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Impact Wrestling Results (6/5/14) - I Want To Make You Bleed

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Impact Wrestling Results - 6/5/2014
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package of MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Kenny King and their reign of dominance since forming. They are taking out The Wolves, Eric Young, Austin Aries, and Bully Ray. However, Samoa Joe comes to the aid of his friends and attacks Bobby, MVP, and King. Joe is back!

Kenny King is walking backstage calling out Samoa Joe. He says Joe can't hide form him. MVP and Bobby Lashley are walking in another part of the backstage area and they ask a production member if he saw Samoa Joe. He says he hasn't and turns away. Lashley turns him back and says, "sir." The guy says, "No, I haven't sir."

Samoa Joe's music plays and he comes out through the curtain. He comes into the ring and grabs a mic. The crowd chants, "Joe, Joe, Joe." Joe says there is an MVP looking for him. He says he has been looking for him all week, but he came out here and wants him to come out here now. He tells MVP that they can figure a few things out. MVP's music plays and he comes out. Bobby Lashley is behind him as well as Kenny King. They stand on the stage and then walk down the ramp. They get in the ring with smirks on their face. King grabs a mic. He tells Joe to listen. He says this is getting very old. He tells Joe that MVP is the guy in control of wrestling operations. It seems like everyone is complaining to MVP like a girl. Joe asks MVP if King is his mouthpiece because he should have came out and kissed his feet. MVP tells Joe to say what he wants to say because time is money and he is wasting his time. Joe yells at MVP and says he is a liar and scumbag. Joe says he trusted MVP. MVP says Joe was booked for the gauntlet match for the World Championship spot but Joe took his ball and went home. Joe says he is right and books a match between him and the three of them for tonight. MVP says Joe isn't that stupid to ask for match like that. Just then, Austin Aries' music plays and he comes out.

Aries has a mic in hand and says MVP doesn't want anything with Joe as he his hiding his tail between his legs. He says MVP only wants stuff when he knows he it will go in his favor. Aries tells MVP that he can book anything he wants. MVP says Joe is in breach of his contract, but will give him a match. It will be Joe vs. Aries and if Joe wins then he is reinstated, and Aries is gone but if Aries wins then Joe is gone. MVP states Lashley came up with this plan. Someone will not be coming back.

Magnus is backstage. He walks up to Bram. He asks him if he is ready. Bram is always ready. He has a smirk on his face. Magnus asks about the smile. He says Jeff Hardy is crazy and out of control. He became this twisted guy when Magnus beat him for the World Championship. Bram says he was proud of Magnus when he won, but he got lazy. He needs to start beating people up and be that person again. Maybe he never will be. It just leads to a better opportunity for Bram. Bram leaves and Magnus slams his hand against the locker.


Bram walks his way to the ring. As he does, video from last week plays showing Bram's beat up on Tigre Uno. Willow is coming out now with an umbrella. He spins it around and closes it. He then runs around the ring and interacts with the fans.

Bram vs. Willow

Willow goes right after Bram and takes him down. Bram kicks him away. Both stand and Willow kicks Bram away. He goes in the corner and Willow flips around and punches him right in the face. Bram falls out through the ropes. Willow jumps over but Bram takes him down and attacks him. He brings him back in the ring and whips him in the ropes and hits an elbow. Bram stomps on Willow as he slows the pace down. He gets him up and whips him in the corner. Willow falls from the force. Bram gets him up but Willow hits him with a chin breaker and then a dropkick. Bram goes in the corner as he sits down. Willow hits him with a double kick to the chest. Bram rolls out of the ring. Willow follows but Bram tosses him into the steel steps. Bram grabs him and brings him in the ring. Bram whips him in the corner again but Willow pops up and does a hurricanrona. Bram rolls out of the ring. Willow kicks him and then flies from the ring apron and lands right on Bram. Willow smashes his face on the steel steps. Willow sets up the steps. Bram is leaning against the steel guard rail. Willow runs, jumps on the steps and lands right on Bram. both fall. Willow grabs Bram and smashes his face again. Bram is now laying on top of the steps. Willow gets in the ring, jumps over the ropes for an elbow drop but Bram moves and Willow hits shoulder first. Bram goes under the ring and grabs a lead bar. Willow is in the ring and Bram slides in.

Willow stands and Bram goes to hit him but Magnus runs out and gets in the ring. He stops Bram. He tells him to drop it. Magnus slowly takes it from Bram and turns and hits Willow with it. He hits him in the gut, leg, and back. Winner by DQ: Willow

Magnus continues to hit him with the lead bar. Bram is enjoying this. He tells Magnus, "Finish it off." Magnus smashes Willow's back with it. He continues to hit him as Willow is motionless on the mat. Bram comes up to him and praises him. He has a huge smile on his face. Magnus does too.

MVP walks in his office and he sees The Wolves. The Wolves are wearing sandals. MVP slaps Davey's foot with rolled up pieces of paper. He says it is not casual Friday. The Wolves stand and he states this is an era of the wrestler not the era of the suits. MVP books a match between each other. They state they are a tag team. MVP agrees but that is not going to stop him. He takes out his phone and calls the production crew as their match is next. The Wolves can't believe it. They walk away.


Mr. Anderson is walking backstage with a cowboy outfit. The camera guy asks him about the outfit. Anderson turns and pulls out a beer and starts to drink it. He yells, "I love beer!" Anderson laughs and walks away.

Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards

Kenny King comes out and watches the match from the stage. Davey and Eddie lock-up and they go back and forth with armlocks on the mat. Davey rolls away as he holds his rib that are taped. They move in and go to lock-up. They lock fingers and try a test of strength but Davey backs Eddie up in the corner. Davey flips him over his body but so does Eddie. Davey rolls him up but Eddie counters with a roll-up. Davey pops up to stop the count. Kenny gets on the mic and says he better see some fighting going on as Eddie checks on Davey's ribs. If they aren't going to fight then the belts are going back to The BroMans. They go back and fight. Davey takes him down and works on a submission hold on Eddie but Eddie is able to get out of it and does it to Davey. Davey gets out and works on the arm of Eddie. Davey whips Eddie in the corner but Eddie turns it around and locks in a half Boston crab. Davey gets out of it. They wrestle back and forth on the mat but Eddie does a roll-up and gets the win. Winner: Eddie Edwards

Kenny King gets in the ring and says that wasn't a match. He didn't see a punch or a kick or anyone thrown in the air. He guesses they don't want the belts. Just then, The Wolves kick him and whip him in the ropes. Eddie lifts him up and Davey kicks him in the chest and head. King rolls out of the ring and goes up the ramp.

MVP is walking outside of the Impact Zone. Dixie Carter meets up with him and asks what he is doing about this contract vs. contract match. MVP says he is a director and it is his call. He tells her to sit back and drink some wine. He walks away and goes into the Impact Zone as Dixie shakes her head.


A video plays showcasing Brittany and Gail Kim vs. The Beautiful People. It then shows the confrontation between Brittany and Madison Rayne.

Madison Rayne is lacing her boots up in the locker room. Brittany walks up to her and says sorry about last week. She knows she has a rematch and wishes Rayne good luck. Rayne says she wants Brittany to do nothing. She doesn't want her to get involved. She didn't listen last week, but listen this week - Do nothing! Brittany says, "Fine." Rayne walks away and Brittany watches her.

Jessie Godderz and DJ Z are backstage looking at a phone. They are laughing and having a great time looking at stuff. Robbie E walks in and sits down in the room. They tell him to look with them. Robbie says it is The Menagerie. They ask him about Rebel or The Freak. He says it is the clown. He tells a story from 3rd grade and says he can't stand them. He starts to freak out. He leaves. Jessie and DJ Z follow.

Brian Hebner, a referee, is stretching backstage. MVP walks up to him and says he is his favorite referee and tells him that there is an important match tonight and he wants him to call it down the middle. Don't count double pinfalls or double count outs. There has to be a winner.

Samoa Joe is backstage. The camera man asks him about MVP. Joe says he trusted MVP and thought he stood for the right thing. He was wrong though. He went home. Austin Aries walks up to him and says they are both men of integrity. He says he saw MVP and what he was up to the beginning he came. However, he was sent home. Now, after tonight, someone will be home indefinitely.


The BroMans are in the ring. DJ Z is behind a DJ booth that is also in the ring. DJ Z introduces Robbie and Jessie. Robbie is scratching his shoulder and paces back and forth. DJ asks him what his deal with. Robbie says it is The Menagerie. Second, they don't speak french. Lastly, he is scared of clowns. He hates them. Jessie says everyone likes clowns. There's nothing wrong with them. They are The BroMans and these freaks don't know what they are messing with. Just then, an introduction plays over the speaker as the voice introduces Freak, Rebel, Knux, and Crazzy Steve - The Menagerie. Rebel comes out first and then Crazzy Steve. Freak comes out next as people on stilts are on each side of the stage. Knux comes out last and meets with Rebel. They walk down the ramp and get on the apron. They get in the ring.

Robbie yells, "We are BroMans. We are BroMans." Robbie walks up to Knux and says, "Who do you think you are, bro?" Knux has a mic and says they are The Menagarie and they are just like them, but they have her (Rebel). Jessie states they can have them too as he flexes his muscles. Steve then squeaks his horn and Robbie goes crazy. DJ makes his horn go on the DJ speaker. Jessie says that is a real horn and Steve squeaks it again. DJ does his again. Jessie states Steve is a little horny and Steve does it again. Freak picks DJ Z up and lifts him over his head and keeps him there. Knux and Steve take Jessie and Robbie out of the ring. Freak throws DJ Z onto both of them. The Menagerie's music plays.

Brian Hebner is backstage and Eric Young and Bully Ray are beside him. They tell him to not go through with this match tonight, but Brian states he has a family and needs to put food on the table. He has to do what he has to do. He leaves. Ray tells EY that they will have to do what they have to do then.

Samoa Joe is shown walking backstage. We then see Austin Aries walking backstage. Their match is next.


Video plays showing Gunner and Samuel Shaw in a confinement room. Gunner asks him if he has a card. Shaw doesn't have it but he isn't even looking at his cards. Gunner picks up a card as they are playing fish. Shaw asks if he has a 5. Gunner just picked it up. Gunner says it seems like he is a cheating b@stard. He then says he is thirsty. Shaw says he should see Dave. Gunner asks Dave and if he is the one who is helping Shaw in Gold Fish. Shaw says it is none of his business.

Austin Aries comes out and gets in the ring. Samoa Joe walks out next and enters. A split screen shows Bully Ray and Eric Young watching this match on a monitor in the back.

Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe - Contract vs. Contract

They lock-up. Aries applies a headlock but Joe sends him in the ropes. Aries does a shoulder block but Joe doesn't budge. Aries takes him down with a headlock but Joe does a head scissors to Aries but Aries gets out of it. Both get up and Aries sends Joe in the corner but Joe reverses it and attacks Aries with multiple punches to the face and chest. He then rakes his foot across Aries' face as he falls down in the corner. Aries rolls out of the ring. He gets back in and Joe puts him in the corner and does a huge knife edge chop. He whips him in the corner and runs but Aries kicks him in the face. Joe turns and grabs him for the Muscle Buster but Aries fights it off. Joe slaps him and goes for the finisher but Aries rolls him up. Joe kicks out. Both stand and they talk to the referee. Aries attacks Joe with punches but Joe fights back with chops. Joe runs in the ropes but Aries hits him with an elbow and then goes for a disc forearm shot but Joe blocks and applies the Rear Naked Choke but Aries slides out and puts Joe in the corner.

Aries attacks Joe with punches and then goes for a suplex but Joe lifts him up and takes him down chest first. He puts Aries in the corner and kicks him right in the head. He lifts Aries up on the top and goes for Muscle Buster but Aries fights him off. Aries grabs his head and chokes him on the top rope. Aries hits him in the head and then does a huge chop as he puts Joe in the corner. He runs to him but Joe lifts him up with one arm and goes to slam him down but Aries does an armlock. Aries then locks in The Chancellory. Brian checks on the submission but Eric Young runs down the ramp and pulls Brian out of the ring. Aries releases it and looks. Joe applies a Rear Naked Choke. Brian goes back in the ring but EY pulls him out. Brian says he has a family to feed. Bully Ray walks down the ramp and turns Brian to look at him and punches him in the face. Eric grabs a mic and says this is a huge situation. He is sorry but this is about their careers. They had to do it. Ray grabs the mic and tells Brian that he is sorry. MVP comes out with Lashley and King at his side. MVP says he is sorry as this is not a joke. This is serious. Ray says he is ruining this place. They shouldn't be fighting. If MVP wants, here is one - Bully Ray, EY, Aries, and Joe vs. MVP, Lashley, King, and EC3. EY walks up to Ray and tells him something. Ray likes it and says this should be an 8 Man First Blood match! MVP says, "No," but King grabs the mic and says it is on and he will make them bleed. Ray laughs as it's a done deal.

Mr. Anderson is walking backstage and he says he is a new sherif in town. He likes beer!


James Storm's music plays and here comes... Mr. Anderson! Anderson comes dressed up like a cowboy. He raises a six pack. He talks about being a redneck and beer. He asks a girl in the audience if she likes beer. She does. He enters the ring and starts spilling the beer. He asks Christy if she likes beer and she does. He then says, "Sorry about my damn breath." Anderson laughs and then talks about out drinking Anderson in the bar last week and slamming him into a dumpster. "I like beer!" Anderson drinks more. Music hits and here comes James Storm. He squats on the stage with a mic. He tells him to look at him. He thinks this is funny. Anderson burps and then says it is funny. James says he thought it was funny drinking with someone but faking it till he can beat him up. Anderson thought that was funny. James says he made him even more angry. He wants to go another round and not at a bar. Anderson asks if he wants to go now. James says, "No." His time is better than these people's times. He is closed for business tonight. Ken says his bar is open 24 hours and says he serves 101 @sswhooping... actually, 102! Ken gets out of the ring and James goes up to him.

They fight back and forth. They throw punches but James grabs a cup and tosses the liquid in the face of Ken. He attacks Ken and puts him in the ring. He chokes him with the ring apron. James gets in and kicks the six pack out of the ring. Ken gets up and James hits him with the Last Call Superkick. James grabs a mic and then his cowboy hat. If Ken wants to be a cowboy, how about June 15th in Texas. He'll dance with the devil. James puts the hat on and walks away.

Samuel Shaw is sitting in his room on a chair. Gunner comes back into the picture with something. He brings Shaw's sketch book. Shaw asks if that is his and if Gunner looked at it. Gunner didn't but Shaw's doctor said that is part of his therapy. Gunner asks Shaw if he can look at some of his drawings. Shaw breathes hard and then states, "Okay."


Gunner starts showing the sketches that Shaw drew. The first one is his room. He likes his room better than this one. Next is his mom as she loves her cooking. Third is one where he feels like he is Christy's shadow sometimes. The fourth one isn't finished. It looks like Gunner. Gunner asks him to finish it if he can. Shaw says, "Okay."

Madison Rayne walks down the ramp as her music plays. She gets in the ring. Music hits and here comes Angelina Love, with Velvet Sky at her side. Love grabs the championship that is on a table on the stage. Sky grabs a pink bag. They walk down the ramp and then let the pigeons loose.

Madison Rayne vs. Angelina Love (Champion) for the Knockouts Championship

Love is out of the ring. She talks with Sky. Rayne rolls out and goes after Love. Sky and Love are running. They slide in the ring. Rayne does and goes right after Love. She puts Love in the corner and attacks her. She takes her out and does a dropkick. Love goes in the corner and then runs to Madison but Madison hits a drop toe hold and covers but Love kicks out. Madison continues to attack but Sky gets on the apron and starts yelling. Madison gets distracted. Love attacks Madison from behind and she falls to the outside. Sky starts yelling at Madison. Brittany walks down the ramp and Sky moves to another area on the outside. Madison gets up and tosses Love in the ring. Rayne tells Brittany to stay in the back and what is she doing. Madison gets in the ring but Love attacks her. She stomps on her and then lifts her up and drops her down. Love starts yelling at Brittany. Madison does a roll-up but Love kicks out. Love then does a roll-up but Madison kicks out.

Both get up and Love whips Rayne in the corner. She runs to her but Madison kicks her twice and then does a forearm shot and a closeline. She hits a bridge suplex but Love kicks out. Madison locks her legs around Love's head and pounds it in the mat. Sky gets on the apron. Madison turns and Sky sprays her with the hair spray. The referee is distracted by Love and a bag that is in the ring. Love covers Rayne and gets the win. Winner and Still Champion: Angelina Love

MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Kenny King are walking backstage. They meet up with Ethan Carter III. MVP tells him to not mess it up. Ethan says he is undefeated. MVP then says, "After you." Ethan turns and continues walking and the others follow.


Brittany is walking backstage. Madison catches up to her and asks her why she let Velvet Sky spray her in the eyes. She didn't do anything. Brittany says she did exactly what Madison said to do... and that's nothing. Brittany walks away and Madison pounds on the wall.

The lights go out and Ethan Carter III's music plays. He comes out and walks to the ring. Bobby, MVP, and King come to the ring next. Eric Young, Bully Ray, Austin Aries, and Samoa Joe come out together. They make their way to the ring.

Ethan Carter III, MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Kenny King vs. Eric Young, Bully Ray, Austin Aries, and Samoa Joe in an 8 Man First Blood match

Aries starts the match for his team. King gets in the ring and starts it for his. He starts trash talking Aries but Aries chops him right in the chest. King gets up and goes for a kick but Aries ducks and takes him down and goes for the Last Chancellery. Ethan breaks it. He tags King and comes back in. Aries goes over to his corner and tags EY. EY comes in and goes after Ethan. He sends him in the corner and then to the opposing corner and then hits a headbutt and dropkick. He twist the arm and tags Bully Ray. Ethan slides away and exits the ring. MVP gets in the ring as Ethan has his back turned to the ring. MVP meets Ray face to face. They exchange punches. They go in the ropes and try for a double closesline but neither fall. They do it again. They go for the third but Ray drops MVP down. He gets MVP up but MVP takes him to his corner and King tags. King applies a headlock. Ray whips him in the ropes and hits a back body drop. He twists the arm and tags Joe. Joe enters and the crowd goes crazy. Joe takes King to the corner but King rakes his eyes. He tags Bobby.

Lashley gets in the ring and they move around the ring. Lashley goes behind Joe to lock his arms around his waist but Joe elbows him in the face.


Joe takes Bobby down in the ring and tags EY. They double whip Bobby in the ropes and hit him with a double elbow. EY attacks Bobby on the mat and then runs in the ropes but Bobby gets up and hits a huge back body drop. He takes him over to the corner and smashes his head into the corner. He tags MVP. MVP enters and he attacks EY in the gut with several punches. MVP whips EY in the ropes and punches him in the gut and then kicks him in the head. He continues the assault with punches across the face. MVP chokes EY on the second rope and tags Bobby. Lashley enters and attacks EY across the face. He then kicks him in the head. Bobby takes EY to the corner. He tags Ethan. Ethan enters and goes after EY's face but then tags Kenny. King enters and whips EY in the corner. He runs and hits a flying elbow to the face. He continues to work on the head to break him open. He tags MVP. MVP enters and kicks EY in the face. He then punches and elbows EY in the face constantly.

MVP takes EY to the corner and Bobby tags in. Bobby punches him in the face. EY falls. Bobby then rakes EY's head across the top rope. He tags Ethan. Ethan enters and smashes EY's face in the mat. He does it again. Ethan scratches the face of EY but EY stands and elbows his way out. He runs in the ropes but Ethan applies a choke hold but EY does a back suplex. Eric crawls to his corner but Ethan stops him. EY kicks him away and tags Joe. Joe enters and goes right after Ethan with multiple attacks from punches to kicks to the face. He does an atomic drop and takes him down and hits a denton. Bobby enters and hits a huge spear. EY climbs the corner and does a kick to the face. Aries goes after him and takes him out. King enters and goes after Aries but Ray comes in and punches King in the face. He rolls out of the ring. Aries climbs the corner. He jumps and lands on MVP and King on the outside. Ethan gets in and lifts Ray up and hits him with a spine buster. Ethan runs to him as Ray stands up in the corner. Ethan jumps but Ray moves. He then grabs his chain. He wraps it around his hand and punches Ethan in the head. Ethan starts to bleed. Winners: Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, and Eric Young

The team celebrates in the ring.

A camera is backstage. MVP, Bobby, and King are attacking Ethan backstage. Dixie comes into the screen and says to let him go. Dixie states the blood of hers runs through Ethan. This isn't the fight they should take on. Dixie says this is a war that he does not want to have. MVP says blood is spilled in war. Dixie replies by saying that he better get ready to bleed. The show fades.

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