Impact Wrestling Results (4/17/15) - Tag Team Gold Tournament


Impact Wrestling Results - 4/17/2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package showing The Wolves relinquishing the Tag team Championships. There is a tournament tonight and we will get new Tag Team Champions tonight! There are 8 teams but 4 will go on to fight in Ultimate X in the finals.

The camera shows the crowd on their feet. Josh Mathews goes over the line-up for tonight's show.

Music hits and here comes The Revolution. James Storm comes out with Khoya. After they enter the ring, here comes The Hardys. Jeff and Matt interact with the fans around the ring before entering.

The Revolution vs. The Hardys in the Tag Team Gold Tournament

The Revolution go right after The Hardys as soon as the bell sounds. James goes after Jeff but Jeff turns it around and puts James in the corner. Matt has Khoya in another corner as he stomps away on him. Jeff takes James over the top rope. Now they double team Khoya. Jeff does a flying smash in the corner to Khoya. He rolls out of the ring. Jeff goes after James on the outside while Matt flies to Khoya, but he catches Matt in the air and does a body slam to him on the steel steps. Khoya goes to James and helps him. Storm grabs the Tag Team belt and hits him in the head with it. James enters and goes after Matt as they are the legal stars right now. James tags Khoya in and he pounds on Matt's back. He puts him in the corner and knees him in the gut. He tags James and he does a snapmare takedown and then does a headlock. Matt stands and punches his way out of it.

James goes to whip Matt but Matt breaks the lock of the hands but James hits a double knee face buster. He tags Khoya. He takes care of Matt with a few easy closelines. He tags Storm and he punches Matt in the face while he looks at Jeff. Matt punches James in the gut but James nails him in the back. He runs in the ropes but Hardy hits the Side Effect. He tags Jeff and he closelines Jeff and then hits him with a back elbow. He runs in the ropes and does an forearm to the face. He continues but James turns the tides and tags Khoya. They go to double team but Jeff tries to attack both of them. Khoya grabs Jeff and James goes to kick him but he does the Last Call Superkick to Khoya. Matt enters and hits Twist of Fate on James. Jeff climbs the corner and hits the Swantom Bomb on Khoya and he covers. Winners: The Hardys

Khoya exits the ring but James shoves his face and then slaps him around a couple times in a fit of rage. The Hardys celebrate in the ring.

Jerey Borash has a mic and confronts The Hardys. He says they were never TNA Tag Team Champions. Jeff says it has been 8 years since they held tag team gold. Matt says they will win it tonight!

We see a replay of last week's Triple Threat Main Event Match last week for the TNA World Championship.

Eric Young is backstage. He says he deserves a match against Kurt Angle. He took Lashley out and now he is coming for Kurt Angle. He's going to take what is his.


Eric Young's music hits and he comes out. He enters the ring with a Kurt Angle shirt and in a pair of jeans. He grabs a mic. He states he is not a person to be messed with. He has been telling everyone that he is not happy. Kurt Angle is ducking him. He doesn't care what he has to do... He doesn't care who or how many he has to go through... Kurt has something he wants. He's Number 1 Contender and he wants his shot. Lashley is out of the picture because of EY. It is his turn! Well, Kurt Angle's music plays. He comes out with the TNA World Championship over his shoulder. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Kurt says EY has been calling him out day after day from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter... But he should be calling him out face to face. EY says he isn't scared of Kurt. He sees a man who is holding something that belongs to EY. EY sees a man who can be beat and be hurt real bad.

Angle says he sees that he is obsessed with the belt. He has been blinded by it and has turned into a lunatic. EY has his title shot. It is next week. Kurt says it took him 3 and a half years to win the belt. We know EY is crazy, and the crowd loves it, but the craziness has turned him dark. He attacked people from behind. He dropped his best friend on his head. Kurt tells him to think of what the old EY did... He won the belt! He wants the old EY next week. Kurt turns and says he could be the new Eric Young and attack him from behind but he would only be a coward. Young thinks about it, but then stands directly behind Kurt and says he will see him next week. Young leaves the ring.

Low Ki and Kenny King are backstage pinning Rockstar Spud to the wall. They ask where the X-Division Champion is. They say they know Spud is holding the belt warm for one of them. They will win it. Mr. Anderson enters the picture and pulls Spud out from their claws and says Spud is not going to give up. Spud beat Low Ki twice, so he could do it again. The BDC talk about Anderson and how he has a big mouth. Can he back it up? They leave and Spud says that Ken actually has a big mouth. They are ready for tonight.


Music plays and here comes The Beat Down Clan of Low Ki and Kenny King. They make their way to the ring. Rockstar Spud comes out first. He has the X-Division Championship in both of his hands as he grasps it to his chest. The lights fade and the spotlight shines on Mr. Anderson as he stands on the stage waiting for the mic to drop from the rafters. He introduces himself.

The Beat Down Clan vs. Rockstar Spud and Mr. Anderson in the Tag Team Gold Tournament

The BDC go right after Rockstar Spud in the ring before Mr. Anderson gets in the ring. The referee tells him to get in the corner while they both attack Spud. Low becomes the legal guy as he works on Spud. Kenny tags himself in and puts him in the corner. He does a huge knife edge chop. Spud tries to fight back with punches but Kenny knocks him down. Rockstar crawls to Ken but Kenny kicks him in the gut. He tags Low Ki. Ki enters and kicks Spud in the back. He gets him up to his feet and puts him in the corner but Spud fights back and then takes Kenny King off of the apron. He tries to go to Ken but Low trips him and tags King. King enters and stomps on Spud and then rakes his arm over Spud's face. He whips him in the corner, runs to him, but Spud kicks him in the head. He then moves as King runs into the corner. Spud misses an enzuigiri and King continues the attack. He tags Low. Low chops across Spud's back and then works on the face.

Low applies the abdominal stretch but Spud fights back and does a hip toss. Both are down. Spud crawls but Low elbows him and then kicks him in the back. He puts him back in the corner and tags Kenny. King kicks him in the gut and then does a huge body slam. He lifts him up again but Spud rolls from behind and does a roll-up. The referee is being distracted by Anderson and Ki as they are trash talking each other in different corners. Spud hits the enzuigiri this time and goes to tag Ken but Low enters and attacks Anderson and he falls. Well, he gets up and enters the ring to double closeline The BDC. He pulls Spud to his corner. He goes to the corner and tags himself in. He enters and goes after King and Low at the same time. Both are down. Ken tags Spud and then uses him as a battering ram until Spud does a hurricanrona on Low. Low grabs a chair and slides it in. Ken stops it. The referee looks and sees Ken with the chair and tells him to go to the apron. Spud hits the bulldog and covers King but Low climbs the corner and hits Warrior's Way. King covers Spud and wins. Winners: The Beat Down Clan

Bram is backstage. Ethan Carter III is in front of him with Tyrus at his side. Ethan says he has decided to give TNA's other "up and comer" star a chance. Ethan talks about being undefeated. Bram interrupts Ethan and says he is unstoppable. He will take Tigre Uno's mask off, shred it, and shove it down his throat. Ethan tells him that is great, but they need to win first. Bram knows. Once Bram leaves, Ethan says Bram is losing his mind but he is reaping the benefits.


Video plays showing the replay of the finish between The BDC and Spud/Anderson. We then see MVP and Homicide meet up with King and Low as they congratulate them. MVP then turns to Homicide about taking out Kurt Angle. Homicide pulls a razor blade out of his mouth and starts to smile.

Tigre Uno and Jay Rios come out on the stage and get in the ring. Ethan Carter III comes out next with Tyrus at his side. He enters the ring. Bram walks out next and enters the ring.

Jay Rios and Tigre Uno vs. Ethan Carter III and Bram in the Tag Team Gold Tournament

Jay starts the match against Ethan. They move around the ring and then lock-up. Ethan pushes Jay to the corner. He goes for a punch but Jay ducks and then works on the arm. Ethan twists and works on the arm. Jay gets out of it and takes Ethan down and then does an armdrag takedown. He tags Uno. They double team him with dual dropkicks from behind and in front. Uno hits Ethan in the chest and then does another knife edge chop. Uno dropkicks Ethan and he slides out. Uno jumps but Tyrus catches him and does a slam to the outside. Ethan rolls Uno back in the ring for a cover but Tigre kicks out. He tags Bram. Bram goes right after Uno. He stomps on him and then whips him in the corner. He stomps on him some more. He drops an elbow and covers but Uno kicks out.

Ethan tags himself in and does a snapmare to Uno. He applies a headlock. Uno gets up and gets out of the lock but Ethan slams his head back to the mat. Uno pushes Ethan away with his legs as he tries to tag Jay but Bram tags himself in. He goes to Uno but Uno rolls around and is able to get away from Bram as he tags Jay. Jay enters and does a tilt-a-whirl head scissors and then does a kick to the face as Bram gets up in the corner. Rios does a missile dropkick. He kicks Bram in the leg and then does a springboard cutter. He covers but Ethan breaks it. Uno takes out Ethan as he tosses him to the outside. The referee gets distracted by Uno on the apron. Ethan hits Jay in the back of the head with the arm brace. Bram hits Jay with The Other Side of Darkness. Ethan tags himself in and goes right for the cover. Winners: Ethan Carter III and Bram

Bram isn't too happy that Ethan took the pin away from him. Ethan tries to tell him that they won but Bram isn't that excited.

We see the Knockouts backstage as a huge announcement is coming up next.


Kurt Angle is walking backstage. The camera man asks him about what is going on tonight about EY and now Homicide. Kurt says EY is crazy but hopefully we the old EY next week. Homicide is just crazy. Kurt hopes he has insurance as he will be sent to the hospital tonight.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she says one thing that separates TNA from everyone else is the Knockouts. She introduces the Knockouts. Here comes taryn terrell, Brooke, Madison Rayne, Gail Kim, and Angelina Love. Christy says they are proud to present the best women in professional wrestling. Well, next week they will all be highlighted. Next week will be TKO - A night of Knockouts. Love grabs the mic from Christy. She says that sounds so cool and exciting, but it should be a night focused on Angelina Love. She is the record breaking Knockout with the most Championship reigns. Gail grabs the mic from her and says we want her to shut the hell up. It is not about Love or about Gail, but about the fans. She says Destination America is giving... Well, Madison Rayne takes the mic from her and says, "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!"

Rayne says Love is a record breaker but how many times has she lost it? And, we all know Gail wants to be a WRESTLER! She continues, but Hemme grabs the mic and says there will be a Four Way to determine the Number One Contender for the Knockouts Championship - Gail Kim vs. Brooke vs. Love vs. Rayne. Brooke grabs the mic and is excited for this. She will be the 3 time Knockouts Champion and she can't wait! Hemme gets the mic back and says we will see new Knockouts and the main event will be Taryn Terrell vs. Awesome Kong for the Knockouts Championship. Taryn grabs the mic and says she has proven how great she is and next week she will prove why she is Knockouts Champion.

Thumps hit and here comes Awesome Kong. She walks down the ramp and enters the ring. Taryn goes right after her as soon as she enters. Gail and Brooke pull Taryn back while Love and Madison separate Kong. Rayne goes after Gail and then it is all chaos. Kong then goes after Gail on the outside. Brooke, Madison, and Love fight on the outside. Taryn climbs the corner, jumps, and takes out all of them. She gets back in the ring and taunts with the belt.

The BroMans are backstage. Jessie asks Robbie if he is ready. Robbie says he is. Jessie tells him that he better not mess up this time. Robbie turns and mocks Jessie. Robbie leaves and Austin Aries and Bobby Roode meet Robbie. They say they need to focus on Robbie as he is the guy in the team. They talk about his hair and then mess with him about being a future World Champion. Robbie says he is the better BroMans but just wonders which one of them he will beat tonight - Maybe both. He leaves and Roode and Austin laugh as that was too easy. They now go to Jessie.


The BroMans come out together and enter the ring. They try to one up each other as they want the camera time. Bobby Roode comes out next and waits at the end of the ramp. Austin Aries meets up with him. The BroMans exit the ring as they try to decide who is going to start the match. Aries climbs the corner and jumps on them. He brings Robbie in. Roode starts the match.

The BroMans vs. The Dirty Heels in the Tag Team Gold Tournament

Roode works on Robbie but tags Aries. He enters with an elbow drop on Robbie and then goes after Jessie as he enters. He tosses him through the ropes. Bobby tags back in. He works on Robbie, but as he runs in the ropes Jessie trips him. Jessie tags himself in and goes after Roode. He does a dropkick and covers but Roode kicks out. Jessie puts Roode in the corner and punches him. He then tells Robbie how to do it. Robbie tags himself in. He goes to Roode but Roode punches him and then whips him in the corner. Robbie hits him with a back elbow and then flies from the second rope to take Roode down. He covers but Bobby kicks out. Robbie applies a headlock. Roode stands and elbows his way out of the lock. Robbie takes Bobby down and covers but Roode kicks out. Robbie tags Jessie in. They double whip Roode in the corner. Jessie sails Robbie to Roode but Roode kicks him in the face and then closelines Jessie.

Roode tags Aries. Aries goes after Robbie and then Jessie at the same time on the apron. He then knocks Jessie into Robbie. Jessie falls and Aries falls on him with a roll and then does a missile dropkick to Robbie in the corner. Aries goes to run in the ropes but Jessie kicks him and then does a military slam. Robbie enters the ring. Jessie lifts Aries as Robbie runs in the ropes but Roode trips him and takes him outside. Aries goes after Jessie and he goes to the outside. Aries hits a double suicide dive on both. Roode brings Jessie in the ring and puts him in the corner. Aries attacks him in the corner. Roode does a spine buster. Aries does a 450 splash from the corner. He covers and wins. Winners: Bobby Roode and Austin Aries

The BroMans are in the ring as they start to complain about each other. Push leaves to shove and then an all out attack. They fight each other with punches and slaps. DJ Z enters and tries to pull them apart. It's not working, but he is able to get them separated. Robbie and Jessie stand as DJ Z tries to talk to them. Jessie pushes DJ and then walks away. Robbie then pushes DJ away.

Homicide is backstage and attacks Kurt Angle. He pins him against the wall and chokes him. He takes shots at his gut and then rams him face first into a steel door. He chokes him again and then poudns on his back. He hits him with a trash can lid and then a chair in the gut. They are by the gorilla position.


Kurt Angle and Homicide come through the curtain to the ramp. Kurt is coming back. They go down the ramp as Kurt takes off his jacket and chokes Homicide with it. Homicide comes back as they are around the ring. He grabs a chair and puts it against Kurt's chair and rams it into the steel ring post. He grabs Kurt and slams him face first into the steel steps. He then does a knife edge chop. Kurt fights back as he pounds Homicide's head into the steel post. Homicide tries to leave through the crowd but Kurt stops him. He takes him back to the steps but Homicide rakes the eyes and rolls Angle in the ring. Kurt fights back with several punches. He goes for a closeline but Homicide does a cutter. Homicide god to take his boot off but kurt comes from behind and grape his arms around his waist. Homicide hits him with a low blow. He takes his boot off and goes to hit him with the heel of the boot but Angle ducks and takes Homicide down. He does an Ankle Lock to him. Low Ki and Kenny King run down and attack Kurt. MVP comes next as he calls the shots. King attacks Kurt as Low holds Angle from behind. Homicide kicks Kurt in the gut. Angle gets to his feet and MVP hits him with the Blackout Kick.

Here comes The Rising!! They run down the ramp and Low Ki, Homicide, and Kenny King fight them. They fight all the way to the backstage area. That leaves Kurt and MVP in the ring. MVP has a chair in hand. He goes to swing it but EY comes out and stops MVP. He stands in the way. MVP tells him to move, but he doesn't. He then says alright and walks away. He drops the chair. EY looks at Angle as he is on his hands and knees. Eric grabs a chair that MVP dropped. EY turns as Angle stands to a vertical base. EY drops the chair and leaves the ring.

A video package plays hyping the Ultimate X match.


A video plays showing A Dollhouse Production. We see Jade and Marti Bell. They are coming next week!

Josh Mathews is shown in the commentator's room. He hypes Ultimate X as well as the matches next week on Impact Wrestling.

A video package plays hyping TNA's Knockouts division as next week is TKO - A Night of Knockouts.

The Hardys come out first as the ring is surrounded by the Ultimate X structure! The BDC of Low Ki and Kenny King come out next. Ethan Carter III comes out next. Tyrus is behind him and then Bram. They make their way down the ramp. Bobby Roode comes out after. Austin Aries is behind him but then meets him side by side. They walk down the ramp together.

The Hardys vs. The Beat Down Clan vs. Ethan Carter III and Bram vs. The Dirty Heels in Ultimate X for the Tag Team Championships

It's chaos! King goes after Matt Hardy while Aries is after Ethan. Roode is fighting Bram in the corner. Jeff has Low Kin the corner. They whip each of their opponents together and there goes the heels. Roode and Aries are side by side while The Hardys are looking at them. They go on attack. Matt kneels down and Jeff jumps on him and lands on Roode. He goes to do that to Aries but Roode closelines him. Aries hits the disc forearm. They eliminate the ring of The Hardys. Aries runs and does a suicide dive on both Bram and Ethan.


Roode is going after Kenny but Bram hits Roode from behind. King is able to get the upper hand. The BDC change and go after Matt Hardy while Ethan punches Aries in the face and he falls off of the apron. Ethan and Bram talk while The BDC discuss on the other side of the ring. Both move back until they bump into each other. They turn and fight. King goes after Bram while Ethan goes after Low. He does a knife edge chop but Low does one in return. Whips are reversed and Tyrus trip The BDC. Bram tells Ethan to climb the structure. Ethan goes under the ring and grabs a ladder. They set it up in the middle of the ring until The Hardys take them down. They grab the ladder and hit both of them in the gut with it. They knock Aries off of the apron as they hit himi n the face. They then knock Roode off and then Jeff hits him with a baseball slide. Jeff and Matt climb the corners and then get to the structure. The BDC climb and get on the wires. Tyrus grabs the steel structure and shakes it until all four fall. He enters the ring and takes out each of them from the ring. Ethan enters and tells him good job. Ethan gets on Tyrus' shoulders. He goes to the middle of the ring till Aries hits Tyrus with a missile dropkick. He drops Ethan.

Bram enters and he hits Aries with a closeline. He sets the ladder up in the ring. He goes to whip him but Aries brakes and hits him with the disc forearm. Roode enters and attacks Bram and then sends him into the ladder. Aries does a running dropkick and then Roode hits a spine buster. Roode climbs the corner and grabs the wires while Aries holds his legs. He gets to the center but Homicide enters and hits Aries in the gut. Roode falls to his feet and Homicide hits him with a cutter. Matt enters and hits a Side Effect on him. King has the ladder set up in the middle and climbs. Matt climbs the ladder. They fight back and forth. Matt hits him with a Twist of Fate off of the ladder. Matt climbs the ladder while Jeff climbs the structure. Low gets on the ladder and fights Matt. Low kicks Jeff but Matt falls and then takes the ladder out of the Low. Low falls and Matt hits him with the Twist of Fate. He sets the ladder back up while Jeff is dangling. He climbs and they both grab the belts. Winners and New TNA Tag Team Champions: The Hardys

They celebrate with the belts on top of the ladder. The crowd cheers as the show fades.

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