Impact Wrestling Results (8/14/14) - The Hardys Vs. Team 3D


Impact Wrestling Results - 8/14/2014
From the Manhattan Center in New York City
Report by: Alex Barie of

A video package plays at the start of Impact Wrestling. It shows us that 4 months Bully Ray has been close in getting Dixie Carter and putting her through a table. Well, last week it finally happened! The whole world witnessed Dixie go through a table from Bully Ray!

The camera shows the Manhattan Center. Bully Ray's music plays and he comes out on the stage. The crowd cheers. He walks down the ramp and leans against the steel guard rail as the crowd pats on his back and chest. Ray gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Ray states that this is the best feeling in the world. The crowd chants, "TNA, TNA, TNA!" Ray kept his promise to all of us. He kept his word to the entire wrestling world. It wasn't just him last week but it was all of us that put Dixie Carter through a table! Ray couldn't have done it without us. But, there is one guy who he wants to thank. The crowd chants, "Devon, Devon, Devon." Ray says Rick has his brother Scott. Hawk had his friend Animal. Ray has the best brother in the world and that's Devon! Devon's music plays and he walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. He joins hands with Ray with a crazy handshake and then a hug. Devon grabs a mic.

He states he can't agree more with Bully as he says it is great to be in New York City as they have the best fans! Now that Dixie is gone, it is about time that they get done to business at hand. Just then, music plays and here comes Matt and Jeff Hardy! They walk down the ramp clapping their hands. They get in the ring and shake Devon and Ray's hands. The crowd chants, "Hardy, Hardy, Hardy." Matt grabs a mic and says it has been 12 years since all four of them have been in the same ring again. Matt says he and Jeff want to congratulate Team 3D for going into the TNA Hall of Fame. Matt says they had their famous first Tables match down the street from where they are at now. Ray says they had a three way Ladder match and stole the show. Matt then states they put together tables, ladders, and chairs in a match. Ray states they did it again in the Astrodome! The fans chant, "One more time." Ray hears them. So does Matt. Ray asks them if they want to see it. The crowd cheers! Jeff grabs the mic and says, "Matt, I didn't paint my face for nothing." Jeff is cool if Matt is fine. Matt and Jeff shake. Devon agrees to it. They shake and hug as it will happen tonight!

A video package plays about Samoa Joe! It shows him winning the X-Division Championship last week as he fought against Sanada and Low Ki.

Joe is backstage and says he is the new champion. Kurt told him to rejuvenate the division and that is what Joe plans on doing.

Rockstar spud, Ethan Carter III, and Rhino are walking backstage as they just came through the door. Ethan has Rhino push the camera out of their faces as they looked really banged up.


Video plays showing Dixie Carter being powerbombed through the table.

Eric Young and Bobby Roode are backstage watching Dixie Carter go through a table on Eric's phone. They are laughing. Austin Aries walks up to them and they asks if he seen this. Aries says he has it on his phone and watches it in slow motion. Aries says they got rid of one piece of trash (Dixie) and now it is time to get rid of Lashley, King, and MVP as they fight them tonight.

Low Ki comes out. Manik, Tigre Uno, DJ Z, Homicide, and Crazzy Steve are in the ring.

Manik vs. Low Ki vs. Crazzy Steve vs. DJ Z vs. Homicide vs. Tigre Uno in a 6 man X-Division Scramble match to determine the #1 contender for the X-Division Championship

Steve and Uno start the match. They fight in the ring till Steve is able to get the advantage. He goes in the ropes but DJ Z hits Steve in the back with his knee. Uno gets up and grabs Steve. He lifts him up on his shoulders and drops him down chest and face first to the mat. Uno then does a huge 450 splash and gets the cover. Elimination: Crazzy Steve

Manik enters and quickly runs in the ropes. He goes to Uno but he spins around. Uno spins around too. They try to work on each othes' arm but Uno jumps on the ropes and does a arm drag to Manik. Uno goes to do it again but Manik makes him fall. He goes to the apron and hits a springboard dropkick. Manik drops Uno down on both of his knees back first and gets the pin. Elimination: Tigre Uno.

Low KI and Homicide get in the ring. DJ Z goes to climb in the ring but Low kicks him before he enters. Low and Homicide whip Manik in the ropes but he holds on. DJ climbs on the apron and Homicide and Low attack them. DJ Z fights back and is able to do a quick roll-up against Manik and gets the 3. Elimination: Manik

Low and Homicide go after DJ Z. They whip him in the ropes and kick him in the gut. DJ Z slowly gets to his feet. Homicide grabs him, twirls him around and hits the Gringo Killer. He covers for the 3. Elimination: DJ Z

Low and Homicide walk around the ring. Low runs to Homicide and pushes him into the corner. He attacks him and then whips him into the opposing corner. Low climbs and punches Homicide in the face, but Homicide slides out and pushes Low over the ropes. Low hits his knee on the steel guard rail. He slowly stands and Homicide runs, jumps over the ropes, and lands on Low. He grabs him and brings him in the ring. Homicide takes Ki to the corner face first and then runs to kick Low face first. Homicide covers but Low kicks out. Homicide takes Low to the corner and goes to whip him but Low reverses it. Low smashes into him and then whips him into the corner. Low runs but Homicide moves. Homicide goes for the finisher but Low is trying to block. He flips around and hits a running dropkick to Homicide. He goes into the ropes as his head bounces off the turnbuckle. Low hits the Ki Crusher and gets the pin. Winner: Low Ki

Two people are watching Dixie Carter go through the table on one of their phones. Ethan, Spud, and Rhino walk up to them. Ethan does a pretend laugh as they were laughing at the video. He hits the phone out of the guy's hand and walks away. Spud says they are lucky they aren't losing their jobs over that.


Music plays and here comes Ethan Carter II, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino. They get in the ring. Spud grabs a mic. Spud says they are out there because they need a moment of silence. Last week was the biggest travesty in the history of the professional wrestling business. His queen, Dixie, was put through a table! They are out there to demand a moment of silence in respect! The crowd boos. Spud says it again but the crowd boos louder. Spud starts yelling and says he hates this city and wants them to come in the ring so he can knock them all out. Ethan grabs a mic as Spud tries to cool off. Ethan says his aunt was driven through a table and they cheer. Ethan requests... nay, DEMANDS Bully Ray's termination from TNA Wrestling. Ethan says this is the Carter promotion. This is their ring. He is not going anywhere unless he is terminated. Just then, here comes Kurt Angle! His music plays. Kurt walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers. Kurt gets in the ring.

Kurt tells Spud to shut up "twerp". He says this is not Nashville, TN... this is New York City. Kurt tells Ethan that these fans can say whatever they want... cheer for whoever they want. It is his job to put on the best wrestling show possible and Ethan is ruining it. So, Ethan can wrestle tonight or "get the hell out of my ring". Ethan gets back on the mic and says he spilled blood in this ring. Not this week... NOT THIS WEEK! Ethan says if he is not going to terminate Bully then they have a problem. Kurt says they will have a problem because he gave him two options. Ethan says he isn't going anywhere. Kurt says he isn't scaring Ethan but he knows who will. Here comes New York City's finest! The New York police come out and circle the ring. They climb the steel steps and get in the ring. Ethan talks to them. Spud gets on the mic and says he is not taking any orders from anyone who eats Dunkin Donuts. Spud says he is a lion... a tiger! One cop circles Spud and tackles him down. They handcuff him. They then back Rhino in the corner and handcuff him. Ethan grabs the mic and gets in the face of another cop and says he knows all of the famous people in New York. He is Wall Street. He is money. He is a Carter. Ethan starts throwing money at the cop. The police had enough and handcuffs Ethan. They take him out of the ring as well as Spud and Rhino. They push them up the ramp as Kurt's music plays.

Samuel Shaw is sitting backstage. Gunner grabs a chair and sits beside him. Shaw says he feels bad and knows this is his fault. Gunner says it is alright. Shaw says he doesn't know if Anderson will ever like him. Gunner says tonight could be different. He tells Shaw good luck. Shaw gets up and walks out of the room.

The camera shows Ethan, Spud, and Rhino being taken out through the arena where the fans are. They are yelling at them while Ethan yells back!


Ethan, Spud, and Rhino are surrounded by the police. They are holding them tight. They are trying to warm up to the cops but it isn't working. Spud starts to real out again. The elevator opens and they police take them outside of the arena.

Mr. Anderson's music plays and he comes out. The spotlight is on him. He reaches up for the mic. He introduces himself and continues to the ring. Music hits and here comes Gunner! Gunner walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.

Mr. Anderson vs. Gunner

Ken and Gunner talk back and forth. They are in the face of each other. Ken then pokes Gunner's chest. Gunner slaps his hand and Ken pushes him back. Gunner pushes back. Ken goes after him. Gunner whips him in the ropes but Ken hits him with a shoulder block. Ken goes in the ropes and Gunner hits him with a shoulder block. Ken gets up and they lock-up. Gunner backs him up in the corner. He unlocks and then re-locks as they push back and forth. Ken goes behind Gunner but Gunner goes behind Ken and takes him down. Gunner applies a front headlock but Ken gets out and works on the arm. He smashes his knee into Gunner's arm. Gunner stands but Ken applies a headlock. Gunner hits a back suplex and covers but Ken kicks out. Both stand. Ken punches Gunner in the head several times. Gunner starts slapping his face. Ken punches him again but Gunner isn't fading. They go back and forth now. There's no stopping. Ken hits Gunner in the head and he falls. Samuel Shaw gets in and tells them to stop fighting. Ken punches him right in the face. Shaw falls, gets back up and tackles Ken. The referee calls for the bell. Gunner pulls Shaw off of Ken and holds him back. Winner by DQ: Mr. Anderson

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are backstage. Love asks if everything is fine between them. Sky says it is and one of them will be Knockouts Champion. Sky agrees and then thinks... well it could be either of them. She follows Sky wanting more answers.


Tweets from Matt Hardy, Bully Ray, Jessie Godderz, Ken Anderson, Spud, and Jim Ross are shown as they talk about Dixie Carter going through a table. We then see a video of after Dixie Carter went through the table. Bully Ray sings, "Ding, dong the witch is dead!" Mike Tenay states that Dixie Carter broke two bones in her back.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky come out at the same time and get in the ring. Taryn Terrell comes out next and gets in the ring. Gail Kim comes out next as she holds the Knockouts Championship in her hand.

Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim (c) for the Knockouts Championship

Love goes right after Taryn while Sky and Gail fight. Love has Taryn in the corner and kicks her in the gut. Gail is working on Sky in the corner. Gail runs in the ropes but Love turns, grabs her and Sky runs and they do a double team side walk slam neck breaker. Gail rolls out of the ring. Sky and Love go after Taryn as they whip her in the corner and then smash her twice. Love holds Taryn from behind. Sky goes in the ropes but Gail trips her and pulls her out of the ring. Taryn grabs Love and tosses her to the outside. Gail goes after Sky on the outside while Love attacks Taryn as she exits the ring. Love goes after Gail, but Gail attacks her and then smashes Love's head into Sky's head. Gail climbs up to the apron, jumps, and lands on both Beautiful People. All three are down.

Taryn climbs to the top rope. Love, Gail, and Sky are standing. Taryn takes out all three. All four are out! Taryn rolls Love in the ring and covers but Love kicks out. Love whips Taryn in the ropes. Taryn comes back and closelines Love several times and then hits a neck breaker. She covers but Gail enters and breaks the count. Love grabs Gail and drops her face first. Love enters and goes for the cover but Gail kicks out. Sky quickly slides in for a cover but Gail kicks out. Love turns and sees Sky trying to cover. They stare at each other. Taryn rolls Sky up for a pin but Love breaks it. They knock Taryn down and Love goes for a cover but Sky pulls her off for a cover. Love then pulls her off. They stare again. Gail enters and attacks both of them. Sky comes back and goes after Gail but Love pushes Gail out of the way and talks to Sky. Taryn comes in and closelines both Love and Sky. Gail attacks Taryn and then goes to Sky and hits Eat Defeat. She covers and wins. Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

MVP, Lashley, and King are backstage. The camera man asks them about Dixie Carter. MVP says they don't care about her as the "witch is dead". King then states she can go back to Texas and buy more real estate. They have their match coming up next.


Music hits and here come MVP, Kenny King, and TNA World Champion Lashley! They enter the ring. Music plays and here comes Eric Young first. He walks down to the end of the ramp till Austin Aries comes out to his music. He has the cape around his shoulders. He meets up with EY. Bobby Roode comes out next. He meets up with them.

Kenny King, MVP, and Lashley vs. Eric Young, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode

Roode starts the match off against Lashley. King, comes right out of nowhere, and attacks Roode. Lashley goes to the apron as King wants to start the match. King pounds Roode in the corner and closelines him in the opposing corner but Roode bounces out and closelines King several times and goes for the crossface. King gets out of it though. Roode takes the legs under King and tags Aries. He catapults King and Aries punches him and then jumps over the ropes and plants an elbow. Aries tags Roode and he enters and puts King in the corner. He stomps on him several times and then tags EY. He and Roode whip King in the ropes and they hit him with a double elbow to the face. Eric puts King in the corner but King comes out and kicks EY in the leg. He tags MVP. MVP enters and goes after EY but Ey fights back. MVP backs up and tags Lashley. He enters.

He gets in the face of EY. They talk back and forth. EY goes to punch him but Lashley punches back. Lashley then kicks him in the gut and continues the punches. He whips him in the ropes but EY kicks him in the gut and goes for a piledriver. Lashley reverses it into a back body drop. He goes for the spear as EY stands but EY moves and Lashley goes to the outside. EY then does a baseball slide to Lashley. Roode and Aries enter and attack MVP and King on the apron. They exit and go after Lashley and bring him back in the ring. Lashley comes back and whips EY into the corner. EY flips over and struts on the apron. He climbs the corner and the referee is distracted by Roode. King trips EY up and he lands groin first on the top rope. Lashley goes after him and tags MVP. MVP enters and hits EY with punches to the face. He covers several times but EY kick sour. MVP backs up to his corner and King tags. He applies a front headlock and then has Lashley tag. Lashley puts EY n the corner and drills him in the face.

Lashley turns and gets Roode going. Lashley smirks. EY tries to get to his corner but Lashley stops him. EY kicks him away. He tags Aries. Lashley goes back and King tags himself. He enters and Aries goes on the offensive but King comes back and attacks Aries with punches. Aries runs to the ropes and hits a suicide dive on Lashley. He climbs the corner and hits a missile dropkick to King. He waits as Kenny stands. Kenny does and Aries runs to him but King kicks him in the face. He tags Lashley. Lashley enters and goes for the spear. Aries blocks and locks in the Last Chancellory. King enters and breaks it up but Roode does a spine buster. MVP enters and attacks him and then EY attacks him. Lashley goes after him while Aries comes back and attacks him with a flying dropkick. Aries climbs the corner but MVP grabs his crutch and hits Aries in the back with it. Aries falls to the mat. He slowly stands as Lashley runs and turns him inside out with a spear. He covers and wins. Winners: Lashley, MVP, and Kenny King

Abyss is walking backstage. We will hear from him next.


A video plays showing "H*V*K is Coming". V is the newest letter to be revealed.

The Wolves are backstage. They are talking about tag teams in professional wrestling. They said Team 3D and The Hardys showcase what the tag team division is about. They beat The Hardys. They do want to fight Team 3D. They will gladly fight Team 3D for the Tag Team Championships. They were once fans but now they are the champions and are the hunted.

Here comes Abyss as his music plays. He holds his stomach as he makes his way to the ring. Abyss grabs a mic and says Bram has something he wants so he tells him to get there. He yells for Bram. Bram's music plays and he comes out with Magnus at his side. Bram holds Janice as he gets in the ring. Magnus grabs a mic for him. Abyss says he knows the old saying that possession is 9/10th of the law. Bram says Janice is his. He beat Abyss twice. Janice does it for him. Every time Bram sends Janice in Abyss' stomach it drives him wild. He is not getting it back. Abyss asks Bram if he wants to get extreme. He means really extreme! Abyss asks New York City if they want to get extreme! They cheer. Abyss wants one more match. This time... it will be tables, chairs, tacks, glass, barbwire... and while they are at it... let's his girl Janice and hang her 15 feet above the ring and the first one who gets her earns her love! Abyss will climb that ladder and get his girl back. He will shed Bram's @ss to bits! Bram accepts the challenge! Bram and Abyss stare eye to eye as their faces touch. Magnus grabs a mic and says Abyss thinks Janice is his girlfriend but she screwed Abyss twice... and he should take that as that is the only time a girl has screwed Abyss at all. Magnus laughs but Abyss quickly punches him in the face. He then attacks Bram and tosses him out of the ring. Abyss grabs Janice and goes after Magnus but Bram does a chop block, grabs Janice, and leaves the ring. Magnus follows. Abyss grabs the mic and says, "In Starway to Janice he will show Bram what a b%tch his girl can be!"


A video plays showing James Storm sitting on a set of stairs outside of some barn. He whistles and says the revolution has begun. Storm stands and goes to Sanada who has his shirt off and his arms are tied behind him. Storm slaps him in the face and says he is Sanada's salvation. He says he can make him "The Great Sanada". He tells the camera man to leave NOW. He does as Storm starts Sanada's transformation.

A video package plays showing what will go down next week at Hardcore Justice.

Music hits and here comes Matt and Jeff Hardy! The Hardys walk out and interact with the fans around the ring. They cheer. Music plays and here comes Team 3D! The crowd cheers again. They wear their vintage old school camouflage gear. They get in the ring.

The Hardys vs. Team 3D

Devon and Matt start the match off. They move around the ring. They lock-up. Matt works on the arm of Devon. He twists and turns it. Devon turns it around and twists Matt's arm. Matt then turns it around. Devon applies a headlock. Matt whips him into the ropes but Devon knocks him down. Devon goes in the ropes and Matt knocks him down. Matt tags Jeff. They double whip Devon and hit the double elbow and then a leg drop and elbow drop from each. Jeff whips Devon in the ropes but Devon comes back with a flying elbow. He tags Bully. Bully enters and whips Jeff and picks him up for a side walk slam. He hits it as well as Devon hitting a neck breaker at the same time.


Jeff and Bully are in the ring. Jeff hits a hurricanrona type move. He tags Matt. Jeff takes Bully down while Matt hits a leg drop. Matt tags Jeff back in. They whip Ray in the corner. Matt gets down on his hands and knees. Jeff runs, jumps on Matt, and slams into Ray. Devon enters and they go to do the same thing to him but Ray pulls the hair of Jeff and he falls. Devon tosses Matt out of the ring. Ray and Devon grab Jeff's legs and stretch it from left to right. Devon gets Jeff up and slams him face first into the turnbuckle. He punches him in the face multiple times. Devon does a snapmare and then drops his forearm across the face. He covers but Jeff kicks out.

Devon applies a chin lock. Jeff gets up and elbows his way out of it. Jeff climbs the corner, jumps, but Devon swats him down like a fly. He covers but Jeff kicks out. He tags Bully. Bully enters and elbows Jeff on the back. He then hits him with his forearms to the back. Ray grabs Jeff by the legs and elbow drops him several times. He tags Devon. Devon bounces off the ropes and drops his fist on Jeff's face. Devon waits for him to stand. Jeff does and Devon punches his face and he falls. Devon hits a neck breaker. He covers again but Jeff kicks out. Devon tags Bully. Bully and Devon whip Jeff into the ropes but Jeff kicks Devon in the chest and goes for a closeline on Ray but Ray ducks and he hits him with a back suplex. He covers Jeff but Hardy kicks out. Jeff stands and tries to tag Matt but Ray applies a bear hug. Jeff elbows his way out of it. He runs in the ropes but Ray hits a back body drop. Ray climbs the corner but Jeff gets up and punches Bully. He climbs and hits a huge hurricanrona. He covers but Ray kicks out.

Ray tags Devon and Jeff tags Matt! Both enter and Matt punches Devon several times and then a closeline. Devon goes in the corner. Matt continues to attack and then hits a bulldog. He does a drop-kick to Ray's legs and Bully falls. Matt hits a Side Effect on Devon. He covers but Devon kicks out. Matt climbs the corner and hits a moonsault. He covers but Ray stops it. Jeff enters and goes after Ray. He tosses him outside. Jeff goes and climbs the corner but Devon stops him. Matt goes over and puts Devon on his shoulders and walks back. Jeff hits a Whisper in the Wind on Devon and he falls at least 8 feet in the air. Matt covers but Devon kicks out.

They put Devon in the corner and both climb. Ray enters and tosses Jeff across the ring. Ray puts Matt on his shoulders and walks back. Devon jumps and hits the Doomsday Device. Devon covers but Matt kicks out. Jeff enters and they hit a double flapjack on Jeff as he lands on Matt. Ray hits a body slam on Matt and Devon climbs the corner for "What's Up???!!!" His face goes into Matt's groin. Ray pushes Devon and tells him to "Get the tables"! Devon and Ray go to the outside and get a table, but Jeff flies in the air after jumping on Matt as he is on his hands and knees and lands on Team 3D on the outside. Jeff brings Devon in the ring. Matt hits Twist of Fate. Jeff hits Swanton bomb. Matt covers but Ray pulls Jeff out of the ring. Devon kicks out. Ray enters as Matt gets Devon up. Devon pushes Matt in the ropes. Matt comes back and they hit 3D!! Devon covers and gets the win. Winners: Team 3D

Devon and Ray celebrate in the ring. Ray exits the ring and picks Jeff up. He hugs him while Devon gets Matt up. They shake hands and then hug. Ray and Jeff enter the ring and they hug again. All four raise their arms. The show fades.

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