Impact Wrestling Results (4/20/17) - The X-Division Is Back!


Impact Wrestling Results
Thursday, April 20, 2017
From the Universal Studios in Orlando, FL
Report by CJ Blaze of

RIP Rosey

The show opens with a fantastic video package on James Storm vs. Lashley.

Jeremy Borash and The Pope welcome us to the show as two jobbers are waiting in the ring.

1) LAX def. two jobbers via pinfall in 2:30. Nice, fast-paced opener. After the match, Konnan cuts a promo. Decay makes their way out. A big brawl breaks out at ringside. They take it to the ring where LAX gang up on Abyss. Steve sneaks in and works Santana as the show goes to break.

Karen Jarrett makes her way to the ring. Karen announces that Global Force Wrestling and Impact have officially merged. She announces three titles will be on the line before being interrupted by Sonjay Dutt. Dutt talks about the X-Division and proposes we take the division back to its roots. He wants the X-Division Title match to be in the main event with him in it. Andrew Everett comes out and wants his one-on-one title match.

GS Helms and Trevor Lee come out. Helms rips on Andrew and Sonjay. Bruce Prichard is out next and tells Helms that he has no authority. He books the title match as a six-way in the main event! A big brawl breaks out.

A vignette for Crimson airs. It looks like he will return next week.

2) Knockouts Championship Match: Rosemary (c) def. ODB via Red Wedding in 3:42.

Swoggle is shown walking around ringside. Next week, LAX will defend the Tag Titles against Decay in a Street Fight.

Backstage, Bruce Prichard announces Suicide as the fourth member of the main event. Sienna walks up and asks Karen where the GFW Women's Champ is.

We see a video package on the storyline with Laurel, Sutter, Allie, Sienna, KM, and Kongo Kong.

3) Kongo Kong def. Chris Silvio via a top rope splash in just over a minute.

James Storm cuts a promo backstage. After the break, Alberto El Patron cuts a promo on how he has his eyes on the World Title match.

Backstage, GFW World Champion Magnus is interviewed. Magnus questions what El Patron did since arriving in Impact to earn a World Title match. Magnus says this GFW title is his golden ticket, while Alberto can wait in line.

Lashley comes out for the next match with Josh Mathews accompanying him. Josh joins the commentary table. (But why...?)

It was noted that Impact will return on the road this summer!

3) World Heavyweight Championship Match: Lashley (c) def. James Storm via a Spear in 17 minutes. During the match, EC3 prevented Josh from handing Lashley a beer bottle to use. Later on after a ref bump, EC3 nailed Storm with a bottle to cost him the win.

Backstage, Dutch announces the fifth participant in the main event will be Dezmond Xavier. The sixth man will be a mystery.

Footage: Chris Adonis attacked Moose in Mexico. Backstage, Moose issues a challenge to Adonis. Chris appears with a sling and says he's not able to compete, but someone else is. Davey Richards attacks!

4) X-Division Championship Match: Low Ki def. Trevor Lee (c), Andrew Everett, Sonjay Dutt, Suicide & Dezmond Xavier in 19 minutes. Ki pinned Lee after hitting Warrior's Way to win his fifth title.

As Low Ki celebrates, The Pope walks away from commentary and Borash punches Josh right in the face!

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