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Impact Wrestling Results (5/1/14) - Eric Young: The Fighting Champion

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Impact Wrestling Results - 5/1/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package recapping Sacrifice. It shows The Wolves winning the TNA Tag Team Championships, Bully Ray being screwed by Dixie Carter, and Eric Young retaining the World Championship. Tonight's the fallout!

Bully Ray is shown backstage spray painting a table with anger.

Eric Young is walking backstage in a video that was filmed earlier today. Eric states that many didn't think he would be champion this long. Eric walks into MVP's room. MVP talks about him coming into the company and making it an equal playing field. He talks about Magnus and Abyss. Eric states he wants to be a fighting champion. He defended it at Sacrifice and wants to defend it tonight. MVP stands and hands Eric a set of playing cards. He walks away. The video resumes and Mr. Anderson, Gunner, and Bobby Roode walk into his room. These stars won their match at Sacrifice. He then talks about playing cards. Roode says this is ridiculous. MVP says he doesn't have to be involved. MVP spreads the cards around and talks about picking the highest card. Ken picks, Gunner picks, and then Roode picks. Ken picks a four. Gunner picks a four. Roode picks an Ace. Ace is a high. Tonight it is Ken vs. Gunner and the winner will face Roode and the winner of that will face Eric Young.

Magnus' music plays and he walks out. He grabs a mic and gets in the ring. Magnus asks if he gets this straight. He says there are three people in line for the championship but he isn't. He has been champion for 4 months. Magnus wants MVP out right now so he can explain why the best talent isn't in the picture. Just then, Abyss is seen in the audience. Abyss walks through the railing and tells Magnus to come. Magnus exits the ring and goes to Abyss but Abyss attacks him with punches. Magnus tries to walk away but Abyss grabs him and slams him in the apron. He grabs a chair and goes to swing but Magnus ducks and Abyss hits the steel post with the chair. Magnus rolls in the ring. Abyss follows and Magnus stomps on him. Abyss stands and chokes Magnus but Magnus breaks the choke. Abyss chokes him again and then hits the chokeslam!

Abyss exits the ring and grabs a chair. The fans chant, "We want Janice." Abyss drops the chair and looks under the ring and grabs Janice. He brings it in the ring but Magnus rolls out and walks up the ramp. Abyss taunts in the ring.

Mike Tenay and Taz are shown as they run down the match card for tonight's show.

Bully Ray's music plays and he comes out with a table in his hands. He brings it down the ramp as pictures are shown from Sacrifice when Dixie Carter pushed Ray off of the corner onto two tables. Ray is shown in the ring again. He turns the table around and it reads "Dixie". Ray grabs a mic. He talks about Sacrifice and how he was pushed onto two tables by Dixie. He bruised a rib and fractured a rib but he is still here. He may not be the biggest he once was but he is as tough as nails and it will take more than her ugly self to take him down for the count. Ray states if he sees Dixie tonight she will go through the table he spray painted.

The camera is backstage as a limo drives up. The driver gets out of the car and then opens the back. Dixie gets out as she is on the phone. The camera man asks her about Sacrifice and she laughs at it. Dixie walks into the building.


Rockstar Spud is backstage in a little conference/catering area. Spud turns around and he sees Dixie Carter pouring some glass. Spud runs over to her and covers her with a garbage bag but she screams and tells him that he is messing up her hair. Spud tells Ray that he wants to put her through a table. Dixie laughs and says Ray should be scared instead of her. She has nothing to worry about. Dixie walks away.

Mr. Anderson's music plays and he walks out. He lifts his arm as the mic falls from the rafters. He grabs it but it slips out of his hand. Ken moves and grabs it and says he meant to do that. Ken introduces himself and continues to the ring. As he does, pictures are shown from his match against Samuel Shaw at Sacrifice. Gunner's music plays and he comes to the ring next. As he does, pictures are shown from his match at Sacrifice.

Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner

Ken and Gunner lock-up and Gunner pushes Ken right into the corner but Ken applies a headlock. Gunner backs Ken into another corner and Ken releases it. Gunner now applies a headlock. Ken punches Gunner in the gut and goes to whip him in the ropes but Gunner keeps the headlock applied. He does for several times but Ken finally slides out and whips Gunner in the ropes. Gunner comes back and knocks him down with a shoulder block. He gets up and they continue to exchange holds but hold off as they walk around the ring. They lock-up once again and Ken applies a headlock. Gunner gets out but Ken applies it once again. Gunner backs him up in the corner and does a shoulder block. He trips Ken but Ken slides around and applies a arm lock. Gunner gets up and goes in the ropes but Ken takes him down and covers but Gunner kicks out.

Ken applies a headlock again. Gunner sends Ken into the corner face first and then backs away. Ken turns and Gunner closelines him a few times and then whips him in the ropes. Ken jumps for a cross body but Gunner grabs him and does a fallaway slam. He goes to the corner and climbs it but then gets down as James Storm runs down the ramp and gets on the apron. Gunner knocks him down. He turns and Ken goes for the Mic Check but Gunner gets out of it. Ken whips Gunner in the corner. Ken runs to him but Gunner moves. Ken is in the corner and James jumps and kicks Ken right in the head. Gunner picks Ken up and slams him down. He covers and wins. Winner: Gunner

James shrugs as he walks up the ramp.

Magnus is backstage packing his bag. He is furious. He goes to leave but someone meets up with Magnus. Magnus hugs him and is glad to see him but the guy tells him that they have to talk.


Magnus says he didn't come across the pond just to say hello. This guy states Magnus is an embarrassment to himself, his family, and to the UK. Magnus starts to smirk. This guy states that he isn't like he used to be. He's not the same from how he dressed to how he acts. Magnus tells Bram to watch it but he slams Magnus against the locker and says he better watch it. He is here for Magnus' own good.

Ethan Carter III states that in 7 days he has a dream match for him, all of the fans, and for his opponent. In seven days he goes one-on-one against Kurt Angle. This match was suppose to happen at Lockdown, but, in the heat of the moment, he injured Kurt. The fans chant Kurt's name. Ethan states Kurt is back and that he can't prove that he is an American icon until he can defeat Kurt. He has never been pinned or never tapped and he is not going to start now. He will fight Kurt in 7 days. Ethan states that he is a mat technician and he is going to show his skills. The fans chant, "Where's your boyfriend?" Ethan needs a wrestling partner. Here comes Rockstar Spud. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He goes to tackle Ethan but Ethan moves. Ethan gets back on the mic and says that they are wrestling and Spud is experienced. Spud and Ethan state not to try this at home.

They go and lock-up but Ethan takes Spud down with a single leg and then continues to work on the body but they get up. Ethan takes him down again. They get up and Ethan grabs a mic. He tells Spud to get in position. Spud drops down to his hands and knees. Ethan tells him that he is too much in position. Ethan then locks his arms around Spud's chest. Kurt's music hits and he comes out on the stage with a mic. He says Ethan will not be fighting some foul mouth midget like the one he was just humping. He is fighting Kurt Angle who plays by the rules. Kurt says Ethan hurts him and then mocks him. Kurt states he will beat Ethan and then he will hurt him. He will snap his ankle into two. He tells Ethan to enjoy walking around right now because in seven days he won't be able to. Spud fans off Ethan as Kurt walks backwards as his music hits.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are walking backstage. Sky talks about celebrations and they will have one tonight. Love then states that since they are doing it that it is going to be perfect. Wait until the other Knockouts see it.


A video package plays that was shown on Sunday with Knux and Rebel. Knux states he needs a Rebel and Rebel states he will get all of the rebel he can handle. Jus the two of them. Knux states there will be four of them - Rebel, Knux, Crazy Steve, and Freak. Rebel is furious. Knux says the need money to take back to the carnival to get it off and running. The Menageria will debut next week!

Gunner's music plays and he walks out. He comes to the ring. Next comes Bobby Roode. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Gunner vs. Bobby Roode

Gunner and Roode walk around the ring. They lock-up and Gunner backs Roode up in the corner. Roode attacks Gunner as he backs up. Roode takes Gunner to the corner and kicks him. Gunner falls in the corner and Roode continues to stomp. Roode gets him up but Gunner whips him. He goes for a back body drop but Roode kicks him in the chest. It doesn't faze him. Gunner attacks Roode and tosses him in the corner. He then whips him in another corner and Roode walks out and Gunner hits him with a back body drop. He covers but Roode kicks out. Roode tries for a time out but Gunner walks up to him but he grabs Gunner and tosses him out of the ring. Roode exits and goes after him. Gunner fights back but Roode grabs him and tosses him into the steel steps. He then smashes his face right into the steps. Roode brings Gunner in the ring and covers but he kicks out.

Roode stomps on Gunner and then punches him in the face. Gunner fights back with shots to the chest. Gunner stands and runs to Roode but Roode hits Gunner and climbs to the second rope and does a flying neck breaker. He covers but Gunner kicks out. Roode applies his knee into Gunner's chest and then brings Gunner's arms back behind him. Gunner stands but Roode knees him in the gut and hits a dropkick. Roode climbs the corner and jumps but Gunner catches him and hits a fallaway slam. Gunner then does two double ax handles and then whips Roode in the corner. Gunner runs and knees him in the gut and then knocks him down. He lifts Roode on his shoulders but Roode rakes his eyes and slides behind him. Roode goes for a roll-up but Gunner blocks. Gunner hits a DDT but Roode kicks out.

Roode rolls to the apron. Gunner grabs him but Roode chokes him on the top rope. Roode gets in and picks him up but Gunner slides out and does a slingshot suplex. He then smashes his head into the top turnbuckle and then climbs. He flies for a diving headbutt but Roode moves. Both get up. Roode lifts him to his shoulders and hits the Roode Bomb. Roode covers and wins. Winner: Bobby Roode

Dixie Carter is backstage with security. She tells them to grab the table at ringside and to set it up in the ring. Also, no matter what, do not leave her side.


Velvet Sky walks up to Love in the locker room. Love is sitting down and isn't happy about the letter she just received. Love stands and says that now that she is Knockouts Champion she has to represent the division. The letter says she needs to have a new wardrobe, as well as Sky. Their current style is too revealing. Sky asks who it is from. Love states that it is from the Board of Directors. Sky states that they mean business. Love tells her that they will wear their gowns they have and by the end of the celebration no one will care what they are wearing. Sky understands and they both walk away.

Dixie Carter's music plays and she walks out with security guards. They get in the ring. The guards bring the table in the ring. Dixie sits on the table with a mic in hand. She asks, "Do you know who I am?" She is Dixie Carter and she put Bully Ray through a table. Yes, she put Bully Ray through a table at Sacrifice. Do you know why? Dixie says she wouldn't forget that he double crossed her at Lockdown. She will never forget that. It is like every time he will look in the mirror he will know a lady put him through the table. She states that is the first time anyone has done that. Dixie says Ray wrote on his Twitta Machine that he was injured. Dixie doesn't care. Ray spray paints her name on the table and tries to intimate her. She isn't intimidated. She isn't scared. Ray should fear Dixie Carter. Just then, Ray's music hits and he coms out with a mic in one hand and then his chain in another hand. Guards are in the ring and blocking the ring at the end of the ramp.

Ray gets on the mic and asks her if she can hear them. The Impact Zone and people all around the world want to see Ray put Dixie through a table. He doesn't fear her. He isn't scared. He asks the guards if they are really going to stand there. They know Ray. Do they really want to stick up to Dixie? Do you want to stand in Ray's way. Each one of them would love to see Ray put her through a table. Ray tells them to do the right thing - Just walk away. The guards look at Dixie and then at each other and then - walk away! Ray walks forward and tells the three guards in the ring that he is going to count to 5 and if they are still in the ring by then, he will slide in the ring and attack the guards and then put Dixie through the table. 1! (The crowd counts to 5 quickly.) They want to see him attack her more than he wants to. Ray slide sin and the guards go after him and hold him down but Ray stands and attacks the guards. He attacks each one and then tosses them out. Ray turns and points at Dixie and yells, "You!" Dixie walks up to Ray and goes to slap Ray but Ray grabs her hand and then goes for a power bomb but music plays and MVP comes out with a mic. He tells Ray to let her go and tells Dixie to get out of the ring as that isn't her ring. MVP is responsible for what happens in that ring. Dixie leaves the ring. MVP states that until further notice they are both barred from the Impact Zone.


Willow's music hits and he comes down the ramp with his umbrella. He goes around the ring and interacts with the fans. James Storm comes out next and walks down the ramp.

Willow vs. James Storm

Willow runs right at James but James moves. Willow runs to James again but James attacks him on the mat. He takes him to the corner and slaps him. He whips him in the corner and Willow bounces off of that corner and goes all around the ring. James grabs Willow and smashes Willow face first into the corner. He does a body slam and then grabs the leg and slams it down on the mat. James now stomps on him. James grabs Willow and lifts him up over his head. He goes for Eye of the Storm but Willow lands on his feet and bounces off the ropes. He takes James down and then grabs his leg and does a double leg drop between James' legs and then does a low dropkick. He whips James in the corner and does a summersault and smashes Storm. Willow jumps up and plants his feet into Storm's chest. Both get up and Willow hits a Twist of Fate. James bounces out of the ring. Willow runs and slides out of the ring and drops an elbow. James slowly gets up and walks to the guard rail. Willow punches him and then runs, jumps on the steel steps and then lands right on Storm. Storm goes right into the guard rail. Willow moves the steps again. He smashes Storm's face against it. Willow grabs a steel chair and gets on the apron. Willow jumps and goes for a leg drop on the chair on James' head but James moves and Willow lands right on the chair on the steel steps. Storm walks over and looks under the ring. He grabs a beer bottle. He opens it and drinks it. The referee tells him to drop it and get in the ring. Storm pushes the referee and he calls for the bell. Winner: Willow

James smashes the beer bottle on the ring post and has the glass top in his hand. He goes after Willow but he attacks Storm with his umbrella. Willow grabs the top of the bottle and goes after Storm but Storm walks up the ramp. Just then, Mr. Anderson comes out. Storm turns and Ken grabs him and hits the Mic Check.

The BroMans are backstage. MVP tells them what they want right now. They talk about the match at Sacrifice and how it wasn't fair. MVP states it was a handicap in their favor. He then states he is The BroMans will face The Wolves and a partner they pick. That is next. They leave. In walks Bully Ray. Ray asks MVP what his job title is. He is Director of Wrestling Operations. MVP states he is the best man for the job but Ray states that he got the job because of him. MVP says anything that happens in that ring is his responsibility but anything else out of it is not his problem. MVP walks away.


Eric Young is backstage. He talks about him vs. Roode tonight. He says history all adds up for tonight. They teamed with each other and they faced each other. No one knows each other better than these two.

DJ Ion comes out as he introduces his tag team partners. The BroMans come out and they get in the ring. The Wolves come out next. Then comes Sanada! They walk down the ramp and get in the ring.

The BroMans and Zema Ion vs. The Wolves and Sanada

The Wolves and Sanada taunt in the ring but The BroMans and Ion get in the ring and attack them from behind. The Wolves send Jessie and Robbie out of the ring. Ion attacks Sanada. He runs in the ropes but Sanada moves and The Wolves lift him up and toss him out onto Jessie and Robbie. The Wolves then hit a suicide dive on The BroMans. Sanada then flies to Ion. Robbie comes in the ring as well as Sanada and The Wolves. Robbie goes and does chops and kicks to them but it doesn't affect them. They attack him afterwards. Sanada works on Robbie but he tags Eddie. He enters and goes after Robbie but Robbie fights back and sends him to the middle turnbuckle. Robbie, Jessie, and Ion attack him in the corner. Eddie fights back and tags Richards. Richards enters and takes Robbie and Jessie off of the apron and then goes after Ion. He whips him in the corner and smashes him. Eddie gets in and so does Sanada. They climb the corners. Eddie does a double foot stop to the back of Ion. Sanada does a moonsault. Richards then does a double foot stomp. He covers. Winners: The Wolves and Sanada

The Beautiful People are backstage talking about the upcoming celebration and showing off their wardrobe.


The Beautiful People come out to the ring with their black dresses. They get in the ring. Love, who has the Knockouts Championship on her shoulder, grabs a mic. Love states that she received a letter from the Board of Directors that stated that her and Love need to have a more strict dress code. Beautiful People do not follow orders from anyone. Sky says, "And we mean no one." Love states if they state not to do something then they will do it. Let's take it off. Love wants their music to play. It does. Sky and Love start to strip. They take off their arm gloves and then Love was helping Sky to take off the dress one shoulder at a time. They then start to laugh as the music stops. Love states everyone is disgusting and that no one can get girls like them if they had a fist full of $50s and went to Nevada. Sky states they made that letter to give something that the fans never should receive in the first place. Gail Kim's music plays and she walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. She says they made a mockery out of the division she helped build. She promised the fans that they were going to strip but Gail will strip them of everything. She takes Love down and goes to take off her dress but Sky pulls her out of the ring. They walk up the ramp as they look at Gail who has the Knockouts Championship in hand. They turn and see Madison Rayne and Brittany on the ramp. They go after Love and Sky and take off their dresses. Love and Sky run backstage.

Eric Young is shown walking backstage. We then see Bobby Roode. Their match is next.


Eric Young's music plays and he comes out as the crowd cheers and chants his name.

Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young (c) for the TNA World Championship

The crowd chants, "Super Eric." Eric and Roode move around the ring and then lock-up. Roode applies an armlock but EY gets out of it and applies one of his own. EY changes it into a headlock but Roode whips him in the ropes. EY does a shoulder block. Roode crawls to the corner and stands. Roode and EY lock-up but Roode kicks him in the gut and then whips him in the ropes. EY turns it around and does an arm drag takedown to Roode. Roode stands and puts EY in the corner. Roode punches his way out and whips EY in the opposing corner. EY hops up and lands behind Roode. He attacks him. Roode goes out of the ring. EY goes to fly but Roode moves. EY turns and hits a baseball slide to Roode. EY stands in the ring as the referee counts.


EY has Roode in the corner. He whips him to the opposing corner but turns it around back into the regular corner and EY flips over it and lands on the outside. Roode grabs EY on the outside and smashes him shoulder first into the steel steps. Roode brings EY in the ring and covers but EY kicks out. Roode stomps on Eric multiple times. Roode grabs Eric's legs and stomps on his gut. Roode bounces off the ropes and plants his knee into Eric. He covers but EY kicks out. Roode applies a full nelson. Eric stands up and breaks out of it. He punches Roode in the face multiple times but Roode applies a headlock. He pushes Roode in the ropes and knocks him down. Roode comes back and whips EY in the corner. EY flips over it and lands on the apron. Roode goes to him but EY hits him with a shoulder block. He gets it and hits Bobby with a belly to belly suplex. Roode goes to the outside. EY runs and hits a suicide dive. He brings him back in the ring and EY climbs the corner. He does a missile dropkick successfully. He covers but Roode kicks out.

EY goes for the piledriver but Roode counters with a back body drop. Roode drops down and covers but EY kicks out. EY does a crucifix but Roode kicks out. Both stand and Roode attacks Young. Roode stays down. They slowly get up. Roode goes for the Roode Bomb but EY slides out. Bobby hits him with an elbow. EY runs to the corner and does a springboard cross body but Roode moves. Roode climbs the corner. He jumps but Eric kicks him in the gut. He hits him with a piledriver. EY covers but Roode kicks out at the last second. Eric climbs the corner. Roode stands and hits the top rope and Eric falls on the top turnbuckle and then rolls to the mat. Bobby picks him up and hits him with the Roode Bomb. He covers but Eric kicks out!

Both go to each other and punch back and forth. They stand and continue punching back and forth. Roode goes for a kick but EY blocks it. Roode hits an enzuigiri. Roode puts EY on the top and climbs. He goes for a Roode Bomb on the top but EY blocks it. He punches Roode in the face but Roode punches back. It's back and forth. Eric punches him one last time and Roode falls. EY hits the flying elbow drop and covers. Winner and Still World Champion: Eric Young

Bobby Roode rolls to the corner. Eric Young grabs his championship and goes to Roode. He extends his hand and helps Roode up. Eric then celebrates with the championship.

Bully Ray is walking backstage. The camera man states that he is banned from the Impact Zone, so what he is going to do now? Ray states he is banned but he is going to do the next best thing - Goes to Nashville, Tennessee. The show fades.

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