Impact Wrestling Results (7/24/14) - It's Not Snitsky's Fault, It's Dixie Carter's!


Impact Wrestling Results - 7/24/2014
From the Manhattan Center in New York City
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with the camera backstage and it shows Austin Aries entering the building. He is drinking something and wheeling his suitcase behind him.

A video package plays showing Bully Ray revealing a set of tables with people's names on it as they will go through said tables. He will put Dixie Carter through a table someday. However, Dixie Carter has put Ray through tables multiple times. Ray should fear Dixie Carter. Ray was about to put Dixie through a table last week, but Ethan Carter III stopped it, but Devon came back and he and Ray put Ethan through one.

The camera shows the New York City crowd as they are on their feet cheering. Mike Tenay and Taz run down the line-up. Christy Hemme is in the ring as she announces the first match. Bobby Roode comes out as his music plays. He walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers. Roode gets in the ring. MVP's music plays but he isn't coming out. The camera is shown backstage. Kurt Angle walks up to MVP as he is on crutches. MVP says he can't wrestle as he is injured. Kurt says he will wrestle in the ring or wrestle back here. It doesn't matter. Roode leaves the ring and goes to the back and attacks MVP. The referee is there.

Bobby Roode vs. MVP in a Falls Count Anywhere match

Roode fights MVP through the back as he rams him through production boxes. MVP fights back but Roode throws him through a doorway. MVP falls down on the ground. Roode grabs him and throws him against the wall. He goes through the hall and it goes to the lower level where the fans are. Roode smashes a trashcan over MVP's head. He falls. The crowd is cheering, "TNA, TNA, TNA." Roode punches MVP in the head and he falls down. Roode tells the fans to move from their seat. Roode grabs MVP and tosses them into the chairs. Roode continues the assault with punches. MVP fights back as he hits Roode and then throws a beer in his face. He then hits Roode with a chair to the gut. MVP runs to him for a big boot but Roode moves and MVP goes into the guard rail. Roode punches him and MVP falls over to the other side where the ring is at.

Roode hops over and grabs MVP but he hits him with a low blow. MVP tosses him into the steel post and covers but Roode kicks out at two. He does two more covers but Roode kicks out of both. MVP gets him up and pounds his forearm to Roode's back. He then goes for a suplex on the ramp but Roode blocks it and hits it on MVP. MVP squirms in pain. Roode goes for the cover but Kenny King runs down and hits Roode on the back. Eric Young runs down the ramp and goes after King. King runs to the back and EY follows him. MVP and Roode stand and MVP whips Roode in the guard rail but Roode bounces out and closelines MVP.

Roode grabs MVP but MVP tosses him into the steel steps and then smashes his face into it. He does it multiple times. He rolls him in the ring. MVP looks under the ring and grabs a chair. He enters and waits for Roode to stand. Roode does and turns. MVP smashes it in his gut and then hits him on the back with the chair. The crowd boos. MVP hits Roode in the gut with the top of the chair and then chokes him with it. MVP hits Roode in the back with the chair again as Roode was on his hands and knees. MVP goes for another chair shot to the back but he stops. He unfolds the chair and sets it on the mat. MVP waits. Roode gets to his hands and knees and MVP goes for a kick to the head but Roode moves and trips MVP. Roode grabs the chair and hits MVP in the leg with it. He then hits the knee with the top of the chair. He does it again. Roode grabs MVP's legs and goes for the sharpshooter! MVP taps out! Winner: Bobby Roode

A video package plays showing Jeff Hardy vs. Lashley from last week. The TNA World Championship was on the line. It was a brutal match! At the end, Lashley was able to walk away with the belt as he pinned Jeff.

Jeff Hardy is limping backstage. We will hear from him next.


A video plays showing how close Bully Ray was to putting Dixie Carter through a table last week. However, he and Devon put Ethan Carter III through a table instead.

The camera man is backstage and asks Dixie Carter about Bully Ray and his table obsession. Dixie says Ray won't put her through a table but can promise that she will be standing over his dead body before tonight ends.

Jeff Hardy's music plays and he walks out through the curtain. He enters the ring. He grabs a mic and says that Kurt Angle wanted Jeff Hardy back and he has Jeff back. Some people want Willow back and they will get Willow back. He will switch on and off. He will even Swanton Bomb onto the steel steps to get a possible win. He will do it for the fans. He wants to talk about the future. He brought someone with him tonight. This guy is 3 years age difference than him. He is Matt Hardy! Matt's music plays and he walks out and gets in the ring. He hugs his brother and then taunts on the ropes. Matt grabs a mic. The crowd chants, "Welcome back!" Matt says he loves the crazy and passionate New York City fans! He thanks Jeff for inviting him here. Matt says this is a special moment. This isn't about just getting The Hardy Boys together but getting brothers together. They were raised in North Carolina and wanted to be Tag Team Champions. They did that many times. Matt had to step away and get healthy mentally and physically. In that time, he felt like he left Jeff and the wrestling fans down.

Matt says he can apologize to Jeff and to the fans but he is done apologizing. It is time to show some action as actions speak louder than words. He says he wants The Hardy Boys to be in the spotlight. He says they should be Tag Team Champions one more time. He can't think of a better place than Destination X. You can't be the best in order if you beat the best. The current champions are The Wolves! He invites Davey and Eddie out. The Wolves' music plays and then walk out. They enter the ring as they have the TNA Tag Team Championships on their shoulder and a mic in their hand. Eddie has a mic. He says they have nothing but respect for them for what they have done for the world of tag team wrestling. They want to talk about wanting to be the best one more time and being champions one more time and that works out great as The Wolves want to prove they are the great tag team of all-time. In order to do that they have to beat The Hardy Boys. Davey says they came here to fight, not to talk. He says it should be Hardy Boys vs. The Wolves at Destination X for the TNA World Tag Team Championships. The teams shake hands.

Austin Aries is backstage. The camera man asks if he made his decision yet. Aries says he has made his decision. He says he invented the option C and everyone will find out together.


The BroMans are in the ring (Robbie E, DJ Z, and Jessie Godderz). Robbie has a mic and says The BroMans are back in NYC and they are better than ever. Let's look at Jessie! He takes off his shirt and flexes his muscles. Jessie grabs a mic and says, "No," and says bros don't know anyone better than bros. He says Robbie isn't afraid of clowns anymore and that Robbie is part of a cool television show. He gives the mic to DJ Z and he does his "Be be be berrppppp." DJ Z says he is better than anyone in the X-Division and better than anyone in New York City. He says Destination X is when he will shine and show how great he is. Music plays and here comes Low Ki! Low Ki marches down to the ring.

DJ Z vs. Low Ki

Ki goes for punches to the gut but DJ backs up and whips Low in the corner. Low pops up and hits a hurricanrona and then puts DJ in the corner. Low climbs the corner but DJ pushes him back and goes right after Ki with a cover. Low Ki kicks out. DJ applies a headlock but Low gets out of it and hits some chops. DJ whips him in the ropes but Low hits Jessie standing on the outside. Low Ki goes to the apron and then jumps to DJ and stomps on him. Low does a kick to the gut of DJ as he stands and then to the back. He puts DJ in the corner and elbows him to the head. Low grabs him but DJ Z hits him with a jawbreaker. Low gets in the corner and DJ runs but Low moves and then hits a dropkick. Low lifts DJ up and then hits him with a driver move landing DJ right on his neck. He hooks the leg and wins. Winner: Low Ki

Gunner is backstage with Samuel Shaw. Gunner is talking about a lady on the street with crazy hair. Samuel says he may be one of the better ones in New York. He says you got to give him credit. Mr. Anderson walks into the picture and says he and Gunner have a match. He tells Shaw not to get involved. Shaw stands and says he knows Anderson can't trust him, but someday he will. Anderson says, "Nah," and walks away. Gunner pats Shaw on the back and says, "It's okay."


Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino are backstage. They are talking about their Street Fight match tonight and mentions cops. Dixie Carter enters the picture and King Mo is behind her. They put him over as they know he beat Rampage Jackson. Dixie says he did but he didn't put him down in his hometown. She says they have to do that to Team 3D and Dreamer. It's the only way. King Mo wouldn't mind stepping in and helping.

Magnus and Bram's music play and they walk down the ramp and get in the ring. The lights go out and here comes Mr. Anderson's music. He and Gunner appear on the stage. Anderson looks up as the spotlight is on them and grabs the microphone that is coming down from the ceiling. Anderson introduces Gunner and himself. He then allows Gunner to repeat "Anderson". They walk down the ramp and get in the ring.

Magnus and Bram vs. Mr. Anderson and Gunner

Gunner and Magnus lock-up. Magnus has a headlock but Gunner pushes him in the ropes and then hits a shoulder block. Magnus fights back with punches and then tags Bram. Bram enters and he does a body slam. Gunner gets up and Bram takes him to the corner face first into the top turnbuckle. He does it again. Gunner starts hitting his own head into the buckle and then fights Bram with punches and then a double sledge knocking him down. Bram fights back and punches him in the face. He runs in the ropes but Gunner hits him with a knee to the chest. Gunner continues the fight but Bram applies a headlock. Gunner whips him in the ropes and both fall from a double shoulder block. Bram tags Magnus and Gunner tags Anderson. They enter and Anderson goes after Magnus with closelines and a neck breaker. He whips him in the corner and then hits a back bod drop. He picks him up on his shoulders and does a rolling denton. He goes for the Mic Check but Magnus hits him in the head with an elbow and exits the ring. Anderson follows him but Bram comes and pushes Anderson in the steel post and rolls him back in the ring. Magnus grabs Anderson and lifts him up and slams him down with the Spine Shaker. He covers. Winners: Magnus and Bram

Bram enters and goes right after Anderson. Gunner enters and goes after Bram. Magnus and Anderson are fighting on the outside. Bram rolls out of the ring and grabs a crowbar. As he does, Samuel Shaw runs down the ramp and gets in the ring. Bram gets in the ring and turns. He sees Shaw and stops in his tracks. He then hits Shaw in the gut with the lead bar. Gunner goes after Bram. Magnus takes Anderson out on the outside. He enters the ring but Gunner takes him out with a closeline over the ropes. Bram goes back after Gunner. Just then, music hits and here comes Abyss! He enters the ring and goes after Bram. He whips him in the corner and then does a big splash. He goes for a chokeslam but Bram blocks it. Abyss grabs him by the throat again and pushes him over the top rope. Abyss' music plays while Magnus holds Bram back on the outside.

Austin Aries is walking backstage. He has the X-Division Championship over his shoulder. His decision is next.


Bully Ray, Devon, and Tommy Dreamer are shown. Ray says it is getting so bad that he is actually losing sleep. He wants to put that lady through a table. He wants to deliver on the promise that he made for all wrestling fans. He says they are teaming up one more time in a New York style Street Fight. He says God should help Rhino. Dreamer says he has Ray's back and Devon states, "Testify!"

A video package plays showing Austin Aries as X-Division Champion. He says he can do Option A, Option B, or Option C. He says Austin Aries never got this far by being predictable.

Kurt Angle's music plays. He comes out as the crowd cheers. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says he is Kurt Angle and he is the Executive Director of Impact Wrestling. Next week is Destination X and that is where the X-Division can showcase their skills. He wants to invite the X-Division Champion, Austin Aries. Aries' music plays. He holds up the belt as he walks down the ramp. The crowd cheers as he gets in the ring. Kurt gets back on the mic and says Aries created Option C. He says ever since he did every wrestler who cashed in has become TNA World Champion. He has a winning lottery ticket. All he has to do is hand the belt over and he will get a TNA World Championship match against Lashley. Aries says it seems like a no brainer. He says it seems like it is a forgone conclusion. Just then, music hits and here comes Lashley! He has the TNA World Championship over his shoulder. MVP is behind him as he uses a crutch on one side and has a mic in one hand. They enter the ring.

MVP gets on the mic and asks if Aries thought about this decision. MVP says he hasn't because this is Lashley. He is stronger, faster and better than Aries. With Lashley as champion, and MVP thinks he will be champion for however long he wants to be and that is awhile. MVP says Aries is a pretty good wrestler and he is not a dumb guy. He understands that people cheer for Austin Aries. He has them fooled. It is not going to happen. A lot of time has went into the X-Division. Aries tells MVP to stop using big words and just get to the point. MVP says to keep the belt and do his flip flop stuff on guys his size. Option C worked for him before but it won't work again. Aries says he knows that he touches stuff and it becomes great. He knows what it is like being TNA World Champion, unlike MVP. He knows what to do in the ring. While MVP was in charge, he had Aries sit at home because he knew how great Aries was. Aries says he created Option C two years ago to give everyone a chance. He wants to build a legacy. The X-Division sets TNA apart. Aries says that belt shows that you put your body on the line and leave it all in the ring. Aries can do things in this ring that MVP can't do with four good legs. Aries has gone too far to turn around now. He has unfinished business with the TNA World Championship. Aries says Lashley is bigger and stronger, but toughness comes from the heart. It is a mindset. Aries hasn't stepped into the ring before with a man who he didn't think he can beat. Aries hands Kurt the belt and says he will fight Lashley next week. When he beats Lashley, he will chance the game again and that is Option D. And that is to give the X-Division Champion a title shot in the future... not just once a year but twice a year.

Lashley says he just made the biggest mistake of his life. Kurt tells them to back it up and says it is official.

A video plays showing Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell from Slammiversary 2013. It was a Last Knockout Standing match. They went all out in a brutal contest. Taryn won that math. Their second match was a Ladder match was on July 11th and it was a historic battle. Gail won the match. The standing is now 1-1. Tonight is the tiebreaker.

Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell are shown walking backstage. Their match is next.


A video plays from earlier tonight showing The Wolves and The Hardys in the ring and making their match against each other for next week.

Taryn Terrell's music plays and she comes out through the curtain. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Gail Kim's music plays and she comes out with the Knockouts Championship. She gets in the ring.

Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim (c) for the Knockouts Championship

They lock-up and Gail pushes Taryn into the ropes but Taryn reverses it. Gail goes for a headlock and then takes Taryn down with it. Taryn turns it into a pin but Gail kicks out. They get up as the headlock is still applied. Taryn elbows her way out and whips Gail in the ropes but Gail knocks her down. She goes in the ropes and knocks Taryn down with a closeline. She gets Taryn up and whips her in the ropes but Taryn holds onto the ropes as Gail tries for a dropkick but fails. Taryn goes for a cover but Gail kicks out. Taryn does a monkey flip to Gail. She climbs the corner and jumps and hits a flying closeline. She covers but Gail kicks out. Gail pushes Taryn away and then runs to her but Taryn elbows her in the face and then climbs the corner. Gail climbs up and does a release suplex from the top. Both are down. Gail covers but Taryn kicks out. Gail grabs her up and punches Taryn in the face. She whips her in the corner and then throws her body into Terrell's gut. She climbs the corner and hits the flying dropkick. She covers but Taryn kicks out.

Gail gets Taryn up on her feet and goes for Eat Defeat but Taryn gets out and runs in the ropes. Gail bounces off the ropes and both hit each other with a flying cross body. Both slowly get up and they punch back and forth. Taryn gets the upper hand and hits several closelines to Gail and then hits a suplex. Taryn bounces off the ropes and then hits a swinging neck breaker. She climbs the corner. Just then, The Beautiful People runs down the ramp and Velvet Sky pushes Taryn off the top rope. Angelina Love enters and hits the Botox Injection on Gail while Sky hits the In Yo Face. The bell sounds. The Beautiful People celebrate on the ramp. No Contest

The Great Muta is walking backstage.


Dixie Carter is backstage on the phone. She tells the person on the phone that she will give them the signal when she is ready but to wait in the car. She hangs up the phone and turns to King Mo and says they have to get to their seats.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and introduces The Great Muta. Muta comes out through the curtain and walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring as the crowd pops. Robbie E's music hits and he comes out with a mic. He asks if this is a joke. First Low-Ki gets a grand entrance and now the "not so great Muta" gets an entrance? What bout Robbie E? What about the biggest star in TNA today? Where is his grand entrance? Robbie gets in the ring and says to have a match right now!

The Great Muta vs. Robbie E

Robbie goes to the ropes and holds on as Muta walks up to him but Robbie bounces out and attacks Muta. He puts him in the corner and punches him multiple times. The referee tries to back Robbie off by the 5 count but Robbie knocks the referee down. Muta sprays the green spit in Robbie's face. Robbie falls. Muta drops a knee. He gets Robbie up and does the dragon leg takedown and then kicks him in the head. He covers and wins. Winner: The Great Muta

Music hits and here comes James Storm. James walks out on the stage with a mic in one hand and a beer in another hand. He says he is The Great Muta. He is the legend that all of the boys in the back are talking about. James gets in the ring and walks up to Muta. He says all he sees is "The Great Fraud". All he sees is a washed up legend. He can have Sanada food all he wants, but all he sees is another guy coming into the company that Storm's body help build. Muta is just trying to relive his glory days. This is James' company. In his country, he doesn't spit mist... Just then James takes a swig of beer and spits it in Muta's face. He then punches Muta in the face and he falls. A Wrestle-1 wrestler at ringside who came out with Muta gets in the ring but James knocks him down. Sanada runs down the ramp with a steel chair. He slides in the ring but Storm exits. He walks up the ramp but stops and then turns around. Sanada checks on Muta. Muta stands and sprays red mist in the air to Storm but Sanada grabs the steel chair and hits Muta in the back with it. The Wrestle-1 guy stands and goes to Sanada but Sanada sprays red spit in his face. Sanada then hits a moonsault off the top rope to Muta. Sanada exits the ring and bows to James Storm.

Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino are walking backstage. Devon, Bully Ray, and Tommy Dreamer are shown walking backstage. Their match is next.


Mike Tenay and Taz go over the Destination X line-up for next week.

Jeremy Borash is with Dixie Carter and King Mo in the balcony area. He asks what is going on tonight. Dixie says she and Mo are real good friends. He has her back tonight. She is truly one of the biggest bad@sses in the business. She is sick of the little three letter words everyone is chanting. JB goes to say "EC" but Dixie cuts him off and says she will fire him if he says that again. She is finished with Ray, Devon, and Tommy and they will learn their lesson tonight.

Music hits and here comes Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino. Ethan has his ribs taped up while Spud holds a trashcan with weapons in it. He can barely carry it. Rhino has a steel chair. Music hits and here comes Tommy Dreamer. He has a trashcan filled with weapons. He brings it down the ramp with him. Bully Ray and Devon come out together and make their way down the ramp.

Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino vs. Tommy Dreamer, Bully Ray, and Devon in a Street Fight match

Devon, Ray, and Dreamer slide in the ring and go after the opponents. Tommy quickly tosses Spud out of the ring. Devon tosses Rhino out after attacking him for a bit. Dreamer exits and goes after Spud. Devon and Ray attack Ethan in the ring. They do a double team move. Spud climbs the corner but Ray grabs him and lifts him over his head. He tosses him to Ethan who is standing on the outside. Both go down. Rhino enters the ring. Dreamer enters and Dreamer hits Rhino in the head with two cookie sheets. Rhino falls and rolls out of the ring. Devon, Ray, and Dreamer exit the ring. Devon goes after Spud and punches him in the face as he is leaning against the guard rail.


Ethan whips Ray in the corner and goes for a back body drop but Ray kicks him in the chest and then hits him with an elbow to the head. Ethan falls. Dreamer throws a trashcan full of weapons in and then throws another one in. Ray empties the trashcan and grabs a cheese grader. He grades Ethan's chest. Devon grabs Ethan and does a snapmare. Devon then hits Ethan in the head with a trashcan lid and then Dreamer puts a lid on Ethan's crotch and hits it with a kendo stick. Rhino enters the ring and takes Devon and Dreamer down. He puts a trashcan in the corner. Rhino goes for the Gore on Devon, but Devon blocks it and tosses Rhino into the trashcan in the corner head first. Devon is in the corner and Spud goes to him and attacks him but Ray grabs him by the legs and lifts him up. Devon climbs the corner and they hit Doomsday.

Dreamer grabs Ethan and hangs him upside down in the corner. Ray puts a trashcan in front of his fae. Dreamer chants "ECW" and does the hesitation dropkick to the trashcan that goes into Ethan's face. Ray takes Rhino down and he grabs one leg while Dreamer grabs another leg. Devon climbs the corner and does "What's up?" and does the flying headbutt to Rhino's crotch. Ray tells Devon to get the tables. He exits the ring and gets the table from under the ring. Just then, a fan hits Devon on the back. Guards come and try to take him down but Ray jumps over them and attacks the fan. He takes him over the guard rail and attacks him as the guards have him down.

Dreamer does a piledriver to Spud in the ring and then hits Ethan with a kendo stick in the gut. He then sets a chair up in the ring for Ethan but someone comes out of nowhere. It's Big Zeke! He attacks Dreamer from behind. He takes him down the mat. Ethan grabs Dreamer and hits him face first into the steel chair on the mat. He covers and gets the win. Winners: Ethan Carter III, Rhino, and Rockstar Spud

Dixie Carter and King Mo come out and tell the guards to let the person go. We find out it is Snitsky. They get in the ring. Rhino hits the Gore on Devon. Snitsky grabs Ray and brings him in the ring. They attack him. They then attack Devon. Big Zeke takes Devon down and then Snitsky chokeslams Bully Ray. Dixie Carter stands in the middle while Rhino, Ethan, King Mo, Snitsky, and Big Zeke stand around her. The show fades.

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