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Impact Wrestling Lockdown Results (2/6/15) - Every Match In A Steel Cage!

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Impact Wrestling Lockdown Results - 2/6/2015
From the Manhattan Center in New York City
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package showing the 6 Sides of Steel engulfing the ring. It goes on to showcase The Beat Down Clan and how they destroyed Lashley. Next is Roode and Eric Young and then Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III. We now see Team Angle as Kurt tried to get Lashley on his team, but Lashley isn't siding with anyone. Tonight is Lockdown where every match will be in a Steel Cage!

The camera shows the Manhattan Center as the crowd is on their feet. The 6 Sides of Steel is shown already in place. Josh Matthews and Taz talk up the night with the TNA Tag Team Championships starting the show.

Matt and Jeff Hardy come out from the stage and walk down the ramp. The crowd cheers. They enter the ring and taunt. Music hits and here comes James Storm with Khoya, Manik, The Great Sanada, and Abyss behind him. James has one half of the TNA Tag Team belts around his waist with a noose hanging over his neck. He and Abyss enter the ring.

The Hardys vs. The Revolution (c) for the TNA Tag Team Championships in a Steel Cage match

The Hardys go after them but James and Abyss attack them. The Hardys come back and do a double team on both. They put Abyss and James in the corner and hit a running closeline on both of them several times. Matt gets on his hands and knees and Jeff jumps on him and flies to James in the corner. Both stand and do dropkicks to both of their opponents. They ram James in the cage head first and then Jeff grabs Abyss' legs while Matt hits him with a leg drop. Manik enters the cage and Jeff goes after him. Matt climbs the corner and hits a superplex on him while Jeff hits one on James who is on top of another corner. Matt and Jeff grab Abyss and they hit him with a double suplex.

Matt and Jeff grab Manik who is on the apron. They then handcuff Manik's wrist to the cage. They turn and go after Abyss and James, but James and Abyss fight back. The Great Sanada is trying to break the handcuffs. Abyss and James change back and forth as they go after Matt and Jeff. James smashes Matt's head into the top turnbuckle. Abyss goes to him and he and James hits Matt with a double headbutt and then slam his face against the steel cage and then do the same to Jeff.

Abyss steps on Jeff's head as he is on the mat. James grabs Matt, and Abyss follows, and slams Matt face first into the cage.


Abyss catapults Jeff right into James Storm and he hits him with a DDT. James covers Jeff but he kicks out at two. Abyss hits Matt with a side walk slam. James climbs the corner. He then stands on Abyss' shoulders. James jumps and hits a flying elbow on Matt and then Abyss his him with a splash. James covers but Matt kicks out. James and Abyss grabs Jeff and whips him in the corner but Jeff fights back and then hits Whisper in the Wind on both. Matt hits twist of Fate on James and Jeff hits it on Abyss while Matt hits it again on Abyss. Jeff does a splash and they both cover: Matt on Abyss and Jeff on James but both kick out at two. Matt climbs the corner and goes for a moonsault but James moves out of the way.

James climbs the side of the cage but Matt hits him in the side. Matt climbs the corner and Jeff punches him. Both are on the top rope and they are punching back and forth. Matt kicks him and hits a Twist of Fate on the top rope!! Matt crawls to the corner but Khoya grabs Matt through the whole of the cage where the camera man is. He slams Matt into the guard rail and The Great Sanada joins in on the assault. Jeff climbs the corner, but Sanada climbs the cage and sprays Jeff in the face. Jeff falls as he is blinded. He stands but James hits him with the Last Call Superkick. He covers and wins. Winners and Still TNA Tag Team Champions: The Revolution

James exits the ring and Khoya joins him. They look under the ring and grab a table. They set it up o the outside. Matt comes to and goes after Khoya, but Khoya lifts him up and slams him through the table. James gets another table from under the ring and slides it in the ring. James enters and he and Abyss set it up. Abyss goes to Manik and breaks the handcuffs. They set Jeff on the table and Manik jumps from the top rope for a splash but Jeff moves and Sanada goes through it. Jeff stands and takes James and Abyss out. He climbs the cage but Sanada climbs the cage and stops him. Abyss opens the cage door and Jeff falls on the top of the door in between his legs. James climbs the cage on the inside and hits Jeff with the cowbell from his rope to the back of Jeff's head. Jeff falls forward and lands back first onto the steel steps! Jeff bounces off of it and is motionless on the ground. The crowd is speechless.

Officials comes out to check on Jeff as he is out. The Revolution meet on the ramp and taunt!

The Beat Down Clan is backstage. MVP is giving them a pep talk. He says use the cage for their advantage. We seen what happened to Jeff Hardy, so they have to use it.

Apparently The Beat Down Clan has an offer that Team Kurt can't refuse. What could it be?


MVP, Kenny King, and Eric Young are in the ring. MVP has a mic. He says the structure around the ring is dangerous, but it is even more dangerous when The Beat Down Clan is in it. It changes lives. Just look at Jeff Hardy - He is being taken to the hospital and he won't be the same. Eric Young grabs the mic and says he is going to take out Roode and make him BLEED! MVP tries to calm him down. He tells Roode to not do anything that will ruin his career. MVP goes on and says he needs to talk to Kurt Angle as MVP is a reasonable person and Kurt can be reasonable sometimes too. They need to talk like gentlemen and not like some elementary student in the New York school system. Kurt Angle's music plays and he comes out. Behind him is Gunner and Austin Aries. Kurt stops at the end of the ramp. He stares right in MVP's eyes.

MVP says he has a proposal. Kurt knows how destructive this cage is. He says he has an offer that can save the other's careers. MVP focuses to Gunner and tells him to make the right choice as he can be a future World Campion, so stop thinking like a stupid redneck. MVP says Aries is selfish and thinks only for himself so he is going to protect himself and worry about his briefcase instead. MVP says Kurt's knee is attached with gum, tape, and paperclips, as his doctor said. He doesn't want to blow his knee out again... That can happen even if Kurt sneezes. Kurt gets on the mic and says he is there to fight, as well as the others, so they aren't going to wait. Team Angle enters and they go after The BDC. Gunner and King fight on the outside but Low Ki and Samoa Joe come out and attack him. Joe grabs a chair. Low puts Gunner's arm between the cage and the door and closes it. Joe smashes the door with the chair and it crushes Gunner's arm. Eric and MVP exit the ring as Joe, Kenny, and Low walk up the ramp. Kurt exits the ring and checks on Gunner.

A video package plays hyping Havok and Awesome Kong. Who is the biggest beast? They will fight tonight.


Gunner is backstage with Kurt Angle and Austin Aries beside him. A doctor is checking on Gunner. He says he is an one arm man. He will be helpless out there. Gunner doesn't care as he says he will still fight. Kurt states that he will pitch one more time for Lashley.

Music plays and here comes Havok! She makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring. Awesome Kong's music plays and she comes out. Havok exits the ring and goes right after Kong on the ramp. They are fighting back and forth. Kong brings Havok down the ramp, but Havok grabs Kong and smashes her face against the steel steps. She then smashes it against the side of the steel cage. Havok punches Kong and then punches her several times.

Havok vs. Awesome Kong in a Steel Cage match

The bell sounds and Havok punches Awesome one more time and she falls. Havok stomps on Kong and then grabs her. She smashes her against the steel cage once again. Havok grabs the ring mat and rips it back. Havok grabs Kong and lifts her up for a bear hug but Kong hits Havok in the back of th head. Kong slams Havok into the open cage door and she falls into the steps as well. Kong rolls Havok in the ring. Kong enters and the referee closes the door.

Havok stands and Kong walks up to her. They join together face to face. Kong punches her but Havok hits her back but Kong does a back hand but Havok hits her with a boot and Kong falls. Havok bounces off the ropes and hits a leg drop. She covers but Kong kicks out. Both stand and Havok goes for a chokeslam but Kong breaks the choke and does it to Havok but she breaks it and Havok does it. Kong breaks it again and now they both choke each other. Kong grabs Havok but she runs forward and rams Kong in the turnbuckle. She backs up and runs to her but Kong moves and Havok goes into the steel cage face first. Havok comes to and chokeslams Kong but Kong gets right up as Havok taunts.

Havok turns and Kong chokeslams her. Kong climbs the corner but Havok climbs the ropes and stands on the top. Kong leaves the corner and grabs Havok for a powerbomb. Kong then hits a big splash and gets the three count. Winner: Awesome Kong

A video package plays showing the feud between Eric Young and Bobby Roode. Young cost Roode the TNA World Championship and he wants revenge.

We see a split screen. Roode is on the left as he is walking backstage. Young is on the right as he is about to come to the ring. Their match is next. -Commercial A video plays that was filmed two weeks ago. Velvet Sky enters a room as we see Angelina Love on the couch talking on the phone. Sky tells Love what happened and how she was fired. Love feels so sorry. She hugs Sky as she is crying, but love applies a smile on her face behind Sky. Sky needs to pack and Love wants to help. Love says it will just be her and she starts to smile. She likes the idea. They hug one more time as Sky thanks her for everything. Love rolls her eyes. Sky leaves the room. Love says, "Uh, finally!" She slams the door. Lashley is walking backstage. The camera man tells him that Kurt Angle is looking for him. Lashley says he isn't hard to find. Music hits and here comes Eric Young. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring. Bobby Roode comes out next.Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode in a Steel Cage match Roode yells at Young as the bell sounds. Eric mouths something and then goes after Roode but he ducks and attacks Young. He whips him in the ropes and hits a back body drop. He goes to smash his face in the cage but Young blocks and tries to do it to Roode but he blocks and kicks Young. Young whips Roode in the ropes and elbows him in the face. Young bounces off the ropes but Roode closelines him down. Roode grabs him and punches him in the face. He whips him in the ropes and goes for a back body drop but Young kicks him in the chest and slams him back first into the steel cage and then slams his side into the steel cage. Roode stands on the apron between the cage and the ropes. Young slams Roode's head back twice. He runs in the ropes and does a huge flying cross body to smash Roode between him and the cage. Young grabs Roode through the ropes and hits him with a belly to belly suplex. He covers but Roode kicks out. Young applies a headlock but Roode stands and gets out. Young whips Roode in the corner and he runs but Roode kicks him in the face. Roode runs to him but Young does a scoop powerslam. Just then, he calls for someone. Here comes MVP with a chair. He slides it through the whole where the camera man is suppose to be. Young grabs the chair and goes to smash Roode but he ducks and Young hits the cage and drops the chair. Roode grabs Young for the Roode Bomb but Young gets out and goes for a piledriver but Roode takes the legs out from under him and does a catapult which sends Young into the steel cage. Young starts to bleed from the face. He stands and Roode punches him several times in the face. He falls. Roode grabs Young and slams his face into the cage. He slams it again and Young is wobbly. Roode hits the spine buster and covers but Young kick sour at two. Blood is soaking out of his forehead. Roode puts Young on the top turnbuckle. Roode punches him in the face and then climbs the corner. He grabs him for the Roobe Bomb but Young slides down and smashes Roode's face in the cage several times till he falls. Young hits a flying elbow drop and covers but Roode kicks out. Young places the chair on Roode's chest. He climbs the corner till the second rope, but Roode grabs the chair, stands, and tosses it into his gut. Young falls. Roode hits Eric's gut with the chair and then smashes it across his back. Young slowly gets up but Roode grabs him and hits him with the Roobe Bomb on the steel chair. He covers and wins! Winner: Bobby Roode Lashley is sitting in the back. Kurt Angle meets up to him and asks if he can talk. Lashley stands and wants to leave, but Kurt stops him. He doesn't want his belt. He will fight him on his own terms when they agree, but that is not what this is about. Lashley isn't interested. Kurt turns Lashley around and pins him against the wall. Kurt tells him that he needs Lashley and Lashley needs Kurt. Kurt backs up and Lashley just stares. -Commercial Taz and Josh Matthews are shown in their booth talking away of what has happened so far tonight and who may be in the Top 5 that will be revealed tomorrow. Rockstar Spud and Mandrews come from the stage and enter the ring. Music hits and here comes Ethan Carter III. Tyrus walks out behind him. Ethan has a glorious suit on with hair clippers in his hand.Rockstar Spud and Mandrews vs. Tyrus in a Steel Cage mach Tyrus enters the ring and Spud and Mandrews go after Tyrus as the beat on his back, but he pushes them back as the bell sounds. Both stand and he his both with a closeline. He grabs Spud and drops him down on his chest and then does a splash to Mandrews in the corner. Tyrus stands on Spud's back and then sits on it. Mandrews turns and punches Tyrus in the gut but Tyrus pounds on his back one time and he falls. Tyrus does an elbow drop on Mandrews. Spud goes for a kick but Tyrus grabs his legs, pulls him out of the corner and Spud falls to his back. Tyrus grabs Mandrews by the throat as he stands and then grabs Spud by the throat as he gets up. Spud and Mandrews fade, but they come back and kick and punch Tyrus. They do a double dropkick and Tyrus falls. Mandrews does a low dropkick and then Spud and then Mandrews does an enzuigiri. They both cover him but he kicks out. He stands and does a huge belly to back suplex to Mandrews as he sails into the corner. Tyrus grabs Spud and sets him up for a powerbomb. He lifts him up but Spud punches him in the face constantly. Tyrus leans against the ropes. Spud holds onto the cage and gets away from Tyrus. He kicks him in the face and then climbs the cage. Tyrus backs up as Spud is on the top. He takes off his bow tie and then stands on the top. He gives Ethan the middle finger and then does a summersault on Tyrus!!! Tyrus is down and Spud holds is back in pain. Mandrews climbs the corner. Ethan gets on the apron and spits in his face. Mandrews tries to leave the ring for Ethan. He opens the door and walks down the steps, but Ethan trips him and Mandrews hits the back of his head on the steps. Ethan grabs him and creams his face against the cage for Spud to see. He then whips him back. Spud crawls over but Ethan smashes the door on his head. Tyrus grabs Spud, lifts him up and spikes him down. He covers and wins. Winner: Tyrus Ethan grabs the mic and says, "You know what time it is! It's scalping time!!" Ethan plugs in his hair clippers into an extension cord under the ring. He tosses the clips through the hole in the ring. He enters and goes to shave Spud but Jeremy Borash cuts the cord of the clippers. Ethan notices as they won't turn on. He runs after Borash around the ring. -Commercial A replay is shown about Jeff Hardy taking a tasty bump. Bobby Roode is backstage. This was filmed earlier. He talks about Eric Young throwing away their 15 year long friendship. He said he was going to make him bleed. He did. It is time to move on. It is time for the It Factor to go for the TNA World Championship. A video plays from earlier today showing Robbie E and Brooke on the ramp. He has a mic. He says Brooke knows he is stronger and smarter than him. She is the reason why they lost The Amazing Race. Here is what they are going to do: Use bats and run around them three times, climb the steel cage and exit it to cross the finish line on the ramp. Brooke is ahead of him and then hits him with a hurricanrona in the ring. She leaves the ring but he pushes her off the ramp. He takes a selfie before crossing the finish line, but she hits him in the gut as she comes back and low blows him with one of the baseball bats. She crosses the finish line. A video package plays hyping Lethal Lockdown! The Steel Cage is set with weapons hanging from the side. Two people start and there will be one person from each team entering the ring at time intervals. Once they are all in the ring, you win by either pinfall or submission. Kenny King starts the match off for his team. He comes down and gets in the ring. Gunner comes out for Team Angle. His arm is taped up. -CommercialTeam Angle vs. The Beat Down Clan in Lethal Lockdown Gunner and King walk around the ring. They go to lock-up but King kicks Gunner in the injured arm and then takes him down and smashes it against the mat. Gunner gets up and King goes to smash his face into the steel cage but Gunner blocks and hits King. Gunner walks away. King runs to him, but Gunner lifts him up and King goes into the steel cage back first. Gunner tosses him into the steel cage on the other side. He grabs a trashcan lid that is hanging from the cage and hits King on the head with it. He then grabs a police stick and chokes him. Gunner stops and tosses King into the corner. He falls. The next entrant is Low Ki He enters the ring but Gunner takes him down quickly with a version of a closeline. He puts Low in the corner and shoulder blocks him but King hits him in the back with the trashcan lid. He then grabs the stick and hits Gunner while Low hits him with the trashcan lid. They both choke him. Low grabs him and puts him in the corner. He does a huge knife edge chop but Gunner does one back and then punches King, but Low hits Gunner in the head. He puts him in the corner and King runs to him and hits his face with the trashcan lid. King holds Gunner from behind and Low kicks him in the chest. He then does a double foot stomp to his gut. The next entrant is Austin Aries. Aries runs down the ramp and gets righ tiin the ring as he does a shoulder block to King from the apron and then takes Low down. He takes King down with an elbow and then does a running dropkick to Low as he is in the corner. Gunner comes back and puts King on his shoulders. Aries climbs the corner and grabs a trashcan lid that is on the side of the cage, jumps and hits King in the head with it. He falls. Gunner and Aries continue to attack him. Gunner turns to Low as he grabs a tennis racket from the side of the cage. He chokes Low with it. Aries climbs the corner and hits the missile dropkick to King. The next entrant is Samoa Joe. Joe enters and Aries runs to him but he knocks him right down. He whips Gunner into the corner. He bounces out and Joe closelines him. He goes to Aries in the corner and hits the pele kick. He then slams him upside down into the corner. Joe grabs both trashcan lids and smashes Aries' head with both and then to Gunner. He hits Aries with one. King puts a chair on Gunner's injured arm and Low stomps on it. Low works on Gunner's arm as he wraps it around the rope. King is working on Aries. Joe grabs a hockey stick and hits Aries in the back with it. Gunner tries to fight back but King hits him in the back with the tennis racket. The next entrant is Kurt Angle. Kurt enters and Joe hits him with the hockey stick, but Kurt ducks and hits Joe with a german suplex. King goes to him but Kurt ducks behind him, rolls him up and starts punching his face. He puts him in the corner and stomps on him. Gunner has Joe in the corner and punches him. Kurt hits a snap suplex on King. Low and Aries are on the top rope. They are fighting back and forth. Gunner hits Joe with the kendo stick to Joe on his shoulder. Aries is under Low but Low jumps and hits the double foot stomp on Aries. Gunner chokes Joe with the kendo stick. Low goes after Kurt in the ring with uppercuts. The next entrant is MVP. He enters the match and grabs a kendo stick. He goes after Aries and then Gunner. Kurt grabs him from behind and hits the german suplex, but Joe comes and hits Kurt with the trashcan lid across the head. -Commercial Aries has MVP, but MVP grabs him and does a huge belly to back suplex that sends him back first into the cage. They have Gunner in a trashcan and Low Ki does a huge double foot stomp on it which smashed Gunner. They put Gunner in the corner with the trashcan on his head and MVP does a huge big boot to him. Kurt comes back with a lid and hits all the members of The BDC with it right to their heads. Kurt grabs MVP and punches him. Gunner smashes King into the steel cage while Joe comes back and hits Gunner with the kendo stick and then hits Kurt. MVP holds Kurt down and Joe hits his knee with the kendo stick several times. It is absolute chaos!! Low holds Aries as King puts a trashcan on his head and kicks it. Aries falls. MVP stomps on the leg of Kurt. Music hits and... Here comes Lashley!! He comes down the ramp, unzips his jacket and enters the ring! Lashley extends his hand to MVP. MVP was about to hit him with a kendo stick, but MVP shakes it and smiles. Lashley holds his hand and pulls it in for a closeline. He goes after Joe and then Kenny King and then torpedoes Low into the steel cage. King holds onto Lashley's leg and MVP attacks him. MVP chokes him as he has nowhere to go. King works on Kurt's opposite leg while Joe kicks Gunner in the chest. King puts a trashcan on his chest and Joe smashes down on it with his body. He covers but Gunner kicks out. Low chokes Lashley with his foot. King attacks Gunner in a corner. Joe puts Kurt on the top while Low puts Aries on the on another corner. Aries is able to slid out as well as Kurt. Kurt does an Ankle Lock and Aries does The Last Chancellory. Lashley hits MVP with a spear and covers. They win! Winner: Team Angle The Beat Down Clan flee the scene through the door as Team Angle raise their arms in victory. The show fadesLike my Facebook page for my full wrestling thoughts.
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