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Impact Wrestling Results (4/24/14) - The Final Hype Before Sacrifice

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Impact Wrestling Results - 4/24/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with Kurt Angle exercising backstage. He stops and looks at the camera and says he is fighting Rockstar Spud tonight and he knows Spud has been trying to get out of this match all week. If he does, Kurt will go for Ethan Carter III.

A video package plays showing Eric Young's Battle Royal win two weeks ago and then his victory against Magnus to become the TNA World Champion. He is going to be a fighting champion. He will do whatever he can for the fans. He announced that last week and he fought Abyss later that night. He beat Abyss in Monster's Ball.

Music hits and here comes Magnus! The former World Champion walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He has a turnbuckle wrench that holds the buckle to the post in his hand. He grabs a mic with the other hand. He goes to announce that the is our champions speaking but he had to stop before he finished it. Magnus states that it doesn't look like he lost his championship. It doesn't look like he got beat by EY. What happened is that he was seriously letdown. He asks if that is right to Abyss. He tells Abyss to come out so he can say what he wants to say to his face. Well, Abyss' music plays and he comes out. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Magnus says Abyss is a 300+ pound idiot. Abyss goes to walk closer to him but Magnus says he better not unless he wants to meet his turnbuckle friend. He says he would splatter blood all over but he doesn't want to ruin his suit. Magnus tells Abyss that no wonder why everyone left him. Magnus says Abyss didn't come out to help him keep the championship.

Abyss states that if he came out he would have got fired and MVP said that. Magnus tells Abyss he doesn't work for TNA but for MVP, but he doesn't need him anymore and he is FIRED! Abyss asks if he really is going to fire him. Abyss points to his mask and the suits. He says it was never about money or financial gain. It was about belonging. He trusted Magnus. Magnus said he was his friend. Abyss states that he realizes that Magnus is a self-centered arrogant jack@ss! Abyss says he is THE MONSTER Abyss! He hurts people! He destroys lives! He ends careers! Since he is no longer an employee of Magnus, he is going to start with Magnus! Magnus backs away and says he won't as he is not a contracted superstar. He is just a civilian. If he lays a hand on him then he will call the police and have him arrested. Well, MVP's music plays and he comes out.

MVP walks down the ramp with a mic and tells Magnus to put the weapon down. MVP gets in the ring and says Abyss is not one of his favorites; however, you deserve second chances in life. He wouldn't be here right now if someone didn't give MVP a second chance. MVP says Abyss wants a place to belong. Since he was fired, he is going to give him a second chance. He asks Abyss if he would like a full time spot on the TNA roster. MVP will give him a full time spot if he wins his match tonight - against Magnus! Magnus says he can't do that. MVP says he can and he did! MVP leaves the ring and skips up the ramp. Abyss gets on the mic and says he never liked Magnus and he will kick his @ss tonight! Abyss' music plays and he exits the ring while Magnus looks like he seen a ghost.

Rockster Spud is backstage putting on his bow tie. Ethan says that bow tie is quite tight. Spud says Ethan is going to give him some speech but Ethan says he is just going to give him what he saw. He didn't see a ghost last week. What he saw was real. It was Kurt Angle. Ethan says there is a guy who can defeat him and he has a great last name. Spud says Spud is a good last name but Ethan says it is his last name. He can beat Kurt. He then tells Spud what to do and he has to be a gazelle! Ethan fixes Spud's tie and Rockstar leaves.

Kurt Angle's music hits and here comes the cyborg! He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.


Rockstar Spud's music plays. Here he comes. He goes to march down the ramp but turns around and Ethan stops him. Ethan pushes him down the ramp. Spud continues to walk but doesn't want to fight. Ethan continues to direct him to the ring. Ethan stares at Kurt the entire time. Spud gets in the ring.

Kurt Angle vs. Rockstar Spud

Spud tries to talk to Kurt. Ethan gets on the apron and Kurt looks at him. Spud goes to grab the bad knee but Kurt grabs him and does a huge suplex on Spud that throws him across the ring. Spud gets up and goes to kick the knee but Kurt whips him in the ropes and does a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kurt continues to go after him. He whips Spud in the ropes and Kurt bends down for a back body drop and Spud kicks him in the chest. He then exits the ring as Kurt goes after him. They slide in there ing and Ethan grabs Kurt's legs. Spud then goes after him with kicks and punches. He climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick. He goes to cover but Kurt kicks out. Spud goes to the corner again but Kurt runs up the corner and does a huge belly to belly suplex. He then takes his singlet down and applies the Ankle Lock. Spud taps! Winner: Kurt Angle

Ethan gets in and does a chop block to Kurt's knee. He then continues to attack the leg until Willow's music plays. He runs down and Ethan leaves. Ethan and Spud meet on the ramp as Kurt and Willow look on.

Velvet Sky and Angelina Love are in the back. They question Madison Rayne's attitude lately and then point to a bag. Sky grabs it and Love states that Madison needs a makeover. It's much needed, so don't go anywhere.


MVP is on the phone. He gets into his office and Kenny King is sitting on the couch. MVP hangs the phone up and asks if he can get King anything. King wants water and MVP asks him what kind of water. MVP states King is getting comfortable lately. Since MVP is fighting tonight King should have a match too. King asks who it will be against but MVP states that he has the perfect person. He tells King to get ready. King leaves and MVP calls on his phone and tells the person that King is next and he will walk over to them and tell who his opponent is personally.

Madison Rayne's music plays and she comes out and gets in the ring with the Knockouts Championship on her shoulder. She grabs a mic and heard The Beautiful People want to give her a makeover. So, let's have it. Come on! Their music plays and here comes Sky and Love. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring. Love grabs a mic and asks Rayne what is wrong. She looks tired in the face. Is her new baby keeping her up all night? Shouldn't Madison show some forgiveness for the thankful offer from her and Sky? Rayne talks back and says that they are right and she forgives them. She is sorry... that she is about to do this! She then attacks Love and Sky with punches. She goes after Love in the corner after she knocks Sky down. Sky stands and goes after Rayne and pulls her down. Love stands and attacks Madison. Sky grabs Rayne from behind on the mat. Love gets on the mic and says Madison is nothing. They only hired her ugly butt to make them look better. That is going to change now! They go to give her a makeover but Brittany runs down the ramp and slides in the ring. She goes after Love and Sky but they double team her. They toss her out of the ring. Sky does a face buster to Rayne. Love grabs the bag that is in the corner. She pulls out a paper bag. Sky holds Rayne up and Love puts the paper bag on Rayne's head.

Mr. Anderson is outside with a camera. He talks about Samuel Shaw and says he is in his hometown. He has his childhood address so let's get going. Anderson gets in his car.

Kenny King is walking backstage as his match is next.


Video plays from the commercial break. Gail Kim is backstage with Brittany and Madison Rayne. Gail states that The Beautiful People are taking the division in the wrong division. She will not let it happen. She may not like Brittany or Sky but she respects them. She wants to be Madison's partner. Rayne likes the idea. Gail leaves. Brittany tells Madison that she will be there tonight as well. Sky says she already told her no thanks. Brittany is upset.

Kenny King comes out and gets in the ring. He waits for his opponent. Here comes Bobby Lashley! Bobby gets in the ring and King exits. Bobby is ready.

Kenny King vs. Bobby Lashley

Both move around the ring. Bobby goes toward King but drops down and goes behind him and then takes him down. He then takes him down again and applies a headlock. Bobby backs King up in the corner. Bobby releases the headlock and attacks King with punches. He whips him in the ropes and does a shoulder block. Bobby goes in the ropes but King trips him up. He applies a side headlock but Bobby lifts him up and throws him across the ring. He then does a back suplex. King rolls out of the ring to recover. King gets in the ring behind Bobby. He runs to him but Bobby jumps up as King goes in the ropes. He then does a powerslam. Bobby whips him in the corner and runs to him but King grabs the referee to block him. Bobby grabs the referee and puts him over to the other side. King goes to punch him in the face but Bobby stops him. Lashley goes for a punch but the referee stops him because it is a closed fist. King grabs Bobby's arm and hangs it on the top rope. He then does a springboard dropkick. He continues to work on Lashley as he goes in the corner.

King applies some sort of arm and headlock. Bobby grabs him and lifts him in the air but King slides out and bounces off the ropes. Bobby does a huge belly to belly suplex. Both get up but Lashley hits King in the gut several times and then in the face. Bobby pounds on the back of King and then hits him with a closeline. Bobby whips him in the corner and does a huge shoulder block. Bobby then does a back body drop. Bobby runs to King as he stands but King goes for a kick. Lashley grabs his leg but King does a kick to the back of the head. King climbs the corner and jumps but Bobby grabs him in mid-air for a huge suplex! King stands and Bobby goes for a spear but King quickly exits the ring. He then crawls up the ramp. The referee counts him out as King stands and waits. Winner: Bobby Lashley

Mr. Anderson is driving his car looking for his house. He pulls up to it and says Samuel's family still lives there. Anderson rings the door bell. Shaw's mom answers it. Anderson greets himself and then Shaw's mom states that she is Christy. Anderson is there to talk about Shaw and she starts to panic but Anderson calms her down. She gets clingy and tells him to come in. He agrees and slowly walks in as he has no idea what will happen.

James Storm walks up to Bobby Roode in the locker room. He calls him partner but Roode talks about all of the times they fought against each other. Roode asks him why he called him partner. James said they were unstoppable when they were a team. Everyone feared him. They respected each other then. Storm then states Gunner never had that respect. He wants to attack Gunner and kick his teeth down his throat. Roode then talks about Bully Ray and how great it is to put him through table after table. They laugh about it. Storm says they have to stop talking about it and get out there and fight them.

Austin Aries is shown walking backstage. It then shows MVP. Their match is next.


Austin Aries' music plays and he makes his way to the ring. MVP's music plays next. Here he comes as the crowd pops. He gets in the ring.

Austin Aries vs. MVP

They move around the ring as they realize the crowd is split 50/50. They walk around the ring some more and then lock-up. Aries applies a headlock but then moves around and locks in MVP's arms but then applies a headlock again but MVP gets out of it and works on Aries' arm. Aries rolls out of it and applies a headlock takedown but MVP applies a head scissors but gets out of it and hits MVP. He stands up but MVP pushes him back and punches him and then does a knee to the face. Aries falls. MVP bounces off the ropes but Aries slides out of the ring. He grabs MVP's foot but MVP stomps on his hand. MVP jumps over the ropes and lands right on Aries. MVP grabs Aries and rolls him in the ring but Aries attacks him before MVP can get back in. Aries climbs the corner and does a double axe handle on MVP. Aries rolls MVP in the ring. Aries jumps over the ropes and does a back senton and then does an elbow drop. He climbs the corner and does an elbow to the back of MVP as he is sitting on the mat. He covers but MVP kicks out. Both get up and MVP fights back.

Aries puts MVP in the corner though and hits him in the head. He goes to the other side and runs for a dropkick to the face but MVP moves. MVP puts Aries in the corner and attacks him. Aries fights back for a closeline but MVP ducks and then does a closeline of his own that turns Aries inside out. He covers but Aries kicks out. MVP stomps on Aries. He bounces off the ropes and plants an elbow after "Ballin". Aries stands and MVP goes behind him but Aries slides around and hits a disc forearm. Aries gets MVP up and goes for a Brain buster but MVP gets out of it and does a german suplex. MVP goes for a kick to the face but Aries blocks and hits a back suplex. Aries slowly stands up as he uses the ropes. MVP stands and Aries puts him in the corner. Aries runs and does a huge missile dropkick. He covers but MVP kicks out. Aries goes to the corner and goes for the 450 splash but MVP rolls out of the way. He does a kick to the head and covers. He wins. Winner: MVP

A video package plays showcasing Sanada and how he won the X-Division Championship in Japan and then his journey to America and his time in TNA Wrestling so far. It shows him and The Great Muta as Muta expects great things from Sanada. Sanada has to show what he is all about and to honor his nation.

Mr. Anderson is in the Shaw house as Christy brings Ken iced tea. Ken tells her that he is doing a project on talented people. Christy says he can play a piano. He then asks about what smells good. She is baking an apple pie. She makes one everyday for Shaw. Ken questions how he gets it everyday. She says he lives in his bedroom that is in the basement. He isn't there but asks Ken if he wants to see it. He does. She takes him to it.

James Storm's music plays and he comes to the ring. Bobby Roode comes out next. He makes his way to the ring. Gunner and Bully Ray come out together.


Bobby Roode and James Storm vs. Bully Ray and Gunner

James and Bully start the match. Storm applies a headlock but Ray pushes him in the ropes. Ray does a shoulder tackle. He takes Storm to his feet and works on the arm. Ray whips Storm in the ropes but Storm kicks him in the chest and bounces off the ropes again but Ray takes him down and then does a back body drop to Roode as he enters the ring. Ray continues to work on the arm of Storm. Ray tags Gunner. Gunner climbs the corner and lands right on the arm. James gets away as he pokes the eyes of Gunner and tags Roode. Roode enters but Gunner goes right after him. He knocks him down and covers but Roode kicks out. Gunner tags Ray. He enters and they double team shoulder tackle on Roode. Roode stands and Ray runs to him but Roode hits him. Ray goes in the corner and Storm trips him up and grabs his legs and pulls them on each side of the ring post to do a low blow type maneuver. Roode tags Storm. He enters and covers but Ray kicks out. Storm applies a choke like move and then tags Roode. Roode enters and kicks Ray and then hits him face first in the turnbuckle. Ray fights back but Roode attacks him even more with stomps.

Roode whips him in the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He covers but Ray kicks out. Roode applies a front headlock. Ray stands and finally gets out of the hold. Storm grabs Ray and chokes him on the bottom rope and bits his head as the referee is distracted by Gunner who wants to enter the ring. Storm lets Ray go and Roode goes to him but Ray slaps him across the chest. Roode goes in the ropes but Ray takes him down. He tags Gunner while Roode tags Storm. Gunner enters and takes James down as well as Roode as he is still in the ring. Both go in opposite corners. Gunner runs and attacks Storm and then Roode and then Storm and back again. He goes after Storm and covers him but Roode beaks it up but Ray comes in and goes after Roode and then after Storm. Roode rolls out of the ring. Ray grabs Storm's legs and opens them as Gunner climbs the corner and does the "What's Up" chant and does a headbutt to Storm's crotch. Ray tells Gunner to "Get the tables"! Gunner grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up on the outside. Roode goes after Gunner but Gunner stops him. Ray gets on the apron and goes to drop and elbow but Roode moves and Ray goes through the table. Gunner hits a DDT on Storm and covers but Roode gets in and breaks it up. Gunner takes Roode up on his shoulders and plans him down chest and face first. He stands and goes to Storm but Storm does a Last Call Superkick! He covers and wins. Winner: James Storm

Magnus is backstage getting ready for his match. The camera man asks him about Abyss. Magnus says Abyss didn't follow his orders. He is going to teach Abyss a lesson. He is going to end Abyss' career as everyone will realize whose time it really is. There is no one (not even MVP or Dixie) who can do anything about it.

Mr. Anderson is walking down the steps and says it is weirder than he thought. The camera turns and his mom is waving from the top of the steps and then closes the door. Anderson continues his way down the steps and looks in a closet. He states, "Oh my God!"


Anderson shows the camera what he saw and it is like a little kids room with Samuel's name on the wall and a kids bed spread. Just then, Shaw enters the room and asks Ken what he is doing in his room! He then goes right after Ken. The camera man climbs the steps and opens the door. His mom is waiting with an apple pie and asks why there is so much noise down there. The door opens and out comes Shaw as he gets to his knees and hugs his mom. The camera man has to go. He does.

Velvet Sky and Angelina Love come down the ramp and get in the ring after letting the pigeons loose! Gail Kim comes out next and gets in the ring. Madison Rayne comes out next and meets up with Gail in the ring.


The Beautiful People vs. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne

Madison starts off against Sky. She grabs Sky and whips her across the ring. She then whips her in the ropes and knocks her down. Love gets in the ring as well as Gail and they attack both of them. Sky and Love take a bump to the outside. Gail and Rayne do baseball slides to knock Sky and Love off their feet. They then grab them on the outside and smack their heads together. As they do, Mike Tenay states that Brittany suffered a concussion in the back at the hands of Love and Sky.

Sky and Madison get in the ring and Rayne continues the offense. She then tags Gail Kim. She enters and continues the offense against Sky. She whips Sky in the ropes but Love tags herself in. She gets in and goes right after Gail and catches her off guard. She goes to whip her in the corner but Gail reverses it and then runs and sends her full body into Love's midsection. Love exits the ring and Sky follows her up the ramp. Gail and Madison leave and grab them and bring them back. Gail has Love in the ring and applies a head scissors. Just then, Sky enters and kicks Gail in the back of the head. Gail stands and goes after Sky but Sky runs out. Love climbs on the back of Gail and applies a headlock but Gail backs her up in the corner multiple times and then does a backbreaker. She tags Madison. Madison enters and goes after Love. She hits her with a knee to the head and then Sky enters. Madison attacks her and hits her in the face.

Gail gets away from the corner and goes after Sky who is now on the outside but Gail attacks Sky by sending her in the steel steps. Sky enters the ring and distracts Madison as Love does a roll-up using the tights and gets the win. Winners: The Beautiful People

A video package pals showing Knux's valet doing some fire tricks. It then shows Knux holding his valet and says he hasn't seen that trick for awhile, but states that he can't stay there forever. He has to go back to Impact. That is what he is good at. His valet then states that she wasn't supportive of him before but now is and she wants to come with him. Knux can't believe it and they hug.

Abyss is backstage and states that it is his time right now. He is going to finally show what he is all about. He hurt people in the past, but he is going to fight out there for him. We know who they are and the mask is for them.


A video plays showing The Wolves and why they have came to TNA Wrestling. They mention Dixie Carter and MVP but they also mention that they came to be TNA Tag Team Championships. They will win it this Sunday. It may be a handicap match type of situation, but The Wolves have the entire nation behind them.

They run down the line-up for Sacrifice. You can see the entire line-up right here on

Eric Young's music plays and he comes out and meets up with Taz and Mike Tenay at the commentators' desk. Magnus comes out next and gets in the ring. Abyss comes out next and he gets in the ring.

Magnus vs. Abyss - If Abyss wins, he receives a TNA Wrestling contract

Abyss and Magnus meet face to face. Magnus talks trash and then goes for a punch but Abyss blocks it and punches Magnus and he falls. Magnus gets up and goes in the corner and Abyss punches him multiple times. He whips Magnus in the corner and runs to him but Magnus tries to fight him off. Abyss comes back and attacks him and tosses him out of the ring. Magnus walks around as he recovers.


Magnus has Abyss in the corner and kicks his knee that is caught on the rope and punches his face. Magnus takes Abyss out and closelines him down. Abyss slowly gets up but Magnus kicks Abyss' leg in the back. He then grabs it and takes Abyss down and elbows the knee. He works on the knee but Abyss tries to fight out of it. Abyss stands but Magnus continues the work on the leg. Magnus punches Abyss in the head and then bounces off the ropes. Abyss catches him with a choke but Magnus fights him off and then attacks his leg and Abyss falls. Magnus grabs the leg and goes for a figure four leg lock but Abyss pushes him and Magnus goes through the ropes. Abyss stands and goes to grab Magnus but Magnus takes his legs out from under him and drags him to the ring post. He has the legs but Abyss pulls him into the ring post. Abyss gets out of the ring and grabs Magnus and brings him in.

Abyss grabs Magnus by the throat and goes for the chokeslam but Magnus low blows him. The bell sounds. Winner: Abyss

Magnus exits the ring and grabs a steel chair. He brings it in the ring and smashes Abyss in the back with it. Abyss falls. He smashes Abyss with it on the back multiple times and then hits his knee with it. Magnus then grabs the referee and puts him in the corner. Eric Young comes from the commentators desk and runs in the ring. He grabs Magnus from behind but Magnus kicks him via low blow. He grabs the chair and hits Eric in the back multiple times. He then chokes Eric with the top of the chair. He goes back to Abyss and attacks him and then back to Eric and then back to Abyss. He throws the chair down as the crowd boos. Magnus looks around as he raises his arms. The show fades.

A video package plays saying next week will be the fallout of Sacrifice.

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