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Impact Wrestling Results (9/10/14) - Get The Tables!!!


Impact Wrestling Results - 9/10/2014
From Manhattan Center in New York City
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling starts off with Jeremy Borash in the middle of the ring. He asks the crowd to stand and remove their hats for the National Anthem. The New York City Guards are on the stage as the song plays. They hold their flags up as the song continues. After it is finished, the crowd chants, "USA, USA, USA!" Jeremy introduces us to a war hero... New York's own... Sgt. Chris Melendez. Chris walks out on the stage and the crowd does a huge pop! He walks down the ramp and interacts with the fans around the ring. Chris gets on the apron and enters the ring. He is a single leg amputee but is ready for this. Music hits and here comes DJ Z. DJ hops down the ramp and enters the ring.

Chris Melendez vs. DJ Z

Both walk around the ring. They lock-up but DJ goes right to the arm and twists it. He continues to work on it until he hits Chris with a fist on the back of the head. Chris walks away. He turns and they move in to lock-up. DJ kicks Chris in the gut though and applies a headlock. Chris gets out and works on the arm but DJ grabs Chris and pushes him down face first into the mat. Chris stands and takes DJ down several times with shoulder tackles and then a neck breaker. He goes for a cover but DJ rolls out of the ring. The crowd chants, "USA" and Chris gets wrapped up in it. DJ enters back in and does a chop block. He then puts Chris on the middle rope, throat first, and jumps on him to choke him. DJ climbs the corner and jumps. Chris puts his leg up but DJ stops and grabs it. Chris stands and knocks DJ down and then hits him with a side walk slam. He lifts DJ up on his shoulders but Dj slides out. He puts DJ in the corner and runs to him but DJ elbows him in the face. DJ walks to Chris but he picks DJ up and drops him down with the Samoan Drop! He covers and wins! Winner: Chris Melendez

A video package plays showing the Triple Threat Tag Team match from two weeks ago. Team 3D won the match. They have a match tonight in a Tables match.

Bobby Roode's music plays and he walks down the ramp. He goes and enters the ring.


Bobby Roode is in the ring with a mic. Mike Tenay states he will face Lashley next week at No Surrender. Roode says he has a crazy feeling and loves standing in the middle of the ring in front of the people in New York City as the Number 1 Contender for the TNA World Championship. Roode has to acknowledge someone though and that is his opponent from last week... Showtime Eric Young! Roode states there is no one in this business that brought out the best in him whether that be as an opponent or partner than EY. For that, Roode thanks him! He says EY is his best friend and EY will always be a World Champion! With that being said, after beating EY, he knows he is more ready than ever to be at the top of TNA as TNA World Champion. Next week... And just then, Lashley's music plays. Lashley, MVP, and King come out on the stage. MVP has a mic and says every person needs to overcome obstacles. It is just like a movie. You need to overcome it. MVP, King, and Lashley get in the ring as MVP continues to talk. MVP says this is not a movie but a reality. Lashley is the champion and no one has come close to beat him. Roode will face him in seven days. There's no happy ending. He doesn't get the girl or the championship. The best he can hope for is a short hospital stay. Roode reacts as he gets back on the mic and says there's a different between MVP and Lashley. He states MVP has fear in his eyes. He has doubt. When he looks into Lashley's eyes... he doesn't see fear. He doesn't see doubt. Lashley knows he can beat Roode. Roode also states Lashley knows he can destroy Roode. Roode knows that he can beat Lashley. Lashley may be bigger and stronger, but Roode's heart and passion and desire to be champion again trumps that! There isn't a damn thing MVP can do about it. MVP says he is wrong! And boom... MVP punches Roode right in the face. King, Lashley, and MVP put Roode in the corner and stomp away. Samoa Joe and Eric Young run out and slide in the ring. Lashley, MVP, and King exit and go up the ramp. Joe grabs a mic and says they are confident when it is a three of them against one but now that it is even... how about three of them vs. three of them. How about do it right now?


Samoa Joe, Eric Young, and Bobby Roode vs. MVP, Kenny King, and Lashley

King, Lashley, and MVP are standing on the outside. Samoa Joe does a huge suicide dive and falls on all three. Joe brings King in the ring. Joe stands but King goes right after him with kicks and punches. He runs in the ropes but Joe hits him with a shoulder block. He puts King in the corner and punches him several times. King fights back with punches to the gut. King goes to whip him but Joe reverses it and goes after King in another corner. He does a smash and then a kick to the head. He gets King up to his feet but King comes back with a kick to the head and then chokes him on the top rope. He goes to the top rope, jumps, but Joe moves out of the way and King crashes and burns. Joe tags EY. Eric gets in the ring and does a dropkick to King and then works on the arm. He whips King in the ropes and does a forearm smash to the head. He covers but King kicks out.

EY goes for a closeline but King ducks, does a reverse atomic drop and then a kick to the back of the head. He tags MVP. MVP enters and puts EY in the corner and punches him several times in the gut. He whips him in the corner but EY flips over and lands on the apron. He does a strut, slides under the ring and grabs MVP for a belly to belly suplex. He puts MVP in the corner and runs to him but MVP elbows him. MVP whips EY in the corner and runs to him but EY elbows him. King closelines him down from the apron though. MVP tags Lashley. Lashley enters and takes EY down. He then does a huge suplex. He covers but EY kicks out. Lashley puts EY in the corner and tags King. King punches EY in the gut and then a body slam. He does a leg drop, cover, but EY kicks out. King applies a headlock. EY stands and elbows his way out but King snaps EY's head back to the mat.

He tags MVP. MVP drops his knee across EY's face and covers. EY kicks out. MVP gets EY in the corner and tags Lashley. Lashley gets in, runs to EY and does a huge shoulder block to the gut. He now works on the arm of EY as he twists and pulls it. EY stands and punches Lashley in the face multiple times. He runs in the ropes but Lashley closelines him down. Lashley grabs the arm and applies a cross arm breaker. EY turns and gets to his feet. He lifts Lashley while the lock is still in and is able to drop Lashley down to the mat. EY crawls and tags Roode while Lashley tags MVP!

Roode enters and closelines MVP and then King as he enters. He does a huge spine buster to King and then a spine buster to MVP. He does a huge knee to MVP. Roode climbs the corner. He jumps and hits a neck breaker. He covers but King saves the day. Joe enters and does a huge slam. Lashley enters and does a spear to Joe. EY climbs the corner and does a missile dropkick to Lashley. Lashley rolls to the outside and EY does a flying cross body to him. MVP and Roode are in the ring and they are fighting back and forth. MVP does a huge uppercut to Roode. MVP goes for the Drive By but Roode moves, picks MVP up and hits the Roode Bomb! He covers and wins! Winners: Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, and Eric Young


Gunner is walking backstage. Just then, Rebel walks behind him and stops him. Gunner is surprised to see her. Rebel asks him if Samuel Shaw is seeing anyone. She starts twirling her hair. Gunner says no and she likes what she hears. She thanks him and walks away.

The BroMans (Jessie Godderz and Robbie E) walk out with Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. They get in the ring. Rebel and The Freak come out next as music hits. Here comes Crazzy Steve and then Knux. They make up The Menagerie. They get in the ring.

The BroMans and Velvet Sky vs. Rebel, Knux, and Crazzy Steve

Steve and Jessie start the match. Steve blows a kiss to Velvet Sky and she freaks out as well as Robbie E as he is her date. Jessie tags Robbie. They enter and they go to lock-up but Robbie runs away from him. They go in circles around the ring. Robbie attacks Jessie and he goes after Steve and then does a show off of his body. Knux gets on the apron and shows his muscles off. Knux enters the ring and goes after Jessie. He tags Steve in and he goes after Jessie but Robbie punches him in the face. Jessie is in control. DJ Z comes out of nowhere and goes to the side of the ring to help his team. Steve comes back and is able to attack both BroMans. Steve tags Rebel. She enters and Sky enters as well. Rebel goes after her but Sky whips her in the corner.

She runs to Rebel but Rebel does a roll-up. The BroMans come in and stop the count. Knux enters and attacks both of them with a cross body. BroMans rolls out of the ring and so does Knux. Steve gets in the ring behind Sky. He tilts his head to her and then kisses her. Steve turns and jumps on BroMans. Rebel enters and does a body slam to Sky. She climbs the corner. Angelina Love gets on the apron and distracts Rebel. Rebel kicks her in the head as the referee isn't looking. Rebel falls off of the corner and Sky covers. Winner: Velvet Sky and The BroMans

Kurt Angle is backstage and the camera man asks him about Ethan Carter III. Kurt says Ethan has been very critical on who Kurt should hire and fire and who he should fight, but Kurt is going to confront Ethan in the ring and tell him who he will fight... and he doesn't think he will like it very much.


Bully Ray and Devon are backstage. The camera man asks them about their match tonight. Bully states this is their match tonight. It is New York City and it is a Tables match. This series will not go any further. They will put The Hardys or The Wolves through a table and they will be a twenty some time Tag Team Champions. "Oh my brother, TESTIFY!"

Kurt Angle is in the ring with the mic. He states that he really believes in the direction TNA is going right now. He is looking forward to appearing on these shows. He is also proud of the talent as they are busting their @sses. However, there is one talent who just isn't so humble and that's Ethan Carter III. Ethan walks out as his music plays. Ethan gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Ethan asks Kurt if he sees what has happened. Does Kurt get it? Team 3D put his Aunt Dixie through a table! Kurt did not punish Team 3D, he gave them a Tag Team Championship shot, he is giving them a free pass to the Hall of Fame... he also wants to blame Rhino. Ethan states that he is on a verge of a breakdown. He can snap. He blames everyone for what happened. He will get his vengeance. He took Kurt out twice and if his demands aren't met, he will take Kurt out for good. Kurt hasn't forgotten what he did to him. When the time is right, he will kick Ethan's @ss. Ethan is making demands but he is a wrestler... but Kurt is the Director and he can send Ethan's @ss home. Ethan asks if people want him to leave. They cheer. But Ethan will stay. Kurt says there is a wrestler who wants to him more than Kurt. He will not book Ethan in a wrestling match as he is not ready... but he will book him in a Street Fight and he will face Rhino!!

Rhino's music plays and he comes out holding trashcans with weapons inside it. Rhino walks down the ramp and gets on the apron as he drops the cans.

Ethan Carter III vs. Rhino in a Street Fight match

Ethan goes to Rhino on the apron but Rhino hits him with his shoulder in the ut and then hops over the ropes. He goes after Ethan but Ethan rolls out of the ring. Rhino follows and whips Ethan in the guard rail. Rhino grabs the weapons he brought down and tosses it in the ring. Ethan comes back and tosses Rhino in the steel guard rail and then goes for a suplex on the steel ramp but Rhino reverses and does it to Ethan. Rhino rolls Ethan in the ring. Rhino gets in, grabs a trashcan lid and smashes Ethan over the head with it. He then grabs a kendo stick and hits Ethan several times with it and then chokes him with it. Rhino grabs a steel chair. He goes to hit Ethan but Ethan does a low blow. Ethan grabs a trash can lid and smashes it over Rhino's head twice. He then hits Rhino in the head with the trashcan.

Ethan takes off his white belt from his pants and whips Rhino with it on the back several times. Ethan puts the trash can in the corner and then mocks Hulk Hogan as he cups his hand to his ear. Ethan grabs a chair and smashes Rhino in the back with it. He covers but Rhino kicks out. Ethan grabs a trash can, puts it on the mat, and smashes Rhino's face in it several times. Ethan walks around and goes to Rhino but Rhino does several chops and then several knife edge chops. He goes for the GORE but Ethan moves and Rhino goes face first into the trash can in the corner. Ethan hits Rhino with a running knee life. He then hits the 1%er to Rhino on the chair. He covers and wins! Winner: Ethan Carter III


A video package plays about Chris Melendez. He talks about his family (wife and little kid) in attendance. He talks about fighting DJ Z. He talks about his disability and how he never gave up. He continued to fight to get where he is today. It drives him. Nothing will stop him.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring with the Knockouts in the ring - from Taryn Terrell, Madson Rayne, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Rebel, Gail Kim, and Brittany. Jeremy goes to announce who is on the cover of the 2015 Knockout calendar but Love takes the mic from him and states everyone knows who it will be... Angelina Love! Jeremy grabs the mic from her and says, "Excuse me!" Jeremy opens the envelope and announces... Velvet Sky! Love is completely shocked while Jeremy laughs at the situation while Sky jumps for joy. She goes and hugs Love as Love is still stunned. Just then, music hits and here comes Havok!! Havok walks down the ramp and Gail Kim goes right to her. Havok grabs her by the throat and tosses her into the steel guard rail. She gets on the apron and Brittany goes to her but Havok grabs Brittany and whips her down to the mat. Havok grabs the Knockouts Championship, gets off of the apron, and walks up the ramp.

A video package plays about Bound for Glory - It happens on October 12, 2014.

A video plays that was from earlier today. It shows James Storm walking in the woods. He comes up to a barn. He whistles and The Great Sanada comes from the attic. James asks if he is ready and Sanada says he is. James walks forward to get into the barn. He goes to Manik who is tide up around a wood fixture. James gets close to him and starts asking him why he is wearing a mask. He turns to the camera and tells the camera man to leave. The camera man backs up as James starts to rip Manik's mask off.


Video plays showing Lashley in his Bellator fight from this past Friday. Lashley won!

Gail Kim is backstage. She is screaming for Havok! She wants her!

Music hits and here comes James storm and The Great Sanada. Sanada takes off his hood and bows to James. They continue down the ramp and enter the ring. Austin Aries' music plays and he comes out with the cape on his back. Tajiri comes out behind him. They walk down the ramp and get in the ring.

James Storm and The Great Sanada vs. Austin Aries and Tajiri

Tajiri and Sanada start the match. They move around the ring. They go to lock-up but Tajiri tries for a leg takedown but Sanada moves around him. They lock-up and Sanada takes Tajiri down but he hops back up and works on the arm of Tajiri. He gets on the apron and Tajiri turns it around to Sanada and works on the arm with the ropes. He gets back in the ring and tags Austin Aries. Aries climbs the corner and jumps on Sanada's arm. He does a knife edge chop and then tags Tajiri. He does a kick to the back of Sanada's head and covers multiple times but Sanada continues to kick out every time. He tags Aries. Aries enters and they double whip Sanada in the ropes. Tajiri does a drop toe hold and Aries applies the Last Chancellory. James enters and breaks the hold. Aries stands and knocks James off the apron. Sanada goes to Aries but Aries takes Sanada out of the ring. Aries runs and hits a suicide dive on both men. He rolls Sanada back in the ring. Aries climbs the corner. Sanada distracts the referee as Storm knocks Aries off of the corner and Aries falls neck first on the top rope. Sanada tags Storm. Storm works on Aries on the apron as he chokes him with the ring apron.

James enters the ring and covers Aries but Aries kicks out. He tags Sanada. Sanada attacks Aries in the corner and then James chokes Aries as Sanada distracts the referee again. Aries fights back against Storm but Sanada goes and attacks Aries. He tags Storm. Storm takes Aries down and covers but Tajiri breaks the cover as he kicks Storm in the back. Storm works on Aries' neck. He lifts him up and goes for Eye of the Storm but Aries slides out and hits the forearm to James' face. He tags Tajiri. He enters and attacks Sanada as he tags in. Tajiri kicks him several times and then does an elbow shot after doing some hand stands. Sanada goes for some kicks but Tajiri kicks him right in the head and covers but Sanada kicks out. Storm enters as well as Aries. rise puts Storm in the corner and punches him up to 10 times while Tajiri has Sanada in the corner and punches him. James pushes Aries off as he falls to the steel steps.

James goes to Tajiri but Tajiri applies the tarantula. He undoes it. Sanada goes for the green mist in Tajiri's eyes but he ducks. Tajiri does the tarantula to Sanada. He undoes it but Sanada does the mist and kicks him in the face. He covers and wins. Winners: James Storm and The Great Sanada

The Hardys are backstage and state they are ready for this match. They say the first ever tag team Tables match happened across the street and they are ready for this. They will win it.

Gail Kim is running backstage. She turns to the left and she sees Havok across the room. She runs and goes after Havok. They fight back and forth.


Havok and Gail Kim come through the curtain and continue fighting on the stage. They fight down the ramp and then start rolling around on said ramp. Referees and security come out and break them up. Havok grabs a security guard and whips him down. He grabs another guard and chokeslams him. She puts him on top of the other and taunts.

Music hits and here comes Team 3D! Bully Ray and Devon walk down the ramp as the crowd cheers. The Hardys come out next and the crowd continues to cheer. Jeff interacts with the fans around the ring and then enters the ring. The Wolves come out next. They have the Tag Team Championships around their waists. They get in the ring.

Team 3D vs. The Hardys vs. The Wolves (c) in a Triple Threat Tag Team Tables Series match to determine the TNA Tag Team Champions - First team to win two matches

Davey goes after Jeff, Devon is after Eddie, and Bully goes after Matt. They make their way outside of the ring to continue the fight. Eddie and Devon fight back and forth till Devon sends Eddie face first into the guard rail. Ray smashes Matt's face in the steel steps. Devon does the same to Eddie. Davey takes Jeff down. Matt and Ray get in the ring. Matt whips Ray in the ropes but Ray kicks him in the chest and then does several punches and then an elbow to the top of the head. He does a body slam. He opens the legs. Devon climbs the corner and does the "What's Up?!" He nails it!

Devon twirls around the ring. Ray hits him against the chest and says... "GET THE TABLES!" Devon exits the ring. So does Ray. They grab one table. The Wolves enter the ring and run together. They do the baseball slide but they slide under the table. Team 3D hit both Wolves as they turn around. They hit them face first with the table. They are down. Team 3D turn and Matt does a baseball slide to Team 3D and the table beaks as they fall down.


Matt smashes Eddie's face right into the apron. He grabs Davey and rolls him in the ring. Jeff is in the ring and has a table upside down. He smashes Davey's throat in the leg. He then grabs Eddie, as well as Matt, and they do a double team front suplex on the edge of the table. They turn the table over. Matt exits the ring and goes after Bully Ray. Jeff has Eddie on the table. Jeff climbs the corner. Eddie jumps off the table. Davey runs over and climbs the corner. He goes for a superplex but Devon moves the table. Davey hits it. Eddie goes after Devon with a huge dropkick. He then nails Devon with multiple punches in the face. Ray goes over and puts him on his shoulder. Devon hits him with the Doomsday Device but the table moves from Davey. Davey goes after Ray and Devon one at a time. He runs in the ropes but they smash him with shoulder blocks. Jeff comes into the game and goes after Team 3D. He hits both of them with Whisper in the Wind.

Matt enters the ring and tosses Devon out. Matt puts the table in the corner. They grab Bully Ray. They lean him against the table. Matt gets on his hands and knees. Jeff jumps on him for a dropkick to Ray but Ray moves and Jeff goes through the table. Ray tells Devon to get another table. He leaves the ring and helps Devon set up a table. They put it on the ramp. Ray and Devon grab Matt. They go for a double suplex but The Wolves come and hit a double suicide dive on Team 3D! Matt attacks Davey and then Jeff goes after the other Wolf. Jeff grabs a table from under the ring and sets up a table from the apron to the steel steps upside down. Davey fights Jeff on the outside as Jeff tries to suplex Davey through the table. Eddie is on the corner, jumps, and lands on Jeff in a flying cross body. Matt and Davey are in the ring. They fight back and forth. He whips Matt in the ropes and Eddie enters and is able to do a double team lift and kick to the chest. Bully Ray grabs the table that Jeff had and sets it up in the ring. Devon enters. They go for a Death Drop on Matt but The Wolves enter and attack Team 3D. They toss them out. They grab Matt. Eddie puts Matt on the table. Davey and Eddie climb the corners but Jeff and Bully enter the ring and attack The Wolves. Matt comes off of the table and hits Eddie with a Twist of Fate.

Matt puts Eddie on a table on the outside. Jeff climbs the corner. He jumps and hits the Swanton Bomb on Eddie through the table on the outside! Winners: The Hardys

The Hardys now have a win as well as Team 3D. They look under the ring and grab a ladder. They set it up in the ring and climb it. Matt has a mic. He states they are able to pick the next stipulation. The next match will be their speciality... the Ladder match! Team 3D and The Wolves look on! The show fades.

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