Impact Wrestling Results (4/3/15) - Bell To Bell Action


Impact Wrestling Results - 4/3/2015
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package focusing on the "Bell to Bell" theme as we have big matches tonight that will supposedly keep us locked in from the beginning to end.

The camera shows the Impact Zone as the crowd is on their feet. We then go to Taz and Josh Mathews in their little room as they will call the action tonight.

Eric Young's music plays and he walks through the curtain and looks around the arena. He makes his way to the ring. As he does, he tries to scare a couple little kids in the front row. He grabs a mic as he is in the ring and he says this is tonight's final chapter between himself and Roode. He is the good guy that will win. This is the final chapter of Roode's sorry career. Music plays and here comes Bobby Roode. He walks on the stage with a mic in hand. Roode says that Eric said history is written by the winners. Well, here's a story. Eric cost Roode the TNA World Championship. He tried to end Roode's career. Since then, he beat Young in a Steel Cage and he made sure he was the Last Man Standing. Eric says as long as Roode's still breathing that he won't get another shot at the belt, but Roode is here tonight to make sure this story ends forever. Eric gets back on the mic and tells Roode to look in his eyes as he will do whatever it takes to make Roode submit. He will break Bobby's will. He will make Roode tap. Roode retaliates and says if Eric wants a Submission match, then he has it. Roode says he won't tap, but he will make Young tap. He will make Eric cry like the b%tch he is! Roode runs to the ring and slides right in.

Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode in a Submission match

Roode does a huge back body drop as the start and then closelines Eric out of the ring as he goes over the ropes. Roode exits and punches EY in the face. He then slams him in the guard rail. He punches him again. Roode grabs Eric, but Eric tries to fight back. Roode rolls Eric in the ring and as Roode slides in, Eric stomps on him. Roode gets up in the corner. EY whips him into the opposing corner. Roode moves and Eric goes right into the corner. Roode punts him in the gut as EY is straddling over the top corner. He then lands on the top rope between his legs. Roode pushes him down and EY falls to the outside.

Roode exits and goes to Eric but EY rakes his eyes and rolls him back in. EY elbows Roode in the head. Roode is able to counter as he whips EY in the corner, but EY flips over and lands on the apron. He enters and Roode applies a Crossface. EY gets to the ropes and then rolls out. He walks up the ramp, but Roode closelines him down. He then applies a Crossface to Young on the ramp. He let's go as the referee tells him that he has to end it in the ring.

Roode brings EY in the ring. As Roode continues on the offense, he tweaks his right knee somehow. EY tries to come back but Roode does a spine buster and then nurses his knee.


Roode has EY in the corner as he punches him about 6 times in the face until EY tosses Roode down. Roode lands on his feet and then falls down to his back as his knee is hurting. Young goes to the leg and applies a leg bar. Roode grabs the ropes and EY releases. Roode rolls out of the ring. EY exits and does a chop block. Roode falls. EY stands and taunts. He stomps on his knee. EY then yanks the leg to try to pull it out of its socket. EY gets Bobby up and then does a knee breaker. EY puts Roode in the corner, but grabs his leg and hits it against the steep ring post. He then applies a leg lock around the said post. Roode falls out of the ring. EY punches Roode in the head and then whips him into the steel ring post. He pushes Roode back in the ring. EY enters and whips him in the ropes but Roode holds on and EY falls to his back as he went for a dropkick. Roode tries for a Boston Crab, but EY pushes him back. Both stand and Roode applies the Crossface. Eric is able to grab the ropes with his feet. Both stand and Roode applies a Boston Crab now. Young pulls himself over as he reaches the bottom rope.

Both slowly stand but EY grabs Roode by the trunks in the front and tosses him through the second and top rope. EY slams Roode against the steel steps ad then places his body on the top of it. EY grabs his knee and smashes it down on the steps. Roode falls off as he is in agony. Young grabs Roode and brings him back in the ring. Roode slowly stands. He does a knife edge chop. And then another. Eric punches him in the face. It is now a back and forth battle. Roode gets the upper hand. He whips EY, but EY reverses and Roode falls as he can't run. EY grabs him and sets up the Figure Four Leg Lock! Roode is in so much pain! Roode is able to turn EY and now Eric is in pain. Eric let's the hold break. He stands and goes to lock in the Figure Four again, but Roode pushes him with his boot and Eric goes right into the referee. Both stand and Roode applies the Crossface. Eric taps!! Roode releases and checks on the referee. Roode turns and Eric does a heel kick and Roode falls instantly as Eric hit Roode in the face with the chin pad he had on. EY now applies the Figure Four Leg Lock. Roode doesn't want to tap. He yells at Eric but EY slaps him in the face and Roode taps! Winner: Eric Young

Lashley arrives at the Impact Zone. We then see Kurt Angle arriving. Their match is later tonight.


Music plays and Davey Richards comes out holding both of the TNA Tag Team Championships. Eddie Edwards is behind him on crutches. As they walk to the ring, we see a video play showing the recent victory of The Wolves as they won the belts. We then see a video of a recent One Night Only taping where Eddie broke his heel. They enter the ring and Jeremy Borash is standing with a mic. He asks him about his status. Eddie says he and Davey like to take chances. Well, it caught up to them. He fell on his foot and felt something wrong. They finished the match, but when they went back, he was checked on. He went to the hospital and got x-rays. He has a fractured heel. He states that he will be out for quite sometime and can't defend the TNA Tag Team Championships. JB asks Davey what he will do with the belts. He says he and Eddie are family. They went all around the world to prove why they are the best tag team in the world. Davey continues and says they hunt in packs and without Eddie there's no wolves. He says until Eddie comes back to fight, they will relinquish the belts. Davey puts one belt on one corner and then puts the other belt on another corner. Davey gets back on the mic. He says, whatever team is holding the belts when Eddie gets better, they will hunt them down, they will capture them, and they will tear them to shreds. People may take them down and hurt them, but they will come back and fight stronger than ever. They leave the ring as their music plays.

Christy Hemme is backstage. She has a mic in hand as she introduces her guest Lashley. She asks him what his motivation is. He says he goes after what he wants. He is a fighter. He faced Kurt Angle for the first-time ever several weeks ago and he lost. So, he trained harder and now he will get back what is his.


Angelina Love comes out from the back and enters the ring. Music plays and here comes Gail Kim! She enters the ring. Love has a mic in hand. She says she looks the way she does because she has been blessed. She may shake and show it, but she is a great wrestler. Let's not forget Love is the 6 time Knockouts Champion. Gail isn't. Love is sick of everything about Kim and now that she is free from the constraints that were holding her back the past year, she will prove why she is just as good, or even better than Gail. Love takes a cheap shot at Gail.

Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim

Love gets Gail and whips her in the corner. Love runs in the ropes as Gail comes out and does a cross body. She tries to cover but Gail kicks out. Both stand and Gail comes back with kicks and punches. She does a dropkick and Love falls back into the corner and lands flat on the mat. Gail goes in the ropes but Love grabs her, spins her, and does a side walk slam. She gets up and does a backbreaker to Gail. Love continues the attack as she keeps on punishing the back of Gail. She does a neck breaker from the corner and covers but Gail kicks out. Love tosses Gail out of the ring. Love grab Gail and smashes her back first in the ring apron. Love gets her up and whips her back first into the steel steps. Love hits Gail's head into the ring apron. Love goes to whip her into the steel steps again, but Gail puts the brakes on and goes to Love and hits a Side Russian Sweep on the ring apron. The referee counts and goes up to 9 as Love and Gail roll back in.

Both stand and punch back and forth. Gail does several kicks to the back and then takes Love down. She whips her in the corner and tosses her body into the mid-section. She climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick. She covers but Love kicks out again. Gail grabs Love and goes for a back suplex but she can't do it as her back is hurting. Kim goes for Eat Defeat but love pushes her away. Gail rushes up the corner as she holds Love's arm. She goes for a head scissors, but Love moves and Gail falls on her back. Angelina hits the Botox Injection and covers, but Gail Kim kicks out.

Angelina waits. Kim stands and she goes for the Botox Injection again, but Gail ducks and hits Eat Defeat. She covers and wins! Winner: Gail Kim

A video plays showing members of Ghost Asylum walking in the woods. They reach The Revolution members of James Storm, Abyss, and Khoya. They have a bonfire going. The Ghost members talk to James as he tells them about what has happened in the little house behind him. James wants to know if the friend is still in that house as he feels like he is. They tell him they will check it out. Storm tells Khoya and Abyss that his grandfather told him to never go into that barn. They laugh. The Ghost Asylum members ask what has happened in there as the temperature changes.


A video plays showing the history of Magnus and Bram. Magnus was able to secure a Feast or Fired briefcase, one thing that Bram was just about to take. Bram felt like Magnus betrayed him and ended up attacking him. Ever since then, Magnus has been craving for revenge, but Bram continues to get the upper hand.

Music plays and here comes Bram. He enters the ring. Magnus comes out and marches right into the ring.

Bram vs. Magnus in a Falls Count Anywhere match

Magnus punches Bram first and Bram fights back. Magnus whips Bram in the ropes and he continues to run them until Magnus tosses him to the outside. Magnus gets on the apron and kicks Bram in the chest and he falls. Magnus punches Bram in the face as he stands. He punches him again and then smashes him into the guard rail. He does it again and hits him with a knife edge chop. He takes Bram to another part of the steel guard rail and then does a knife edge chop. Magnus does an uppercut as Bram walks up the ramp. Magnus follows him. He punches Bram several times and he falls. Magnus goes to whip Bram in the stage, but Bram reverses and tries for a powerbomb to Magnus, but Magnus does a back body drop to Bram. Magnus gets him up. He goes for a powerbomb but Bram does a low blow. Both fall. Bram gets Magnus up and does a body slam on the entrance stage. His body bounces off of it. Bram gets him up and punches him several times in the face as Magnus slowly stumbles down the ramp. Bram hits Magnus face first into the ring apron. Bram takes Magnus in the ring. He gets up in the corner.

Bram comes to Magnus but Magnus kicks him and then climbs to the second corner, jumps, and takes Bram down. Both stand and Bram does a spinning heel kick. He covers but Magnus kicks out. Bram rams Magnus' head into the mat and then rolls out of the ring. He grabs a chair and brings it in. He smashes the top of the chair into Magnus' back. He thens ors it to his chest. Magnus rolls out of the ring in pain. Bram walks over to him and punches him in the face. Bram goes to whip him, but Magnus reverses and Bram goes into the steel ring post. Bram crawls and leans against the steps. Magnus walks over and Bram pulls Magnus forward into the steps. Bram slowly stands. He smashes Magnus' face into the steps. He's hurting. Bram mocks him.

Bram gets him back in the ring. He kicks him in the gut and punches him in the head several times. Bram whips Magnus, but Magnus reverses. Bram kicks him in the chest, but Magnus is able to turn it around with a closeline. Both are down.


Bram whips Magnus in the corner and he slowly falls down to the mat. Bram gets him up but Magnus pushes Bram back. Magnus goes to the second rope and punches Bram in the head while Magnus punches back. It's back and forth. Bram bites Magnus' hand but he punches Bram's head and then does a tornado DDT. Both are down. Just then, Mickie James runs down the stage and stands at ringside as she tries to get Magnus back into the match. Magnus rolls over and covers but Bram kicks out at two. Magnus stands and tells Mickie to leave. Bram stands, grabs a chair, and Magnus' back. He falls through the ropes. Bram exits with the chair and chokes Bram with it. He then puts the chair around his head and pushes him into the steel post. He does it again. Magnus falls. Bram takes the chair off and then pushes Magnus on top of the steps. He grabs the chair and goes to smash his head with it. He looks at Mickie with a sadistic smile. He walks over and starts trash talking her. She enters the ring. He stalks her. She backs herself in the corner. Bram closes in on her till James Storm enters and turns Bram around. He talks to her as Mickie leaves the ring. James exits and walks Mickie away from the ring.

Magnus enters takes Bram down multiple times with a clsoeline and then a powerslam. He covers but Bram kicks out. Bram rolls to the apron and grabs the chair. Magnus goes to grab him but Bram hits him in the head with the chair. He covers but Magnus kicks out. Bram puts the chair on the mat, rakes Magnus' eyes and hits the Brighter Side of Suffering onto that chair. He covers but Magus kicks out. Magnus crawls to the chair but Bram gets it and tosses it to the outside. Magnus stands and slowly punches Bram. He fights back as he hits a huge powerbomb. He then hits another. The crowd pops. Magnus grabs Bram and hits a power slam. He covers and wins! Winner: Magnus

Mickie James enters the ring and huge Magnus as they celebrate. They then kiss.

Jeremy Borash is backstage as he hypes up the Bell to Bell episode. He introduces Kurt Angle and asks him how he can get ready to fight Lashley. Kurt says Lashley is his hardest opponent ever. He has trained harder to face him than any other person, including the Olympics. He hasn't held this belt in 3 years and he's not ready to give it up yet.


A video plays that reads "During the break". It shows Magnus and Mickie James walking. She tells him that she is proud of him. He looks over and see James Storm. He asks what that was all about. James says he is just looking out for a friend. He then touches Mickie's arm, smiles, and walks away.

We see Kurt Angle warming up backstage. We then see Lashley gearing up for his match. A video plays showing the epic contest between them two several weeks ago. Kurt Angle won and become the new TNA World Champion.

Lashley is walking backstage. He comes to the steps. He climbs them and walks through the curtain. He walks down the ramp as he interacts with the fans at ringside. We now see Kurt Angle backstage. He walks down the same path that Lashley did. He gets to the steps. He climbs and walks through the curtain. He comes out on the stage, raises the belt over his head and the crowd cheers. He enters the ring.


Jeremy Borash is in the ring as he introduces the participants. Afterwards, Lashley extends his hand and Kurt shakes it quickly.

Lashley vs. Kurt Angle (c) for the TNA World Championship

Both move around the ring. Lashley moves in and grabs Kurt and takes him down. Kurt gets up and grabs Lashley and does a takedown and applies a side headlock. Lashley gets up and whips Kurt in the ropes. He does a shoulder block. Kurt goes down but turns and gets to his knees. He stands as he and Lashley walk around. They lock-up and Lashley works on the arm. He then applies a side headlock. Kurt whips Lashley in the ropes but he does another shoulder block. Kurt rolls out of the ring and kneels down to regroup. Kurt gets on the apron and enters the ring. They move around and go to lock-up but Kurt goes behind Lashley as he locks his arms. Lashley turns and goes behind Kurt. Kurt does it again. Lashley breaks the whole and goes behind Kurt and picks him up and takes him down. Kurt is able to spin around and has Lashley below him as he grabs his arm and works it. Lashley stands and backs up in the corner. He walks out but turns and tries to kick Kurt in the gut, but Kurt blocks it and goes to take him down, but Lashley moves. They are even.

Lashley goes in the ropes and Kurt catches him for a belly to belly suplex. He then does a german suplex. Lashley stands and Angle closelines him over the ropes. Lashley falls to the ground. He slowly yes to his feet. Lashley grabs Kurt as he was by the ropes and pulls him under the ropes. He does a closeline. Lashley gets Kurt to his feet and smashes his head into the ring apron. He then does it again. Lashley rolls Kurt back in the ring. Lashley enters. Kurt goes in the corner and Lashley runs to ram his shoulder into the gut. He then does it again. Lashley grabs Angle and applies the bear hug. Kurt elbows his way out. He then punches Lashley in the head. Kurt goes in the ropes but Lashley knees him in the gut and covers. Kurt kicks out. Lashley applies a reverse bear lock. He then knees Kurt in the back and applies the key lock again. Kurt stands to his feet and elbows his way out of the lock. He breaks the grip and punches Lashley in the head. He whips him in the corner. Kurt runs but Lashley kicks him in the head and then drops an elbow. He covers but Kurt kicks out again.


Lashley has Kurt in the corner and kicks him in the gut multiple times. He then sits down on his back. Kurt slowly gets up. Lashley stalks him. He punches him right in the face and then kicks him again. Lashley does a snap suplex and covers. Kurt kicks out. Lashley gets Angle up and elbows him in the head. He whips him in the ropes but Kurt holds on. Lashley runs to him, but Kurt does a back body drop and Lashley falls to the outside. Kurt falls to the mat to regroup. Lashley rolls back in the ring. Kurt stands and punches Lashley in the face. Lashley punches back. They go back and forth.

Kurt ducks a punch and locks his arms around Lashley for a german suplex. He tries for another but Lashley gets out and hits a spine buster. He covers but Angle kicks out. Lashley gets on top of Kurt and punches him in the face multiple times. He gets him to his feet and goes for a punch, but Kurt ducks and does a german suplex. He hits a second german suplex. He goes for a third but Lashley holds onto the ropes, elbows Kurt and then lifts him up on his shoulders for a running powerslam. He covers but Kurt kicks out at 2. Lashley waits in the corner. Kurt slowly gets up in the opposing corner. Lashley runs as Kurt turns but Kurt moves and grabs Lashley for belly to belly suplex. He then hits a german suplex. He hits a second german suplex. He hits a third. Lashley slowly stands. Kurt grabs him and hits the Angle Slam. He covers but Lashley kicks out!

Kurt takes down his singlet and locks in the Ankle Lock. Kurt pulls Lashley in the middle of the ring. Lashley rolls through and Kurt goes through the ropes to the outside. Lashley exits the ring and grabs Kurt. He slams him into the steel steps. Lashley smashes Kurt's head into the steel steps. He then does it again. He does it a third time. He smashes Kurt's head into the ring apron and then pounds on his neck. Lashley breaks up the referee's count as he was up to 9. Lashley lifts Kurt up and drops him down chest first onto the steel barricade. He closelines him down. He high fives crowd members and then rolls Angle in the ring. Lashley smiles as he is standing over Kurt. He grabs Kurt up over his shoulders. He has him in a great vertical suplex. He then drops him down. He waits in the corner. Kurt slowly stirs. He gets up in the corner. He turns. Lashley runs and hits him with a huge spear. Lashley covers but Kurt was able to kick out at the last second.

Lashley climbs the corner. Kurt gets up and runs up the corner to stop Lashley. He punches him several times. Lashley fights back with punches, but Kurt grabs him and hits an Angle Slam from the corner! He covers but Lashley kicks out at the last second. Kurt gets to his feet as he uses the ropes to do so. Kurt climbs to the top rope and does a huge moonsault but Lashley moves. Lashley grabs Kurt and applies the Ankle Lock to him. Kurt goes to tap but he keeps stoping himself. Kurt rolls through and Lashley goes face first into the second turnbuckle. Kurt does a roll-up and gets the three while it looked like Lashley's shoulder was up. Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Kurt Angle

Lashley congratulates Kurt. Kurt exits the ring. We see a replay showing Lashley's shoulder was indeed up on that fall. The show fades.

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