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Impact Wrestling Hardcore Justice Results (8/20/14) - Six Sides Of Steel Returns

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Impact Wrestling Results - 8/20/2014
From the Manhattan Center in New York City
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with Abyss asking the New York City crowd, "Do you want to get extreme?" The video package counts down to Hardcore Justice in 5-4-3-2-1!

The camera shows the crowd as they are on their feet cheering! They are ready for tonight. The camera shows Christy Hemme in the ring and Janice hung above the ring. Bram's music plays and he comes right down the ramp, slides a ladder in the ring, and pushes it to the side. Abyss' music plays and he walks out on the stage and then down the ramp. Abyss gets right in the ring and goes after Bram.

Bram vs. Abyss in a Stairway to Janice match

Abyss punches Bram in the face multiple times. Bram tries to fight back. He goes in the ropes but Abyss knocks him down several times with closelines. Bram gets up and attacks Abyss. He then puts the ladder in the corner and tries to whip Abyss in it. Abyss blocks and whips Bram in the corner. Bram comes out, Abyss locks his arms and hits a belly to belly suplex on Bram as he falls on the ladder leaning in the corner. Abyss grabs the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Bram stands and smashes Abyss' face into the ladder. Abyss falls and Bram pushes the ladder down. Abyss rolls out of the ring. Bram follows. He attacks him but Abyss fights back. Bram whips Abyss shoulder first into the steel post. He grabs a trashcan after throwing the lid in the ring. He smashes the can twice into Abyss' head.

Bram goes to whip Abyss in the steel steps but Abyss reverses it and Bram is down! Abyss looks under the ring and finds a barbwire board. Abyss looks under the ring some more and finds... ANOTHER ONE! We see Bram split open from the steel steps. Abyss sets one board in one corner and the other board in the opposing corner. Bram rolls in the ring. Abyss hits him with a headbutt. He picks him up and goes to slam him in the board, but Bram slides behind him. Abyss turns and goes for a chokeslam into the barbwire but Bram slides away. He grabs the trashcan lid and hits Abyss in the back of the head with it. Abyss is down. Bram sets up the ladder and climbs. He grabs Janice but Abyss hits him from behind, grabs his throat and chokeslams him off of the ladder! Abyss looks under the ring and finds a sack. He gets back in the ring as the ladder falls on him. Abyss unties the bag and drops the tacks!

Abyss puts the ladder in the corner and then motions for the chokeslam. Bram stands and punches Abyss in the face. He does several times. Abyss pushes him away. Bram runs for a spear but Abyss moves out of the way and Bram goes into the barbwire and the board breaks in half. Abyss climbs the ladder but Bram gets up and pushes the ladder over... and Abyss goes sailing into the other barbwire board! He's down! Bram climbs the ladder. He grabs Janice and unhooks her! Bram gets down as Janice is in his hands. Bram throws the ladder out of the ring. He grabs Janice and waits. Abyss stands. He turns but Abyss grabs Bram by the thread and goes for the chokeslam. Bram elbows his way out. He runs in the ropes but Abyss catches him for the Black Hole Slam into the tacks! His back is really bleeding now!! Abyss grabs Janice. Bram slowly stands. Abyss goes to hit him but Bram hits him with a low blow. He grabs Janice. Abyss turns and Bram hits him with Janice. He goes down. Bram covers and wins! Winner: Bram

Bram slowly rolls out of the ring and crawls to the ramp.

Ethan Carter III, Rhino, and Rockstar Spud are backstage. The camera man asks him about Ethan's time in jail. Ethan turns and says he had handcuffs around his wrists. He then goes on to talk about Aunt Dixie and that those people will be held accountable!


Bram is walking backstage. Magnus meets up with him. They shake hands and laugh. Magnus then asks if Bram is going to outshine him. Magnus says no one outshines him. Magnus will win the Six Sides of Steel and become the TNA World Championship. Magnus tells him nice match and they both laugh and pat each other on the back.

Music hits and here comes Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino. They make their way to the ring. Ethan grabs a mic and says two weeks ago there was the most cruel thing in wrestling history and that was Dixie Carter going through the table. The fans chant real loud. Ethan asks if they liked it and they yell, "Yes, yes, yes, yes!" Ethan says, "No." Ethan then goes on to say that he wanted Bully Ray fired last week but Kurt Angle didn't and had him arrested. He then thanks Kurt. Ethan thanks him for spending the night in jail and in darkness. Ethan says he thought about it and said he will get Bully Ray back. He also wants to blame one more person and that person is who they hired to get the job done but didn't do his job and that person is... RHINO! Ethan blames Dixie for going through the table. Ethan says Rhino didn't stop it. Rhino stops Ethan from talking and says he would rather be dirt poor than to hear Ethan talk anymore. He tells Ethan to take his money and shove it up his @ss. Ethan starts to freak and asks if a b%tch does this - and he slaps Rhino in the face. Rhino starts to freak out but Ethan attacks him with a punch to the face. Rockstar Spud tried to separate them but it didn't work. Ethan takes Rhino to the outside and tosses him into the guard rail several times. He brings him in the ring and punches Rhino on the face as he is lying down. Spud goes to Ethan but Ethan pushes Spud down. Rhino slowly gets up and Ethan hits him with a knee to the face. Spud is shocked. Ethan's music plays and he leaves the ring. Spud looks concerned.

Samoa Joe is backstage. The camera man asks him about Low Ki's history. Joe says there is more than history. It's a legacy. He says he wanted to run with the best and that was Low Ki. He says Low Ki has a downfall and that is he is extremely self confident. Joe says a lot do that and Joe will stay X-Division Champion.

A video plays of Mr. Anderson talking about smoking. He mentions his parents and about him smoking. He says the cost of it was just way too high as he lost his father and he stopped.


Matt and Jeff Hardy are backstage. The camera man asks them about what The Hardy Boys have left to prove. Matt says they need to prove that they are the best tag team in wrestling. Jeff says they need to show why they are the best ever. The camera man asks if it was by accident but Matt says no as they will be on the forefront of the tag team division.

A video package plays showing Samoa Joe winning the X-Division Champion and his confrontation with Low Ki. It shows Low's great ability. Their match is next!

Low Ki's music plays and he makes his way to the ring. Samoa Joe comes out next with the X-Division Championship around his shoulder. The crowd roars as he walks down the ramp.

Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe (c) for the X-Division Championship

Joe paces back and forth. Low now moves around. Joe walks closer to him but Low kicks him in the leg. He does it again but Joe blocks. They back up. They move in again. They go to lock-up but Low kicks him in the leg. Joe now does it but Low blocks and goes to push Joe in the corner but Joe turns and puts Low in the corner. He backs up. They walk around the ring again. They lock-up but Joe pushes Low in the corner. Low climbs the corner. Low then reverses the lock into an arm bar submission. He let's go as he is on the ropes and goes to the outside. Low slides in. They walk around the ring. They lock-up and Low goes right behind Joe and does a waist lock. Joe turns it into working the arm. Low gets out and kicks Joe. He then does several knife edge chops to the chest. Low runs in the ropes but Joe elbows him real quick. Low falls. The crowd roars!

Low gets up and Joe punches him in the face several times. Joe puts Low in the corner. Joe runs to him to smash him and then the pele type kick. Joe does a snapmare and then kicks Low in the chest. He drops an knee to the chest as well and covers. Low kicks out. Samoa gets Ki up but Ki tries to punch him. He does more knife edge chops but Joe counters with a headbutt. He then hits an inverted atomic drop and then a big boot and a back splash. He covers but Low kicks out. Joe gets Low up and puts him on the top corner. Ki fights back with an elbow to the head and then a kick to the head. Joe goes and leans his body on the middle rope. Low hits the double foot stomp. Joe gets up and Low hits him with several strikes and then a kick to the back. Joe gets up and Ki runs to him but Joe elbows him. Low then does a running dropkick to him. Joe gets up and comes back and grabs Low and hits him with a powerbomb pin but Low kicks out. Joe applies the Boston Crab but then turns it into the STF. Low crawls to the ropes and grabs it.

Joe releases. Joe smashes his foot into Low's face. He runs in the ropes but Low jumps up and hits Joe in the face. Joe stands vertically and closelines him down. Low stands but Joe knees him several times and then throws him in the corner. Low climbs the corner, jumps back and kicks Joe in the face/chest. He covers but Joe kicks out! Low gets Joe up. He goes for a suplex but Joe blocks it. He puts Low on the top corner. Low tries to fights back as he hits him with several elbow shots to the face. Joe kicks the ropes and Low falls. Joe grabs him and hits the Muscle Buster. He covers and wins! Winner and Still X-Division Champion: Samoa Joe

The Hardy Boys are walking backstage. They go up to the Team 3D locker room. They knock, Devon enters, and the Hardys enter.

Jeremy Borash is backstage. He introduces Mr. Anderson. Anderson starts to trash talk Gunner and says he is nuts and stupid for trusting Samuel Shaw. Shaw shows up and says that is not how you treat a friend. Shaw jumps the guard rail there and goes right after Ken. Ken fights back and then throws Shaw into the guard rail. He falls.


Mr. Anderson's music plays. He comes out with Shaw. Anderson smashes Shaw in the back with a steel chair! The bell rings.

Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw in an I Quit match

Shaw grabs a cable and goes to Shaw, but Shaw stands, grabs the cable and chokes Ken with it. Ken is fading. He is turning red in the face. The referee asks if he quits. Ken stands and puts Shaw on his shoulders and does a rolling senton on the ramp. Ken stands and turns and sees Gunner on the stage. Ken turns and goes to Shaw but he hits a drop toe hold and Ken falls face first on the ramp. Shaw grabs him and takes him to the steel guard rail and then the steel steps. He then whips him into the steel steps. Shaw grabs the mic and tells him to say something. Ken does but we can't hear him. Shaw then says, "Say you quit." Ken says, "You quit." Shaw pounds Ken's face with punches and then rolls him in the ring. He punches Ken several times again. Gunner stands at ringside. Shaw whips Ken in the corner hard. Anderson falls. Shaw grabs him and whips him in the corner hard again. Ken falls. Shaw does it one more time but Ken comes out of the corner and closelines him down. Ken tries to get up but Shaw pounds on his back and then drags him to the center of the ring. He goes for a choke type of submission but Ken blocks it. Shaw now applies the Camel Clutch. The referee asks if he quits but he doesn't. Ken slowly moves and he gets under Shaw and stands and punches him. Shaw goes in the ropes but Ken hits him with a closeline and then back elbow. He hits a spinning neck breaker.

Ken grabs Shaw up on his shoulders and goes of the rolling senton but Shaw slides out and goes to Ken but Ken sidesteps. He takes Shaw down with an armlock. He applies the pressure on the shoulder. Shaw is screaming now. Gunner enters the ring as Shaw finally says, "I quit!" Ken doesn't release the hold. He finally does as Gunner goes up to him. Ken raises his arm and he and Gunner separate. Gunner checks on Shaw.

The Hardys walk out of Team 3D's dressing room. Team 3D said thanks and the Hardys walk away. The camera man asks them what The Hardys talked about. Team 3D walks out of their room and says they like the idea they had and said it will bring live to the tag team division again. They then state they need another piece of the puzzle. They have to go to the ring and see if they are up for it.


A video plays showing after the Knockout match last week. Gail Kim was talking to the camera man saying she doesn't care if she has to defend her championship against 2-3-5 Knockouts. She will always defend it. Just then Angelina Love goes after Gail from behind. Gail fights back. They go back and forth till people come and break it up.

A video then shows Kurt Angle walking backstage in an #Impact365 match. Kurt says he is granting Gail Kim's match against Love in a Last Knockout Standing. He says Love should rethink what she wants.

A video plays from earlier today showing Bobby Roode touching the Six Sides of Steel on the outside. The camera man says the journey is quite long. Roode says this is what he wants to do. He goes on to talk about being the most dominate TNA World Champion in history... and the longest reigning! Roode says staying at home for 7 weeks was rough but one will walk out of the Six Sides of Steel and that will be him... the number 1 contender for the TNA World Championship.

Matt and Jeff Hardy come out as their music plays. They get in the ring after interacting with the fans. Jeff grabs a mic and says Matt came back because the timing was right. They got back together because the fans wanted them back together. Jeff says when you think about tag team wrestling you can't help but think of the last name "Hardy"! The fans start chanting that. Jeff says they had some great matches in the past couple of weeks against some great teams. They have to do better. They have an idea to take their tag team to the next level, but they can't do it alone. They call out Team 3D. Devon and Bully come out as their music plays.

Team 3D get in the ring. Ray grabs a mic and says it is great for them to be back again. He then asks, "Do you know who WE are?" He says they are the guys that put Dixie Carter through the table. The crowd pops! Ray says they created history - Team 3D and Hardys. They say it because the fans say it. They are two of the best tag teams in the business, according to Ray. Ray says he knows Hardys want to be TNA World Tag Team Champions again. Ray says it would be cool if they were the TNA Tag Team Champions. Ray says they had one hell of an idea. They aren't champions though. They need the champions though. Music hits and here comes The Wolves! They get in the ring.

Eddie grabs a mic and says those two are the best tag team in wrestling... in this business! That is what they want. That is a conversation that The Wolves want to be part of. Davey grabs the mic and says if Hardys want a shot at the belts and if Team 3D wants a shot... anytime/anyplace... they are on! The Wolves' music plays.

A video plays showing Mike Tenay in Dixie Carter's home. Dixie is in her bed. Mike asks Dixie to talk about going through the table. Dixie says she had tremendous pain after going through the table. She hoped it would subside. She woke up the next morning and it was still hurting. She went to the ER and says she broke two bones in her back and cracked rib. She says the doctors say it is hard to break those bones... it would be like being in a car crash. Dixie said she watched the video once and it hurt to watch and won't be watching again. She says Ray accomplished his mission and then states she will focus on business outside of wrestling. However, we won't see the last of Dixie Carter or Ethan Carter III as we are seeing another side of him. She then states that Carters do not forget. Mike asks what that means. She says she will tell him what it means - "This interview is over." Dixie tells them to leave. Mike stands and tells the camera man to leave as Dixie yells for Serg, her husband, to fluff her pillows.


Mike Tenay announces that Christy Hemme is pregnant! Congratulations Christy!

A video of last week's James Storm and Sanada confrontation in an abandoned barn is shown. A graphic is shown and it reads "The Great Sanada Revealed Next Week".

Music hits and here comes The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky). They both make their way to the ring and deny letting the pigeons loose. Gail Kim comes out and holds the Knockouts Championship. She runs to the ring and The Beautiful People slide out of the ring. Gail follows her and goes right on attack.

Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim (c) for the Knockouts Championship in a Last Knockout Standing match

Love fights back but Gail closelines Love down. Sky goes to check on her but Gail grabs Love and rolls her in the ring. She stomps on her gut as Love goes in the corner. Gail backs up and then goes for a splash. She goes for another, but Love picks her up and drops her down face first into the top turnbuckle. She then does a flapjack type move on Gail down to the mat. Both get up and Gail tries to fight back but Love stops Gail with a chin breaker type of move. The referee counts to 7 and Gail stands. Sky hands Love a tray and goes to hit Gail with it but Gail kicks Love to the side and then runs in the ropes and hits a dropkick to the tray, which goes into Love's face. Love rolls out of the ring. Gail climbs the corner but Sky hits Gail with the tray to the back. Gail falls off the top. The referee counts but he got up to 4. Love goes to her but Gail smashes her into the side of the ring. Both are down. The referee counts and they get up to around 7.

Both are up and fight back and forth with punches. Love crawls up the steel steps but Gail grabs her. Sky comes from behind and pulls the legs out from under Gail. Gail goes face first into the steel steps. The referee counts and is up at 8. Love, in the ring, grabs Gail onto the apron. She goes for a suplex but Gail blocks and then falls on the apron. She then kicks Love in the face and she falls. Gail applies the Figure Four Leg Lock to Love around the steel post. Sky comes over and hits Gail and she releases the hold. The referee counts but Love goes to the outside and grabs Gail. Gail fights back and flings Love into the guard rail. Gail falls after tossing her. Both are down. The referee counts. Both get up and Gail grabs a chair. Love crawls up the ramp. Gail goes to swing the chair but Sky grabs it. Gail kicks her in the gut. She turns and Love hits Gail with The Botox Injection to the chair and it hits Gail's face. Love gets in the ring. The referee counts but Gail gets up before the 10 count.

Sky tosses the chair in the ring and then rolls Gail in. Love climbs the corner. Sky gets in the ring and grabs Gail but Gail pushes Sky back into the corner and Love falls split legged. Gail tosses Sky out of the ring. Gail climbs the corner, gets Love on her back and then drops her down back first onto the chair. OUCH! The referee counts as Gail slowly stands. Gail gets to a vertical base and Love is motionless at 10. Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim


Kurt Angle is backstage. He announces The Wolves vs. Team 3D vs. Team 3D and it will be a tag team title series! The first team who wins 2 matches gets the belts and the winner of their match will pick the stipulation for the next match. It begins next week.

Music hits and here comes Lashley, MVP, and Kenny King. Lashley has the TNA World Championship around his shoulder. MVP has a mic and says he was injured two weeks before the Slammiversary pay-per-view. He couldn't compete but Lashley said he has this. He took on Eric Young and won. Now he is the champion. MVP says EY was the first victim. Then it was Jeff Hardy! He flew so high but he crashed and burned, literally. Then it was Austin Aries. Lashley keeps on winning. This next match determines the next contender for Lashley's belt. Do they look worried? MVP wants the camera to zoom in on Lashley's face. He is not scared. MVP says whoever wins the match is a loser already as they will be food for Lashley. MVP tells people to bow down and respect the real star of New York... The Destroyer Lashley!

A graphic is shown about the Six Sides of Steel. The first person who escapes the cage is the winner! Plain and simple.

Austin Aries comes out first and the crowd pops. Eric Young comes out next and the crowd pops again. They chant, "EY, EY, EY, EY!"


Gunner and Magnus are in the ring. A whistle plays and that means James Storm! He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Lastly comes Bobby Roode. He goes to the ring.

Austin Aries vs. Eric Young vs. Magnus vs. Gunner vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode in the Six Sides of Steel match to determine the #1 Contender for the TNA World Championship

James goes right after Gunner and the chaos consumes the ring. James and Magnus try to escape but the others pull them down. Roode and Gunner go after Storm while Aries and Young go after Magnus. They toss them into the cage face first. EY and Aries fight while Roode and Gunner fight. Roode hits a neckbreaker on Gunner while EY takes Aries down with a closeline. EY then takes Roode down. Magnus comes and closlines EY down. James gets up and goes after Aries while Magnus continues the attack on EY. James climbs the ropes as well as Magnus and then Roode. Aries climbs on the other side.


Storm is hanging over the one side of the cage as Roode holds his hair. He brings him back over into the ring. Gunner and Aries are fighting on the ropes and cage as Aries is trying to get out. Magnus and EY right in the corner in the ring. James does a flip over Roode and tries for a powerbomb but then he changes it into the Eye of the Storm but Roode slides out and applies the crossface. James taps out. EY then applies a Sharpshooter on Magnus. Aries gets Gunner down and applies the Last Chancellory. All submissions are in place. Roode then releases and quickly climbs the cage. Roode gives up and goes after Aries but Aries kicks him away. EY then goes after him but Aries knocks him down and then does a missile dropkick to Roode. Magnus comes in and attacks Aries but Storm hits EY with the Last Call Superkick. Gunner runs and takes Storm and Magnus down.

Gunner stands and pounds his face in the turnbuckle. He climbs the corner but Aries tries to pull him down. Gunner kicks him away. Storm grabs Gunner and then punches Gunner in the face and then jumps up with a huge kick to the face. Aries takes Gunner down and climbs the same corner. Magnus walks over and knocks Aries down. Magnus continues after Aries but Aries fights back. He hits him with a disc forearm. Magnus falls. Aries climbs on one side. Magnus climbs and goes after him. Aries is on top and Magnus holds him. Gunner is in the corner and Storm grabs him. EY grabs Magnus Magnus has Aries in a suplex and EY hits a powerbomb superplex while Roode hits Storm and Gunner with the powerbomb superplex. EY climbs and so does Roode. They are racing down. They continue as they see each other at the same spot. They jump. One referee raises the hand of Roode while another referee raises the hand of EY. Who won?

EY and Roode are fighting with the referees. Who is the number one contender for the TNA World Championship? The referees can't decide.

A video package talking about the Triple Threat Tag Team Series match as it begins next week. The show fades.

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