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Impact Wrestling Results (3/27/14) - The World Takes Notice Of Gunner

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Impact Wrestling Results - 3/27/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package showcasing Gunner and his dad. Gunner thanks his dad only for James Storm to come down and attack Gunner and then his father. He smashed a beer bottle over the head of Gunner's dad as Gunner had to watch on as he was handcuffed to the ropes.

MVP's music plays and he comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. He has a mic. MVP acknowledges Abyss and says he wants to make it a level playing field for everyone and rise up in the rankings because of their talent... not because of backstage politics. As someone famous once said, "The cream always rises to the top. Oh yeah!" MVP then goes on to say that he has to make an executive decision. Just then, Magnus' music plays and he comes out. Abyss is alongside as they get in the ring. Magnus grabs a mic and announces to the world that the champion is speaking. Magnus tells MVP that Abyss has a 100% service contract with him. He doesn't work for TNA or MVP... he works for Magnus. This means that MVP's authority is through Magnus. He will only see Abyss is when he sees Magnus. MVP says he is on board with it. The only way Abyss can be in the ring is when Magnus is in the ring. MVP says we don't have any problems then. MVP says he knows Abyss' huge strength. He is not going to fire but he is not going to tolerate. If Abyss puts his hands on MVP then MVP will certainly fight back.

He goes on to say that Mangus sides with everyone to carry him along the way. Well, doesn't Abyss have something better? Doesn't he have bigger aspirations? He asks Abyss if he wants to go after the World Championship. Magnus flips out. MVP says it can happen. He then says someone is getting shafted through all of this and it is Samoa Joe. It will be Magnus vs. Samoa Joe vs. Abyss in a Triple Threat match next week. Just then, Samoa Joe's music plays and he comes down the ramp and into the ring. He says that he may be hearing something wrong. He says he has been only asking for one thing and the fans have been asking for one thing and that is to get an equal opportunity for the championship. Instead, his rematch is a handicap match. MVP says it will be a Triple Threat as Magnus won't be able to handle Abyss in the match. Everyone will be equal. Joe says MVP will have a problem controlling him in a few seconds. MVP tells him not now. Magnus says that there may be problems but he is going to do what he's been waiting for... but Joe turns and goes right after Magnus. Abyss goes after Joe but MVP steps in and goes after Abyss. Eric Young runs down the ramp and gets in the ring to attack Abyss. Eric does a dropkick and it sends Abyss to the outside.


Eric Young is in the ring with Samoa Joe and MVP. Eric has a mic. Eric says he has a solution to MVP's problem. He wants to help fix it. He says he wants in on the championship match so he can take care of Abyss that way Samoa Joe can have Magnus all to himself. MVP says Eric didn't turn it yet. Eric says MVP is about motivate, validate, and participate. Eric has been in the company for 10 years while MVP has been with them for 10 minutes. Eric has held multiple championships in the company in the course of his career in TNA. He then perfected every crazy idea TNA thrown at him in 10 years. Eric says some are saying he is the most entertaining guy in the wrestling business today. Eric deserves this spot. Joe steps up and tells Eric that no one is questioning his status with the company but he is just not above the line though. Before Eric can get his chance Joe needs his. MVP says he likes the passion Eric showed and adds him in the match. Joe steps forward and pushes Eric's face. Eric then tackles Joe and starts punching him. Joe turns it and punches Eric. They roll around punching each other till officials come out and separate them. Joe gets on the mic after he stands and says if Eric wants to go then let's go tonight in a match. MVP makes it official. Joe's music plays as Eric leaves the ring.

Bully Ray is backstage and holds up an phone. He says it is back. He tells Bobby Roode that when he messes with the bull he gets the horns. He then tells Roode that he will get a lot of tables... a lot!

MVP is walking backstage and The Wolves come up to him and they tell him he as a great idea. MVP says he can't do any favors. The Wolves request a match against Magnus and Abyss. MVP says he can't do it. The Wolves want it tonight though. MVP ponders and knows it can happen. He pulls out of phone and calls the production truck. It will happen.

Video plays showing Rockstar Spud in camp crawling on the floor in the woods. Ethan Carter III walks up to him and pulls him up and says they aren't even close. They continue to walk and Ethan says he hates nature.


A video plays showing Willow's house in the woods. Ethan and Spud stand far away looking at it. Spud looks the wrong way through the binoculars and Ethan fixes it for him. Spud asks why they are here. Ethan tells him that they have to get revenge. Ethan tells Spud to shut up and continue on. Spud grabs the walking stick and asks if they can get something to eat first.

The Wolves make their way down the ramp and to the ring. Magnus and Abyss come out next and go to the ring.

The Wolves vs. Magnus and Abyss

Magnus starts the match off against Davey. They lock-up but Magnus works on the arm as he twists it. Davey tries to get away and then work on Magnus' arm but Magnus attacks him and Davey goes in the corner. Magnus stomps on him and Davey tries to get away. Magnus does an uppercut. Magnus gets him up and goes for a back suplex but Davey lands on his feet from behind and tags Eddie. Eddie does knife edge chops to Magnus and then Davey comes and they double team against Magnus. Eddie covers but Magnus kicks out. He gets Magnus up and sends him in their corner so Davey can hit him with a head butt. He tags him. He enters and sends Magnus into the head of Eddie via a head butt. They work on Magnus now but Abyss comes in and sends Eddie out of the ring.


Abyss has Eddie on the mat and tags Magnus. Magnus enters and whips Eddie in the ropes. Eddie ducks and comes back but Magnus catches him and does a fallaway slam. Magnus covers but Eddie kicks out. Magnus works on the head but Eddie elbows his way out and goes in the ropes but Magnus elbows him right in the face. Magnus stomps on him. Magnus gets him up and whips him in the corner. He runs but Eddie kicks him in the face. He climbs the corner and does a hurricanrona. He crawls over and tries to tag Davey. Magnus stops him but Eddie pushes away and tags Davey. He enters and goes right after Abyss in the corner and then after Magnus. he does a kick to the head and then climbs the corner. Abyss enters and checks on Magnus. They walk forward and Davey runs and does a missile dropkick to both guys. He gets up and then starts kicking Magnus in the chest. Eddie enters via tag and they go to Abyss. They work on him but Abyss goes for a double Chokeslam. They get out of it and then do a double kick to the head. Abyss rolls out of the ring. Davey does a huge suicide dive to him. Eddie does a half boston crab and Magnus quickly taps out. Winners: The Wolves

Abyss walks around the ring and grabs the World Championship. Magnus stands on the ramp as Abyss walks up to him looking at the belt. Magnus tells him to hand it over but Abyss grasps it even more and walks up to the stage. Magnus is dumbfounded. He follows Abyss as he walks away with his championship.


Music hits and here comes Angelina Love. She taunts on the stage and then walks down the ramp. She gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Love states that there must be an issue between her and Sky. Sky hasn't answered Love's calls all week and she is not fine with that. Will she want to come down and tell her what the issue is. Velvet Sky comes out and walks to the ring. Sky grabs a mic and says she has more of a problem. She is pissed off. What was that with Madison? Love said she would fix things. Love mopped the floor with her though. Why? Love did that for Sky out of respect. Sky did not sign up for that. Love asks what she signed up for? Love tells Sky is mediocre and bland. She lost her touch and will become another person who will lose her spot. Love says Sky was someone when she was in The Beautiful People. She had swag and no one messed with them. Sky said things changed but Love says the only thing that changed was Sky. Love sat home for 2 years because apparently she was a headache. She would rather be a headache then a b%tch. Love has a match with Madison tonight and at the end of the match Sky has to pick a side. Love walks away.

A video package plays showing Slammiversary 2013 where James Storm picked Gunner as his tag team partner. They went on to become the TNA World Tag Team Champions.

Video plays showing Rockstar and Ethan. Spud is hopping and states that it is almost nap time as he is tired. Ethan looks at his watch and says it is noon. Ethan continues walking while Spud is struggling.

Bully Ray is shown backstage pumping up before heading out to the arena.


Spud and Ethan are in the woods as they are in front of a barn. Ethan tells Spud to go in the barn but he refuses. Ethan says he will go. He walks up to it and opens the door. Spud starts screaming and crying. Ethan closes the door and starts to cry and yell. He then opens it and laughs. Ethan goes into the barn further and looks around. Spud stands in the doorway calling for Ethan. Just then, Willow comes and takes Spud. Ethan continues to look and then turns and sees Spud's absence. He calls for him but no answer. He then hears a Willow laugh in the distance.

A video package plays showing Gunner pushing James Storm off of the corner in the Feast or Fired match. Gunner gets the case and it is for the World Championship match. Storm says he stole it and fights for it. Gunner beats Storm for it. Storm continues to feel betrayed.

Bully Ray comes out and the fans pop. He gets in the ring and motions at the stage. Fans from the Impact Zone bring out tables from backstage. They set up tables around and in the ring from guys to gals. Ray grabs a mic. Ray asks them what do they think - Does he have enough tables? Ray says he wants more but he bought all of them they had. He then asks the crowd if they know who he is. Ray is the guy who made Dixie Carter no longer part of TNA. He then points to the camera and says, "Bobby Roode." He says Roode could have ended up like Dixie. Ray always says that they don't need another owner like Dixie. He then says he will put Roode through a table. He asks the crowd if they want to see him be put through 1 table... 2 tables...3...4...5! Roode's music plays and he comes on stage with a mic. Roode asks Ray if he thinks he intimidates him. The guy who was at Lockdown is not the same. Roode is different. Being an owner flooded his mind. Roode is the longest reigning and most dominate champion in company history. He is the guy who smashed a beer bottle over his best friend's head. He is the guy who spit in the face of Dixie before spitting in her face became cool. Roode is also the guy who tricked Ray last week and attacked him just to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Roode wants to ask everyone... "Do you know who I am??" Ray responds and tells Roode to stop running his mouth and get in the ring and fight him now. Roode says that is so pathetic and typical. He doesn't call the shots. He doesn't tell Roode what to do. Roode calls the shots - He says when and where. Ray, however, says when and where and the fans say NOW! Roode asks if they want to see him fight. The crowd chants yes. Roode says it is not going to happen. Roode turns and walks away but Ray gets out of the ring and runs after him. He hits him from behind. He brings him down the ramp and smashes his head into the apron and steel steps. He then takes him in the corner of the security guard rails and rips his shirt and does a huge chop to the chest. He then puts Ray on a table. Ray gets on the apron and is about to drop the elbow but Roode moves. Ray gets down and does a huge chop to Roode's chest. He goes for another but Roode moves and Ray hits a bare table. Roode works on the hand and wrist of Ray. He then punches the face multiple times. He then goes for a suplex on the outside through a table but Ray blocks. Ray goes for a Bully Cutter but Ray pushes him and Ray goes shoulder first into the steel post.

Roode continues the attack by hitting his back and head. Roode puts Ray on the apron and brings the table closer to the ring. Roode gets on the apron and gets Ray up. Ray kicks Roode in the gut and then sets him up for a piledriver but Roode does a back body drop and it sends Ray in the ring. Roode gets up in the corner. Ray stands and turns. Roode turns in mid-air for a denton but Ray moves and Roode hits the mat. He gets up and Ray hits him multiple times in the face. Roode goes back and leans against a table in the corner. Ray runs and does a big boot kick but Roode moves and Ray's leg goes through the table. Roode works on the leg now and gets Ray up but Ray grabs Roode and tries for a pile bomb through a table but Roode slides out. Ray turns and runs to him but Roode moves and Ray goes face/shoulder first through another table in the corner. He is out. Roode leaves the ring with a smirk.

Abyss is walking backstage and goes into the room. Magnus is sitting there. Magnus says he has something that is Magnus'. Abyss hands him the title furiously and asks him what was that out there. Magnus says he doesn't care if a match isn't for the belt. That is why he tapped so quickly. Abyss says he doesn't like to lose. Magnus says this deal is about him keeping the belt and that is what he has to do next week. He tells Abyss to not let MVP get into his head or he will be in another freak show.

Angelina Love is shown walking backstage. Madison Rayne is shown next. They meet next.


James Storm and Gunner are shown separately getting ready for their match.

Knux and his girl are in the building after the flood occurred. Knux is looking at everything that was damaged and ruined. The girl tells Knux that they needed him and he wasn't here. They have to start over. Knux sits down. The girl tells Knux to go see his dad. He asks where he is at. She said by the house.

Love comes out and gets in the ring after letting the pigeons loose. Madison Rayne comes out next. She gets in the ring and they go right at it.

Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne

Rayne goes right after Love. Love exits the ring to get a breather but Rayne goes after her and gets her back in the ring. She continues the attack as she sends Love into the corner. Madison runs to her but Love moves out of the way and Rayne falls out of the ring. Just then Velvet Sky walks down the ramp and goes ringside. Madison gets in the ring and Love counters as she covers but she kicks out. Love goes for another cover but Rayne kicks out. Love continues the beat down and then taunts. Love sends Madison to the outside and Sky bends over and tells Rayne to get back in the ring and fight. Love exits the ring and gives a few words with Sky. Love grabs Rayne and brings her back in and covers. Rayne kicks out. Love attacks Rayne and then talks to Sky some more. Love then chokes Madison on the second rope. Love then rakes the face of Rayne. Love gets Rayne up and punches her in the face. She then whips her in the ropes but Rayne ducks. Love goes in the ropes now and they both collide by grabbing each other's head and ramming them down to the mat. Both get up and they punch each other back and forth. Rayne gets the upper hand and goes to whip Love but Love reverses it.

Rayne comes back and takes Love down. She gets up and Rayne does a bridge suplex. Love kicks out of the cover. Rayne does a dropkick and it sends Love out of the ring. Love gets up and yells at Sky. Rayne does a baseball slide to Love. Love goes down. Madison gets Love up and brings her in the ring. Sky asks Madison what is wrong with her and then kicks her in the gut and does a DDT on the floor. Sky brings Rayne in the ring. Love turns and smiles. She covers and wins. Winner: Angelina Love

Velvet Sky gets in the ring and celebrates with Love!

ODB meets up with Eric Young. She asks him if he is ready. Eric is ready. He then battles for the championship next week. Eric says the stuff he told MVP earlier was meaningful. He meant all of it and will show everyone what he is all about.


MVP is backstage talking to some guy. Just then, Kenny King enters the picture. He shakes the hand of MVP and asks him what he has tonight. MVP says he had to make changes but he will have him on the show next week as it is a huge show next week. King can deal with it. They leave the room together.

Samoa Joe is already in the ring. Eric Young walks through the curtain and gets in the ring.

Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young

They walk around the ring and then meet in the middle. Joe tells him something and then pushes him. Young goes after Joe and punches him. Joe throws him to the outside. Eric gets right back in and does a dropkick to Joe and it sends him in the corner. Eric continues to fight but Joe fights back. Eric is able to counter and knock Joe down. He covers but Joe kicks out. Eric gets Joe in the corner and punches him but Joe whips him in the corner. EY flips over the ropes and lands on the apron. He goes for a shoulder block but Joe kicks EY in the chest and Eric falls in the ring. Joe works on Eric through stomps. He puts him in the corner and does a huge chop. He sends him into the opposing corner and smashes him and then does a huge kick to the head. He covers but EY kicks out. Joe gets EY up but Eric punches him in the gut. Joe does a head butt and then a chop to the back and a kick to the chest. He then drops a knee and covers. Eric kicks out.

Joe gets Eric in the corner and whips him into the opposing but Eric jumps up as Joe runs to him. Eric goes into the ropes and they do a double closeline. Both are down. Both slowly stand. Eric punches Joe in the face multiple times. He runs in the ropes and does a closeline. He then does a dropkick. He lifts Joe up and does a power slam. Young climbs the corner and Joe gets up and goes to him but Eric jumps out of the way. Young runs to him but Joe picks him up and slams him down with one arm. Joe covers but Eric kicks out. Young gets up in the corner. Joe runs to him but Young kicks him in the face. He climbs the corner and goes for a moonsault but Joe moves and Eric slams on the mat. Joe applies a rear naked choke as Eric stands. Eric tries to fight out of it but falls back and Joe locks in the arms. The referee checks on Eric and he is out. Winner: Samoa Joe

Brian Hebner is on the outside, the referee of the match. Earl Hebner comes out and tells him that the arm was down 3 times for Young to be out but Joe's shoulders could have been on the mat. They walk to the back to talk about it. Joe looks on.

Gunner and Storm are shown separately as they fight next.


Ethan is walking in the woods and he comes up to Spud's head gear. Ethan makes fun of Spud as he said that he told Ethan not to leave a man behind... but Spud did it to him. Ethan walks on to the house in the woods.

Video footage plays showing what happened after last week's Impact which led to Shaw's one week suspension. Samuel Shaw enters the dressing room of Christy Hemme. Shaw walks up to her but she slaps him in the face. Shaw then pins Christy against the counter and wall and grabs scissors. He cuts off a piece of her hair and says that is all he needs. He leaves. Christy starts crying uncontrollably.

Video package shows the relationship of Gunner and James Storm. Gunner was going for the World Championship but James Storm turns on Gunner and says he is nothing without Storm.

Here comes James Storm. James comes out on the stage with a trench coat. He looks around the arena and then makes his way to the ring. Gunner comes out next and runs down the ramp. James meets up with him and they fight on the ramp.

James Storm vs. Gunner in an Anything Goes match

Gunner has the offense has he attacks Storm. He grabs a table and goes to set it up but Storm comes back and attacks Gunner and puts him against the steel guard rail. James finishes setting up the table and then goes to Gunner but Gunner fights back. He punches Storm in the face multiple times. He throws a chair in the ring and then smashes James' face on the apron and steel steps. He then does a suplex on the outside. Gunner throws another chair in the ring. James gets up and smashes some drink to Gunner's head. James smashes Gunner's head into the ring apron. He then places him on the apron with his head sticking out. James smashes his knee right into Gunner's head. James brings Gunner on the ramp. He does a suplex on said ramp. James gets Gunner up and goes to slam him face first into the steel steps but Gunner blocks it and does it to Storm. He grabs a chair and hits Storm in the gut with the top. He brings more chairs in the ring. James gets in the ring now. Gunner comes in. James climbs the corner and flies and does a DDT. James gets up and goes to Gunner.


Gunner has Storm in the corner. He lifts him up on the top. Gunner climbs and he does a superplex. He covers but Storm kicks out. Gunner puts a steel chair in the corner. Gunner tries to send Storm face first into it but James stops and tries to do it himself but Gunner blocks. Gunner grabs a trashcan lid and hits Storm to the head. Storm grabs a lid and does it to Gunner and they go back and forth. So many hits! Just then, Gunner spears Storm down! He covers but Storm kicks out. Both get up and Gunner goes to Storm but Storm puts him in the corner. Storm runs to Gunner but Gunner elbows him. Gunner goes for a sunset flip but Storm grabs Gunner and does a catapult. Gunner goes face first into the steel chair in the corner. Storm does a double knee backstab and then climbs the corner and flies to Gunner. He covers but Gunner kicks out.

Storm goes to the outside and grabs more weapons. He then grabs a beer bottle. James grabs a trashcan lid and goes on the apron. Just then, Gunner gets up and goes through the middle rope spearing Storm down and they go through the table on the outside. Gunner brings Storm in the ring and covers but Storm kicks out. Gunner grabs two chairs and has them stand in the middle of the ring. The one chair is broken though. Gunner puts Storm in the corner. He puts him on the top rope. Gunner climbs and goes for a superplex. He hits it and Storm lands on the chairs in the ring. Gunner covers but Storm kicks out!

Gunner lifts Storm up but Storm slides out and does a double knee to the face and then hits two Last Call Superkicks! James covers but Gunner kicks out! James rolls out of the ring. James grabs a beer bottle from under the ring. Just then, Gunner grabs a beer bottle that Storm brought in earlier. James goes to Gunner but Gunner smashes the bottle over the head of Storm. Gunner picks Storm up and slams him down. He covers and wins. Winner: Gunner

Video plays showing Ethan in the house in the woods. Ethan is yelling for Jeff Hardy. He then says he is sorry as he is Willow now. He yells that if he gives him Spud then he won't burn the house down and put a parking lot over it. He then finds Spud tied up. Ethan asks him where Spud is and he starts screaming. We can hear Willow in the distance. Ethan asks where Willow is. Just then something taps Ethan on the shoulder. Ethan turns and Willow says he's here. He attacks Ethan in the gut. Ethan falls. Willow continues to attack, laughs, and runs away. Ethan moves around and says if he wants to play games then he will play games. The show fades.

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