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Impact Wrestling Results (3/27/15) - Hardy's Revenge!

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Impact Wrestling Results - 3/27/2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package showing The Hardys vs. The Revolution in a Steel Cage for the TNA Tag Team Championships about two months ago. The Revolution won, but it was because of the interference that helped. James Storm proceeded to assault Jeff Hardy after the match. Jeff fell back first from the top of the cage down onto the steel steps. He was out. Now it is time for his revenge!

The camera shows the Impact Zone as the crowd is on their feet cheering. We see Josh Mathews and Taz in the commentator's room as they hype tonight's show. A whistle plays and here comes James Storm. He comes out of the new entrance stage. As he does, Khoya is behind him with some kind of bowling ball. They enter the ring with the Steel Cage around the ring. James has his noose around his neck and Khoya has a black flag in another hand. James has a mic and says he took out Jeff about two months ago. The crowd can chant "Hardy, Hardy, Hardy", as they are doing, but he isn't here. He also took out Matt Hardy last week. Either you are with The Revolution or you are against them. Jeff is known to take risks like jumping off of a cage, but, if you seen, James had him dive off of a cage and he is laying in a hospital. Khoya hands James the ball as he raises The Revolution flag. He tosses the ball over the cage as he is going to give people Jeff Hardy. It falls and explodes on the floor as it was a watermelon. James says he can't wait for these people to take this cage down as it will symbolize Jeff Hardy's downfall.

Music plays and here's Jeff Hardy! He comes out on the entrance ramp as the crowd cheers. Jeff has a mic. He states that Storm has done something that no one has done before and that was to hit him with a cowbell to knock him out. He still can't walk right, but he can walk good enough to kick James' @ss. He is standing and the support from the creatures is helping. He asked TNA to set this cage up and he wants to go in there and finish The Revolution. Jeff walks forward but Manik attacks Jeff from behind. James says there is always room for one more. He then tells Manik to break his arm. Jeff gets up but he grabs Manik and hits him with the Twist of Fate. He gets to his feet but Abyss attacks him from behind. He then slams Jeff into the cage face first. He grabs a chair. Jeff turns around and kicks Abyss. He hits Abyss in the gut and then the back with it several times. Jeff grabs the mic and says Manik, Abyss, and Khoya won't help him by the end of the night. He then tells the controller to lower the roof to lock them in. The roof lowers with weapons hanging from it.

James gets on the mic again and says Jeff will learn tonight that the good guys will never win. Jeff says tonight is, "Hardy's revenge, Hardy's revenge, Hardy's revenge." Jeff's music plays as he walks up the ramp.

A video plays showing last week's Impact Wrestling where it was Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe. Aries attacked Low Ki at the end of the match, which set up Rockstar Spud cashing in his Feast or Fired contract to win the X-Division Championship.

The BDC (Ki, Kenny King, and MVP) are backstage. Kenny King tells him how bad it was to lose to Rockstar Spud and to lose the belt. MVP says it was a tragedy, but they have to make a statement. All three leave the scene.


James Storm is backstage with Khoya. He starts slamming stuff around him and says he is tired of Jeff Hardy. Manik let him down. Abyss let him down. He tells Khoya to go and search for Jeff Hardy and take him out. This is why he is here. Storm tells him that if he doesn't dispose of Hardy then Storm will dispose of Khoya. He asks if he understands. Khoya screams at the top of his lungs as he raises his arms. He quickly leaves.

Music hits and here comes Low Ki. He gets in the ring. Music plays and here comes Rockstar Spud. He holds the belt in his hands. He makes his way down the ramp with the bow tie around his neck. He enters the ring. He kisses the belt as he hands it over to the referee.

Low Ki vs. Rockstar Spud (c) For the X-Division Championship

The bell sounds. They move forward and Ki kicks Spud right in the leg first. He backs up. They go to move forward. They lock hands but Ki kicks him and then backs him up in the corner. Ki backs up but does a huge knife edge chop. Spud screams in pain. Spud moves forward, but Low ducks under and takes Spud down. He applies a front headlock and then turns him to his back and lays on top of him as he punches him in the face. He stands and kicks him in the gut. Low gets Spud up but Spud punches him in the gut. Low does an uppercut and he goes down. Rockstar stands and does several knife edge chops and a couple punches in the face. Low does a knife edge chop in return and Spud falls. Low gets him to his feet but Spud punches him again. He does another knife edge chop and then a punch but Ki does a headbutt and Spud falls.

Ki chokes Spud with his boot. He backs up after the referee count of 4. Rockstar punches him several times in the gut but Ki whips him in the ropes. Spud kicks him in the chest as he was bent over. Spud goes over for a sunset flip, but Ki jumps up and does the double foot stomp. Spud is hurting. He is down. Spud slowly gets up as the referee counts. He stands in the corner. Ki runs to him but Spud moves. Spud turns and fights with punches and kicks. He does several short arm punches but Low does a big knife edge chop. He goes for a closeline, but Spud ducks and hits him with the pele kick. He runs into the ropes and does a tornado DDT. Rockstar takes off his bow tie as he grabs Low. MVP comes out and gets on the apron. Spud goes for the bull dog, but Kenny King hits him from behind the referee. Dew Galloway suddenly comes out from the crowd. They distract The BDC. Low turns around in the ring to grab Spud, but Spud does a roll-up and wins. Winner and Still X-Division Champion: Rockstar Spud

The BDC enter the ring as Drew meets Spud on the ramp to celebrate.


The BDC are in the ring. MVP has a mic in hand. He says Drew wants to come out and talk about making things even... But, was it fair that he interfered in the TNA World Championship match between MVP/Lashley and also attacked his friend Low Ki? Drew won't be liking it so much when he will be in the hospital after them attacking him so badly that a nurse will have to change his diaper. He needs to come out here now or they will start beating up his fans that support him.

Drew Galloway comes out on the stage with a mic in hand. Drew says he will never lay down, he will stand up. He will take whatever is thrown at him. The fans are the voice of professional wrestling, not him. Drew asks the crowd, "Do you love professional wrestling? Do you want competitive wrestling matches? Are you tired of The BDC trying to force their rules on them?" Drew says the fans tell the truth as the movement is growing. Kenny King says there isn't anyone supporting him outside of these little ugly fans, no one supports him. They will break his legs. Low Ki gets on the mic and says he wants Drew right now. Drew wants it too. He enters the ring while two other people from the crowd enter the ring. They attack The BDC. They knock them out of the ring and they retreat up the ramp. Drew says they are The Rising.

A video package plays showing Low Ki. She wants Taryn Terrell. She wants the Knockouts Championship. No one will stand in her way.


A video replays showing the brawl between The Rising and The BDC.

The BDC are backstage. Kenny and Low Ki are asking who are those people. MVP wipes his face and tells them to relax. They are playing the number game. It is time for him to make the call.

Brooke's music plays and she walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Awesome Kong comes out next. She makes her way to the ring.

Brooke vs. Awesome Kong

Kong runs to Brooke but she rolls under her. She then goes right after her with punches and possible closelines but Kong isn't even moving. Brooke runs into the ropes several times and goes for a closeline but Kong his a closeline herself. Brooke slowly gets up but Kong puts her in the corner. She goes to her but Brook moves and tries to hit Kong while she is in the corner. Kong tosses her off. Brooke runs into the ropes and tries for a flying cross body, but Kong grabs her in mid-air and tosses her down. She then steps on her hair and pulls her body up. Brooke screams in pain. Kong grabs Brooke and whips her across the ring. Brooke falls flat on her back. Kong grabs Brooke and places her on the second rope and chokes her. Awesome tries to grab Brooke but Brooke kicks her in the face. She stands and punches Kong. She goes into the ropes and tries to knockdown Kong with closelines and forearm shots to the head. She goes into the ropes again but Kong grabs her and lifts her up for a powerbomb but Brooke does a face buster. She climbs the corner. She does a huge flying elbow drop. She covers but Kong kicks out at 2.

Brooke climbs to the second rope and jumps, but Kong grabs her by the throat and does a chokeslam. Brooke is folded inside out. Kong grabs her, lifts her up, and hits the Implant Buster. She covers and wins. Winner: Awesome Kong

Earl Hebner (the referee), raises Kong's arm, but she pushes him out of the way. She goes back to Brooke and hits another Implant Buster. She exits the ring, pulls the curtain up, and grabs a table from under the ring. She sets it up on the outside. She places it at the end of the ramp. Awesome Kong rolls Brooke out of the ring and drags her over to the table. Taryn Terrell runs down from the stage and attacks Kong from behind. Kong turns and hits Taryn and then slams her face first into the guard rail. She rolls her in the ring. Kong enters but Taryn fights back with kicks and punches and a dropkick. She climbs to the second rope and does a missile dropkick that sends Kong off of her feet. She gets up quickly though and runs to Terrell, but she pulls the ropes down and Kong lands on the outside. Taryn goes onto the apron and jumps, but Kong grabs her and whips her in the steel ring steps. She then grabs Taryn and Kong powerbombs her through the table!!! Taryn is out and folded inside out.

A video plays showing the recap between Kurt Angle vs. Lashley from last week.

Austin Aries is shown backstage. He says it was a great match last week between Kurt and Lashley. He congratulates Kurt and says that can really boost your career. Trust him, he knows. Kurt says he should celebrate, but what if there are two celebrations? Aries holds his Feast or Fired briefcase up. The camera man asks if that means he is going to cash it in tonight. Aries answers, "Is that a rhetorical question?" Aries walks away.


Jeff Hardy is shown backstage. He says tonight is the night. Impact won't be the same after. Jeff Hardy will take out The Revolution and they will be finished. As he says that, Khoya comes from behind and attacks him. He lays on him on the ground and punches his face, but Jeff pushes him over, gets up, and attacks him. He grabs a ladder from off of the set and hits Khoya in the gut with it and then in the back several times. He grabs a beer bottle from the trash can and hits it over Khoya's head. He falls but slowly gets up. Jeff grabs another glass bottle and hits it over his head. He tells Khoya that he dares him to get up. He slowly does and Jeff grabs to beer bottles and smashes it over his head. Jeff holds his hand as if he got a cut. Khoya is motionless. Jeff leaves.

Kurt Angle's music plays and here comes the new TNA World Champion! He has the belt over his shoulder and gets in the ring. Kurt grabs a mic and states he stands in front of us as the new champion. He says he has been on the mountain top 13 other times. The crowd chants, "USA, USA, USA." He says this is his 14th time and this is special. He hasn't held the World Championship in 3 and a half years and that is the longest span in his career. It took a tool on his body to get back to this level. This makes him proud and one of his favorite highlights of his career. He goes to continue to speak, but music plays and here comes Ethan Carter III with Tyrus behind him. He has a mic in hand.

Ethan says Kurt inspires the fans, the people in the back... Even Ethan himself. He stands as World Champion and he did the impossible and that was to defeat Lashley. You know what is impossible? Going 18 months and still is undefeated. He beat Sting, Bully Ray, and even Kurt Angle. He is putting everyone on notice. Ethan gets in the ring and says he is the one who is going to beat Kurt for the TNA World Championship. Kurt wonders if he can really take the belt from him. Well, music hits and here comes Bobby Roode! Roode walks down the ramp with a mic in hand. He enters the ring. Roode says if there is going to be discussion about the belt, then it better involve the man who it was stolen from. He never had a fair rematch for the belt. Ethan asks him to give him a break. This is his time. Roode says Ethan should shut his mouth if he doesn't want his teeth knocked down his throat.

Ethan backs up and tells Tyrus to do as well. Roode says he has nothing but respect for Kurt. He had some of his best matches with Kurt. Kurt deserves this moment. However, it is only a moment. Kurt even knows on one deserves a change to fight for it more than Roode himself. Well, here comes Eric Young. Eric has a mic in hand as he stands on the ramp. He says Ethan won't stop Roode, Kurt won't stop Roode, but Eric will stop him. He made Roode lose the belt. He stopped Roode. He did that because he could. He's better than Roode. He's a loser. Roode says he beat Eric over and over and over. Eric says beating him in a match doesn't mean anything. The World Championship goes through Eric Young. He holds the fate of the belt. Well, now here comes Austin Aries. He comes out with his briefcase in one hand and a mic in the other hand.

Aries says there is a lot of people who talk about holding the belt in their hands. Well, by the sounds of the fans (as they chant "Aries, Aries, Aries), they know who is holding the briefcase. Aries gets in the ring now and says everyone is being rude (sorry Roode), but this is Kurt's moment. Everyone has held the belt (except for Ethan as money didn't buy him that yet). Austin says he brought something for Kurt to celebrate with. Aries opens the case and reveals a bottle of champagne. Aries asks if we are going to celebrate Kurt's reign or Aries victory with the cash-in. Kurt says to cash it in if he wants and says he will fight anyone... Just name the time and place and he will be there. Kurt exits the ring and walks up the ramp. Music plays and here comes Lashley.

Lashley marches his way down the ramp and gets right in Kurt's face. Lashley says he deserves a rematch, not anyone else in front of him. Kurt says if he wants a rematch, then let's have a rematch. Referees and officials come out and separate Lashley and Kurt before they could fight.

Just then, Tyrus attacks Aries from behind. Well, Eric and Roode fight while Ethan joins in the battle as well. Music hits and here comes Mr. Anderson! He runs to the ring and joins in the chaos!


Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and Mr. Anderson vs. Ethan Carter III, Tyrus, and Eric Young

Aries and Ethan are fighting in the ring with Aries in control. He tags Roode and he continues the assault. He tags Aries back in as he enters over the ropes with an elbow drop. He covers but Ethan kicks out. He tags Mr. Anderson. Anderson works on the arm of Ethan as he twists it and then does an arm drag takedown. He applies his knee to his arm and then tags Roode. Roode kicks Ethan in the gut and punches him in the face. Ethan whips Roode in the ropes but Eric knees Roode in the back. Roode turns and knocks Eric down. Roode goes back into the ropes and Tyrus hits him in the back. Ethan attacks him and then tags Tyrus. Tyrus enters and runs into Roode for a splash in the corner. He then takes Roode down as he pounds on his chest. He covers but Roode kicks out. He whips Roode in the corner and goes for a splash, but Roode kicks him and then jumps from the second rope, but Tyrus catches him. He does a suplex. He tags EY. Young enters and covers Roode but he kicks out. EY elbows Roode in the back of the head and then whips him in the ropes to hit him with an elbow. He covers but Roode kicks out.

EY has Ethan tag on his back. Ethan does a double forearm shot on Roode. He then chokes him on the second rope. EY kicks Roode in the head as Ethan distracts the referee. He stomps on Roode and then punches him in the face as Roode tries to fight back. Ethan does a snapmare and then applies a headlock. Roode elbows his way out and then they exchange punches. Roode runs into the ropes and they hit each other's heads. Ethan tags EY. He enters and he pulls Roode way from the corner before raging. He grabs Roode and goes for a piledriver but Roode does a back body drop. He tags Aries. Aries rolls over and lands on the gut of EY and then takes out Tyrus on the corner. He takes out Ethannext. EY stands and lifts Aries over the ropes but he lands on the apron. He attacks EY and rolls back in. He punches him 9 times and claps his ears and EY falls out of the ring. Aries goes to run in the ropes but Tyrus enters and knocks Aries down. Anderson enters and takes Tyrus out. Ethan enters but Aries hits the disc forearm and Ethan falls. Aries does a suicide dive and take sour Ethan and somewhat of Tyrus. EY enters and climbs the corner but Roode lifts him up and takes him down onto the mat. Aries gets in the ring. They double team EY. Roode does a spine buster and then attacks Ethan and Tyrus on the outside as Aries goes to the top rope and does a 450 splash. Eric moves and applies the Figure Four Leg Lock and Aries quickly taps. Winners: Eric Young, Ethan Carter III, and Tyrus


Bram struts his way down the ramp as his music plays. He enters the ring with a mic. "Coward. Coward. Coward." Bram states. He says there is a lot of ways to describe Magnus, but that's the start. He makes his family do his dirty work. His wife has more balls than he ever will. Oh yeah, and then his baby boy! Music hits and here is Magnus with Mickie James beside him. He has a mic in hand. He says this will be an issue if he mentions his baby boy again. Magnus says he doesn't care if Bram attacks him, but if he attacks his lady then that is a different story. Bram attacked him from behind, so Magnus left him in London for pay back. Bram says if he wants to fight him, then let's fight. Magnus says he will fight him anywhere. Bram says he only fears the tears that will run down Mickie's face after seeing her man beat up. Mickie grabs the mic and says her eyes will only be crying tears of joy when Magnus beats Bram up and rips those pubes he calls a beard. Bram says she will go home without seeing her man and then states that his door is always open for her.

Magnus had enough. He runs down the ramp and attacks Bram, but Bram fights back. He leaves the ring and grabs a metal turnbuckle rail in the ring. He goes to hit Magnus with it, but he grabs Mickie from the outside and brings her in the ring. He wants her to kiss his boot, but turns it and says to kiss his lips instead. Magnus grabs Bram and does a german suplex and then grabs that metal turnbuckle rail and hits Bram several times in the back. He grabs Mickie as Bram rolls out of the ring with a laugh.

A video package shows how violent and crazy Jeff Hardy is. His match is next.


Kurt Angle is in the back. He says Lashley is a beast. He beat him once, but it will be a hard time beating him twice in a row. He can't be intimidated. He doesn't matter how old or young he is, he is putting everything on the line as he has to to beat Lashley.

A whistle blows and here comes James Storm. He slowly comes down the ramp with the noose around his neck. He gets to the ring that has Lethal Lockdown set-up. Music plays and here comes Jeff Hardy! He comes on the stage and down the ramp as he interacts with the fans around the ring. He walks to the ring and goes to the cage wall as he and Storm are face to face separated by the cage. They trash talk each other. Jeff slowly gets in the ring. As he does, James hits him with a trash can right on the top of the head.

James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy in Lethal Lockdown

Jeff tries to stand but James kicks him. He grabs him by the hair and punches him in the face again. He falls. James stomps on him. He gets Hardy up and whips him in the ropes, but Jeff knocks him down with a closeline. He then takes him to the corner and pounds his face into the turnbuckle. Jeff comes back as he knocks James down and then hits him with a closeline. He unfolds a chair that is in the ring and runs, jumps on it, and launches himself into James as he is in the corner. He moves it and does it again but James moves and Jeff bounces off of the cage. Storm moves the chair away. He waits for Hardy to stand. He gets up in the corner and James runs but Jeff elbows him in the face. He goes for Whisper in the Wind, but James holds his legs and trips him. Jeff falls on the back of his head on the mat.


James punches Jeff in the face several times. The last one knocks Jeff down and his head hits the trash can. James puts the steel chair between the middle and top rope in the corner. James goes to whip him into it but Jeff kicks him down. Both stand but James closelines him down. Storm grabs Jeff by the hair to get him on his feet. He goes to whip him but Jeff reverses and takes James down. James whips him in the ropes, though, but Jeff takes him down with a closeline. He then plants his legs between James' legs and then hits him with a low dropkick in the face. He covers but Storm kicks out. James gets up in the corner. Jeff runs to him but James hits him. He goes for The Last Call Superkick but Jeff ducks and hits the Twist of Fate. He climbs the corner and goes for the Swanton Bomb, but James gets his knees up just in time.

James grabs Jeff and gets him up on his shoulders. He goes for Eye of the Storm and hits it. He covers but Hardy kicks out. Storm grabs Jeff but Jeff pops up but James kicks Jeff and hits him with the Side Russian Leg Sweep and then hits him with two double knee backstabbers. He waits in the corner and Jeff stands and walks right into The Last Call Superkick. He covers but Jeff kicks out at two. Storm rolls to the side of the ring. He stands and grabs his noose/cowbell from the corner. He waits. Jeff slowly gets to his feet. James goes to hit him with it, but Jeff ducks and then kicks Storm in the gut and smashes Storm's head into the steel chair in the corner. He does Whisper in the Wind and then the Swanton Bomb. He covers but Storm kicks out at 2! Hardy can't believe it!

Jeff takes off his shirt and grabs Storm, but Storm does a low blow. Storm goes to the door but it is locked. He looks up and starts climbing the corner. Jeff grabs a trash can and hits Storm in the back with it twice. A kendo stick falls. Jeff climbs the same corner. He grabs the top of the cage, swings, and hits Storm in the chest twice with his feet. He then does a huge frankensteiner from the top rope. He covers but James kicks out at 2!! Jeff grabs the trash can lid. James turns and Jeff nails him on the top of the head. He flattens it out and goes to do it again. He does! He grabs the cowbell and smashes James right in the head with it. He gets up and Jeff does the Twist of Fate. He climbs the corner and then scales across the top of the cage. He swings back and forth and finally dlls for a huge splash on James Storm. He covers and wins! Winner: Jeff Hardy

Jeff grabs the noose rope and swings it around his head to celebrate. He tosses it on James and continues celebrating as the show fades.

A graphic appears at the end saying "In memory of Hijo del Perro Aguayo".

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