Impact Wrestling Results (4/24/15) - Night Of Knockouts!


Impact Wrestling Results - 4/24/2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package hyping up tonight's TKO episode of Impact Wrestling. It is a night of Knockouts. They will not only be recognized but they will also get noticed! On top of that, we will have Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle for the TNA World Championship!

The camera shows the Impact Zone. Music hits and here comes Kurt Angle. He has the TNA World Championship in his hands. He walks down the ramp, gets in the ring, and grabs a mic. He says he will put his belt on the line later tonight and what he is going to do is necessary. He calls out Eric Young. His music plays and he makes his way to the ring. He enters and Kurt says he made a plead to him last week about bringing the old EY back and leaving the lunatic EY behind him. He thinks we saw a glimpse of that old EY last week. Before they wrestle, he wants to know who he is going to fight. EY grabs the mic from Kurt. He says people called him crazy his whole life. That turned when he became TNA World Champion. That was taken from him and Kurt knows what that feels like. People tried to talk EY in manipulative fashion. It was unstoppable. Kurt stopped it when he turned his back on him - EY didn't jump him from behind. EY saved Kurt from behind hit with a chair. So, he is asking what EY he is facing tonight - EY says he is facing the best one. Let the best man win! EY extends his hands and Kurt shakes it.

Austin Aries comes out as his music plays. He comes out with his briefcase in hand. Aries has something that everyone would want to hear. The real EY is the EY that jumped his friend and left him down on the mat. The real EY is a ticking time bomb, so don't make that mistake. Aries has the briefcase to cash-in against the TNA World Champion. Tonight is going to be Kurt Angle vs. Austin Aries. It is Aries' time. He tells Angle to get physically and mentally prepared. Aries is going to walk down that aisle, hand in the briefcase, and the bell will ring. They will have one of the best matches EVER! Finally, he will walk out as TNA World Champion. Aries' music plays and he leaves while EY confronts Kurt.

Josh Mathews goes over the line-up tonight.

Taryn Terrell is backstage. She says she is going to prove herself tonight. She will do everything in her power to keep the belt. That means that she will take Awesome Kong down.

Gail Kim comes out first and gets in the ring. Angelina Love comes out next. Brooke comes out next. As she walks down the ramp, Madison Rayne jumps her from behind. As they fight, Gail Kim and Love exit the ring and they all fight on the outside.


Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love vs. Brooke vs. Madison Rayne to determine the Number 1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship

Rayne tries to suplex Brooke but Brooke fights her off. Love comes over and do a double suplex on Brooke over the ropes but she lands on the apron. She chokes Love and Rayne on the top rope but Gail runs over and hits into them which hit into Brooke and she falls into the security guard rail. Love goes after Kim and takes her down. Rayne gets up and takes Gail face first into the top turnbuckle. She and Love work together to take Gail on. They whip her in the corner. Love smashes her but Rayne goes to but Gail moves. Brooke gets up and goes after Love but Love knocks her down. Gail comes back and fights Madison but Love stops the momentum.

Love and Madison continue to work together. Love goes to grab Gail but Rayne kicks her right in the head and Love falls. Rayne climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick but Gail moves. Gail gets Madison up and punches her in the face. She kicks her in the gut and Madison backs up in the corner. Gail runs to her but she is blindsided by Brooke. Brooke now goes on attack after Rayne but Love stops the count. Love and Brooke fight back and forth with punches. Brooke takes her down with several closelines and then hits a flapjack. Rayne kicks Brooke from behind and then rams her head into her knee. Gail takes Rayne down and applies the head scissors. She then bends her body back in impressive fashion. Love goes behind Gail and applies her own submission with the arms. Brooke comes from behind and applies a submission of her own behind Love. Rayne gets out of the head scissors and then kicks Brooke right in the head. She gets Brooke up but Brooke knocks her down.

Brooke taunts and then goes to the top rope. She jumps with a huge elbow drop. Gail climbs another corner and hits a missile dropkick to Love. Gail and Brooke stand. They are face to face. They run in the ropes. They collide chest first and both fall. Love gets up, gets Brooke up and does a face planter. Gail hits Eat Defeat on Love. Madison grabs Gail and goes for her finisher. She hits it. Brooke does a roll-up to Rayne but she kicks out. Brooke and Rayne stand. Brooke lifts her up from behind and smashes her face first. She covers and wins. Winner: Brooke

A video package plays showcasing The Rising. We have Drew McIntyre, Eli, and Mica. Drew says they are standing up to professional wrestling. Eli states this is a war. The only way the war ends is with The Beat Down Clan falls and The Rising rises.


Eric Young is walking backstage. The camera man asks him about his thoughts about Aries cashing in the Feast or Fired briefcase. EY states tonight was supposed to be everything. He was supposed to fight for the belt. He asks the camera man how he would feel about having the opportunity taken away, but then he realizes he wouldn't understand.

The Beat Down Clan comes out from the curtain and walk down the ramp. The Rising come down next. Drew leads the group while Mica is the one in action. MVP has a mic in hand and states he wants to have a one-on-one match. Just a simple one, nothing else. MVP wants to take off his coat first. He exits the ring to take it off, but Kenny King attacks Mica from behind as the other members are on the outside.

Mica vs. Kenny King

Kenny continues to attack Mica. He runs into the ropes but Drew trips him. The referee tosses Drew and Eli out from ringside. Mica stands and attacks Kenny. He puts him in the corner and stomps away. He then whips him in the opposing corner. Kenny takes him up and he lands on the ropes. King kicks him and he falls to the outside. Low Ki attacks Mica and then MVP punches him in the face without the referee watching. Kenny exits the ring and does several knife edge chops to him. Mica tries to fight back but King knees him in the gut. He rolls him back in the ring. He works on the head and neck area. Mica tries to fight out of it and he does with a back suplex. Both stand. Kenny goes for a kick but Mica ducks. King goes in the corner. Mica runs and does a splash. He then does a scoop and a TKO. He covers but MVP gets up on the apron to distract the referee. Mica climbs the corner but Low Ki holds onto his leg. King kicks him in the head. Mica falls. King covers but Mica kicks out. Kenny gets Mica to his feet, lifts him on his shoulders, but Mica fights back. Kenny kicks Mica in the back of the head. He goes on the apron. He does a springboard but Mica does a samoan drop and covers. He wins! Winner: Mica

MVP and Low Ki enter the ring and attack Mica. They stomp and punch him but Eli and Drew run back down and gets in the ring. They attack Low and MVP. Now here comes Homicide. He gets in the ring with stick of some sort. He attacks Eli in the back and then Drew. King holds Drew from behind. Homicide holds his head. MVP grabs a pipe from under the ring. Drew tries to fight back but they stop him. MVP hands the pipe to Low Ki. He hits Drew right in the gut with it as The BDC hold him. MVP hits Eli in the gut with the pipe next. The BDC taunt in the middle of the ring as The Rising is down.


Eli and Mica are helping Drew in the back. He is leaning on their shoulders. Drew says Low Ki tried to seek his revenge. He doesn't care about the condition of his ribs. Next week is Hardcore Justice and it will be him and Low Ki on a Pipe on a Pole match. He will have to kill him to beat Drew.

The Dollhouse come out. They are dancing and circling around. They are so happy and glad. We have Jade and Marti Bell. They enter and tell Christy to introduce them correctly.

Jade vs. Cherry Bomb

They lock-up and Cherry is able to start the match off hot by taking Jade down and then doing a roll-up. Jade stands and talks to Marti for a little bit. She gets up and goes after Cherry and finally is able to get on the offense. She attacks her on the back with forearms and then takes her over for a suplex. She starts to scream and pout. She covers after yelling at the referee. Cherry kicks out. Jade gets up and kicks Cherry with a Shining Wizard. She kicks her again. Jade gets Bomb up and does a fallaway slam. Marti loves it!

Marti makes Jade lick something. She turns and goes back at attacking Cherry. She has her in the corner and punches her in the face. Jade turns back to Marti. She turns around again and Cherry closelines her and then hits a back elbow. She goes into the ropes but Marti trips her. The referee sends Marti to the back. Mart turns to leave. The referee turns to face the ring, but Marti turns back and pushes the referee into the steel post. Marti enters and attacks Cherry along with Jade. Christy Hemme gets on the mic. Winner by DQ: Cherry Bomb

Jade and Marti Bell turn as they don't like what they hear. They exit the ring, get on the mic and ask what Christy said. They slap her in the face. Marti whips her in the steel steps and then Jade dropkicks her. Marti puts a big gum ball jawbreaker in Christy's mouth. Their music play and they swing each other around on the ramp.


EY is sitting in the back. Kurt Angle walks up to him. He sits down in front of him and says he doesn't know what to say. EY is the Number 1 Contender. But, he's fighting Aries tonight. EY says this has been happening. It's Aries now and last time it was Lashley. EY says he is done talking about this. He doesn't know if he wants to be here anymore. Eric stands and walks away.

Magnus is in the ring. He has a mic in hand. He says the last few months have been the toughest months in his life. He thanks the fans and says his family thanks them for the support. It is not about him, though. It is about his finance as she is going to make an announcement. Here is one of the best woman wrestlers... Mickie James. Mickie's music plays. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Magnus hands the mic to Mickie. The crowd chants, "Mickie, Mickie, Mickie." James thanks them. She also thanks Magnus. The last month has been a roller coaster month. She decided to come back and support Magnus as he dealt with Bram. Everyone welcomed her back with open arms. Mickie is so glad to be part of the best women's era in wrestling... Not just to fight them but beat them. Being Champion means that is is worth it and you know that is your purpose. She has a new purpose though and that her child. She thanks everyone but she will go home and try to be the best mom she can be. Whistles are heard and here comes James Storm. Storm walks down the ramp with a mic in hand. He enters the ring.

James tells Mickie not to cry. Storm says the people that know him know that he loves beer and hot woman. He sees Mickie in those cowboy boots and drinking beer instead of wine. She tells it how it is. Storm talks about being in the go position before walking through the curtain on stage... How the adrenaline is rushing and how the crowd chants "Mickie"... No one wants to see her go. Magnus grabs a mic and says he appreciates Storm's words and actions, but this decision is difficult. Storm says if a decision is difficult it shouldn't be made. Storm says she shouldn't go. Mickie says she made her decision and she is happy with it... To be a full-time mom. Storm says people can relate to her about loving her child. She also loves Magnus. But, these fans LOVE Mickie! He just wants one more time... That's it. The crowd chants, "One more match." Mickie finally says, "ONE MORE TIME!" Storm tells James Mitchell to hit the music. Mickie's music hits. James Storm leaves the ring.


A video plays during the commercial of Mickie James and Magnus in the back. Magnus asks him what that was about. Mickie says she got caught up in the moment, but she loves this industry. She asks if Magnus supports her and he does. Davey Richards enters the picture and congratulates Mickie but wants to talk to Magnus. He tells him that Storm is dangerous and he has to watch out.

Davey is in the ring and Manik comes out and gets in the ring.

Davey Richards vs. Manik

They lock-up and work on each other's arms. Manik applies a headlock but Davey gets out. Manik goes in the ropes and Davey dropkicks him. He rolls out of the ring. Davey waits on the apron. He punts Manik in the head and he flips around on the ground. Davey rolls him back in the ring. Davey puts Manik in the corner and then whips him in the opposing one. Manik jumps over Davey and goes behind him. Davey tries to elbow him but Manik takes him down and applies an armlock. Davey gets to the ropes and Manik releases it. Davey gets on the apron. Manik follows. They fight back and forth, but Manik drops and trips Davey and he falls on his shoulder on the apron. We see a split screen seeing James Storm talk to Khoya and Abyss.

Manik rams Davey's arm into the apron and then rolls him in the ring. He does a snapmare and kicks him in the back. Manik continues to work on the arm. Manik turns it into a snap suplex and then goes for a back suplex. Davey's arm is hurting him. Manik covers but Davey kicks out. Manik twists the arm of Davey and locks it in as well as a headlock. Manik works his way to the ropes and does the armlock over the ropes. He releases it. Davey goes to the center of the ring. Manik does a springboard but Davey kicks him in the chest. Manik slowly gets up and Davey continues to kick him in the chest. Davey whips him in the opposing corner and runs to him. Manik kicks him in the face though. Davey brushes it off and does a german suplex. He has a bridge but Manik kicks out. Davey climbs the corner and goes for the foot stomp but Manik moves and Davey rolls through. Manik does a roll-up but Manik kicks out. Manik goes in the ropes but Davey lifts him up and kicks him in the chest and then does The Creeping Death (a kick to the head). He covers. Winner: Davey Richards

Davey walks backwards up the ramp but Khoya attacks Davey from behind. Abyss comes out and does a chokeslam to Davey right on the apron. They continue to attack him as they go to slam him on the steel steps, but The Hardys come out and go after Abyss as they push him into the steel post and then slam Khoya into the steel steps. They enter the ring and hit Manik with Check Fate.

Ethan Carter III is backstage. Tyrus is behind him in some suit jacket, a little top hat and is holding balloons. Ethan says this is the year. He is going to announce #EC32015. He already talked to his family and it's a go. It's going to be a night you won't forget.


Ethan Carter III walks down the ramp with Tyrus by his side. He still has the balloons in hand. They enter the ring. Ethan stands behind a podium that is set-up. Ethan talks in some robotic voice about what you can't do for EC3 but what EC3 can do for you. He says today will life in infamy. Ethan says he will combine the fan base... The ones who state the "You can't wrestle" and the others that state "Yes you can". He announces he will be the next TNA World Champion. This is his campaign. Ethan has some great qualifications. Since debuting in October of 2013, he has been undefeated. He has been fighting off enemies in their land and beat Hall of Famers... Sting, Bully Ray, and champion himself Kurt Angle. Ethan will take this company in the future for the next 4, no... 8, years. This is a grass root campaign. When he is champion, unemployment and laziness will go down. The United States will turn gold. He will take the belt world wide. He will take it in space. He states that he is EC3 and he is the next TNA World Champion... And God bless America and God bless EC3.

Music hits and here comes Mr. Anderson. Anderson walks down the ramp with a mic. He gets in the ring. Anderson says Ethan is a great kid. Ethan thinks that means he said he is the next champion. Anderson says he never said that. The stuff that spouts from his mouth is so crazy that he should run for President. He would great with Anthony Wiener. Anderson slams the podium down. Tyrus moves forward and Ken says Ethan can't fight by himself. Ken says it took him 11 years to be World Champion. He broken countless bones to get to that spot. Ethan takes off his jacket. He goes to attack Ken but Ken fights him off. He goes to fight Tyrus as he gets on the apron but he backs up. Anderson goes to hit Mic Check on Ethan but he slides out. He joins with Tyrus on the outside and they walk away.

A video package plays showing Taryn Terrell and her winning the Knockouts Championship. It was a dream come true. She has been a great champion. Well, now we have Awesome Kong. She is destroying everyone. She is Number 1 Contender.


Awesome Kong comes out from the stage as her music plays. She gets in the ring. Taryn Terrell comes out next with the Knockouts Championship around her waist. She interacts with the fans around the ring before entering. Taryn gets on a mic and states that they should make this a match the fans deserve... A No DQ match!

Awesome Kong vs. Taryn Terrell (c) in a No DQ match for the Knockouts Championship

Taryn runs to Kong but she pushes her down. Taryn goes after her again but Kong pushes her down and then tosses her out of the ring. Kong leaves the ring. Terrell runs to her but Kong just hits her with her chest and Taryn falls. Kong grabs her legs, spins her around, and hits her upper body first into the guard rail. Kong grabs two kendo sticks. She hits Taryn on each side. She drops one and rams Taryn into the apron. She drops the other and then lifts Taryn up for a powerbomb but Taryn stands on the steel steps and stomps on Kong's head. Kong trips her and she falls on the apron. Kong pushes her in the ring. Awesome enters, bounces off the ropes, and goes for a splash but Taryn rolls out of the way. Both get up. Taryn runs to her and punches her several times. She then does a dropkick and Kong goes in the corner. Taryn pushes her out of the corner as she climbs. She jumps and hits a flying cross body. She covers but Kong kicks out.

Taryn does a low dropkick to her back as Kong is sitting up. Terrell exits the ring, looks under the ring and grabs a table. She slides it in the ring. Taryn gets on the apron and punches Kong in the face. Taryn grabs a kendo stick from the outside and gets back in the ring. She rams Kong in the corner. Just then, The Dollhouse come out - Jade and Marti Bell. Taryn sets up the table in the ring. Jade and Marti are smiling and sharing their gum ball. Taryn blocks Kong between the corner and the table. She goes for a cutter but Kong blocks it. She smashes Taryn's head on the table. She puts her on the table and Kong climbs the corner. Just then, Marti and Jade get on the apron and hit Kong with the two kendo sticks, one from each. Taryn stands and powerbombs Kong through the table with the assist of The Dollhouse. Taryn covers. Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Taryn Terrell

Taryn slides around to the edge of the ring and grabs a mic. She says if they mess with her, they will mess with her friends and they aren't very nice. She said this is their house... The Dollhouse! Marti and Jade run circles around Taryn as she raises the belt. They exit the ring and continue to taunt.

Austin Aries is walking backstage. The camera man asks why he is cashing in tonight. Aries said he laid it out already. He is the bargainer. It's time to cash it in and be TNA World Champion. Aries goes through a set of double doors but EY is walking out of it. They stare at each other. Aries tells him sorry, but he will give him the first shot. EY continues to walk away and he is wheeling a suitcase.


Josh Mathews is shown in his commentator's box. He talks about Taryn Terrell being part of The Dollhouse.

A camera is shown backstage, hidden and out of sight. Magnus walks up to the production crew and asks if they can follow Mickie for awhile with everything going on. They will do it. They leave and Magnus looks on.

Austin Aries walks out with a cape around his neck and the Feast or Fired briefcase in hand. He gets in the ring. He's ready. Aries waits in the ring. But, Eric Young comes from the crowd and attacks Aries from behind. He tosses him out of the ring. He slams the briefcase on the mat. EY exits the ring, grabs Austin and does a piledriver on the outside!! A security official comes out but EY punches him in the face. Young grabs Austin, puts him on the steel steps and does a piledriver on said steps. Kurt Angle runs down the ramp and pulls EY off of him. He shoves EY back as he asks him what is wrong with him. Kurt turns and checks on Austin, but EY attacks Kurt as he is kneeling down. He then smashes his head against the steel steps as he rests it on the steel and stepped down. EY takes the knee brace off of Kurt's knee, grabs a chair and smashes the knee with the chair. Kurt is bleeding from the head. EY throws the chair to a referee. EY applies a Figure Four Leg Lock. Referees and security guards try to stop him but they can't. The show fades.

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