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Impact Wrestling Results (3/20/15) - New World Champion, It's True!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 3/20/2015
From the Wembley Stadium in London, England
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package hyping the main event that we have been waiting for - Lashley vs. Kurt Angle for the TNA World Championship. They meet for the first time ever!

The camera shows the arena as the crowd is on their feet. The Ultimate X structure is set-up around the ring. Music plays and here comes The Wolves! They make their way down the ramp as the crowd roars. Jessie Godderz and DJ Z come out next and Angelina Love is there with them. She gets in-between them and they make their way down the ramp. As they do, a video shows The BroMans backstage earlier in the night. It has all the members of The BroMans. Robbie E isn't feeling it though. He tells Jessie and DJ Z to go for them. They think that is fine. The Great Sanada and Manik come out next as they represent The Revolution.

The Wolves (c) vs. The BroMans (Jessie Godderz and DJ Z) vs. The Revolution (Manik and The Great Sanada) for the TNA Tag Team Championships in Ultimate X

The three teams go right after each other. Manik and Sanada go after Eddie Edwards while The BroMans go after Davey. Davey sends DJ Z over the ropes and then helps his partner out against The Revolution. They double team Manik and he goes through the ropes. The Wolves send Sanada into the corner and work on him at the same time. Sanada rolls out of the ring. Jessie is on the corner, but The Wolves stop him and beat him up. He rolls out of the ring. Eddie and Davey ru into the ropes for a double suicide dive, but Angelina Love gets on the apron and stops them. DJ Z comes from behind, but they see him and flip him over the ropes and he lands on The Revolution and Jessie outside. They go to climb the corners but Jessie stops them as he enters the ring. He dropkicks Eddie down and then chokes him in the corner.

He whops Eddie in the ropes but Eddie kicks him in the chest. He goes back into the ropes but Manik trips him. He enters and tells Jessie to help. He tosses Eddie to Jessie and he lifts him up for a military press. He then tosses Eddie to the outside. Manik goes after Davey now with a suplex. Manik tells DJ Z to hold him. He does. Sanada enters and chops Davey in the head. Manik and Jessie get their shots in. DJ exits the ring and goes after Eddie on the outside as Sanada is also there. Manik climbs the corner and then goes across the wires. Jessie holds Davey from behind, but then tosses him to the side as he dropkicks Sanada down. The BroMans then work and hit a huge backbreaker on Manik. DJ Z and Jessie try to reach for the titles from the mat, but they can't. DJ then goes on top of Jessie's shoulders while Manik goes on top of Sanada's shoulders. The Wolves climb the corners and do a missile dropkick to each team. All six men are down!!

Davey climbs the steel structure, but Sanada grabs his ankle. He stops him. Manik climbs the same corner and now gets on top of Davey. He goes across the cable, but Eddie grabs his feet, drop him, and then Davey does a huge backstabber to him as Eddie does a powerbomb! DJ Z climbs the corner, but The Wolves send him through the steel structure and he's stuck. Jessie then hits them with a closeline. The Wolves are down. Jessie climbs the corner, but Sanada climbs with him. Jessie tries to fight him off. They are fighting back and forth. Sanada sprays Jessie in the face with a green mist. Sanada goes across the wires, but Eddie stops him. Sanada keeps his feet on the top rope as Eddie dropkicks him and Sanada falls between the turnbuckle. Eddie grabs the wires and then his a hurricanrona on Sanada. Davey climbs the corner and does the double foot stomp on Sanada. He then climbs the corner while Eddie is already on the wire. Davey joins him in the middle as they retain their belts. Winner and Still TNA Tag Team Champions: The Wolves

Taz and Jeremy Borash are shown in their room as they go over the line-up for tonight. They hype Kurt Angle vs. Lashley. Taz predicts Kurt Angle will win.

A video plays that was from earlier today as Kurt Angle enters the building. It then switches to Lashley as he is entering the building.


We see Kurt Angle stretching out in the back as he wrestles in the main event later tonight.

Music plays and here comes Austin Aries. He struts down the ring as the crowd cheers. He grabs a mic. The crowd chants, "Austin Aries, Austin Aries." Austin says there have been something missing in the past several weeks and that was the fans chanting "Austin Aries". Aries has been out of commission for two weeks as he was put through a table by The BDC. He shows marks on his arm to prove it. Aries says he earned the Feast or Fired TNA World Championship briefcase and he wants it back. So, Low Ki, Samoa Joe, and Kenny King... give his briefcase back. He's not leaving until he gets it. Music hits and here comes Samoa Joe and Low Ki is behind him. Low Ki has the X-Division Championship around his chest and he's holding Aries' briefcase. Both enter the ring. Low has a mic in the other hand.

Low says Aries believes that briefcase is his. Aries says that briefcase IS HIS. Low Ki says possession is 9/10ths of the law. Austin Aries says Low Ki isn't Austin Aries as he is not the man who makes history. He is also not Austin Aries, so that briefcase means nothing to him. They also stole the X-Division Championship from him. He wants an all or nothing match. If Aries wins then he gets the briefcase and X-Division Championship or if Aries loses, then he doesn't get his briefcase back. Low Ki says that is fine. Just then Samoa Joe punches him in the face and he falls. Low Ki says he isn't putting his belt on the line, but if he wants his briefcase he needs to go through Joe. Joe continues to beat him up.


Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe puts Austin in the corner and does a huge knife edge chop. Aries falls and crawls on the mat. Joe puts him in another corner and does several punches. Aries stands and walks away but Joe hits him in the back. He then whips him in a different corner and then does a running closeline in said corner. Joe goes for a punch, but Aries ducks. Aries punches him several times and goes for a whip but Joe whips him instead. Aries bounces out of the corner and hits a dropkick to Joe. He goes in the corner. Austin goes for a Brainbuster, but Joe blocks and smashes Aries shoulder first into the steel post. Aries falls to the outside. Joe exits and grabs him. He smashes Aries' arm into the steel steps. Aries rolls back in the ring. Joe enters. Austin punches him in the gut and then the head. He runs in the ropes, but Joe grabs him for a bear hug and then into an overhead belly to belly suplex. He covers but Austin kicks out at two. Joe applies a version of a cross face. Aries stands and gets his way out as he hits Joe in the gut. Joe puts Aries in the corner and hits a huge pele kick. The crowd chants, "Joe is gonna kill you." Joe does a snapmare and then works on his shoulder/neck area. Austin gets to his feet and elbows Samoa in the gut. Joe rakes the eyes and then does an atomic drop and then a big boot. He goes for a falling senton but Aries moves.

Joe goes in the corner. Aries attacks him with punch after punch. Joe lifts him over to the apron. Aries snaps his neck on the top rope and then climbs the corner and hits Joe with the missile dropkick. Joe goes in the corner. Aries runs and does a running dropkick. He goes for a Brainbuster, but Joe rolls through and does an arm bar wrist lock. Aries tries to reach the ropes. He does. Aries gets in the corner and Joe punches him several times. He then puts him on the top turnbuckle. He does a chop and then goes for the Muscle Buster, but Aries slides out and hits two disc forearm shots. Joe goes through the ropes to the outside. Aries runs and hits a suicide dive on Joe and he falls. Aries brings Samoa in the ring, but Low Ki comes out of nowhere and attacks Austin. He punches him several times and then tosses him into the guard rail. Winner by DQ: Austin Aries

Low Ki sends Aries in the ring. Joe holds Aries from behind as Low grabs the briefcase and goes to hit Aries in the head, but he ducks and Low hits Joe. Aries hits a disc forearm to Low and grabs his case. He exits the ring and goes up the ramp. As he does, Rockstar Spud marches his way down as he has his briefcase in hand. He cashes it in right now.

Low Ki (c) vs. Rockstar Spud for the X-Division Championship

Rockstar Spud grabs Low Ki and hits a bulldog. He covers and wins! Winner and new X-Division Champion: Rockstar Spud

Low exits the ring quickly. Earl Hebner (the referee) hands him the belt. He runs up the ramp as Joe chases Rockstar.


We see Lashley in the back warming up for his match later on.

Magnus is beating Bram in the back. He slams him against the wall and some truck. Bram is crawling away. Magnus grabs him and they go through double doors. They are still in the backstage area. Magnus continues to beat Bram up with punches and punches and tossing him into different objects around the area like trashcans. They are going to the entrance area. They make their way through the curtain and Magnus is punching him constantly. Bram tries to fight back but Magnus keeps knocking him down as they go down the ramp. Magnus rolls Bram in the ring. He hits him with a closeline and then grabs a chair from the outside. He hits Bram on the back with it around a half dozen times. Referees come into the ring and pull Magnus back. He pushes them away and god after Bram as he stands. They pull him back again. Bram is resting in the corner. Magnus grabs a mic and talks about meeting in an ally and about his hopes and dreams burning down. Just then, Mickie James walks down the ramp and enters the ring. She kicks Bram between the legs and then attacks him with punches and forearm shots to the head and back. Bram rolls out of the ring and crawls up the ramp. Magnus gets out of the ring and grabs him on the stage. He lifts him up and hits a huge powerbomb! Bram bounced up from the huge impact. Magnus takes his shirt off as Mickie stands beside him.


A video plays showing people make their predictions. Eddie Edwards hypes up the match. Al Snow says Kurt is fighting for his life. Ethan wonders who he will beat after this match. Mike Tenay hypes Kurt Angle. MVP says they are fighting for The BDC's championship.

Awesome Kong's music hits and here she comes! Gail Kim makes her way to the ring next. Taryn Terrell comes out with the Knockouts Champioship around her waist. She gets in the ring.

Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell (c) for the Knockouts Championship

Gail and Taryn go right after Kong. Kong tries to lift both of them up, but Kong falls to her back. They keep attacking her, but Kong pushes Gail off and then pushes Taryn. Taryn goes in the corner. Kong goes to her, but Kim dropkicks Awesome. Kong grabs her and tosses her to Taryn and then does a splash in the corner to both. She grabs Gail and whips her across the mat. She picks Taryn up and Gail dropkicks Taryn's back. Kong drops Taryn right on Gail. The referee counts this cover, but it is broken up. Kong continues the fight each other back and forth. She is destroying them. She whips Gail by her head and then shoves her knee into Taryn's head. She pounds on the back of Gail. Taryn climbs the corner and jumps, but Awesome closelines her down in mid-air.

Gail stands and goes after Kong. She punches her, but Kong grabs her for an Implant Buster, but Gail turns it around to punch Kong in the face as she is on her shoulders. Taryn does a roll-up to Kong, but Kong kicks out. Kong continues to fight as she goes for a big splash, but she misses. Gail goes to the top but Awesome pushes her and she falls to the outside. Taryn takes Kong down and goes for a cover, but she kicks out. Taryn goes for a Cutter, but Kong slams her down. She climbs to the second rope and goes for a splash, but Taryn moves. Terrell hits the Cutter and covers but Kong kicks out.

Taryn can't believe it. Awesome gets to her feet. Terrell pounds on Kong's back as she is against the ropes. Taryn does a dropkick to her back and Kong goes through the ropes. Gail climbs the corner. She pushes Taryn out of the way and does a flying cross body on Kim on the outside to take her out. Gail gets back on the corner as Taryn is there. They are fighting, but Gail gets the upper hand. She hits a sunset powerbomb and covers but Terrell kicks out. Gail grabs Terrell and goes for Eat Defeat, but Taryn twists out of it and does a roll-up for the 3. Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Taryn Terrell

James Storm is shown. He says it is time for Matt Hardy. No disqualification... No one will help him. He's going to help Matt. He's going to flip this coin... Heads and James beats Matt within an inch of his life. Tails and he should think about his brother. James flips it and he says, "I would really like to tell you how it turns out." James whistles as he fades.


A video plays showing animals like lions and zebras and how they have to survive. It then turns to Lashley and how he has to survive in TNA since he is champion. We then see Kurt Angle and how he is hungrier for gold now than ever. Tonight it is survival of the fittest... Who will win? Only the strong survive.

Kurt angle is backstage as he is getting his mindset ready for his match. The camera man asks him about his match tonight, and he's sorry to interrupt Kurt. Kurt said he hasn't fought for the belt in over a year, yet he is fighting for it tonight against one of the toughest.

The Revolution come out, James Storm, Abyss, Khoya, Manik, and The Great Sanada. Matt Hardy comes out next. The crowd cheers. He walks down the ramp but James exits and attacks Matt. Matt fights back and rolls James in the ropes. He then punches Manik down.

James Storm vs. Matt Hardy in a No DQ match

Matt tosses chairs into the ring from under the ring. He then throws a trashcan in and then a lid. He goes to enter the ring, but Manik holds his ankle. James attacks him. He pounds his face in as Matt falls in the corner. James puts a chair in the corner between the middle and top rope. He turns and Matt hits him in the head with a trashcan. He hits him again. James grabs the lid and hits Matt. They go back and forth with these shots. He tosses the trashcan into James and he falls. He hits Storm with a leg drop onto the lid. He climbs the corner and knocks down Sanada in the process. Manik then takes Matt's out from under him and he falls on the corner. James unfolds two chairs and places them in front of each other. James climbs the corner. He grabs Matt.

He hits a superplex and Matt lands back first onto both chairs. James covers, but Matt kicks out. James tells Abyss to look under the ring. He does and he grabs a bag. James puts Matt on the top rope. He grabs the bag from Abyss. He places the thumbtacks onto the mat. He spreads them around. He goes to Matt on the corner but Matt hits him in the gut and then several headbutts. He pushes James off and he lands on the tacks. Matt jumps form elbow drop onto Storm. He covers but James kicks out. He then hits Twist of Fate. He covers but Abyss pulls the referee out. He does a dropkick to Abyss in a baseball slide fashion. He then attacks Sanada and then Khoya and then Manik. Matt enters back in the ring and Storm slams Matt's head into the chair in the corner between the ropes. He covers but Matt kicks out. James gets him up on his feet but Hardy hits Twist of Fate again. Abyss grabs James and gives him the cowbell. Sanada sprays Matt in the face with the green mist. He hits Matt in the back of the head with the bell and then two Last Call Superkicks. He covers and wins. Winner: James Storm

James pushes Matt to the apron. The Revolution move the steps out from beside the ring. Sanada and Manik hold Matt. James grabs a mic and says Matt can join his brother in the hospital. He hits Matt in the back of the head with the bell. He then tells Matt that there is always room for one more in The Revolution.

We see Kurt Angle stretching as his match is close. We then see Lashley getting ready. Their match is next.


Kurt Angle comes out of his room and walks through the hallway as he has his hooted sweatshirt on. He makes his way further through the backstage area. He gets to the steps. He comes through the curtain and the crowd pops!!! Lashley comes through the doorway and walks through the hallway. He then gets close to the steps. He drops his belt onto a production chest. He jumps around and then drapes the belt over his shoulder. He comes through the curtain and raises the belt. He makes his way down the ramp. Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he introduces the two participants for this match.


Kurt Angle vs. Lashley (c) for the TNA World Championship

The bell sounds and they walk around the ring. Lashley drop steps into a single leg to Kurt, but he can't take Kurt down. Kurt turns to go behind Lashley, but Lashley runs into the ropes and does a shoulder takedown to Kurt. Kurt stands after staring at Lashley. They lock-up and Lashley takes Kurt down and covers but Kurt kicks out at 1. Both stand and Lashley goes into the ropes and does a closeline. Kurt gets on one knee as he is in the corner. He stands. They go to lock-up but Lashley goes behind Kurt and does a takedown. He applies a headlock type, but Kurt gets up and doe a single leg and then goes behind Lashley. Lashley gets out and goes into the ropes but Kurt does a belly to belly suplex. He then does a german suplex. And then another. And then another. Kurt stands. He gets Lashley in the corner and punches him. He whips him in the opposing corner. He runs but Lashley elbows him. Lashley runs to him, but Kurt does a drop toe hold and applies the Ankle Lock. Lashley gets to the ropes. He stands and Kurt does a closeline to him and he goes over to the outside.

The referee counts. Kurt waits. He then exits the ring. Lashley gets back in and Kurt follows but Lashley leaves the ring again. Kurt does. He punches him in the face, but Lashley picks him up and drops him shoulder first into the steel guard rail. Lashley runs to him as Kurt gets to his feet and does a spinning elbow hit. Lashley grabs Kurt and rams him back first into the apron. He rolls Kurt back in the ring. He forearm shots him in the back and covers. Kurt kicks out. Lashley puts him in the corner and pounds on the top of his head. He then kicks him in the chest and chokes him with his foot. Lashley gets Kurt up on his feet and his a suplex. He covers but Angle kicks out. Lashley bends the arms of Angle back. Kurt gets to his feet and elbows Lashley in the gut. He goes in the ropes but Lashley jumps up over him and then elbows him in the head. He covers but Angle kicks out.

Lashley works on the arm of Kurt. Kurt stands and elbows Lashley in the gut again but Lashley hits him in the back. He whips him in the corner and runs to him but Kurt elbows him. He climbs the corner and does a shoulder tackle. Both are down. Both stand. They punch back and forth. Lashley knees him in the gut and then goes for a closeline but Kurt ducks and locks his arms and hits the german suplex. He then hits a second. And then a third. He taunts and then waits. Lashley stands. Kurt goes for the Angle Slam, but Lashley slides out and hits the spine buster. He covers but Kurt kicks out. Lashley waits in the corner. Kurt stands and Lashley runs but Kurt moves and Lashley goes into the corner. Angle hits three more german suplexes. He then hits a fourth german suplex. He hits a fifth german suplex. He takes his singlet down. He applies the Ankle Lock!

Lashley is screaming in pain. Lashley rolls over and pushes Kurt away. Both stand. Kurt runs to him, but Lashley scoops him up and does a huge powerslam. He covers but Kurt kicks out at the last second!!


Lashley runs to Kurt but he moves and Lashley goes into the steel post shoulder first. Kurt does a school boy but changes it into the Ankle Lock! He has it in! Lashley rolls through and Kurt to the bottom turnbuckle face first. Kurt slowly stands and Lashley goes for the spear but Kurt kicks him in the chest and hits the Angle Slam. He covers but Lashley kicks out!! Angle grabs Lashley, but Lashley hits him in the chest. Kurt backs up. He runs to Lashley, but Lashley elbows him in the face and then hits a closeline. Lashley lifts him up and hits a suplex. Lashley backs up into the corner. Kurt crawls to the opposing corner and slowly gets up. He turns and Lashley spears him. He covers... But Kurt kicks out!!!

Lashley can't believe it!!! The crowd chants, "Angle, Angle, Angle!" Lashley goes to the apron and climbs the corner. Kurt gets up and runs up the corner, but Lashley headbutts him. He falls. Lashley jumps and goes for the frog splash, but Kurt rolls out of the way. Both get up. Kurt goes to the corner. He jumps but Lashley rolls through and turns it into an Ankle Lock!! Kurt is about to tap! He can't. He won't! Kurt reaches for the ropes and he holds onto the bottom. Kurt gets up. Lashley goes for a closeline, but Kurt ducks and hits the Angle Slam! He covers but Lashley kicks out again. Lashley, out of nowhere, applies an arm breaker. Kurt is gaining momentum and is able to get out of it and turn it into the Ankle Lock! Kurt drags Lashley to the middle of the ring and then drops down. He tears at the ankle. Lashley is screaming. Lashley may pass out! He taps! He taps! He taps!!! Kurt releases the hold and the crowd is on fire! Winner and New TNA World Champion: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle stands and holds the TNA World Championship high in the air. The referee raises his other arm. Kurt is getting emotional. He falls to his knees but then gets back up. He god to Lashley and extends his hand. Lashley takes it and Kurt helps him up. They hug each other. Kurt goes to the corner and taunts. Kurt wipes his head as he smiles. He thanks the fans as they are still on their feet. Kurt exits the ring with his belt and interacts with the fans up the ramp. The referee raises his hand once more on the stage as the show fades.

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