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Impact Wrestling Results (4/3/14) - Abyss Almost Becomes World Champion

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Impact Wrestling Results - 4/3/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package concentrating on the World Championship match later tonight featuring Abyss, Magnus, Samoa Joe, and Eric Young. The video shows why each of them are in this match. Joe wants a fair chance but MVP thinks it will be fair when Abyss is in the match. Eric Young can take out Abyss while Joe goes for the title but Eric also wants the championship.

Tables are around the ring and Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III are already in the ring. Music hits and here comes Bully Ray! He walks down the ramp. Willow comes out next as the show goes black and white. Willow spins the umbrella as he walks down the ramp. He slides in the ring with Ray and the bell sounds.

Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III vs. Bully Ray and Willow in a Tables Match

Ray goes after Roode and Willow goes after Ethan. Ray has Roode in the corner and smashes his head in with punches 9 punches and a huge chop. Ethan goes in another corner and attacks Ethan. Ray drops to his hands and knees and Willow comes and jumps on Ray's back and smashes Roode. They do the same to Ethan. Ray then does a body slam to Ethan. Willow climbs the corner. Ray does the "What's Up??!" and Willow flies face first into Ethan's crotch. Ray then pushes Willow back and counts down so the crowd chants... "Get the tables!" Willow brings the table in the ring. He and Ray set it up. Roode gets up and goes right after Ray with a closeline. Ethan hits Willow with a dropkick. Ethan and Roode work on Ray and then go to Willow. They punch him in the face and whip him in the ropes. They go for a double back body drop onto the table but Ray moves the table. Ray goes after them but Ethan drills Ray. Ethan and Roode set the table up in the ring again. They go after Ray. They go for a double suplex through the table but Willow gets up and moves the table. Willow then goes after Roode but Ethan takes Willow down with a closeline.

Ethan now smashes Willow's face in with punches. Ethan gets Willow up and smashes his face into the mat. He does it multiple times. Willow comes back and does a chin breaker. Willow screams and runs and does a summersault splash in Ethan in the corner. He then does the dropkick to him in the corner. Ethan gets up and Wilow hits a Twist of Fate but pops up and does a dance and hits it again. Willow sets a table up near the corner. He gras Ethan and puts him on the table. Just the, Rockster Spud is in a wheelchair and he comes on stage and comes down the ramp. Willow climbs off the corner, runs to him, and dropkicks Spud. He then picks him up and takes him to the back. Ray gets on the apron and climbs the corner. Roode now goes to him and holds Ray's leg while Ethan gets off the table. Roode pushes him but Ray jumps over the table but lands on his back. Ethan gets Ray up and holds his arms behind him while Roode climbs the corner. Ray hits a low blow via a kick to Ethan and then grabs Roode's groin on the top rope and flips him over on Ethan. Both get up and Ray does a double closeline and then a series of punches to Roode's face and hits Ethan with an elbow. Ray sets up the table where he wants it on the mat and goes for a power bomb on Ethan but Roode comes from behind and hits Ray. Ethan rolls out of the ring while Roode tries to put Ray through the table but Ray goes for the Bully Cutter but Roode pushes him away. He grabs him and does a spine buster on Ray through the table. Winners: Bobby Roode and Ethan Carter III

Roode grabs another table and sets it up in the middle of the ring with Ethan's help. They grab Ray. Roode lifts him up on his shoulders and walks around the table. Roode then hits the Roode Bomb on Ray through another table. Ethan goes to leave the ring as Roode's music plays but Roode calls for Ethan for one more table. Ethan comes back and gets a table. He slides it in the ring and Roode sets it up by the corner. Ethan grabs Ray and Roode punches him in the face multiple times. Ethan sets Bully on the table. Roode climbs the corner. Roode gets on the top rope, jumps, and does a huge splash on Ray going through the table! Roode lays on the mat by Ray and yells at his face. Roode's music plays once again.

A guy is driving a golf cart with Kenny King in the back seat. King tells the driver to stop there. He does. King gives the guy a tip and then goes to an official at the door. He tells him he is Kenny King and wants to know what match he has tonight. The guy looks at his clipboard and states that he doesn't a match. King questions him and asks where MVP is. He gives a guy a tip and goes through the door.

Mr. Anderson is shown walking backstage with a straight jacket on his shoulder.


Magnus is wheeling his suitcase as he comes into the arena. The camera man asks him about Abyss and Magnus says not to worry about Abyss as they have never been on better terms.

MVP is in his office as the camera man asks him about tonight. MVP runs down the line-up for tonight. Kenny King then enters the picture. MVP shakes his hand and states he is in a middle of something right now and he will catch up with him later. King said he will wait but MVP blows him off and says he will be awhile. MVP tells the camera to buckle up for tonight's show.

Mr. Anderson walks down the ramp as his music hits. He comes in the ring with his straight jacket. He grabs a mic and asks if he met the audience before... well, he introduces himself - Mr. Anderson... Anderson! Ken then states he they have a "Creepy B@stard" in the area and he can't keep his boogers to himself... boogers meaning fingers! Well, we will fix that with a straight jacket. Ken invites him out. Samuel Shaw's music plays and he comes out on the stage with a mic. Shaw wants his music cut now. He then states that he is not a creepy b@stard. He then asks Ken how important his hands are. Shaw creates art with his hands. Ken doesn't create anything... just like the audience. Ken, just like the audience, is ordinary. Shaw states the worst crime in society is to be ordinary. Shaw gets on the apron and then states that Christy Hemme loves Shaw. Ken runs and knocks Shaw off the apron. Ken goes outside.

Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw in a Straight Jacket Match

Anderson continues the attack on Shaw and then grabs the straight jacket and tries to put it on him but Shaw fights back. Ken fights him and tosses him into the steel steps. Ken grabs the jacket and tries to put Shaw in it but Shaw kicks him back and Anderson goes into the steel steps. Shaw grabs the jacket and chokes Ken with it.


Shaw knocks Ken down as they are in the ring. Shaw gets on top of Ken and chokes him with one hand. Shaw grabs the jacket and starts putting Ken's arm in the sleeve. He then puts the other arm in the other sleeve. Shaw raises his arm and smiles but Ken hits Shaw in the chest. Shaw moves and Ken gets up. Ken punches Shaw multiple times and then does a swinging neck breaker. He then does a rolling denton as Shaw was on his shoulders. Ken takes off the jacket and puts Shaw's arm through a sleeve. He then puts the other arm in the other sleeve. Samuel, out of nowhere, does a low blow kick as Ken was on top of Shaw. Shaw gets up and does the choke hold on Ken. He takes him down on the mat. Samuel releases the choke and Ken is motionless. He is out. Shaw gets out of the straight jacket and now puts one arm through and then goes for the other arm but Ken starts to fight back but Shaw applies the choke again. Shaw puts the other arm through the sleeve. He turns Ken over and starts strapping the back of the jacket.

Samuel starts to cross Ken's arms in front of him to tie the jacket up. He does. As the bell sounds, Shaw's nose starts to bleed. Winner: Samuel Shaw

Shaw exits the ring and taunts as blood flows down his lips.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are backstage. The camera man asks them about them teaming up tonight. Love says it has been years in the making. Sky says looks do kill and he almost felt sorry for Rayne but she should have just stayed home to take care of her baby. Love and Sky try to guess who will team up with Madison... ODB or Gail Kim... but it won't matter anyway.


Eric Young is backstage and the camera man asks him about his World Championship match tonight. Eric says he has brought Abyss into the situation and he has to take care of it. He says he has been with the company for 12 years and he is going to show why he deserves it.

Tigre Uno comes on the stage and runs to the ring. Sanada comes out from the stage. He has the X-Division Champion in his hand. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Kenny King comes on stage before the match starts. He has a mic and tells them to wait. He states that the King of the Night is in the building. King gets in the ring and excuses himself. King says he is not here to take the spotlight or rob it but he wants to click clack the show. He says he is the division. He makes up the X-Division. The X-Division and Kenny King are the same thing. King does the splashes and the moves. He does stuff before anyone else. He did it when he was so young. Just then, MVP's music hits. He comes walking down the ramp. MVP gets in the ring with a mic. MVP asks King if he lost his mind. King says he doesn't look crazy. MVP says he is acting crazy for interrupting his show. MVP says it is his show when he sent Dixie home and became the director of wrestling operations. King said he only won one match. King says he is the biggest stars in the ring right now (no offense to his International homeboys). MVP says that if King keeps this up then he will be the one seeing stars. King says unless he has a big load of money and some girls clapping, the ring is for him. King says it is time for him to main event and headline Impact Wrestling. MVP tells him that he won't headline anytime soon go to his office and they can talk. King says everyone can't be booked up... he asks MVP what he is doing. MVP says he is directing the show. He tells King that the show is over. King bows and meets up with MVP as he was about to leave and says how about an exhibition match. MVP shakes his hand. King leaves the ring and laughs as he will see MVP later.


Tigre Uno vs. Sanada in a Best of 3 Series match

They lock-up and Tigre goes right for an armlock. Sanada gets up and Tigre applies a headlock but Sanada sends him in the ropes. Tigre hits him and Sanada goes in the corner. Uno goes up to him and does a huge kick to the head and Sanada goes to the outside. He gets in the ring and Uno works on Sanada again as he grabs his arms from behind and pulls them back. Sanada turns it around and whips Uno in the ropes and hits him with an elbow. He hits him again and climbs the corner. He jumps and hits Uno with a flying forearm. He does an am drag and then a back suplex. Sanada does a dropkick to Uno's back and covers but Uno kicks out. Both get up and Uno sends Sanada goes in the corner and Uno runs but Sanada moves and then spins Uno around on the mat. Uno rolls out and takes a break. He gets in the ring and goes after Sanada. Sanada attacks Uno though and climbs the corner but Tigre knocks Sanada down. Uno climbs the corner and does a split legged moonsault. Sanada lifts his knees up though. He grabs Uno from behind and does a double undertook german suplex with a bridge and gets the pin. Winner 1-0: Sanada

Magnus is walking backstage. The camera man asks him where is Abyss. Magnus tells him not to worry as he is fine. He says he is about to show Abyss that no one has ever seen him before.


Brittany walks backstage to meet with Madison Rayne. Brittany states that she looks up to Madison and that Madison has really grown since when she first started. Rayne thanks her and asks her if there is anything else. Brittany asks her if she can be involved in the tag team match. Rayne says she doesn't want to put her in the predicament as it is never ending with Beautiful People. Brittany says she was Rayne when she first started. Rayne states that Brittany beat Gail Kim in her debut and they are dressed the same. She then says to close the door and talk strategy.

Magnus comes through the curtain and gets in the ring. Magnus has a mic and the TNA World Championship and tells Abyss to come on out here. Abyss' music plays. He walks out on the stage with a genuine suit. Abyss looks at the sleeves and then looks at the whole outfit as he gets to the bottom of the ramp. He walks up the steps and gets on the apron. He gets in the ring. He asks the crowd if Abyss looks great! Magnus says this is how the professionals dress. Magnus says Abyss looks like a winner. He is a winner. He called him out here to talk strategy about the match tonight. Everyone is referring this match to a Four Corners match and they are doing it as a hook to question whether Abyss will square off against Magnus. Magnus states they know it won't happen. They are a team. They are buds. They are two peas in a huge pod. He treats him as a person and a star. He doesn't want to remind Abyss of James Mitchell and Eric Young. Magnus is different.

Magnus states that he is a Brit. Brits have a hard time showing their emotions. Magnus says it is hard to express himself sometimes. He is going to try though. "Abyss, I love you." Magnus drops the mic and hugs Abyss. Abyss doesn't hug back. Magnus' music plays and he leaves the ring. Abyss is right behind him. As Magnus is about to go backstage, Eric Young runs up behind Abyss and takes him down. He smashes him with punches. Magnus turns and sees Eric and runs to him and rips him off of Abyss. They get him and roll him in the ring. They attack Eric with stomps. Samoa Joe runs down to the ring. Magnus leaves while Joe fights Abyss. Abyss leaves the ring. Joe turns around as Eric stands. They stare at each other and Eric says he doesn't need help and to stay out of his business. Eric leaves the ring and keeps turning to Joe.

Sky and Love are backstage. They are fooling around as their match is next.


The Wolves are backstage with MVP. MVP talks about The Wolves upcoming Tag Team Championship match. Just then, Robbie E walks into the picture with a doctor. The doctor hands MVP a piece of paper and Robbie states that he got hurt working out in the gym. Robbie turned some muscle. MVP says wrestlers get hurt and still go in the ring. That is what they do. Robbie brings up Kurt Angle but MVP says Kurt had a torn MCL. Robbie says if he wrestles then there will be a lawsuit. Robbie leaves with the doctor. MVP tells The Wolves can't have a match tonight and now he needs to focus on his match. The Wolves can't believe it.

A video plays showing Knux traveling to see his dad. Knux says his dad doesn't like him becoming a wrestler. Knux goes to his dad's house and knocks on the door. His dad opens the door and invites him in. His dad states this was suppose to be his but Knux tells him he had dreams. He asks what he can do. His dad asks him to stay to help. Knux says he can stay a couple days.

The Beautiful People show their silhouettes side as they come on the stage. They get on the apron and let the pigeons loose. They continue to taunt. Music plays and here comes Madison Rayne and Brittany. They come down the ramp and get in the ring.

The Beautiful People vs. Madison Rayne and Brittany

Love and Brittany start the match. They lock-up but Love hits Brit and whips her in the ropes. Brit kicks Love in the gut and then does a shoulder block as she runs in the ropes. She does several arm drags and then a body slam. Love roles to her corner and tags Sky. She enters and Brit does a drop toe hold and then a front face lock. Sky gets out of it and then whips Brit in the corner. Sky runs to her but Brit hits her. Love grabs Brit's hair and whips her down on the mat. She tags Love. Love enters and they work on Brit and Love covers but Brit kicks out. Love continues the attack as she slams her face in the mat. She then tells Rayne to come in. She does but the referee stops her. Love takes Brit to her corner and Sky and her double team. She then does a snapmare and tags Sky. Sky yells at Brit and then smashes her face first into the top turnbuckle. Sky kicks Brit in the gut multiple times and then covers but Brit kicks out. Brit comes back with a Russian leg sweep. She crawls over and tags Madison while Sky tags Love. Rayne closelines Love multiple times and then a kick to the side of the head. Madison covers but Sky gets in and breaks the count. Rayne gets up but Brit reaches in and tags herself in. She goes after Love but Sky enters and attacks Rayne and then focus on Brit. Love and Sky kick Brit from the front and back. They cover and win. Winners: The Beautiful People


Kenny King comes out on the stage and comes to the ring. MVP comes out next and gets in the ring.

Kenny King vs. MVP in an Exhibition Match

MVP and King shake hands. They move around the ring. They lock-up. MVP works on the arm of King but King rolls through but so does MVP to keep the arm lock in. King gets down and bounces up and then flips around. He slaps MVP's hand away. King then taunts away. They move around the ring and lock-up again. King works on the arm of MVP. MVP twists around and around and around and then works on the arm of King. MVP backs up as he releases it. King smiles and claps. They lock-up and MVP works on the arm again. King twists out of it and then does an arm drag to MVP. King gets up and applies a headlock. MVP whips him in the ropes but MVP ducks and then trips King and applies the STF. He releases it but has King's leg. King yells to let him go. MVP does but tells him about it. They get up and lock-up.

King applies a side headlock and then a takedown and ten twists around and pops up. He taunts while MVP is kneeling on one knee. He gets up and they move. They go for a test of strength but MVP kicks King's arm and applies a headlock and then a takedown. King applies a head scissors. MVP rolls out of it and pops over King to applies a front headlock. King gets up but MVP puts him in the corner. MVP backs up but King does a headbutt. MVP wonders what that is about. They go to lock-up again but King slides behind MVP but MVP slides behind him and takes him down but King gets up but he takes him down again and floats over him. He keeps the arms locked around King as he stands but King elbows his way out of it. MVP starts punching King in the face. King takes MVP down and he punches him but MVP rolls over and they punch back and forth. The referee calls for the bell. They continue to punch. More referees enter the picture. They break them up. As MVP walks away, King hits MVP from behind and quickly walks up the ramp. He taunts.

Magnus is walking backstage as he is calling for Ethan Carter III. He tells Ethan that his match tonight was great and he is really shining. Magnus says their business relationship is over but not their friendship. Ethan says he didn't get help when Willow almost tried to break his leg. Magnus says the kids were at the park and he couldn't make it. Magnus just came by to ask if he he had his back. Ethan says it depends but isn't sure what will happen. Ethan smirks and leaves while Magnus looks dumbfounded.

Kenny King is backstage as the camera man catches up with him. King says he is just showing MVP how he really is in the ring and MVP couldn't take it. MVP runs up to him and attacks him. King fights back. The Wolves come and break them up. They pull MVP back and ask him what that was all about and he shouldn't be doing that.


Samoa Joe comes out on the stage as the crowd does a huge pop and yells, "Joe is gonna kill you." Joe gets in the ring. After he does, Eric Young comes out. The crowd continues with the loud pop. Abyss comes out next. He comes out in his ring gear. Magnus comes out next with the TNA World Championship. He gets in the ring.

Samoa Joe vs. Abyss vs. Eric Young vs. Magnus (C) for the TNA World Championship

Abyss goes right after Eric while Magnus goes after Joe. They have them in corners punching each there. Magnus chops Joe in the chest and goes to whip him in the ropes but he does an atomic drop and then a kick to the face and a back denton. Magnus rolls out. Joe goes to him on the outside. Eric is taking it to Abyss right now with punches in the face. Joe sends Magnus in the steps. Abyss goes to whip EY but EY flips over and then under Abyss and dropkicks him to the outside. EY goes in the ropes and flies for a suicide dive and takes down all three men. EY sends Magnus in the ring and climbs the corner. He jumps and lands on Magnus. He covers but Mganus kicks out. EY puts Magnus in the corner. Abyss gets in and runs to him but EY moves and Abyss smashes Magnus. EY takes Abyss down. Samoe Joe gets in and looks at Eric. They talk but Magnus and Abyss come from behind and attack them.


Magnus sends Joe out of the ring. Magnus now goes to EY who is laying on the mat. Magnus chokes him with his boot. Abyss goes after EY now as Magnus goes to the outside after Joe. He gets in and tells Abyss to go after Joe. Abyss does but Joe fights Abyss. Abyss fights back. EY is trying to fight back against Magnus in the ring but Magnus closelines him down. Abyss chokes Joe on the outside. Magnus covers EY but EY kicks out. Magnus applies a back headlock while Joe fights back with punches to the face. Abyss knees Joe in the gut or a low blow and Joe goes down. Magnus sends EY in the ropes and hits him with a knee to the face. Magnus kicks EY and covers but EY kicks out. He does another cover but EY kicks out again.

Abyss is ripping and raking the eyes of Joe while Magnus sends EY in the ropes and elbows him. Joe comes back and punches Abyss multiple times. Magnus does a suplex and covers but EY kicks out. Abyss takes Joe down again. Abyss now gets in the ring as Magnus just told him to come. Abyss goes up to EY. EY slowly stands but Abyss knocks him down. Joe puts his hand on the apron but Magnus steps right on it. Abyss continues to attack EY. The referee tries to stop him but Abyss scares him out of the ring. Magnus grabs EY and puts him up on the top. Abyss comes over but Magnus tells him that he wants to do this. Magnus climbs the corner but EY fights him off. Abyss goes to him but EY punches him and then does a double missile dropkick to both. Both go down. Both get up and EY attacks them one by one. Magnus sends EY in the corner and EY flips over and goes to the outside. Joe gets in and Abyss tries to fight him but Joe attacks him.

Joe sends Magnus and Abyss in the same corner and goes for a splash and then kicks them in the face. Joe covers Magnus but EY gets in and breaks the count. Joe fights EY and does a huge scoop powerslam. He covers but Abyss breaks it up. Joe then does a scoop powerslam to him. Joe runs as Magnus gets up. Joe ducks and applies a Rear Naked Choke but Magnus grabs the referee and low blows Joe from behind as the referee wasn't looking. Abyss then hits Joe with the Black Hole Slam. Joe rolls to the outside. Magnus goes to the outside and sends Joe in the steel steps. EY gets up and goes after Abyss but Abyss goes for a Chokeslam but EY bites his hand. EY bounces off the ropes but Abyss hits a Back Hole Slam. He goes for a cover but Magnus yells, "No!" Abyss looks at him. Magnus gets in the ring as Abyss stands. Magnus talks to him. Abyss is looking around. Magnus tells him to wait for a second. Magnus climbs the corner and hits an elbow drop. He covers and wins. Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Magnus

Magnus gets up and raises the arm of Abyss. He celebrates with the TNA World Championship while telling Abyss that he did the right thing. Magnus taunts from corner.

A video preview plays asking the question... Who will feel the wrath of Dixie Carter? The show fades.

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