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Impact Wrestling Results (4/17/14) - Kurt Angle Returns & A Monster Is Defeated

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Impact Wrestling Results - 4/17/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package showing Eric Young vs. Magnus for the TNA World Championship. It was a back and forth battle last week. At the end of the day, Eric became the World Champion. The crowd was blown away. He thanks the fans and says he loves them. ODB meets up with him on the entrance stage. Eric states he has been thinking of this day for 17 years and it is even more perfect than he thought it would be.

Eric Young's music plays and here comes Young! He has the TNA World Championship in his hand. The crowd is on their feet cheering. Young gets to the ring and raises the championship. Eric grabs a mic and says the belt represents a lifetime of hard work. The crowd chants, "You deserve it." EY says everything in his life led him to this moment to be champion. He won the championship for him but he will be a champion for us. This is a way to pay the fans back. This is 10 years of unsolicited support from the fans. Time of a paper champion is over. It is going to be fun. He will defend the championship whenever the fans see sit. He will do it whenever and wherever. This is going to be a party. Well, just then Dixie Carter walks down the ramp as her music plays. She is smiling ear to ear. She gets in the ring. Dixie walks up to EY and says it was an emotional day last week. He fought for 12 years. There is only one person responsible for that moment and it's... Dixie Carter. Dixie says she always saw the potential in him. Dixie allowed Eric to stay when he did the whole "Don't fire Eric" movement. Dixie then states she invented the beard. Dixie grabs the beard of EY and says she should be making millions off of the beard because she made it cool before anyone and everyone else is ripping her off.

EY asks her why she is here as he thought Bully Ray shipped her away to Nashville. Dixie says this is still her company. Dixie states Eric Young is the hood ornament for her 2014 Ferrari. Eric says he hopes there are puke bags in the car because being around Dixie that long will make him sick. Dixie says he looks like a lumberjack and smells like one and he is insulting her company and championship by talking to her like that. EY says he is going to do what he does with crap and that is to flush it. Dixie says she is trying to be a professional but EY is pandering to the fans. EY says he is his own man - He always has been and always will. If she wants a paper champion she better not look at him. Eric doesn't want her insulting him or his friends so he is going to run over her with the champion. Dixie states she is going to make him relevant by giving him a makeover. If he doesn't apply then she will start with his girl beer drinker in the back.

Bully Ray's music plays and here he comes. He marches right to the ring and grabs a mic and apologizes to EY but tells Dixie to shut up. He is not here for the spotlight but to get rid of the trash. EY is a role model for every wrestler who worked his way up from a loser boss. Dixie tries to talk but Ray tells her to shut up. Ray tells EY that he worked hard for over 10 years. Dixie wonders why people are listening to him because he can't be trusted. He shook her hand and lied to her. Ray states he took her money and spent it in a strip club. Ray brings up last week and how there was a table in the ring and Dixie was standing in the corner. We all know what happens when there is a table by Ray so Dixie got lucky. Ray then sings, "Na, na, na, na... hey, hey hey... good bye!" Dixie leaves the ring with the help of Jeremy Borash. Dixie walks up the ramp. Ray gets back on the mic and says he doesn't talk about a lot of people but he respects EY and likes him. He appreciates what he's done! "EY, EY, EY!" Eric's music hits and Ray raises his hand.


The Beautiful People's music plays. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky appear on the stage. They walk down and look at the trashcan at the end of the ramp. Sky grabs a kendo stick and turns around and waits. Madison Rayne's music plays next. As Beautiful People wait, Madison Rayne comes from behind and attacks Sky. Love then quickly walks backwards up the ramp. Madison goes back to Sky.

Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne in a Street Fight

Madison grabs Sky and brings her in the ring. She gets in and stomps on her. She gets her up but Sky attacks her and puts her in the corner. She kicks her in the gut and whips her in the opposing corner but Rayne attacks her. She sends Sky face first in the top turnbuckle and then into the other top turnbuckle in the opposing corner. Love comes back and takes Sky out of the ring. Madison grabs both of them by the hair and goes to smash their heads but they hit Rayne. Sky grabs a lunch tray and gets in the ring. She hits Rayne in the back and then in the head with it. Madison falls. Sky covers but Rayne kicks out. Sky then sends Madison outside. Love stomps on her. Sky goes to her and smashes her back first into the steel steps. Sky gets Madison up and rolls her in the ring. She covers but Madison kicks out at 2. Love grabs a trashcan and hands it to Sky. Sky runs to Madison who is in the corner but Madison moves. Sky stops. She turns and Madison kicks the trashcan that hits right into Sky.

Madison grabs the trashcan now as Sky slowly tries to stand. Madison hits Sky in the back with it. She then does it again. She does it for the third time. Love goes to get on the apron but Rayne tries to hit her. Love moves out of the way. Sky stands and runs to her but Madison hits her with the trashcan and then throws it to the outside. Rayne waits. Love grabs a kendo stick and hits Rayne in the back with it. Love enters. She runs to Madison but Madison holds the ropes down and Love sails through it. Sky stands but Madison hits her with the spear and gets the win. Winner: Madison Rayne

Eric Young is walking backstage and meets up with Bully Ray. He shakes Ray's hand and says thank you. Ray says he meant every word but he has to go right now as he has a little more money of Dixie's left. He will go back up to New York and spend it. Ray leaves. Abyss then enters the picture behind Eric. Abyss backs Eric up against the wall and tells Eric to look into his eyes and look what he caused. He then states that Eric said he would defend that championship anytime, so Abyss says he wants a match tonight. Eric doesn't say anything. Abyss starts to make fun of him but Eric says he is just thinking and it takes him awhile sometimes. He says he will defend it and he will do it in a Monster's Ball. Abyss asks him if he is crazy but Eric states that he is a champion and will keep his word.


Rockstar Spud is walking backstage calling for "Mr. Carter". Spud meets up with Ethan Carter III and Ethan asks Spud if he is scared. Spud goes to say some strange answer but Ethan asks if he is scared of Jeff Hardy. Ethan brings up that Spud pushed Hardy off of a ladder. They are in a handicap match but they are handicappers. Spud will end the career of Willow. Now, "Shut up and follow me!" Spud goes in the other direction of EC3. Ethan turns and grabs him. Spud then says he will follow and do whatever he says.

MVP is in the ring and praises Eric Young for what he did last week. He wants to give him a round of applause. The crowd cheers. MVP states that Samoa Joe was missing last week. He said he was a bit dumbfounded when Joe called TNA officials saying he was "unavailable". MVP says they went back to the indies and they have each others numbers. He states Joe could call him and work something out. He wants Samoa Joe to come out right now. Music plays and here comes... Austin Aries. MVP says he wasn't talking to him. Aries says he is the most disgruntled man in the world. Aries says he has been sitting at home for 6 weeks. He says MVP never looked at him as a star. He states he never put him in the Battle Royal.

MVP states that he asked him to be part of his team but Aries gave the round about. That is Aries' fault as he made up his mind then. Aries says that MVP is putting his ego before anything so he didn't book him in anything. MVP states that if Aries wants to participate then let's have it now. MVP takes off his suit coat. Aries says he will raise him a shirt and he takes off his shirt. MVP wants to fight but Aries backs up and says next week. Aries says he got this far by not being stupid. He is not going to throw punches with a convicted felon. Aries will fight him next week. Aries walks up the ramp.

A video package showcases Eric Young's championship win. It then shows him in the back hugging officials, agents, and wrestlers.


The Wolves music plays. Here they come! They enter the ring and taunt! DJ Z is at his DJ booth to introduce himself and The BroMans! He makes a wise joke about them getting all the ladies and the crowd is less than enthused. They stand on the apron but The Wolves attack them. They get them from the outside and bring Robbie E in.

The Wolves vs. The BroMans (c) for the TNA Tag Team Championships

They double team Robbie and Edwards cover. Robbie kicks out. He tags Richards and he works on Robbie but Jessie enters and attacks Edwards on the apron. Edwards then enters and then sends BroMans out. The Wolves then do a double suicide dive. They bring Robbie E in and The Wolves climb the corners. Jessie knocks them off. Robbie goes right after Richards and tries for multiple covers but Richards kicks out. He then tags Jessie and they double team him in the corner with a double knee to the face. Jessie applies a headlock in the ring. Richards elbows his way out and then hits Robbie. Jessie lifts Richards up and slams him down. Robbie tags in and he jumps from the corner onto Richards. He covers but Davey kicks out. Jessie tags in. He hits Richards in the side and then whips him in the corner chest first. He then elbows Richard's clavicle. He tags Robbie. Jessie chokes him on the rope. He and Robbie whip Richards but Richards gets out of it and makes Jessie hit Robbie. He tags Edwards. Edwards comes in and goes right after Jessie and Robbie. He does a double hurricanrona. He goes after Jessie in the corner with a dozen chops. Robbie runs to him but Edwards moves and he runs into Jessie. Edwards then does a dozen chops to him and whips him in the opposing corner.

He runs to him and smashes him and then into Jessie. Richards enters and kicks Jessie in the chest. Edwards climbs the corner and jumps on Robbie. Richards jumps from the corner and stomps on Robbie. He covers but DJ Z enters the ring and hits Richards in the back with a laptop. He leaves and celebrates with BroMans on the ramp as they are still champions. Winners: The Wolves

Willow is backstage talking about Spud and EC3 and what they remind him of. They will fall victim to him tonight.


Video plays showing last week after Eric Young won the championship. It shows how much this means to him. He states he has a champion's heart.

The lights go out and here comes Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud. They go to pose on the stage but Spud messes it up. Ethan tells him to walk to the ring. They both enter. Willow's music plays and laughs and he comes out spinning his umbrella. He walks down the ramp. Willow then runs around the ring banging n the steel steps and then greeting the fans and camera. He gets in the ring, runs, and slides back out. He gets back in the ring.

Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud vs. Willow

Spud is scared like a little kid. He goes to Willow but Willow pushes him off and then goes to Ethan and then Spud and then Ethan. Spud leaves the ring. Willow talks to him from the ring but Ethan grabs his head and rams it in the mat. He then takes him face first into the turnbuckles but it doesn't affect him. Willow attacks Ethan and takes him down. He does a double leg drop between Ethan's legs and then a dropkick. He does a leg drop and then a splash. He covers but Ethan kicks out. Willow gets him up and does a Twist of Fate but Ethan pushes him in the corner. Willow runs up the corner but Spud goes and pushes him off. Willow lands on the back of his head. Ethan grabs him and does a suplex. He covers but Willow kicks out. Ethan punches him in the face multiple times.

Ethan tags Spud. Spud enters and grabs Willow's face and punches him but Willow grabs the leg of Spud and makes him trip. Spud reaches and tags Ethan. Ethan enters and drops an elbow. He then hits a body slam. Ethan then goes for a version of the camel clutch. Willow gets up and elbows his way out and goes for a cover but Ethan kicks out. They go in the corner and Willow goes for a roll-up but Spud enters and breaks it. Willow goes after him but Spud runs away. Ethan does a neck breaker and covers but Willow kicks out. Ethan tags Spud. Spud enters and tells Ethan to get him up. Spud slaps Willow in the face twice as Ethan holds him. Willow kicks Spud and then does a chin breaker on Ethan and then a kick to the face. Willow does a Twist of Fate and covers. Winner: Willow

Ethan gets up and goes right after him with stomps and punches to the face. He grabs his leg and drops an elbow on the knee. Ethan goes to lock in a submission hold but music plays and here comes... KURT ANGLE! Kurt's music plays and he runs down and slides in the ring. Ethan stares right at him and starts to hype up. He throws a punch but Kurt ducks and hits a german suplex! Ethan rolls out of the ring and Spud walks up to him. Kurt slaps his knee as it's all better!


Kurt Angle is in the ring with a mic and says it looked like Ethan saw a ghost but Kurt is not a ghost he is the best wrestler alive and Kurt is back! The fans chant, "Welcome back!" Kurt says Ethan thought he ended his career, but Kurt is a Hall of Famer and he will retire when he wants to retire. Kurt had many injuries in his career, he even won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken neck. Ethan injured him but at the end of the day, it will be Kurt vs. Ethan one-on-one and Kurt has a chance will break his leg and ankle. He won't do it at first though. He will slowly make him scream in pain as it breaks. He will make him tap. Kurt says this fight will not end until they take Ethan, not out on a stretcher, but in a body bag! It's real... it's damn real! Kurt's music plays and the crowd roars.

Bobby Roode is backstage and the camera man asks him about the table war. Bobby Roode says Ray took Roode's chance at being an owner of the company, so at Sacrifice Roode will take tables away from Ray. He issues an Open Table Challenge tonight and Ray can't accept it, but whoever does, will go through a table!


A video shows Sanada waking up early in the morning as he gets ready to train. He stares at the X-Division Championship as he cherishes it and remembers his time when The Great Muta talked to him the Impact after Lockdown. It then shows Sanada running outside as he wants to prove to Muta and his country that he is making them proud. He then talks about Tigre Uno and the challenge he is. Sanada will work through it.

Kenny King's music plays and he comes on the stage. He stands a platform with a mic. He asks if the Impact Zone missed him. He says he knows they did as well as the people at home. King is here right now and isn't going anywhere. He knows everyone is disappointed though as everyone wanted Kenny King to come back but we all got what we wanted last week. He says MVP brought him back but then states that he has the talent of Manning in football. You don't put him on the bench. You won't put King on the bench either. King says he will commentate a match and watch and whoever wins will lay the belt across King's feat. King goes to Mike and Taz. Tigre Uno makes his way out from backstage and gets in the ring. Sanada makes his way next and he has the X-Division Championship in his hands. He comes to the ring.

Tigre Uno vs. Sanada (c) in a Best of 3 series for the X-Division Championship

Uno and Sanada quickly move around. They lock-up and Sanada pushes Uno back in the ropes and then backs up. They move around the ring and lock-up again. Uno pushes Sanada in the ropes and then moves back. They move around and lock-up but Sanda works on the arm but Uno does the same. Uno then does a takeover but Sanada does an arm drag and Uno does the same. Both stand and are equal. They go for a test of strength and are equal. Sanada twists around but Uno applies a headlock but Sanada sends him in the ropes and hits him with a dropkick. Uno stands. Sanada runs to him in th corner but Uno moves and Sanada falls. Uno does a moonsault from the ropes but Sanada moves. He jumps to the top rope and does an ax handle on Uno and covers but Uno kicks out. He continues to work on him and goes for a cover but Sanada kicks out. Both stand and Sanada hits the TKO and covers but Uno kicks out.

Sanada goes to the top rope and does a moonsault but Uno moves and Sanada lands on his feet. Sanada goes for a kick but Uno grabs the leg and then hits him with a suplex time as Sanada lands on his head. Uno climbs the corner and does a 450 splash and gets the win. Winner: Tigre Uno

Bully Ray is backstage. He is taking to someone but doesn't show who he is talking to. Ray says he is the guy to fight Roode and to put him through the table. He doesn't care how he does it but he knows he can.


Bobby Roode is in the ring with a mic. He tells Ray that he hopes he has a pen and paper to take notes from Roode to learn about tables. He says the tables are set up around the ring and now he wonders if there is a man who can step up for the challenge. Music plays and here comes Gunner! Gunner gets in the ring.

Bobby Roode vs. Gunner in a Tables Match

Roode runs right to Gunner and attacks him. He stomps on him in the corner. Roode backs up and then goes to Gunner again but Gunner punches him in the face and whips him in the ropes and knocks him down. He puts him in the corner and punches him in the face multiple times. He whips him in the ropes again but Roode stops and hits him with a neck breaker. Roode exits the ring and grabs a table from under the ring. He puts it on the apron but Gunner kicks it right into Roode. Roode walks up the ramp. Gunner runs to him and closelines him down. You can hear the smack. Gunner brings him to ringside and smashes his head into the table but Roode blocks it. Roode then tries for Gunner but Gunner blocks it. Roode goes to whip him but Gunner reverses it and he goes shoulder first into the steel steps. Gunner brings him in the ring. Gunner shoulder blocks him in the gut and then goes for a suplex but Roode blocks it and then does a dropkick. Gunner falls on the apron. Roode sets up a table in the corner of the ring. He goes back to Gunner. He takes him face first into the turnbuckle but Gunner gets pumped up and sends Roode face first into the turnbuckle and then lifts him up on his shoulder and goes to put him in the table but Roode slides out.

Roode climbs the corner and jumps to hit a neck breaker. Roode grabs the table from the corner and sets the full thing up in the ring. Roode kicks Gunner and goes to power bomb Gunner through it but Gunner hits a back body drop. Roode rolls to the apron. Gunner grabs him but Roode chokes him on the top rope. Roode runs but Gunner runs and hits him with a high knee. Gunner moves the table to another area of the ring but he turns and Roode hits him with a spine buster. He then goes for the Roode Bomb but Gunner reverses it and lifts him up but Roode slides out and goes in the corner. Gunner runs to him and hits a knee and then does a suplex. Gunner moves the table to a different area and Gunner puts Roode on the table. Gunner goes to the corner and bangs his head on the turnbuckle. He climbs but James Storm runs down and tries to grab Gunner but he fits Storm off. Roode gets up and grabs Gunner to and pulls him down onto the table and he does but Gunner bounces off it as it didn't break. Roode puts the table up and lifts Gunner and hits the Roode Bomb. Winner: Bobby Roode

James Storm gets in and goes after Gunner but Bully Ray comes out and Storm and Roode leave. Ray grabs a piece of the table as his music plays.

A video package plays showing superstars talking about Eric Young winning the TNA World Championship.

Eric Young is backstage and he has a trashcan beside him and he says this is what he likes. He likes the trashcan and kendo sticks but he likes it even more because it was his idea. He says he is crazy.


Gunner is walking backstage and Bully Ray stops him. He asks him how many tables he has been though in his career. He then tells Gunner he has been through dozens and tells Gunner to brush it off and keep on going. He then suggests the idea of Gunner and Bully Ray vs. Bobby Roode and James Storm. Gunner likes the idea and they shake on it.

Abyss is walking down the ramp and looks at the weapons at the end. He gets in the ring. Eric Young comes out next and the crowd pops. He has the TNA World Championship around his waist. He grabs a trashcan filled with weapons and throws it in the ring.

Abyss vs. Eric Young (c) for the TNA World Championship in a Monster's Ball Match

Eric grabs a lunch tray and smacks Abyss in the head with it multiple times. Abyss goes in the corner and Eric punches him the head around 10 times. He grabs a kendo stick but Abyss stomps him by grabbing the throat. EY fights back but Abyss tosses EY right out of the ring. Abyss goes to the outside and attacks EY. He slams him face first into the apron. Abyss picks apart the trashcan filled with weapons. He grabs it emptied out and puts it on the apron but EY does a baseball slide to him. Abyss backs up. EY goes for a suicide dive but Abyss tosses the trashcan into EY's head. EY falls and is out.


Abyss gets in the ring as EY is laying down on the mat. Abyss grabs a chair and puts it in the corner between the middle and top turnbuckle. Abyss goes after EY and punches him in the face. He goes to whip him in the corner with the chair but EY slides under it. He goes into the ropes and dropkicks Abyss. Abyss goes into the corner. He comes out as EY runs to him but Abyss grabs his legs and then does a catapult and EY goes face first into the chair and his arm hangs onto the top turnbuckle. EY's arm gets uncaught and he is motionless. Abyss exits the ring and grabs a bag. He brings it in the ring and spills the tacks on the mat. EY grabs a cheese grater and does a low blow to Abyss and then grates the crotch area. He goes into the ropes multiple times and hits Abyss. EY then goes for a piledriver but Abyss does a back body drop. Abyss exits the ring and grabs Janice (a 2X4 with nails in it). He brings it in the ring. Abyss goes to smash him in the face but EY ducks and Abyss hits the top turnbuckle and it gets stuck. EY then does a low blow kick.

Eric grabs Janice and goes to hit Abyss but Abyss grabs him by the throat and does a chokeslam onto the tacks! Abyss covers but EY kicks out. The crowd is screaming in pain! The referee is trying to pull the tacks out of his back as Abyss elves the ring again. He then grabs a barbwire plank! He brings it in the ring. EY is getting up by using the ropes. Abyss grabs him by the throat and goes to chokeslam onto the plank but EY bits his hand. Abyss stops choking him. EY backs up and then does a running dropkick. Abyss falls back first onto the barbwire! EY climbs the corner and hits a flying elbow. He covers and wins! Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Eric Young

Eric grabs his championship and celebrates in the ring. The crowd is going crazy. Eric leaves the ring and walks up the ramp as he points to the crowd. The show fades.

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