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Impact Wrestling Results (5/8/14) - MVP Is Just Another "Gold Digger"

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Impact Wrestling Results - 5/8/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video of Bully Ray driving a car to Nashville. He has the radio turned all the way up as he jams to the song. The camera man asks him something but Ray can't hear him because of the radio is so loud. He turns it down and states that he is in Nashville and is going to find her. He says MVP told him he can't touch her at the Impact Zone but can outside of the area. If he finds Dixie in her office today, he will put her through a table!

A video package showcases MVP talking to Eric Young talking about a level playing field and how MVP is trying to make TNA that. He inserted Eric Young in the World Championship match and Eric won. It was 12 years in the making.

The camera shows the Impact Zone as the crowd is on their feet. Mike Tenay and Taz run down the line-up for tonight's show.

Eric Young's music plays and he comes through the curtain. The crowd roars. He has the World Championship in his hand. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Eric states it has been an amazing ride so far but there has been a hiccup in his reign. Eric states that he promised everyone that the World Championship will be defended every single week on Impact Wrestling. While he is not in the best physical condition and mental condition. Eric states if MVP won't book a match for him, then Eric will do it himself. Eric has his denim suit on and is ready for a fight. He issues an Open Challenge. Music hits and here comes Bobby Roode. Roode walks out on the stage with a mic. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring. The fans chant, "EY, EY, EY" as Roode meets with Eric face to face. Roode states that EY wants to be a fighting champion. He wants to defend his belt against anyone in the back. Well, Roode is standing right there and EY doesn't have to look any further. Roode stood every obstacle TNA put in front of him for 12 years. Roode has been Mr. Consistency. Roode states that EY will defend the belt tonight against Bobby Roode. EY states that Roode was number one contender last week. EY is not the smartest guy around, but he knows that the referee counted 1-2-3 when Roode's shoulders were on the mat. Roode states he isn't dumb. He remembers. Roode came "that close" though. Roode had to go to war with Gunner before that Championship match. If EY wants to be a fighting champion and a man, then defend the title tonight. Roode goes on to state that both of them have a long history together. It goes back further than TNA. It goes back 17 years. They traveled all around North America to make a name for themselves. They did it together. When Roode signed his first contract with TNA, EY did as well the same day. They became Tag Team Champions in Team Canada. They are only a few left as originals in this company. Roode states that they were best of friends and best of enemies.

Roode continues to state that they went to war. Roode wants one more battle. He wants one more war for one reason and one reason only and that's for the TNA World Championship. If EY can beat Roode tonight, then Roode will give his word and look Eric right in his eye and state he will never ask for it again. EY gets back on the mic and says they have a long history. Roode is one of the best professional wrestlers in the world. So, let's do it one more time. EY vs. Roode tonight! Eric's music plays and he shakes hands with Roode. They stare at each other as Roode backs up and leaves the ring.

Video plays showing the Knockouts Championship match at Sacrifice where Angelina Love won the Knockouts Championship. It then shows last week where The Beautiful People were stripped down. We then see Madison Rayne and Brittany walking backstage in white evening gowns and Sky and Love walking backstage in black evening gowns.


Eric Young walks into MVP's office. MVP tells him to have a seat. Eric asks if there is a problem. MVP states there isn't. He goes over all of the stars Eric defeated and says Eric is impressing him. EY wants to be that kind of champion. MVP states that EY can't book his own matches. MVP is in control of wrestling operations and he has to call off the World Championship match. Eric states he can do whatever he wants because he is champion. MVP states everyone will follow Eric then and he can't have that. Eric wants to fight. MVP gets angry and asks what he has to prove. MVP tells him to take the night off and enjoy himself. MVP tells him he promises that his opponent at Slammiversary is someone that he never faced before. Eric says Bobby will be mad but MVP will take care of him. MVP tells EY to let him know before he leaves the arena.

The Beautiful People make their entrance in black night gowns. Angelina Love holds the Knockouts Championship as Velvet Sky holds a red/pink tote bag. They get in the ring and Sky is all over the referee in the corner. Brittany comes out to her entrance music. She wears a white night gown. Madison Rayne comes out next in her white gown and gets in the ring.

The Beautiful People vs. Brittany and Madison Rayne in an Evening Gown Match

Sky and Madison start the match off but Sky goes right after Rayne but Madison turns it around and takes Sky down multiple times. She does a drop toe hold and then goes to take off Sky's gown. Brittany and Love get in the ring and Brittany takes Love down and tries to take her gown off. Beautiful People roll out of the ring and walk around to their corner. Love gets in the ring now and goes right after Brittany. She puts her in the corner and attacks her. Love tags Sky. Sky enters and hits shoulder blocks into Brittany's gut. Sky takes Brittany out of the corner but Brittany fights back. She takes Sky in the corner and attacks her. She takes Sky down on the mat and then does a summersault to Sky. Brittany bounces off the ropes but Love trips her and she falls. Sky gets on top of her and rips the gown off of her. Brittany rolls out of the ring as she tries to cover herself up. Elimination: Brittany


Madison is in the ring and Love runs to her but she closelines Love down and then Sky runs after her but she knocks her down. She tosses Love outside of the ring. Madison goes after Sky but Love trips Madison up. Sky takes advantage and brings Madison to her corner. She kicks her in the gut and then tags Love. Love enters and she takes Madison and smashes her face on the top turnbuckle. Love tags Sky and Sky enters and chokes Madison on the second rope. Madison fights back as she punches Sky in the face. Love runs to her but Madison moves and Love goes through the ropes. Sky runs to her but Rayne spears her and strips her from the gown. Elimination: Velvet Sky

Madison twirls the gown around her head but Love enters and attacks Madison from behind. She takes her down on the mat and chokes her with Sky's gown. She then does it again. Madison turns and fights back with several punches and then hits a DDT type move on her. Madison walks over to Sky's gown and chokes Love with it. She then whips Love across the ring with the gown around her neck. Love stands and comes back after Madison with a boot. Rayne fights back and knocks Love down. Rayne turns and she sees Velvet Sky walking down the ramp. She has a towel around her. She then opens the towel to the referee and he is stunned. He freezes. Rayne turns and Love sprays her in the eyes. Rayne falls and Love strips her. Winners: The Beautiful People

Video plays showing Dixie Carter in her office. She has an appointment but Rockstar Spud stops her and says she doesn't have a meeting. Dixie says she does and he doesn't need to know where it is. She tells Spud to hold down the fort and to not let him in the office. Spud has it covered. Dixie walks away as an office worker has a "Bully Fears Dixie" shirt. Dixie walks down the hall, opens the door, and carefully looks around and makes a run for it.

A video package plays showing the feud between Ethan Carter III and Kurt Angle. Their match is next!

Kurt Angle is shown walking backstage. it then shows Ethan Carter III walking backstage.


Magnus and Bram are in the locker room. Bram states that he worked out a deal with MVP and he isn't going anywhere. Bram stated that he talked to MVP about a Magnus vs. Willow match. Magnus asks if this is really happening. Yes, it is and Bram tells him to grab his boots. Bram leaves and Magnus asks himself, "What is going on?"

Ethan Carter III's music plays and he walks out to the ring. He enters and taunts. Music hits and here comes Kurt Angle! Kurt walks through the curtain and marches his way down the ramp. As he does, video plays showing when he was attacked on March 6th. He is back and is ready to take out Ethan.

Ethan Carter III vs. Kurt Angle

They lock-up but Kurt slides behind MVP and lifts him up and takes him down on the mat. They squirm around but Ethan gets to the ropes. They stand and they lock-up and Kurt works on the arm but Ethan reverses it but Kurt reverses it and twists the arm but Ethan reaches the ropes and Kurt let's go. They go to lock-up but Ethan kicks Kurt in the gut and then takes him to the corner and pounds on his back. Ethan whips Kurt in the opposing corner and runs to him but Kurt kicks him in the face. He fights back as he takes Ethan to the corner and does several kicks to the gut. He grabs Ethan and does a snap suplex. He covers but Ethan kicks out. Both get up and Ethan does a closeline but Kurt ducks and hits three german suplexes! Kurt stands but quickly falls and holds his knee. Kurt tells there free he is, "Alright." Kurt limps over to Ethan but Ethan takes Kurt down and stomps on his knee and then works on it. Kurt kicks him away. He stands and closelines Ethan down several times and then does a huge Angle Slam! Kurt stands and goes to take down his singlet but he collapses by the knee. Kurt stands and walks to Ethan but Ethan does a huge nose dive chop at Kurt's leg and he goes down. Ethan covers and wins. Winner: Ethan Carter III

Kurt is down on the mat as the referee checks on him. Another referee comes out and checks on Kurt. Kurt is lying on the mat and pounds on it with disgust.


The show returns and we see a video from moments ago when Kurt's knee buckled twice.

Video shows during the break Kurt being helped by referees. He meets with John Gaburick in the back. Kurt starts swearing and says he heard his knee pop. John tells him to go see a doctor right now. Kurt, with help by the referees, hobbles off.

MVP's music plays and he walks out to the ring and grabs a mic. He says he did not know that the wrestling operations job would be so difficult. Wrestling fans are very passionate and are demanding. MVP then states that the people he work with are also passionate and demanding. MVP is there to call the shots and everyone has to follow his order. If it goes crazy then he won't be able to control it. He just got of the phone and says he has a blockbuster announcement about EY's championship match. Just then, Bobby Roode's music plays and he comes out and gets in the ring.

Roode grabs a mic and asks if this is a joke. MVP says passion drives everyone. Roode states that he is fighting EY tonight as the shook hands. MVP states he had a match last week against EY and lost. He is not about handouts. Roode asks where MVP was he was when he was TNA Tag Team Champion or when he was TNA World Champion. Where was he for the past 10 years? Roode doesn't want to hear about handouts. Roode swears at him and MVP says he is finished with this conversation. MVP walks away but Roode stops him. MVP states if he touches him again then he will go directly to "participate". Roode pushes MVP back. MVP charges at Roode and takes his legs out from under him. Officials and referees come out and break them up.

A video plays showing an official walk into the Nashville office. Bully Ray runs up to the door before it closes. Ray enters the building and meets the secretary. She has a "Bully Fears Dixie" shirt. She says Ray can leave a message. Ray says that is fine and he will find her himself. Ray walks to the steps and Rockstar Spud stops him. Ray gives him till the count of 3. He counts to three and then lifts him up and walks all the way to her office. He puts him down and enters Dixie's office. Spud takes off his shoes and advises Ray to do the same as it is a holy place. Ray makes fun of Spud's green socks and then looks at Dixie's pictures. He then tells Spud to get Dixie tea before she comes back. He runs off. Ray sits behind the desk and picks up the phone and talks to the secretary. He tells her to gather all of the office employees as they are going to have a meeting.

Rebel is doing some fire tricks outside of the Impact Zone. Knux tells a truck to back up and stop. There is a large box. Rebel stops her trick and asks him what that is. He says, "It is their home."


Bobby Roode is backstage. Officials and guards are backing him up to the outside. Al Snow is yelling at him to leave. He orders him to go. Roode is yelling at him. Snow states they will get his bags and hand it to him at the hotel. Roode says that it is MVP's fault. Snow says he has to go.

Robbie E and Jessie Godderz are already in the ring. The Wolves come out next and make their way to the ring. The titles are already above the ring. DJ Z stop Wolves on the outside. They stare at him and chase him up the ramp. BroMans run up the ramp and attack them from behind. They go and grab a ladder at the end of the ramp and run to Eddie and smash it in his gut. They then drop the ladder on the back of both Wolves. They bring the ladder to the ring and the bell sounds.

The BroMans vs. The Wolves (c) for the TNA Tag Team Championships in a Ladder match

Wolves run down and gets in the ring as BroMans are climbing the ladder. They take BroMans off of the ladder and toss them out of the ring. They grab a new ladder and put it on the apron and Wolves try to do a baseball slide but BroMans lift the ladder up and then try to him them but Wolves slide back in the ring and then go for a suicide dive but BroMans hit them with the ladder. Jessie goes after Davey as he lifts him up and smashes him chest first on the guard rail. Robbie has Eddie in the ring and smashes his head between both sides of the ladder. Jessie enters and they bounce off the ropes and smash Eddie's head. he squirms in pain. Robbie goes to the outside and attacks Davey as he rams his back into the ring apron. Robbie grabs a ladder and places it on the ring apron on one side and on the steel steps on the other side. They grab Davey as they go to suplex him on the steps but Eddie grabs Davey. They turn and kick the ladder into BroMans gut. Wolves enter the ring and set a ladder up in the ring and start climbing. BroMans enter and set up another ladder and climb. Wolves fight them with kicks and chops but BroMans fight back. Davey and Jessie are the only ones left as Robbie and Eddie fall. Davey does several headbutts and and he and Jessie fall. Eddie climbs the ladder but Jessie jumps up and kicks him and he falls. Eddie lifts Jessie up and does a huge suplex over the ropes onto the apron. Both fall outside of the ring.

Davey takes Robbie on the apron and makes him fall on the ladder that is balancing on the apron and ring steps. Davey climbs the corner and jumps and hits a double foot stomp. Robbie falls off of the ladder in pain. Davey slowly rolls in the ring. Eddie gets back in and they climb the ladders. DJ Z, out of nowhere, enters the ring and climbs the ladders. Wolves hit him with double headbutts. They grab him and lift him over the side of the ladder all the way to the outside of the ring where Jessie and Robbie are. DJ Z falls right on BroMans and they are all down. Wolves grabs the belts and unhook them! Winner and Still TNA Tag Team Champions: The Wolves

Rebel and Knux are backstage. Knux is clapping. Rebel asks if this is okay. Knux says they are fine. Rebel questions if they can even breathe. Knux pounds on the box and asks if they are okay. Just then, Freak pounds on the side from the inside and it pops open. Freak and Crazzy Steve walk out. Freak flexes while Steve pops in and out behind Freak. Knux says he is so ready for this!


Video plays showing Rockstar Spud entering Dixie's office with the tea. He goes to hand it to Ray but he isn't there. Spud picks up the phone and asks the secretary where Ray is. He is talking to the TNA office workers. Spud runs away!

Kazarian makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. Music hits and here comes The Menagerie. Rebel is shown first and then Crazzy Steve. Freak comes out next. Knux is last. He picks Rebel up as she is lying down on the entrance ramp. There are people on stilts at the entrance stage and then walk down the ramp and go around the ring. Knux, Rebel, Freak, and Steve enter the ring and Steve honks his horn while they taunt.

Kazarian vs. Knux

Kazarian runs after Knux from behind and hits him with a huge knee. Knux turns around and attacks Kazarian. He whips him across the ring into the corner and Kazarian flips outside. He stands and climbs the corner. He does a missile dropkick and Knux wobbles. Kazarian chokes Knux on the middle rope. Kazarian jumps over the ropes and kicks Knux right in the head. Steve meets Kaazrian but Kaz swears at him and takes his balloons away from him. Kaz turns and Freak is right there and Kaz quickly gets in the ring. Knux grabs him and hits a back body drop. Knux gets Kaz up but Kaz runs in the ropes but Knux hits him with a huge cross body. Knux gets Kaz up and goes for a back suplex but Kaz flips behind him and goes in the ropes but Knux lifts him up and hits him with a power bomb style move. Knux covers. Winner: Knux

Video plays showing Rockstar Spud saying that he hope he isn't in there. Spud opens the door and it shows all of the TNA workers at their computers. They have "Bully Fears Dixie" shirts. Spud states that if Dixie was in charge of wrestling operations they wouldn't have this problem and that Ray needs to be taken out. All of the workers stare behind Spud as Bully Ray is right behind him. Ray grabs Spud by the shoulders and tells him to get a case of beer. Spud says it is 11am in the morning so Ray says to get two cases. Spud leaves. Ray asks the workers what the new company motto is and they state in robot format, "Bully fears Dixie." Ray says he has a lot of work to do.


Mr. Anderson is showing his elbow to Gunner. They start joking around but Anderson brings up Storm. Gunner says Storm is a lying man. He is also dangerous. Gunner asks Ken why he acts like that. Why do certain people act like that? Ken doesn't know. Ken leaves the area as he says he will meet up with Gunner later.

A video plays showing Rockstar Spud coming in the room with a case of beer. It shows the workers having fun by drinking beer, talking, and with Ray's music playing. Ray raises his beer can and is glad Spud brought more beer. Spud yells at the workers and tells them get back to work. They don't want to though. They like what Ray is doing here. Ray asks where Dixie is. Spud doesn't know and he swears on Madam Dixie's life. Ray is fine with that and asks him to drink a beer with him. Just one. Spud doesn't drink on the job but agrees. He goes to drink but Ray lifts him up and then power bombs him through the table. Ray takes Spud his phone and looks up Dixie's house and sees where she lives. Ray turns and asks the workers what the new company motto is and they yell, "Tables, tables, tables!"

Willow is backstage as he talks about Dixieland and how it started in a Steel Cage. He talks about Rockstar Spud and then states he has an umbrella.


Magnus' music plays and he comes out. Bram is beside him. They come to the ring. Willow's music plays next. He comes out with his umbrella. He opens and spins it and then closes it. He runs around the ring and interacts with the fans. As Willow walks around the corner, Magnus closelines him right down. He turns at Bram and Bram nods at him. Magnus gets him up and rolls him in the ring.

Magnus vs. Willow

Magnus stomps on Willow multiple times. He gets Willow up and whips him in the ropes. He goes for a back body drop but Willow kicks him in the chest. Willow bounces off the ropes and Magnus follows. Willow turns and Magnus closelines him down. He drops an elbow and covers him. Willow kicks out. Magnus applies a headlock. Willow elbows his way out but Magnus attacks him. Magnus whips Willow in the corner but Willow floats over. He attacks Magnus as he knocks him down with a closeline. He then hits a double leg drop onto Magnus between his legs and then hits a low dropkick. Magnus gets up in the corner and Willow does a summersault and smashes Magnus. Willow goes for drop kick but Magnus rolls out of the ring. Willow runs and goes through the ropes and lands right on Magnus. Willow brings Magnus in the ring but Bram stops Willow and tosses him into the steel steps. Winner: Willow

Bram gets Willow in the ring and smashes him with punch after punch. He tells Magnus, "That is how it is done." Bram hits a suplex and then pulls out handcuffs. Bram handcuffs Willow to the bottom rope. Bram leaves the ring and looks underneath. He grabs a steel turnbuckle. He enters the ring and stomps on him and then hits Willow in the gut with it. He hits him again. Bram goes to Magnus and talks to him. Magnus leaves the ring and walks away as Bram looks on at Willow.

Eric Young is backstage fixing his shoes. MVP walks up to him and says he is a man of his word and he will announce who EY's opponent is next. He'll see him out there.


Kurt Angle is lying out backstage. The doctor says nothing is broken but his knee is very flimsy. Kurt says he can't feel anything. The doctor says when the swelling continues then he will feel it but he tore his ACL and will need surgery. Kurt can't believe it. John Gaburick holds his head.

MVP is out in the ring and welcomes the TNA World Champion, Eric Young! Eric comes out with the TNA World Championship as the crowd roars. MVP welcomes him to the ring and says he is inspired by him. He says EY is a leader and if more people are like EY then this company would have no problem in succeeding. MVP states EY is a fighting champion and he will give him a fighting challenger. Here is EY's challenger... the number one contender! MVP points to entrance stage. EY turns but nothing happens. EY turns back to MVP but MVP is wondering what is going on. MVP says since they aren't going to play his music then he will just tell Young. Just then, MVP punches EY in the face. He takes off his coat and grabs his chain around his neck. He punches EY in the face multiple times in the face with the chain. He gets back on the mic and says, "See you at Slammiversary." MVP's music plays and he walks off. The show fades.

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