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Impact Wrestling Results (3/13/15) - Hair Vs. Hair

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Impact Wrestling Results - 3/13/2015
From the Wembley Stadium in London, England
Report by: Alex Barie of

A video package begins the show. It features three friendships (Roode/Young, Magnus/Bram, Ethan/Spud) all crumbling down. These friends are now enemies as they compete against each other.

The camera shows the crowd in Wembley arena as they are on their feet. Josh Mathews and Taz go over the line-up. Music hits and here comes Eric Young. He does a slow strut down the ramp. Bobby Roode comes out as his music plays. He takes off his robe and runs to the ring.

Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode in a Last Man Standing match

Roode goes right after EY in the ring, but EY fights back and puts Roode in the corner. Roode comes back and takes Eric to different corners as he pounds his face into the top turnbuckle. EY comes back and does a whip in the corner but Roode bounces out and closelines Young down. He stands and continues to go after Roode. They go back and forth with knife edge chops. Roode gets the upper hand as EY goes to the corner. Roode does a dropkick and Young falls to the ground. Bobby leaves the ring and continues the assault as he knees EY in the gut and then takes him into the guard rails. Eric comes back as he hits Roode's face off of the ring apron and then rakes his eyes. EY steps right on Roode's face. The crowd chants, "You sold out!"

Young smashes Roode into the steel guard rail and then punches him square in the face. Eric gets Roode up and punches him in the face again. Roode walks backwards up the ramp. He then falls down. Young grabs him and goes for a suplex but Roode blocks it and reverses. Both are down. The referee starts to count. Roode walks away and waits. Young slowly stands and Bobby runs right to him for a major closeline. Eric gets up and walks down the ramp. Roode stops him. He knees him in the gut and then smashes him chest first into the steel guard rail. Roode walks away as Eric is down. The referee counts. Roode grabs a table from under the ring and then sets it up at ringside. The crowd is loving this. Eric walks down the ramp but Roode knees him in the gut, but Eric fights back with punches to the gut. It's back and forth as Roode takes a shot at him.


Bobby does a huge knife edge chop and then whips EY, but EY reverses and hits a neck breaker. He drops an elbow to Roode's face. He gets Roode up and takes him to the corner. EY chokes him with his boot. EY has Roode's head draped over the apron and he hits two forearm shots to the back of Roode's head. He then does a neck breaker on the outside. The referee counts as Roode is down. Roode gets up before the ten count. EY runs to him but Roode ducks and fights. He throws several punches, but Young grabs him and whips him right into the steel steps. The referee starts to count again. Eric grabs Roode before he even moved and smashed his head on the steel steps. He then climbs the steps and tries for a piledriver on top of the steel, but Roode hits him with a back body drop on the padding outside. Roode falls forward. The referee counts as both are down.

Both crawl to grab chairs. They turn around and go to hit each other but they both hit each other's chair and they both drop. They run to each other and both think of a closeline. Both are down. The referee counts. Both get up at 9. They roll in the ring. They are having trouble standing. Roode gets pumped up. He turns and Young hits him right in the face. Roode punches back. EY does another punch. It is back and forth now. Roode hits multiple punches in a row. He whips him in the ropes but EY puts on his breaks before Roode can do a back body drop. EY grabs him and hits a fast piledriver. He stands as as the referee counts. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-Roode stands. EY can't believe it. Roode turns and Young closelines him down. Eric exits the ring and grabs a chair. He goes to hit a crowd member in the face but stops. He quickly enters the ring and hits Roode in the gut and then the back with the steel chair. Young grabs Roode and gets him up, but Roode grabs Young and hits a piledriver on the steel chair. Roode stands as the referee counts. Eric is still down. Young gets up at 9. Roode grabs him for the Roode Bomb, but EY rakes his face. EY lands on the apron. Eric goes to suplex him over the ropes but Roode lands on the apron. EY hits him in the gut and calls for the end.

EY tries for a piledriver, but Roode grabs him on his shoulders and hits the Roode Bomb from the apron down through the table on the outside! The referee counts as both are down. Roode is able to stand at the count of 9. The referee counts 10 and calls for the bell. Winner: Bobby Roode

Magnus and Mickie James are walking in the parking lot together.

Jeremy Borash walks in on Spud in his room. He tells Rockstar Spud to sit down. Borash tells him that he doesn't have to do this. Spud asks who is going to do this. No one. He has to do this. Spud wanted and needs to stand up to him. He doesn't care if he gets beat... As long as he stands up for himself. The good guys always win, so they are going to shave his head. Borash shakes his hand and tells him good luck.


A video plays showing moments when Drew Galloway made his presence known on Impact Wrestling in the past couple of weeks.

Drew Galloway comes out and the crowd pops. He interacts with the crowd around the ring and then enters the six sides. He has a mic in hand. Drew says he feels the passion from everyone in the arena and of the people who have real passion for professional wrestling. He remembers having passion when he was a kid in this arena. He wants to feel their passion like he had. Drew exits the ring and stands on someone's chair. He says this feels better. He says it is story time. There was a time when the audience was listened to. There was a time when we would see the people we wanted to see in the ring. It then turned into having things being shoved at us and we have to like it. Drew says we are on the right path, though. That leads to MVP. He goes on to state how he manipulated people and the show through The Beat Down Clan. MVP had enough. His music hits.

MVP comes out first while Kenny King, Samoa Joe, and Low Ki are behind him. MVP grabs a mic. He says Drew has this all wrong. MVP isn't playing God... He is God! He has Drew in his hands. MVP says he is the baddest man in the building. Drew was chosen because he has the looks and skill, but he doesn't have a brain. He was too stupid to realize what he did and who he did it to. Drew has been chosen again, though. He has been chosen by The BDC to get attacked. MVP used to like Drew. He is going to ask his brothers to step into the back so he can beat Drew all by himself. The members of The BDC slowly make their way up the ramp.


Drew Galloway vs. MVP

The match starts and Drew takes MVP right into the corner and pounds the heck out of him multiple times with punches and forearm shots. He backs up and then goes to kick him in the gut, but the referee pushes him back. MVP goes right after Drew with a shot. He knocks him down. MVP gets him up and does a snapmare and kicks him right n the back. He runs in the ropes and does a kick to the face. He covers but Drew kicks out. MVP pounds on Drew's neck with his elbow as he gets Drew up. He then chokes him on the middle rope. MVP gets Drew up and smashes his head into the top turnbuckle. He whips him in an opposing corner. Drew comes back as he punches MVP in the face. He then puts him in the corner and does several knife edge chops to MVP's chest. MVP ducks one but Drew stomps on him. He whips MVP in the ropes, but MVP holds onto them. He runs to Drew after but Drew knocks him down. He goes for the Future Shock DDT, but Low Ki and Kenny King run down the ramp and go right after Drew. The bell sounds. Winner: Drew Galloway

MVP gets Drew up. He and Ki hold him in the corner as Kenny King runs and drives his knees into Drew's chest. They stand back. Drew gets to his knees, but MVP runs and kicks him right in the head. MVP punches him in the head multiple times as Ki climbs the corner. MVP tells him to get down. King tosses Drew to the outside. They exit the ring. MVP gets Galloway up. He and King hold him against the ring post. Ki goes to run to him, but Samoa Joe stops him. Joe unzips his coat and hands him a lead pipe. Ki throws it and hits Drew right in the face with it. Drew falls down. The BDC grab Drew as his face is bleeding. They welcome him to TNA and tell him this is what they are all about. They let him fall as they walk up the apron taunting away.

Mickie James walks up to Magnus as he is in the mirror. Mickie asks him how he is doing. He says he is fine. She tells him to listen to the doctor. The doctor told him to watch his head and neck. She tells him to be careful and she'll be out there with him. Magnus tells her no and to watch the match from the back. Magnus leaves.


A video package plays recapping the history between Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud. Ethan embarrassed Spud for months and months, but now he is going to try to embarrass Ethan tonight.

Ethan Carter III is walking backstage. The camera man asks him about tonight's match. Ethan says he beat the greats, names that are legends in the business, but who is Rockstar Spud? He's a no one. Spud wanted this so much that he had to do it in his hometown. Ethan tells Spud that he is sorry, but it won't be his night.

A video package plays showing the Bram and Magnus story.

Bram's music plays and he makes his way down the ramp. He gets in the ring. Magnus' music plays next and he gets a big pop. He walks down the ramp, but Bram exits the ring and goes right to him. Magnus attacks him first though. He takes Bram down, but gets him up and rams him several times into the steel guard rails. Magnus rolls Bram in the ring and then he slides in.

Bram vs. Magnus

Bram attacks Magnus as he rolls in. He goes to whip him in the ropes, but Magnus holds on and Bram jumps for a dropkick but falls on his back. He gets up. They continue to fight as they go to the outside. Magnus continues the attack as he whips Bram into the steel steps. He gets in the ring. Magnus keeps on with the offense, but Bram stops him in his tracks as he hits him with a closeline. He punches Magnus in the head several times and then takes him to the ring apron. He rams his neck into the corner of the ring a couple times and then pushes it against the steel post. He enters the ring and hits a neck breaker. Both get up. Magnus tries to fight back, but Bram hits a neck breaker again.

Bram gets Magnus up, but Magnus tries to do a body slam but he falls back as he can't lift him. Bram trash talks, but Magnus slaps him in the face. Bram lifts him up and slams him down and covers but Magnus kicks out. Bram gets him up on his feet and whips him in the corner. He runs to him but Magnus kicks him in the chest/face. He climbs the corner and hits a missile dropkick. Both are down. Suddenly, Mickie James runs down the ramp and tries to cheer Magnus on. Both slowly get to their feet and they exchange punches. Both punch each other at the same time and they back up. Magnus is able to hit Bram with a closeline and then runs in the ropes and hits another. He climbs the corner. He hits the elbow drop! Bram slowly stands. Magnus grabs him from behind, but Bram hits him with a low blow. The bell sounds. Winner by DQ: Magnus

Bram exits the ring and grabs a chair at ringside. He enters and Mickie James distracts the referee as she wants to enter but he won't allow her. Bram hits Magnus with the chair several times with the chair in the back. He looks under the ring and grabs a zip tie and a cue ball. He zip ties Magnus' hand to the second rope in the corner. He grabs the cue ball. He tosses the referee away. Mickie James enters and tries to cover Magnus. He grabs Mickie by the hair. Magnus starts to swear. Mickie turns and slaps Bram in the face. She tries to run, but Bram grabs her again. Bram grabs a mic and says Bram used to look up to him, but now Magnus is looking up to Bram. He will destroy everything Magnus has. He will let her go if Magnus' kisses his boot. Mickie reaches her hand out and Magnus grabs it. Bram sticks hit boot out. Magnus grabs it and goes to kiss it. He does. Bram let's Mickie go and then says, "Pathetic." Bram leaves the ring and walks up the ramp.

Brooke is walking backstage.


A video plays showing the recap of the beat down of Drew Galloway.

The BDC are backstage. MVP tells the camera man to not to ask him anything. Don't he dare! MVP says The BDC are one. The blood is just about to flow. Low Ki takes off his hat and shows his scare from Drew. He says it isn't over. Samoa Joe moves forward and says they will take down anyone. He is sorry for Drew that it had to get so rough.

DJ Z is on the entrance ramp as he introduces Robbie E in his own strange way. Robbie comes out on the stage with Jessie Godderz and Angelina Love at his side. They pump him up as he makes his way down the ramp. Brooke makes her way out next. She gets in the ring as Robbie E is resting in the corner before this huge bout.

Robbie E vs. Brooke

The bell sounds and Robbie starts to shuffle his feet like a mad man. Brooke tries to go after him, but he ducks and then hides between the ropes. He goes back to his corner and takes a little rest before the "second round". He gets up and they lock-up. Robbie pushes Brooke across the ring. She flies down to the mat. He gets in his corner again for "round three". He gets up and they lock their hands together. He bends her back, but she applies a bridge and then comes forward. He goes behind her, but she twists around and applies a side headlock. He pushes her in the ropes and she runs them as he ducks or jumps. She stops and he turns. She hits him with several knife edge chops. He goes down. Brooke goes into the corner to mock Robbie.

He runs to her but she moves and he goes into the corner. Angelina Love gets on the apron and distracts Brooke. Robbie grabs her and whips her head back to the mat. He gets a swig of water from his corner and then hits a suplex on Brooke. He climbs to the second rope and jumps but she moves and he crashes and burns. Brooke gets up and does a flying cross body to Love on the outside. She climbs the corner and jumps but Robbie catches her. She slides out but he grabs her from behind. Jessie gets in the ring as the referee is distracted. Jessie goes for a dropkick to Brooke but she ducks and he hits Robbie. She does a bridge cover and gets the win. Winner: Brooke


Josh Mathews is shown at a desk as he hypes up Kurt Angle vs. Lashley for next week. A video plays showing the talent of Kurt Angle and what he is all about. He came back to TNA to be TNA World Champion. He could be by next week. A video then plays showing the talent of Lashley. He is a beast. He is a monster. He is what a champion is all about. They battle next week.

Music hits and here comes Rockstar Spud! He comes out in red pants and a white jacket. He has his briefcase in hand. He enters the ring as the crowd is roaring. He hands the briefcase over to someone at ringside. He starts to sing and the crowd sings with him.


Ethan Carter III's music hits and here he comes! He struts down the ramp as he stares directly at Rockstar Spud in the ring. He walks around the ring and then enters the ring. Both stare at each other and then back up.

Rockstar Spud vs. Ethan Carter III in a Hair vs. Hair; Streak vs. Spud match

The bell rings and Spud goes right to Ethan as he is in the corner and attacks him. He stomps on him multiple times as Ethan slides down in the corner. Spud backs up and Ethan rolls out. Spud exits and punches Ethan several times in the face. He then hits several knife edge chops to the chest. He grabs Ethan and bites him on the forehead. Ethan is sitting in the barber chair. Spud walks away and then runs for a running dropkick. He rolls Ethan in the ring. Spud slides in, but Ethan kicks him right in the head. Ethan gets Spud to the conner and does a huge slap on the chest. He then knees him in the chest and pounds on his back. Ethan grabs his face but Spud punches Ethan in the face multiple times. Ethan punches back. It is back and forth. Ethan turns it around with a huge closeline!


Ethan is choking Spud on the second rope. He runs into the ropes to sit on Spud to choke him further, but Spud moves and Ethan goes into the ropes. Spud does a dropkick and Ethan goes through the ropes. Spud climbs the ropes and does a summersault onto Carter. Both are down. Spud gets up and rolls Ethan in the ring. Rockstar goes to enter, and he does, but Tyrus runs down the ramp, pulls Spud's legs out from under him. He lifts him up and hits a huge powerbomb on the outside. Tyrus rolls Spud back in. Ethan slowly covers him, but Spud kicks out at 2. Ethan can't believe it. Tyrus is still at ringside. Mr. Anderson, all of a sudden, runs down from the stage and attacks Tyrus. He hits him with the Mic Check on the outside.

Ethan leaves the ring and hits Mr. Anderson with his brace on the back of the head. Ethan then hits Spud in the head with the brace as he exits the ring. Spud walks around the ring as his face is bleeding. Ethan brings him in the ring and smashes him into the top turnbuckles. Spud's face is bleeding more and more. Carter pounds on the forehead with fists to open the cut even more. Spud gets up in the corner. Ethan runs after doing a "Wooo" and hits the Stinger Splash. Spud falls down to the mat. We see Jeremy Borash worried at ringside.

Ethan tosses him to the outside right in front of Jeremy. Ethan grabs Spud and punches him in the face telling Borash, "Look what you done." Ethan grabs Rockstar and rolls him back in the ring. Jeremy stands and says something to Carter. Ethan turns enters the ring. Borash slides in the ring and hits a low blow. Spud stands and kicks Ethan in the gut and hits the Stunner. He covers but Ethan kicks out at two. Rockstar slowly gets up, as well as Ethan. Ethan picks Spud up on his shoulders and spins him around to land face first on the mat. Ethan now pounds the face of Spud in the mat. He rams his face into the mat several more times. Ethan does it several more times, but Spud is refusing to give up. He keeps pushing. Ethan pounds on his back but Rockstar stands and is hulking up. He takes off his bow tie and points, "You!" He punches Ethan several times in the head. Ethan goes down to one knee. Spud bounces off the ropes and continues to hit him in the face with forearms. He then hits the Shining Wizard. Ethan stands and Spud punches him some more and then grabs his crotch. He hits a pele kick. Spud is gearing up. He grabs Ethan and goes for The Underdog, but Spud flips over Ethan. Ethan turns and hits him with the brace on his arm again. He covers but Spud kicks out.

Ethan can't believe it. Spud grabs Ethan's knee pad and then his tights as he is trying to stand. He does. Spud grabs him and hits the 1%er. He covers and gets the win. Winner: Ethan Carter III

Ethan waves the referee away and then stays on one knee as he looks a bit overwhelmed. He grabs a mic from ringside. Ethan tells Rockstar Spud that he has the most heart and determination that he has ever seen in professional wrestling. Spud goes to the corner and slowly stands. Ethan says he did some bad things and attacked his friends. There was a time when they were best friends. He ruined that. Spud proved to everyone that he belongs in Impact Wrestling. With enough heart that Spud has, he can be World Champion. He has "it". He says he is not going to shave Spud's head. He doesn't deserve it. He proves he is a lion and a tiger... And a man! Ethan doesn't expect Spud to take this, but he wants to expand his hand. They probably can't go back to what they were, but he wants to do this. Ethan does extend his hand. Spud stands on his own. Spud shakes it. Ethan then raises Spud's arm. Ethan goes to the ropes and opens it for Spud.. Rockstar goes to leave, but Ethan grabs his head and stops him. He pounds him on the back and then grabs a mic and says it is time to pay! He hangs Rockstar Spud upside down in the corner. Ethan grabs the hair clippers and shaves Spud's hair. He gets back on the mic and tells us to take notice! This company, this industry, this world is Ethan's!! Ethan exits the ring as the crowd boos. The show fades.

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