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Impact Wrestling Results (5/22/14) - Just Another Heel Faction In TNA's Heel Faction History

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Impact Wrestling Results - 5/22/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package showing MVP and all of his superior traits. We see him as a TNA Wrestling investor but also the guy who runs the Wrestling Operations. He is now the number one contender for the TNA World Championship and he has Kenny King and Bobby Lashley by his side.

MVP, King, and Lashley are walking backstage. They are talking but they get to Kazarian who is backstage. Kazarian is on the phone and King asks what he said. Kazarian says, "Nothing, homie." Kazarian turns and walks away but King attacks him from behind. MVP asks King if that was necessary and King says, "No, but this is." King then kicks Kazarian in the gut. MVP's music hits and they continue to walk backstage.

They come through the curtain and walk down the ramp. They get in the ring. MVP grabs a mic as the crowd boos. MVP tells them to settle down and if they do then he will give them what they ever got before and that is an education. MVP is going to teach them about history. MVP states he is a brilliant person. He was able to put himself into a position to bring in his friends and get power. Power is not about asking for it it is about taking it. You take power. That is what MVP did. MVP states he knew when he came back to wrestling he had to do things his way. This is a business. It is all about money, power, and respect. It is the key to life. MVP says if he was going to come back in the wrestling business he would have to dictate his career. He wasn't going to listen to anyone's rules. You just can't be a wrestler. You have to be a politician and MVP is the greatest one right now. MVP says he sold-out arenas all around the world. The crowd chants, "Sell-out." MVP states he sold out this arena right now. He hands over the mic to his "little brother". King states he got a call from MVP a few months ago and he thought MVP was crazy. He didn't know what to do. He went through with it though. King says the exhibition match with MVP was just to throw everyone off guard. His match with Bobby was just to fool people. King keeps talking and talking but MVP stops him and thanks him for his words. He hands the mic to "the hottest free agent in wrestling right now". He hands it to Bobby Lashley. Bobby heard about the plan and gives credit for MVP that he brought him in and says that MVP is a genius. MVP grabs the mic and says he is a prophet. Just then, music hits and here comes The Wolves. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring.

Davey grabs a mic and and states they had a lot of respect for MVP when he brought them in. MVP told Wolves about being the future and how bright they will be. MVP asks Eddie... oops, Davey if he lied to him. MVP states that he brought them in and if he didn't they would still be in Japan traveling on buses. MVP states they have heart but if you don't agree with MVP himself then they are heartless. Davey talks about the fans and giving them what they want. MVP says he has no problem terminating their contracts and they can go back to the indy scene to get table scraps for money. MVP says they probably belong there anyway. Wolves drop the belts and go face to face with King and Lashley. They hit them but King and Bobby attack them back. King grabs Eddie and Bobby runs in the ropes and spears him inside out. They toss Davey to the outside and King follows him and punches him in the face. Lashley picks him up and puts him on his shoulders. MVP says it is about power and control. They walk up the ramp and stop at the stage. Lashley drops him. MVP picks Davey up and says he isn't cut out for this. MVP says he has to learn. MVP says he has to learn. Lashley runs full speed and spears Davey OFF the ramp onto a table. Lashley stands and King laughs at Davey in his face. Officials come out and calls for help. MVP mentions power and respect again and walks through the curtain.

Eric Young is shown walking outside the Impact Zone. He comes to the door, opens it, and enters the building.


A limo pulls up to the building. The driver gets out and opens the door in the back. Ethan Carter III comes out of the car and then Dixie Carter follows. She states that it is great to be home.

A video plays that occurred during the break and it shows Davey Richards being strapped into a stretcher and being put in an ambulance.

Eric Young's music plays and he comes out and walks to the ring. He has the TNA World Championship in his hand. He grabs a mic and asks if MVP wants to play the numbers game and wants to bully people then that is how it is going to be. All of a sudden, MVP comes out on the stage. He has a mic and asks if Eric wants to talk to him. MVP says it will be on his time. Eric tells him to shut up and listen. MVP says he will bring some of his friends with him. Kenny King and Bobbly Lashley come out and get behind MVP. Eric states he doesn't know who Kenny King is but what he does know is what he doesn't like. He knows he is from LA and the stuff he lives is stuff he can't talk about on national television. He turns to Bobby Lashley and says he paved his way in the wrestling and MMA business but turns to act like this. Eric asks Bobby what he will say to his son when his son asks Bobby why people are calling him a sell-out. MVP states Bobby and his son will drive some great expensive car as his son will learn from his father on how to get to the top. MVP gets in the ring and tells Eric that he has to respect him. Lashley and King get in the ring as well. Eric states that the crowd motivates him and he will show what TNA is all about. Eric goes right after Lashley and backs him up in the corner but King attacks Eric from behind. As they attack Eric, Austin Aries' music plays and he runs down the ramp. King goes to him on the outside but Aries slams him in the guard rail. He enters the ring and attacks Lashley and MVP. They fight back as they knock Aries down but Eric comes to his aid. They toss Lashley and MVP out of the ring. MVP, King, and Lashley meet at the bottom of the ramp. Aries grabs a mic and says he knew exactly what MVP was about when he came into TNA. He has a huge ego. MVP walks around and pays no attention to Aries. Aries tells him to pay attention to him while he is talking. Aries tells MVP to get in the ring with him. MVP says Aries has the biggest ego of all-time and he will wrestle him tonight. Eric Young will also fight tonight but he will tell Eric who he is fighting when he wants to.

Bram is backstage watching the show on a television monitor. Magnus walks up to him and Bram talks about MVP. He talked to MVP on Magnus' behalf. Bram says he made a match for Magnus against Willow in a Falls Count Anywhere. Magnus states he is getting sick of Bram. Bram grabs Magnus by the cheeks but Magnus shoves him down. Bram laughs on the floor and says this isn't about them two but about finding Magnus' real self. He says he wants to see that in his match tonight. Bram stands and walks away.

Angelina Love is backstage and says she has a big announcement for tonight. While Velvet Sky is busy getting read, she will state it now. Love issues an Open Challenge tonight. Gail Kim walks into the picture and starts getting in the face of Love. Love doesn't hold back and goes after Love. They battle back and forth and officials come to try to break them up.


Music plays and here comes The Beautiful People. They walk down the ramp and get on the ring apron. They both let the pigeons loose. They get in the ring and taunt. Love grabs a mic and states that her Open Challenge has an exception and that is that no one can face her who is a former Knockouts Champion. Love wants to build the division. She wants to build a newbie. So, who is it going to be? Well, here comes Brittany! She gets in the ring.

Angelina Love (c) vs. Brittany for the Knockouts Championship

Brittany taunts in the corner but Love attacks her from behind and pushes her over the ropes and lands on the floor. Love exits the ring and grabs Brittany. She brings her back in the ring and tosses her around. She whips her in the corner and then flips Brittany over her head. Love covers but Brittany kicks out. Love takes her to the corner again and goes for another monkey flip but Brittany blocks it. Love stands and Brittany fights back with forearm punches and then several closelines. She does a snapmare and then a kick to the chest/face. Brittany hits a side Russian leg sweep. She covers but Love kicks out. Brittany whips her in the corner and does a summersault but Love hits her from behind. Love exits the ring and climbs the corner. Brittany kicks her in the head and then lifts her over and slams her on the mat. She covers but Love kicks out. Both stand and Brittany does a roll-up but Sky gets on the apron and models for the referee. He is distracted. Brittany gets up and knocks Sky off of the apron. She turns and Love hits her with the Botox Injection. She covers and wins. Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love

Sky enters the ring and starts smearing make-up over her face. They then put a paper bag on her head. Gail Kim's music hits and she runs down the ramp and into the ring. Brittany rolls to the outside as Gail attacks Sky and Love at the same time. Sky rolls away. Gail continues to attack Love with constant punches to the face. Love squirms to the apron and Sky pulls her out. Gail smiles from the ring.

An official stops Dixie Carter from entering any further in the building. Ethan Carter III pushes the official to the side and let's Dixie in. The camera man meets up with Dixie and she says she is still the President of the company. No one can stop her. She continues on her way with Ethan behind her.


James Storm meets up with Mr. Anderson in a bar. James asks him what he wants. Anderson gives him a beer. James sits down and starts drinking. Ken asks if he wants to play pool or darts but James is not in the mood and wants to hurt Ken right now. Ken asks what he wants to do. James says they can have a drinking content. Ken is for it. Ken tells the waitress to keep them coming and to keep them cold.

Austin Aries' music hits and he walks down the ramp and gets in the ring with his cape flying behind him. MVP comes out next and makes his way into the ring. MVP is walking around the ring and stops as he stares at the fans. Aries climbs the corner and jumps to the outside on MVP. The bell sounds.

Austin Aries vs. MVP

Aries continues the attack on MVP on the outside but MVP fights back as he smashes Aries' face into the ring apron. He rolls him in the ring and gets in himself. He goes after Aries but Aries fights back and puts MVP in the corner and punches him in the face multiple times. MVP lifts him up and pushes him over the ropes and Aries lands right on the ring apron face first. MVP exits and goes after Aries. He brings him back in the ring and covers but Aries kicks out. MVP sends Aries to the corner. Aries stands and MVP goes for a running big boot but Aries moves and MVP hits the corner. Aries punches him multiple times and then does a closeline. Aries picks him up and goes for the Brain Buster but MVP blocks it. MVP punches back and hits an uppercut. MVP goes in the ropes but Aries hits a disc forearm shot. MVP goes in the corner and Aries runs to him for a running dropkick. Aries gets him up in the corner and goes for another one and hits it. MVP falls. Aries sets him up. He climbs the corner. Just then, Bobby Lashley pushes Aries off of the top and he lands face first into the ring apron. King and Lashley enter the ring as Aries stays on the apron. They continue to attack Aries. They lift him up and drop him down. Just then, Eric Young runs down the ramp and goes after them but Lashley attacks EY with punches and kicks. King attacks him too. MVP continues the attack on Aries. Bobby lifts EY up and powerslams him down. MVP grabs a mic and tells EY that his opponent is Bobby Lashley. Just then, Dixie Carter's music plays and she comes through the curtain with Ethan Carter III.


Dixie Carter has a mic in hand and asks why MVP is not returning her phone calls, emails, etc. MVP states that she sounds like the other ladies in his life. Dixie states she is still the President of the company and still should be at Impact Wrestling each week. King and Lashley surround Ethan and Dixie. Dixie asks what is going on and states she has never insulted or hurt anyone. Well, she may have hurt Bully Ray but that is beside the point. MVP asks what she wants. Dixie states it is what she can do for him. Bully Ray's music hits and he runs down with a lead pipe. He smashes it on the ring post and then exits the ring after Dixie and Ethan. Ethan hurries Dixie along as she yells, "I can't run." Ray tries to go after them but MVP states he banned her and Ray at the Impact Zone so why is he here? Ray gets back in the ring and states he has something to say. MVP tries to talk over Ray but Ray tells him that he is a piece of crap and to shut up. He says no one like MVP. Ray asks if they are really doing this to Eric Young. EY has been here since day 1 while MVP has been in the company for several months. Ray states every TNA fan loves EY. MVP asks since when does Ray have a huge heart. Lashley moves closer to Ray but Ray points the lead pipe to him and says if he moves one inch closer... but King does as he blind sides Ray. Ray falls. MVP tells King not calm down but... never mind. They go after Ray as he lies on the mat. They beat him down and then leave the scene. Dixie gets in the ring and goes on top of Ray and says, "Ethan, get the tables." Ethan, on the outside, yells, "Okay." He brings in a table from under the ring. He sets it up in the ring and goes for a power bomb but Ray does a back body drop to Ethan. He stumbles but looks at Dixie as she fears for her life in the corner. Ethan does a huge chop block to the back of Ray's leg. He gets Ray up and plants him through the table. Dixie gets back on the mic and says, "Dixie fears no one."


Dixie Carter and Ethan Carter III come through the doorway of the Impact Zone as they gloat about what they just accomplished. Someone yells at them to look behind them. They look and it is Bully Ray limping toward them. They run to their limo and get in. Ray gets right up to the trunk and pounds on it but the limo drives away.

Magnus' music plays and he comes out with Bram at his side. They get in the ring. Willow's music hits and he walks down the ramp with his umbrella. He then runs around the ring as he interacts with the crowd.

Magnus vs. Willow in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

Willow gets in the ring and goes right after Magnus but Magnus fights him off. Both stand but Willow lifts the ropes down and Magnus falls over them. Willow jumps over the ropes to land on Magnus who is on the ground but Magnus lifts his legs up and Willow falls right on them. Magnus grabs Willow and whips him in the steel steps. Magnus slams him against the ring apron and then takes him down for a cover but Willow kicks out. Magnus continues the attack but Willow tries to fight back. Magnus whips Willow in the guard rail. Bram comes toward him and gives him a lead crow bar. Magnus grabs it and drops it. He grabs Willow and slams him against the ring apron again. He goes for a suplex but Willow reverses it. Willow takes Magnus in the ring and stomps on him. He climbs the corner and goes for a Swanton Bomb but Magnus moves out of the way. Magnus and Willow slowly stand. Willow is in the corner and Magnus runs to him but Willow elbows him and does a Whisper in the Wind. He covers but Magnus kicks out. Both stand and Willow takes Magnus to the outside. Magnus is down on the ground and Willow jumps over the ropes again but lands on Magnus this time. Both get up and Magnus walks up the ramp but Willow turns him around and goes for the Twist of Fate but Magnus pushes him away and then slams Willow down on the ramp. Bram walks over and hands him the crow bar and tells him to use it. He tells him to finish it. Magnus hesitates but takes it and waits. Willow stands and Magnus rams it in the gut of Willow. He goes to hit him on the back of the head but moves back and drops it while looking at Bram. He turns around and Willow grabs him and hits the Twist of Fate. He covers and wins. Winner: Willow

Bram yells at Magnus and then stares at him as Magnus slowly gets up. Bram looks disgusted as Magnus gets to his knees.

A video shows Gunner and Samuel Shaw in the confinement room. Gunner tells Shaw that he has been there twice. He tells Shaw that he wants to help him. Shaw bashes his head against the walls and asks what he wants. He says he doesn't know what it is like being in there. Gunner says he is wrong as he has been in there for quite awhile.

Eddie Edwards is shown walking outside of the Impact Zone. He is holding his chest and gut. He opens the door and walks into the building.


Gunner and Samuel Shaw are sitting in the confinement room. Gunner wants to tell Shaw a story. He tells him about his friend in the army. He talks about trauma and says his friend was waking up with night sweats and was terrified. Gunner helped him and sent his friend to a room just like this. He spent his personal time with his friend in there. He knows what it is like. His friend got better. He believes Shaw will get better. Shaw asks why he should trust Gunner. Gunner says the first thing is to get that jacket off.

Eddie Edwards marches his way down the ramp and gets right in the ring. He grabs a mic and says he wants to fight either Lashley, King or MVP. He doesn't care. He will take all three! They put Davey in a hospital and he is not going to take it. Kenny King comes out and Eddie exits the ring and runs to him to fight on the ramp. They walk down the ramp and go to ringside as Eddie continues the attack. He punches and kicks and then chokes King with his shirt. He punches King in the head more than 10 times. He grabs King and rolls him in the ring. Eddie gets on the apron but King stands and kicks him in the chest. He grabs the mic and hits Eddie right in the head twice. He laughs and tosses Eddie to the outside. King exits to go after him but Eddie kicks him. He continues the attack but King fights back. King goes for a whip but Eddie reverses it and King jumps on the apron and goes for a moonsault but Eddie moves. He gets in the ring and hits a suicide dive on King. He grabs his wrist tape and goes to choke King but King lifts him up and drops him chest first on the steel guard rail. King smashes Eddie's head in the steel steps.

King does some taunting but Eddie jumps on the steps and lands on King. King grabs him and slams him against the steps and then kicks him right in the head. He grabs Eddie and does a suplex type move. He goes to the camera and tells Davey through the camera that Eddie will be joining him.

James Storm and Mr. Anderson are well underway for their drinking contest. James asks him if he is giving up already. He barely drank. Anderson says he will keep going and he is not done by a long shot. Anderson gets up and starts slurring his words. He wants what he has been getting. The bartender gives him more than 4 beers and he turns to the camera and winks several times. He continues his slurring as he gets to the table. James grabs his hat and says it is going to be a long night... but he is not complaining.


MVP walks up to the referee and tells him sorry about Kenny King's actions as he is like a wild little brother. MVP says he will put him in the main event match as he always wanted that but tells him that he should give MVP wants he wants.

Mr. Anderson and James Storm are having a wild time being drunk. they are yelling and joking. Ken goes on to say that he is an actor. James doesn't get it. Ken says Storm has been drinking real beer but he wasn't. He is not drunk. It is called revenge. Ken pounds Storm's head against the table and then slides him across it. He takes Storm to the outside and slams him against the dumpster. Storm doesn't move as he lies motionless. Ken puts $5 in Storm's mouth and says that will help him with his hangover.

Eric Young is backstage as Jeremy Borash interviews him. EY states he is crazy and he will certainly do anything. Nothing stops him. He has been through it all. He then states that he isn't crazy enough.


Eric Young comes out first as the crowd roars. He gets in the ring. Bobby Lashley comes out next. He makes his way down the ramp.

Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley runs to Eric, who is in the corner, but EY moves and attacks Lashley. Lashley goes to fight back but EY goes in the ropes and slides under Bobby but Bobby is able to grab him and whip him in the corner and EY rolls over the ropes to the outside and hits his shoulder on the steel guard rail. Bobby goes after EY on the outside and then rolls him in. Bobby continues the attack as he closelines him and punches him in the head multiple times. Bobby grabs EY and puts him through the middle and upper rope and applies a headlock. He let's him go and then punches him right in the face. Lashley punches him again. Bobby gets him up and whips him in the corner. EY falls down from the impact. Lashley grabs EY and continues the assault.


Bobby puts EY on the middle rope and chokes him. He punches him in the face multiple times as well. Lashley grabs him and lifts him up for a suplex but keeps him up on his shoulder and then drops him down. He covers but EY kicks out. EY stands and Bobby drops down and goes around EY but EY elbows him in the head. EY goes in the ropes but Lashley hits a back body drop. He covers but Eric kicks out. Bobby applies a bear hug. EY is fading. He slowly starts coming back and elbows Bobby in the face. He backs him in the corner and gets out. Lashley comes forward and kicks him in the gut and whips him in the corner. Lashley smashes into him but EY comes back with a closeline type move. He goes to the corner and hits a missile dropkick. He hits it and Bobby falls. He gets back up though and takes EY down. He covers him but EY kicks out. Bobby puts Eric in the corner and kicks him in the gut. He whips him in the opposing corner and runs to him but EY does a float over but Bobby catches him. He walks around with him on his shoulders but EY slides out. He turns Bobby around and hits the piledriver. EY climbs the corner but Kenny King runs out. EY punches I'm in the head. MVP comes out as well. EY tries to fight them off but they grab his feet and take it out from under him. EY lands on his private area and falls forward into the ring. He slowly stands and Bobby hits the spear. He then hits the running powerslam. He covers and wins. Winner: Bobby Lashley

King goes to EY and pulls some hair from his head and throws it to ringside. MVP goes after him as well. Austin Aries runs in the ring with a kendo stick. He hits Kenny King with it and then hits Bobby but it doesn't faze him. MVP gets out of the ring. Aries turns and Bobby hits him with a huge closeline. MVP and King enter and they go after Aries now. King lifts Aries up and spins him around and plants him on the back of his neck. Kenny King, MVP, and Bobby Lashley stand over Aries and Eric Young as the show fades.

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