Impact Wrestling Results (4/10/15) - Eric Young Flips Out


Impact Wrestling Results - 4/10/2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

A video package plays showing The Beat Down Clan. They have been running wild on Impact Wrestling for quite some time, but that has changed when Drew Galloway showed. He helped the fight against The BDC as he stood up to them and for wrestling. While The BDC was getting their revenge, Drew creates The Rising with two stars at his side to take on The BDC.

The camera shows the crowd in the arena as they are on their feet. We see a picture of Kurt Angle rolling up Lashley last week but his shoulder was up. We then see Taz and Josh Mathews in their booth. It switches to Kurt Angle as his music plays. He walks down the ramp with the belt over his shoulder. He gets in the six sided ring. He raises the title above his head. He grabs a mic as the crowd roars.

Kurt wants to address something that has been a center of controversy for the past week and that is the finish of their World Championship match. He wants Lashley to come out. Music hits and here comes Lashley. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Lashley says when they wrestled last week there was something different. Kurt didn't win. Kurt knows he didn't win. They have tape to prove it. They then show the replay of the finish. Lashley asks Kurt if that is how he is going to win. The Angle he knows wouldn't win like that. Is that how he is going to beat him? Kurt gets on the mic and says he doesn't back down from a challenge. He beat Lashley once and he has no doubt he will beat him again. Lashley tells him that they should do it one more time. Kurt says they will do the match... TONIGHT! Well, music hits and here comes Eric Young!

He comes out with a mic in hand screaming, "No, no, no, no!!" Eric walks to the end of the ramp and says that no one respects the rules of the wrestling business anymore. He is the number one contender for the TNA World Championship from the rankings. He made Roode tap. Roode and Lashley are losers. They should go back to the dump. EY tells Angle that the belt is his. He is the challenger. No one can stop him. EY tells Lashley that he lost so he deserves to go back to the line. He isn't going to tell him again. Lashley tells him to shut up and to earn his spot. EY grabs Lashley's face and tries to rake his eyes out. Kurt grabs EY from behind but EY kicks him with a low blow. Lashley runs and EY moves and he hits Kurt with a spear.


Kurt Angle is in the ring still. He has a mic. He says if Lashley feels he is getting screwed, then he will fight him tonight. If EY wants a match as he thinks he is getting screwed, he will fight him. He will fight anyone. He is not backing down. He's Kurt Angle! Kurt leaves the ring.

A video package plays showing the awesome power and strength of Awesome Kong. It has Gail Kim voice over as she states how impressive and strong Kong is. She has injured Gail and taken years off of her career. These two are battling tonight.

Music hits and here comes Gail Kim. She gets in the ring. Awesome Kong comes out next and she makes her way to the ring. She enters and they meet face to face.

Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong in a Number 1 Contender's match for the Knockouts Championship

Gail runs right to Kong but Kong punches Gail in the face multiple times and then tosses her across the ring. She grabs her hair and tosses her across the ring again. She gets Gail up in the corner and chokes her. She then hits her several times in the chest. She lifts Gail up, but Gail slides out from behind and pushes Kong in the ropes. She tries to fight but Kong whips her in the corner. Gail slides out through the ropes. She slides under the ring and Kong sits down on Gail. She continues the assault as she applies a camel clutch. Gail tries to fight out and she does as she slides her body and then does a chin breaker on Kong. She gets up but Awesome knocks her down.

Kong grabs Gail and hits her with a Chokeslam. She covers but Gail kicks out at two. Kong gets up and goes to the corner. She tries to take off the turnbuckle, but Gail attacks her from behind. She turns her around, backs up, and runs to her but Kong hits her and knocks her down. She then rips the top turnbuckle off. She grabs Kim and goes to whip her, but Gail applies a version of the Dragon Sleeper. Kong smashes her into the turnbuckle and then flings her through the ropes. She lands on the outside. Kong exits but Kim runs and does a running dropkick and Kong hits the guard rail back first. She slowly gets up and enters the ring, as well as Kim. Both stand and Kim punches Kong and then kicks her side. Kong pushes her back. Kim gets up and continues the attack, though. She puts Kong in the corner and punches her as well as running to smash her. She climbs the corner and does a flying cross body. She covers but Kong kicks out.

Kong twists the arm for Eat Defeat but Kong pushes her away. Kong runs to Kim but she moves and Kong hits the exposed turnbuckle. She does a roll-up but Kong kicks out. Kim then hits Eat Defeat. She covers but Awesome kicks out again. Kong sits up but Kim goes to her and punches her in the face. Kong grabs her by the throat and lifts her up to the top turnbuckle. Kim tries to fight back as she locks on a head scissor. Kong takes her out of the corner and hits a sit-down powerbomb. She covers and wins. Winner: Awesome Kong

James Storm and Mickie James are in the back. Mickie thanks James for helping her last week. James says he never lets anyone hit a girl. They are friends. Mickie says she has to catch up with Magnus, but he wants a hug first. She hugs. He then jokes around. Manik enters the picture and questions why James was talking to Mickie J. Storm drops his cup and smashes food in his face so he can't breathe. He tells him to never question him again. He tells him to round up the others as they have a fight.


James Storm is sitting in a chair in the corner of the ring. Abyss, Khoya, and Manik are in the ring. James says he gave everything to these people but they let him down. The same thing happened to The Great Sanada and now they will never speak of his name in the group again. Abyss lost the tag team title match. Manik lost the Ultimate X match. Khoya has lost even though James has saved him from his country. He grabs Khoya's flag he is holding and tosses it down. James grabs a stick by his chair and he says he is in the Tag Team Tournament and he says someone will earn their spot to team with James. Abyss says he is the one, but James says he has gotten soft. He calls for a referee. Storm tells the referee that the only rule is there is a winner.

Abyss vs. Khoya vs. Manik

Manik leaves the ring as Abyss attacks Khoya. Khoya goes in the corner and Abyss continues to attack him. He tosses him to the outside. Manik enters with a chair and hits Abyss in the back with it. Abyss doesn't feel it. He whips Manik in the ropes and closelines him down. He tosses him back in the ropes but Manik holds onto them. Abyss runs and kicks him and he falls through to the outside. Khoya enters and grabs the stick that Storm had. Abyss hits Khoya from behind. He puts him in the corner and pounds him with punches and then tosses him out of the ring. Manik climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick. He goes to jump to Abyss again but Abyss grabs him by the throat. Manik turns it around and applies a leg scissor type of move. Khoya enters, grabs the stick, and attacks Abyss in the back with it and then hits Manik. he hits a sit-down powerbomb, covers, and wins. Winner: Khoya

James Storm enters the ring and celebrates with Khoya.

A video plays showing Drew Galloway coming to TNA. We will hear from him tonight.

A video plays showing the members of Ghost Asylum by James Storm's barn. He asks them if they found what they were looking for. They did. Abyss comes out and scares them. They leave.


Music plays and here comes The Rising! Drew Galloway leads the pack. The two others walk down behind him. They enter the ring. Drew has a mic. He tells us who he is. He says he always wanted to be a professional wrestler. He wants to stand up for that. He will give the shirt off of his back... In fact, he will because he is so fired up! He rips off his shirt and throws it in the crowd. Drew gets back on the mic and says he is turns heads left and right. They are going to change wrestling for the better. They are The Rising. He then gives a mic to the guys on his left. He is Mika. Wrestling is pumping through his veins. Drew is his friend and since he is standing up, he should stand up too. His father told him to stand up for what he believes it. The BDC are bullies and they should punch bullies in their face. He gives a mic to the other guy. Eli Drake tells The BDC to listen and watch the screen. If you are going to mess with Drew then you are going to mess with him.

Drew gets back on the mic and says no one will be listened in silence. He tells people there is light at the end of the tunnel. MVP may feel like he runs this place, but he doesn't. The Rising wants to give Orlando a war!

The lights fade and here comes The BDC. They walk down the ramp as MVP is in front. Kenny King and Low Ki are behind them. MVP says The Rising is like bread or dough... or a yeast infection. MVP says they will tell the story of how The Rising fell. Don't worry, it is a short story and it will end tonight.

The Rising exit the ring as Drew counts down from 3. And here we go... They battle it out at the bottom of the ramp. Drew attacks MVP, but officials come out and separate them.


A video plays from during the break where Drew states that they want to fight and the crowd wants to fight, so will someone sanction this match. So, someone did and here's a referee.

The Beat Down Clan vs. The Rising

Kenny starts off against Eli. They are equally matched at first but King is able to get the upper hand. Eli comes back as he grabs King and has Mika in. King grabs Mika and goes to his corner so MVP tags in. Mika and MVP meet face to face. MVP shoves him back. Mika punches MVP several times till he falls. Mika goes to whip but MVP reverses. He goes in the corner and MVP runs to him but Mika moves. He then hits a neck breaker on MVP. He covers but MVP kicks out. Mika climbs the corner but King pushes Mika and he falls to the outside. MVP exists, drops Mika on the guard rail. He brings him back in and tags Low Ki. He enters and continues the fight. He tags Kenny back in and he keeps Mika away from his corner. He tags MVP in and MVP mocks the opposing side. He whips Mika in the ropes and does a big boot. He covers but Mika kicks out.

MVP waits. Mika gets up and MVP goes to him, but Mika does a Samoan Drop. He crawls and tags Drew while MVP tags Low Ki. They enter and Drew goes right after Low. He tosses him in the corner and stomps away like no tomorrow. He gets him out and tosses him in another corner. He goes to him but Ki kicks him in the face. Low comes back out but Drew kicks him in the face to retaliate. He rolls out of the ring. Eli enters and takes King out with a huge power move. They send King and MVP over to where Low is on the outside. Mika climbs the corner, jumps, and takes out The BDC. The Rising wait, but someone comes through the crowd with a pipe. He attacks them with the pipe. It is Homicide. The bell sounds. Winner by DQ: The Rising

The BDC enter and continue the attack on The Rising. They raise their arms and Homicide follows.

A video plays showing how Lashley speared Kurt by accident. It is going to be Lashley vs. Kurt vs. Eric Young tonight.

Kurt Angle is backstage. He says when he became TNA World Champion he new he had to take on all comers. Lashley is the most fierce person he faced in 10 years. He then goes on to mention EY, but Eric attacks Kurt from the side. He chokes him and then tells Kurt that the belt is his.


The doctor is checking on Kurt Angle in the back. He asks how his neck is. Kurt says he is fine and he will wrestle tonight.

DJ Z is in the ring. Davey Richards comes out and gets in the ring.

DJ Z vs. Davey Richards

These two roll-up, but Davey works on the arm of DJ. DJ gets out and. They go to lock-up again but Davey runs the ropes and is able to knock DJ Z out of the ropes. He gets on the aron and punts DJ's head like a football. He gets him back in the ring. Davey climbs the corner but DJ stops him. He jumps to the top rope and then hits a dropkick and Davey falls back first into the guard rail. DJ gets Davey back in and covers but Davey kicks out at one. Davey goes in the corner and DJ chokes him with his boot. DJ then chokes Richards on the second rope and then applies his knees to Richard's back.

Both get up and Davey fights back. He runs in the ropes but DJ does a flapjack. He climbs the corner and goes for a corkscrew but Davey moves out of the way. Both stand. They punch back and forth. DJ hits Davey in the head with a huge punch, but Davey is able to send DJ out of the ring. Davey hits a huge suicide dive and then brings Z back in and hits a missile dropkick from the top rope. Both stand and Davey kicks him several times in the chest and then does a boot to the head. He covers but DJ kicks out. He goes for a roundhouse kick, but DJ ducks and hits jaw breaker. Davey goes in the corner. DJ hits a running closeline and then puts Davey on the top rope. He mocks The Wolves. He climbs the corner but Davey fights him off. DJ falls. Davey jumps but DJ moves and Davey rolls through. DJ runs in the ropes, but Davey lifts him up and kicks him in the chest and then does a roundhouse kick to the head. He covers and wins. Winner: Davey Richards

The Beat Down Clan is in the back. They are talking with Homicide. They see a camera watching them. Low Ki goes to take them out but they stop. MVP says Homicide is an original member of The BDC but he has been on injured reserved. It only took one phone call. They are The BDC and they can do what they do because they can.


A video plays showing two girls from A Dollhouse Production. They are coming soon.

Matt and Jeff Hardy come out as their music plays. They enter the ring and grab a mic. Jeff has a mic. He says he got Hardy Revenge and now it is time to move on. They want to do something that they haven't done before and that is to become TNA World Tag team Champions. He hands the mic to Matt. He says it has been around 2 months since they stood beside each other. They are both here now and they will become TNA Tag Team Champions. Music hits and here comes Ethan Carter III and Tyrus. Ethan has a mic. He says if Matt wants to be the best in TNA, they need to realize who is the best. They need to realize who is the man who is undefeated for 19 months - That is EC3. Somehow a title match has escaped him. So, he will make himself eligible in the Tag Team Tournament. He will show that he deserves gold. He is going to have a tag team partner who came to him and said he wants to hurt people. Here comes Bram. Bram walks down the ramp and meets up with Ethan on the apron.

Bram grabs a mic. He says he is sick as the idea of teaming up with someone makes him skin crawl. He hates Ethan, but all he cares about is beating up The Hardys and the others in the locker room. Bram asks Ethan if he understands. He does. It looks like they are the favorite. Well, the lights go out and here come Mr. Anderson. Anderson grabs the mic that has fallen from the rafters. Anderson asks if Ethan really said he is the odds on favorite. Maybe he is to have the world's smallest wiener. Anderson wants to introduce his tag team partner. He is... Rockstar Spud! Spud comes out and meets Ken on the stage. Here is the tag team of Mr. Anderson... And Rockstar Spud. Ken asks Spud why he keeps doing that. Ken says they are going to be great. They make their way down the ramp.

Austin Aries comes out with his briefcase in his hand and a mic in the other. He states that everyone is throwing the word great around and how they want the belts, but Austin is The Greatest Man That Has Ever Lived. He also likes gold. He will live his briefcase at home next week. His partner is former TNA World Champion Bobby Roode. Roode comes out and meets with Aries on the stage.


Eric Young comes out first and enters the ring. Lashley comes out next. Finally, it's Kurt Angle and he comes out with the TNA World Championship in his hand.

Eric Young vs. Lashley vs. Kurt Angle (c) for the TNA World Championship

Eric slides out of the ring as soon as the bell sounds. Lashley and Kurt move around. They lock-up but Kurt goes behind Lashley. Lashley breaks the arm lock and goes behind Kurt and then applies a head lock. Kurt whips Lashley in the ropes but Lashley knocks Kurt off of his feet with a shoulder block. Lashley gets distracted by EY on the outside which allows Kurt to hit a belly to belly suplex to him as he turns around. Kurt continues to attack him. He goes in the ropes and EY tries to trip Kurt. Lashley runs to Kurt but he ducks. He goes again but he ducks once more. The crowd tells them to go after EY. So, they do. They exit and lock EY from block sides but he slides in the ring. They get in the ring and attack EY. They do a double team move and Lashley covers but Kurt breaks the count. EY slides out of the ring.

Lashley exits the ring and attacks EY on the ramp. Kurt exits. They both take turns punching Eric in the face. Lashley whips Young and Angle hits him with a closeline.


EY is on the apron as he does a shoulder block to Lashley in the gut. He slides under Lashley, but Kurt does a german suplex to him and then one to Lashley. He closelines EY in the corner and then closelines Lashley out of the ring. EY gets up and Kurt kicks him in the gut and then punches him in the face. He stomps on his knee. Kurt gets Eric up and does a snap suplex. He then knocks Lashley off of the apron. He covers Young but he kicks out at two. Kurt gets EY to a vertical base and punches him. He then whips him in the ropes, but stops as Kurt is bent over and hits him with a huge piledriver. He covers but Lashley rolls in and breaks up the hold. He tosses EY out of the ring. He grabs Kurt on his shoulders and does a running powerslam. He covers but Kurt kicks out at two. Lashley grabs Angle to his feet.

Lashley has him up for a vertical suplex. All the blood is rushing to his head until he drops him down back first. Lashley waits in the corner as Kurt slowly gets up. Kurt stands and turns and Lashley hits the spear. He covers but EY breaks the count. He grabs Lashley, but Lashley pushes him back. He goes for a closeline but EY punches him. EY goes in the ropes and runs to Lashley but Lashley takes the ropes down and EY falls to the outside. Kurt gets up and Lashley runs to Kurt, but he moves and hits three german suplexes. Kurt hits three german suplexes to EY as he gets in the ring. Kurt takes his singlet down and applies the Ankle Lock to Lashley.

Lashley is fading. EY is down on the outside. Lashley actually rolls through and Kurt goes through the ropes to the outside. Eric now enters and applies the Figure Four Leg Lock. Lashley reaches and grabs the bottom rope. EY unlocks the lock, goes outside, and grabs a chair. He puts it in the corner. He turns and Lashley closelines EY twice and then lifts him up and hits the vertical suplex. Lashley gets up in the corner and waits. EY stands and turns. Lashley runs but EY ducks and Lashley hits his head in the chair. Kurt enters and hits the Angle Slam to Eric and then one on Lashley. Kurt climbs the corner and hits the moonsault on Lashley's leg. He covers and wins. Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Kurt Angle

Kurt grabs the belt and walks up the ramp holding the TNA World Championship. EY grabs the chair from the outside. He enters and hits Lashley in the back of the leg with it. He continues to attack it. Lashley is in pain. Eric applies the Figure Four Leg Lock and Lashley is in agony. The bell keeps ringing and referees come out to try to break the lock. Young breaks it and looks around the at the crowd. He raises his arm as the show fades.

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