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Impact Wrestling Results (5/15/14) - The Formation Of MVPland

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Impact Wrestling Results - 5/15/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video backstage of Eric Young. He is pacing back and forth saying that that this needs to happen. Just then, a limo pulls up and stops. MVP runs over and opens the door and climbs in. Guard come and take EY out and pull him away. MVP smiles. EY states that he trusted MVP but MVP states that he better control himself as he may hurt himself doing crazy stuff like that.

A video package plays showing MVP and Eric Young talking last week. MVP puts over EY and how persistent he is. He goes on to announce the number one contender for the TNA World Champion but it is MVP all along. He attacks EY with punches and kicks.

The camera shows the Impact Zone and the crowd is on their feet. They are ready for the show.

Music hits and here comes Eric Young. He marches down the ramp and slides right in the ring. He grabs a mic. EY states that he woke up last Friday thinking it was a dream but it ended up being a real bad nightmare. Someone he trusted turn his back on him. He put his career in MVP's hand. He was hoping for change... for a better place. Anyone is better than Dixie Carter! EY made a promise that he would be a fighting champion. He has done that. How he promises that this kind of stuff is not going to happen on his watch. If MVP wants to be World Champion he is going to have to take it from EY. If MVP wants a match with EY all he has to do is ask. MVP better watch what he wishes for as EY is crazy! EY is not waiting till Slammiversary! EY tells MVP to bring himself out there and they can fight right now. MVP is shown on the video titan tron as he is standing backstage. He tells EY that he is like the hulk or something. MVP is not about that kind of tactics of going out there and fighting. MVP didn't think EY would be World Champion. But he did win and it only sped up MVP's plan. He wants the belt. He is not about the suits and office type of guy. He is about being a champion as that brings money and power. MVP feels sympathy for EY so he is allowing him to keep the championship for a few weeks and then he is going to take it. EY then can be a nobody... and that is what he does best! EY gets back on the mic and says it is his title... and the fan's title. Tonight... he will fight MVP! MVP states EY better bring a bullet proof jacket as MVP has the guns. EY will have to go through his security as he doesn't fight for free and if EY can get through them then he will still not have a chance.

A video shows Dixie Carter in a passenger seat as Rockstar Spud is driving. Spud pulls up to Dixie's house as she spots a table in the front lawn that has Dixie's name on it!

A video plays showcasing Bram's entrance in TNA as he confronts Magnus. He tells Magnus he has gone soft. Bram now has an ironclad contract and he booked Magnus against Willow. Willow faces Magnus and it was a back and forth battle. Bram has had enough and takes out Willow with several key moves. He handcuffs Willow to the ropes and attacks him with a weapon.

Willow is walking backstage. He begins to talk and say how dare Bram and Magnus attack him last week. Willow challenges them tonight. He wants them to approach him now and await their fate!


Willow is backstage. He is pacing back and forth on a stair well. As he does, Bram comes behind him while Magnus walks in front of him. Willow attacks Bram and then goes after Magnus. Magnus falls down the stairs. Willow follows him. Magnus fights back and Bram helps out. They go after Willow now as they come out to the Impact Zone and beside the ramp. They get in the ring.

Willow vs. Bram and Magnus

Magnus and Willow start as Magnus whips Willow in the ropes. Willow jumps but Magnus catches him and drops him down. He tags Bram. Bram takes Willow down and then stomps on him and chokes him with his foot. Bram takes Willow to the corner and smashes Willow face first in the top turnbuckle. He tags Magnus. Magnus enters and punches Willow and then does a gut wrench suplex. He covers but Willow kicks out. Magnus punches Willow in the face multiple times. He takes him to the middle of the ring but Willow does a chin breaker. Magnus tags Bram. Bram enters and runs to Willow in the corner but Willow elbows him in the face and then does Whisper in the Wind! Willow and Bram stand and Willow continues the attack. Bram whips him in the ropes though but Willow knocks him down and then Willow hits an atomic drop and then a leg drop between Bram's legs. He hits him with a low dropkick. Willow gets Bram up and kicks him in the chest. Bram goes in the corner and Willow smashes him and then does a summersault and a huge punch in the face. Willow jumps up and hits a dropkick to the chest. Willow stands and knocks Magnus off the apron. He kicks Bram and goes for a Twist of Fate but Bram pushes him in the ropes and Magnus trips him. Bram grabs him and hits a suplex type move.

He tags Magnus. Bram rolls out and looks under the ring. He grabs the lead bar. Bram tells him to, "Finish it!" Magnus doesn't want to lose by DQ and kicks it out of the ring. Magnus grabs Willow and picks him up but Willow does a small package and gets the win. Winner: Willow

Bram gets in the ring as Willow leaves. Bram confronts Magnus face to face. Magnus talks to him but Bram doesn't want to hear it. Magnus exits the ring and walks up the ramp himself.

EY is walking backstage. He is searching for MVP. As he does, guards are there to stop him. EY slides through them and goes in MVP's office. He isn't there. He destroys the office by tipping over tables and knocking down picture frames. He leaves.


Dixie Carter and Spud are outside her house. She sees the tables in her lawn. She can't believe it. She then gets a phone call on her cell phone. It is Bully Ray and he asks her if she likes his artwork. He then states that the call is coming from inside her house. Dixie hangs up the phone. She tells Spud to go in there with the camera and capture everything. Spud doesn't want to but Dixie says she pays his paycheck. She pushes him to the door. He opens the door and enters the house.

Gail Kim walks out and gets in the ring. Gail grabs a mic and the crowd gives her a huge ovation. Kim states she is not out there for a makeover and she is not out there to put on an evening gown. She is out there to prove exactly what she is and that is the hardest working Knockout on the roster. She helped build the division. She calls out The Beautiful People as she is ready to fight! Sky and Love walks out on the stage as their music plays. Love has a mic in one hand and says jealousy is such an ugly color on her... as well as that red outfit she is wearing. They know she is a wrestler... and a good one at that, but she is not the champion. She won't be the champion and shouldn't be the champ. The Beautiful People is what everyone should aspire to be. She states that they accept her challenge. Love stands on the steel steps and Sky comes from behind and knocks Gail down. Love calls for Stifler to come out (the referee). He runs down and rings the bell.

Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky

Sky gets Gail up and whips her in the corner and smashes her. She whips her in the opposing corner and smashes her. She takes Gail down on the mat and covers her but Gail kicks out. Sky grabs Gail and whips her by her hair. Gail hits the mat hard. Gail stands in the corner. Sky runs to her but Gail elbows her in the face and then hits a closeline and a dropkick. Gail whips Sky in the corner and then rams her body in the gut of Sky. She stands on the apron but Love tries to grab her leg. Gail kicks her away. Sky grabs Gail and rams her face first into the steel post. Love attacks Gail on the outside as Sky distracts the referee. She rolls Gail in. Sky grabs a paper bag and puts it on Gail's head. She then kicks Gail's back full force.

The referee takes the bag off and Sky applies a headlock. Gail stands and then drops down for a chin breaker. Gail goes to stand but Sky grabs her and hits a DDT. Sky covers but Gail kicks out. Sky crawls over to Love and she gives her a mirror. Sky checks her face in the mirror. She goes back over to Gail but Gail grabs Sky and hits Eat Defeat! She covers and wins. Winner: Gail Kim

Gail celebrates in the ring. As she does, Love enters the ring and hits Gail with the Knockouts Championship. Gail falls down and is motionless. Love grabs Sky and they taunt in the ring over Gail.

The Menagerie are backstage. They are walking. Knux tells Crazzy Steve that his match is next. He honks his horn and laughs.


A video plays showing the match between Kurt Angle and Ethan Carter III. He had to undergo surgery on Friday to repair his ACL.

A video plays showing Ethan Carter III last week after his match. Ethan states that he took Kurt out and injured him once again. Ethan states that if this is Kurt's last match then at least he went out under Ethan. Ethan is defeating veteran after veteran. Out with the old and in with the new.

Kazarian comes out to his music and he dances his way to the ring. As he gets in the ring, music place and here comes The Menagerie. People on stilts stand on the stage and Rebel comes out and preforms some tricks. Crazzy Steve comes out and honks his horn. The Freak comes out next and then Knux. Knux grabs Rebel and they walk down the ramp together and the stilt people follow him.

Kazarian vs. Crazzy Steve

Steve walks around the ring with his balloons. He wants to hand it to the referee but he doesn't take it. He hands it to Kazarian. Kazarian says, "Thank you." He slaps Steve in the face and then tosses the balloons out. He then tosses Steve out of the ring. Kazarian grabs him and rolls him back in. Kazarian talks trash to Knux and then Freak. Steve stands on the apron and starts fooling around. Kazarian whips him over but Steve lands on his feet. Kazarian runs to him but Steve tosses Kazarian over the ropes. Steve grabs the balloons from Freak and then sets it on the mat. He goes to the top rope and does a huge splash on the balloons. He pops them all. Rebel, Knux, and Freak stand on the apron while Steve goes crazy in the ring. He then pulls the referee's pants down and he calls for the bell. Winner: Kazarian

The Menagerie celebrate their loss in the ring.

Austin Aries is outside of the Impact Zone. Guards surround him. MVP comes out and Aries asks him what is going on and if this how they treat the talent. Aries punches a guard in the gut but the others hold Aries and pull him back. MVP steps forward and punches Aries in the gut. As they take him away, Eric Young runs to MVP and attacks him. Here's the brawl!


MVP and Eric Young are brawling backstage. It is a back and forth battle but MVP grabs EY and slams him against equipment and goes after his arm. He takes off his tie and chokes EY with it over his shoulder. He takes EY through the curtain of the side of the stage. He drops EY on the guard rail. He continues to attack him with punches but EY comes back with punches of his own. He takes MVP up to the stage and continues to fight but MVP fights back with punches and knees to the gut. He whips EY down the ramp. EY rolls all the way down. MVP walks to him but EY punches him in the chest and face. EY continues the attack as he slams MVP's face against the apron. MVP takes Eric's leg out underneath him and EY falls on his sore arm. MVP puts EY on the apron and rams his arm against the side of the ring.

MVP rolls in the ring. EY stands in the apron. MVP tells him to fight. MVP walks up to EY but EY kicks him in the gut and punches him in the face but MVP whips him in the corner. EY punches back. EY takes MVP down and punches him in the face while on top of him but MVP turns him over and punches him. Just then, guards and referees come out and pull each other apart. EY squeezes through them and fights MVP. The guards pull him off again. They both squeeze between the guards and fight. Guards separate them. MVP tells the referees and guards to get out of the ring. The ones holding MVP do and MVP goes and kicks EY via low blow. The officials leave who are holding EY. MVP attacks his arm again and grabs a mic and states EY will get his World Championship defense tonight. MVP walks away.

Rockstar Spud is walking through Dixie's house. He sees a table with Dixie's name spray painted on. Spud hears Bully Ray coming. Spud hides behind a couch. He tells the camera man to distract Ray. Ray sees the camera man and asks him what he is doing there. The camera man says, "Dixie sent us." Ray questions the word "us" and then goes over to the couch and grabs Spud from behind. He picks him up over the couch and has him by the throat of the suit. He tells the camera man not to go anywhere.

Mr. Anderson comes out on the stage as his music plays. Anderson introduces himself with the mic that falls from the rafters. Ken makes his way to the ring. James Storm's music plays and he makes his way down the ramp.


Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm

Both attack each other back and forth but Anderson gets the upper hand as he tosses Storm outside of the ring. Ken follows him and smashes James' face in the apron and steel steps. He then takes him to the steel guard rail and then rolls him in the ring. Ken stands on the apron and James fights back with shoulder blocks and then slams him in the steel post. James leaves the ring and attacks Ken. He smashes Ken's arm on the steel steps. Ken rolls himself in the ring. James walks up to him but Ken fights back with multiple punches but Storm locks in a headlock. Ken whips him in the ropes but Storm knocks him down and attacks the arm. Ken stands and goes after Storm with several closelines. He lifts Storm up but Storm slides out but Ken hits a neck breaker on Storm. Both stand. Ken takes Storm to the corner and lifts him on his shoulder. He does a rolling senton. Ken waits as Storm stands. Storm stands and backs up and grabs the referee. Storm takes the legs out form under Ken and then goes for the cover as he put his feet on the ropes but the referee sees it.

Both stand and James goes to attack Ken but Ken fights back. Storm bounces off the ropes and hits a DDT. He covers but Ken kicks out. Storm goes for several more pitfalls but Ken keeps kicking out. Storm rolls out of the ring and grabs a beer bottle that is under the ring. He drinks some of the beer and then gets in the ring. He drinks some more and waits. Ken stands and turns. Storm goes to hit him with the bottle but Ken grabs him for a Mic Check. Storm drops the bottle and the referee grabs it and drops it outside but Storm sprays beer in Ken's eyes and hits him with the Last Call Superkick. He covers and wins. Winner: James Storm

Samuel Shaw is locked in solitary confinement. He has a straight jacket on. A person enters the screen only showing their feet and legs as they tell Shaw he has a visitor. Shaw is sitting there questioning whether it is Christy.


A video package plays showcasing Sanada and his determination in this business. It shows him training and watching videos and taking notes. He says he has to represent his home country. He says the world is watching him. He will prove to everyone that he is a true champion.

DJ Z comes out and gets in the ring. Tigre Uno comes out next and makes his way to the ring. Sanada comes out next as he holds the X Division belt.

DJ Z vs. Tigre Uno vs. Sanada (c) for the X Division Championship

All three move around the ring. DJ talks to them and then attacks both of them with knees to the gut. He goes in the ropes but Tigre and Sanada lift DJ up and drop him down. They separate his legs and DJ rolls out in pain. Sanada goes to jump to the outside on DJ but Uno rolls him up but Sanada kicks out. Both fight back and forth. Sanada whips Uno in the corner but Uno fights back. He goes for a hurricanrona but Sanada does a moonsault on Uno. Uno rolls out of the ring to get a break while DJ gets in the ring. Sanada does a roll-up on DJ but then rolls him around the ring to get him dizzy. He does a cover but DJ kicks out. Both stand and they go in the corner but DJ smashes Sanada's face in the turnbuckle and then knocks Uno off of the apron. DJ chokes Sanada on the middle rope. He covers but Sanada kicks out.

DJ gets Sanada up and blows his back several times. He takes him to the apron and whips him in the opposing corner and smashes him. DJ does it again and Sanada falls because of the hard whip. DJ covers but Sanada kicks out. Uno gets on the apron but DJ whips him into the corner and Uno falls down. DJ goes back to Sanada but Sanada fight back with multiple punches. He then does a huge chop to the chest. He does several more chops. Sanada elbows DJ in the back and then does another chop to the chest. DJ crawls over to the corner. DJ now does chops to Sanada and they are going back and forth till Uno gets on the corner and does a double dropkick. Both fall to the outside. Uno does a springboard flip on both. He brings DJ in the ring. Uno goes to the corner and to the top rope. DJ gets up and pushes Uno off of the apron. Sanada does a springboard elbow show on DJ. He hits the Tiger Suplex with a bridge and gets the win. Winner and Still X Division Champion: Sanada

Dixie Carter is waiting outside. Her phone rings and she picks up asking Spud if he is in the house. Bully Ray says Spud is tired and had to sit down. He then says it is sad that Dixie is all alone. Dixie pulls the phone away from her ear and looks around.


Samuel Shaw is shown in his solitary confinement room. The person let's the visitor in the room. The person walks away. Shaw is standing there staring whatever is in front of him. We someone walk up to Shaw and kneel down and it is Gunner. Gunner tells Shaw that he thinks he needs someone to talk to.

A video package shows the history between Kurt Angle and Ethan Carter III. It shows their match last week. It was revealed that Kurt needed ACL surgery. After the video, Mike Tenay and Taz state that Kurt will be out of action for quite awhile and they hope he will return to action when he is healed.

Dixie Carter is shown walking around in her house. She is on the phone asking for Bully. Dixie grabs a little fork used for the fireplace. She walks around the house as Ray hangs up on her. Dixie sees Rockstar Spud on the floor. She runs up to him and tries to help him. She asks him where Ray is. Ray closes the door of the room as he is behind it. Dixie starts to freak out. Ray asks Dixie if he is really afraid of her. Dixie states that he isn't afraid of her. Dixie wants him to leave and wants him to stop all of this. Ray tells Dixie to say, "Dixie Carter feels Bully Ray." If Dixie says that then Ray will leave. Dixie Carter states, "Dixie Carter feels"... and just then Ethan Carter III comes from behind and attacks Ray. Ray falls down on the floor. Dixie states, "Dixie Carter feels no one... no one!" Ethan and Dixie look at each other.

We see MVP getting ready backstage. We then see Eric Young getting ready. Their match is next.


A video package showcases the confrontation between MVP and Bobby Roode. They were face to face last week yelling their thoughts to each other. MVP announced this week that he has suspended Bobby Roode.

Eric Young's music plays and he comes out and gets in ring with the TNA World Championship. MVP walks out next as his music plays. He goes to the end of the ramp and looks around as EY is not in the ring. Eric runs from around the ring and attacks MVP. EY chokes MVP with his shirt. EY gets MVP up but MVP whips EY in the steel steps arm first. MVP puts EY's shoulder and arm in between the steep steps and the ring post. He kicks the steel steps. MVP continues to go after EY. He puts him on the guard rail and yanks his arm back. He then kicks it. EY falls down.


MVP vs. Eric Young (c) for the TNA World Championship

MVP has EY the ring and stomps on his arm. MVP grabs EY by the face but EY punches back and runs in the ropes but MVP hits him with a knee to the gut. MVP punches him in the face and then covers but EY kicks out. MVP rams EY arm first into the corner. EY falls. MVP takes EY to another corner. He does a snapmare and then does an arm and head lock. EY tries to get back into it. He gets to his feet and punches MVP in the face multiple times. MVP hits EY and he falls. EY goes to the corner and MVP stomps on him. MVP whips EY in the corner. MVP runs to him but EY moves out of the way. MVP turns and EY punches him multiple times and then hits him with a closeline. EY tosses MVP in the ropes and EY does a flying forearm show. EY goes to the corner and climbs. As he does, Kenny King runs down and knocks EY off of the corner. EY falls in the ring and the bell sounds. Winner and Still World Champion: Eric Young

Kenny gets in the ring and attacks EY. King lifts him up and spins him around to plant him down on the mat. MVP grabs a mic and tells the referee to ring the bell and restart the match. The referee won't. King punches the referee in the face. MVP questions what he is doing but shrugs it off. King grabs EY from behind and MVP nails him in the face. He then nails him in the gut. Music plays and here comes Bobby Lashley! Bobby stands and King and MVP back up. EY stands and Bobby runs to him and spears him down! King and MVP meet up with Lashley. King brings in two steel chairs from the outside. He sets them up in front of each other. Bobby lifts EY up and powerslams him on the two chairs. EY shakes in pain. MVP says there is one thing missing. King grabs the World Championship and hands it to MVP. MVP lifts it up over his head as Bobby and King raise their arms. MVP puts the championship under EY's head. MVP's music plays and they all taunt together as the show fades.

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