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Impact Wrestling Results (3/20/14) - P In MVP Stands For Participate

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Impact Wrestling Results - 3/20/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package showing Samoa Joe and his impressive stature. It shows Lockdown and how Magnus used Abyss to keep the championship. Joe has revenge. He has redemption. He faces Samoa Joe tonight and Eric Young will be in his corner while Abyss will be in Magnus' corner.

Video plays showing TNA Headquarters where Bully Ray and Dixie Carter had a private meeting earlier today. We will see what went down later tonight.

Abyss and Eric Young are backstage attacking each other. Abyss is all over Eric. As Abyss has him down, ODB comes over and hits Abyss on the back. It doesn't fade Abyss. He turns around and goes after her but Eric hits Abyss in the back. Abyss retaliates and goes after Eric again. ODB is yelling from across the area. Abyss chokes Eric with some pipe and then smashes his head on garbage cans. Eric comes bak and rams Abyss' head into a door and then into the wall. He takes him through the backstage area. Abyss comes back and tosses Eric against a table and a series of chairs. Abyss grabs a chain but Eric kicks him and then hits Abyss across the back with the chain. He does it multiple times as Abyss falls to the floor. Eric gets him up and continues to attack him. Abyss walks forward and they come out at the side of the stage. They get on the ramp and Eric hits Abyss with the chain several more times. Abyss walks down the ramp in pain. Eric continues with the shots. Abyss knees him in the gut and Eric falls. Abyss punches him in the head.

Abyss takes Eric in the ring. Eric runs and does a baseball slide to Abyss. He takes off his shirt and does another run and hits Abyss with a suicide dive. Abyss is down but gets right back up. Eric grabs a chair and goes to hit him but Abyss ducks and slams Eric shoulder and arm first into the steel steps. Abyss yes him up and punches him multiple times. Abyss brings Eric in the ring. Abyss grabs another chair and brings it in the ring. Eric slowly gets up using the ropes. Abyss sets the chair on the mat. Eric turns and punches Abyss and goes in the ropes. Eric jumps to Abyss but Abyss ducks and grabs Eric in mid-air and slams him face first in the chair. Abyss then grabs a piece of clothing and chokes Eric with it. Eric gets up in the corner and Abyss punches him many times. Abyss goes to grab the chain but stops. He then grabs it and wraps it around Eric's neck. Eric bits Abyss' head though and gets away. He takes the chain off and punches Abyss tons of times in the head. He bounces off the ropes but Abyss grabs him and hits the Back Hole Slam. Abyss grabs the chain again and wraps it around Eric's neck and pulls it back with all his might. Eric is caught in between the ropes as Abyss sits down and tugs at the chain. Eric is fading. He fades away as Abyss let's go.

Abyss leaves and ODB comes to the aid. So does a referee and they check on Eric.

Taz and Mike Tenay run down the line-up for tonight's show.

The lights go out and music hits. Here comes Ethan Carter III. He gets in the ring. Music plays and here comes Bobby Lashley! Bobby comes out and the crowd pops. He walks down the ramp to the ring.


Ethan Carter III vs. Bobby Lashley

Ethan goes right after Bobby as soon as the bell rings. Ethan goes in the ropes and Bobby just slams him down as he comes back. Bobby sends Ethan into the corner and he runs to him but Ethan hits him. Ethan goes to Bobby but Bobby kicks him and then lifts him up for a huge standing suplex. Bobby gets Ethan up and sends him face first into the turnbuckle. He then punches him multiple times in the face. Bobby then tosses Ethan across the ring. Ethan slowly gets up using the ropes. Bobby runs to him but Ethan slides out. Bobby exits and goes after Ethan. Ethan turns around and hits Bobby. He then smashes him against the ring apron and then does a knife edge chop. Bobby fights back but Ethan stops him and takes him in the ring. Ethan climbs the corner. Bobby grabs him and tosses him into the ring. Ethan gets on his knees and begs Bobby to stop. Bobby goes to him but Ethan grabs him and sends him in the corner. Ethan attacks Bobby with punches to the head and then has his chest in the corner and climbs behind him to smash his face even more. Ethan pounds on the back of Bobby and he falls to his knees. Ethan then applies a front face look. Ethan then pounds on the back even more.

Ethan starts doing soccer punches to the face of Bobby. He bounces off the ropes but Bobby lifts him up and hits a spine buster. Ethan gets up. Bobby waits. Bobby runs but Ethan slides out. Bobby exits as well. Ethan turns and Bobby runs and hits him with a closeline. Bobby gets him in the ring. Ethan goes in the corner. Bobby runs to him and smashes him. Bobby kicks Ethan in the gut 10 times. Bobby gets Ethan up and whips him in the corner. The referee almost got smashed. Bobby grabs Ethan from behind and Ethan kicks him via low blow while the referee was stuck in front of them. He didn't see it. Ethan exits the ring and goes up the ramp. Just then, Willow comes out and attacks Ethan from behind. The bell sounds. Willow whips Ethan in the steel steps twice. He then does it again. Ethan goes knee first. Willow goes under the ring and grabs a ladder. He then smashes Ethan's face in the steps. Ethan falls. Jeff puts the chair around Ethan's ankle and smashes it. Jeff elbows Ethan in the heard and then climbs the ladder. Ethan takes the chair off of his leg and crawls behind him and goes up the ramp. Willow's music plays as he looks on.

Bully Ray is shown at the TNA Headquarters earlier today. Ray states that Dixie called him to Nashville for a meeting but she has meetings. Ray waits and waits as Dixie still is in her meetings.

Samoa Joe enters MVP's room and bangs on the door. MVP is on the phone and hangs up and says Joe must be upset. Of course Joe is upset because of what happened at Lockdown and what Abyss did to Eric Young earlier. MVP says Eric is on his way to the hospital with TNA officials. Joe says he wants his TNA World Championship. MVP says he will find someone who he can chain to Abyss. Joe says that every time he tries to fix something it only gets worse.

Angelina Love is backstage. The camera man asks Love if there will be The Beautiful People reunion. Love says Sky seemed shocked last week but she gave her plenty of time to think about it. She has to answer tonight.


Ethan is yelling for Magnus backstage. He finds Magnus and asks him where he was at. Magnus says to not use that tone with him. Ethan says Magnus is an @ss. Magnus says at least he didn't get beat up by a clown. Ethan says his relationship with The Carter's are terminated. Magnus says he actually tossed them to the side because he used them and now can kick him and Aunt D to the side. Ethan says to watch what he says about Dixie. Magnus says he has Abyss and that is all he needs. He tells Ethan to get out and watch the Championship match. Ethan tells him, "Good luck." Ethan turns and leaves.

Gunner's music plays and the crowd pops. He comes out to the ring. He grabs a mic. Gunner says he wants to take this time to say that he is proud to go against one of the toughest guys in this company and came out as the winner. He is proud to serve this country and proud of the veterans in attendance. As a Marine, he learned to fight for what he wants. He thanks his friends and family, but most importantly his father who is sitting in the front row. Gunner gets out of the ring and goes up to him. He says without him, his mom, and grandparents he wouldn't be where he is at today. When he promised about doing what he does now, he would be World Champion. His dad extends his hand and Gunner takes it. They hug as Gunner says he loves him. Just then, music hits and here comes James Storm. James comes down with a beer bottle in hand and a microphone in another. Gunner's dad shakes his head. James says he is sorry to break up a family reunion right now but he finds it rude of Gunner to bring his dad and not introduce him. James says he made Gunner a star. James introduces himself. He says he is James Storm and the guy doesn't need to introduce himself as he knows he is Gunner's son and the guy who cried in a video package about Gunner. James asks if his dad will cry again. He says Gunner's dad's dad is looking down at him from heaven and being proud that he is dead. He says he is looking down and seeing them both as disappointments. Gunner goes after James but James pushes him away. Gunner goes back but James does the Last Call Superkick. James gets Gunner up and handcuffs his hands around the second ring rope. He slaps Gunner and then goes to his dad. He opens the steel gate and grabs his dad. He pulls him down to the end of the ramp and rips his shirt. He then grabs his face and makes him stare at Gunner. He then tosses Gunner's dad into Gunner. James let's go and walks up the ramp. Gunner's dad checks on Gunner. James turns and grabs the beer bottle he set on the ground when he came out. He runs and smashes it across the back of the dad's head. He falls instantly. James walks away.

Gail Kim is backstage. She says she created the Knockouts division and made it famous. She brought in Lei'D Tapa to do her dirty work but when she turned on him, she had it. She faces Tapa tonight and if she beats Tapa then Tapa is done... meaning she leaves Impact Wrestling.


The BroMans and Zema Ion are walking backstage. They are talking about the club they went to last week. They say wherever they go is hoping. They talk about their match tonight. They walk into the locker room of Sanada and Tigre Uno. The BroMans bow to them. Ion says they have stuff to do tonight like awesome clubs. Ion tells them to finish the match in 2 minutes. Tigre tells them something but they don't understand Spanish. Ion says he knows what he said and he said that The BroMans are "stud muffins". Sanada says something in Japanese and Ion says he said that The BroMans are wrestling Gods! Ion then gets on the floor and the BroMans start yelling. It becomes chaos while Uno and Sanada just stand there. Ion gets up and he with BroMans leave.

Lei'D Tapa is in the ring already while Gail Kim's music plays and she comes out. She gets in the ring.

Lei'D Tapa vs. Gail Kim

Kim goes for a punch but Tapa grabs Gail's fist and whips her down. She gets her up and rams her right into the corner. She grabs Gail and rams her in the opposing corner. Tapa then does several headbutts and then whips Gail in the ropes. Gail ducks and runs into Tapa. She does it several more times to knock her down but she can't. She goes in the ropes again but Tapa lifts her up and just slams her down with ease. Tapa lifts Gail up on her shoulders but Gail switches it up and applies a Dragon Slepper type move. Tapa is fading but grabs Gail and slams her in front of her. Gail gets in the corner. Tapa runs to her but Gail moves out of the way and Gail goes after Tapa's leg. She kicks Tapa's knee and then punches her in the face. Gail runs in the ropes but Tapa lifts her up and slams her down face and chest first. Tapa covers but Gail kicks out. Tapa grabs Gail by the throat but Gail kicks Tapa and gets out of the choke hold. Gail punches Tapa in the face and puts her in the corner. She does a shoulder block but Tapa gets out and lifts Gail up on her shoulders.

Gail slides out and kicks the leg of Tapa. Tapa falls. She slowly gets up and Gail grabs Tapa and hits Eat Defeat. She covers and pins Tapa. Winner: Gail Kim

Angelina Love is walking backstage. She is heading to the ring.


MVP is in the rafters with Willow. He tells Willow that he took out Spud and Ethan. He needs him to help him tonight with Abyss. Willow starts to speak about politics and games and these things are stuff that he doesn't want to be involved. He says Joe and Magnus and Abyss have their issues and he is not part of it. He will be part whenever he is inserted but he isn't now. Willow laughs and leaves. MVP makes a strange face.

Angelina Love's music hits and she comes out. She gets in the ring as the crowd cheers. Love grabs a mic. Love states that she gave Sky enough time and wants to know whether they are moving forward together or separately. She wants an answer. Velvet Sky comes out and comes to the ring. Sky grabs a mic and says this is heard for her. She says when she came to TNA Love was her mentor. There were times she wanted to leave but Love told her to stay. Sky loves that about her but there are bad times when Sky felt like Love was holding her back. Love says that is wrestling talk. Love says if people thought she was the leader of the group that is because she was a veteran. She left and Sky made a name for herself. You can't be one in this wrestling business. You need someone watching your back. Love wants this to happen and everyone wants it to happen. Sky says she looks to Love like a big sister she never had. She says with everything involving Chris Sabin in the past she can't trust many people. With that being the past, she has look to look at what is good and that is The Beautiful People is back together! Love and Sky celebrate. Love then says they are missing someone and that is Madison Rayne! Rayne's music plays. She comes out and walks down the ramp. She gets in the ring as Sky opens the ropes. She hands her a mic.

Love gets on the mic and says they are putting The Beautiful People back together and Rayne was part of the group at one point. Let's do Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne. However, when she states Rayne she says it in a hushed tone. Madison laughs and tells her to do it again. Love does it again. Rayne says Love always thinks of her as below her. Love says you have to pay your dues. Madison says wasn't her dues doing Love's dirty work? Madison paid her dues and she is Knockouts Champion. She appreciates the offer and loves Sky but she is not interested. She's out. Madison's music plays and leaves. Love looks shocked. Sky looks worried.

Magnus is in the back as the camera man asks him about his title defense. Magnus is not worried tonight as Joe is trying to look for a friend. He has a friend and that is Abyss. Abyss is not a monster. He used to be afraid of him but he is a person and loves money. Samoa Joe comes into the picture and says he will wrap his arm around Magnus' neck tonight and if he is given that little time then he will choke him out. Al Snow comes into the picture and pulls Samoa Joe away. Magnus laughs.

Zema Ion introduces The BroMans as his DJ booth. They aren't strangers of International Three-Ways. The BroMans gets in the ring. Sanada comes out next as well as Tigre Uno. Sanada has the X-Division Championship around his waist. They make their way to the ring. Robbie E has a mic and calls them cars from their countries. He says they have to go to clubs tonight so he tells them to lay down. Jessie then yells at them to lay down. Tigre grabs the mic and says, "No." The BroMans go after them but they fight back. BroMans crawl out of the ring. They say they are out of there but The Wolves come out. They walk down the ramp and BroMans go right to them. They fight. Wolves bring BroMans to the side of the ring and Tigre and Sanada hit them with baseball slides. They taunt in the ring while The Wolves join them.


The BroMans (Champs) vs. Sanada and Tigre Uno vs. The Wolves in a Three Way for the TNA Tag Team Championships

The Wolves are in the ring going after Robbie E. They double team on him. Jessie gets in and Sanada/Tigre come in and go after Jessie. They double work on him. He rolls out of the ring. The BroMans meet in their corner. The Wolves and Sanada/Tigre meet in the ring and they double team. Davey works on Sanada and tags Eddie. He gets in and both go after Sanada. They run in the ropes but Tigre trips them. He works on both of them. Sanada goes after Eddie. Robbie tags himself in as Sanada bounces off the ropes. Eddie goes after Robbie and tags Davey. Davey and Eddie work against Robbie. Tigre tags himself in against Davey. Tigure works on Robbie. He runs in the ropes but Jessie hits him and then Robbie does a huge closeline. Robbie knocks Sanada off the corner. He tags Jessie and both come in and work on Tigre. They both kick him in the head. DJ makes the BERP sound go off multiple times. Jessie lifts Tigre up and slams him down. Robbie tags himself in and climbs the corner and lands on Tigre. He whips him in the ropes but Tigre is able to turn it around for a bull dog. He tags Sanada. Sanada works on Jessie and slams him down. He climbs the corner. Just then DJ is on the outside taking a picture with the X-Division Title. Sanada tags Tigre and then Sanada jumps and goes after DJ. Tigre works on Jessie but as he does, Davey tags himself in. He works on Tigre. Eddie comes in and they double team Tigre.

Davey goes for a cover but The BroMans stop it. Wolves attack them. They climb the opposing corner. BroMans push The Wolves off the top and fake a tag as they get in the ring. They double team and get the pin. Winner and Still TNA Tag Team Champions: The BroMans

Love is sitting backstage. Sky asks her if she is okay. Love isn't okay as Madison was upset. She says there was a lot of truth to what she said but she isn't the same person anymore. Sky tells her to talk to her privately as it could be different. Love stands and goes to find Madison.


A video package of Kenny King plays. He talks about chips falling and how he rises. He is coming soon.

Love meets up with Rayne backstage. Rayne says whatever she wanted to say she said out there. Love didn't though. Love says it was different back then. Love says Madison knows this business and it's not about being on your own. Someone can attack her at any times. Madison understands with Gail Kim. Madison says she will think about. Love says that is all she has to do. They hug and Madison goes to walk away. Love grabs her by the hair and slams her in the locker. She then grabs her face and states The Beautiful People is Love and Sky!

Samoa Joe is backstage. MVP walks up to him and Joe asks who else he has to look out for tonight. MVP says no one as he will only focus on Magnus. As far as Abyss, MVP will chain himself to Abyss as he made the problem worse and he is the person who has to pay and fix it.

A video package plays showing Knux. Knux talking about going back home after getting a call from a girl that he has a lot of feelings toward. His family runs a little carnival and is going home to meet up with others as he hasn't seen his dad in 2 years. It's hard for him.


A video plays showing Bully Ray in the TNA Headquarters. He says he has been waiting around long enough. He enters the door and tells her to turn around. Ray asks if she thinks anyone really likes her. No one likes her in the company from wrestlers to production staff. The fans despise her. Ray says he doesn't like her. She doesn't like him because she can't control him. Ray states that Dixie went to his house to give him a lot of money to be part of Roode's team and help. Ray said his career flashed before his eyes when he was put in the coffin by Mr. Anderson. However, his eyes opened when Dixie tried to buy him. Ray solidified himself. That is why he did what he did at Lockdown. He doesn't have Ray's respect. No one respects her. She is a nobody in his industry. He will be damned if he has to talk to the back of a chair. It's time to face him. Ray turns the chair around and no one is sitting there. Just then Bobby Roode comes from behind and attacks him. He smashes him in the wall and on the desk. Roode grabs a poster and smashes it to the back of Ray. Roode tells Ray that Dixie didn't invite him but Roode did. SURPRISE!

Magnus is backstage with Abyss. Magnus asks Abyss if he is ready. Abyss says he is and he has a little treat... not for Magnus but for Joe and MVP. Abyss lifts his hand up and thumbtacks drop from his clinched fist. Abyss laughs. Magnus pats him on the bat and they walk out.

Samoa Joe and MVP come out together to the ring.


Magnus and Abyss come out to the ring. Magnus gets in the ring and taunts with the TNA World Championship. Abyss slowly walks to the side where MVP is at.

Magnus (Champ) (with Abyss) vs. Samoa Joe (with MVP) for the TNA World Championship

Joe goes right after Magnus as soon as the bell sounds. He puts Magnus in the corner but Magnus turns and attacks him but Joe turns it around quickly and goes after Magnus. He does a snapmare and then drops a knee to Magnus. Magnus rolls out of the ring and takes a breath. Magnus walks around the ring. He goes to get in but Joe reaches for him and Magnus pulls Joe out. He attacks him as he smashes him into the ring apron. He gets him in the ring and Magnus continues the attack. He puts Joe in the corner and does a knife edge chop but Joe punches back several times. Magnus rakes the eyes of Joe. Magnus does another chop and goes for a whip but Joe reverses it. Magnus bounces off the ropes and Joe hits him with his elbow. Magnus falls and gets up in the corner. Joe does several punches and whips him in the opposing corner. He runs and does a splash. He then does a kick to the head. Magnus falls. He then crawls to another corner. The fans chant, "Joe is gonna kill you."


Joe has Magnus in the corner and does a huge chop. Magnus reverses it but Joe reverses the whip. Magnus goes in the corner. He comes to Joe and Joe does an atomic drop but Magnus returns the offense and goes after Joe's midsection as it is still sore from Lockdown. He kicks Joe in the gut and does a back drop suplex. Both get up and he whips Joe in the ropes. Magnus goes in the ropes. Joe turns and Magnus closelines him down. He covers but Joe kicks out. Magnus applies a headlock. Joe gets up and elbows his way out. He does a chop and runs in the ropes. Magnus jumps over him and Joe comes back and Magnus hits him with a knee to the face. Magnus then applies a bear hug on the mat. Joe gets up and elbows his way out of it. He does an atomic drop and does a big boot to Magnus. He then does a back splash senton on Magnus. Both slowly get up. Magnus runs to him but Joe does a scoop powerslam to him. Magnus gets up in the corner. Joe gets up and runs to him but Magnus moves out of the way. He runs to him but Joe lifts him up and slams him down. Joe then applies a rear naked choke to Magnus. Magnus falls down as he does a chin breaker. Joe bounces back and hits the referee. Abyss then punches MVP in the face. Abyss looks under the ring and grabs a bag of tacks. MVP comes back and attacks him. He then runs and pulls Abyss to go right into the steel steps. MVP then grabs the key to the handcuffs and gets out of the cuffs. He grabs the bag and throws it up the ramp. Abyss hits MVP in the back with a chair. Samoa Joe goes for a suicide dive but Abyss throws the chair to Joe's head as he was about to fly. He falls down. Magnus climbs the corner and does the elbow drop. He covers and wins. Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Magnus

Magnus and Abyss celebrate on the ramp. MVP is slowly getting up on the outside. He looks on in disappointment. Joe slowly moves as he is in severe pain. The show fades with Magnus and Abyss celebrating on the ramp.

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