Impact Wrestling Results (7/17/14) - The Six Sides Is Back!


Impact Wrestling Results - 7/17/2014
From the Manhattan Center in New York City
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package showing Impact Wrestling stars from Willow to Austin Aries. It shows the transition from Willow to Jeff Hardy and how he won the Battle Royal last week. He will be fighting Lashley this week and tonight's show will be coming from New York City for the first time ever! And it is all happening in the six sided ring!

The camera shows the Manhattan Center and the crowd is on their feet! They are excited! Kurt Angle's music plays and he is in the audience. He said they are in New York City, the wrestling mecca of the world. Kurt then reveals the six sided ring and says it is all about the incredible talent they have! Music plays and Taz comes out in the second level of the audience. Taz has a mic and says it is great to be back in his home, New York City. Taz says he couldn't be happier for a guy like Kurt to be heading this ship. He understands how vital the word WRESTLING means! Taz says the audience knows how important the word is. They know how important what goes on in that ring. Taz says he was part of the great wrestling period of all-time. The fans chant, "ECW, ECW, ECW." Taz remembers when they were turning the corner. They remember the look in his eyes and the co-workers eyes. He says the TNA stars have the same look. TNA is doing something different. Taz says there is once sentence that sums up the immediate future of this company. That is, "The mood is about to change." Taz reveals himself and his little catch phrase. The fans chant it with him. Music plays and here comes Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer!

They come out through the curtain and Ray has a mic. They walk down the ramp. Ray points to the crowd and they chant. Tommy points to his side of the crowd and they chant. They go back and forth. They get in the ring. Ray says for that reason right there is the reason why New York City is the great wrestling city on the planet. Tonight NYC and Impact will grab the bull by the balls and rip them out. Ray says he promised the fans. He made us a guarantee and that is Dixie Carter going through a table. The fans pop. Ray ask if they are sure if they want tables. The crowd pops even more. Ray says, "Tables you are gonna get." Tommy grabs the mic and says he was driving down the Westside Highway and he remembered something. He says he and some hardcore freaks were getting their first national spotlight back in the 90s. The crowd chants, "ECW, ECW, ECW." Tommy says the fans have been beside him since then and he is truly blessed. Tommy says there is a new feeling here and there's people in the back who will give it their all! Just then, music plays and Ethan Carter III and Rhino come out. Ethan has a mic as they stand on the stage. Ethan says Ray won't put Dixie through a table and he will only put her through over his dead body. Ray couldn't put her through a table in Orlando, Pennsylvania, and he won't at New York City. The crowd boos and Rhino grabs the mic and says you respect him or he will beat up all the fans. Ethan says Rhino wasn't part of the little ECW reunion as is the E stands for extreme but the C stands for Cash and he pays Rhino very well.

A fan beside Ethan says, "You can't wrestle" but Ethan talks back to him several times and then goes in the ring and insults Ray and Tommy. Rhino gets in the ring too. Tommy calls Ethan a little kid and how this isn't a little PG show. He says it is time to fight. Tommy punches Ethan right in the face. Ray and Rhino battle. They exit the ring and Tommy and Ray follow them to continue the attack.


Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer vs. Ethan Carter III and Rhino

Ray has Ethan and he whips him in the corner. Ethan pops up and Ray closelines him down. Ray takes Ethan to the corner and points his face into the top turnbuckle. He pounds his head into Ethan's chest and then does a huge chop to the chest. Ethan falls down. He slowly stands and Ray does a huge chop one more time. He tags Tommy. Tommy enters and he does a chop to Ethan's chest. He grabs him and hits a suplex. Tommy takes Ethan to the corner where Ray has his boot on the top and he pounds Ethan's face in it. He tags Bully. Bully enters and runs to Ethan as he is in another corner and smashes him. He does a neck breaker and a cover but Ethan kicks out. Ray tags Tommy and Tommy punches Ethan in the gut. Ethan fights back with a gut shot and then pounds him on his back. He tags Rhino and Rhino enters and goes right after Tommy with kicks and punches. Rhino whips Tommy into the opposing corner and closelines him down. He tags Ethan. Rhino does a body slam. Ethan jumps and goes for an elbow drop but Tommy moves out of the way. Tommy grabs Ethan and tags Ray. They double whip Ethan and elbow him in the face. Ray turns to Rhino and brings him in the ring. He takes him to the corner while Tommy has Ethan in another corner and they punch their faces 9 or 10 times and then bites their face. Just then, Rockstar Spud comes out and distracts Tommy. Ethan takes advantage. Ray exits the ring and runs after Spud. They run around but the referee tells him to get in the corner. Ethan does chops to Tommy's chest and tags Rhino.

Rhino whips Tommy hard into the corner and he falls. Rhino covers but Tommy kicks out. Rhino whips him into the opposing corner and runs to him but Tommy elbows him in the face. He runs out but Rhino does a spinbuster and then a cover but Tommy kicks out. Rhino tags Ethan. Ethan enters and does a suplex to Tommy. He covers but Dreamer kicks out. Ethan applies a headlock type submission. Tommy gets to his feet and elbows his way out. ethan whips Dreamer in the corner and runs but Dreamer kicks him in the face and then sends him face first into the middle turnbuckle. He tags Ray. Ray enters and closelines Ethan down several times and then does a back body drop. Rhino enters and he takes Rhino down. Rhino and Ethan are in the same corner and Ray smashes them. He sends Rhino out and punches Ethan several times in the face and then an elbow shot to the head. Tommy enters. Ray lifts Ethan up for a back suplex and Tommy grabs him for a neck breaker. Tommy goes for a cover but Rhino stops it. He goes after Ray on the outside now as he sends him into the guard rail and then the steel steps. Dreamer has Ethan down. Spud gets onto the apron. Tommy lifts him up and brings him in the ring. Spud tries to get away. Ethan, from behind, does a roll-up on Tommy and gets the win. Winners: Ethan Carter III and Rhino

Video of earlier today plays showing MVP and Kenny King walking backstage. Lashley is behind them. MVP tells the people in the back to move out of the way as the champ is here. Video of Jeff Hardy is shown as he enters the arena.

Kurt Angle is walking backstage and Austin Aries comes out of a room. Kurt says he is X Division Champion and Aries thanks him for the opportunity. Kurt says he is making an X Division Gauntlet match as Aries is one step closer to Destination X. Aries says he works for everything he gets in his life and he revolutionized the company with the stuff he did. He is ready. Aries leaves and Kurt says he is one tough kid.


James Storm is sitting backstage. Sanada walks up to him. James pushes him back. James stands. He says Sanada is smart, driven, and fast. That is what he likes about him. James then slaps Sanada in the face. Storm laughs and says he listens to his mentor, The Great Muta, but he will end up as a joke and loser. He better watch who he listens to.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the next match. Austin Aries walks out with the X Division Championship around his waist. He has the cape on and gets in the ring. Music plays and here comes Eddie Edwards! He has one half of the TNA Tag Team Championship around his waist. He gets in the ring. The bell sounds.

Austin Aries (c) vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Manik vs. Davey Richards vs. DJ Z vs. Crazzy Steve vs. Tigre Uno vs. Sanada in a Gauntlet match for the X Division Championship

Aries and Eddie walk around the ring. They lock-up and Aries goes behind Eddie. Eddie gets out of the hold and works on the arm of Aries but Aries reverses it. They move back and are even. Aries gets on the top rope and takes a rest. He gets down and extends his hand. Eddie slaps it and then applies a headlock. Aries whips him in the ropes but Eddie takes him down with a shoulder block. He runs the ropes and Aries hits a arm drag takedown. Eddie reverses it into a head scissors but Aries gets out of it and hits a dropkick. He puts Eddie in the corner. Manik enters and jumps on the top and hits a hurricanrona on Eddie. Aries grabs him and tosses him out of the ring but Manik holds onto the ropes. Aries runs to him and Manik tosses him through the ropes. Manik goes in the corner but Eddie jumps and kicks him in the head. Aries enters and goes after Eddie and then takes Manik down with a combo move. He hits an elbow drop. Manik moves into the corner. Aries runs to him but Manik hits a neck breaker. Davey Richards comes out and gets in the ring. He goes right after Manik as he is after Eddie. Davey does a catapult to Aries into Eddie and Eddie hits him. Aries falls back and Eddie climbs the corner and jumps on Aries. They stand together and go after Manik and hit multiple chops to the chest.

They double whip him in the ropes and then do double team moves with kicks and chops to him. Aries stands and goes after Davey. Aries stops and goes after Eddie as Manik goes after Davey. DJ Z comes out and jumps in the ring as he hits a double sunset flip on Davey and Manik. DJ Z stands and Eddie hits him. Manik comes back and goes after him. DJ Z stands and Manik goes onto the top rope. He hits a hurricanrona onto DJ and they both go over the ropes. Eliminations: DJ Z and Manik


Crazzy Steve is in the ring as well as Tigre Uno. He has Aries up but Aries fights back and Uno drops him. Aries now has Uno up but Uno gets out of the situation. Sanada enters and does a springboard onto Uno and then goes after Aries, The Wolves, and Steve. He grabs Aries in the corner and tries to lift him up but Aries blocks him. Steve and Uno walk into each other and they stare. Steve starts to go crazy as he bounces off every single side of the ring. Steve then grabs Uno but Uno reverses it. Steve lands on the apron and takes out a spray bottle and sprays Uno. He grabs Uno and tosses him to the outside. Elimination: Tigre Uno. Eddie kicks Steve in the bad of the head and Davey kicks him in the front and he falls off the apron. Elimination: Crazy Steve. Sanada goes after Eddie and he quickly takes him out. Elimination: Eddie Edwards. Davey runs to him but Sanada tosses him to the outside. Elimination: Davey Richards.

Arise runs to Sanada and he tosses him to the outside but now it is only for pinfall or submission. Aries gets in the ring as Sanada goes to the outside. Aries runs and hits a huge suicide dive. Aries brings Sanada in and does a springboard roll through and then applies the Last Chancery. Sanada gets to the ropes. Aries kicks him and gets him up on the apron. Aries lifts him but Sanada lands on his feet and he goes for a submission. Aries fights back. Sanada punches him in the head and Aries falls. Sanada jumps on the top rope and hits a forearm smash. Sanada goes for a bridge roll-up but Aries kicks out. Both get up and Sanada does a body slam. He points to which corner he should go to. He goes to one as the crowd cheers. Sanada climbs but Aries hits him from behind. Aries goes for a knee breaker but Sanada blocks it and hits a tiger suplex pin but Aries kicks out. Sanada gets in the referee's face as he thought that was 3. Sanada gets Aries up and hits a body slam. He climbs the corner and goes for the moonsault but he lands on his feet. Aries gets up and hits him with a forearm... and then another forearm. He hits a running dropkick in the corner to Sanada and then the Brain Buster. He covers and wins. Winner and Still X Division Champion: Austin Aries

Bobby Roode and Eric Young are backstage. Roode says they are teaming up again. Eric asks if that feels weird. Roode says it won't. He says it should have been them at Slammiversary but MVP and his crew ruined it. EY says they team up against King and MVP and wants to know who punches them in the face first. They both want to.

Sanada is walking backstage. James Storm meets up to him and says he is a loser. He starts singing it and then attacks Sanada. He throws him into some equipment and then punches him in the head as Sanada is lying on the ground. James says he is a loser as well as The Great Muta.

Dixie Carter is walking backstage as security guards are behind her.


Video plays showing different clips of Bully Ray putting people through tables in his time in TNA Wrestling.

Jeff Hardy is backstage and the camera man asks why he came back as Jeff and got rid of Willow. Jeff says Kurt asks for it and he gave it to him. He says it is time to be Jeff in this city as he goes on for the gold.

MVP and Kenny King are in the ring. MVP has a mic and says the mayor of NYC cleaned the city up before he left but that obviously was exaggerated! MVP says he has a torn muscle in his leg but he is still in the ring as he is more of a man than anyone is. He is even on crutches. Kenny grabs the mic and says it is not about the match it is about MVP. MVP grabs it and says this match will happen under protest. Just then, Eric Young and Bobby Roode come out and get in the ring.

Kenny King and MVP vs. Bobby Roode and Eric Young

EY starts the match against King. They walk around the ring as King trash talks him and pushes him back. EY punches King in the face and King punches back. King goes in the ropes and EY knocks him down. King grabs him as he stands and whips him in the corner but EY flips over and does a strut on the corner. EY gets back in the ring and does a dropkick. He covers but King kicks out. EY has King in the corner and tags Roode. Roode punches him and then whips him in the ropes. He hits him with an elbow to the face. King stand and Roode runs to him but King kicks him in the face and then does another kick. He tags MVP. MVP tries to get in the ring but he can't and he gets off the apron and calls for a time-out. King checks on him. They talk. MVP gets on the apron and goes to get in the ring. King tags himself in behind MVP. King enters and goes after Roode but Roode attacks him. MVP exits.

Roode tags EY and EY takes King down and covers but King kicks out. EY runs in the ropes but MVP hits him from behind. EY turns and King goes after him. King punches EY in the face multiple times and then tags MVP. MVP drops a fist to EY. EY stands and fights back. He runs in the ropes but MVP takes him up and drives him down face and chest first. Kings tags in and he goes after EY. He has him on the mat and covers. EY kicks out. King does a body slam and then hits a springboard leg drop. He covers but Young kicks out. King lifts EY up on the top rope. King climbs but EY fights back. King flips back and runs to EY but EY flies and hits a cross body. EY goes for Roode. King tags MVP and EY tags Roode. Rooe enters but MVP says he can't with his leg. MVP drops down and Roode goes to King who is in the ring. Roode takes him down multiple times with closelines.

Roode whips him in the corner and runs but King kicks him. Roode fights back with a spine buster. MVP enters but Roode takes him down with the crossface. King enters and kicks Roode. EY enters and goes after King. MVP hits EY and he and King fall to the outside. MVP grabs one of his crutches and hits Roode in the gut and then in the back. The referee calls for the bell. Winners: Eric Young and Bobby Roode

EY stands and grabs the crutch from MVP and he falls. King enters with the other crutch and hits EY and he falls. MVP grabs the one he had and goes after Roode. King does as well and then EY. Both stand as they raise the crutches.


The Great Muta will be on next week's Impact Wrestling.

Brittany is in the ring. Madison Rayne's music plays and she comes out.

Brittany vs. Madison Rayne in a No Disqualification/No Countout match

Madison runs right to Brittany and takes her down. She gets her up and whips her in the ropes and hits her with an elbow to the face. Madison goes to whip her in the corner but Brittany reverses it. She runs to her but Rayne kicks her and closelines her down. She then takes her to the corner face first to the top turnbuckle. She hits several shoulder blocks and then takes her to the opposing corner. She lifts Brittany up but Brittany fights back and pushes Madison down. Brittany then wraps her legs around Rayne's head and does an arm bar over the ropes. Brittany releases it. Brittany talks to the referee from the outside and Madison runs and hits a baseball slide to her. She gets on the apron and does a flying cross body. Rayne grabs her and punches her in the face. They walk up the ramp. Rayne grabs her and goes for a power bomb but Brittany hits a back body drop. Brittany walks up the ramp and then stalks Rayne. She kicks her in the gut and then does a shoulder block to Rayne as she rests on the apron. Brittany brings Rayne in the ring.

Brittany covers but Rayne kicks out. Brittany hits a suplex and covers but Madison kicks out. Brittany yells at her as she smashes Rayne's face into the mat. Brittany hits a side Russian leg sweep and covers but Rayne kicks out. Rayne starts to fight back with punches. Brittany knocks her down with a closeline though and then tosses her to the outside. Brittany slowly gets out of the ring. She is full of confidence. Brittany walks up to her and grabs her. Brittany goes for an inverted DDT but Madison hits a suplex instead on the outside. Rayne brings Brittany in the ring. Brittany stands and Rayne attacks her. She hits her several times and then a boot to the head. She covers but Brittany kicks out.

Madison gets Brittany up but Brittany pushes her in the corner and punches her. She goes for a handstand smash into the corner but Madison moves. She grabs Brittany and hits the Package DDT. She covers. Winner: Madison Rayne

Lashley is walking backstage. Jeff Hardy is also walking backstage.

Dixie Carter is walking backstage. The camera man asks what she is doing here. Dixie says she owns this company. She hopes this guy isn't on the payroll. The guy asks about Bully Ray. Dixie starts to call him names and says he is all bark and Dixie is all bite. Dixie walks away as the guards follow behind her.


The camera man asks Aries about his match tonight. Aries talks about how he retained. Kurt Angle walks into the shot and says he did it and never doubted him. Aries says Kurt is the only person in his position to not doubt Aries. Kurt says he will tell the world next week whether he will cash in the belt or if he won't for Destination X. Aries says he has 7 days to decide and whether to make history again.

Jeff Hardy's music plays. He comes out and gets in the ring. Music hits and here comes the TNA World Champion, Lashley! He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Jeff Hardy vs. Lashley (c) for the TNA World Championship

Lashley paces back and forth. The crowd chants, "Hardy, Hardy, Hardy." Lashley and Jeff lock-up, but Lashley takes Jeff right up and takes him down to the mat. Jeff stands and they go to lock-up again but Jeff moves back. They lock-up and Lashley takes Jeff into the corner. Lashley breaks the lock and stares as Jeff. Jeff fights back with punches and then a chin breaker. He runs in the ropes but Lashley kicks him. He lifts him up and hits a suplex. Lashley waits in the corner. Jeff stands. Lashley runs to Jeff but Jeff hits him with a boot and goes for the Twist of Fate but Lashley pushing him out of the way. Jeff hits a hurricanrona and then kicks him with his free leg. Lashley falls back and goes outside of the ring. Jeff jumps and lands right on Lashley. Jeff walks around and grabs the steel steps. Jeff turns and Lashley kicks him and whips him into the steel steps. Jeff jumps on the top but Lashley takes his legs out from under him. Jeff lands right on his shoulder and head. He's motionless.


Lashley has Jeff on the middle rope and he punches the heck out of him. The referee counts to 4 and Lashley backs up. Jeff tries to fight back but Lashley whips Jeff's head back into the mat. Lashley pounds on the back of Jeff with his knee. Lashley gets Jeff to his feet and whips him in the corner. Lashley runs and smashes him. Lashley twists the arm and lifts Hardy up. He goes for a torture rack but Jeff fights back. Lashley goes in the ropes but Jeff ducks and runs in the ropes and hits a forearm smash to the head. Jeff hits Lashley with an atomic drop and then a leg drop between his legs. He then hits a dropkick. Both stand and Lashley whips him in the corner but Jeff runs up the corner and hits Whisper in the Wind. Both slowly stand and Lashley puts Jeff in the corner. He lifts him up on his shoulders and goes for a powerslam. Jeff slides out and hits two Twists of Fates. Jeff climbs the corner and hits the Swanton Bomb! He covers but Lashley kicks out at 2!!!!

Lashley rolls out of the ring. Jeff follows and he slams Lashley's face into the steel steps. He does it several times. Jeff does it for the fourth time. Jeff goes to the apron and climbs the corner. He jumps and hits the Swanton Bomb... as Lashley moves and he lands right on the steel steps! Lashley grabs him and brings him in the ring. Lashley goes in the corner and waits. Jeff stands and Lashley hits the spear! He covers and wins! Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Bobby Lashley

Kurt Angle is backstage. The camera man asks him about something. Kurt says Lashley is World Champion. Dixie Carter is walking right past Kurt but Kurt grabs him by the arms and asks where she is going. Dixie says he isn't her father and for him not to touch him again. Kurt says he is whacked out of her mind. Dixie says she doesn't care what Kurt says and is going out there to talk to her people.


MVP, King and Lashley are backstage. They are celebrating Lashley's win. Kurt Angle walks in and he says MVP is having way too much fun. He says the fun is over. He announces MVP vs. Bobby Roode in a Falls Count Anywhere match next week! Kurt leaves and MVP thought he abused his power.

Rockstar Spud is in the ring and wants to introduce us to the best flower in New York City and the most powerful woman in wrestling... his queen and ours... madam Dixie Carter! Dixie Carter's music plays and she comes out. Ethan Carter III is on one side of her and Rhino is the other side of her. They are wrapped around her arms. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring. Spud hands her the mic. Dixie questions if this is what all the fuse is about. Dixie thought people said they were the best wrestling fans in the world. Dixie appreciates how much they love her. The crowd is booing her constantly. She doesn't feel the same love for them. She is looking at their faces and understands why they call New Yorkers foul mouth hideous faces. Dixie says it is depressing. She had to wear extra sparkles just to give a little shine and sparkle to this place. Dixie says there's no class in this room. They also cheer for people who have no class. Like... (She asks Spud what his name is and he says Tommy Dreamer)... Tommy Dreamer. Dixie starts to mock Tommy and how he wanted Dixie to change as she could save wrestling. Dixie says you can't change perfection. Her knee made it loud and clear for him. And Bully Ray, she is embarrassed that they cheer for him. There's not one thing about this man that they should cheer for. Ray is irrelevant. He's a low class, hardcore, C rated star.

The crowd starts to chant over her. Dixie says she should be called the Hardcore Star. She was the one who put Ray through the table time after time. She says she will put him through table after table until he realizes it. Just then, Ray's music plays and he comes out with Tommy. They have the table that has "Dixie" spray painted on it. They slide it in the ring. They get in and they go after Rhino and Ethan Carter III. They toss them out of the ring. Spud runs to Ray but Ray kicks him in the face. They turn to Dixie and she is in the corner. Tommy sets the table up. Tommy goes to Dixie and grabs her. Ray goes to the corner but Rhino enters and hits Dreamer with a low blow. Ethan grabs Dixie and takes her out of the ring. They go through the crowd. Music hits and here comes... Devon! Devon comes out through the curtain and Ethan tries to fight him but Devon punches him in the face and rolls him in the ring. Ray grabs Ethan's legs and opens them. Devon climbs the corner and hits What's Up!! Ray and Devon look around. Ray counts and then yells, "Get the tables!" Devon gets a table from under the ring. They set it up in the ring. Ethan slowly turns. Devon lifts him up and he and Ray hit the Death Drop on the "ECIII" table. Their music plays as they celebrate in the ring. The show fades.

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