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Impact Wrestling Results (2/27/14) - Team MVP May Not Have A Team

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Impact Wrestling Results - 2/27/2014
From London, England
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package showing MVP as the new investor in TNA. It will be Team Dixie vs. Team MVP at Lethal Lockdown to see who will run TNA Wrestling. Dixie is willing to give 10% ownership of the company to Bobby Roode if he wins and to be her team captain. It then switches to Gunner vs. Magnus and how Gunner lost his match last week because of James Storm. Finally, Kurt Angle will be going into the Hall of Fame tonight.

Gunner is shown backstage. He comes out of a room and quickly walks backstage. The camera man asks Gunner about his thoughts on James Storm. He says that if James shows his face around here then he is asking for it.

The camera shows the arena as the crowd is on their feet. It is a huge crowd. Mike Tenay and Taz state that Dixie Carter isn't here tonight and she left match making power to Bobby Roode, EC3, and Spud. The lights go out and MVP comes out. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says when he is in the house things are poppin and Dixie's BS is stopping. He welcomes himself to London and the crowd goes crazy. MVP goes on to state that he is making his Lethal Lockdown team and tells Gunner that he will get his rematch when he gets full control of TNA, but for now, it will be Magnus vs. Samoa Joe for the TNA World Championship. He introduces Samoa Joe and his music plays. Joe comes out and the crowd cheers. As he comes to the ring, a video plays showing Magnus tapping out to Joe. After Joe is in the ring, Magnus' music plays and he comes out. He is in a suit with the TNA World Title over his shoulder. As he comes to the ring, a video plays showing his match last week and how he retained the title. Magnus is now in the ring and taunts with the title.

MVP asks Magnus where Dixie is... is she getting her face painted? Magnus grabs a mic and says that this is their champion speaking. Magnus says Dixie isn't out here because he reminded Dixie that this is not the great city it used to be. London has degenerated into crime. Ever since Magnus left the city it has gone to hell. More importantly than that, the only person Magnus needs to handle his career is HIMSELF! He tells MVP to continue. MVP holds up the clipboard with a contract on it as well as a pen attached to it. He asks if any of them have something to say but they don't. MVP turns to Magnus and says that his rules will not be in effect and that means people interfering to help him win. However, Joe rules will apply and that means pinfall, submission, or knockout. MVP says we will see if he can make Joe tap or knock him out at Lockdown. He gives the contract to Joe and he signs it. He then gives it to Magnus. Magnus puts the title down and grabs the clipboard. He moves MVP to the side and says that is how he is going to play this game. MVP may have cards up his sleeve but Magnus has a whole deck left. Mganus looks at Joe and tells him he is an undefined dangerous animal and that is why people chant, "Joe is gonna kill you." Yeah, that's a role model! Magnus goes on to say that they put animals down. For himself, well Magnus represents an industry. That is why Joe will never represent this company again as World Champion. Magnus grabs the pen and signs the contract. He hands it to MVP. Joe moves forward and gets right in the face of Magnus. Magnus asks what he is going to do. Is he just going to breathe that dog breath in his face? Joe had enough and goes right after Magnus. He puts him in the corner and kicks and punches him as well as giving him some head butts. Referees come out and try to stop Joe. Magnus gets away as he goes under the ropes and walks up the ramp. Joe goes to the outside and hits Magnus from behind and continues to beat him up. The referees grab him as well as Al Snow who comes from the back. They bring Joe up.

A video plays from this past weekend where it shows The Wolves winning the TNA Tag Team Championships from BroMans at a live event show.

Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, and Zema Ion are backstage and state they need to get the titles back. They need them back now. They then think of Bobby Roode. They open all these doors and one of them has Roode in them. They all run up to him, but he stands and tells them to stop. He then goes and says it is going to be The BroMans vs. Bad Influence vs. The Wolves and if BroMans want to be on Team Dixie, then they need to win. They agree. Roode leaves and BroMans with Ion do their team fist pound.


Bad Influence vs. The Wolves vs. The BroMans

Daniels and Robbie E start the match off. Just as the bell rings, Davey tags himself in against Robbie. He goes up to Daniels but Daniels knocks him down and goes in the ropes but Davey switches it around and takes Daniels off his feet. He locks it a submission while Eddie runs in as well as Kazarian. Eddie applies the same hold as Davey. He unlocks it and goes to the corner. Davey unlocks it and continues to go after Daniels but Daniels gets away and tags Kaz. Kaz enters and goes right after Davey but he tags in Eddie. Eddie gets in and goes after Kaz. He tags Davey and he climbs the corner. He jumps right on the arm of Kaz. He continues to work on Kaz. He goes in the ropes but Daniels trips him up. Kaz goes after him with kicks and stomps. He tags Daniels in. They bring Davey to his knees and kick him in the chest and back. They then do a senton on him. Daniels turns and goes after Eddie in the corner. He goes and tags Kaz. Kaz enters and then lift up Davey but he lands on his feet as they try to do a back suplex. He then does a enziguri kick to both of them. He then tags in Eddie. Eddie gets in and knocks Daniels out of the ring and then goes to Kaz. He lift him up and takes him right down with a suplex. H e goes to cover but Kaz kicks out. Just then, Zema Ion does the horn noise to distract the teams as he wants The BroMans in.

Kaz and Eddie continue to fight in the ring. They attack back and forth. Kaz has the upper hand and goes to the corner but Eddie goes after him and does a huge chin breaker. Davey and Daniels gets in and go after them and then go after The BroMans. They knock Daniels out of the ring and Eddie does a huge suicide dive to him. He climbs the corner and Davey tags himself in. Eddie jumps to Kaz and then Davey gets in the ring but Robbie E reaches and tags himself in. He gets in and knocks Davey out of the ring and covers Kaz and wins! Winners: The BroMans

Ethan Carter III is backstage. The camera man asks him about tonight and EC3 says Dixie has allowed him to make his own match tonight so he has some tough competition and then he goes to talk about Kurt Angle being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but Ethan says he will go out and show everyone that he is the new face of America. He lifts up an United States flag and smirks.


Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are backstage. Aries asks if he is really talking about this still. Roode says it was a fluke and fluke, but he wants to talk about the present. He tells Austin that he is the X-Division Champion but can he side with MVP? Would he rather work for MVP or Dixie? Aries laughs and says Roode hates Dixie and he only cares about getting 10%. Roode says that is right so he better make the right choice. Roode leaves.

Ethan Carter III's music plays and he walks out. He comes to the ring. Ethan Carter III grabs a mic and tells the UK that it is one of their own... Here comes Douglas Williams! He comes down the ramp as the crowd roars! Ethan keeps the mic and says just like the United States will win the World Cup in SOCCCEERRRRR... he will beat him tonight!

Ethan Carter III vs. Douglas Williams

Doug goes right after Ethan and whips him in the ropes. Ethan bounces off it and Doug knocks him right down. He then whips him in the corner. Doug runs the other way and then to him to a knee to the chest. He takes Ethan out of the corner and climbs it. Ethan runs to him but Doug side steps and hits Ethan. He goes up the corner and jumps right onto Ethan. Both get up and Doug grabs Ethan from behind but Ethan does a low blow kick and then turns it into the 1%er. He covers and wins. Winner: Ethan Carter III

Ethan turns to Doug kicks the leg and knee. He then rips it to the side as Doug screams in pain. Ethan continues the lock while the bell sounds and Earl Hebner (referee) tries to stop him. Ethan finally does.

James Storm opens a door and walks backstage. He doesn't look in a good mood.


James Storm comes out and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic and tells Gunner that he doesn't run or hide from anything. If you want to talk Gunner, well come out. Gunner's music plays and he comes out. He isn't in a good mood either. He walks down the ramp and gets right in the ring. He grabs a mic. Gunner says this better be worth his time or he will bash his head in. James Storm said he did screw him from the title and he was planning it since Gunner took the briefcase from Storm at Feat or Fired. He said what set him off was when he handed him the tag team briefcase. It was like throwing scraps to a dog. James says he made Gunner. He wouldn't be anything without James. He didn't even say thank you. Gunner says James is full of it. A thank you to him is when he stood beside a friend in the army. He stood beside a friend when they went into battle. He was there so James can live the life he has. James says no one cares if he went over there or not. Gunner says his family cared and the crowd cared. James says no one owes Gunner a damn thing! Gunner had enough and goes right after James with punches to the face. James falls and rolls out of the ring. Gunner follows. James grabs a chair that is under the ring and swings it but Gunner ducks and he hits the steel post. James hops over the guard rails and goes in the crowd. Gunner grabs the chair and waits for James to come back but he isn't.


Gunner is backstage. He says James Storm can't hide forever. He is going to wait there and if he sees him then he will fight.

Mangus is in the ring and Bad Bones is behind him. Magnus says he is not going to fight Samoe Joe, but he did find someone from Germany that will go after Joe and that is Bad Bones! Music plays and here comes Joe.

Bad Bones vs. Samoa Joe

Joe gets right in the ring and goes after Bones. He takes him down and then bring him in the corner. He attacks him until Bad sits down in the corner. Joe rams his boot in Bones' face multiple times. He then lifts him up and slams him down in the Muscle Buster. He applies the Rear Naked Choke and Bad Bones taps. Winner: Samoa Joe


Austin Aries is in the back on the phone. He says, "It is not an easy decision." MVP comes in the room and shakes Aries' hand. He sits down and Austin says he feels so popular today that he should run for President. Aries says he talked to Bobby Roode and he made some interesting points. MVP says Roode would say that just to get him. MVP wants Aries. Aries says MVP would do the same thing. Aries needs to question him. MVP says he is a decorated champion. Aries says he wants to see him and Roode up close so he wants to be the special referee. MVP says he will show him what he is all about and shakes hands with Aries. He tells him to be out there tonight.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring. There is a stand in the ring with a Rolex box on it. Borash says they are making history tonight. He says there is a man who won championships all across the world and is one of the most dedicated stars in history. He is an Olympic Gold Medalist as he won it in 1996. Kurt Angle came into TNA and he made it quite successful. He made the company credible. He is Kurt Angle. It's true!

A video plays showcasing Kurt Angle. It shows Kurt growing up in Pittsburgh and then it shows stars talking about Kurt. It shows Taz and Jeff Hardy. They highly praise Kurt and his work in the ring. The video states Kurt changed how professional wrestling has been viewed and will go down in history as one of the best. The video ends and Jeremy Borash introduces Kurt himself. Music plays and Kurt Angle comes on the stage. The crowd roars. Kurt Angle walks down the ramp and shakes the hands of the fans around the ramp. He is limping his way down. He gets in the ring. Jeremy Borash hands Kurt Angle a box and wants to welcome him as the newest member of the TNA Hall of Fame... him as well as all of the TNA fans. Kurt takes the box and then hugs Jeremy. Kurt grabs the mic as the crowd chants, "Thank you Kurt."

Kurt takes the Rolex watch out of the box and shows the camera. He gets on the mic and thanks everyone very much. He says it is quite an honor. The TNA Hall of Fame isn't about Kurt Angle... maybe a little bit. He isn't even about TNA Wrestling. It is about all of the fans. Without them, TNA would not exist. He wants to them the fans for that. He was suppose to accept the award back in October. Someone in the crowd yells, "I love you Kurt." Kurt says he loves him back. Kurt says he couldn't have accepted the award back then because he wasn't happy professionally and personally. Kurt had to do some soul searching. After 4 and a half months he is ready in England. From getting himself clean to having amazing matches with Roode, he can only thank everyone along the way. He thanks the good lord for making him who he is. He thanks his wife and kids for being his rock and wanting to make them proud. He wants to thank the amazing talent in the back. He wants to thank each and everyone of the fans! He accepts the award and tells everyone God bless!

Music plays and here comes Ethan Carter III. He is on the stage with a mic and sniffles as he says that was a touching speech and touching video, but he has a touching video of his own. It plays and it shows Ethan Carter III destroying Kurt Angle three weeks ago. It shows him tearing up his knee. It has dialog boxes of what Ethan wants to say. Ethan says Kurt doesn't want to break the news. Kurt asks what news. He says he welcomes him to the ring and will even use the podium for it as he wants to hear. Ethan is delighted. He comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. He uses the podium. He takes out a paper and on the back it says, "I beat Sting." Ethan says he got information from a reliable source about Kurt having a torn ACL and MCL and will need surgery and may not be able to wrestle again. Ethan says he likes how Kurt mentioned his family but maybe it is time to officially retire. The crowd chants, "No, no, no!" Kurt walks up to him and asks him why he will get in the ring if he will tear his throat out? EC3 says Kurt has a torn MCL and ACL and there's no Olympic sport for limping. Ethan can just move to the side and he has Kurt beat. Kurt says he has a point but why talk to a source while you can talk to the actual person. Ethan says the internet is always right... or at least 50% of the time. Kurt says he needs to go right to the source. Kurt says there is no MCL and ACL tear so why would Ethan get in the ring with Kurt? Ethan looks worried now. Kurt punches Ethan right in the face and EC3 goes down. He rolls out of the ring. He walks up the ramp and Kurt yells to shut his music off as he plays. He says the new investor gave him a gift for going into the Hall of Fame. It will be Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III at Lockdown in a Steel Cage! Ethan is furious!


Alpha Female and Lei'D Tapa are in the ring while Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne are entering the ring. Gail Kim and Chris Sabin are at ringside for Tapa and Alpha.

Alpha Female and Lei'D Tapa vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne

Tapa and Rayne start the match. Rayne goes after Tapa and bounces off the ropes but Gail trips Madison up. Madison goes to the outside to chase Tapa but gets back in the ring and Tapa attacks her. Tapa tags Alpha and Madison tags Sky. Both get in the ring. They go after each other. Female goes after Sky and pushes her in the corner. Sky fights back. Chris Sabin gets on the corner and Sky swings him in. She then goes to face plant him but Female stops her. She tags Tapa while Sky tags Rayne. They enters and Rayne kicks Tapa in the gut and then tries to irish whip her but Tapa stops her and whips Rayne in the corner. She runs to her and Rayne tries to kick her but Tapa grabs her leg and takes her down. Tapa climbs the corner and gums but Rayne moves. Rayne covers but Female distracts the referee. Gail Kim gets in and attacks Madison. She leaves the ring. Tapa grabs Madison and slams her down. She covers and wins. Winner: Lei'D Tapa and Alpha Female

Chris Sabin gets in and goes after Rayne but Sky pushes him. She puts him in the corner but Alpha Female attacks her from behind. Tapa and Gail go after Madison now. Just then, ODB's music hits and she runs down the ramp. She gets in the ring and goes after Tapa and Gail. They leave. Velvet grabs Alpha and goes for a Face Buster but Chris slides out of the ring and pulls Alpha out. They meet up on the ramp while Madison, Sky, and ODB stand in the ring.

A video plays showing Tiger Uno coming to TNA Wrestling. He is coming on March 9th... Lockdown!

Samuel Shaw is backstage. The camera man asks what he did was a mistake last week. He said Christy was in trouble and he will do anything to help her. Christy doesn't understand. People don't understand. He will make them understand right now. Shaw stands up and walks away.


Samuel Shaw's music plays comes out. He comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. He stares at Christy. He grabs a mic and quotes Emerson about being great but also being misunderstood. He then turns to Christy and says to come in the ring as he wants to clear all of this up. He will give her space. Shaw backs up and Christy slowly gets in the ring. Shaw looks down and then turns around to her. Shaw says he has enjoyed their time together. Deep down inside her, she enjoyed it too. Shaw respected her space, but there are certain men not respecting her wish. He sees how they look at her. They lust for her. Shaw is simply here to protect her. Christy looks around. Shaw says these men want one thing from her... he wants more. He wants everything. Music plays and here comes Mr. Anderson. He comes out on the stage with a mic. Anderson slowly walks down the ramp. Shaw points to Anderson and tells Christy that he is one of those guys that want one thing. She is lucky that he was there for her. Ken tells Shaw to, "Shut up." Anderson tells Shaw that he is a creepy b@stard! He tells him that his relationship with Christy is not real. However, what is real is a fight. Who wants to see it? Samuel says he is not creepy. He has been nothing but a gentleman to her. He has done nothing crazy with her. But, if he were to do something to her, she would be receptive. Woman like her are always available. Hemme slaps Shaw right in the face. He looks down after the slap.

Shaw slowly looks up and them moves quickly to Christy in the corner. He turn grabs her and turns around as Anderson gets in the ring. He pushes Christy into Ken and they fall. Ken rolls over and checks on Christy. He gets up and turns and Shaw grabs him. He applies a front sleeper hold. Ken slowly fades. He is down and out. Shaw gets up and stands over him.

A video plays showing Willow. He is in a house with skeletons. He talks about hoping to never to see his face again and then talks about fate. He goes on to talk in a cryptic way. Willow is coming.

James Storm is walking backstage and is going to meet Gunner backstage.


Gunner and James Storm are backstage. They meet up and go right after each other. They toss each other into different objects in the back and into trailers of trucks. James chokes Gunner with a rope. He let's go and Gunner walks away. James follows but Gunner slams him against trailers of trucks from the door to the side. They continue along their path as Gunner does a hip toss to James on the concrete. They continue to battle but officials come to them and break them up. James gets up and goes behind a steel gate and closes it. Gunner walks forward and says he better watch out at Lockdown. James isn't scared. He walks away.

A video plays showing Abyss/Joseph Park and Eric Young from two weeks ago.

Eric Young is in the back and the camera man asks him about Joseph Park/Abyss. Eric says Park/Abyss needs to find someone and he hopes to find him as he doesn't want that person who was in the ring back in the company.

Christy Hemme announces the special guest referee Austin Aries. He comes out as the crowd roars. Bobby Roode comes out next. He slowly walks to the ring. MVP comes to the ring next.


Bobby Roode vs. MVP w/ Special Guest Referee Austin Aries

Both lock-up and they push back and forth. They go in the corner as MVP has Roode in the corner first but they continue and Roode puts MVP in the corner and Austin breaks them up. They walk around and lock-up in the middle of the ring. MVP applies a headlock and then a takedown. Roode turns it into a head scissors. MVP gets out of it as he pops up and then taps Roode on the chest. Roode stands and they stare at each other. They lock-up but MVP goes behind Roode but Roode changes it and works on the arm. MVP moves away and they stare at each other. They lock-up again and MVP applies a headlock. Roode punches MVP in the side and whips him in the ropes. Roode ducks and goes for a hip toss but MVP blocks it and hits him with a closeline. He covers but Roode kicks out. They get up and Roode knees MVP in the gut and goes to whip him but MVP reverses it. Roode goes in the corner and MVP does a huge big boot and then climbs the corner. Roode takes the legs out form under MVP and he lands right on the back of his head as he falls to the mat.

Roode gets MVP up and works on the head as he does a tight neck breaker. He covers but MVP kicks out. Roode stomps on the back and neck of MVP. He then does a huge knee drop to the face of MVP. He covers but MVP kicks out. Roode applies a headlock. MVP gets up and gets out of the headlock. He whips Roode in the corner. MVP goes to him but Roode blocks him, climbs the corner and does a jumping neck breaker. He covers but MVP kicks out. Roode gets him up and does a huge suplex. He goes in the corner and then does another knee drop to the head but MVP moves. He goes in the corner. Roode runs to him but MVP moves and attacks him. He whips Roode in the corner and runs to him for a smash. He punches him and then does a version of the t-bone suplex. He does a cross chop as Roode gets up. MVP bounces off the ropes and does the "Ballin" elbow drop. He does a fisherman suplex but Roode kicks out. Both get up. MVP punches Roode in the gut and goes for the Playmaker but Roode gets out of it and whips MVP in the corner. He runs to him but MVP kicks him in the face. MVP runs to him but Roode does a spine buster. He covers but MVP kicks out.

Roode goes up to Austin Aries and talks to him. Aries says it was two. Roode grabs MVP and puts him on his shoulders but MVP slides out and sets up and hits the Playmaker. He covers but Roode kicks out at 2! MVP goes to Aries but Aries tells him it was two. He turns to Roode as he stands. They punch back and forth. They exchange it one after another. MVP punches him constantly and goes in the ropes. Roode ducks and goes for a kick but MVP blocks him but he kicks him to the back of the head. Both get up. Roode goes in the ropes but MVP kicks him in the knee. He then goes for the kick to the head but Austin Aries intercepts him and does a disc closeline shot. MVP is dazed. Roode lifts him up and plants him down face and chest first. Roode covers. Winners: Bobby Roode

Aries raises the hand of Bobby Roode and then walks away. The show fades.

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