Impact Wrestling Results (7/10/14) - Austin Aries And Option C Meet Again


Impact Wrestling Results - 7/10/2014
From Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package looking at various stars performing outrageous hardcore moves like jumping off a cage to going through barbwire. The video tells us that we will see the Tag Team Championships, Knockouts Championship, and the X Division Championship on the line as well as a 20 man Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for the TNA World Championship. The Championship Showcase starts now!

Kurt Angle's music plays and he walks out on the stage and down the ramp. He gets in the ring as the crowd cheers. He grabs a mic and the crowd chants, "Angle, Angle, Angle." Kurt says tonight we have Championship Showcase and all of the matches have championship ramifications. Kurt brings out his cheat sheet and announce The Wolves vs. Bram and Magnus, Madison Rayne vs. Brittany vs. Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim, and Sanada vs. Austin Aries. Lastly, the main event is a 20 man over the top rope Battle Royal. The winner will get a Championship match next week in New York City. Kurt wishes everyone luck. He then says he wants to talk to one main eventer and that is Willow! Willow's music plays and he walks out onto the ramp with his umbrella. He runs around the ring to interact with the fans. The whole screen is black and white. He laughs and screams and finally walks up the steel steps into the ring.

Willow walks up to Kurt and he drops his umbrella. He picks it back up. Kurt says he wanted to talk to Willow for sometime but didn't have time until now. He understands Willow. Dixie Carter took Jeff Hardy away so Jeff had to find a dark side of him and that is how Willow is born. But, Dixie Carter is gone. MVP is gone. He can trust the words coming from Kurt Angle. Kurt says he wants the best in this 20 man Battle Royal. There insert Jeff Hardy! The fans want Jeff. Kurt wants Jeff. Kurt isn't asking Willow to leave forever, but just for tonight. Kurt asks if he can consider it. Willow shakes his hand. Kurt thanks him and walks out of the ring as his music plays.

The Wolves are walking backstage. They will fight next.

Austin Aries is backstage. The camera man asks him about his match against Sanada. Sanada says this is the right thing as he gets his one-on-one defense against Sanada. While 20 man fight for a title match, Aries only fights one. He will fight and beat Sanada and he will have all of the options in his hands. Aries walks away and the camera man asks him about Option C. Aries turns and smirks.

Bram and Magnus come out from the back as their music plays. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring. The Wolves come out next. They have the TNA Tag Team Championships around their waist. They enter the ring.


Bram and Magnus vs. The Wolves (Champs) for the TNA Tag Team Championships

Davey starts the match off against Magnus. They move around the ring and go to lock-up but Davey slides behind Magnus and hits Bram on the apron. Magnus turns and attacks him from behind. He continues the attack but Davey comes back and kicks Magnus in the head. He tags Eddie. Eddie runs and kicks Bram on the apron and he falls. Eddie goes to Magnus and he fights him with Davey. Bram enters and The Wolves go after Bram with kicks and chops. Bram falls in the corner. Magnus runs to him and they trip him and he falls into his partner. The Wolves whip Magnus into the opposing corner and they run to him for double smash. Eddie covers him but he kicks out. Magnus tags Bram. Bram enters and Eddie continues the attack. He tags Davey but Bram whips him in the ropes. Davey holds onto the ropes and Bram runs to him. Davey kicks him in the face but Magnus closelines Davey down and then ties him up in the ring apron and hits his back. He rolls him in the ring and Bram applies a front headlock.

As he does, Magnus goes around the side and takes Eddie off of the apron and does a body slam. Magnus goes back to his corner. Bram slams Davey in the ring and goes for an elbow drop but Davey moves. Davey goes to tag Eddie gut Eddie is down on the ground. Bram gets up and goes after Davey. He takes him down and goes for a cover but Davey kicks out. Bram tags Magnus. Magnus enters and they do a double team move and then it is all Magnus but Davey fights back with several kicks. Magnus takes him down and drops an elbow. He tags Bram. Bram enters and does several punches and uppercuts. He tags Magnus. Magnus goes for a suplex but Davey does a small package instead. Magnus tries for a back suplex but Davey slides away and kicks Magnus down. Magnus tags Bram. Bram enters and Davey goes for a tag and gets it!

Eddie fights Bram on the apron and then gets in. He does several chops to the chest but Bram pushes him down. Eddie gets up and does several strikes to knock Bram down. Bram gets up and whips Eddie in the corner but Eddie goes through the ropes and lands on the apron. He takes Magnus down and then climbs and does a flying cross body on Bram. Bram rolls through and goes in the corner. Eddie runs to him and lifts him on the top rope and hits a huge hurricanrona! Magnus enters and he goes and helps Bram against Eddie, but Davey gets in and they pull the ropes down and Bram and Magnus fall to the outside. The Wolves hit a double suicide dive. All men get up and they fight on the outside. Davey brings Bram in the ring. Bram goes for a double foot stomp but Bram moves. Bram goes for a slam, but Davey does a backslide. The referee says he is not the legal person. Eddie runs in and rolls Bram for a cover and gets the win. Winner and Still Tag Team Champions: The Wolves

Bram stands and he kicks Eddie right in the face after the match. Magnus enters and he helps Magnus with the attack on The Wolves. They beat them up and roll out of the ring.

Bobby Roode is backstage. The camera man confronts him. Roode starts to get fired up about MVP and says he is going to call him out.


Bobby Roode's music plays and he comes on the stage. The crowd cheers as he walks down the ramp. As he does, they show video of his match against Kenny King last week. Roode gets in the ring now and grabs a mic. Roode says he has a question for everyone. Did you ever want something so bad that you would do anything in your power to get it? Roode says we all have. That is how he was with the TNA World Championship. He was suspended. He was made to sit at home from the boss at the time, MVP. He says MVP sees him as a threat. He is here tonight though and his threat is standing in the middle of the ring. He isn't Roode's boss anymore. Last week, he wanted a match with him but he stood behind a doctor's note. This week, he doesn't care about a doctor's note. He is going to stand in the ring and count to 10. MVP will come out and he will beat him up. If he doesn't come in the count of 10 then he will walk in the back, find him, and kick his @ss. 1-2-3-4-5... MVP's music plays! MVP comes out in a wheelchair. He wheels himself out. He has a mic.

MVP says Roode has the balls to come out and say what MVP took from Roode. MVP says he prolonged Roode's career... he may have added days to his career. MVP says Roode tried to attack him and now his knee is worse. He can't even get an MRI because his knee is swollen. He can't even stand. Roode says he doesn't care if he can stand or not... he is going to walk up and beat him up. Roode gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp. He stops and ducks as Kenny King comes from behind. Roode turns and closelines him down. MVP tries to wheel himself away but Roode runs up to him and grabs the chair. He rolls him down the ramp but stops him at the ring. He then turns the chair over and MVP fall sour. King grabs a chair and smashes Roode in the back with it. King starts to attack Roode. Eric Young's music plays and he runs out. MVP rolls in the ring and EY goes after him, but King gets in the ring and goes after him. EY closelines him down and beats him up. Lashley enters the ring and runs into the ropes and hits a spear on Eric. Lashley, King, and MVP stand as MVP's music plays.

James Storm meets up with Sanada in the back. James tells him to sit down. James Storm follows. He says he hopes he doesn't down his mentor... The Great Muta. He hopes Sanada doesn't lose as Muta is coming to New York to see Sanada defend it. James says he hopes he doesn't lose as he likes what he sees. James stands and goes to walk away but Sanada stands and James pushes him back down.


A video plays showing Kurt Angle confront Willow saying he wants Jeff Hardy not Willow tonight in the 20 man Battle Royal.

Kurt Angle is in the back and he says he thinks he got to Jeff Hardy. He understands Willow and knows what he is about, but he wants to see Jeff Hardy and thinks we will see him tonight.

Austin Aries' music plays and here comes the man in the cape! Aries walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Sanada comes out next and gets in the ring.

Austin Aries vs. Sanada (Champ) for the X Division Championship

They lock-up but Sanada rolls through. They go to lock-up again but Aries goes behind Sanada and works the arm. He continues to twist the arm but Sanada works through and rolls around and starts working on the arm of Aries. He then hits an head takedown and then a head scissors. Both get up and Sanada hits a dropkick. Both get up and walk around. They lock-up and Aries applies a headlock, but Sanada gets out and works the arm. Aries rolls through and hits a head lock takedown. Aries gets up and hits a dropkick to the Sanada who is sitting on the mat. Aries continues to roll around the ring and hits the Last Chancellor. Sanada gets to the ropes. Aries breaks it and stomps on Sanada. He goes to whip him in the ropes but he blocks it. Sanada reverses it and goes for a roll-up but Aries rolls through. Sanada stops and does a roll-up pin but Aries kicks out. Both get up and Sanada closelines Aries out of the ring.

Sanada runs to the side but Aries slides in and Sanada lands on the apron. Aries knocks him down and then climbs the corner. He jumps and hits the double ax handle. Aries rolls him in the ring and does jumps over the ropes and rolls onto Sanada and then he hits an elbow. He covers but Sanada kicks out. Both get up and Aries whips him in the corner. Sanada lifts him up. Aries lands on the apron and hits him in the face. Aries climbs the corner and goes for a missile dropkick but Sanada does a dropkick as well. Both fall to the mat. Both stand and Sanada hits a back elbow and then a dropkick. Sanada hits a hurricanrona. Aries goes into the corner and Sanada runs to him but Aries lifts him up. Sanada lands on the apron and he kicks Aries in the chest/face. Aries falls through the ropes. Sanada runs and rolls through and lands on Aries. Sanada brings Aries in. He does a springboard and chops Aries on the head. He covers but Aries kicks out.

Both stand and Aries tries to fight back with a knee breaker but Sanada rolls through and lands on Sanada. Both stand and lock-up but Aries pushes Sanada in the corner and does a knife edge cup after hitting his elbow to Sanada's face. Aries walks away and then runs to him but Sanada kicks him in the face and then hits a backbreaker. Sanada goes for the moonsault from the top rope but Aries stops him and drops him face first onto the top corner. Aries runs and does a running dropkick. Aries goes for the Brian Buster but Sanada rolls through and hits the Tiger Suplex. Sanada covers but Aries kicks out. Sanada does a moonsault from the top rope and covers but Aries kicks out. Sanada does a body slam and goes for another moonsault but Aries rolls out of the way. Aries stands as Sanada lands on his feet. Aries hits the forearm, knee breaker and back suplex. He sends him into the corner and Aries hits the running dropkick and then the Brain Buster. He covers but Sanada kicks out. Aries climbs the corner and hits the 450 Splash. He covers and wins! Winner and the New X Division Champion: Austin Aries

The referee hands him the championship and Aries holds is above his head. He then looks at it and starts to smile. The crowd roars.

Bully Ray is backstage in a staircase. The camera man asks him about Rhino. Ray asks if he really wants to talk about that right now.


A video plays from last week showing the return of Rhino as he gores Bully Ray in the ring.

The camera shows Bully Ray in the staircase as we just saw before commercial. Ray says Rhino has been his friend for so many years that that they traveled up and down the country with. Ray yells, "HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL ABOUT RHINO?" Ray says he will question Rhino in the ring. Ray leaves.

Ethan Carter III and Rhino are backstage. Ethan laughs that Ray thinks he can get answers out of Rhino. Ethan states they will finally reveal the truth. They walk away.

Bully Ray's music plays and he comes out and marches his way right to the ring. He grabs a mic and starts off with advice from Bam Bam Bigelow. He says that by the time he retires he wouldn't need all of the fingers on his hand to consider how many friends he has in the business. Ray says he knows Rhino is in the building and he wants him face to face. Ethan Carter III's music plays. He comes out as well as Rockstar Spud on his right. Rhino is on his left. They walk down the ramp. They get in the ring. Spud grabs a mic for Ethan. They stand in one corner of the ring. The crowd chants, "You sold out, You sold out, You sold out." Ray says Rhino knows very well he should beat him up. Ray says they have so much history... they were friends and bothers and they made history in the business. He wants answers. Rhino tells him to shut his mouth and he will give him answers.

The fans chant, "You sold out" and Rhino says, "Go to hell." Rhino says he was sitting at home watching the Hall of Fame thing and he realized Ray was a con-man. Why isn't Devon standing there with him now? He conned people throughout his career. He conned Paul E Heyman and Dixie Carter. Ray says Rhino made The Carters brainwash him. Rhino tells him to stop or he will gore him in half. Rhino says he shouldn't call himself a Hall of Famer. Ray says the fans made him a Hall of Famer. Rhino says the fans don't know anything. Ray says Rhino got fired from WWE and from TNA. He can't help it he isn't hardcore anymore. Ethan says Rhino lives in Detroit and needs a hot meal and needs a place to live. Ethan says he paid Rhino and will continue to pay him to take Ray out. Ray tells Ethan that he will take him out. Just then, Rhino hits the Gore on Ray. Rhino starts stomping on Ray and Ethan and Spud join in in stomping away. Just then, Tommy Dreamer runs down the ramp and slides in the ring with a kendo stick. He hits Rhino and Spud quickly leaves. He goes after Ethan but Ethan ducks and exits. They meet on the ramp as Tommy checks on Ray.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are backstage. Love says that time with the referee Stiffler was a waste. Sky says the flirting with Kurt didn't work... and their real... their damn real! Love says now she has to get the match with the love fest of Madison and Brittany. Love will continue to make history to be a 7 time Knockouts Champion. Who can break her reign? Who, who who? No one! She tells Sky that they have to get her title back. They walk away.


We see Willow hanging from the rafters.

The Menagerie are backstage. Knux says they aren't the best wrestlers but they have the crazy clown, the destroyer and the distraction. They know that anyone in the ring is that they have to throw them out of the ring. He asks if they understand. They do. Rebel tells that when they win it they will have a lot of money coming their way.

Angelina Love comes out on the stage and Velvet Sky is by her side. They get in the ring. Madison Rayne comes out next. She walks down the ramp. Just then, Brittany comes from behind and knocks Rayne down. Love and Sky exit the ring and go after Rayne.

Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne vs. Brittany vs. Gail Kim (Champ) for the Knockouts Champion

The bell sounds as they are beating Rayne up on the outside. Gail Kim runs out and goes after Love. She sends her in the ring and Brittany and Madison get in. Gail goes after Love and Madison come back and goes after Brittany. They work together to take out Brittany and Love. They roll them out of the ring and now it is Gail and Madison. Madison goes for a cover but Kim kick sour. Kim goes in the ropes but Madison grabs her and hits the bridge suplex. Gail kicks out. Madison fights with punches to the face but Gail fights back with a face plant. She goes in the ropes but Love trips Gail and pulls her to the outside. Gail hits the floor hard. Brittany gets in and goes after Madison. She hits her with the DDT. Love enters and talks to Brittany. She tries to convince her for for something. Love and Brittany start working together. They attack Madison in the corner and then take her out and Love hits the side walk slam. Brittany grabs her and hits the side Russian leg sweep.

Love tells Brittany to check on Gail. Love covers but Rayne kicks out. Love goes for another cover but Brittany turns and stomps on Love. Love stands and now they are fighting back and forth. Gail climbs the corner and hits the missile dropkick on both. Gail now hits a closeline. Brittany stands and whips Gail in the corner. Gail comes out and Love goes after them. Madison comes back and hits a backbreaker type move on Brittany. Madison stands and Love hits her with the Botox Injection. Gail stands and hits the Eat Defeat on Love and wins. Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

The camera is backstage and we see Willow's mask is dangling off of a hook.


Austin Aries is backstage. He says it isn't anything new. He says at this of the year it seems like he is X Division Champion. He says that is the key. He can cash it in for a shot at the TNA World Championship at Destination X. He did it to Bobby Roode. He will do it with Lashley. He will cash it in. Aries hasn't got this far by being predictable. He says the X Division is relevant again. He says it is great again. He states that he has all of the options in his hand.

Bobby Roode is walking backstage. The camera man asks him if Lashley, MVP, and Kenny King are still a distraction. He says he has to go out there and fight 19 other men. He says that are in his way but he will take care of them.

A video package plays showing MVP talking. He talks about having the back of others. He says Lashley has the best back and he has MVP's back. The video shows Lashley working out. He is a giant. He is huge. MVP says if you find yourself standing in the ring across from Lashley, then change your mind.

Eric Young's music plays and he comes out to the ring. Ethan Carter III's music plays next and he and Rockstar Spud come out. Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring next.


Bully Ray comes out as there are 18 men in the ring. Ray walks around the ring as the people in the ring move around to get away from him. Music hits and here comes Jeff Hardy! He comes out and interacts with the fans around the ring. The crowd cheers. He gets in the ring.

20 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender for the TNA World Championship

Everyone starts going after everyone. Ray has Ethan in the corner. Magnus and Storm has Crazzy Steve in another corner. Ray has Ethan up and tries to eliminate him. Jessie Godderz drop-kicks Crazzy Steve and he goes over. Elimination: Crazzy Steve. Freak has Jessie and chokes him. He then tosses him over. Elimination: Jessie Godderz. DJ Z goes after Knux but he and Freak eliminate him. Elimination: DJ Z. Magnus goes and lifts Freak over. Elimination: Freak. Knux goes for the big boot on Bram but Bram moves and Knux gets stuck on the top rope. They try to eliminate him. Bram, Magnus, and EY push him down. Elimination: Knux.

Tigre Uno goes to the apron and Bram hits him with a forearm shot. He falls. Elimination: Tigre Uno. Sanada is in the ring and fighting, but he goes over the ropes. Elimination: Sanada. Magnus is then tossed over. Elimination: Magnus. James Storm is going after Mr. Anderson in the ring. He lifts him over and takes him out. Elimination: Mr. Anderson. James grabs Gunner and tosses him over. Elimination: Gunner.

Jeff Hardy is going after Gunner and they both go over the top but Jeff stays on the apron and Bram hits the floor. Elimination: Bram. Bram grabs the lead pipe from under the ring and hits the steel post. He tries to go after Jeff Hardy but Abyss' music plays and he comes to Bram. He attacks Bram and takes him up the apron. He attacks him all the way to the back. King goes after Manik but Manik moves and King lands on the apron. Manik tries to eliminate him but King ducks and tosses Manik out. Elimination: Manik.


James and Roode are in the ring. Storm goes for a Superkick but Roode ducks, lifts Storm up and tosses him over. Elimination: James Storm. Ray still goes after Ethan but turns and Spud does a knife edge chop. It doesn't effect Ray and then grabs him by the crotch and lifts him up. Ethan runs over and attacks Ray with multiple punches. Ethan continues the attack and Spud helps as well with kicks and chokes him on the ropes. Ethan holds Ray from behind. Spud climbs the corner. Ray kicks Ethan via low blow and then grabs Spud on the top and brings him in the ring and then tosses him out. Elimination: Rockstar Spud. Ethan goes after Ray, but Ray runs to Ethan on the ropes and closelines him out and Ray goes as well. Eliminations: Bully Ray and Ethan Carter III.

MVP is on the outside smiling away as Kenny King goes after Eric Young and Bobby Roode. King runs in the ropes but Roode hits him with a spine buster and then goes for the Roode Bomb but MVP hits Roode in the gut with the crutch. King slides out and tosses Roode over. Elimination: Bobby Roode. EY comes from behind and lifts King up and over. Elimination: Kenny King. Eric Young and Jeff Hardy stand and meet face to face. The crowd cheers. They shake hands and then back away. They walk around the ring and lock-up. They push each other in the ropes and corner. Jeff goes in the ropes but Ey knocks him down. Both stand and EY goes for the hip toss and Jeff goes over but lands on the apron. He hits EY with a forearm and gets back in.

Jeff takes EY face first into the top turnbuckle. He punches him multiple times and whips him in the corner. EY spins around and lands on the apron. Jeff runs to him but EY hits him with a shoulder block and slides in and hits a closeline. He runs to Jeff but Jeff ducks and EY goes over the ropes and lands on the apron where only one foot touched the floor. Jeff climbs the corner as EY stands on the apron. Jeff kicks him and EY falls. Winner: Jeff Hardy

The crowd roars as Jeff's music plays. EY extends his hand on the outside and Jeff shakes it from the ring. Jeremy Borash gets in the ring and announces Jeff as the next contender for the TNA World Championship. He asks how it feels. Jeff says crazy hair and all but he feels great and loves it. Jeremy says he faces Lashley next week on Impact. Jeff says Lashley is crazy but Jeff can be even crazier. Music plays and here comes Lashley. He has the TNA World Championship around his waist. He gets in the ring and walks right up to Jeff Hardy. He takes the belt off and holds it up. Jeff mouth some words to him but Lashley just stares. The show fades.

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