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Impact Wrestling Results (3/6/15) - Kurt Angle Is Number One Contender

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Impact Wrestling Results - 3/6/2015
From the Phones 4U arena in Manchester, England
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package about The Beat Down Clan and how MVP had an opportunity to fight for the TNA World Championship. He faced Lashley in the main event. As the match was about to end, The BDC enters and attacks Lashley, but then Gunner runs to the ring. Then Drew Galloway enters. Lashley spears MVP and picks up the win.

The camera shows the arena as the crowd is on their feet. Taz and Josh Mathews run down the line-up for tonight's episode.

Music hits and here comes The BDC. Low Ki, Kenny King, Samoa Joe, and MVP come down the ramp and enter the ring. King grabs a mic as MVP pouts in the corner. King states this Drew Galloway situation is getting crazy. He comes out and attacks The BDC multiple times in the past several weeks. If he wants part of The BDC, then The BDC will come and take him. Which part first... The head? The legs? You don't miss with the group or their money. MVP gets the mic. He asks if Drew understands what he has done. Did he even think about it? Al Snow and Grado was just fun. The TNA World Championship is serious business. That is BDC business. That match was one year in the making. The focus since day one was to dominate and be champion. However, Drew decides to get involved. MVP says he is a reasonable man. He gives Drew the opportunity to explain his business and make things right. He wants him to take this moment while MVP is calm and explain himself. He says Drew is only making it harder on himself as Drew isn't coming out. But, he shows himself in the stands.

The BDC says Drew made himself public enemy one. Drew has a mic and says he is home. He is also not too far away from where he slipped in the ring to stop MVP from stealing the title. Drew says he is surrounded by professional wrestling fans, not sports entertainment fans. Drew says he is the voice for the people who haven't been heard. The BDC is screwing with people in the stands and all around the world. We know who the champion should be. Professional wrestling should be decided in arenas like this with one a man can do in the ring. Kenny King gets back on the mic and says this is enough talk. He hit Low Ki with a pipe and made him bleed. He wants retribution. He wants a match tonight. If he doesn't take it, then they will go to his mom and dad's house and show them what they are about. Drew says he didn't come to TNA to make them look like an arse every time. He came to TNA to stand up and fight. Drew says if he sends his boys to the back, he will fight King right now. Kenny says The BDC is a family, but King is a one man army. He tells his family he wants to do this solo.


Kenny King vs. Drew Galloway

Drew enters the ring and the bell sounds. As soon as the match starts, Low Ki comes out to the ring and tries to enter it, but the referee (Earl Hebner) sends him to the back. King has Drew in the corner, but Drew turns it around and puts King in the corner. He does a knife edge chop and then a snap suplex. King rolls around the ring. He turns around and Drew comes from behind and hits him in the back. He then drops him chest first on the steel barricade. King stands and kicks Drew in the gut and then pounds on his back several times. He rolls in the ring to break the referee count. Kenny rakes the eyes. Drew stands and fights back as he does a knife edge chop, but King does one in return and they go back and forth. King rakes the eyes again and Drew walks around the ring. King runs to him, but Drew picks him up for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker right onto the ring apron. King gets in the ring and Drew follows. Drew puts King on the ring apron and tries to fight him, but King fights back and pulls Drew's head back on the top rope. He then hits a leg drop on his neck as his head is over the apron. King slides in and covers but Drew kicks out.

King applies a headlock, but Drew stands and fights out of it. King goes in the corner and Drew runs and kicks him in the face. He goes and does it again, but King holds the leg and hits a belly to back type of suplex. King starts to slap Drew in the face. Drew isn't going to take it. He stands and punches Kenny in the face multiple times. He then tosses him in the corner and does a splash. He climbs the conner and does a flying corner. He covers but King kicks out at two. Drew goes for the Future Shock DDT but King slides out and kicks Drew in the face. He then hits a springboard neck breaker. He covers but Drew kicks out. King gets Drew up on his shoulders but Drew slides out. King kicks him in the leg and then goes for a back slide. He uses the ropes but Drew slides through and hits the Future Shock DDT. He covers. Winner: Drew Galloway

Low Ki runs out and tries to get Drew, but Drew climbs over the steel barricade and goes into the crowd. Low Ki stands on the guard rail and stares directly at Drew. The other members of The BDC are out holding Low back.

Bobby Roode is walking backstage.


Bobby Roode's music plays and he walks out and enters the ring. He grabs a mic. He says Eric Young cost him his TNA World Championship and he tried to end his career. But, take a look EY... Bobby Roode is still standing. Tonight, in that ring, Roode will become the Number 1 Contender for the TNA World Championship. There isn't a man on this planet who will get in his way. Well, music plays and here comes Kurt Angle! He comes out with a mic in hand. He stops on the stage. Kurt asks if he said nothing will get in Roode's way. Kurt wants to make it clear that Kurt will get in his way and Kurt will win and fight Lashley. If Roode disagrees, we don't have to wait. Kurt walks down the ramp. Roode is ready, but Eric Young comes through the crowd and attacks Roode from behind. He punches him in the face as he is down on the mat. Kurt gets in the ring and pulls Eric up. Eric trash talks Kurt right to his face. EY acts like he is going to leave, but he turns and tries to punch Kurt, but he blocks and Kurt punches Young. Roode stands and goes after EY. He closelines him over the ring. EY walks up the ramp as Roode and Angle look on.

A video package plays showcasing the talent of Taryn Terrell and her Knockouts Championship reign. Will it come to an end tonight as she fights Awesome Kong?

James Storm is backstage with Bram. Bram tells Storm that he doesn't need him. Storm says to hear him out. James likes what Bram and what he did to Magnus. Bram likes what James did to Jeff Hardy. James, The Revolution, wants Bram to take Matt out. But, don't do anything you'll regret. Does Bram regret what he did to Magnus? He doesn't. James doesn't regret what he did to Jeff Hardy. If Bram takes Matt Hardy out, then he will never regret anything ever again. James walks away smiling.


A video package plays showcasing the talent of Kurt Angle and what he has accomplished in his career. Tonight he fights in the main event and could fight Lashley for the TNA World Championship in the near future.

Bram comes out as his music hits. He walks to the ring. Matt Hardy comes out next and gets in the ring.

Bram vs. Matt Hardy

Bram wants to Matt, but Matt moves and he goes right into the corner. Matt attacks him but Bram tries to fight back. Matt continues the fight with punches and then puts him in another corner. Bram turns it around and rams his palm into Matt's face multiple times. Bram whips Matt in the opposing corner and then goes for a closeline smash, but Matt moves and does a bulldog. Bram rolls out of the ring. Matt exits but Bram rams Matt's back into the ring apron. He puts him back in and in a corner. He does an uppercut but Matt hits Bram. He does another uppercut, but Matt does rights to Bram's face. Bram does a drop toe hold and Matt goes into the second turnbuckle. Both get up and Bram does a spinning heel kick. He stays on the offense as he covers multiple times. Matt kicks out each time.

Bram applies a headlock but Matt is able to get out of it. Bram takes Matt to the mat and goes for an elbow drop but Matt moves. He tries to fight back. Bram whips him in the corner and runs to him but Matt hits Bram and then continues. He drops an elbow from the middle rope. He covers but Bram kicks out. Both stand and Matt hits the Side Effect. He covers but Bram kicks out again. Hardy punches Bram several times in the face and then goes to the top rope. He goes for the moonsault and hits it! He overs but Bram kicks out at 2. Bram gets in the corner and Matt runs to him, but Bram pulls the referee to him so Matt stops in his tracks. Bram pushes the referee away and then kicks Matt via low blow. He then hits the Brighter Side of Suffering DDT. He covers and wins. Winner: Bram

Bram exits the ring, looks under, and finds the steel turnbuckle. He brings it in the ring, but music hits and here is Magnus! He enters the ring and goes right after Bram. He takes him down once and then hits the spine buster for the second takedown. He punches him in the face multiple times. Bram rolls away and gets out of the ring. Magnus grabs a mic and brings up about Mickie James and what she did to him. He tells Bram to listen as he left him in a dark alley and it left Magnus thinking about what could of happened with his wife and his baby boy. He will get his hands on Bram and will give him a beating that his dad should have gave him. Bram's blood will stain the ground of England.

Mr. Anderson is backstage talking to Rockstar Spud. Anderson says he is a goof. Spud says that is why he wants to thank Ken. He is here in England (as he has his England suit on) and he is going to call out Ethan and it is going to end tonight. Spud leaves and Ken says he is with him.


A video plays showing the final moments of Drew Galloway vs. Kenny King from earlier tonight.

A video shows Kenny King being checked on in the back. Low Ki is yelling at King as he wants Drew!

Drew Galloway is backstage. He talks about what turns people off of professional wrestling. He is standing up for what he loves and that is professional wrestling. It starts tonight.

A video package plays showing the history of Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud and how Ethan was going to shave Spud's hair, but Mr. Anderson saves the day.

Music plays and here comes Rockstar Spud! The crowd roars. He enters the ring and grabs a mic. He says the last few months were the worst months of his life. He has been through a lot, but the crowd has pushed him through it. There comes a time where things have to come to an end. At that moment, he calls out Ethan Carter III. He just wants him. No friends... No Tyrus. Ethan's music plays and the Carter comes out. He enters the ring after grabbing a mic. He walks right up to Spud and stares at him. He then applies a smirk. Spud gets on the mic and says he wants to fight him. Spud says this needs to end and end in a fight between them two. No one else. Ethan says people like Spud can't challenge people like Ethan. Ethan is a franchise. He was born to carry this company on his back in the future. Spud is a little boy. Carter is undefeated. Rockstar yells, "Shut your mouth!" Ethan stops and turns to Spud. Spud knows that. Spud knows Ethan is undefeated. He knows he beat every TNA Hall of Famer. He was there. He will beat him to end his streak. Ethan asks if he wants a match. The crowd wants the match. Ethan asks if he wants to fight him in London. Carter says that is fine, but he has to get that he wants. When Ethan beats Spud, he gets to shave his head. Spud runs his hand through his hair. He says that is fine, but he says Ethan should put his hair on the line as well. He will embarrass him and end his streak.

Ethan gets wild - Hair vs. Hair, Streak vs. Spud. This will end. Challenge accepted. Ethan turns to walk away but tells Spud that, in this world, the bad guys win. Spud asks Ethan if he remembers what he told him when he was down. Ethan told him that he is a lion. He told him he is fierce. He is none of that. He is a freakin' man and he will shave him bald! Ethan's smile disappears. He exits the ring and walks up the ramp.

A video plays showcasing the talent of Eric Young. He is unpredictable and fearless. Tonight he faces Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode. He could win tonight and go on to fight Lashley in the near future.


Awesome Kong makes her way to the ring. After she does, here comes Taryn Terrell. She enters the ring and goes right to Kong. She jumps to her but Kong pushes her down. Taryn keeps coming back but Kong pushes her back. He goes to her again but Kong knocks her down with a closeline. The bell sounds.

Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell (c) for the Knockouts Championship

Kong grabs Taryn and tosses her across the ring. She continues the assault. She gets Taryn to her feet and punches her. She does several knife edge chops and then whips her in the corner. She runs to her and does a splash. Kong walks away. Taryn climbs to the second corner and jumps, but when she hits Kong Taryn falls right to the mat. She gets up and runs in the ropes but Kong grabs her and takes her down to the mat. Taryn crawls to the corner. Kong chokes her with her boot. Taryn gets up in the corner but Kong smashes her several times with short lariats. She backs up and runs but Taryn moves and then climbs the corner and punches Kong several times in the face. She runs back and then to Kong but Kong lifts her over the ropes. She lands on the apron and chokes Kong on the top rope. She climbs the corner and does a flying cross body and it knocks Kong down. She covers but Kong kicks out quickly.

Both stand and Kong goes for a closeline, but Taryn ducks and goes for the Taryn Cutter, but Kong just whips her down like a piece of paper. Kong goes for the Double Arm Facebuster, but Taryn gets out and goes for the Taryn Cutter again, but Kong whips her down to the mat again. Kong steps on Taryn's chest and throat. Earl tries to stop Kong for a break but Kong pushes the referee away. He calls for the bell. Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Taryn Terrell

Taryn rolls out of the ring. Kong exits and attacks Taryn. She tosses her back first into the steel steps. She then goes for the Double Arm Facebuster on the outside but Gail Kim runs out and stops her. She yells at her in her face, but Kong just stares and then pushes Gail down. She stands and Kim goes right after Kong. Kong pushes her down again. Kim stands and fights her. Kong fights back too. They fight up the ramp and in the back.

A video package plays showing the history between The Revolution and The Wolves. We see James recruiting for his team and becoming the TNA World Tag Team Champions. The Wolves want them back though.


A video package plays showcasing the talent of Bobby Roode. He is the longest reigning TNA World Champion. Can he get it back? He fights Kurt Angle and Eric Young tonight and could possibly face Lashley in the near future.

Music plays and here comes The Revolution. James Storm comes out first. Abyss is right behind him. They are alone tonight. They get in the ring. The Wolves come out next and come to the ring. As they do, Khoya, Manik, and The Great Sanada come out and attack The Wolves. They toss Davey in the ring and the bell sounds.

The Wolves vs. Abyss and James Storm (c) for the TNA Tag Team Champions

James and Abyss go after Davey, but Eddie enters and helps his partner. They come back as Abyss and James exit the ring. They go for a double suicide dive, but the members of The Revolution stop them. James enters the ring and goes after Davey. He continues the assault and then tags Abyss. Abyss beats him up but Davey fights back. He goes to tag Eddie, but Manik picks the ankle of Eddie and he falls off the apron. Abyss tags James and he enters. Davey fights back with punches and elbows but James hits him and he falls. He then knocks Eddie off of the apron.

Davey goes for an enzuigiri but James ducks and elbows Davey in the back. Davey goes for another enzuigiri and James ducks, but Davey kicks him with a spinning heel kick. Abyss enters and tries to knock Eddie off the apron, but Eddie fights Abyss from the corner. Davey tags Eddie. He enters and takes Abyss out and then goes after Storm. He takes him to the corner and drops him down. He covers but James kicks out. Davey kicks James in the chest and both Wolves are climbing the ropes. Manik takes Davey down off of the top and Eddie jumps but Storm does a double knee face breaker. He then does Eye of the Storm. He covers but Eddie kicks out. Matt Hardy now walks out from the back and joins the circle.

James tags Abyss. He enters and goes for a chokeslam on Eddie. Davey enters and Abyss goes to chokeslam him too, but they flip around and attack Abyss and he leaves the ring. They do a double suicide dive on the members of The Revolution and then do three double suicide dives on Abyss and James Storm. They then kick Khoya off of the apron. They go for another double suicide dive to Abyss and Storm but Storm pulls Matt into the mix and they hit him. Storm pulls Eddie in the ring. Eddie fights him back. The referee gets distracted and Manik and Sanada grab Eddie and Sanada goes to spray him, but Eddie ducks and he sprays Manik. Abyss enters and punches Eddie right in the face. He then grabs the cow bell but the referee pulls it away from him and turns his back. Matt Hardy enters and does a Twist of Fate to him. Eddie does a Double Foot Stomp, pins, and wins. Winners and New TNA Tag Team Champions: The Wolves

James Storm is furious. He pushes Khoya back and then slams him in the face. The Wolves celebrate with the fans.


The Wolves and Matt Hardy are backstage. Matt says The Wolves are Tag Team Champions that make the wrestling fans proud. They need to make the tag team division proud. Once Jeff is better, The Hardy Boys will want those belts. Matt leaves. Eddie and Davey state they are fine with The Hardy Boys as they wouldn't be there without them. They are up for the fight and the better men will win.

Eric Young comes down the ramp as his music plays. He gets in the ring. Bobby Roode comes out next. He runs in the ring and goes to EY, but Young exits the ring and waits. Kurt Angle's music plays and the Olympic Gold Medalist comes to the ring.


Bobby and EY are fighting each other back and forth on the outside. Roode tosses EY in the steel barricade and then rolls him in the ring. The bell sounds.

Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle to Determine the Number 1 Contender for the TNA World Championship

Kurt goes right after EY as he puts him in the corner. Roode goes and helps him. He closelines EY out of the ring. Roode and Roode turn to each other. They lock-up, but Kurt turns it into a german suplex and then into a belly to belly suplex. EY tries to get in the ring but Kurt knocks him down off of the apron. Roode takes Kurt down and goes for a cover but EY enters and breaks the count. He goes after Kurt as he tosses him into the steel post shoulder first. Kurt falls to the outside. EY now takes on Roode in the ring. He punches him in the face and then does a neck breaker. He covers but Bobby kicks out at two. EY chokes Roode on the rope and then knocks Kurt off of the apron. EY puts Roode in the corner but Roode fights back with kicks and punches. He whips EY in the ropes, but Young turns it into a neck breaker. He covers but Roode kicks out. EY stomps on Kurt's head/neck as he goes to the apron. He gets back in and goes to Roode.

He grabs Roode for a suplex, but Roode turns it into an inside cradle. EY kicks out. Both stand and EY does a closeline. He covers but Roode kicks out. EY puts Bobby on the top rope. He punches him right in the face. He climbs the corner. Kurt enters the ring and goes to the corner. He hits EY on the back and grabs him for a powerbomb superplex! All three members are down! EY and Kurt stand. EY ducks a punch and then hits a german suplex. He hits another german suplex. Kurt hits a third german suplex. He hits a fourth one. He hits a fifth one. He hits a sixth one. He hits a seventh one. He hits an eighth one. He hits a ninth one. He hits a tenth one!!!

Bobby enters and goes for a Roode Bomb but Kurt slips free but Roode is able to apply a crossface! Kurt is able to get out and turn it into an Ankle Lock! Roode rolls through and applies a crossface again. EY breaks it apart. He grabs Roode and goes for a piledriver but Bobby gets out and hits a spine buster. He holds his head as he stands. Kurt hits the Angle Slam. He covers but Roode kicks out.

Kurt takes his singlet down and applies an Ankle Lock to EY. EY touches the bottom rope. Kurt turns and Roode picks him up for a Roode Bomb. Kurt slides out and turns it into an Ankle Lock. Roode rolls through and Kurt hits into the referee. EY grabs a chair and hits Roode in the head with it. Kurt knocks EY off the apron. He then hits Roode with an Angle Slam and covers. Winner: Kurt Angle

Kurt celebrates in the ring. However, his music stops and Lashley's music hits. He walks down the ramp with the TNA World Championship. Lashley claps for Kurt and then enters the ring. He claps some more. Kurt walks right up to him and they stare in each other's face. We then see Roode looking on from a distance. The show fades.

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