Impact Wrestling Results (2/27/15) - Lashley Vs MVP


Impact Wrestling Results - 2/27/2015
From the Phones 4U arena in Manchester, England
Report by: Alex Barie of

A video package plays at the start of the show showing Kurt Angle as he states he came back to wrestle in TNA Wrestling to get the TNA World Championship. He would of had that opportunity if he would have won the 20 Man Gauntlet Battle Royal match, but MVP was able to emerge victorious.

The crowd is shown as they are on their feet ready for this show to kick off. Music plays and here comes Kurt Angle. He comes out through the curtain in front of this monster crowd. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He thanks the crowd for cheering for him. He says he is not in the mood, so he is just going to call out Lashley. Lashley's music plays and here he comes. Lashley makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. He raises the belt and the crowd claps out of appreciation. Lashley grabs a mic. Kurt says he isn't asking Lashley to like him or respect him, but he should respect what he is holding. He came back from ACL surgery to get a shot for the belt, but he was eliminated by The BDC and Lashley didn't do anything about it. Kurt wants a fight. He wants to beat him. Kurt vs. Lashley never happened before and the fans want to see it. Instead, it is Lashley vs. MVP. Lashley says that is the match and it is a fight and he doesn't need Kurt. Kurt says he hopes he keeps the belt afterwards as he won't be helping. "Good luck, champ!" Kurt leaves as his music plays. Lashley smiles in the ring. He goes to leave, but another song hits and here comes The BDC. Samoa Joe leads the pack. MVP is behind him and then Kenny King and then Low Ki. They stop on the stage. Joe has a mic.

Joe tells Lashley that it is good to take Kurt's advice. Good luck... Luck won't be a factor. The crowd chants, "You sold out," and Lashley repeats it. They are talking to Joe. Joe says Lashley sold out because he sold The BDC out. They are the reason why Lashley is the champion. Any success he has had in TNA is because of MVP and Kenny King. He then turned his back on Joe and Ki. The man of The BDC will walk down the ramp tonight and beat Lashley by any means necessary to become champion. There isn't anything Lashley or these mucus fans. MVP grabs the mic. He continues to state that Lashley is on his own. The BDC is all together. Lashley will be laid out tonight and the belt will with The BDC. The group walk backwards and leave the stage.

We see Josh Mathews and Taz in their booth as they discuss Lashley vs. MVP tonight. They then move to Tyrus getting his head shaved last week.

Ethan's music plays and here comes Ethan Carter III. Tyrus makes his way through the curtain and walks behind Ethan down the ramp. They get in the ring.


The lights go out and the spotlight shines. Music hits and here comes Mr. Anderson and Rockstar Spud. Ken grabs the microphone that slowly falls down from the ceiling. He introduces himself and then Rockstar Spud quickly introduces himself before Ken could restate his name. He does and they get to the ring.

Tyrus and Ethan Carter III vs. Rockstar Spud and Mr. Anderson

Tyrus and Ken start the match. Tyrus has a cap on his head and Ken tells him to take it off to show his bald head. He slowly takes it off. He does and is embarrassed. Ken and Tyrus move around. They go to lock-up but Ken ducks and punches him in the face. They move around again and lock-up but Ken ducks and hits Tyrus. Tyrus grabs him and puts him in the corner and hits him with several body shots. He whips Ken into the opposing corner and then goes to smash him but Ken moves. Ken puts Tyrus in the corner and punches his head 10 times. He then tags Rockstar. He climbs the corner and goes to punch Tyrus 10 times. He does, but Tyrus takes him out of the corner and drops him. Tyrus bites his head and then runs in the ropes, but Tyrus catches him and drops him down on the mat. He grabs Spud and tags Ethan. Tyrus body slams Spud and Ethan goes in the ring with hair clippers. The referee, Earl Hebner, grabs them and places them outside. Spud is able to come back as he kicks Ethan in the head. Ethan tags Tyrus. Spud tags Ken. They enter and Ken is taking it to Tyrus. He does a neck breaker and covers but Tyrus kicks out.

Ken punches Tyrus in the face as he stands. Tyrus goes in the corner. Ken runs to him but Tyrus shoulder tackles him down. Tyrus spreads Ken's legs and hits him with a low blow as the referee is being distracted by Ethan. Tyrus knocks Spud off the apron. He body slams Ken and tags Ethan. Ethan covers but Ken kicks out at 2. Ethan puts Ken in the corner and punches him. He fixes his arm brace and Ken tries to flee to tag Spud, but Carter stops him as he applies a headlock. Anderson gets to his feet and elbows his way out. He runs in the ropes but Carter hits him with an elbow. He tags Tyrus. He enters and hits Ken in the throat. He then does another body slam. Tyrus climbs to the second rope but Ken moves out of the way. He tags Rockstar. He enters and hits Tyrus with a forearm several times and then a dropkick as Tyrus is on his knees. Spud grabs him and goes for the Underdog and hits it. Ehtan enters and knocks Spud down. Tyrus stands and Ken is able to a low blow. His hand gets stuck. He pulls it out and hits the Mic Check. Spud covers as the referee turns from facing Ethan. He counts. Winners: Rockstar Spud and Mr. Anderson

A video package plays from May 15, 2014 showing Kenny King and MVP attacking Eric Young. Lashley comes out and actually sides with them two as he spears Eric to the ground. We then see on June 19, 2014 as it is Eric Young vs. Lashley. Eric was going to beat Lashley, but MVP pulls Eric off of the count. Lashley spears Eric and is the TNA World Champion. He hugs MVP after the match.


Ethan is backstage and is furious. He states they want his hair but that is not going to happen. He is going to get Rockstar Spud's hair. He's sure of it!

Taryn Terrell walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. She holds the Knockouts Championship as she grabs a mic. She says being Knockouts Champion is a dream come true. She is glad to be part of a great locker room. Everyone wants the belt. That means Awesome Kong. If she wants the belt, well come out here right now! Music plays and here comes Gail Kim. Gail makes her way down the ramp and gets in the ring. She grabs a mic. She states she respects Taryn as a woman and as a champion, but Gail doesn't think Taryn knows what she is getting herself into. Kong is the toughest woman who has ever been in professional wrestling. If Taryn thought Havok was tough, look at what Kong did to Havok! Awesome Kong took years off of Gail's career. She wants to make sure Terrell knows what she is doing. Taryn says she wants this. She needs to fight Kong. Gail walks out of the ring as she tried to reason with her. Taryn raises her belt as her music plays. Just then, the lights go out and the big thumping of the music hits. The lights turn on and Awesome Kong is in the ring. Taryn runs right to her and punches her constantly. She climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick. Kong doesn't fall. Taryn runs in the ropes for a closeline but Kong just swats her down. Kong grabs her and does the double arm Facebuster. Kong grabs the Knockouts Championship and raises it in the air as Taryn is lying on the mat.

MVP is sitting backstage. He is talking to Joe, King, and Ki. He says when they formed they shocked the world. All of them go way back. MVP states they will get the TNA World Championship back tonight and here's how... But, MVP looks up and sees the camera man in the doorway. He points and tells the camera man to get out. King closes the door on him.


A video package plays showing Roode vs. Lashley 3 from January 7, 2015. It shows Low Ki, Samoa Joe, and Eric Young coming out and helping Lashley win the match. The January 21, 2015 show shows MVP saying that the TNA World Championship is part of The BDC. Lashley says that is his belt as he isn't like that. MVP says if they are going separate ways, let's be equal about it. Well, The BDC attacked Lashley in the middle of the ring. The belt belongs to The BDC.

Austin Aries is walking backstage. The camera man asks him about tonight's main event. Aries says he has his eyes on it. Lashley vs. MVP. He says he likes to see himself as TNA World Champion. He is going to put his work outfit on as he has the perfect ending to tonight's show... At that moment Aries raises his briefcase that holds the TNA World Championship opportunity.

DJ Z comes out and introduces the participants of the next match. Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, and Angelina Love come out. Robbie helps Love on the apron. Jessie and Robbie slide through her legs as they enter the ring. Love is about to let the pigeons loose, but Jessie blocks it. They pull out their own selfie sticks and take their own... selfies. Brooke comes out next and enters the ring. Chris Melendez comes out next and the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring.

Robbie E and Angelina Love vs. Brooke and Chris Melendez

Robbie and Chris start the match. Robbie grabs the gum from his mouth and tosses it at Brooke. She tries to enter but Chris stops her. Robbie attacks Chris from behind. Chris is able to come back and punch Robbie and then applies a suplex. Chris gets up and grabs Robbie. He drags her over and tags Brooke. Brooke wants to fight Robbie but he moves and tags Love. She enters but quickly tags Robbie back. They move around the ring. As they do, Love grabs the hair of Brooke and pulls her down to the mat. Robbie goes for an elbow drop but Brooke moves. He tags Love. She enters and goes right after Brooke. She stays on the offensive side for several minutes, but Brooke comes back and whips Love in the ropes. She closelines Love down. Love is able to get back up and take Brooke down. She tags Robbie and he covers. Winners: Robbie E and Angelina Love

Ethan Carter III walks through a doorway backstage. He closes it and we see, from a camera on the ceiling, that is is Rockstar Spud's room. Ethan turns on the hair clippers.


Mr. Anderson is running backstage. He gets to the door, opens it, and we see Ethan pinning Spud against the wall with the clippers. Ken grabs Ethan and punches him right in the face. He then grabs him and Spud pulls a lock of hair out of Carter's head. Tyrus enters and pushes Ken out of the way. He grabs Ethan and leaves the room with him.

A video plays showing the Kurt Angle and Lashley confrontation that started the show.

Gunner is walking backstage. He enters a room and sits down in front of Kurt. He asks Kurt what he is doing. Kurt is packing his suitcase to leave. Gunner says if he leaves and MVP wins the belt, then they have the most prestigious price in the company. Gunner says he knew a Kurt Angle that motivated him. He stood up for what was right. If Kurt can't do that, then maybe Gunner needs to motivate Kurt. Gunner stands and slaps Angle right in the face. He stands and gets right in the face of Gunner. Gunner leaves. Angle sits and holds his head.

Austin Aries walks out with his briefcase in hand. He grabs a mic. The crowd chants "Aries, Aries, Aries" but he states he has a first name too, so the crowd chants "Austin Aries, Austin Aries". He goes on to say that when there is a World Championship main event, there is a lot of hype about who will win, who will interfere, etc. Aries has the power in the briefcase. Everyone else is wondering about the Top 5 Rankings. Aries has the power. Imagine if he cashed it in tonight? He would become the new TNA World Champion! Just then, music hits and here comes Samoa Joe. Joe asks for a mic as he is at the end of the ramp.

The crowd chants "You sold out" again. Joe asks if Aries really thinks he has a chance to cash in the briefcase tonight. Aries says with him, everything is possible. Joe knows that Aries calls himself 'The Greatest Man That Ever Lived', but he will soon be called 'The Greated Man That Got His @ss Kicked All Around This Arena'. With a snap of Joe's finger, he can have people come out and attack Aries. Austin says where is the Joe he remembered? Joe may even rub MVP's feet in the back for him. Aries wants the Joe that he fought for 30 straight minutes. Joe says he may not need anyone to do his work for him. Instead of snapping his fingers, he can snap Aries' neck. Aries wants to make sure he understands that Joe wants to come in the ring and fight him. That is what Joe is saying. Aries has a better idea! He will take it to him! Aries runs and does a suicide dive onto Joe. He punches him several times in the face after.


Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe

Aries chokes Joe on the top rope and then rolls over the ropes and lands on Joe's gut. Aries covers but Joe kicks out. Joe gets up in the corner. Aries whips him into the opposing one. He runs and hits an elbow to the chest/face. He does a snapmare and then does a dropkick to the back of the head. He covers but Samoa kicks out. Aries gets him to his feet and goes for the Brain Buster. Joe blocks. He lifts Aries up and gut first onto the top rope. He kicks him right in the face and Aries falls to the mats on the outside. Joe exits the ring as the crowd cants "You sold out". Joe grabs Aries and backs him up into the steel steps. He then whips him into them. Joe rolls Aries in the ring.

Joe kicks Aries right in the gut. He then stomps on him several times. Aries gets to his knees and punches Joe in the gut and then does a chop. He runs in the ropes but Joe hits him with a knee. Austin falls. Samoa grabs Aries and pounds his back. He twists the arm but Aries punches him. Joe punches back. They are going back and forth. Aries runs in the ropes but Joe does an atomic drop and then a kick to the chest. He does a sitting senton. He covers but Aries kicks out. Joe gets Aries up to his feet and does a bear hug. Aries is fading. He slowly come back. Aries punches Joe in the face and then box the ears multiple times. He punches him the head some more, but Joe rakes his eyes. Joe punts Aries in the chest. He backs up and runs to him, but Aries lifts the top rope down and Joe falls to the outside. Austin climbs the corner and jumps to Joe with an elbow to the head.

Aries rolls Joe back in the ring. He climbs the corner and hits a missile dropkick. Joe goes in the corner. Aries does a running dropkick. He then goes for the Brain Buster, but Joe blocks. He does a headbutt and then does a full nelson. Aries grabs the ropes. Joe backs up. Aries turns and Joe does a knife edge chop. He puts Aries on the top rope. He goes for the Muscle Buster. Aries slides out and does a disc forearm. He does another. He does a school boy but Joe kicks out at 2. Aries applies the Last Chancellory. At that moment, Kenny King comes out and grabs Aries' briefcase. Aries unlocks the submission. Joe stands and applies the Rear Naked Choke but Aries moves forward and Joe goes into King as he was on the apron. Aries hits the crucifix and then the 450 splash on the top rope. He covers and wins. Winner: Austin Aries

King enters and Aries attacks him. Low Ki comes out next and attacks Aries. He falls. King continues the attack. King and Ki grab a table from under the ring and set it up while Joe chokes Aries out. They put Austin on the table. Low Ki climbs the corner. He jumps and does the Warrior's Way on Aries and the table cracks. Joe then does a running senton onto Aries and the table breaks.

The camera man enters Lashley's room. He says he is sorry, but he has to ask what he thinks about his chances are tonight. Lashley says he doesn't care what MVP is doing, but everyone has to go through him. The camera man asks him about Kurt Angle. Lashley says he doesn't want nor need Kurt. Lashley walks away.

MVP is backstage. Eric Young walks up to him and says MVP was looking for him. MVP was and says he is proud of Eric for putting Roode in the hospital. Eric is proud of it. It filled his spot, but he still feels empty. MVP asks Eric who actually put Eric in the hospital. Eric says it was Lashley. MVP says the TNA World Championship match is a No DQ match. Anything can happen. MVP goes on to say that Young deserves to have redemption. He made a title chance happen once... He can do it again. Eric says he can do anything. He leaves with the epiphany.


Low Ki is walking backstage with Aries' briefcase. Joe and King are beside him. Ki shows it to MVP in the hallway and MVP states he loves when a plan comes together.

Noam Dar is in the ring. So is Rampage Brown. The bell sounds.

Noam Dar vs. Rampage Brown

They start the match and are evenly matched. They fight back and forth, but music hits and here comes Bram. Bram enters and goes right ager Noam. And then attacks Rampage. No Contest

He does a huge DDT on Noam. He grabs a mic from the outside and enters the ring again. He asks Magnus if this looks familiar (and points to Noam and Brown). He wants to fight Magnus. He calls him out. Well, here comes Grado! Grado walks around the ring... More like dances around the ring. Grado enters the ring and starts yelling in the face of Bram. Bram goes to fight him, but Grado ducks and punches Bram several times. He goes for an elbow, but Bram hits Grado and then DDTs him. He grabs a mic and tells Magnus that he is waiting for him. He wants to fight. Bram exits.

We see a split screen of Lashley (on the left) and MVP (on the right). Their match is next.


Music hits and here comes MVP! The Beat Down Clan (Low Ki, Kenny King, Samoa Joe) are behind him. They make their way down the ramp. Lashley comes out next and the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring.

MVP vs. Lashley (c) for the TNA World Championship in a No DQ match

They lock-up and Lashley pushes MVP into the ropes but MVP is able to turn Lashley around and put him in the corner. MVP backs up and Lashley goes to him. Lashley drops MVP with a closeline. MVP gets up in the corner. Lashley runs to him but MVP comes back as he kicks Lashley in the arm. He goes in the ropes but Lashley knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Lashley lifts MVP up and hits a suplex. Lashley goes for a huge punt kick but MVP ducks and rolls out of the ring. Lashley goes to the ropes, but MVP grabs his feet and pull him out of the ring. Lashley goes after MVP, but Low Ki attack Lashley from behind. The referee sends Ki to the back. Lashley turns and MVP kicks him right in the face.


MVP rolls Lashley in the ring and covers. Lashley kicks out. MVP covers again but Lashley quickly kicks out. MVP gets Lashley up on his feet and knees him in the gut several times. He does a snapmare and a kick to the back. He runs in the ropes and does a kick to the face on Lashley. He covers but Lashley kicks out. Both get up. Lashley hits MVP in the gut and then punches him in the face. MVP fights back and knocks Lashley down. He cover but Lashley kicks out. MVP chokes Lashley on the middle rope. Joe chokes Lashley next as the referee is being distracted by MVP. Joe stops and MVP goes back to Lashley. He smashes his arm against the mat. Lashley stands. MVP puts him in the corner and continues the assault. He then tosses him through the ropes. Joe and King attack Lashley. MVP is talking to the referee again. He stops and Joe and King scatter.

MVP leaves the ring and smashes Lashley against the steel guard rail. He rolls him in the ring and covers but Lashley kicks out. MVP applies a key wrist lock. Lashley slowly gets to his feet and punches MVP several times in the face. MVP punches back. They both hit each other with a closeline. Both fall. Each stand and they punch each other back and forth. Lashley gets the upper hand and knocks MVP with a huge punch. He hits MVP with a back elbow next. MVP gets up in the corner and Lashley runs to him with a smash. He goes for another but MVP elbows him. Lashley does a spine buster and covers. MVP kicks out. Lashley sets up for the spear but King grabs Lashley's ankle to stop him. Lashley kicks King off. MVP runs and kicks Lashley in the face. He does a belly to back type of suplex. both get up and Lashley is able to do a spear to MVP, but MVP hits into the referee. Eric Young runs down with a chair. He enters and hits Lashley in the gut with it. He goes for a piledriver onto the chair, but Roode runs down and attacks Eric. He closelines Eric out of the ring and then fights him on the ramp.

In the ring, Lashley hits MVP with a neck breaker. Lashley runs to MVP in the corner and hits a splash. He whips MVP in the corner and he does a pop up, but Lashley catches him and drives him down for a powerslam. The referee counts but King grabs the referee and hits him. Samoa Joe attacks Lashley in the ring. Gunner enters and attacks Joe. They fight up the ramp. King climbs the corner and jumps, but Lashley catches him and smashes him down to the mat. MVP grabs Lashley and takes him down to the mat. He covers as a new referee enters. Lashley kicks out at two. MVP grabs a chair and enters the ring. He waits for Lashley. Just then, Drew Galloway enters and kicks MVP in the face. He takes the chair out of the ring. He runs away. MVP slowly stands and Lashley hits him with a spear. He covers and wins. Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Lashley

Lashley grabs the belt and celebrates. The show fades.

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