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Impact Wrestling Results (4/10/14) - 10 Years Of Hard Work Pays Off For Eric Young

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Impact Wrestling Results - 4/10/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Before the show starts an "Im memory of Warrior" graphic appears.

Dixie Carter is coming out of a limo as the driver opens it for her. The camera man asks her about talking and she says she has a lot to say but not right now.

A video plays hyping up a 10 Man Gauntlet match tonight as well as Dixie's wrath.

MVP is backstage talking about the World Championship and how Magnus defeated 3 of them. Tonight there will be 10 men fighting for the next shot but Samoa Joe is not part of it as he informed TNA offices that he will not be able to come. MVP found a replacement though.

The camera shows the crowd and they are standing chanting, "TNA, TNA, TNA." Music hits and here comes James Storm. After James gets in the ring, Gunner comes out and goes right to Storm as he gets out of the ring.

10 Man Gauntlet Match to determine the #1 Contender for the TNA World Championship

Storm and Gunner fight on the outside and around the ring until they roll back in the ring. Gunner has control as he puts Storm in the corner and then takes him over the top rope but Storm takes Gunner to the corner and kicks him to the back of the head. Storm climbs the corner and jumps but Gunner catches him and hits a fallaway slam. Gunner gets him up and tries to lift him over the ropes but Storm fights back. Gunner whips him into the opposing corner and runs to smash him. Gunner then stomps away. Gunner gets Storm up and tries to lift him over the ropes again but Storm fights back. Storm punches Gunner in the face as the clock counts down. Storm smashes Gunner's face in the turnbuckle but Gunner doesn't feel it.

Bobby Roode comes out and slides in the ring. Gunner attacks Storm in the corner and then turns to Roode but Roode takes Gunner in the corner and punches him. Gunner whips Roode in the opposing corner but he comes out and closelines Gunner down. James stands and he meets Roode face to face and they turn and go right after Gunner. They double team against Gunner. They double whim him in the opposing corner and then Storm whips Roode into Gunner. James runs and smashes him. James does a snapmare and then Roode drops a knee. They both try to lift Gunner up over the ropes now. Gunner lands on the apron as Roode stomps on him. James joins him.

Bully Ray comes out and gets right in the ring and goes right after Roode and Storm. He has Roode in the corner and punches and kicks him in the gut. He then goes after Storm in the corner. Roode comes from behind and attacks Ray. They double team him with a suplex but Ray pops right up. Storm and Roode turn and Ray closelines both of them down. Gunner stands and runs into Roode in the corner for a smash while Ray runs to Storm in another corner for a smash. Gunner continues against Roode and Ray against Storm. Ray now helps Gunner and whips Roode in the opposing corner. Gunner runs and smashes him while Ray picks Roode up after and does a body slam. Gunner climbs the corner as Ray opens Roode's legs. Storm hits Ray in the head and he falls over. Gunner drops down and goes after Roode.

Ethan Carter III comes out and looks over his shoulder as he is worried about Kurt Angle. He gets in the ring and goes after Bully Ray but Ray puts Ethan in the corner and does a huge chop. Roode goes after Ray now. Ethan joins to do a chop but Ray doesn't feel it and does it to Ethan. You can hear the pain! The crowd roars! Ray then does it to Storm and then goes to do it to Roode in the corner but Roode moves and punches Ray in the face multiple times. Ethan goes after Gunner now as Storm joins him. They work on his knee. Roode lifts Ray up on the top rope to try to eliminate him. Ethan tries to help.

Bobby Lashley comes out and runs to the ring. He closelines Ethan and then goes after Storm for a body slam. He then kicks Roode in the gut and whips him in the corner. He does a smash and then a suplex. He goes after Ethan in the corner and tosses him across the ring. Ethan pops up and Ray closelines him. Ray gets Ethan up and hops him as Lashley runs to him for a kick. Lashley then does a spinning neck breaker on Ethan. Gunner is going after Roode while Ray is trying to eliminate Storm and Lashley going after Ethan. No one is eliminated yet.

Abyss comes out and makes his way to the ring. He punches Ray right in the face and then goes after Gunner and then Lashley. He puts Lashley in the corner and punches him in the gut. He knocks Storm and then Gunner down. He goes after Ethan but turns and then taunts. Ray comes behind him and goes to eliminate him and Lashley helps but Magnus' music hits and he comes out. He goes to join the commentators of Mike Tenay and Taz.


Sanada is in the ring fighting in the match.

Eric Young enters the ring and goes right after Abyss. He pounds him in the corner. Sanada is going after Ethan but turns to EY and EY takes him down. EY now goes after Abyss and tries to lift him over the top rope. Ray comes over and helps out but Abyss stops them. Roode goes after EY now but EY punches back and tries to lift him up. Lashley is stomping on James while Ray is lifting Ethan over the top rope. Ethan lands on the apron but Ray continues to knock him down but Ethan low blows Ray and is able to get in the ring.

Willow comes out and runs down the ramp and right into the ring. He goes right after Lashley and then EY then Gunner then Ray. He then faces EC3 in the middle of the ring. They punch back and forth but Willow kicks Ethan in the gut and hits a Twist of Fate. Ethan bounces back and Willow runs to him but Ethan lifts him over. Ethan fights him as Willow is on the apron. Just then, Rockstar Spud comes down the ramp in a wheelchair. Spud gets up and grabs onto Willow's leg and takes him down on the floor. Elimination: Willow

Willow stands and runs after Spud as Spud runs to the back. Abyss grabs Sanada and does a huge chokeslam and then lifts him up and takes him over the top rope. Elimination: Sanada

Lashley runs to him and does a huge spear. Roode goes after him now. James does a Super Kick to Lashley and he stumbles backwards. Roode lifts him up and takes him over the top. Elimination: Bobby Lashley

Bully Ray goes after Roode now. He lifts him over the top rope and then kicks him in the face. Elimination: Bobby Roode

Ray turns and Ethan is right there and they fight. Ray has the advantage and does a taunt but Roode jumps up and grabs Ray and pulls him over while Ethan helps from inside the ring. Elimination: Bully Ray

Ethan goes after Gunner now but Gunner fights back and is taking Ethan to his house. Gunner lifts Ethan up but Storm hits him with the Last Call Superkick. Ethan gets off of the shoulders and is tossed out of the ring. Elimination: Gunner

Ethan, Abyss, and Storm turn to EY and attack him. Ethan gets him by himself and goes to toss him over the top rope, but EY turns it around and does a hurricanrona and Ethan goes over the top rope. ,Elimination: Ethan Carter III

James and Abyss go after EY now. They put him in the corner and attack him but EY fights back with kicks and then does a back suplex on Storm. EY climbs the corner and does a top rope elbow drop to Abyss. EY stands but James does a double knee backstabber. EY rolls to the corner. He stands. James kicks him and does a huge DDT. EY slowly gets up as Storm waits. Storm goes for the Superkick but EY ducks and then tosses Storm out. Storm holds on but EY kicks him and Storm falls. Elimination: James Storm

Abyss goes to EY, lifts him up, and takes him down on his shoulders. Abyss lifts EY up and takes him over the top but EY holds on. EY fights Abyss off as he slides back into the ring. Abyss whips EY in the corner and EY spins around and goes over the top and lands on the apron. Abyss goes to him but EY hits him in the gut with his shoulder, climbs the corner, and does a missile dropkick. Both get up. Abyss is against the ropes. EY runs to him and closelines him over. Both go over but Abyss' feet hit the floor. Winner: Eric Young

Christy Hemme enters the ring with a mic. Eric Young states that the number one contender has a request, so come on out here MVP.


EY has a mic. He states that he has a request and wants MVP to come out. MVP's music plays. He comes out and stands on the stage. Eric says MVP does a great job and thanks him. He says he is not a doctor but his right arm is messed up but this is live TV. We just saw EY win the number 1 contender match for Sacrifice. But, he is feeling crazy tonight. MVP asks how crazy. EY won one match already and he has been waiting long enough... waiting 10 years! He wants his championship shot tonight. MVP wants to see if he understands this - After surviving the match and winning it and sustaining an injury, he wants to fight Magnus for the belt tonight? MVP says he respects EY's fighting spirit. He says he doesn't recall Magnus being color commentator but he does pay him to wrestle and he better get ready for his match tonight against Young.

Magnus stands and grabs a mic. He says he is fine with that. He walks to MVP and says Magnus rules always win at the end. MVP says they are going to play a different game. If Magnus gets disqualified or counted out then Magnus will lose the title. Also, for Abyss, since he attacked multiple people (including MVP) in the past couple of weeks, Abyss is banned from the match. Also, if anyone else in the TNA locker room comes out during the match then they are fired on the spot. Magnus says he can't do that but MVP says he can, he did, and suit up! MVP walks away.

Rockstar Spud is backstage behind a door as he decorated Dixie Carter's office. Dixie enters and Spud comes from behind and blows a noise maker in her ear. She jumps and yells at him. She says he decorated all of this and she only has been away for a month. She says she is just dropping off her purse and needs to find MVP. Spud tells her to stop and talks about her coming back and the tribute they gave her but Dixie says it was awful and he started selling himself to MVP as soon as she left. Spud says she got it wrong but Dixie gets in the face and asks Spud if he really means that she is wrong. Dixie says she has to go. She closes the door but a knock appears on it right after. Spud opens it and in comes Willow destroying the entire office!

The screen is split into four showing each of the participants in the Knockouts match tonight getting ready for the match.


Gail Kim, ODB, and Brittany are already in the ring. Music plays and here comes the entrance of Angelina Love with Velvet Sky at her side. They walk down the ramp.

ODB vs. Gail Kim vs. Brittany vs. Angelina Love to determine the #1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship

ODB goes after Love while Brittany and Gail fight it out in the corner. ODB puts Love in the corner and then rams her shoulder into the gut. Brittany goes after Gail as she chokes her with her boot. ODB takes Love out of the corner and attacks her from behind. Love falls through the ropes. Brittany turns to ODB and ODB tells her to hit her. Brittany does but ODB lifts Brittany up but Brittany slides behind her and pushes ODB in the corner. Both fall via double closeline. Love enters and Love takes ODB out of the ring while Love and Gail work on Brittany in the corner. Love pushes Gail out of the way and does a snapmare on Brittany while Gail does a dropkick to Brittany. She covers but Love stops the count and then covers but Gail stops the count. They argue back and forth and start shoving but Brittany stands and goes after both of them. Love stands and does a huge closeline by Brittany.

She goes for a cover but ODB gets back in the ring and stops the count. ODB goes after Love and puts her in the corner. Gail runs to them but ODB moves and she rams into Love. ODB then goes after Gail and does a fallaway slam. ODB pops up and then runs to Love in the corner for the Bronco Buster. ODB takes Love out of the corner but Gail attacks her from behind but ODB kicks her in the face. Brittany gets in the ring and does a moonsault on ODB. Love stands and takes Brittany down face first into the mat. Love turns around and Gail goes right after her with a kick and then a closeline. She hits a backbreaker and then goes Eat Defeat but Love breaks it. Love goes to leave but Gail brings her back but Love pushes Gail into the ropes. As she does, Sky sprays Gail right in the eyes. Gail screams. Love covers Gail and wins. Winner: Angelina Love

MVP is on his phone in his office. Dixie comes into the room and MVP hangs up. He tells Dixie that he is going to throw her out after 10 seconds of stating her case. Dixie says she is still the President of the company. Dixie tells MVP that he is overstating his power by beating up her contracted talent in the back. MVP safes himself by saying the guy punched him first. Dixie says she came here to take care of a disgruntled worker who made her team lose and invites MVP to sit front row to see it go down. She then states that he better watch carefully as after she clears everything up on the board about MVP abusing his power then he will be on his way out too. Dixie leaves the room.


The Wolves are walking backstage and they go to MVP's office. Jessie Godderz and DJ Ion are in the office as well. The Wolves asks who is sick now. Ion says that they are always sick as Jessie has the sickest body while both have the sickest moves. MVP states that Robbie's flight got cancelled and it has been confirmed by the TNA travel agents. Jessie says they will wait to fight them another week. As they are about to leave, MVP wonders why Jessie has the two TNA World Tag Team belts. MVP then states that Robbie has till bell time to get here and if he doesn't get here then Ion will step in for Robbie. Jessie and Ion freak out while Wolves are joyous!

A video package shows Eric Young winning the Gauntlet and wanting his match tonight. He will get it.

Magnus is backstage and says that EY wants to run the Gauntlet and he did but now he has to face Magnus and that's the real challenge of it all.

Dixie Carter's music plays and she comes out. She gets in the ring and grabs a mic. She says her and Bully Ray have unfinished business. Dixie waits. Ray's music plays and he comes out. He walks his way down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. The crowd chants "Put her though a table" multiple times loud and clear. They then say, "We don't like you." Ray says the last time they were suppose to talk she didn't show up, but he gives her credit now as she is here. Dixie says for a smart New Yorker he is dumb as she got cheated when Roode attacked him at Dixie's office. Dixie then states that Roode put the master of the table through 3 tables. The crowd is going crazy. Dixie says Ray never been through three tables in one night in his career before. Ray says he appreciates being cheated when it is good but Dixie didn't get the job done and Roode couldn't get the job done. Dixie says she will rectify that but then asks Ray why he double crossed her at Lockdown. Ray says Dixie may be the most selfish person he ever met. This isn't her company... this is the fan's company. This company is for every TNA fan around the world. This company for all of the workers in the back who break their backs... Dixie can't believe people are buying what Ray is saying. She asks if Ray is a sponsor for the people in the back now. Ray says people respect him. Dixie says they respect her too. She built this company up through her dollars. She then says she paid Ray a lot to help her at Lockdown but she wants it back now. Ray says it was a lot and he bought a car and then spent a lot of it on girls and win and more girls. Ray goes to ask... "Do you know who I am?" but Ray knocks the mic out of Ray's hands and she asks her, "Do you know who I am?" Dixie says she is the President of TNA and is from Dallas and he can't talk to her like that as she is his boss. Ray goes to back Dixie in the corner but Roode comes out and attacks Ray from behind.

Dixie tells Roode to get a table. Roode climbs out of the ring and grabs one under the ring. He sets a table up in the ring. Roode grabs Ray but Ray punches back multiple times. He then lifts Roode up for a power bomb but Roode gets out and runs out of the ring. Ray turns to Dixie who is standing in the corner. Dixie tells him to stay. Ray glares at her.


Dixie Carter is backstage. Magnus comes to her and asks what she is about as she doesn't greet him or stop by his locker room. Dixie says her plans don't involve him. Magnus says she didn't even say good luck. Dixie says he doesn't need luck. Dixie says she will go to the airport, drink win, get on the plane, drink more wine, go to her house, shower, and then sleep. That is her plan. Dixie states he doesn't need her as he has an insurance policy. Magnus says she is right as he doesn't need her. She leaves while he states, "President my @ss."

The Wolves come out and get in the ring. After they enter, Jessie Godderz and DJ Ion come out. They make their way to the ring.

The Wolves vs. Jessie Godderz and DJ Ion (c) for the TNA Tag Team Championships

Jessie starts off against Eddie. Eddie does a chop to Jessie and then whips him in the ropes but Jessie reverses it. Davey tags himself in. He gets in and they work on Jessie. They trip him off and then drop an elbow to his back. Davey goes into the ropes but Ion trips him up. He enters and goes for a double suplex but Eddie comes in and catches Davey and they toss Jessie and Ion out of the ring. They do a double suicide dive. Davey tags Eddie as they get back in the ring and they go after Ion. He does several chops but Ion whips him in the corner. Jessie needs Edddie in the back. He tags in. They do a double suplex but Eddie counters it with a double hurricanrona. He tags Davey. Davey enters and goes after Ion. He goes after Ion and then Jessie. He flies around the ring. He tosses Ion out of the ring and then climbs the corner and attacks Jessie. He covers but Ion ruins the count. Davey continues the attack. Jessie tosses Davey out of the ring. Just then, Robbie E comes out of nowhere and attacks Davey. The bell sounds. Winner: The Wolves

The BroMans and Ion celebrate on the ramp as they keep their championships.

Christy Hemme is backstage as the camera man asks Christy about her position. Christy says she has thought about the situation with Shaw and invites him out to the ring to talk about commitment.


Christy Hemme is in the ring. She asks Samuel Shaw to come out so she can talk to him. Shaw's music plays and here he comes. Shaw slowly walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Christy says Shaw isn't a "Creepy B@stard". Christy says he is just hard to figure out. Shaw says he is happy that Christy finally sees the light. He tells her to not to listen to the unartistic crowd. Shaw then says they love each other. Christy nods and then asks if Shaw will do anything for her... if he will go anywhere for her. Christy walks around him as she grabs his face. She then rips off his glove with her mouth. A van pulls up to the mental house. Mr. Anderson pops out from the fan. Christy has Shaw's eyes closed as she massages him. Anderson comes from the van all the way to the ring. Christy tells Shaw to turn around and open his eyes. He does and Ken is right there. He hits a huge Mic Check.

Anderson then holds Shaw on his lap and slaps his face. Anderson says the commitment Christy has talked about is about funny farm. Ken then imitates Shaw by saying, "I would love to go to the funny farm." Ken tosses Shaw out of the ring as he tells the crowd to say goodbye. Christy is up on the ramp and Shaw crawls to her. Ken grabs him and takes him around the stage to the white van. He puts him in the van and is about to close it but Shaw kicks the door open, hops out of the van and runs away. Ken pounds on the van as he was so close to catching him.

Eric Young is shown walking backstage. Magnus is then shown.


Willow is backstage. He says he may be crazy but he doesn't care. He says Ethan and Spud eliminated him earlier tonight, so he challenges them in a handicap match next week.

A video plays showing Impact will go to New York City in the Manhattan Center on June 25, 26, and 27.

Eric Young comes out and gets in the ring. Magnus comes out next and gets in the ring. He raises the TNA World Championship as he taunts from the corner.

Eric Young vs. Magnus (c) for the TNA World Championship

Magnus walks right up to EY. He starts trash talking him. EY looks around and then punches Magnus in the face. Magnus punches back. They go back and forth but Magnus gets the upper hand and then takes EY to the corner. He then takes him to another corner and pounds his face into the top turnbuckle. He goes and chokes him. He whips him in the opposing corner gut EY bounces up and runs in the ropes. He slides under Magnus and then does a dropkick. Magnus goes in the corner. EY goes after him but Magnus whips him in the corner but flips over and lands on the apron. Magnus goes over to him but EY attacks him. Magnus fights back and attacks the arm of EY. Magnus runs to him in the corner but EY elbows him and then climbs the corner. He does a moonsault but Magnus moves. Both get up and Magnus does a running jumping knee to the face and EY falls back out of the ring. Magnus gets out and goes after EY as he pounds him face first into the apron and then back first. He brings EY back in the ring.

Magnus covers EY but EY kicks out. Magnus applies a gut wrench from behind. EY gets to his feet and walks around. He falls over and Magnus goes through the ropes. EY runs in the ropes and hits a suicide dive but Magnus does a huge forearm to EY's face. Magnus then tosses Eric right into the steel steps. He goes in the ring to break the count. He comes out and stomps on EY.


Magnus has control of Eric in the ring as he pounds on the back. Magnus bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow. He covers but EY kicks out. Magnus gets Ey up and does a gut wrench power bomb. He covers but EY kicks out again. Magnus gets him up but Eric fights back with punches to the gut and face. Magnus whips Eric in the ropes and then applies a sleeper hold. Eric is fading. Eric is coming back from the crowd and fighting his way out. He does a chin breaker and then runs in the ropes but Magnus does a back body drop. Magnus then applies the camel clutch. Eric Young is sliding his way out. He lifts Magnus up on his shoulders and hits the electric chair. Both are down.

Eric and Magnus stand and EY starts punching Magnus in the face. He whips him in the ropes and ducks but then hits a flying forearm and then a closeline. He grabs him but Magnus elbows him with an elbow. EY goes for a wheelbarrow slam but turns it into a neck breaker. He climbs the corner and does the flying elbow. He covers but Magnus kicks out. EY grabs Magnus and goes in the ropes but Magnus hits him with a huge closeline. He grabs EY and then does a huge slam. He covers but EY kicks out. Magnus rolls out of the ring and then grabs the World Championship. Magnus goes to hit him but the referee grabs it. The referee takes the title out. EY lifts Magnus up but Magnus slides out and does a low blow. He covers as the referee turns around. EY kicks out at two!

Magnus waits for EY to stand. He does. Magnus goes for a closeline but EY ducks and goes for the crucifix but EY kicks out. Magnus sends EY in the ropes and goes for a back body drop but EY stops and hits the piledriver. He covers and WINS! Winner and New TNA World Champion: Eric Young

Eric Young is given the belt and he raises it above his head. The crowd is going crazy! The show fades as Eric Young looks around.

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