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Impact Wrestling Results (3/6/14) - The Countdown To Lockdown Is On

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Impact Wrestling Results - 3/6/2014
From London, England
Report by: Alex Barie of

The show starts off with a video package showing MVP and Dixie Carter. Each of them will have a team and the winner will have full control of operations of TNA Wrestling. Dixie grabbed Bobby Roode as she will give him 10% ownership of the company if he wins. MVP has The Wolves and then tries to get Austin Aries. However, Aries decides to pick his own path and goes after MVP. Roode beats MVP and Aries decides to team with Aries for Team Dixie.

The show starts off with Bobby Roode coming down the ramp with The BroMans and Zema Ion behind them. The BroMans have the TNA Tag Team Champioships around their waist. They get in the ring as video plays showing the Wrestle-1 show where they won the tag titles back. Roode has a mic and says in three days we are looking at the man who will own 10% of TNA. In 3 days, TNA will change and it will be ran the Roode way. The only thing standing in his way is MVP. Just then, Austin Aries' music plays. He comes out with a mic and tells Roode to not to get ahead of himself. Aries picked what he did last week for his best interest. Roode beat MVP last week but he did it because Aries helped him. Aries gets in the ring now. Austin says 10% isn't a big piece of the pie but it is a piece that he wants to get his hands on. Roode says they will talk business backstage. Aries says they will talk about it right now. He will not work under him. Aries gets 5% and Roode gets 5%. Robbie E grabs the mic and says they will be the deciding factor in their match at Lockdown. Jessie grabs the mic and says they will make the confetti fall for them to win the match and they want a piece. Roode says he picked them all because he is calling the shots. Rule #1 at Lockdown - Winning that match. Aries tells Roode that he doesn't have to worry about that because Aries is a game changer. He is a difference maker. There isn't anyone who can measure up to Aries for MVP to pick. Well, music plays and here comes MVP and The Wolves. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring.

MVP has a mic. MVP states he made bad decision to make Aries the special guest referee, but he is a forgiving guy. Fool him once, shame on him. MVP says he has made his decision on who his other partner is going to be and it is... before he says, Dixie Carter's music plays. She walks down the ramp and walks up the steel steps. She gets in the ring. She has a mic and goes up to MVP. Dixie says MVP's decision isn't going to matter anyway. She doesn't even care who his fourth partner is going to be as she spent last week in New York securing the victory for her team. Dixie says she loves this company more than anything. She will do anything to keep complete control of it. MVP understands but he wants Dixie to humor her. Doesn't she want to know who his partner is? Dixie says she could care less if he can't part the red sea. MVP says he is a good friend and is a former World Champion. Dixie wants him to tell her. Just tell her! MVP says his partner is Jeff Hardy. Dixie yells, "NO!" He has a contract and when he walked out she suspended him. MVP says he has Jeff Hardy on his team at Lockdown. Dixie says, "Over my dead body." MVP makes a joke about Dixie's makeup to fix her up at her funeral. Roode goes past Dixie and goes up to MVP's face and says he doesn't care who his partner is as he will get 10% of TNA after Lockdown. MVP hits Roode right in the face and here goes the brawl! The two teams fight in the ring and then it spills outside the ring.


Robbie E, Bobby Roode, and Austin Aries vs. The Wolves and MVP in a 6 Man Elimination Match To Determine The Man Advantage For Lethal Lockdown

Robbie E and Edwards start the match off as Robbie has control as he puts Eddie in the corner. He tags Roode. Roode gets in and works a little bit on Edwards and then tags Aries. Aries enters and works on the arm of Edwards. He then tags Robbie. Robbie continues to work on Edwards but Edwards flips around as Robbie goes for a back suplex. He runs and tags MVP. MVP enters and goes after Robbie. He throws him in the ropes and lifts him up and makes him fall face and chest first. He then does a huge kick to the head. He covers and gets 3. Elimination: Robbie E

Roode enters and goes right after MVP from behind. He beats him up but MVP is able to put Roode in the corner. Edwards tags him and he and Richards come in. They double team on Roode. Eddie continues to work on him but Roode tags Aries in. Aries gets in and they double team against Edwards and then he goes after MVP and Richards on the corner. Aries run in the corner and does a missile dropkick to Edwards and then does the Brain Buster. He gets the pin. Elimination: Eddie Edwards

Richards enters and he goes after Aries. It is back and forth. Both back up and they tag their partners. Roode and MVP get in. MVP works on Roode and is able to take him down. He covers but Aries disrupts the three count. MVP gets up and goes after him. Roode then does a roll-up and puts his feet on the ropes. Aries holds them there as the referee doesn't see it. Elimination: MVP

Richards gets in and he goes to lock-up against Roode but Roode takes him down with shots to the gut and back. Richards sits down in the corner. Roode chokes him with his boot and then gets him up and tags Aries. Aries kicks him in the ribs and then whips him in the corner. He runs to him to smash him and then does a bulldog. He covers but Richards kicks out. Aries tags Roode. Roode gets in and does a backbreaker and cover but Richards kicks out. Roode gets him up and tosses him out of the ring. Roode distracts the referee as Aries climbs the corner and does the double sledgehammer to the head of Richards as he stands. He bring him in the ring. Roode covers but Davey kicks out. He tags Aries. Roode catapults him to Aries and Aries punches him in the face and then jumps over the ropes and plants his elbow in the chest. Aries covers but Richards kicks out. Aries tags Roode. They both enter but Richards takes Richards to Aries and then kicks both of them. Aries rolls out of the ring. Richards goes after Roode and then climbs the corner for the double foot stomp. Roode moves and Richards rolls through. He then grabs Roode and applies a Half Boston Crab. Austin Aries gets in the ring with a steel chair and smashes Davey in the back and then on the arm and in the ribs multiple times. Elimination: Austin Aries

Richards is in severe pain. Eddie comes out and confronts Richards to see if he is alright. Referees come out and check on him. MVP comes out next. Roode tells them to end the match if they want. He will wait.


The show returns and we see a replay of the chair shots to Richards from Aries.

Richards is backstage as a doctor is checking on him. Eddie asks him how it is. MVP and Earl Hebner come in and Hebner tells them that he will give them 1 hour to recover. The doctor says, "It's not going to happen." Eddie holds his face with his hands.

We will see Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson at Lockdown. A video package plays showing the character evolution of Samuel since he started to like Christy Hemme. He has this fascination with her. He then goes and attacks Anderson as he was talking to Christy. Shaw wants to protect her.

Shaw is sitting in the back. He says Christy slapped him across the face last week and it created something beautiful. However, he will create something even more beautiful in the ring in one minute. Shaw does an evil smile.


Music plays and here comes Samuel Shaw. He comes on stage with a paper cup in his hand. He comes near the end and he stares at the area where Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme sit at ringside. Christy isn't there. Shaw stares at the seat. He then gets in the ring. The lights go out and here comes Mr. Anderson. Anderson gets on the stage with a mic. Anderson starts to talk and says that he has to regret to inform everyone that Hemme won't be near the ring because of the creepy buy n the ring. However, Anderson will take her spot for this match. Ken introduces himself. He then introduces the following match. "In the ring, creepy b@stard." He then introduces his opponent and it is Eric Young! EY comes on the stage and the crowd pops. He walks down the ramp.

Samuel Shaw vs. Eric Young

Shaw turns to Anderson and talks to him from the ring. EY runs over and goes for a roll-up but Shaw kicks out. EY puts Shaw in the corner and punches him in the face multiple times. EY jumps down. Shaw fixes his jaw and then starts to sole. EY runs over to him but Shaw does an uppercut to EY's throat. He then puts him in the corner and chokes him. He then chokes him in another corner. The crowd chants, "Creepy b@stard." Shaw gets upset and looks over at Anderson multiple times. EY comes out and punches Shaw in the face. Shaw turns and whips EY in the corner. EY flips over and lands on the apron and does a strut. Shaw goes to him but EY hits him in the gut and gets in the ring. He does a belly to belly suplex to Samuel and covers him but Shaw kicks out. He rolls to the outside. EY goes after him. Shaw turns and throws water in EY's face and then tosses EY into Anderson. Shaw then grabs Ken and applies his chokehold. The bell sounds. No Contest

Shaw chokes Ken out as he puts him down and Anderson is motionless. Shaw stands and look around. He grabs a mic and says, "I go back to claim what is rightfully mine."

Christy Hemme is shown in the back worried and goes away.

Richards is backstage and the doctor is checking on him. Davey is in severe pain. MVP tells Davey he is one of the toughest in this business today and to stay tight. MVP leaves the room.


MVP is hunting down Austin Aries backstage. He goes to different doors. He goes through one door and he finds Aries. However, there's people separating him. They hold him back and MVP is furious. That is what Aries is about? MVP isn't finished. He walks out for now.

A video package plays hyping up the Ethan Carter III and Kurt Angle feud.

Dixie Carter is in her room facing the camera talking about going to New York last week. Ethan interrupts her. She gets upset but delays it. She tells him she wants him to beat Kurt at Lockdown. Ethan talks about his knee and Dixie tells her to go after that. Ethan says he doesn't want MVP to win and Dixie says she invested so much in TNA for 12 years and it won't happen! Ethan calls Dixie, "So smart."

Samuel Shaw comes through a door backstage. "Christy? Christy? Where are you? Christy?" He walks through the room like a detective looking for clues.


Samuel Shaw is backstage calling out Christy Hemme. He opens a door that says, "Knockouts Dressing Room." Shaw looks at the bags of luggage and clothes and then in the shower area. Velvet Sky comes around the corner and is frightened. He asks where Christy is. She doesn't answer. He asks again and she says she is in the make-up room. Shaw turns and walks away.

Ethan Carter III comes down the ramp as his music plays. Ethan gets in the ring as he is hyped up. He says Kurt soccer punched him last week. You don't soccer punch a Carter. Ethan says he looks up to Kurt and he is one of those people who made him be a professional wrestler. But, never look up to your heroes as they will soccer punch you in the face. In three days, Ethan faces Kurt and Kurt can use the Steel Cage as a weapon. He will use it as Kurt is scared of Ethan's finisher. He has a leg lock. He will tear his PCL, ACL, MCL and so much more. He will tear his whole leg apart. Ethan goes on to say say he did every challenge that came in front of him. He beat Sting and became the new icon of wrestling. After this Sunday, he will be the best American wrestler. On Sunday, after he beats Kurt, he will be dubbed the American Icon. Kurt Angle's music plays and he gets on the stage. He asks Ethan if he said he was an American Icon. Ethan did. It's more like Ethan is an American @sshole. Kurt will ruin Ethan's career at Lockdown but he will not wait. He will do it tonight. Kurt rolls in the ring but Ethan rolls out and walks away. Kurt limps in the ring. Ethan walks up the ramp and goes backstage. Kurt raises his arms as his music plays. Kurt leaves the ring and goes up the ramp but Ethan runs out and attacks Kurt's knee from the front. Kurt falls and Ethan goes after it. Kurt stands and walks down the ramp. Ethan does a chop block.

Kurt falls but Ethan rolls Kurt in the ring. Ethan takes Kurt down again as he goes after the knee and then kicks and takes elbow shots on the knee. He then applies a leg lock on the knee. Kurt is in pain. He is in severe pain. Referees comes out and try to stop Ethan. He unlocks it finally and Kurt is rolling around in pain. Ethan says, "I heard it pop." Ethan sits on the mat and stares at Kurt. He then gets up.

MVP is backstage with Richards and Eddie. MVP gives Richards a pep talk as he tells him he is part of the best tag teams in this business. He then talks about going through the pain. Davey states that the pain hurts but it is not the end. He learned that from MVP in Japan.

We see Chris Sabin, Lei'D Tapa, Gail Kim, and Alpha Female walking backstage and then we see Velvet Sky, ODB, and Madison Rayne walking backstage.


A video plays showing Kenny King. It shows pictures of a gambling house and limos. Kenny King talks in the video and says it is his time. The video then shows, “King of the Night.”

Music hits and here comes Gail Kim, Lei’D Tapa, Alpha Female and Chris Sabin. Alpha lifts Chris up on her shoulders and walks to the ring. She drops him and they all get in the ring. Velvet Sky’s music hits and here comes Velvet Sky! She walks down the ramp. ODB comes out next. She brings her flask and meets up with Sky. Madison Rayne comes down next with the Knockouts Title around her shoulder.

Gail Kim, Lei’D Tapa, and Alpha Female vs. Velvet Sky, ODB, and Madison Rayne

Madison and Gail start the match. Madison takes Gail to the corner and works on the arm. She takes Gail down and Madison gets up but Tapa and Alpha distract Madison. Gail gets up and does a running dropkick to Rayne. Gail gets her up but Madison is able to tag ODB. She gets in and takes Gail down and sits her in the corner. She then does the Bronco Buster. She covers but Gail kicks out. ODB goes after Tapa but Gail gets up and hits ODB and tags Tapa. Tapa gets in and lifts ODB up. She then drops her over her shoulder. ODB is down. Tapa gets her up and whips her in the corner. She runs and smashes her. Tapa grabs her arms and steps on her hair and lifts ODB up. Tapa turns and spits in the face of the referee as he tried to get control of Tapa. ODB fights back as Tapa comes back after her. ODB rolls through and tags Sky. Sky gets in while Tapa tags Alpha. They get in and Sky goes after her but Alpha doesn’t budge. Just then Gail and Madison enter and Rayne spears Gail down. ODB and Tapa get in. Tapa takes ODB out of the ring and Tapa gets out of the ring. Madison attacks Tapa at ringside. Sky gets up in the ring and Chris Sabin gets in the ring. He has a chain and slaps it across his hand. He goes to Sky and calls her stupid and that she is going to get what she deserves. Sabin runs to her but Sky takes the ropes down and Sabin goes over. Alpha Female grabs Sky from behind but Sky sits down and kicks Alpha in the head. She gets up and takes Alpha down. She covers and wins. Winners: Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, and ODB

Chris Sabin gets in the ring and checks on Alpha as the winning team celebrates together.

Samuel Shaw is walking backstage and goes up to someone who is on the phone. He asks the guy where the make-up room is. He points that it is right over there. Shaw turns and walks in that direction.


A video plays showcasing Willow. He is in the woods and around a cabin. He mentions 7 days in which he will come to Impact Wrestling.

Samuel Shaw is walking backstage. He peaks in the Make Up room. He sees someone with red hair. He puts on his gloves and straps them. He slowly opens the door and says, "Christy." The person with the red hair stands and turns and it is Mr. Anderson. He moves the hair out of his eyes and says, "Hello." He takes off the wig and calls Samuel creepy. He then goes right after him. He closes the door and they fight. Samuel opens the door and tries to leave but Anderson grabs lipstick and draws on the face of Shaw. He then slams him in the wall outside the room and leaves him on the ground. He tells Shaw that he may finally leave Christy alone. He walks away. Shaw starts to smile and laugh. He smells the wig and then says he will see both of them on Sunday.

A video package plays showcasing the rivalry between James Storm and Gunner. It starts when they first teamed up back in May. They became Tag Team Champions and all. However, it fell apart once Gunner went over Storm in the Feast or Fired match. James started to plot his revenge since then.

Gunner's music plays and he comes out to the ring. The crowd pops. Gunner grabs a mic. He says a lot of things changed in his life for the past couple of weeks. He is a guy who takes each day at a time and takes everything that is thrown at him. When he won the Feast or Fired briefcase, things changed between him and Storm. Rage came out of Storm. He stabbed him in the back as he didn't think that would ever happen. They went to fight last week but Storm ran away. They are locked in a Steel Cage on Sunday. Gunner says a cage brings back memories. That cage will be their battlefield. Just then, James Storm's music plays and he comes down the ramp with a mic.

James says Gunner takes that military stuff very seriously, but Storm thinks it is just an excuse. He will be saying it when he is 70 or 80 years old. He says he will be saying he would have won the World Champion if it wasn't for Storm. Storm says it will be a fight at Lockdown and it will be an @sswhipping. Gunner says that is what he wants. He wants a fight. He wants to prove to everyone. He tells Storm to pack a lunch because it will be awhile. Gunner says they should make it a Last Man Standing match as well. Storm says he is trying to test his man hood. No one tests him. He tells Gunner to pray to his God as James Storm will cut him down. James then does a low blow knee shot to Gunner. Gunner falls to his knees. James moves over and stares at him. He then does the Last Call Superkick to Gunner. Gunner falls back and is down and out. James leaves the ring and looks around. He then walks up the ramp as Gunner gets back up.

Bobby Roode is backstage with a referee. He asks if he heard anything. The referee said they are checking on Davey. Roode says it has been an hour, so it's time to go. Roode and the referee walk away. We then see MVP, Eddie, and Davey backstage. They are wrapping up Davey's shoulder.


Bobby Roode is in the ring with a mic. He says it has been an hour, so it's time to resume the match. He tells the referee to ring the bell and start the count. The bell sounds.

6 Man Elimination Match Continuation

1-2-3-4-5-6... Music plays and here comes MVP, Davey Richards, and Eddie Edwards out on the stage. Davey then walks forward and goes to the ring. He gets in. Roode moves in on Davey and attacks his shoulder. Davey goes right into the corner and falls down. Roode stomps on the shoulder and then goes to the outside and smacks the arm around the ring post. He gets in and twists the arm and elbows the shoulder. Davey is in pain. Davey tries to fight back as he punches Roode but Roode continues to twist the arm and slams him down on the mat. He then slams the arm on the mat. He gets Davey up and takes him to the rope and hangs it over the top rope. Roode gets back in the ring and rips the tape off and stomps on the shoulder. Roode puts the arm down and goes for a knee drop but Davey moves the arm and stands. He goes in the corner. Roode runs to him but Davey kicks him in the face and then goes to the apron to try to climb the corner. He can't. Roode goes to him but Davey grabs Roode's leg and twists it on the middle rope. He gets in the ring and is able to bounce off the ropes and kick Roode in the face. He gets up. Roode runs to him but Davey grabs the top rope and Roode goes over the ropes. Davey runs in the ropes and does a huge suicide dive. He takes Roode out. He brings Roode back in the ring and climbs the corner. He jumps and does a huge missile dropkick. He covers but Roode kicks out.

Davey gets up and kicks Roode in the chest as he is kneeling. He does another roundhouse kick. He goes for another but Roode ducks but Davey does a roll through cover but Roode kicks out. Davey then applies a Half Boston Crab. Roode gets out of it and kicks Davey in the shoulder. He gets in the corner. Davey runs to him but Roode moves and Davey goes right into the ring post shoulder first. Roode gets Davey and does a Roode Bomb and then applies a crossface. Davey taps. Winner: Bobby Roode

Roode then applies an armlock but MVP and Eddie run down the ramp and get in the ring. Roode leaves and tells them that he will see them Sunday. They go and check on Davey.

A video plays showcasing Tigre Uno as he will make his debut on Sunday.

Dixie Carter is backstage and Magnus enters the picture. Magnus talks about her conversation with Ethan and about control of the company. Magnus says that the World Championship is more important than control of the company. Magnus is as serious as a heart attack. Dixie says the plan is for Magnus to back up what he says and beat Samoa Joe at Lockdown. Magnus says he will have to go out by himself and win another match. Is she serious? Dixie is as serious as a heart attack. Magnus leaves and Dixie looks on.


Mike Tenay and Taz run down the line-up for Sunday's Lockdown pay-per-view. We will have the full line-up right here on!

Samoa Joe's music plays and he comes out. The crowd erupts as he gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He yells for Magnus and says if he has any curious left in his body then he will come out in front of his country men and hear what he has to say. Magnus' music plays. He comes out with the TNA World Championship over his shoulder. He grabs a mic and gets in the ring. Magnus tells Joe that he should know better than that. He knows better to question his man hood and his ability. Joe is better than that. Joe was right there with Magnus when Magnus stood tall in England. They won championships in England and in Japan but Joe turned his back on Magnus. They then go their separate ways but Joe wanted to team up again when they were in the Main Event Mafia. Magnus laughs. Magnus says he left the Mafia and became World Champion. Now Joe wants him. Magnus talks about rage and how Joe blew lots of opportunities because of his rage. He lost chances to be at the top because of his rage. Magnus will take advantage of that weakness Joe has. He will walk in Lockdown as Champion and will walk out as Champion. Magnus drops the mic. Joe says everything Magnus said was true. However, his perception is wrong. He does have rage problem but when his opponent is on the mat he wants to continue and beat them and drink their blood. Sometimes he blacks out and does stuff. However, that's how he is. At Lockdown, it will be Joe's rules. You are either going to be knocked out or you are going to tap out. We know Magnus is capable of doing one of those things. When Magnus meets Joe at Lockdown and stares at him, Joe will drink his pain and shed his blood. He won't walk out as TNA World Champion. In fact, he won't walk out at all. Magnus stares at him right in the eyes and then hits him with a headbutt. Joe backs up in the corner and Magnus goes after him. Joe turns it around and goes after Magnus with punch after punch. Magnus goes to swing back but Joe ducks and applies the Rear Naked Choke. Magnus taps! The show fades.

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