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Impact Wrestling Results (5/29/14) - Joe's Back And He's "Gonna Kill You"

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Impact Wrestling Results - 5/29/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package showcasing MVP. He is going to teach us a lesson about power. It shows him, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley teaming up to get power, respect, and money. They took out The Wolves and Eric Young last week. They are so dominate. Who is going to stop them?

Bully Ray's music plays and he comes walking gingerly out from the curtain. He has a mic and stops on the stage. He asks, "Do you know who I am?" He says he is Bully Ray and he says as long as he keeps breathing he will keep fighting. He is motivating to fight, but it is more than motivation, it is obsession. Bully Ray says he is obsessed with 6 people. He is targeting 6 people. He is promising us that these 6 people are going through a table. Ray turns around and walks up to a table that is wrapped with black paper. Ray pulls off the paper and reveals "Lashley". He does another and it says "ECIII". The others state "Kenny", "MVP", "Spud", and one more is left. This person is someone who everyone wants to see put through a table and that is "Dixie". The crowd even chants, "Dixie". Ray states Dixie Carter will be going through a table. Ray walks his way down the ramp and gets in the ring. He states he doesn't care if one person comes out or if the entire locker room comes. He wants to fight. He says everyone is going through those tables. Just then, music plays and here comes MVP. He walks out on the stage with a mic in hand. He looks at the tables and smiles. He continues his way down the ramp. He begins to talk.

He says he doesn't respond very well to threats to Ray better rethink his idea. He states this is all pretty but this isn't going to happen tonight. He doesn't care about the brainwashed puppets (fans) and what they want. While Ray wants to fight, and MVP would fight, he wouldn't have fun with it. He has boys to help him. They will have fun with it. Kenny King and Bobby Lashley walk down the ramp. All of a sudden, Ethan Carter III comes from behind and does a chop block to Ray's leg. Rockstar Spud gets in there and yells orders. Ethan stomps on him while King, Lashley, and MVP enter the ring. They all take turns going after Ray. Even Spud yells in Ray's face. Spud hits Ethan and yells, "Get the tables." Ethan and Spud get out of the ring and grab the "Spud" table. They bring it in the ring while Lashley, King, and Bobby attack Ray. Ethan and Spud set the table up in the ring. Ray tries to fight back but they knock him down. Ethan grabs Ray and goes to set him up for the table but music plays and here comes Eric Young, Austin Aries, and The Wolves. They run down the ramp, get in the ring, and attack the others. MVP quickly leaves the ring. They throw the others out. Spud is the last one in the ring. They grab him and he tries to run away, but they stop him. Aries gets on the mic and says he isn't going anywhere. Aries states numbers is not a problem as they want to get their hands on MVP as well. Aries calls for a 6 man tag team match right now. Ray stands and grabs a mic. He tells MVP that he can stick his chain up his @ss. Sooner or later, they will go through tables just like Spud. Ray climbs the corner. EY grabs Spud and lifts him up to Ray's shoulders. Ray super powerbombs Spud right through the table. Ethan looks on with almost a tear in his eye.


MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley vs. The Wolves and Austin Aries

They are battling on the outside in a back and forth battle. Lashley, King, and MVP take advantage as they take The Wolves out and then Bobby brings Aries in the ring. Aries tries to fight back but Bobby backs him up in the corner and whips him in the opposing side. Aries falls down in pain. Bobby chokes Aries while The Wolves come back and attack MVP and King on the outside. Bobby puts Aries in the corner and kicks him in the gut multiple times. The Wolves crash MVP and King's head together and they fall. Aries fights back with kicks to the back of Lashley's leg. He puts him in the corner but Bobby pushes him down. MVP goes after Davey on the outside while Eddie and King get in the ring. King attacks Eddie in the corner while Bobby has Aries on his shoulders but Aries slides out and takes the top rope down and Bobby goes to the outside. Eddie fights back and tosses King to the outside too. MVP enters and Eddie takes the top rope down and MVP falls over. The Wolves fly and hit a suicide dive on King and MVP while Aries goes to the top rope and hits a double elbow smash to Bobby.


Davey has King in the ring and catapults him right into Aries as Aries punches him in the face. He tags himself in. He jumps over and elbows King right in the chest. He covers but King kicks out. Eddie gets in the ring from a tag and goes after King. He tags Davey and Davey takes him right to the corner. He tags Eddie and they both toss him in the corner. They double whip him in the ropes. Eddie trips him while Davey goes in the ropes but MVP knees him in the back. He goes to the outside and they toss him into the steel steps. King kicks Eddie right in the head. He tags MVP. MVP covers with one finger but Eddie kicks out. He tags Bobby in. Bobby goes right after Eddie in the corner with punches, forearm shots, and kicks. Bobby grabs Eddie and puts him in the corner and drives his shoulder into the mid-section of Eddie. He tags MVP in. Bobby whips Eddie into MVP and MVP closelines him down. He covers but Eddie kicks out. MVP starts trash talking him to his face. He puts Eddie in the corner and does a huge kick to the face. He hits a release suplex and covers but Eddie kicks out.

MVP tags King. He enters and punches Eddie in the gut and then applies a back bear hug. Eddie tries to fight out but King hits him in the back. He then hits a german suplex but Eddie lands on his feet and rolls through to tag Aries. Aries runs n and takes MVP to the floor by dropkicking his legs. He then goes after King in the ring. He sends him in the corner but Bobby gets in and goes right after Aries. He puts him in the corner but Aries slides out and attacks King. He then goes after Bobby but Bobby lifts him up and slams him down. King tags MVP. MVP goes after Aries but Aries hits MVP with a forearm shot. He then hits King with the same shot and then hits the Brainbuster. Aries tags Davey and he climbs the corner and hits the double foot stomp. Bobby enters the ring and spears Eddie right to the mat. MVP gets up and kicks Davey right in the face. He covers and wins. Winners: MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Kenny King

Bram and Magnus are backstage. Bram says he is done talking. He has a match tonight and he doesn't care who it is against. Magnus will come out with him and see the violence for himself. Bram leaves the locker room and Magnus slowly follows.


Ethan Carter III finds Dixie Carter backstage. He says it is chaos here. She asks why and Ethan tells her what happened about trying to take Bully Ray out but he had back-up and then they put Spud through a table. Dixie feels sorry for Spud but she wants Ethan to come with her as she has important business to take care of with MVP. They walk away.

Tigre Uno comes out and gets in the ring. Bram comes out next and Magnus is at his side. Bram gets in the ring.

Tigre Uno vs. Bram

Bram runs right to Uno but Uno ducks. Bram runs to Uno again but he rolls out of the way. Uno runs to him but Bram lifts him up and slams him down. He grabs Uno and punches him right in the face. Uno falls. Bram gets Uno up and whips him in the ropes and elbows him in the face. He then yells at Uno's face. He smashes Tigre's face into the mat. Bram hits Uno in the back. He grabs him and knees him in the gut multiple times. Bram lifts Uno up by the throat but Uno punches Gram in the face multiple times. He runs in the ropes but Bram closelines him down. Bram tells Magnus to watch. Bram grabs Uno and slams him down right on his head. He covers and wins. Winner: Bram

Bram continues to attack Uno with punches. Bram slide sour of the ring and looks under and grabs a steel turnbuckle. He gets in the ring. Magnus grabs a mic and calls for Bram. He says he doesn't care about Uno but he is a world class athlete. He tells Bram that he is half his size. Bram grabs the mic and says the old Magnus would have ripped his mask off and beat him up until he would be motionless. That is the old Magnus. He wants that to come out. Magnus tells Bram that he needs to face an opponent more his size. He needs to face an opponent that is better suited for him. He needs to fight Willow. Magnus leaves the ring and Bram smiles as he loves the idea.

Mr. Anderson is backstage. Gunner walks in and Anderson asks him about helping Samuel Shaw. Gunner says he needs help but Anderson doesn't think so. He is a psychotic guy who lives in his mom's basement. Ken asks Gunner if he is good for tonight. Gunner is. Ken stands and walks out.


Madison Rayne is putting make-up on in the mirror. Brittany comes up to her and asks for a favor. She has a tag team match against The Beautiful People and wants to know if Madison can be her partner. Madison grabs her and sits her down. Madison says she isn't ready for a match with them. Madison wasn't even ready for them when she first came. She doesn't want Brittany to have the match and wants her to promise she won't have it. Brittany promises.

The BroMans are in the ring. Gunner is at the end of the ramp. Mr. Anderson comes out and introduces himself. He meets up with Gunner and they get on the apron. DJ Z gets on the mic and calls for Ken and Gunner. They turn and BroMans attack them from behind.

The BroMans vs. Gunner and Mr. Anderson

Robbie goes after Gunner and has him in the corner. He tags Jessie and Jessie continues the attack. He puts him back in the corner and Robbie helps him attack Gunner. Jessie takes Gunner down by going after his leg. He puts him in the corner and Robbie knees him in the face. Jessie tags him. Robbie enters and kicks Gunner. He grabs him and whips him in the ropes and knocks him down. Robbie covers but Anderson gets in and stops it. Robbie climbs the corner and jumps but Gunner moves out of the way. Gunner goes to tag but Jessie runs in and attacks Ken. Ken wants to get in but the referee stops him and they pull Gunner to the middle of the ring and attack him. Robbie yells at Gunner. Gunner lifts Robbie up and hits a fallaway slam. He goes and tags Ken. Ken enters and goes after Jessie in the corner and then goes after Robbie in the ring. He lifts Robbie up on his shoulders but Jessie takes Robbie down and kicks Ken in the gut. They go for a double team but Ken tosses Jessie out of the ring. Gunner tags himself in. He climbs the corner. Ken hits the Mic Check and Gunner jumps from the corner and lands right on Gunner with a headbutt. He covers and wins. Winners: Mr. Anderson and Gunner

DJ Z enters the ring as well as Jessie. They meet up with Robbie. Just then, music plays and people on stilts come out. Someone on the mic introduces us to the craziest party around. The Menagerie! Rebel comes out and swings sticks around. Crazzy Steve comes out next and jumps around. The Freak walks out next. Knux comes out last and meets up with Rebel. They walk down the ramp together. Freak and Knux help Rebel on the apron. Rebel stretches herself on the ropes while Steve, Freak, and Knux get in the ring. They taunt in the ring while The BroMans look from behind. They don't know what is going on. The Menagerie start to swarm around The BroMans. They are all scared. They are freaked out. The Menagerie circle them. Robbie and Jessie quickly exit the ring. DJ Z goes to follow but Freak grabs him by the throat. The Freak whips him in the ropes and lifts him up and brings him down. DJ Z falls right on his chest and face. He rolls over and Jessie and Robbie grab him and take him out of the ring. The Menagerie continue to taunt.


Brittany is walking backstage and walks up to Gail Kim. She asks for a favor. Gail asks what is it. Brittany says that The Beautiful People attacked her last week and wants revenge and she knows Gail Kim would want to be part of it. Gail states that since it is The Beautiful People she is glad to join. Brittany hugs Gail with loads of joy. Gail tells her she will see Brittany out there.

MVP and Ethan Carter III walks out and gets in the ring. Dixie grabs a mic and says she talked to MVP last week and she didn't get to finish what she wanted to say so invites MVP out. The crowd chants, "Dixie sucks" and she yells, "Really?" MVP comes out and King and Lashley are behind him. They get in the ring. Dixie states he can do it Dixie's way. MVP thought she was finished last week. Dixie says Ray interrupted her and she couldn't finish. As she was saying, MVP may NEED Dixie. MVP says they have the power now and he is going to challenge for the TNA World Championship. MVP tells Dixie to go home. Dixie says she can or she can go to the Board of Directors and tells them about MVP's abuse of power and let them decide what will happen. MVP says she looks good when she threatens him. Dixie takes that as a compliment but it is not a threat, it is reality. MVP says he has a lot of money and money is power so he isn't scared of anything. He will let the chips fall where they land. Music hits and here comes Eric Young and Bully Ray. They walk down the ramp. EY has a mic in one hand and a lead pipe in another. Ray has a chain in his hand. EY says he and Ray like the finer things in life and he a fine thing would be to see all of the people in the ring to go through a table.

MVP says EY has that pipe and he can bash his head in and be a crazy person as he is crazy, but EY can just give the belt up right now for MVP and EY can go back to what he is good at... like fishing. EY goes to run into the ring but Ray stops him and says there is a time and place for everything. MVP agrees. MVP states he is fine if they come in the ring as it wouldn't last long. He goes and insults Bully Ray and Bully walks up the steel steps but EY tells him that there is a time and place for everything. MVP states that since both want to fight, Bully vs. Eric Young will happen tonight and Ethan Carter III will be special guest referee. Ray won't do it. MVP says he will fire him if he doesn't do it. Ray tells him to fire him. Dixie walks past MVP and says is he going to quit or does he want to be fired because she doesn't want Ray there. She overpaid him the day he came into the company. Dixie didn't know a New Yorker is a quitter. Ray states he will never quit. Fans want him there. He states he will get finished with Dixie and she will never walk on Impact Wrestling again. Dixie, Ethan Carter III, MVP, Kenny King, and Bobby Lashley will all go through tables.

The Beautiful People are backstage. The camera man asks them about their tag team match. They start trashing Brittany and Gail Kim. Sky states it doesn't matter who they face because The Beautiful People have the gold and that is all that matters.


A video plays from May 8th where it was Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter III. It shows Kurt having problems with his knee. Ethan Carter takes it to him and gets the victory. It shows Kurt going to the doctor and he tells Kurt that his ACL is torn. He needs surgery. A video plays from earlier today showing Kurt Angle at his house. Kurt explains he is healing but he is still on crutches. He is working through it and appreciates all of the fans for their support. He thanks everyone.

The Beautiful People walk out on the stage and come down the ramp. The let the pigeons loose as they get in the ring. Brittany comes down the ramp and gets in the ring. Gail Kim walks out next. Brittany gets out of the ring and runs up to Gail and taunts with her. She then hugs Gail but Gail pushes her off. They both get in the ring.

The Beautiful People vs. Brittany and Gail Kim

Brittany starts the match against Love. They walk around the ring and go to lock-up but Love kicks Brittany in the gut and then punches her. Brittany whips her in the ropes but Love knocks her down. Love whips Brittany and goes for a back body drop but Brittany kicks Love in the chest. She then hits a dropkick. Brittany does a snapmare and then kicks Love in the face. Brittany celebrates with Gail but Gail tells her to turn around. Love attacks her from behind. Love tags Sky. Sky enters and goes after the referee and shows off her body. Love attacks Brittany in the corner. Sky continues to work on Brittany as she chokes her on the middle rope. She does a snapmare and then kicks Brittany in the back and then does a low dropkick to the face. She covers Brittany but she kicks out. Sky whips Brittany in the ropes but Brittany slides out and takes the legs out from under Sky. Brittany whips Sky in the corner and does a summersault to her. She smashes right into her but Sky fights back and takes Brittany down. She tags Love. Love attacks Brittany as she chokes her on the ropes. Love turns and knocks Gail Kim down. Love then chokes Brittany on the ropes some more. She runs in the ropes and does a dropkick to the back. She covers Brittany but she kicks out. Love tags Sky. Sky climbs the corner and drops a forearm on Brittany. Sky continues the attack but Brittany reverses with a side Russian leg sweep.

Brittany goes to Gail but Sky grabs her leg but Brittany fights her off and tags Gail. Gail goes after Love on the apron and after Sky in the ring. She hits a dropkick and then hits a flying cross body. She covers but Sky kicks out. Gail stands and Brittany tags herself in. She tells Gail, "I can do this." She enters and goes for a standing moonsault but Sky rolls out of the ring. She stands and Love enters. Love hits Brittany with the Botox Injection. Sky covers and gets the win as Gail was a little too late to ruin the count. Winners: The Beautiful People

Bully Ray is stretching backstage. Eric Young walks up to Ray and thanks him for the support. Ray states he deserves that championship but wants to let EY know that if he beats him he will be number 1 contender for the TNA World Championship. EY and Ray shake hands and hug and then go their separate ways.


Brittany is still in the ring. She has a mic in hand and says Madison Rayne wants to talk to her... No, she needs to talk to her. Madison Rayne's music plays and she walks down the ramp shaking her head. Rayne gets in the ring and asks what. Brittany wants to know why she refused to be her partner against The Beautiful People? Why? Why did you reject? Rayne grabs the mic and says this is getting a little weird. She has had issues with Sky and Love since she first started in the company. There are issues with only the 3 of them and they need to take care of it. Only them 3. Brittany grabs the mic and states she is a big girl and can help her. She just wants to be with Rayne. Madison asks, "What did you just say?" Brittany states, "I just want to be with you." Brittany moves toward Rayne but Rayne pushes her back and says this is going a little too far. She tells Brittany to keep her distance. Brittany starts to freak out. she asks why she doesn't like her. She likes Madison. The crowd likes Brittany. She just wants to accept her. What's wrong with her?

The Beautiful People come out on the stage with a mic and start to tell Brittany that this mean Madison is the real Madison. People thought Sky and Love were mean. She just broke Brittany's heart. Madison states they need to worry about the Knockouts Championship. Rayne has a rematch clause in her contract and is cashing in next week. She will win it back next week. Rayne's music plays. Brittany tries to move in on Rayne but Rayne tells her to move back.

Ethan Carter III is getting ready backstage in his referee gear. MVP, Lashley, and King surround him. Ethan states he is just a worker. MVP understands and it doesn't matter if he is a Carter. He knows the right thing to do. King says they will be closer than they ever imagined. Ethan makes a little smile like he likes what he hears.


Christy Hemme is about to introduce the main event but Kenny King comes out and gets in the ring. He is the special guest ring announcer. He introduces Bully Ray first in all of the wrong ways from saying he is 740 pounds from Hells Toilet. Ray goes after King but King hides and says he is just doing his job. Eric Young comes out next and King introduces him as World Champion but won't have that belt soon. He says he is the bearded wonder of the world. He goes after King but King jumps the guard rail. King introduces Ethan Carter III as the special guest referee. King then states they need a special ring enforcer and there's no better enforcer than the tank himself, Bobby Lashley. Bobby comes out and meets up with King. King says they need a special time keeper and this person is a visionary. Here's MVP. MVP comes out and goes to ringside. Ray starts swinging his chain at them from the ring but he doesn't hit them. Ethan calls for the bell.

Bully Ray vs. Eric Young with Special Guest Referee: Ethan Carter III

Ray runs to Ethan on the apron but Ethan jumps down before Ray grabs him. Ray drops his chain and puts it in the corner. MVP grabs the chain and drops it on the ground. He goes and slides it under the guard rail but Ray gets out of the ring. MVP grabs it and holds it. Ray and EY go and lock-up. Ray hits an arm drag. Both get up and lock-up again. Ray does a hip toss. EY gets up and they go for another lock-up. Ray lifts him up and hits a body slam. EY stands and they march around the ring. They lock-up again but EY hits two arm drags and then a dropkick. Ray slides out of the ring and King attacks Ray from behind. King runs away as EY gets out of the ring. EY grabs Ray but Ray stands and they stare at MVP. Both walk up the steel steps and get in the ring.


EY and Ray are standing in the ring as they look around at the others on the outside. They lock-up and EY puts Ray in the corner but Ray turns it around. They continue to turn it back and forth. Ray whips EY in the corner and hits the shoulder block. EY rolls out of the ring and MVP attacks EY on the outside. Ray exits the ring and gets right in the face of MVP and yells at him. They get back in the ring. They lock-up and EY goes behind Ray and locks his arms around his waste but Ray reverses it and goes for a back suplex but EY lands on his feet and goes in the ropes. Ray whips him in the corner but EY flips over it and lands on the apron. Ray brings him in the ring with a flip. He goes for several punches and goes to hit an elbow to the face but Ethan stops him and says, "No elbows." Ray kicks Ethan right in the face. King, Lashley, and MVP get in the ring and attack Ray and EY. They beat them down to the mat but music plays and here comes Samoa Joe! Joe runs out and slides in the ring. He enters the ring and attacks MVP and Lashley. He sends them out of the ring. King jumps from the rope but Joe moves and King lands on his back. Joe puts King up on the corner and hits the Muscle Buster. Joe's music plays as King rolls out of the ring. Ray and EY stay in the ring with him as they look around the ring at the others. The show fades.

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