbs the corner again for the moonsault but Grado moves and Snow crashes and burns. Grado takes down his straps and does a big boot to Snow. He falls down in the corner. Grado does the Roll N Slice. Al gets up and Grado does several punches to the face and then the elbow to the head. Grado goes for another big boot but Al ducks. Al grabs head, but Grado ducks and hits him with the big boot. He covers and wins. Winner: Grado

The crowd is going crazy. Al Snow gets to his feet and looks right in the eyes of Grado. He then grabs his arm and raises it. Just them, The Beat Down Clan come out and attack Al and Grado. Low Ki, Kenny King, and Samoa Joe attack both stars. Low chocks Grado while King chokes Al. Joe stomps on Grado and then Low and King stomp on Al. Just then, someone in a hoodie comes out and saves Al and Grado. The BDC leave the ring. The guy takes off his hoodie and it is Drew Galloway. He has a lead pipe. The crowd is roaring.

The BroMans are backstage with Angelina Love. She asks them if they are ready. DJ Z takes a selfie first of all of them. They leave the scene together. We see Awesome Kong looking on in the distance.


Music hits and here comes The BroMans with Angelina Love. They walk down the ring with her. She enters after letting the pigeons loose. Taryn Terrell comes out next and makes her way down the ramp as she has the Knockouts Championship around her waist.

Angelina Love vs. Taryn Terrell (c) for the Knockouts Championship

Taryn taunts in the corner as Love runs over and knocks her down. Taryn falls onto the apron and down to the floor. She stands and Love hits her with the baseball slide. She gets Taryn up but Taryn fights back and starts yelling at The BroMans. She turns and Love grabs her and hits the samoan drop on the floor. She brings Taryn in the ring and covers but she kicks out. Love climbs the corner. Terrell stands, grabs Love, and tosses her across the ring. Love stands and Taryn continues the attack as she does knees to the gut, a swinging neck breaker, and then a snap suplex. She covers but Love kicks out. Taryn climbs to the second rope and does a flying closeline. She covers but Love kicks out. Both get up. Taryn goes in the ropes and Love hits her with The Botox Injection. Love gets Taryn up. Love goes for a closeline, but Taryn ducks and hits the Taryn Cutter. She covers and wins. Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Taryn Terrell

The lights go out and the thumping begins. The lights turn back on as the sound effects stop. Here is Awesome Kong!! She goes to choke Kong but Taryn pushes her arm down and goes to punch her. Kong punches back. Taryn tries to put up a fight. She runs in the ropes but Kong knocks her down. She then hits the Implant Buster. Kong grabs the Knockouts Championship. Just then, Gail Kim enters the ring. They stare in each other's eyes. Kong lifts the belt high and then drops it on Taryn and exits the ring. She walks backwards as she stares at Gail, and Gail stares back.


A picture is shown of Low Ki's head as he was cut open behind the ear from Drew Galloway's lead pipe. He needed over a dozen stitches.

A video package plays showing people explain why they will win the Gauntlet match. It shows people from Robbie E, Ethan Carter III, to the members of The BDC.

Tommy Dreamer's music plays and he walks out through the curtain and enters the ring. He grabs a mic. He says the last time he was in this ring he was dropped on his head and his neck got jacked. Dreamer came to Scotland to fight. Eric Young, come out here now! Music hits but Eric doesn't appear. Tommy gets back on the mic and says maybe he didn't hear him. He tells Young to be a man and fight him. Eric's music plays again and Dreamer waits. The music stops.

Tommy says he will find Eric and beat him all over this building. Dreamer exits the ring and goes through the curtain. He asks Matt and John Gaburick where he is, but they don't know. Eric Young quickly comes out of nowhere and attacks Dreamer, but Dreamer fights back and they come out through the curtain. Dreamer throws Eric into the guard rail. He grabs a mic and wants a referee as they are going old school. Dreamer hits Young with the mic and then takes a swig of someone's water and spits in Eric's face. Eric punches Dreamer in the gut and lifts him up and smashes him between the legs on the guard rail. He then bites his forehead twice and Dreamer is heavily bleeding. Dreamer gets up and is able to come back and ram Eric into the steel post.

Tommy rolls Eric in the ring and grabs a table from underneath. He puts it on the apron but Eric hits him with a baseball slide. The bell sounded when Young was rolled in the ring.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Eric Young

Eric brings Dreamer in the ring, as well as the table. Eric also brings two chairs in. Eric sets up the chair on the mat and goes for a piledriver on it, but Tommy does a back body drop. Dreamer goes for a DDT next onto the chair, but Eric swipes his leg and Dreamer falls on the chair. Eric drops his knee and elbow to Dreamer's head. Eric sets the table up. He pounds Tommy's head in it. Eric goes to the corner and climbs. Dreamer stands and punches Eric in the face. He moves the table back a little bit. He climbs the corner and does a superplex on Eric through the table!! Both are down.

Eric grabs a chair and places it in the corner between the middle and top turnbuckles. Eric stands and Dreamer stands. They punch back and forth. Dreamer gets the better of him as he punches him constantly. He knocks Eric down and then places the chair in between Eric's legs and elbows it. Dreamer gets Eric up but Eric fights back and smashes Dreamer's head into the steel chair in the corner. He then hits the piledriver for the win. Winner: Eric Young

Lashley is walking backstage. He gets to a doorway and walks through it.

Mickie James is shown walking backstage.


A video package plays showing Feast or Fired. Magnus got a briefcase when it was supposed to be Bram. Bram was furious but Magnus didn't care. It ended up being a TNA Tag Team Championship shot. It shows them talking to each other at a bar. Magnus says it is more on the line with him with his family now. However, it can work for both of them. They can do it for their country. Well, Bram didn't like it and attacked Magnus.

Mickie James' music plays and she walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. The crowd cheers. Mickie grabs a mic. She thanks the crowd for the "Welcome Back" chants. She says it is bittersweet to be there, but her heart has been broken from the actions of Bram. A lot has changed in the past year. Her son was born and she got engaged. But, a few weeks ago someone who was supposed to be her fiancee's best friend beat him up and left him in an ally. Bram wants to be tough and a man's man, but he is only a coward for attacking someone from behind.

Well, here comes Bram. He walks down the ramp as he tosses a cue ball in the air with his one hand. Bram grabs a mic as he enters the ring. Mickie is glad he came out as she wants to say this to his face. Magnus bailed him out time and time again... When no one was there of Bram... Magnus was. This is the thanks he gets? She says Magnus may have nerve damage. He can't even hold his own son. Bram says Magnus is pathetic and worn down now and he blames Mickie for that. He could get any girl, but he is stuck with Mickie. He is also stuck with a little kid and a needy redneck. That is why Bram beat him up. Mickie said he beat Magnus up because Bram knows he is half the man Magnus is. He knows Magnus can beat him. He knows he is a little b%tch. Bram rips the microphone from Mickie's hand and then Bram throws his down. He backs her in the corner. She slaps him across the face. Bram starts to smile. Referees and officials enter the ring and separate Bram. Bram backs up, falls to his knees, and slides out of the ring.

Lashley and Kurt are backstage. Lashley asks if Kurt really thinks no one can stop him. Lashley is the TNA World Champion. Kurt says he respects Lashley for everything he's done, but he never entered the ring with him before. He has beat everyone, and he will win that Gauntlet match tonight. Lashley says he will sit back and watch it happen. Lashley walks away.


Jeremy Borash goes over the rules for the Gauntlet Battle Royal match.

Kenny King comes out first and gets in the ring. Austin Aries makes his way to the ring next.

20 Man Gauntlet Battle Royal match to determine the #1 Contender for the TNA World Championship

Aries and King walk around the ring. They move forward and King knees him in the gut. He then kicks Aries in the head. King whips Aries in the corner but Aries pops up and King tosses him over the ropes. Aries lands on the apron. He gets in as he attacks King. He sends him down on the mat and drops an elbow. He gets King up and tries to eliminate him. King fights back. Aries continues to be on the offensive side though as he punches and kicks Kenny. Aries punches King in the head and then drops an elbow again. Aries lifts King on his shoulder but King slides out and does a knife edge chop. Crazzy Steve makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring.

Steve enters but King stomps on him as soon as he enters. King grabs him and whips him in the corner. King runs but Steve moves and does a shoulder block and then a back elbow. Steve runs and does a summersault to King in the corner. Steve and Aries high five but Aries attacks him with a back suplex. Jessie Godderz gets in the ring next.

He enters and attacks Steve with a choke of his boot in the corner. Jessie turns and he goes after Aries. He knees Aries in the gut while Steve goes after King. Jessie lifts Aries up but Aries slides out. He goes and tosses Jessie over the ropes but he holds on and comes back in. Bram comes out next.

Bram enters and goes right after Steve. He punches him in the face multiple times while Aries and Jessie continue to fight. King gets up and stands in the ring while Bram tries to eliminate Steve. King now attacks Bram. Khoya comes out next.

He gets in the ring and Steve runs to him but he knocks Steve down. Steve gets up and ducks a punch and then attacks Khoya as he goes to the corner. Steve runs to him but Khoya lifts him up and he falls to the ground. Elimination: Crazzy Steve Aries goes after Khoya in the corner. Chris Melendez walks down the ramp.

He gets in the ring and King goes right after him but Chris fights back. Chris does a Bubba Bomb type of move. Bram goes after Jessie but then turns and attacks Chris. Chris fights back and tries to eliminate Bram. Mr. Anderson runs to the ring.

He slides in and goes right after Khoya and then Jessie. He then goes after King. Chris has Bram on the apron as he keeps punching him.


DJ Z, Samuel Shaw and The Great Sanada are in the ring. Tyrus enters the ring now. Chris Melendez was eliminated during the commercial break by Bram. Jessie goes after Tyrus but Tyrus faces Jessie and pounds him and he falls quickly. DJ Z runs to him but Tyrus tosses him down. Tyrus tosses Samuel Shaw, Jessie Godderz, and DJ Z out of the ring. Rockstar Spud enters.

Spud enters and goes right after Tyrus. He runs to him multiple times but Tyrus isn't going anywhere. Tyrus puts Spud on the apron and then knocks him down. Rockstar Spud is eliminated. Khoya is also eliminated by Tyrus. Robbie E walks down the ramp.

The Great Sanada is on the apron and sprays Tyrus in the eyes. Ken knocks The Great Sanada down. Ken grabs Tyrus and lifts him over. Elimination: Tyrus. Gunner runs down the ramp.

He goes right after Bram in the corner and attacks him. Robbie is going after Austin Aries. Ethan Carter III runs down the ramp and slides in.

He goes right after Mr. Anderson and punches him in the face and chokes him on the ropes. Robbie climbs the corner. Aries stands and dropkicks Robbie and he falls over the ropes. Elimination: Robbie E. Ken goes for the Mic Check but Ethan gets out of it. We see Bram tossed over the ropes. Ken grabs Ethan and whips him over. Elimination: Ethan Carter III. Samoa Joe runs down the ramp.

He gets in and goes after Ken with multiple punches in the corner. King goes to Ken and works on him. Joe walks over to Gunner and attacks him. Low Ki walks out to the ring.

He slides in and goes right after Gunner and then after Austin Aries. Joe has Ken in the corner and Low helps him. Joe continues to go after Ken while Low attacks Gunner. MVP walks out and gets in the ring next.

Joe grabs Ken and tosses him over the ropes. Elimination: Mr. Anderson. Low is trying to eliminate Gunner but Gunner fights back. Joe goes after Gunner now and MVP helps. Low enters. Low kicks Gunner in the gut as MVP and Joe hold him in the corner. MVP then kicks Gunner in the back. Low turns and chokes Aries. Joe and MVP toss Gunner out. Elimination: Gunner. Kurt Angle's music plays and he runs to the ring.

He enters and goes right after The BDC as he hits german suplexes and serves a plate of punches.


Austin Aries is on the apron/corner, but The BDC is attacking him. MVP hits him and Aries falls to the ground. Elimination: Austin Aries. The BDC turn to Kurt Angle as they stomp on him. Just then, Lashley comes out and walks down the ramp to watch the rest of the match. Kurt Angle stands and goes after Joe with punches, but Low attacks him. Low does a double foot stomp onto Kurt's chest. They put him in the corner and choke him with the boot. Joe walks over and punches Kurt in the face multiple times. MVP gets in Angle's face and trash talks him. Kurt gets to his feet and punches MVP right in the face and he falls. King punches Kurt. Low comes and kicks Kurt. It is a mugging.

Joe gets Kurt up and puts him in a different corner and does several knife edge chops. Kurt fights back with punches. He punches Joe then Low then MVP then King. Low runs and attacks Kurt. Low backs up and runs to him again but Kurt lifts him up and Low lands face first on the top rope. Kurt goes after Joe and puts him in the corner. He runs to him but Joe lifts him up and slams him down with one arm. Kurt walks along the ropes. Joe runs to him but Kurt holds the ropes down and Joe goes over. Elimination: Samoa Joe. Low runs to him next but Kurt does a back body drop to him. Elimination: Low Ki. King goes to Kurt, but Kurt grabs him and lifts him over and King falls to the ground. Elimination: Kenny King

MVP and Kurt stand and start fighting back and forth. MVP starts getting the upper hand as he knees Kurt in the face and then plants an elbow as Kurt is lying on the mat. MVP takes Kurt to the ropes and tries to lift him over. The BDC are still at ringside. Kurt goes over the ropes but he holds onto the bottom and slides back in. Kurt stands and goes after MVP now. He attacks him and then tries to lift him over the top rope. He does but MVP slides back in between the bottom and middle rope. Kurt stomps on MVP. Kurt grabs MVP but MVP kicks Kurt in the back of his knee and then in the front of it. Kurt gets to one knee as MVP tries for a big boot but Kurt moves and grabs MVP for a german suplex. The BDC distracts the referee while Kurt pops off the ropes and one of the members trips Kurt. He turns to face them. He turns back and MVP does a big boot and he flies over the top. Winner: MVP

The BDC enter the ring and taunt with MVP facing Lashley as he watches on. The show fades.

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