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Impact Wrestling Results (2/6/14) - MVP Promises Change - The New Hogan/Bischoff?


Impact Wrestling Results - 2/6/2014
From Glasgow, Scotland
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package asking the question of who the new investor is. We found out who it was last week and it was MVP!

A video plays from earlier today showcasing The Wolves backstage. MVP meets up with them. They stop and then MVP goes through a doorway and The Wolves follow.

The camera goes to Abyss and Eric Young backstage and they are fighting back and forth. Abyss knocks Young down and then turns a table over on him. Young gets up and attacks Abyss. He hits him on the back and then rams him in a cable cart. He stomps on Abyss and then brings him through a curtain. They come up on the stage. Abyss fights back and does punches and hits him on the back. Young falls. The referee comes out and rings the bell.

Abyss vs. Eric Young in a Monster's Ball Match

Young slowly goes down the ramp as Abyss follows. Young then grabs a lead pipe and smashes it in Abyss' gut and then to his back. He brings him forward and hits him in the gut again and then to the leg. Young drops it and Abyss lifts him up and does a back body drop on the floor. Abyss looks under the ring and brings a table out. He sets it up on the outside. He goes for the chokeslam but Young elbows Abyss to the side of the head. Abyss fights back with a knee in the gut. He brings him in the ring. Abyss throws a chair in the ring and then brings a lead pipe in as well as some trays and signs. Abyss goes to the side of the ring but Eric does a baseball slide and then a suicide dive. It knocks Abyss off his feet. Young gets him up and goes to take off the mask. Abyss rakes his face. Abyss smashes Eric's face right onto the apron of the ring. Abyss gets in the ring and grabs a chair. He sets it up in the corner. Young, on the other side, climbs the corner. Abyss turns and Young flies but Abyss grabs him via throat but Young fights off. He goes in the ropes but Abyss closelines him.

Abyss goes to the outside and brings another chair in the ring. He places it on the chest of the fallen Young. Abyss runs in the ropes and jumps but Young turns the chair on its side and Abyss lands on it right between his legs. Young gets up and does many punches to the face. Abyss whips him in the corner but Eric flips around to the apron. He continues to fight off Abyss. He goes to the corner and does a missile dropkick. He covers but Abyss kicks out. Young continues to fight but Abyss whips him in the corner. Abyss grabs him and smashes his face head first into the chair in the corner. He does a chokeslam and covers but Eric kicks out at two! Abyss goes to the outside. He looks under the ring and grabs a bag. He brings it in the ring. He opens it and out comes tacks! Abyss spreads them around and then grabs Young. He goes and sets him up on the top rope. Abyss climbs the corner. Eric starts to fight him off. He punches him in the gut and then the back. He does a sunset flip and hits a huge power bomb! Abyss lands right on the tacks! tacks in his arms, back, and head! Eric covers but Abyss kicks out. Abyss is bleeding on his arms. Eric climbs the corner. Abyss gets up and punches him right in the face. Eric flies off the corner and flips in the air and lands right on the table on the outside. He starts twitching. Abyss goes to the outside and gets him in the ring. Abyss covers but Young puts his foot on the rope at two!

Abyss can't believe it. He goes to the outside. He looks under the ring and finds Janice! Abyss brings it in the ring. Eric is on his hands and knees. Abyss grabs him by the hair. Just then, Eric grabs the mask of Abyss and pulls it off! Just then, we see... it is Joseph Park! Abyss grabs him and does a Black Hole Slam! He covers and wins. Winner: Abyss

Abyss/Park grabs the mask and then finds a broken piece of mirror. He looks in the mirror and sees that it is himself. Park is confused. He then shakes his head. He drops the mirror and feels his face.

Dixie Carter is backstage looking on her tablet. Bobby Roode enters the scene and hands he a contract. He tells her to sign it as it will place him in the World Championship match. Dixie says these talents are now coming everywhere with contracts for her to sign. She says she doesn't have the power she had before. She states she needs a reason why to put him in the title match because he didn't win his last match. She then says he can face Samoa Joe tonight. Roode freaks out. Dixie tells him to beat Joe and no one will question him. He can have Magnus at Lockdown. Roode says she is feeding him to sharks and it will come back and bite her in the @ss. Roode leaves.


A video plays replaying the ending of the Monster's Ball match. Joseph Park now knows he is Abyss!

The lights go out and music plays. The sound of a clock ticks. Out comes MVP! MVP walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic and a sign. The sign reads, "I am the #NewInvestor." MVP says do not adjust our television screen as he is back and on Impact. He says everyone is probably wondering where he has been. He says he has been enjoying life on his own terms. He says he got in trouble in the past but he learned from that and knows there are consequences for your actions. He says everyone around here is trying to get what they want on their own time. He said we want to see a change. He says he doesn't want to see people with big egos going around here. He goes on to say he loves professional wrestling. He wanted to make change in the business, but realized he couldn't make change just by being a wrestler. He had a good living on a good income. He invested money and made money. He invested more and made more. He says it is time to respect talent and apply change. TNA Wrestling has the talent and a great international crowd. However, bad management makes the company weak. Management makes this fish stink. MVP gives us his word that this won't happen again. He says his agenda in TNA is a simple one. Just then, music plays and here comes Chief of Staff Rockstar Spud! Spud comes down the ramp with a mic and gets in the ring.

Spud states he doesn't mean to interrupt. MVP introduces everyone to Dixie's lapdog. He then apologizes for the rude comment. Spud says in an interest of fairness, shouldn't MVP introduce himself to Dixie privately. Spud puts his arm around MVP but he quickly takes it down after MVP strangely looks at him. Spud talks about welcoming him with open arms but MVP says he has open arms too but also fists that he hasn't forgotten how to use them. MVP says he has made a match for tonight. It is Magnus vs. Kurt Angle for tonight in a non-title match. MVP's music plays as Spud leaves.

Bully Ray is backstage. He says as he walks through the valley of death he realizes there is nothing left. He says he will put Anderson in this coffin next week. However, the next person he sees will be going in the coffin to pay for Anderson's sins.


Chris Sabin is sitting down on some long couch with a purple wall. Chris talks about Velvet Sky and how much he likes her. He says this room expresses that and he wants everyone to witness something tonight as it is going to be very special.

Curry Man's entrance plays and he runs out and comes to the ring. He starts dancing in the ring. Just then, Bully Ray's music hits. He comes out through the curtain with the casket. He wheels it down the ramp and to the ring. Ray has his hood and sunglasses on. He walks around the coffin and gets in the ring.

Bully Ray gets in the ring with a mic. He says Curry is in the wrong place at the wrong time. He drops the mic. Curry starts talking to Ray. Ray just stands in the corner looking down with his hands in his pockets. Curry starts pounding his foot and runs. He runs right into the big boot from Ray. Ray takes off his sweatshirt and then grabs Curry Man up. He lifts him and then hesitates. He screams, "Anderson!!!" He then hits Curry with a huge piledriver. Ray pulls Curry to the side of the ring and then kicks him to the outside. Ray lifts up the lid of the coffin. He lifts Curry up and puts him in the coffin. He tells the camera to get close. Ray states, "Anderson, I'm going to end your career." Ray closes the lid and his music plays again. Ray goes to the guard rail as the fans start yelling at him. Ray taunts and then walks up the ramp.

Dixie carter is backstage. Magnus goes to Dixie and starts freaking out about fighting Kurt Angle tonight. Dixie states it is a non-title match. She tells him to get ready and fight. Dixie starts to look at herself in the mirror. Spud says she looks amazing and starts comparing her looks to other works of art and she says they aren't compliments but she is looking great tonight. A knock at the door is heard but it is only Ethan. He sits down and is about to eat the platter on the table but Spud takes it away as it is for the investor. Ethan wants to talk to Dixie but she doesn't have any time. She says everything is going... even her lipstick isn't working. Ethan says she doesn't have time for her own blood. She says he will be her blood tomorrow and the next day. Ethan stands up and leaves while Spud goes and gets Dixie new lipstick.


Austin Aries' music hits and he comes out. He gets in the ring with the X-Division Championship in his hand. He has a mic and the crowd starts to chant, "Austin Aries!" He gets a huge ovation! Aries gets on the mic and says he is Austin Aries and the greatest man who ever lived and the X-Division Champion. He then says the title doesn't make the man but the man makes the title. Aries says he held every major title in TNA and also the guy who invested Option C. What Option C made him do was cash the X-Division Title in to win the TNA World Championship. He says he has every intention of doing that again. Just then, BOOM! The Bro Mans come out on the stage and they do their knuckle punching and chest bumping. Just then, Zema Ion comes from behind and hits Aries with the briefcase from behind. He says he has the briefcase and is cashing it in right now. He calls for a referee and for Christy Hemme to announce it. A refeee comes in, the bell sounds, and Christy announces it.

Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries (c) for the X-Division Title

Ion pins Aries but he kicks out. He covers him again but Aries kicks out again. Ion goes on the attack as Aries goes to the outside. Ion does a baseball slide right into Aries. He gets him up but Aries reverses it and goes after Ion but Ion whips Aries in the guard rail. He brings him in the ring and does a tornado DDT. He covers but Aries kicks out. Ion goes to the top rope and does a spiral tap type move but Aries moves out of the way. Both get up and Aries does a disc closeline and then whips him in the corner and does a running dropkick. He lifts him up and hits the Brain Buster. He covers and wins. Winner and Still X-Division Champion: Austin Aries

Dixie Carter is fixing Spud's outfit up and says he is going to be there any minute. Spud says he is nervous but Dixie tells him to compose himself as they can do this. They stand side by side.


A video plays from last week showing Samuel Shaw and Christy Hemme. They are together in his house drinking wine. She looks around at his place. Christy starts to enter a room but Shaw quickly tells her to get another glass of wine. She does. He enters the room and it is a shrine of her.

A video plays from earlier today showing Christy Hemme putting make-up on. Shaw comes from behind. Christy turns and says they need to talk. Shaw says he went overboard but he likes to collect things of beauty. Christy asks about the mannequin. He doesn't answer. She says she likes him and all but they need to keep it professional. Shaw says, "Okay." Christy leaves. Shaw looks up with a demented face.

Bobby Roode is backstage and says he can't believe he has to go out there to face Samoa Joe. He should already be number 1 contender. He says Dixie should be thanking him for doing all of her work. Magnus comes from behind and says when Dixie wants something it is done. It is an order. Roode says he helped Magnus so much over the past several weeks. Magnus says he didn't help him at Bound for Glory or against Jeff Hardy. He tells Roode to worry about his match tonight. Roode states he will be at Lockdown and will take that title away from Magnus.

Dixie Carter and Spud are in their room. There is a knock on the door and MVP comes in. MVP and Dixie shake hands. They sit down and Dixie says he knows how to keep his identity but why do so when they could have been working together for the past two weeks. She then asks about him. He doesn't know where to start but Dixie says that due to time she will talk. She says she built this company up in 11 years to one of the best global wrestling entertainment company in the world. MVP asks how she did it. Dixie says the talent has helped with it. It goes from the curtain guy to the World Champion. MVP asks about Sting, Jeff Hardy, and AJ Styles. Dixie says those are disgruntled workers. Those are bad apples. She says MVP is going to learn a lot from her. He is going to love learning business from him. MVP says they better start... start out in the ring. Dixie doesn't know what he is talking about. MVP says they need to include the fans. Dixie says she likes the fans but if he is going to do what he did earlier then it is not going to happen. MVP says he didn't make it a title match. He says it is all fair. MVP leaves. Spud thinks he is a bloody nose.

Kurt Angle's music plays and he comes out. He gets in the ring. Magnus comes out net with the TNA World Championship. He gets in the ring.


Kurt Angle vs. Magnus

They lock-up but Magnus is able to turn it around and work on the arm of Kurt. Kurt is able to push Magnus into the ropes. Magnus comes back and knocks Kurt down. He gets up as Magnus goes in the ropes. He grabs Magnus and hits him with a belly to belly suplex. Both get up and Magnus fights back. Kurt comes back too. Magnus goes in the ropes and goes for a closeline but Kurt ducks and hits a german suplex. He hits another and then the third. Kurt waits. Magnus gets up and Kurt goes for the Angle Slam but Magnus stops him. Kurt backs up and runs to him but Magnus grabs him and powers him down. He covers but Kurt kicks out. Magnus climbs the corner. Kurt gets up and runs up the corner. He does a huge belly to belly suplex from the corner. He then locks in the Ankle Lock. Just then, Ethan Carter III runs in and does a chop block to Kurt's knee. Winner: Kurt Angle

Ethan continues to work on the knee with kicks. Kurt rolls to the outside but Ethan goes after him to hit the knee but Kurt fights back with punches and punches. Ethan grabs a chair and smashes it against Kurt's knee. He then hits the knee again with a chair as Kurt slowly stands. Kurt rolls in the ring holding his knee. Ethan gets in and goes after the knee. He wraps around it and locks in a submission hold. The referee comes in and tries to break it up. He can't. Ethan continues to bend the leg of Kurt. He is screaming in pain. Ethan finally releases it and Kurt holds it in severe pain. Ethan stands in the middle of the ring as the crowd boos. The referee gives the "X" signal as officials come out. EMTs rush out as they bring a stretcher. They check on Kurt as Ethan watches from ringside. They put Kurt on the stretcher and wheel him out.


A replay is shown from moments ago when Ethan Carter III attacked Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle is on the stretcher backstage. Samoa Joe comes and checks on him. Joe turns to the camera and yells for Dixie. He states that Dixie sent Ethan out there to take out Kurt. Kurt then AJ then Sting then Jeff. Next may be him but Joe is not going to stand for it. He is going to make all of them pay. You can't stop Joe.

Eric Young is backstage. The camera guy asks him about earlier tonight. Eric says people were wondering why Monster's Ball. Eric said he had to go to Abyss. He pulled his mask off but he doesn't know what is going to happen next.

A video package plays showcasing the feud between Chris Sabin and Austin Aries with Velvet Sky in the middle. Sky likes Sabin but Sabin only uses her. He wants her to help him win the X-Division Championship. Sky is done though. She leaves him.

Chris Sabin is in the room. He thanks the camera and audio man for being there for this special moment. Sabin this place is where he and Sky first kissed years ago. He wants them to witness this. Sabin sees Sky and welcomes her in. She asks why the cameras are there. Sabin says this is important and tells her to have a seat. He holds her hand but she is too curious.


Sky states this is all a bit awkward. Sabin says she has to remember this room. He then states that when Sky told him she was done with him she broke his heart. He was so sad. However, it felt like a weight was lifted off his shoulders. He has something to ask her though. Chris goes down to one knee and shows the ring case. She starts to freak out. She almost cries. She opens the case but there's nothing in it. Sabin stands and tells her to get out of his life. He is finished with her. He wants her to leave. He says he is the better one out of the two. Next week he will go in the ring in his wrestling gear and will fight her in a match. If she doesn't show then she is a coward. He will tell her when they are done. He tells her... they are done. Sabin leaves and Sky cries.

A video plays from earlier today when MVP was in the ring as he scheduled a match for tonight. It then shows MVP confronting Dixie in the back and saying they need to tell the fans about their plans for the future.

A video plays showcasing Samoa Joe vs. Magnus from last week. Joe had Magnus tap and it led to Joe being #1 contender.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the match. Bobby Roode's music hits and he comes out. He gets in the ring. Samoa Joe comes out next. He makes his way down the ramp and gets in the ring.


Bobby Roode vs. Samoa Joe in a #1 Contender's Match for the TNA World Championship

They lock-up and Roode goes behind Joe but Joe quickly turns it around and goes behind Roode. Rodoe breaks it but Joe punches him right in the face. Roode gets up and goes in the corner. He holds his face. He then walks around the ring as well as Joe. They go and lock-up but both don't and Roode kicks Joe in the leg. Joe kicks back though and gets the upper hand. He takes Roode down and drops a huge knee to the face. Both get up and Roode puts Joe in the corner but Joe whips him into the opposing side and smashes him and then does a pele kick. Roode falls in the corner and Joe chokes Roode with the boot and then rakes his face with it. Joe goes and runs in the ropes but Roode pops up and takes Joe down. Joe rolls to the apron. Roode grabs him and goes for a suplex but Joe reverses it. Roode stops the suplex and hits Joe with a dropkick. Joe falls face first onto the apron. Roode goes to the outside and brings Joe in the ring. He does a spinning neck breaker and covers but Joe kicks out. Both get up and Roode does a knife edge chop but Joe does one as well. Roode goes in the corner and Joe runs to him but Roode kicks him in the face and then does a neck breaker. He covers but Joe kicks out. Roode does a snapmare takedown and then applies a headlock. Joe gets to the ropes and grabs the bottom. Roode releases the hold. Both get up and they fight back and forth with punches. Roode elbows Joe and then goes in the ropes. Joe elbows him in the face. Roode goes in the ropes but Joe attacks him back. Roode fights back and takes Joe down. He goes for a knee in the face but Joe moves. Both get up and Joe hits Roode in the face multiple times but Roode does a spine buster. Both get up but Roode doesn't see Joe. He finally turns and runs to him but Joe does a quick scoop powerslam.

Joe grabs Roode and puts him on the top rope. He does a chop and then goes for the Muscle Buster but Roode blocks and then kicks Joe in the side of the head. He runs and does a closeline to the back of the head. He covers Joe but Joe kicks out. Roode gets up and waits. Joe stands and Roode kicks him. He goes to lift him but he couldn't hold him. Joe slides out and goes for the Rear Naked Choke but Roode is able to get out of it and does a knife edge chop to Joe. Joe goes in the corner. Roode runs to him but Joe lifts him up with one arm and slams him down. He then takes him to the corner and does the Muscle Buster. He applies the Rear Naked Choke and Roode taps. Winner: Samoa Joe

MVP is walking backstage. He goes through a set of door. The camera then shows Dixie Carter and Rockstar Spud walking in the back. They will meet next.


Dixie Carter's music plays and she comes out. Rockstar Spud is at her side. They get in the ring. Dixie grabs a mic and thanks all of the fans as she knows they are excited to see her. However, tonight is not about her but about a very special person. She wants everyone to welcome him. He is not only a VIP but he is MVP. MVP's music plays and here he comes! MVP gets in the ring and Spud shakes his hand. MVP wipes his hand off after the shake and then grabs a mic. MVP says it is great to e here in Glasgow and then says Dixie looks great. Dixie thanks him and says flattery will get you places in this place. Dixie then says she is glad to be out there in front of everyone to share their thoughts. Dixie would like to start. She then tells the people to have some class as they start to boo her. MVP tells them to give her a chance. Dixie wants to start at the top with Magnus. He says he has accomplished everything. He has so much class and dignity that everyone should want to follow. He sets the bar for everyone. Dixie says everyone should go and envy him. The crowd starts to chant, "Boring." Dixie says she can't hear herself talk! Dixie then talks about following the lead. If everyone follows her lead then they will be successful.

MVP asks if that is right. Dixie says in 11 years she has dealt with many investors. Some were good and some weren't. Dixie then goes on to talk about changes. However, MVP wants to talk about it. She allows him. MVP says he and Dixie agree on so many stuff... actually, they agree on one thing. They agree to disagree. She doesn't know a wrist lock to a padlock. He tells her that she almost brought down the whole company. MVP isn't there to be a butler at some party. He tells her reign of terror is over. If she thought he was going to be a passive investor then she is wrong. MVP says changes are coming. The party is over! MVP's music plays. Dixie gets right in his face and starts yelling at him. MVP applies a smirk to his face. She leaves and then Spud takes over and yells at him while pointing a finger at him. He then leaves and holds Dixie's and. He tells the camera to move. They go up the ramp looking at MVP as he waves to the crowd. The show fades.

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