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Impact Wrestling Results (8/7/14) - #ItHappened

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Impact Wrestling Results - 8/7/2014
From the Manhattan Center in New York City
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with a graphic that says tonight's show is going to be graphic in nature so viewer discretion is advised.

Tommy Dreamer, Bully Ray, and Devon are walking through the crowd as the fans are coming in. They are proud to go one more time tonight. The camera man asks about their match tonight and Ray talks about destroying Ethan Carter III and that he is going to drive Dixie Carter through a table tonight. Tommy Dreamer pulls out his phone and says there's going to be wrestling history tonight.

A video package hyping "#ItHappens" plays as Dixie Carter will be going through a table tonight.

Music hits and here comes The Monster Abyss! Abyss walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers. Abyss looks through a trashcan filled with weapons. He gets in the ring. Music plays and here comes Bram! Magnus is beside him. Bram and Magnus talk. Magnus goes to the back while Bram walks down the ramp.

Abyss vs. Bram in a Monster's Ball match

Bram brings a kendo stick in the ring and goes right after Abyss but Abyss fights back and puts Bram in the corner. Bram comes out and Abyss closelines him down and then tosses him in the corner and smashes him. He closelines Bram out of the ring. Abyss exits and Bram attacks him back. Bram takes Abyss and smashes him face first into the steel steps. Abyss comes back and whips Bram into the steps. Abyss throws a chair in the ring, a trashcan, a kendo stick, another chair and trash can lid, a cheese grater, and another trashcan. Abyss enters the ring and puts a chair in the corner between the turnbuckles. Abyss turns and Bram smashes him with the trashcan to the head twice. Bram exits the ring and brings out a barbwire board. He brings it in the ring.

Bram puts the board in the corner. He goes to Abyss and punches him in the face. He goes to whip him in the board but Abyss reverses it but then Bram reverses it. He kicks Abyss with a low blow. Bram exits the ring and grabs a lead turnbuckle connector and brings it in. Abyss grabs the cheese grater and grates it in the crouch of Bram. Abyss goes for a chokeslam but Bram gets out of it. He whips Bram into the corner but Bram floats over. Abyss grabs him and smashes his head into the steel chair in the corner. Abyss grabs Janice from under the ring. He brings it in and goes to hit Bram with it but Abyss misses and it is stuck in the turnbuckle. Bram runs to him but Abyss elbows the chair Bram is holding. Bram falls but Abyss' elbow is bleeding. Abyss exits the ring and grabs a back of tacks.

Abyss empties the tacks. Bram stands and hits Abyss with the kendo stick over the head of Abyss and then on the shoulder. He goes again but Abyss tries for a chokeslam. Bram kicks Abyss to get away. Bram grabs Janice. Abyss turns and Bram goes to hit him but Abyss grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him... ON THE TACKS! Bram is screaming in pain!!! His back is bleeding! Abyss grabs Janice and waits. Just then, Magnus comes out from the back and grabs Janice from Abyss. He throws it to the outside. Abyss turns and Bram runs to him and spears Abyss through the barbwire board! Abyss is shaking in pain! His arm is cut open. The barbwire is stuck in his back. Mangus hands Bram Janice. Bram smashes Janice into Abyss. Abyss falls and Bram covers and wins! Winner: Bram

Bram walks up the ramp with Janice in hand while Magnus is beside him.

Samoa Joe is in the back and the camera man asks him about the X-Division. Joe says he is what the X-Division is about. People wanted to see the X-Division. It was about no limits. They tuned in to see the division. Just then, Low Ki enters the shot. He says they have been through wars with pain and suffering. He says there is a prize now. Low Ki says Joe is in his way... Sanada is in his way. They aren't going to stop him from being X-Division Champion. Joe says Low may think he is prepared but he isn't prepared for Joe and they will announce him as the NEW X-Division Champion. Joe walks away.


Jeremy Borash is in the back with Ethan Carter III, Spud, Snitsky, Rhino, and Rycklon. Ethan tells Jeremy that he has the last ECW Champion with him, Snitsky who says "It wasn't my fault", and Rhino "Gore, Gore, Gore". Ethan says Dixie is NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER going through a table!

Music hits and here comes Lashley! The TNA World Championship is over his shoulder. He has ladies on both sides of him holding his arm while Kenny King is behind him with two ladies beside him. MVP is using crutches as he is behind both of them. They get in the ring. MVP grabs a mic and introduces Kenny King (King of the Night) and the TNA World Champion Lashley! Also, the woman who represent New York City in the dresses! MVP says he was acting like a baby sister with wrestlers saying who they want to work with or fight. MVP says with the TNA World Championship, they have all of the power without any of the headaches. He says Lashley will be champion for years probably. EY was tough but not tough enough. Jeff Hardy is one of the greatest but he wasn't great enough. Then, there was Austin Aries where people thought he would be successful but Option C wasn't. Lashley has no one else to face. Music plays and here comes Bobby Roode! Roode comes out with a mic in hand.

He stands on the ramp. He says he was sitting in the back and hearing MVP talk and he says MVP was actually somewhat true. MVP says he is always right. Roode says the part about Lashley and how he is a destroyer. He faced people all over the world. He is one of the most dominate World Champions in company history. MVP says Roode should say something we don't know. Roode tells MVP to shut up as he is tired of hearing him talk. He wants to talk to Lashley. Roode says he is a former World Champion and he held that belt longer than anyone. He knows what it takes to be World Champion. MVP knew that so that is why he sent Roode home for two months... he knew he was a threat. The plan wasn't for Lashley to be champion but for MVP to be but he blew out his knee. Roode says MVP was going to use and manipulate Lashley to become World Champion. MVP tells him to shut up and stop stirring the pot. Roode says he has been dominating himself. He kicked MVP's @ss and he kicked Kenny King's @ss. And while Lashley beat former World Champions in the company, he hasn't beat Roode. There's only one thing for them two to do and that is for Lashley to put the belt on the line against Roode. Just then, MVP tells him to rock it and King attacks Roode from the side. Roode falls and MVP attacks him with his crutch. Music hits and here comes Eric Young and Austin Aries. They run down to the ring and save Roode while Lashley, King, and MVP leave the ring. MVP says they aren't doing this tonight. They walk up the ramp.

Gunner and Samuel Shaw are walking backstage. Gunner says they have a big 6 man tag match tonight. Mr. Anderson walks up to him and says he wants to talk to Gunner... ALONE! Shaw leaves the area. Anderson says he doesn't like this. He doesn't trust him. Gunner says he trusts Shaw and Anderson, but does Anderson trust Gunner? Gunner walks away.


Bully Ray, Devon, and Dreamer are in the back and the camera man asks Ray who their fourth person is. Ray says he was born at night but not last night. He says he has a guy who they know. Dreamer and Devon joke how they can't believe they got him out of retirement... let alone his birthday!

The BroMans are in the ring. The lights go out and here comes Mr. Anderson, Gunner, and Samuel Shaw all at once. The spotlight is on them. Anderson reaches for the mic from above and introduces Gunner and then Samuel Shaw as "This freaken guy". He introduces himself twice and then walks down the ramp.

The BroMans (DJ Z, Robbie E, and Jessie Godderz) vs. Mr. Anderson, Samuel Shaw, and Gunner

Shaw and Jessie start the match but Anderson enters and pushes Shaw back and says he'll start this. Anderson ties up with Jessie but Jessie knees him in the gut. He lifts him up but Anderson slides out and does a body slam to Jessie. He drops an elbow and then another. And then another. He covers but Jessie kicks out. Anderson grabs Jessie and tags Gunner. Gunner punches Jessie in the gut and whips him in the ropes. He does a hip toss and then covers but Jessie kicks out at 1. Jessie knees him in the gut twice and tags Robbie. Robbie climbs the corner and jumps but Gunner punches him in the gut. He then hits headbutts into the chest several times and takes Robbie down to the mat. He drops a headbutt and covers but Robbie kicks out. He tags Anderson. He enters and punches Robbie but Robbie fights back as he pushes Ken into the corner. Anderson fights back and tags Gunner. Gunner enters but Robbie whips him into the corner. Gunner bounces out and closelines Robbie down. He lifts Robbie up but Robbie rakes his eyes and tags DJ Z. DJ Z does a springboard attack on Gunner. He takes Gunner to his corner and his partners attack Gunner. DJ continues the attack as he runs into the ropes, but Gunner lifts him up and DJ falls to the mat. Gunner goes for a tag to Shaw but Anderson pushes Shaw and tags himself in.

Anderson enters and goes after Robbie E as DJ Z tags him in. Anderson goes after him with multiple attacks. He goes for the Mic Check but DJ Z and Jessie enter the ring and attack Anderson and then attack Gunner as he enters. They take Gunner over the ropes. They continue to attack Anderson but Shaw enters and attacks all three of them. He closelines them multiple times and then tosses all three out of the ring. Anderson walks up to Anderson and starts saying something but Robbie E does a school boy to Anderson. Shaw goes to break it up but DJ or Jessie grab his leg and trips him. Winners: The BroMans

Anderson stands and goes after Shaw as he pushes him in the corner but Gunner enters to break it up. Ken backs off and leaves the ring.

Dixie Carter and King Mo are talking backstage. Dixie asks how many wins and knockouts he has. King says he has too many to count. Dixie loves that and says that is why he is with her. She says this is to end Bully Ray! They leave.


Anderson is walking in the back as he is furious. Gunner meets up to him and asks him what was that all about. Ken says he can't trust that guy. Gunner yells at him saying to give him a chance. They about to go at it but Shaw enters and pulls them back and says Anderson is right... it is his fault. Shaw admits it is his fault. Ken yells, "Ken's right!" He walks away. Gunner pounds on the wall.

Music hits and here comes Ethan Carter III! He enters the ring with a baseball bat and we see Dixie Carter and King Mo sitting in the balcony. Music plays and here comes Tommy Dreamer! He brings a kendo stick. Dreamer goes to ringside and grabs Ethan's legs and pulls him out.

8 Man Hardcore War match

Dreamer takes Ethan to the guard rail and smashes his side and face. He then sprays water in his face. Ethan can't see as Dreamer continues to attack but Ethan fights back as he whips Dreamer into the steel steps. He places Dreamer onto the steps and sits on him and punches his face in. He gets off and Dreamer rolls in the ring. Ethan enters and Dreamer hits him with a neck breaker. Dreamer grabs the kendo stick and goes for a pump handle slam but turns it into a suplex! The fans chant, "ECW, ECW, ECW!" Ethan goes in the corner. Dreamer climbs the corner and punches Ethan several times in the face... 20 times and then bites his forehead! He points to Dixie Carter as he did it. The countdown clock ticks and here comes Rhino!

Rhino enters the ring with a trash can lid and smashes it right in the face of Dreamer as he enters the ring. He then hits Dreamer in the back and then to the head again with it. Rhino continues the assault with stomps to the chest. He whips Dreamer into the corner and runs to him but Dreamer kicks him in the face. He comes out of the corner but Rhino hits a spine buster. Rhino grabs the kendo stick and hands it to Ethan as he enters the ring again. Ethan smashes Dreamer with it on the back. He hands it to Rhino. Rhino hits Dreamer with it on the back and then chokes him with it. The countdown clock ticks from 10 to 1 and... Devon comes out!

He brings a trashcan. He enters the match and goes after Rhino and then Ethan. He grabs the trashcan and hits Ethan face first with it. He goes after Rhino and goes to whip him in the ropes but Rhino reverses it. Devon jumps on Rhino and takes him down and punches him and then drops the headbutt to the face. Devon grabs the trashcan lid. Ethan stands and Devon smashes Ethan's face in.


Snitsky is in the ring and is taking it to Dreamer along with Ethan. Rhino is going after Devon. Music hits and here comes Bully Ray! Ray enters and spears Snitsky and then attacks Ethan and Rhino with a trashcan. He then attacks Snitsky with it. He goes in circles attacking them several times. He then grabs the chain he brought to the ring and attacks Ethan with it. He puts him in the corner and bites his head. Devon bites Snitsky's face as he has him in the corner. He attacks him with punches as well. Dreamer wraps the chain around Ethan's forehead. Devon hits Snitsky with a lunch tray. Devon puts a trashcan on Snitsky's crotch and Ray smashes it with the chain. Music hits and here comes Rycklon!

He enters and goes after Devon and slams him down like a chokeslam type move. He goes to Ethan and gets him up. He attacks Devon with his boot to the threat. Ethan stands and goes afar Ray. He yells at him as he punches his face in. Ethan is bleeding from the face. Snitsky sets up a chair in the ring. He goes after Dreamer but Dreamer fights back with punches. Dreamer goes not the ropes but Snitsky hits a drop toe hold and Dreamer goes right into the back of the chair. Ethan chokes Ray with the chain. The countdown clock ticks from 10 to 1. The lights go out and flash. Music plays and here comes... Al Snow!! He has his head! The crowd has head mannequins and waves it around!

Snow enters and attacks Snitsky with the head and then Rycklon. Ethan attacks him from behind and whips him in the ropes. Al reverses it and headbutts Ethan in the chest and then closelines him down. Snitsky and Rycklon toss Al out of the ring but Ray climbs the corner and does a flying cross body! Rhino enters and attacks Ray. Dreamer enters and hit Rhino with a DDT. Spud enters the match with a kendo stick and hits Dreamer in the back. Spud yells in victory but Devon and Ray enter. They spine buster him and then Al climbs the corner. He has his head and they open Spud's legs. They give him the head in his crotch!

Devon pushes Dreamer. Dreamer pushes Al. They all yell... Get the tables!! Al and Devon go to the side of the ring for a table but Snitsky and Rycklon attack them. Al gets on the apron and does a springboard moonsault on both of then and they fall. Rhino is in the ring and attacks Devon and Ray. Devon whips Rhino in the ropes and they quickly hit the Death Drop! Devon covers and wins! Winner: Team Bully Ray

Ray, Devon, Al, and Dreamer get in the ring and celebrate! They raise their arms in victory! The crowd cheers! Ray grabs the mic. He asks where she is. The fans point to where Dixie is sitting. Ray says she is surrounded by crazy New York City fans! Also, look at her boys... look at her people... they are leaving with the tails between their legs because they got beat! Ray says, "Dixie Carter, tick tock, tick tock!" Ray states he will put her through a table tonight! Dixie grabs a mic and says she can promise that it will not happen! She can promise that King Mo will knock him out!

Velvet Sky and Angelina Love are walking backstage. Sky says Taryn Terrell thinks she is so hot because she is back. Love says she acts like that but Love deserves her shot.


Video plays showing the recap os the Hardcore War match as well as the Dixie Carter promo.

Ethan Carter III is backstage. The camera man asks him about the match. Ethan says his team failed him. They failed his aunt. If they can't do it, then he will it as well as King Mo! He states Dixie Carter is NOT GOING THROUGH A TABLE!

A video package plays showing Bound for Glory heading to Tokyo, Japan!

The Beautiful People's music plays and they walk right out, down the ramp, and into the ring. Love grabs a mic. She says she noticed this company is going gaga over Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell. She says The Beautiful People are hotter and are better wrestlers. Love wants her rematch for the Knockouts Championship and she wants it now! Music plays and here comes Taryn Terrell! Taryn walks down the ramp and gets into the ring. She grabs a mic. Love asks if Taryn hasn't stolen enough from yet now she has to steal her time? Taryn says she hasn't stole anything from her. She has never been Knockouts Champion. Her and Gail has respect for each other. Gail doesn't with Love. Love says she is better than Taryn and better than Gail and better than all of the other Knockouts and better looking than anyone in the arena. She tells Taryn to go to her daughter and says she is not going to be the first best. Music plays and here comes Gail Kim!

Gail says she talked to Kurt Angle last week and allowed her to defend her championship against anyone she wants. She picks Love. And Taryn! A Triple Threat match! Also, Gail says Love was talking about Love being the best looking and best Knockout. She asks Velvet what she thinks about it. Sky is about to talk but Love stops her. Gail says Velvet is also in that match. Fatal Four Way! Then we will see who is the best Knockout. Just then, The Beautiful People attack Taryn and Gail. They knock Taryn down and Love grabs Gail from behind. Sky goes to hit her but Gail moves and hits Love. Taryn and Gail toss them out of the ring.

James Storm is backstage with Sanada. James tells Sanada he is not doing this for The Great Muta or himself or the fans. He then slaps Sanada in the face. He tells Sanada that he is doing it for James Storm. He tells him to win the X-Division Championship. Sanada goes to leave but Storm stops him and tells him to bow. Sanada does.


A video shows "Warning" and then the letter "H" and then the last letter of the name "K". That person "Is Coming"!

A video package plays showcasing the matches for next week!

Bully Ray is backstage. The camera man asks about the match he had. Bully Ray says that was Hardcore heaven, not hell. He says the guy doesn't know what it feels like wrapping the kendo stick around Ethan and seeing him bleed. He says it was awesome. As far as King Mo... he will knock him out. Tick tock... Dixie Carter is going through a table tonight! Ray slams the kendo stick against the wall.

Music plays and here comes James Storm. He comes on the stage with a mic. He bends down and says he is the legend... The Cowboy James Storm! He says it is an honor to introduce the man who ended The Great Muta's career... Sanada! Sanada comes out and walks up to Storm. Storm tells him to stop and bow. Sanada finally does and then walks down the ramp. Low Ki comes out next. He makes his way to the ring. Samoa Joe comes out next and walks to the ring.


Sanada vs. Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe for the X-Division Championship

They all walk around the ring. Joe and Low are about to face off but Sanada runs and dropkicks them both. Low rolls to the outside. Joe puts Sanada in the corner and punches him multiple times. He does a snapmare and then kicks him in the chest and back. Sanada stands up and fights back. He attacks Joe with several kicks. Joe falls! Low enters and goes after Sanada. Sanada fights back. Low runs in the ropes and kicks Sanada in the head. He covers but Sanada kicks out. Joe enters and Low runs to him but Joe lifts him up and Low flies in the air over the ropes and to the outside. Joe goes for a suicide dive but Sanada hits him with a hurricanrona. Joe fights back and whips Sanada in the corner and runs to him to smash him and then kick him in the back of the head. Sanada goes to the outside. Low and Joe go to face off in the ring but Sanada pulls Joe to the outside. However, Low dropkicks Sanada through the ropes. Both of them fight on the outside. Samoa Joe runs and hits both with a suicide dive! Joe stands and goes after Sanada. He brings him in the ring.

Joe gets him up and hits a huge power bomb. He covers but Sanada kicks out. Joe goes for the STF. Sanada bites the hand of Joe to get out of it. Sanada attacks him as Joe falls. Low enters and kicks Sanada right in the head. He covers but Sanada kicks out. Joe stands as well as Low. They walk around the ring. They go and face off punch for punch. Joe punches several times in a row but Low ducks and punches him in the chest and then a knee to the chest. Joe goes in the corner and Low runs to him but Joe lifts him up and slams him down. Joe then goes for the Muscle Buster but Low reverses it and applies the Dragon Sleeper! Sanada stands and attacks Low from behind. He grabs him and goes for the German Suplex but Low lands on his feet and does the double stomp on Sanada! He covers but Sanada kicks out.

Joe stands and runs to Low and hits the scoop powerslam and covers but Low kicks out. Joe then applies an arm lock. Sanada stands and hits a standing moonsault on Joe. Sanada grabs Joe from behind for the German Suplex but Joe elbows his way out of it. Sanada goes for a roll-up but Joe reverses it and applies the Rear Naked Choke! Sanada taps! Winner and New X-Division Champion: Samoa Joe

Dixie Carter and King Mo are in the back. Mo is throwing punches to the air. Dixie is coaching him saying he can do it. Dixie and he leave as they are ready!


A video package plays showing Bully Ray saying he will put Dixie Carter through a table. He promises us that. However, within four months, Bully Ray is the one going through the table as Dixie pushes him down from the corner onto a table while Ethan Carter III put Ray through one. However, Ray has been seeking his revenge and promises he will put her through a table TONIGHT!

Music plays and here comes Dixie Carter! King Mo is beside her. She is holding his arm. Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, Snitsky, Rycklon, and Rhino are behind them. They get in the ring. Dixie looks very upset. She tells Spud to give her a mic. He does. The crowd boos. Dixie says, "Right back at you." Then she says, "Right back at all of you" to Ethan's team. She says they are worthless. She points to Snitsky and Rycklon. She says they are FIRED! She tells them to get out of the ring! Dixie tells the crowd that they are all FIRED! She tells a lady to pick her purse up and leave! She is screaming! She is furious! She wants everyone gone! They aren't leaving though. Dixie starts swearing but it all stops as music plays! Here comes Devon and Bully Ray! They bring a table with them. Dreamer is behind them. The table has "Dixie" written on it. They bring the table in the ring. They enter. Ray has a mic.

Dixie yells at the crowd to SHUT UP as they chant, "Table, table, table!" Ray gets on the mic and says he has promised us one thing for a long time and that is Dixie Carter (the most hated person in professional wrestling) will be going through the table. Dreamer grabs a mic and says he tried to tell Dixie why she will be going through and she will tell her again in another extreme pipe bomb. He says Dixie is what is wrong with this business. Just then, King Mo knocks Dreamer out. Ray takes Mo down. Devon goes after Ethan and Rhino. They attack Spud. All are down. Dixie is stuck in the ring with them. Just then she rolls out to Spud. They turn around and the entire TNA locker room is behind them.

Roode knocks Spud out. They walk Dixie to the ring. Dreamer grabs Dixie and rolls her in the ring. Devon grabs Dixie. The TNA locker room circle the ring. Devon takes Dixie up to Ray's shoulders as he is on the top rope. He jumps and POWERBOMBS HER THROUGH THE TABLE! DIXIE HAS GONE THROUGH THE TABLE! GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY... DIXIE IS BROKEN IN HALF! Ray has a crazed look on his face! HE DID IT! #ITHAPPENED! The crowd is going crazy! The TNA locker room is wild! The crowd yells, "TNA, TNA, TNA, TNA, TNA, TNA!" Dixie is motionless. She is down and out! Ray kneels in the ring and raises his arms! The table is broken in half... Dixie is broken in half! She is finished! Ray's music plays as the replay airs! Four months in the making... it has finally happened! Bully Ray finally got what he wanted... WE got what we wanted! History has been made! The show fades!

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