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Impact Wrestling Results (7/25/13) - Ultimate X For A New X-Division Champion

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TNA X Division Championship

Impact Wrestling Results - 7/25/2013
From Louisville, Kentucky
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts out with a video package showcasing the qualifying matches for the Ultimate X match that will happen later tonight. It changes focus to the TNA World Title match from last week. It was Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin. People were behind Chris. The match was equal. Chris wins and becomes the new TNA World Champion! The video also shows Gail Kim and Mickie James as they will fight tonight for the Knockout Title.

Music hits and here comes the Main Event Mafia! Kurt Angle leads the group. Sting is behind him. Magnus behind him. Samoa Joe behind him and Rampage Jackson is the final guy. They get in the ring and the fans cheer. Sting grabs a mic. Sting says it was one of the best nights for Main Event Mafia, but also one of his favorite nights in professional wrestling history because Chris Sabin beat Bully Ray and took the title. Kurt gets the mic. He says the tide is turning against Aces. They will get what is coming to them for what they did for one year. Tonight though is a celebration. They were formed because they want to destroy Aces & 8s and for Bully Ray to lose the TNA World Title. That second goal was accomplished. This guy who beat Bully Ray is Chris Sabin!! Angle introduces him and Chris' music plays. He comes out on the stage with the TNA World Title. The crowd roars. As he walks to the ring, video plays showing how he won the title last week. Chris is in the ring and has a mic. Chris thanks the crowd but also thanks MEM because, without them, he wouldn't be TNA World Champion. He says he can't believe he is champion. It is like a dream. It's not though. It's a reality. He now has a target on his back. Everyone wants this. He turns and says Samoa Joe and Magnus wants the title. They are in the Bound for Glory Series. Chris says he made history last week and he is all about making history. He challenges the star who becomes the X-Division Champion tonight. It will be a Champion vs. Champion match. Music hits and here comes Bully Ray! He comes on the stage with a guy in a suit behind him.

Ray asks if they know who this guy is beside him. It is his attorney. The guy grabs the mic. He says Ray suffered injustice and they filed a lawsuit against Impact Wrestling. He says Chris needs to hand the title to Bully, but if he doesn't, then he will CRUSH Impact Wrestling. The guy states that you don't want him to rock your world. He fights for his client and will win. He says the clock is ticking. Chris has till the end of this show to hand over the title to Bully Ray. Ray's music hits and his attorney walks away.

Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash is at the commentator's desk. They wonder where Taz is but play it off as him having his own schedule, as it seems. They run down the line-up for tonight's show. A video plays showcasing the finishes of the X-Division matches last week.

Another video plays of Greg Marasciulo. He has wrestled since he was 15 years old. He is here to take everyone's spot.

The video ends and we see the Ultimate X Match being set up.


Hulk Hogan is walking backstage. He is on the phone. The camera man asks Hulk about the whole law situation with Bully Ray. Hulk says he doesn't deal with the litigations. Hulk walks away as he goes back on the phone.

A TJ Perkins video is shown. He talks about being homeless and outside of Impact's arena in the rain. He waited for this opportunity. He has now gotten the opportunity and he is going with it. He talks about the symbol of Suicide and Manik. It's hard to live by a symbol.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the stars in this match. Sonjay Dutt comes out first. Manik comes out next. Finally, Greg Marasciulo comes out and gets in the ring.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Manik vs. Greg Marasciulo in an Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Title

Greg goes right after Sonjay Dutt. Manik goes after Greg, but he fights him off. Greg takes Dutt to the outside. Manik takes Greg over the ropes and he goes back first onto the ramp. Greg gets up and Manik jumps over and lands on Greg. Manik gets back in the ring and so does Dutt. Dutt whips him in the ropes, but Manik holds on. Dutt runs to him, but Manik moves and he goes to the outside. Dutt takes Manik to the outside, down on the mat and does a moonsault on him. Greg comes ofter and closelines Dutt down. He goes after Manik as he smashes his face in the steel structure and then takes him to the entrance ramp. He lifts him up does a body slam on the ramp. Greg gets in as Dutt is climbing the structure. Greg takes him down, but Dutt attacks him. He goes up the structure again but Greg takes him down. Greg fights him, but Dutt ducks. He grabs him and Manik enters. Dutt grabs him and plants both of them down on the mat at the same time. Dutt climbs the structure but stops on the top rope. Manik runs to him and Dutt jumps off the top. Manik takes him down though. Greg goes after Manik. He drops him down on the ropes and then does a leg drop to choke him. Greg goes to the corner, but Manik stops him. Greg whips Manik in the opposing corner. He does the same to Dutt. He runs but Dutt kicks him in the face. Manik comes out and takes Greg down and Dutt with a hurricanrona. Greg goes to the outside. Manik drops Dutt down on the middle rope. He jumps on the middle rope, takes Greg out and also hits Dutt at the same time. All three are down.


Greg has Manik on the ramp. He lifts him up and then sits right on him like he did to win his match last week. Greg holds his knee after as he is in serious pain. Greg crawls to the ropes and slowly climbs the corner. He is doing so with one leg. He gets to the top and then grabs the wire above. He starts hanging from it. Dutt enters the ring and brings Greg down. He punches him in the face. Greg punches back. Dutt punches more and more. He whips Greg in the corner. Dutt runs and does a big boot tot he face. Dutt runs the other way and Greg falls. He hits Dutt in the face with his knee. Greg runs in the ropes but Dutt does a superkick to the head. All are down. Earl Hebner comes from the back and checks on Manik. He isn't moving. Dutt goes to the outside and climbs the steel structure. Greg slowly follows. They climb higher. Greg kicks Dutt in the side. Greg continues and climbs to the very top of the structure. Dutt slowly follows. Greg crawls on the top. He turns around as Dutt is right behind him. Dutt punches him. Greg punches back. They slap each other in the face and Greg kicks Dutt. Dutt falls back. Greg continues to crawl to the middle. Dutt starts moving forward. They meet in the middle. Greg pounds on his back and then grabs him for a suplex. Dutt fights out of it. Dutt does a headbutt. Greg slides through the structure and lands on the wire on top. Just then, Manik is hanging on the wire and goes to the middle. He wraps his legs and hangs upside down. Greg starts to fight Manik off. He goes on the wire now. He tries to get the title but falls back first on the ring mat. Manik grabs the title and unlocks it! Winner and New X-Division Champion: Manik

Bully Ray is backstage with Mr. Anderson. He asks Anderson if he saw Hulk squirming. It is a first time in awhile that Hulk doesn't know what to do. Ray states that he is glad Mr. Anderson is VP. He didn't vote but, if he would have, he would have voted for Anderson. Being VP is great, but it's about the Bound for Glory Series. He tells Anderson to do what he does best and win it. They shake hands.


Music plays and Christy Hemme is shown as she introduces the next match. Here comes Hernandez. He makes his way to the ring. After him, music plays and here comes Mr. Anderson! He makes his way down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Hernandez vs. Mr. Anderson in a Bound for Glory Series Match

The bell sounds and they move around the ring. The lock-up. Ken applies a headlock. Hernandez pushes him into the ropes. They do a shoulder block to each other and neither budge. Hernandez tells Ken to go in the ropes and try for a shoulder block. Ken goes to run but he just punches Hernandez. He runs into the ropes but Hernandez knocks him down. Hernandez goes in the ropes and does a shoulder block. Ken falls again. He goes to the apron. Hernandez walks to him, but Ken hits him in the gut. Hernandez grabs him and does a suplex. He covers but Ken kicks out. Ken rams Hernandez back into the corner. He whips him into the opposing corner. He runs to him and smashes him. Hernandez falls. Ken goes back to him but Hernandez fights him off and goes to the top rope. Ken grabs him and throws him across the ring. He covers but Hernandez kicks out. Ken applies a headlock while Hernandez is on the mat. He does some crossface strikes and then applies an armlock. Hernandez elbows his way out of it. Ken hits him and then whips him in the ropes. He hits him with an elbow. He covers him but Hernandez kicks out.

Ken puts him in the corner and whips him in the opposing corner. Ken runs to him but Hernandez elbows him in the face. Hernandez goes to the apron. He jumps over and does a shoulder block. He continues with closelines and then a big splash to Ken in the corner. He lifts him up on his shoulder and drops Ken down with a back breaker. He covers but Ken kicks out. Both get up and Ken punches him. He then lifts him up on his shoulders but Hernandez slides out. Ken runs into the ropes but Hernandez knocks him down. Hernandez goes to the ramp. He turns and runs. He jumps over the ropes but Ken ducks. Hernandez lands right on his face. Ken gets him up and hits the Mic Check. He covers and wins. Winner w/ 7 points: Mr. Anderson


A video plays showing earlier tonight where Bully Ray's attorney came out and demanded Chris to give the title to Bully Ray. If not, there will be a lawsuit.

Dixie Carter is backstage. The camera man asks Dixie about the Bully Ray situation. Dixie says she has a lot going on. She will be dealing with it though. Dixie walks away.

Joseph Park is backstage. Eric Young comes up to him with an iPad. He shows Park how he turns crazy when he bleeds. Park didn't know because he blacks out after that. Eric takes the iPad and says he will continue to figure this out.

Velvet Sky comes out and gets in the ring. She grabs a mic. She says she has to admit that she made a mistake. The mistake was to let Mickie James know she was injured. She trusted Mickie. She won't let anything out like that again. She will be keeping her stuff to herself now. She has a ringside seat as Gail and Mickie tear each other apart. Sky's music plays again and she goes to the outside.


Gail Kim's music hit and here comes the challenger. She gets in the ring. ODB is in the ring as she is the referee. Mickie James' music plays and she comes out with the Knockout Title over her shoulder. She gets in the ring.

Gail Kim vs. Mickie James (Champ) for the Knockout Title

They move around the ring but quickly lock-up. Gail takes Mickie down but she gets up. The lock is still in. Mickie takes Gail down but they get up again. They start pulling each other's hair behind their head. ODB breaks them up. They lock-up. Mickie takes Gail into the corner. She kicks her and then rams her shoulder into the gut of Gail. Gail pokes the eyes of Mickie and puts her in the corner. She punches her a couple times. Mickie punches back and works on the arm. Gail turns it around and kicks Mickie in the back of the leg and then works on the arm. She takes Mickie down and covers. Mickie kicks out. Gail applies a headlock. Gail whips Mickie in the ropes. Gail ducks, but Mickie grabs her hair and whips Gail back. She covers but Gail kicks out. Both get up and Gail applies a headlock. Mickie gets out and applies one of her own. Gail sends Mickie in the ropes. Mickie takes Gail down with a shoulder block. Both get up and Gail does a dropkick to Mickie. She covers but Mickie kicks out. Gail gets her up and punches her in the face, but Mickie punches back. She whips her in the corner. Gail runs to her and goes right into the gut. Gail walks on the apron and blows a kiss. Mickie quickly does a kick to the face and Gail falls right down.

ODB starts to count. She gets up to 8 when Gail gets on the apron. Mickie goes to her, but Gail snaps the neck of Mickie on the ropes. Gail takes Mickie to the corner post and goes for the Figure Four, but Mickie pushes her away. Mickie goes on the apron and jumps on Gail. Mickie brings Gail in the ring. She does a neckbreaker and covers. Gail kicks out. Mickie goes for the DDT, but Gail twists out of it and goes for the Eat the Feet, but Mickie gets out of that and takes Gail down. Mickie climbs the corner. Gail is up. Mickie runs but Gail runs away. Mickie takes the legs out from under Gail and goes for the submission hold. Mickie applies a leg lock, but Gail already reaches the ropes. Mickie stands and Gail hits her in the face. She whips her in the corner. Gail runs to her but Mickie moves. Mickie runs to Gail but Gail grabs her up and powerbombs her. She uses the ropes but ODB sees. Gail throws Mickie out of the ring. Gail goes to ODB. They exchange words and Gail slaps ODB. Just then, Mickie does a roll-up and gets the win. Winner and Still Knockout Champion: Mickie James

Gail starts to leave the ring, but ODB grabs her and brings her back in the ring. They chest bump. Brooke Hogan comes out on the stage and tells Gail to calm down. She doesn't know what she is getting herself into. Gail didn't learn her lesson, Brooke guesses. ODB is an active wrestler, so now that's Gail's problem. ODB takes her shirt off. Gail turns and ODB is ready to fight. Gail leaves the ring.

A video plays showing Chris Sabin winning the TNA World Title.

Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter are backstage. Hulk says he doesn't understand how Bully boxed him in the corner again. He thought they were fine. Dixie says she loves Chris and wants him to be champion, but you can't go ahead with anything with lawyers involved. She was there when he blew out his knee the second time. Hulk says they should take a step back and look to see how Aces operate and get an idea. Dixie says she can't stoop that low and do that. Hulk understands the politics and everything. He asks Dixie if she wants to tell Chris. Dixie says she doesn't but knows Hulk doesn't want to either.


Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the next match. Christopher Daniels comes out and dances his way to the ring. Main Event Mafia music plays and here comes Samoa Joe. Joe gets in the ring.

Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe in a Bound for Glory Series Match

They move around the ring. Joe goes for a kick to the leg. Daniels backs up quickly. The crowd chants, "Joe is gonna kill you." They lock-up but Daniels goes against the ropes to break it. They move around again. They lock-up. Joe takes Daniels down with an armbar and then an elbow to the face. Daniels gets up and goes to the corner. Joe punches him repeatedly. He whips him in the opposing corner. He runs to him and smashes him and then kicks him in the back of the head. Joe goes back over and rams his face into Daniels' face. He runs and does a big boot. Daniels rolls around on the mat holding his face. Joe kicks him in the chest. Daniels pops up. Joe runs but Daniels does a drop toe hold. Joe gets up and Daniels takes him down. He stomps on him and chokes him. Daniels gets him up. Joe does a huge knife edge chop. Daniels does one back. He puts Joe in the corner. He chokes him with his boot. Daniels takes Joe to the ropes and chokes him on the top. Daniels gets on the apron. He jumps over the ropes and plants his elbow right to Joe's back. He covers but Joe kicks out.

Both get up and Daniels hits Joe in the chest and face. He does a snapmare and applies a headlock. Daniels gets up and gets out of it with elbow shots. Daniels hits back. Daniels runs in the ropes, but Joe does a huge belly to belly suplex. Both get up. Joe does a couple closelines and then an inverted atomic drop. He takes Daniels down and then falls on him with a smash. He covers but Daniels kicks out. Both get up. Daniels goes in the ropes and Joe does a scoop powerslam. Both get up. Daniels goes for punches but Joe ducks and does a huge open hand shot. Daniels falls instantly. He covers but Chris kicks out. Both get up. Chris goes in the corner. Joe runs to him but Chris moves. He hits him in the chest and then walks back. He runs to him, but Joe lifts him up with one arm and takes him down. Joe brings him for the Muscle Buster, but Mr. Anderson comes on the ramp and apron. Joe stops and tries to fight him. Daniels takes Joe down and goes for the BME. He hits it and covers. Joe kicks out. Daniels does it one more time and gets the win. Winner w/ 7 points: Christopher Daniels

AJ Styles is walking backstage. The camera switches to Jeff Hardy as he walks backstage. Their match is next.


Sting is backstage. He has a paper in his hand. He sits down and tells Kurt he needs to talk to him. Kurt brings up the Bully lawsuit. What would happen if he gets the title back? They have failed last week. Sting says they didn't fail. He doesn't have the title yet. It's a step in the right direction. Kurt agrees.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the next match. AJ Styles' music plays. He comes out on the ramp with his leather jacket and hood. He gets in the ring. Jeff Hardy comes out next and the crowd roars! He goes around the ring meeting the fans.

AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy in a Bound for Glory Series Match

They lock-up and AJ applies a headlock. Jeff tosses AJ in the ropes, but AJ slides under Jeff. He gets up and applies another headlock. Jeff whips him in the ropes. AJ does a shoulder block. Jeff doesn't fall. AJ runs again but Jeff elbows him in the face. AJ gets up and Jeff goes after him. He goes in the corner. He comes out and Jeff kicks him in the gut but AJ blocks it. Jeff twists around and hits AJ in the face. AJ falls back in the corner. He is sitting in the corner. Jeff runs to him, jumps up and does the double foot stomp into the chest.


Jeff Hardy is on the outside. AJ runs and does a huge baseball slide. Jeff goes right into the commentator's desk. He falls instantly from the hit. AJ brings Jeff in the ring. AJ does a snapmare and then kicks Jeff in the back. He applies a headlock. Jeff gets up and elbows his way out of it. He punches and runs in the ropes. AJ moves and tosses Jeff to the outside. He falls back first. Jeff slowly gets up. AJ grabs him, but Jeff snaps AJ's neck on the top rope. Jeff gets in. AJ grabs him and does a huge spinebuster. AJ applies a headlock. Jeff gets up and elbows his way out of it. AJ kicks Jeff in the gut and goes for a DDT, but Jeff pushes AJ back. He kicks him in the gut and sets up a powerbomb, but he goes through with it and AJ lands right on his face. Both are down. Both slowly get up. Jeff runs to him for a closeline. AJ whips him in the ropes but Jeff knocks him down. Jeff does an atomic drop and then drops his legs down on AJ's chest and then kicks him in the face. He takes off his shirt and runs in the ropes. AJ ducks and Jeff ducks but AJ hits Jeff right in the face. Jeff falls. Jeff gets up in the corner. AJ runs to him but Jeff moves. Hardy picks AJ up for a front slam and then climbs to the middle rope. He does a splash. He covers but AJ kicks out. Jeff gets AJ up and punches him. He goes to whip him, but AJ blocks and does a suplex to the corner. Jeff falls on his head. AJ gets Jeff up and whips him in the corner. AJ runs to him but Jeff elbows him and then does the Whisper in the Wind. He covers but AJ kicks out.

AJ gets up. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate, but AJ gets out of it and hits the pele. AJ uses the ropes to get up. Jeff slowly gets to his feet. AJ grabs Jeff and rolls through and applies the calf submission hold. Jeff taps. Winner w/ 10 points: AJ Styles

Both stand at the end of the match. Jeff extends his hands. AJ looks at him and then around at the fans. AJ walks past without a handshake. He goes up the ramp.

Hulk Hogan comes through a doorway. The cameraman asks Hulk about the decision for the TNA World Title. Hulk says he is glad he and Dixie are on the same page but he doesn't want to do this.


Aces & 8s music plays and here comes Bully Ray. He comes through the curtain and walks down the ramp. He looks around at the crowd and then gets in the ring. He wants his music shut off. The crowd boos. Ray says he has been wronged. He has suffered a major injustice. He is highly offended that people can sit back and praise Chris Sabin for what he has done to him (Ray). The guy hit him in the head with a hammer. What kind of man, athlete, or wrestler stoop that low to hit someone in the head with that? Sabin, you have no choice. Ray will sue Sabin and everyone in this company. He will do whatever it takes to right the wrong. He wants Chris to do the right thing. Come out and hand the title to him. Chris Sabin's music plays. He comes out with the TNA World Title over his shoulder. Chris walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. Ray isn't going to say anything negative toward him. Obviously, Chris is out here to do the right thing. Ray states that Chris is intimated by Ray. He will hand him his title. Chris asks Ray if he wants to know why he is out there. He is out there because he wanted to see how he has become a big, fat crybaby! Chris says he almost lost his career but he fought ten times harder and now he is TNA World Champion. Ray must have got hit in the head too many times if he thinks he will hand the title over. Ray states that he will get the title back when he sues Chris. How can Chris look at himself in the mirror knowing he won the title with a hammer. Ray knows Hulk has been with his lawyers all day long. He demands Hulk to come out! Hulk's music plays.

Hulk Hogan comes out on the stage with a mic and a piece of paper. Hulk says he has been going through back and forth with his lawyers on this contract. He gets it, at the end of the day. He has he has a counter. Ray says, "See," as he points to Chris. Hulk rips the contract up. He is the GM and he is the law. He says Chris Sabin is their champion and will remain the champion. Hulk says fair is fair though. Bully does have a rematch clause. He knows he doesn't want to have outside interference with MEM as he knows all about Aces & 8s. August 15th... there will be justice... Hardcore Justice! Aces and MEM won't be involved. It will be Bully Ray vs. Chris Sabin for the TNA World Title in a Steel Cage Match! Ray looks back at Chris and then back at Hulk. Ray yells, "I hate you," to Hulk. Hogan's music plays. Chris holds up the title as the show fades.

Alex's Assumptions:

This has been a pretty powerful Impact Wrestling. Powerful because of two main reasons. First off, this show was wrestling heavy this week. We seen 5 matches and none of the matches fell short. They all had different styles and they all had enough time to make them good. We had the Ultimate X match, which was quite predictable with Manik winning the match, but it was a good match with a cool ending. Mickie James vs. Gail Kim told a story in that ring. It looks like Sky could be back in the title hunt while Gail switches to ODB. The Bound for Glory Series continues and we seen some excellent matches. We missed a lot of people tonight like Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, and James Storm, but the show was really built and I don't see where they could have plugged any of them in. People wonder about TNA's roster. You don't want to use your stars every week, but you want to change them up every week. That's what they are able to do tonight and they even have less than they did a month ago. It looks like it is working. I like Dixie Carter appearing on the show as it makes it feel more realistic. She really never appears, so it's always unique when she does come on. Finally, the second reason why this show was powerful was because of the stories. Now, they have their main long-term stories like Aces & 8s going after TNA, but then you have Main Event Mafia trying to take them out. Inside that story is the story of Bully Ray wanting his title back so he brings his attorney in. If he doesn't get the title, the attorney will sue Impact. There's a small story that covers the whole show but that story is a small story inside the big picture. That's unique. That's different. Not only does TNA know where they are going from now to Bound for Glory, but they have a story once a week to have people interested. Just a great booking concept. Next week is a new week and now we can count down to Hardcore Justice! Like my Facebook page for my full wrestling thoughts.

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